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Happy New Year Everyone! Wow, looking back at 2010, it has been one crazy year for all of us hasn’t it. Well we can all try and put 2010 behind us and start our new year with a new perspective on things. I know we at Outside The Box Magazine are definately making some new changes to our year. You can’t forget about our 1 Year Anniversary Party coming up. Further in the magazine we have a short story for you explaining some things that will be happening so make sure you check it out.

I personally want to thank many people that has helped out this last year to make Outside The Box Magazine even more successful, but honestly i don’t have enough room to do so, but each and everyone know’s who they are. We have some very cool stories this month to start us off with the New Year. Thank you Amanda for allowing us to do a story on you for out magazine, and Devin Stevens, he is a young gentleman that has his dreams and is taking his every step to get there. We will also be covering him through out the year so stay tuned. Anita C., Thank you for sticking with us during your rough time with your surgery, it does mean a lot to Berni and I. Thanks. Mitchell Gronenthal CEO/ Owner Outside The Box Magazine

Happy New Year to all! What a crazy year 2010 has been. It seemed to fly by so fast, yet when you look back, it seems like it was a lifetime away, sometimes. We’ve been through some ups and downs last year, but thanks to you we are still here! It’s a new year and Outside The Box has some great things in store for you. First, make sure to read the small article we have on our upcoming 1 Year Anniversary Party! OTB will be holding our party at Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar on January 22nd, 2011. It’s black and white themed and is looking to be a great night filled with music, pictures and awards, so make sure you read all the info so you can swing by and partake in the festivities! We also have two great stories on two very different kinds of GLBTQ artists. One is a Colorado-born tattoo artist, named Amanda. Although she lives out-of-state now, she still considers Colorado her home and was very excited to share her story with us. Special thanks to her for sending us pictures, as well. The second artist is Devin, a color guard instructor. Not many people know much or even anything about what color guard is, so be sure to read about it in our article, entitled “Who Do You Think You Are?” We also plan to do a follow up story about him and his guard. Special thanks to the parents of the kids for allowing us to document the practice sessions. It looks awesome, so far! We also have a few other great articles here for you guys and are cooking up more for the following months to come, so keep on reading! Hope to see you all at the party this month! Happy New Year from Outside The Box! Bernadette Atencio CEO/Co-Founder Outside The Box Magazine


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Black and White Carpet pg. 4 Joy’s Corner pg. 6 The Pro-football Problem Always Great Deals! pg. 8 720.872.9480 Alexis Neiers pg. 9 Credits: Atencio Photography, Mg Photography, OUTSIDE THE BOX LLC, Google Images, Aspen Gay Ski Week: http://www.gayskiweek. A Night in Hot & Sexy Fashion com/new/, Aspen & Roaring Fork Gay & Lesbian Community Fund: Aspen Snowmass Ski Vacations Colorado pg. 16, Skiing Deals Hotels Lodging:, The Ending and Begining Limelight Lodge Hotel:, New Year Day – History, Traditions and Customs: pg. 18 newyear,,, http://panlasangWho do you think you are? pg. 22 OUTSIDE THE BOX, LLC has copyright permission to use all photographs and word content. Any other publication with exact content Aspen Gay Ski Week will be confronted and penalized. Any questions please contact or Berni at or Berni.outside pg. 26 Mitch Collision repair & Auto Painting

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Walk on the 4 Black and White

nounced at the party are: Jarrod Munger, Tresses by Viqui, Alessandra Salon, Kelly Byington on behalf of Unity, Michael Vrooman, Amanda and Gary Saiz, Orlando Aléjandro Hernández-Guebara, Sable West Lamar, Majestic Hearts, Brandy Roberts and Martini, Janna Meiring and Eliot St. Collective, The Center, Oasis Mediterranean Gill and Bar, Colorado Aids Project, Bj’s Carousel, Charlie’s, Heaven Sent Me, ICRME, Maaco, El Potrero, Her/ tHERe Bar, Artemis Adventures, just to name a few. It will be a wonderful night, full of fun, drinks and opportunities. Be sure to make your way down Outside The Box Magazine would love to to Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar on January thank all of you who have helped, supported and be- 22nd for Outside The Box’s Black and White Party! lieved in us over the past year. Without your help, we would not be here today. It has been a very crazy Hope to see you all there. year, with ups and downs alike, but now that we’ve made it through, we would like to celebrate! You are cordially invited to attend Outside The Box’s 1 Year Anniversary Party and Walk on the Black and White Carpet. Please join us for a night of fun, music and photos on January 22nd, 2011. The event will be held at Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar, at 1523 Market St, Denver 80202 and will start at 8 pm that night and continue until 1 am the following morning. The party is meant to be semiformal, so black and/or white attire is requested. The event is sponsored by our lovely friends, Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar and Alessandra’s Salon, located at 7460 West 38th Ave. in Wheat Ridge, CO. We also want to give special thanks to Justin Smith for creating the black and white OTB banner. The night of the party will be full of fun, including a giant, black and white cake, as well as several drink specials provided by Oasis Mediterranean Colorado Springs Gay and Lesbian Bars Provided by Grill and Bar, just for that night. We will also have OUTSIDE THE BOX great music by a local DJ, and be taking pictures on Colorado Bijou Bar and Pueblo Springs Grill the black and white banner. Pictures will be avail2510 E. Bijou Pirates able to order after, as well. Club Q St. Cove 3430 N. 719-473-5718 Another big highlight of the night will be the 105 Central Academy Plaza awards ceremony. Outside The Box would like to Blvd Club Buddies acknowledge several people and businesses in the The 3430 N. Underground Denver community that helped give us our start and Academy 110 N. helped us get though the past year. Blvd. Nevada Ave 719-578-7771 Among the people and businesses to be an-

Carpet with Outside The Box



Joy’s Corner

New Year The oldest holiday is the celebration of the New Year. It was first observed about 4000 years ago, in Babylon. The Babylonian New Year began with the first new moon after the first day of spring. The beginning of spring is the season of rebirth, of planting new crops, and of the blossoming of most plants, so it is a logical time to start the New Year. The celebration usually lasted 11 days. The Romans observed the New Year in late March, but various emperors continually tampered with the date. To set the calendar right, the Roman senate declared January 1 to be the beginning of the New Year. But tampering by emperors continued until Julius Caesar established the Julian calendar with January 1 as the New Year, in 46 B.C. Although the Romans continued celebrating New Year, the Catholic Church condemned these festivities as paganism. As Christianity became widespread, the early church began religious observances that are concurrent to pagan celebrations; so on the

first day of the year, the church observes the feast of Mary as the Mother of God. There are still some denominations that observe the day as the feast of the circumcision of Christ. It is very common to see a baby with a white diaper to announce the coming of the new year while an old man with a long beard to show the past year. The Greeks started the tradition of using a baby as the symbol for the New Year around 600 B.C. It was their tradition to parade a baby in a basket to celebrate their god of wine, Dionysus, to represent the annual rebirth of that god as the spirit of fertility. Even the Egyptians used a baby as a symbol of rebirth. The Church, who denounced the practice as pagan, eventually allowed its members to celebrate New Year with a baby to symbolize the birth of the

baby Jesus. The Germans brought the use of an image of a baby with the New Year’s banner to early America. Other traditions for new-year celebration include the making of New Year’s resolutions that dates back to the Babylonians. The most popular Babylonian resolution was to return borrowed farm implements. Some people that luck for New Year could be affected by what people eat or do on New Year’s Day believe it. For this reason, it has become common


