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THE M.Y.O. ADVANTAGE with Outsource Cebu Manage Your Own Outsourcing simply offers you the comfort, convenience, and advantage of putting together and managing your very own team of Contact Center Professionals from Cebu, Philippines – all for only $650/month. The amount already covers the following: Applicant Screening & Recruitment On-site Technical Support Fully-loaded workstation with webcam Automatic Dialer System Dedicated hi-speed internet with back-up VoIP charges Utilities & power expenses Employee’s Salary & Wages HR & Admin Support Your HR Partner HR M anage m e nt m ay se e m l i ke a daun ti ng task t o th ose w ho are n ot so fam i li ar wi th P hi l i ppi ne L abo r P racti ce s. Al l ow us to tak e care of the ni tty - gri tty so y ou can tak e care o f y our busi ne ss. P art of the M. Y .O. O utso urci ng P ack age i s HR Supp ort - thi s i ncl ude s: J ob ad pl acem e nt , e m pl oy e e scre e ni ng , se l e cti on, & hi ri ng E m pl oy e e con tract s i n ful l com pl i ance wi th l ocal lab or l aws Atte nda nce m oni t ori ng th rou gh bi om e tri cs atte ndance l ogs E m pl oy e e be ne fi ts , pay r ol l m anage m e nt, and di sbu rse m e nt HR M anage m e nt and E m pl oy e e R el ati o ns M anage m e nt Check your team’s progress with ease. It’s just like looking over the shoulder of your employee! (Free with the M.Y.O. Outsourcing Package) Contact us for more details: