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Master Trainer Guy Louis explains what Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® are and how they personally shaped his life, health and body today.

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Words from the Owners

Hey Guys and Gals,

Hey everyone,

I personally just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Jody B and her staff at HER and tHERe Bars. Thanks to them we made our second year at pride frest a speacial one. Another month has gone by and like Berni says we are that one step closer to our one year anniversary. Just keep an eye out for us in the next few months. We will be making some big changes again to fulfill the needs that you, our readers have asked us to do.

Another month has come and gone and we are that much closer to our one year anniversary. Thank you to all that came out to support us at gay pride last month. We had an awesome time there, as always. Special thanks to Jody B and the staff of HER and tHERe bars for allowing us to celebrate PrideFest with them. We also hope you enjoyed the last issue and also enjoy this month’s main feature story. Keep the ideas for stories coming, eveyone. We always enjoy hearing what you wuld like to see from us. Happy fourth of July!

Also take a look at our new website that we finally got up. Our website is www. Send us emails on what you would like different to see or just to say hey. Have a Happy fourth of July! Mitchell Gronenthal Owner/CEO Outside The Box

Bernadette Atencio Owner/CEO Outside The Box

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What it is

By Wendell Swaithes

I saw so many friends, and made so many more. Whether you went for the color, glamour, apparel, social activity, food, drink, music, or just for the “eye candy” there was something there to attract even the most skeptic of visitors. If you dare to tell someone “YOU DID NOT HAVE A GOOD TIME” what you are really telling them is that you simply

Gay Pride - Pride Fest

did not attend.

The weekend of June 19 and 20 was the 2010 celebration of Gay Pride in Denver.

I found that the activities were not restricted to just the Civic Center Park, where the Pride Fest actually took place. Every gay establishment in Denver, hosted some sort of fun, or creative, event. I was amazed at just how creative some were. Block parties, hosting hundreds of thirsty, hungry, guests. Bars offering specials, restaurants creating dishes specifically for the Pride event. Fun, pride color, beads, rings, bracelets, masks, etc., available everywhere. Worn by everyone in sight.

What does that mean to us?

Colorado celebrates Gay Pride every year. One time a year when everyone connected to, or associated with, the GLBTQ community, can come out, and let their intentions be known. My problem was determining what those intentions were. I witnessed a variety of men, women and some children, dressed in a variety of ways. Some casual, some cross dressed, some not wearing much at all. What I found consistent was that everyone dressed as he, or she, felt comfortable. And, as he, or she, felt best represented what they felt was most representative of how they want to impact their specific part of our community. This was also the first year I rode in the parade. A unique perspective afforded me, in that, I could see the crowds, gathered along the long avenue, watching, cheering and encouraging those passing by. ALL groups were represented. Social, economic, religious, ethnic, and sexual orientation were not a factor. Men, women and children lined the avenue. The “pride” colors proudly displayed, from vehicles, balconies, store windows, and in some cases worn as clothing or accessories. I also noted a number of political candidates marching in this parade. One noteable exception was, His Honor, Mayor John Hickenlooper. Makes you wonder! Countless booths were assembled. So many marketers I lost count. Noteworthy is that many of these marketers are not considered “normal” supporters of the GLBT community. Are they there for the money to be made, and lets face it there was a lot of money spent over the weekend, or are they finally recognizing the fact that the GLBT community is here to stay, much more vast in number, and is supported. Friends, family or just the curious, were there with full knowledge what the event was and who it was supporting.


The number of attendees was in the tens of thousands.

I could not help but notice just how coordinated the event was. Local police focused on controlling traffic, and handling situations as they developed. Denver paramedics responding to emergencies. Even the event staff anticipating problems and having solutions prior to these problems becoming more than they could have been. I thank Majestic Hearts Pageant for allowing me to ride their float for the parade. It was an experience for sure. I look forward to Gay Pride 2011. But will try to remember the sun block and my shades.

Congratulations Denver on what appeared to be a

very successful Pride Fest. And: That is WHAT IT IS …

Colorado Springs Gay and Lesbian Bars Provided by OUTSIDE THE BOX C o l o r a d o Springs

The Underground

Club Buddies

110 N.

3430 N. Academy Blvd.

Club Q

Nevada Ave.

3430 N. Academy



Bijou Bar & Grill

Pirates Cove

2510 E. Bijou St.

105 Central Plaza

Blvd. 719.570.1429



Guy Louis

Master Trainer Guy Louis explains what Gyrotonic速 and Gyrokinesis速 are and how they personally shaped his life, health and body today. 6


ne of the things on most everyone’s to-do list is to “get in shape”. People try to do this in many different ways, some healthy and some not so good. One of the more accepted ways people try to “get in shape” is through exercise. Many exercise plans have popped up over the years and gone in and out of vogue, claiming to get people healthier, skinnier, toned, better-looking, and so on. We’ve all heard of most of these: Pilates, Yoga, Tae Bo, kickboxing, spinning classes, and good ole’ weight training, to name just a few. However, two somewhat obscure systems of exercise that have recently come to my attention, called Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® claim to, not only get one “in shape”, but also strengthen and heal the body over time. Guy Louis Nicknair is a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Master Trainer, as well as a certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist. He owns his own studio here in Denver, Colorado, called BBalanced. I met with Guy Louis a number of times to find out just what Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis are all about. Developed in the 1970’s by Romanian, former ballet dancer, Juliu Horvath, Gyrokinesis is said to be also known as “Yoga for Dancers”. It forms the core of Horvath’s methodology by working the body through seven natural elements of spinal motion: forward, backward, left side, right side, left spiral, right spiral, and circular. “The movements are fluid, continuous, and harmonious”, says Guy Louis, “it goes out and then comes back, like dropping a pebble in the middle of a lake; the wave starts spreading and then it comes back”. Gyrokinesis is done sitting on a stool, moving onto the floor, and eventually moving into standing movements. “The system is designed to really work your entire body without equipment by stimulating internal organs through fluid and gentle manipulation of multiple joints”, Guy Louis tells us. Gyrotonic exercises are related to Gyrokinesis in that they both follow the same principles of movement that gently work the joints and muscles of the body through rhythmic, undulating motions that embrace key principles also found in swimming, dance, Yoga, Tai chi and gymnastics. The big difference is that Gyrotonic training is done on machines, which favor rotations rather than linear, back and forth motions of other more conventional exercise systems. According to Guy Louis, there are five different Gyrotonic machines, most of which are equipped with levers, handles and pulleys to provide continuous resistance and develop muscles that often get overlooked in other forms of weightlifting and exercise. “There are none of the jerky starts and stops so common with most conventional types of exercise equipment”, Guy Louis explains, “and because there is no end point, movement

can be sustained without disruptions, adding the pump of an aerobic workout”. The systems that Horvath created have been known to sometimes heal various injuries and health conditions as well as improve balance, coordination and strength by stretching, strengthening and elongating the body’s muscles. Hearing about the claimed benefits of Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic exercise, the owners of OTB were fortunate enough to try them out for a day. While it is hard to tell if there are any long-term benefits from these exercises after one session, Guy Louis says he has personally experienced some amazing benefits. Now at 50 years of age, Guy Louis says, “I have come to realize the importance of health in relationship to my body and spirit as well as my mind”. Guy Louis explains that when he was younger he spent most of his time dancing at bars. “I lived for dancing, seven nights a week. I really enjoyed moving my body around on the