to bring prosperity. The recipe is called lechon or roast pork. The cut of pork I’m cooking is the shoulder picnic, which is about 12 lbs raw meat with the skin. First step is to boil the meat for at least an hour with enough water to cover 1/3 of the for people to celebrate the first few minutes of the New Year with family and friends. It was even believed that the first visitor would either bring good luck or bad luck for the rest of the year! Some people believe that a tall black-haired man would bring luck for the whole year. Traditional New Year’s food that would bring good luck includes anything in the shape of a ring or circle or round because it symbolizes coming full circle. The Dutch believes that eating donuts will bring good fortune. The Chinese express their joy on New Year’s Day by playing drums, setting off fireworks and beating cymbals, which would ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune. They exchange gold coins in red envelopes as a symbol of good luck. Many parts of the US celebrate the New Year by eating black-eyed peas and other legumes. Cabbage, rice and pork are some other foods that are considered lucky. The hog, and thus its meat, is considered lucky because it symbolizes prosperity. In France, people celebrate with pancakes, flavored duck or goose and champagne, hot cider or sparkling cider. In some Asian countries, rice noodles are prepared because the noodles are very long, symbolizing a longer life. For this New Year, I’m preparing roast pork

meat. Then, bake the boiled meat at 350 degrees for at least 4 hours, occasionally checking the oven until done. The lechon is done if the skin is crunchy and the juice after poking the meat is clear. For a delicious sauce to pair with the lechon, the recipe is as follows: 1 cup Pork liver or chicken livers, chopped finely 1/3 cup minced onions 2 tbsp minced garlic 2 tbsp cooking oil 1 cup vinegar 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup toasted and crumbled bread crumbs 1/3 cup ground roasted peanuts (optional) 1 tbsp ground black pepper Salt to taste Broil or fry liver until half done, then chop finely, removing the tendons. Fry or sauté the garlic and onions, add to liver with bread crumbs, water, vinegar, sugar and salt. Simmer over medium heat until liver is thoroughly cooked. Add the black pepper last. To serve the dish, slice the meat as thinly as desired. Arrange the slices on a platter and serve the sauce on the slices or on a separate serving dish.

8 Enjoy this meal with your loved ones. Here’s wishing you all a prosperous, peaceful New Year of 2011! I hope you make good resolutions and keep them all.

The Pro-football Problem The Denver Broncos annual payroll runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars. That is a fact… a very sad fact considering their performance this year. Evidently Mr. Bowlin has never heard of “Pay for Performance”. Professional football players are paid Monopoly Money to do WHAT THEY LOVE regardless of how well they perform and/or their off-field antics. Whose fault is this? Ours? The Owners? The Media? Footwear Companies? The list goes on forever. It’s gonna end. It’s just a matter of time until a kid goes to Mom and/ or Dad asking for a pair of $300 athletic shoes with

Joey the Jock’s name on them and decides that $300 for a pair is tennies for a child is just W-A-Y THE HELL outta line and walks the kid over to a WalMart. Then another parent does the same…then another and another. As far as the franchises that embrace these overpaid, ill-behaving chumps, there needs to be a clause in their contract for “Moral Turpitude” that states that a player who engages in reprehensible behaviour—drugs, public intoxication, fighting, domestic violence etc.—can be fined and/or terminated the by the team. Period-End of story. Simple enough and believe-you-me it will work. The current situation is “wack” and unacceptable. An intervention needs to take place and WE THE PEOPLE can do it! One word: B O Y C O T ! Don’t watch them, cease and desist the purchase of any and all products that the professional athletes and/or teams endorse, don’t buy tickets and flood their phones. That’ll get their attention. I reiterate: Professional Football Players are being (over) paid Monopoly Money to do WHAT THEY LOVE regardless of how well they perform and/or their off-field antics. The games have become passionless exhibitions of overpaid, poorly behaving behemoths and I, for one, am over it. The balance of the football season I am ceasing and desisting ANY & ALL association with pro sports. Something has to be done. Or we can accept the status quo. by: Anita C.

Alexis Neiers and her drug problem


Just how friggin’ stupid can Alexis be? PRETTY FRIGGIN’ STUPID!!! Our old air-head friend Alexis Neiers, a reality “star” who was jailed earlier this year for burglarizing the home of actor Orlando Bloom, was sentenced on Thursday to a year in a drug treatment center after being found with black tar heroin. The 19-year-old “Bimbo-In-Training” was arrested yet again on December 1st after probation officers found the drugs, paraphernalia and a fake Florida driver’s license in her Los Angeles area home during a raid carried out as part of a routine compli-

ance check. Gee, whod-a-thunk-it? Remember when Alexis spent 29 days of a six month jail sentence earlier this year after pleading no contest to breaking into Bloom’s house in 2009 as part of what has been dubbed a “Bling Ring” of people accused of several burglaries of celebrity homes? Evidently the goon-child didn’t learn shit. Her lawyer said Neiers, who appeared on the E! show, “Pretty Wild”, had an addiction and should be ordered to complete a residential treatment program as opposed to going back to the slammer, adding that prosecutors stated that Ms. Neiers deserved to continue her ‘learning experience’ back in jail because she ignored her probation requirements mean-

ing. What a f*******’ shocker! So what’s the issue here? Alexis still doesn’t get it and it’s very unlikely that she will get it without an extended stay in the joint. I’m so damn tired of “celebrats” thinking that they are somehow exempt from the laws/rules that the rest of us follow. Time for “Mommy Dearest” to admit that her precious child is a complete friggin’ moron savant! My other question is WTH did Alexis ever DO to deserve her celebrity? Get her face in some B-mag adds? Drink to excess while underage repeatedly? Commit several burglaries? Star in a stupid-ass “reality” show? That aside, WHERE the HELL was her Senior, Bimbo Mommy when all this was going on? Making lesson plans for the “Home School” process? Yeah-THAT worked so-o-o-o well in the past... She needs the ol’ bitch-slap in the puss! She needs to go to a REAL jail and do some REAL time with REAL criminals. That or get shot...Just think of it as a retroactive abortion. by: Anita C.


Amanda & her art of


by: Dalen Savage

So what do you think of when you hear the word Art: Painting, photography, singing, acting? How about a tattoo artist? There are many kinds of art forms and doing tattoos definitely is an art and takes a lot more talent than most people might think. When we decided we should do an article on a tattoo artist, the first person that came to mind was a friend of mine. I contacted Amanda and she was very excited to share her work as a tattoo artist. Amanda Racicot was born at Fitzsimmons Army hospital in 1983. Her mother was in the service, and so was her father. Her father left before she was born, but her mother, along with her grandparents, raised her in Denver and Golden Colorado. All throughout her childhood, and still today, they encourage her to pursue her interests and fine tune her talents. Amanda had a wonderful childhood, full of endless possibilities. Currently, she is living and working in Louisiana with her fiancée Kristina, whom she has been with for three years and planning on marrying in October of 2011. Like most couples, they intend to have children and raise a family of their own. Right now, Amanda works fulltime at an amazing tattoo shop, called Inked Up of Denham Springs, LA. They are trying to make headway in the state of Louisiana to allow micro-dermal implants to be performed in tattoo shops. As of right now there are no lawful guidelines and it is currently prohibited. They are taking their plea to the legislature early next year. I was very eager to talk to Amanda and ask her some questions about the art of being a tattoo artist. Amanda was very excited and eager to talk to me about her life as a tattoo artist and it is apparent that she has a great love for what she does. I started by asking Amanda what attracts her to being a tattoo artist


and she did not hold back. She told me that she has always been drawn to art and body modification. “For as long as I could remember”, says Aman-

da, “I have had a fascination for tattoos. When I was a young girl I remember begging my uncle to show me his tattoo”. As she developed into a teenager, the fascination only blossomed into wanting her own tattoos. “I have several recollections of coming home from school and getting in trouble with my parents for having drawn all over my arms and hands”, Amanda says, “It wasn’t until I was 24 that I realized that I could combine my natural and ever present talent for art, with my long time fascination for tattoos”. Initially, Amanda says that she was drawn to the prospect of making substantial amounts of money while doing something she would enjoy. Now that she has completed her apprenticeship and  started her career as a tattoo artist she has found that making the client happy gives her the greatest reward. Amanda went on to say that, “It’s a permanent part of their body now, and I’m always thrilled at their reaction when they leave smiling. It still amazes me sometimes, that I possess the ability to lay an image permanently onto

12 someone, and make them happy with what is otherwise a painful process”. Amanda has been doing tattoos for two years now. “It was a struggle at first”, says Amanda, “trying to remember that I am working with a medium that is way more permanent than paints and pencils. But I am constantly learning more, and the guys at Inked Up have helped me tremendously to advance my tattoo art”. So I am sure many of you, like me, don’t even realize everything you have to do in order to become a tattoo artist. You can’t just start tattooing people in a shop or charge them because you are a good artist, even if you have a tattoo gun and have done a few tattoos. To be a tattoo artist legally and get paid you have to become licensed. I asked Amanda what steps she had to take and it is very interesting. I had never realized how many steps it takes to start your career as a tattoo artist.  “There are several steps to becoming a licensed tattoo artist like me”, says Amanda, “beginning with finding an apprenticeship at a reputable shop. Before I ever began tattooing I had to become blood borne pathogen certified”. This is a course that is offered by the American Red Cross, which meets OSHA standards for occupational health. The first rule of tattooing is to protect you and your clients from po-

tential infectious diseases, and this course gives you the knowledge to do that. The next step, according to Amanda, “was to show competency in handling my equipment and applying the ink. In order to obtain my license in the state of Louisiana, I also had to take and complete a CPR and first aid course. It reminded me that every state has its different laws and requirements when it comes to the body art industry”. Next, Amanda talks to us about how she goes about doing a tattoo. The application process of tat-

toos is a lot more complex than most people would expect. “I usually start with a foundation (an outline), and as an artist you build on that with shading and color, often using color blends”, Amanda explains, “Every tattoo has a degree of freehand when it comes to the placement of shading and color, and often fine detail is free-handed as well. Usually, if the tattoo calls for solid black lines, I will use a stencil.” Amanda also tells us that she tries to use an even mix of stencil and free hand in most of the tattoos that she does. Like every artist, Amanda wants to express herself in her artwork. She likes to express everything that she has experienced in her life in her tattooing, the good and the bad. “I take pieces from my life and use those in ideas for tattoos”, she says, “I never have a hard time relating to any tattoo, even some of the ones that I wouldn’t necessarily


choose to have tattooed on me.” Amanda goes to say,” That’s what’s so great about tattoos, it’s all about individuality, and freedom.” So what are Amanda’s future goals as a tattoo artist? “At 27 years old, and coming into the industry a little later than others, I still have big plans for myself and for my art. I really look up to, and respect Rich Ives of Steel City Tattoo in Pueblo, CO.

He is an amazing realism tattoo artist. Producing tattoos of the same magnitude is what I will always strive toward in my career,” Amanda says. For any of you interested in becoming tattoo artists, Amanda recommends finding an apprenticeship at a reputable tattoo shop. “Research the artist


who’s going to be teaching you”, says Amanda, “Find out if they have any past apprentices, you’ll want an established tattoo artist teaching you. Look at their portfolio to determine if you like their style of tattooing and ask yourself what style of tattooing you want to aspire to. Keep in mind that an apprenticeship takes a lot of time, effort, and determination. Much of your free time will be devoted to helping around the shop, cleaning and cashiering, long before you ever pick up a machine. Also remember, while some shops are willing to have you there when you’re not working at your paying job, some will want you there full-time with no pay. Evaluate whether or not this fits your current situation in life. There’s too much that you learn in an apprenticeship that you cannot teach yourself tattooing at home.” Tattooing at home is illegal in most states, according to Amanda, and

even though you can access to tattoo kits online, you should still find an apprenticeship. “Tattooing is serious and takes effort; it is not about becoming a rock star or a way to get rich quick”, says Amanda. On a personal note, I asked Amanda, as an open lesbian, what she felt was the biggest challenge facing the GLBT community and she said, “I think the biggest challenge facing our community remains our government. I am constantly out in the world, meeting new people, who are all mainly tolerant, if not supporters! It irritates me that in our society I find so much tolerance, yet because a handful of people with power remain intolerant we remain without the rights that we deserve as tax-paying citizens of the United States.” I definitely agree with her that this is part of the many challenges we deal with. In light of all the tragic suicides that have been happening with our gay youth, and knowing that many young adults have an interest in getting tattoos

