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A low-cost Equestrian Centre Management system created by The Outstanding Website Company.

At EC Pro we are committed to saving you time and money. We’ve developed an Equestrian Centre Management System. This includes a website and mobile app that will manage your bookings, staff, horses and customers more effectively, leaving you more time to grow your business, and your revenue. Jamie, the owner of Outstanding Web and his family, have over 25 years of happy horse-riding memories. With much of their time spent at the yard, Jamie soon recognised the need for a responsive and dynamic management system. The vision was to create a system that digitised paper processes, reduced administration time and maximised revenue. All without compromising on an exceptional user experience. With his talented team on board, this secure, fast and professional system emerged, designed specifically for the industry. Following our research, it was soon identified that there is nothing else like it on the market that can fulfil the diverse needs of your yard. When you choose EC Pro you will get a fully responsive Website and Mobile App with everything else that you will read about in the following pages.

Why EC Pro? We’re confident that when you sign up to EC Pro, you’ll be able to digitise your paper processes, reduce your admin time and maximise your revenue. All this as well as giving your staff and customers a digital platform that couldn’t be simpler or more intuitive to use. We’ll work with you every step of the way making the whole process as easy as possible. We’ll train you and your staff how to use it as well as how to update and manage it going forward. What’s more, your monthly payment includes ongoing training and support, so you’re never alone with EC Pro. When up and running, your EC Pro website will be mobile responsive, and straightforward to use. The website will be hosted and comes with SSL encryption as standard, meaning all payments are totally safe.

Save Time

Save Money

Increase Revenue

Reduce Paperwork & Admin

Increase your productivity

No more double bookings or missed bookings

Improve Customer Relations

Maximise bookings

Increase cash-flow

Modernise your business

Stay ahead of your competitors

Reduce your stress levels

Lesson & Event Booking Your customers already use apps to book taxis, takeaways and gym classes. Let’s get them using one to book their riding lessons. When you use EC Pro, you’ll be making life so much easier for your customers. Not only can they use the EC Pro app to book lessons, they’ll also be able to buy gift vouchers for birthday treats, make group bookings or snap up a place on their favourite course. Your first thought is probably “I don’t want people to book online! “Don’t Panic... Our platform will only ever display and allow clients to book lessons that are appropriate to their riding ability. The platform also takes into account school and instructor availability, presenting the user with a stress free experience and providing an automated process for you. You get to call all the shots! EC Pro allows you to add in chargeable extras such as boot or hat hire. You can create temporary or permanent special offers and discounts, all helping to provide valuable additional revenue. The system manages all your payments, refunds and credits and is programmed to work specifically to your cancellation policies. Still have clients that want to book over the phone, via email or in person? No problem...with EC Pro you can continue to accept these bookings manually and take payment. The booking system also allows you to generate all your competitions and classes, including availability information. The online payment system ensures that people have paid before participating.

Continued... Benefits for you • • • • • • • • •

Configure and schedule your lessons with ease Have complete control of your day to day activities Offer discounts for multibuys, liveries, memberships & clubs No more awkward double bookings Protect your revenue by taking payment upfront online Fill your school space at short notice Modernise your business and stay ahead of your competitors Cancellations are automatically managed for you Reduce your paperwork and admin time

Benefits for your customers • • • • •

Book online 24/7 all year round wherever you are Receive lesson reminders via push notification See history of lessons and bookings Have multiple riders on your account No more waiting on the phone to get through

Benefits • • • • •

Set working hours and schedule staff availability Repeat templates weeks in advance, saving you time Manage sickness & holidays with ease Report on working hours Allocate tasks to yard staff in real time

Staff Management We know that you want to get your staff out and about doing what they do best; working with horses and giving lessons, not juggling admin and long to-do lists. With EC Pro, you are able to schedule your staff availability and then manage their workload to maximise productivity and ensure your business is organised and running efficiently. We understand working on a yard is not as simple as 9-5, so we have created an innovative staff scheduling tool that will allow you flexiblity when planning your staff’s day. For example, you may have an employee that mucks out from 8am-10am, does lessons from 10am-12pm, has lunch 12pm-1pm and then from 1pm-6pm is available again for lessons, with our drag and drop day builder we’ve got you covered. If you need to juggle things around at the last minute due to sickness or an emergency, this is no problem with EC Pro. You can mark an employee as off sick or on holiday, and if they already have lessons or tasks assigned to them, the system will prompt you to reallocate these to another member of staff before it will allow you to amend the record. EC Pro also comes with a task allocation system that reacts in real time allowing you to assign tasks to staff instantly, ensuring yours and your clients needs are actioned in a timely manner. Staff receive new tasks directly to their phone using the app we provide. Once they mark a task as complete, the system is automatically updated and will display a real time status to you and the client. Whilst all of this information is available on the system at the click of a button, it is also colour coded and printable too, for those who prefer to see a snapshot of their day in paper format.

Benefits • • • • •

Monitor and track your horse’s condition Create and export revenue reports by Horse Set limits and monitor your horse’s exercise history Ability to auto allocate horse Produce lists for future farrier visits etc.

Horse Management Along with your customers, your horses are the most important asset in your busines, so it’s crucial your records are kept in a safe place and regularly updated. EC Pro handles all of your horse records, allowing you to capture important information such as microchip & passport number, height, weight and even condition scoring. You can also set limits for minimum and maximum rider height and weight, and grade against each horse to ensure the right horses are matched up to the right riders. You can create records for when your horses have had any medical treatments, vet visits, farrier visits, dentistry and also set reminders for any repeat appointments or visits to ensure you’re super organised and don’t miss anything. The platform also includes the ability to track the revenue and cost of your horses, giving you a snapshot of your horses value to you. EC Pro also comes with a useful incidents module allowing you or your instructors to log any accidents which are recorded on the system. The incident module is dynamic and automatically identifies trends and can notify an administrator to take further action if necessary.

Benefits • Set school availability for external bookings • Ability to create manual bookings for clients (ie. schools, businesses, RDA) • Split Schools to increase revenue • Weather Dependent feature • Daily Timetable and TV viewer

School Management Create your virtual yard adding in as many schools and arenas as you need. With EC Pro it’s a breeze to setup all of your schools and facilities. Whether it’s your indoor school, your outdoor school, your cross-country course or your regular hacking route, we have you covered. We understand your facilities will not always be available for various reasons (events, exams, school bookings etc) so there is the ability to create a manual reservation allowing you to block out the school for the period of time that you need to, giving you peace of mind that no one else is able to book it so you don’t end up with an awkward double booking. We have included a handy “Weather Dependent” feature too, meaning that if this is selected, clients are made aware that bookings are subject to change if adverse weather is experienced. We also know some schools try to make the most of their space to maximise revenue which is why we give you the ability to split your schools into sections so you can have more than 1 lesson at a time if you need to. With our unique “Daily Timetable” which is filterable, your staff can see at a glance what activity is planned for a particular day in each school or facility, meaning everyone is aware of where they need to be at what time. We also provide the ability to display this information in your reception area on an external screen with our custom TV view, meaning clients that arrive can also see where they need to be even if reception is not manned.

EC Pro Your online workhorse

Customer & Rider Management This part of the system is critical to the smooth operation of your business, and we understand that. Your customers will be able to create an account and then register their riders, all using a form currently in-line with the BHS rider registration form. Here you can grade riders to appropriate horses and lessons. This ensures that when they use the booking function, they are only being presented with lessons that are suitable to them and nothing else beyond their ability. It is also important to note that riders are not able to see what grade you have issued to them! The system will also ensure client records are kept up to date by sending an automatic email reminder every 6 months, asking them to update things such as their height or weight. All of this is created with GDPR compliance in mind.

Benefits • Easy management of renewals for Memberships and Subscriptions • Fully customisable discounts • Save time chasing clients • Get paid on time and protect your revenue • Improve customers experience and revenue by offering rewards

Memberships & Subscriptions Membership discounts and subscriptions are a great way to offer your customers something different. Would you like to offer your liveries permanent lesson discounts? Or maybe offer special booking deals for groups such as the Pony Club or the RDA? With EC Pro this can all be programmed in and adjusted by you, according to your needs. We recognise it can be difficult to manage renewals or different rewards for different groups. This is why we have built a simple system where you can create as many subscriptions or memberships as you need, and then assign your users to them so they can see discounts based on the parameters you have set. Whether its a monthly or an annual subscription, EC Pro can keep on top of these by sending reminders to clients and taking recurring payments automatically if you wish.

No one likes to be saddled with a ton of paperwork at the end of a busy day with EC Pro, you won’t be.

Admin Here you can set up the system to suit your business model in a simple and easy to use admin panel. There is a fully customisable analytics and reporting dashboard giving you an instant overview of your business’ performance. • Want to know how many lessons you had last week? • Want to know how much revenue you have generated? • Want to know how many empty lesson slots you have? No problem... EC Pro records all this information allowing you to recognise gaps in your business or areas where it is over managed. Also, with historical data such as staff workloads, sick days and holidays through to horse welfare and management, you can forward plan events, discounts, lessons and staff rota’s. You can even create discount code and vouchers for email marketing and notify customers of upcoming events via the app.

With so many other functions available in this area, please see our website for more information.