dance floor. While I was not the dancer, per say, I loved to feel the rhythm of the music”, Guy Louis tells us. However, he soon noticed that most of the guys who received the most attention were very muscular. “I, myself, was small and only weighed 150 pounds at the time. I found a gym and a personal trainer and, for over 25 years, had lifted weights the traditional body building way. Needless to say, at that time, I thought I was super fit and pumped, as I actually increased my size and weight to around 170 pounds and was lifting six days a week, twice per day, and eating, eating, eating”. Around this time, Guy Louis decided to put himself through Massage Therapy School. After some time, he soon became a Certified Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (ANMT), and opened a practice out of his own home. Guy Louis explains that what he does is more than just your regular, relaxing spa massage. He works with an integrative technique of Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage and ANMT. “Swedish is light and superficial”, he explains, “It is mostly relaxing and feels good for about 24 hours. Deep Tissue Massage goes beneath the superficial layers, working to reduce adhesions caused by acute and chronic pain. ANMT works with trigger points, which are areas of high electrical stimulation that refers to another part of your body”. Guy Louis compares this to hitting your funny bone. “You may feel pain in your hand, but the problem


is at your elbow. So, if I only worked where a patient is having pain, I may miss the cause of it altogether and get no results. So the combination of bodywork through my 20 years of experience has taught me many battle plans to help a patient become pain free”. Guy Louis practiced his therapy on many patients with health problems, whether it was recovering from surgery, learning to walk again or injuries from sports. He soon realized that his patients also desired, what he calls, “homework” to learn to do at home in order to help them through the healing process. “So I started researching and experiencing a number of different movement exercise programs”, Guy Louis explains. “I specifically tried Yoga and Gyrotonic. Yoga was very painful for me, personally, as I was still the traditional weightlifter at the time. With Gyrotonic I felt like something happened but with not much discomfort as in Yoga”. Guy Louis explains that he had been very sore, constantly, from weightlifting regularly. “I believed that this was normal, so I continued to weight lift, added my Yoga in, and did Gyrotonic trainings. It took about six months for me to realize that traditional weightlifting was working against all I was trying to do in Yoga and Gyrotonic”. Guy Louis quit weightlifting cold turkey and says he has not missed it since. “I did discontinue Yoga, also, because it was even more painful for my body at that time than weightlifting.

But I also started to see some results with my Gyrotonic training without any painful side effects. When I started”, Guy Louis goes on to say, “I could only raise my arms straight out in front of my face to my chin level. I did not realize that I had been squeezing and compressing my muscles two-dimensionally with weightlifting. I can now raise my arms so much higher, though I still have more work to do”. For those of you interested in Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis and ANMT, Guy Louis recommends exercising at least once a week, and getting a massage a minimum of once a month. For those recovering from surgery or pain, he recommends that you try to do some bodywork every 7 to 10 days, and for athletes to get a massage once a week. Guy Louis has now included a Gyrotonic gym in his beautiful BBalanced studio that has all five of the machines, and is the most complete Gyrotonic Studio in Colorado. He also offers four group classes a week—two Gyrotonic classes and two Gyrokinesis classes—along with his personal Massage Therapy Sessions. He also offers one-on-one sessions with both systems as well. As the interview comes to an end, Guy Louis says he realizes just how far he has come. “I realize in many ways that I have come full circle, as a young man into an older gentleman, and how I loved to move on the dance floor and feel the

rhythm within. I have this incredible opportunity to continue to move in a way that I enjoyed so much, way back when”. Guy Louis reveals to us that he has a personal goal to teach the gay, lesbian, and transgender community on a large scale. “I’m not sure how, but I would like to, someday, hold a summer class in a park or part of a weekend program that allows me to give back to the community that has given me so much”. Guy Louis concludes, “I have given myself the opportunity to have the freedom to move myself in ways that I never could have imagined, something as we get older and realize that our personal machines, our bodies, demand this. Demand may come to us through pain or through loss of movement and I have been gifted with the knowledge and wisdom to help people ‘get it back’. So, if anyone has great ideas to continue the flow, please call me or write and let us discuss the possibilities!” If you would like to contact Guy Louis for more information, you can contact him at his BBalanced Studio, at 303377-7311, or through e-mail at, or visit the website at

Written by Bernadette Atencio


me. My AIDS/HIV diagnosis was not an easy pill to swallow at first. I was just completely numb. No emotions, no tears, no grieving. But over the last 10 years, I have learned to accept it, NOT only am I a person in society that has AIDS, but I am a vital part of our community, and do not hide or ignore the fact of my Status.

4. How did your family handle you coming out?

Here we are, with our first month of doing Ask Jenae... Make sure if you have any questions of your own please go to and go to the Ask Jenae link and email her your questions. She is hesitant to answer your questions. Enjoy.

My mother cried, my father blamed himself, the dog stopped barking at me and that cat stopped taking smoke breaks with me. NO NO NO I am just kidding. I was fortunate enough to have a loving family that just accepted me for who I am NOT what I am. They saw Christopher and the homosexual I am. There were some rough patches along the way but I would have to say it was the easiest thing I ever had to do. I barely like wearing underwear while I am at home chilling, so you can image how I feel about closets…. THEY ARE JUST NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

5. So now how do you look at life difference now that u have HIV??

1. Why did you want to run for Miss Gay Pride all of YOU should not look at your life different because of Colorado?? your HIV status. You are still the same person you were before I have wanted to run for Miss Gay Pride of All Colorado for about the last 18 years. But things always came up or I was no longer living in Denver. Being Miss Gay Pride of All Colorado is NOT just being a representative for the GLBTQ Community in Colorado, but a visual statement that we as homosexual, bi-sexual, lesbian, transgendered, NO longer have to hide in secret to be who we are and what we are. That’s a great weight to have on one’s shoulder; I just hope that I represented Gay Pride to the fullest of my ability. It truly has been an honor.

2. How do u keep the difference between drag and your personal life? Well, in my personal life, when I first meet people I am rather shy and quiet. But in Drag I am a loose cannon. There are a million things that I would do in my personal life that I would not do in drag, Like where my tighty whities. Although I have been known to tip out in my Spiderman underoos. For those of you in the community that know me on a personal level. They pretty much agree that there really is no difference since I am in drag every weekend, 3 days in a row.

3. What do you think about your HIV Status and how did you handle it after you found out your results? There has been a term for many years that says “PWA” People living with AIDS. Fortunately for me, I am not a Person that is living with AIDS; I am person that has AIDS living with


but this go around you just have bad blood. The only difference you should see visible in your life is your determination to fight it everyday, continue on, and stay healthy but a good diet, exercise and great sex!

6. What would u say to some one that wants to date some one that has HIV? Make sure that is what you want first off. And understand that you enter some kind of weird ass deal that you “might” become infected with the HIV virus. By accident or through some other mistake, before even considering that, I would take an HIV workshop through the Colorado AIDS project and learn the ins and outs of HIV. Protect yourself first then your partner. But on a personal note, because poz guys are the hottest, “speaking from my own experience.” If you’re comfortable with HIS status and comfortable with YOUR status, and again you two maintain a healthy way of living, there should be NO reason why a person with HIV can’t date someone that is HIV neg.

7. How did you get started doing drag? I actually started drag on a dare from my best friend at the time. I opened my mouth and said I can do that and do it better. That following weekend I was done up by two queens at the time, Jerry Hyatt, and Augusta Wind. I have never stopped since LOL.

The New I Phone is out!

Copy right Apple Store


ell technogeeks, your prayers have been answered. The new I PHONE is out! It’s smaller, weighs less and is more expen$ive…wotashok. Of note is that at the soiree’ where they introduced the new I Phone, they had difficulty getting the friggin’ thing to work. This alone made technerds want it even MORE. Go figure. Now you can become even more isolated from face-to-face contact with mankind as you plunge deeper & deeper into your own little world of facebook, texting, twittering, gaming and whatever the hell else you do on your cell phone. Who knows, perhaps with next technical leap you won’t even notice that you haven’t had a date...or a life how many years?

Yippee 4 U.

I haven’t as yet heard what the price for the damn thing is and truly couldn’t care less. I have no desire whatsoever to replace something I already have that works fine as is with something infinitely more expensive and a whole shit load of features I’ll never use.

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The morbid part of me is gonna be on the lookout for these technerds who’ll be so engrossed with their new precious little toy that they will become incapable of paying attention to anything else, including their bus stop, fascinated to the point of glazed over eyes and almost drooling. As I observe these technerds I admit I will be laughing inside…VERY hard!