and look up to tattoo artists as “cool”, I asked Amanda what advice she would give the GLBT youth who haven’t come out about their sexuality yet or have recently come out. Once again Amanda didn’t hold back and you can tell that she, along with the rest of the community, are concerned for our teens. This is what Amanda has to say on the subject: “In lieu of the recent media coverage of GLBT teen suicides, I feel I must first relay that there’s nothing to be scared of. If you are being tormented by peers at school don’t hesitate to go to your school officials. If you do not find the help you seek there or still feel threatened, talk to your parents and  enc o u r age them to take the issue to the school board. Since  the tragedy at Colu m b i n e”, Amanda goes on to say, “most schools in the United  States have a zero tolerance policy  for harassment,  no matter  the reason. For those of you who have yet to come out,  I know that middle school and high school can be hard, and you may be afraid of what others will think or how they will act toward you. Keeping it secret and denying who you are  is usually far worse than other people’s reactions when you do finally come out. Even if you only tell a trusted friend or family member, making it known is going to be healthier for you in the long run.” Amanda also


refers the GLBT youth to turn to the Internet, as there are plenty of resources online and in most communities, specifically for teens in this specific situation. She advises to do some research before coming out, and see if there is a GLBT youth group in the area, such as Rainbow Alley in Denver. “Always remember to be true to yourself, and never forget that there are plenty of us out there who will listen to you”, Amanda goes on to say, “Most of us once felt the way that you’re feeling right now and understand the internal struggle that accompanies being a GLBT youth. You’re never alone, no matter the struggle.” Very well put Amanda. Even if you feel you are all alone, just remember that you are not alone, there are plenty of resources and people out there who are willing to help you deal with the issues you are facing.  Outside The Box wants to congratulate Amanda on her success as a tattoo artist and congratulate her and Kristina on their upcoming ceremony to each other. We wish you both the best of luck in your personal and professional life.

16 A Night in Hot

Have you ever been to a fashion show? Well let me tell you, I have been to my fair share of fashion shows and most of the shows I have been too have been a drag. No not a drag show, a drag as in boring and not much excitement. Well I know we all have seen many fashion shows on TV, right? Well I am sure most of you have. The ones I have been to, so far, are nothing like that; always boring and taking forever to get started or even get over with. But, let me tell you, the most recent fashion show I went to was nothing like the ones before.

This particular show was a night full of hot and sexy fashion! This fashion show was hosted and held at a local straight bar in Denver, called Oasis Mediterranean Grill and Bar. The name of the show was Snow Beauty Fashion Show, which was held by two fashion designers and one hair and makeup salon. The first fashion designer designed swimsuits, and the second fashion designer designed furs. The swimsuit fashion design was by Swim’n Sport, which can be located at Cherry Creek Mall at 3000 E. 1st Ave. Denver and at the Colorado Mills Mall located at 14500 W.

& Sexy Fashion 17 by: Mitchell Gronenthal

Colfax Ave in Lakewood, Co. The second designer is Jonval Leathers and Furs, which they can be located at 6880 E. Evans Ave in Denver. Each of the fashion designers had picked out a few models to model off their designs. These models were all Russian and drop-dead gorgeous! Each of the models had perfect bodies, great hair, and beautiful smiles that you can see for miles. Each one was beautifully done up with makeup and hair by Alessandra Salon, located at 7460 W. 38th Ave. in Wheat Ridge. The show was well put together with upbeat

music played all through the show, which gave the girls the opportunity to strut their stuff and really show off their talents as models, and show off the designs created. The music also did a great job to keep the entire crowd focused on the models. Overall, I have to say this was the best fashion show by far that I have ever been to. Outside The Box wants to thank all designers and makeup and hair stylist for allowing us to be back stage with them and be in the front row of the show. Thank you again, and can’t wait for another show!