Building Stable Relationships

Just some of our clients We pride ourselves on creating great relationships. The following is just a snapshot of some of the businesses we have been privileged to work with.

EC Pro is a gamechanger! When you start to grow your business, you start to forget things. We got to a stage where we couldn’t cope manually. Small yards either grow or are forced to shut down. I would have gone out of business in two to three years time, because I couldn’t keep on top of things. Now, my quality of life is better and I’m still able to run things. EC Pro has allowed me to look at the bigger picture. It doesn’t take away my control, but it does show a clearer image of how my business looks. Hayley Ward - Liscombe Park Equestrian Centre Source: British Horse Magazine - September 2019

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We even offer a handy online ticketing system for any issues or difficulties you might have as well as an in depth FAQ on our website.


Easy to use content management system allowing you to update your site quickly and easily wherever you are.


Marketing tools including social media integration, push notifications and email marketing*

With EC Pro you get a new website as standard. You do not have to use this if you wish to integrate the platform with your existing site*. Our website comes with an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) and is user friendly, allowing you to add or update information quickly and easily wherever you are. With social media integrations, notifications as well as the booking platform, you can now communicate with your customers quickly and easily. *Subject to Terms & Conditions

Mobile App Mobiles and tablets are not the future anymore, they are the present. The app we provide ensures your staff have full visibility and control over their tasks in real time, making life simpler and increasing their productivity. Clients are also able to see in realtime what they have booked, along with helpful reminders for upcoming lessons, as well as being able to manage their riders and account on the go. • Want to send out a special deal to a client or a group of clients? • Have an upcoming event you want to promote? • Trying to fill empty school space at short notice? You will be able to send push notifications directly to clients that have the app installed, meaning all of the above is possible with EC Pro. This exclusive feature means you can stay connected with your clients and deliver messages to them about any subject you choose.

FAQ Q. I’m not great with technology or new software, how would I know how to use EC Pro if I signed up? A. Don’t worry, we get not everyones a whizz on the computer, EC Pro is simple to use but we will also come and fully train you and your staff before you go live so you don’t have to worry about being left alone to figure things out! Q. I really like my existing website and don’t want a new one, does this mean EC Pro is not an option for me? A. Not at all, it is possible to keep your existing website and simply integrate EC Pro with it, so you can still have full use of the platform and it’s functions! Q. I am hesitant about letting my clients book online, I don’t want them to book on a lesson or a course that wasn’t suited to them or their ability. A. Don’t panic, it’s not even possible with EC Pro! Customers will only ever see lessons that are suitable for them based on the settings in the system and the rider grading feature. If you need us to explain how this works in more detail, no problem, just give us a call. Q. Does your system have any online marketing features? A. Yes it does! You can send push notifications to clients via the App giving you the power to send messages about any subject to any client (or groups of client) at any time. You can also create pop-up messages that appear when users visit your website. Q. I can’t see the benefit for us as a business A. Whilst you might not see it directly for yourself on the business end, why not consider your end user and their expectations? As we move more and more towards expecting a digital offering in all areas of business you don’t want to be left behind. Q. Where I the data stored, and is it secure and recoverable. A. All data is stored in the cloud using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and is backed up regularly and recoverable in the event of a system error.

Continued... Q. I have looked at EC Pro and we operate in slightly different ways and would need to tweak or tailor the system to suit us, is this possible? A. Absolutely yes, the system as standard should cover your needs but we appreciate there may be a requirement for some bespoke elements, and we are happy to explore this with you and provide a separate quote to do this. Q. One question about the website - would we have access to change information/photos etc ourselves please or would be need to go through you to do this? A. With the website we provide, you are able to edit and update text, images and pages as you please. You don’t need to be a technical genius to do it either! We can show you on a demo how easy it is to do, for your peace of mind. Q. We already use a software program to manage our centre? A. With nothing to lose why not book a free demo of EC Pro? We can then show you the feature rich platform and how it will work better for you than your current package. Q. What if I’ve already had my initial training and have forgotten how to do something or need further support? A. There’s no need to worry, full support comes included as part of your monthly subscription so we will always be on hand to assist you with any issues that may arise!

If you have any other questions that aren’t listed above then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will happily answer any question you have.

Contact Us for more details 01525 306 114

Contact Us Ready to talk more? Fancy a demo? If you’ve been considering going paperless for some time or if you are unhappy with your current system in place, then we would love to hear from you. We can arrange to present to you a simple demonstration on all the functions EC Pro has to offer or we can have an informal chat about how EC Pro can help your business to thrive and go from strength to strength.

Simply contact us via any of the methods listed below: 01525 306 114 1 Liscombe West, Liscombe Park, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, LU7 0JL ECProEquestrian

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