Now THAT’S entertainment!

Anita C.


Who’s Who

By: Wendell Swaithes

After Gay Pride weekend, I attended a Gay Pride “Legends of Pride” show at BJ’s Carousel. Curiosity made me investigate this “Gay Pride” origin. I located and interviewed a unique person, the founder and owner of the Gay Pride Pageant, Brandi Roberts. I had seen this remarkable person out and about throughout the Denver area, but admittedly, I had not really spoken to her. Every time I saw her she was busy representing some organization or on a microphone commenting on the appearance or status of some performer. I felt she was unapproachable and somewhat intimidating. And, for me to accept that, knowing my background, that says a lot. The Gay Pride Pageant was started in 1988. A result of an effort to support the GLBT Center, Brandi thought that by organizing a pageant she could give the economic and community support they needed. She was right. She also had the pageant, and community, political knowhow to affect some change. Brandi came to Denver from Texas. Was not exposed to the “normal” gay influences. She was never molested, or subjected to external factors that would affect change in a person. She knew, from a very young age she was not comfortable in the gender she was born in. At age 20 she began the transition process.


Now keep in mind that this was during a time when transgender, let alone gay, was not recognized or accepted. Not that it is now. She took control of her life and did “what felt right.” Brandi completed high school and went on to cosmetology school. When she is not out representing our community she does style hair. I found that Brandi is not afraid of a challenge. Starting this pageant had obstacles, the lease of which was the general economy. Money was not available. Technology was also a formidable obstacle. She had to recruit others knowledgeable in solving the problems she was facing. One such person became the Co-Promoter for the pageant, Martini Monroe. Together, they maintained a pageant independent of other pageants and from the established courts. They remained consistent and focused. They established guidelines that all contestants, and past title holders, maintain to this date. Unity keeps the pageant strong. Brandi insists that “attitude” maintains a nonintrusive alliance with bars and other gay-friendly establishments. By providing a quality show and entertainment environment, this pageant reaches and maintains a level of cooperation consistent with maintaining the pageants goals and objectives. An attitude like, “No one needs a crown or medallion to express who or what you are. You ARE what you are. But, if the title gives you a BUZZ, maintain that buzz.” I was totally surprised to find out that so many of the past Gay Pride title holders went on to obtain even greater levels of success, ie; Emperor or Empress Imperial Court of the Rocky Mountain

Empire, others to “Paid” impersonator casts, one to even host her own television spot with a local news broadcasting company. Yet ALL maintain a communication and still contribute to the continued success of this pageant. Brandi attributes this support, loyalty and longevity to the standards all pageant, past and present, continue to maintain: unity, consistency and commitment. To most of us they are just words, to every Gay Pride representative I have spoken with, they are a way of life. Brandi was born in New York and was married and has two biological children, and grandchildren. OOPS! Was I supposed to say that? She has made choices, and taken chances

Zuni. Look for the flyers and advertisements for the exact time and location. I also invite you to step up and greet this incredible woman. She does appear intimidating and unapproachable, but, under that exterior, and all of the makeup, she will respond. It may be with a simple smile, a quick hello back, or a “Get the F--- out of my way I’m too busy”, but whichever you experience, you will remember. Congratulations to: Alex Alba, Mr. Gay Pride 20091010; Jenae Bordeax, Miss. Gay Pride 2009-2010 and Misty McIntyre, Ms. Gay Pride 2009-2010 for an exceptional year. You may be stepping down, but you are never out. I met an extraordinary woman, and hopefully found a new friend. By the way, don’t forget your teeth. DON’T ASK!