& g n i d n E e h w e T N a f o g n i n i g e B n g i Re

The cold and colorful night of December 11th, 2010 a was a fun and eventful night for many gay, lesbian, transgendered, drag queen and drag king performers, and many title holders. This night was the step down of the 2010 and the step up for the new 2011 Gay and Lesbian Latin Alliance (G.A.L.L.A.). The pageant was held at Club M, adjacent to Hamburger Mary’s, located at 700 East 17th Avenue in Denver. The new reign’s pageant theme was Fiesta Navidad. It looked as though Christmas had exploded due to the decorations from Club M. The evening was filled with many dressy men and many gorgeous drag queens decked out in beautiful gowns and their crowns. Many performed for the pageant, either requested by the old-reign Mr. GALLA, Gonzo Zapata, or requested by the board of directors. The night started by a gracious performance of the President Miss GALLA 2009, Obsession Dior, followed by Mr. GALLA 2010, Gonzo. Introduction of the judges were announced and then followed by a special request of Board of Directors, Stephanie Paul. After a first round of wonderful performances, the pag-

eant then went into the theme wear competition in which the contestants showcased their theme wear outfits. After all contestants showcased their theme wear they went on to have more special performers such as Mr. and Miss Rocky Mountain Shining Star 2010-2011 and our regent Emperor 37 Fred Valdez, Mr. Majestic Hearts 2010-2011 Jamie Alexander and


feet tall. Then, after the talent competition was finished, the Board of Directors did a presentation of Scholarships, followed by a few more performers such as Yvette Monet, Miss Majestic Hearts Justice Saharra-Bordeaux and finished off with performances Mr. GALLA 2009 Larry Hernandez, and the final walk for our Prince and Princess Royal 37 Alex Alba and Brandi Alexander. The second competition, which is the eveningwear competition and question and answer, were beautifully displayed by the contestants and followed by more performances. The Special guest Brendan Gonzales, Prince and Princess Royal 35 Anthony Garcia and Ramaya DeVeroux from Colorado Springs, as well as our current reign Mr., Miss, and Ms Gay Pride Jim Carnes, Miroslava Sexton, and Chris took the stage and did a wonderful number displaying all of their talents. Then our past Empress 29, Jazmine James, also performed. The third competition, Talent, showcased many different talents from all four competitors. One that really blew people away was Sable West-Lamar, in which she came out in a fantastic red feathered and peacock outfit that literally stood about 10

Gonzo Zapata. The crowning of the New Mr. and Miss GALLA 2011 then took place. This was a very nerve racking situation for all four competitors, due to them all having wonderful and exciting talent that they showcased all night. They stood up on stage potentially waiting for the announcement of who had won. After some deliberation, the winners were then announced: Miss GALLA 2011 Sable West-Lamar, and Mr. GALLA 2011 Devin Sexton. Sable was crowned with her sash and a beautiful 8-inch tall, full crown and Devin was crowned with his sash and scepter. This lead to many photographs taken by many people and the contestants being able to rest a little bit after their nerves where shot from the night’s stress. They stood there in the great excitement that they won the pageant. Outside The Box wants to Congratulate the new Mr. and Miss GALLA 2011, Devin Sexton, and Sable West-Lamar on a job well done and hopefully a great year to come. GALLA is a non-profit organization that raised money for one charity, The Angie Zapata Foundation that donates a $1000 scholarship to three individuals that are transgendered, Gay, Lesbian, or Bi-sexual who are attending college.

20 This is done by the GALLA reign, which host shows throughout their year as Mr., Miss, and Ms GALLA. Once again, OTB wants to congratulate the new reign and wish you a successful year on your fundraising.


Who do you think you are?


