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How to Choose the Best Outsourced Call Center Call Center services are a prime opportunity for outsourcing in many companies. The growing complexities of communication systems and technology, the natural fluctuations of volume and demand in business cycles, and the uncertainty in today’s business climate, make call center outsourcing a desirable solution. Outsourcing a vital function of your business like customer care, whether for inbound or outbound calls, requires careful evaluation to select the ideal partner. You are choosing a provider that will be the face—and voice—of your enterprise to the customer. Making the Right Choice Before making a decision, follow some key steps in evaluating an outsource call center partner for: Call systems and technology—do they have the right mix of multichannel technologies for your needs, including email support, cloud-based software solutions, interactive voice response (IVR), live chat and social media capabilities? Capacity—you are searching for a call center to handle demand that would overload your in-house capacity. Can your provider live up to changing demands for call volume throughout the year, 24/7? Industry experience—does the call center have experience within your general industry? Depending on how specialized your product or service, be sure they have background in a related field. Do their capabilities include all types of calls you require, such as inbound and outbound? Determine their years in business and degree of financial stability. Location and language capabilities—line up your business needs with the advantages of one location over another. Depending on global markets in which you do business and the languages needed, consider offshore, nearshore (Latin American and Caribbean countries) or US-based call centers. Each has a different mix of costs and benefits to evaluate. For example, you may find at-home, US-based service that will save on costs and time for travel, and offer easier access for monitoring, but that lack the right language capabilities—or not. Many call centers based in the southwest US offer fully bilingual English-Spanish capabilities, with accent-neutral English and a deep understanding of cross-cultural differences. Blending company cultures—choosing an outsource call center goes beyond simply hiring a service, to actually creating an extension of your company. This is the time to check references and interview company representatives, review cultural values and assure that there is a good fit between company cultures. Evaluate the metrics—have your desired benchmarks in mind and measure for fit when it comes to documenting performance and achieving results. Does the center perform adequate training and management, and do they monitor their own performance standards? Once the decision is made, you will need an in-house representative to manage a transition of services and monitor performance of the service over time. As your needs change, so will your demands and training direction for them.

The challenges of evaluating and choosing the best possible call center partner require specialized knowledge of the call center outsourcing industry and the cross-cultural issues of global markets. Services like Outsource Consultants can overcome these challenges through their 20 year of call center outsourcing experience and specialized knowledge, and depth of experience in call centers all around the world. For more information on using Outsource Consultants to evaluate outsource call centers, please visit for a FREE consultation. Company Bio Outsource Consultants is a call center referral and advisory firm that helps companies find the best domestic US-based or global call center BPO outsourcing solutions. Their mission is to save clients time and optimize choices when searching for a service. Their 20 years of experience enable them to offer expert recommendations without a fee for consultation or recommendations. For more information visit us at : http://www.

How to Choose the Best Outsourced Call Center | Call Center services are a prime opportunity for outsourcing in many companies. The growing complexi...

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