in her personal life. When she decided to begin her transition process, she compromised her marriage, friendships, and family to pursue her desires. She felt she had a “different layer of skin.” This remarkable woman, though separated, not divorced, still maintains a close relationship with all who were in her life at that time. How many of us can say that? She remains “true to self, and is willing to take the chance.” She considers her “Life experiences” to be her biggest educational degree. Brandi, you do not consider yourself “special” or “different.” I got news for you girl. YOU ARE. You said that, speaking about all those who have helped and supported your efforts, “EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU HAS BUILT THIS HOUSE.” That may be true, but you gave them the foundation on which to build. I observed this last weekend when you presented “LEGENDS OF PRIDE.” I invite everyone to attend the Gay Pride Pageant, July 24, 2010, which is to be held at the Ramada Inn at Speer and

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Joy’s Corner With the Fourth of July soon approaching, many will be holding parties in celebration of our nation’s independence day. One great little dish to consider for such and occasion is Southwestern Egg Rolls. The first time I tasted these egg rolls was at Chili’s and I fell in love with the food instantly. They were really good! Since I cannot possibly go to the restaurant frequently, I went to Google and searched for a recipe similar to theirs. I made some revisions on the recipe and made it into a vegetarian recipe for a party of 10 people or more.

Dipping sauce: 1 medium avocado ¼ cup mayonnaise

The following are my ingredients:

¼ cup sour cream

For the Egg Rolls:

1 cup plain yogurt 2 tbsp. white vinegar

1 Medium sized red bell pepper

Salt to taste

1½ cup chopped frozen spinach

1 tbsp. chopped parsley

½ cup minced green onion

Dash onion powder

4 medium size jalapenos

Dash garlic powder

1 can sweet golden corn kernels

Dash dill weed

1 can black beans

Dash black pepper

½ cup chopped parsley

Dash cayenne pepper (optional)

1 tsp. chilli powder Salt to taste 2 packs flower tortillas 1½ cup shredded Monterey cheese


Wash the red bell pepper and dice it; drain the spinach and squeeze any extra water, do the same with the golden corn and the black beans. Wash the jalapenos, remove the seeds and the veins, which are the spiciest parts of the vegetable and then dice them too. SautĂŠ the red pepper and green onions in 1 tbsp of oil until soft for 2-3 minutes, add the spinach and jalapenos, and let cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the corn, black beans, parsley, chili powder, salt and cook for another 4-5 minutes.

To make the dipping sauce, combine all ingredients for the sauce and mix very well. Garnish with chopped tomatoes and green onions. Serve the rolls by cutting each one in halves diagonally, arrange them in a serving platter, place the sauce in a serving bowl and serve them together.

They are quite yummy! Enjoy!

Written by Joy herself

Remove from heat and add the cheese stirring until it melts. Wrap tortillas in a moist dishcloth and microwave for 1½ minutes or until hot and flexible. On a flat surface (I use a big, round, plastic plate) place a heaping spoon of the filling near the top edge of a tortilla, roll the top over the mixture, fold the sides, and continue rolling tightly. Set aside with the fold down. Continue with the rest of the tortillas. You can put the egg rolls in a covered container, freeze for 4 to 24 hours if need be. When you are ready to cook them, preheat 2 or more cups of cooking oil to 375 degrees, fry as many you can fit in the pan for 12 or more minutes, until golden brown. Drain the rolls on paper towels or rack.




Denver’s Premier Gay and Lesbian Bars Provided by OUTSIDE THE BOX


Atrium Bar & Grill

Compound Basix

Tracks Denver

Denver Wrangler

Charlie’s Denver

El Potrero

554 S. Broadway

145 Broadway

1399 35th St.

1700 Logan St.

900 E. Colfax

320 S. Birch







Barker Lounge

Decatur Street Bar

Denver Eagle

Jr’s Bar & Grill

tHERe Bar & Lounge

255 S. Broadway

800 Decatur St.

3600 Blake St.

777E. 17th Ave.

1526 E. Colfax






Bj’s Carousel


Da’ Hook Up

Hamburger Mary’s

R&R Lounge

1380 S. Broadway

1027 Broadway

5190 Brighton Blvd.

700 E. 17th Ave.

4958 E. Colfax







Mo’s Denver


Her Bar

Mozart Lounge

117 Broadway

1037 Broadway

3090 Downing St.

629 E. Colfax

1417 Krameria St.








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