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...three seater motorbikes,...

... chaotic New Delhi‌

‌the land where the claxon is king

Peace and innocence @Jamu Masjid (Delhi)

Peace vs chaos. Jamu Masjid &old Delhi

Vibrant colors fill the streets thanks to saris

2nd class seater and a Chai to Agra

The best negociater of the 200 rickshaws

Just a common street

Strole through the Sic temple

Serenity is always found in‌

‌monuments & temples, not on the streets

Amaze yourself on craftsmenship

The Taj can be admired from any angle

Leaving this place is difficult

One of the most beautiful monuments of the world: the Taj Mahal

Moving up to Buddhist country

Talent & patience can be seen‌ Buddhist illustration and type

Monks lost in the middle of the Himalaya

Learn to be openminded like them

These temples are scatered throughout‌

‌ the whole himalayan mountains

There’s definately something mistical

Old tibetan illustrations‌

…and huge wooden statues

The mandalas swaying with the wind in Leh (Ladak)

Amazing views fom the Palace of Leh, land of a million smiles

Moving from Leh to Manali. 24 hrs 4x4 ride

With a few complications...

‌yet amazing views

Our memorable half way stop

In the middle of nowhere

Final mountain before arriving to Manali

Himalayan peace & quite, finally!

Then the woman said… “THIS is India”

Bye bye Himaya


Locals @ the waterfall.

Shimla’ Hinchal Pradesh’s Capital

Rishikesh, capital of Yoga‌

…where monkeys live...

... like Gods

The sacred Mother Ganges

From the mountains to Varanasi

Varanasi train Station……………

The magic of the Ganges

Mistical & sacred for the Hindu


... a bath

Here, the wood purifies

Ofrings to the Ganges

…the lights go out when less expected

Dont forget a flashlight…

Varanasi, where sacred fires burn 24 hrs a day

You´ll feel the touch of India


India 08  

See India throught the eyes of Out The Studio. A collection of photos created during the 2008 trip.

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