Colorful flags, sabers, and riffles flying through the air in a coordinated routine. A perfect routine that is hit on the nail head every time it is performed, well at least almost every time. What is this you ask? Winter Guard, or also known as color guard. Here is a description of what winter guard is. “Winter guard is the sport of indoor color guard. Modern color guard is a combination of the use of flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment, as well as dance and other interpretive movement. Color guards can be found in high schools, middle schools, some universities, and also some independent organizations, some of which are related to drum corps.” Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well I personally think it’s a very cool sport as well as a wonderful art form. Devin James Stevens is a local color guard instructor for Eaglecrest High School, which is also their name for their group, the Eaglecrest High School Winter Guard. Devin’s winter guard group consists of 17 girls and 3 boys. The girls and boys range from ages of 15-17 years old. Outside The Box asked Devin how he got

started with winter guard, and color guard, and his reply was, “I started in color guard at the age of 12 in 7th grade at Arvada Middle School. I actu-


ally joined because one of my friends was involved in the program and she dared me to come to try outs and I didn’t want to turn down a dare so I went and I fell in love with the sport. Never thought I would go this far with it.” This also shows the difference in ages that start in color guard. More of the larger schools that have a population of 1000 or more kids are the schools that usually have a color guard team. Devin was asked what other similar sports or guards he has been involved in and OTB was quite surprised to hear what he had to say, because Devin is a very talented individual. Devin stated “I have been involved with the sport all through my high school career, I started in Middle school class and received a gold medal each year, went onto high school and started marching band at Arvada High school and got a bronze medal, the next year I got another bronze


medal, then I switched high schools to Pomona high school and got a gold medal for my junior year. I quit marching high school color guard my senior year and went to a professional group called Alchemy Independent and got a gold medal and continued to march with this group the following year and got a silver medal. That summer I marched a professional drum corps called the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps and got 13th out of 44 world class corps. That winter I marched a world-class winter guard called Opus 10 winter guard and got a gold medal. Color guard is all about discipline and working hard to achieve perfection in everything we do. We spend hours and hours making sure that we are all doing the same thing at the same time. Every dance move, hand placement and emotion has to come across clearly or the whole show can be a wreck.” The last sentence that Devin made in his statement above stated that every dance move, hand placement, and emotion has to come across clearly. We at OTB agree with him. We had been invited by Devin to go and take some photographs of his kids, and himself while they practiced. During this practice we had a chance to see what passion Devin has for the art of Color Guard. This is a very emotional art form for Devin, as he takes every step and makes every move either with a flag, saber, or a rifle.

We had noticed that Devin’s kids, some are into the art as much as Devin is and some aren’t. This is not a bad thing because we can see that they do have passion for it, just not as much. When Devin performs to show the kids the routine, like he said above every dance move, hand placement, and emotion has to be set in place or the show can go down hill if it is not just about perfect. This winter, Devin is putting on a show called, Who Do You Think You Are? “The song we are using is Jar of hearts by Christina Perri. We are basically putting on a love story about a tragic break up.” That being said, when we were there to see the kids perform and take photographs, we got to see the emotion from the song reflected into the routine. This is another aspect that shows that Devin has a passion for what he does as an instructor, and what he put his passion into. January 29th is their first show of the season, and Outside The Box will most likely be there to see Devin and his kids’ first performance. If not, we will make sure we get to one show so we can show you what is put into the show with costuming and such. To find out more information about color guard, you can Google search it, or visit, http://www.wgi. org/” to find out more information about color guard, or even to find out other in-

formation on what everything entails. Outside The Box wants to thank Devin and his kids for allowing us to interview him and them and take


photographs. Also, if you are interested in learning more about color guard and drum corp., Outside The Box plans to follow up with Devin and his kids in a later issue, so keep on reading!

26 Asp en Gay Ski Wee

The holidays are now over, many are still hung over from New Year’s Eve parties, and the weather is bleak and cold. Usually, one would think that there would be nothing to look forward to in dreary, old January. However, lucky for us, we live in wonderful Colorado, where we can go skiing and snow boarding when everyone elsewhere is only wishing that they could! Where better to have some snowy fun than Aspen, Colorado’s Aspen Gay Ski Week? Each year Aspen plays host to the Aspen Gay Ski Week, an awesome winter event, full of fun events and skiing. This January 2011 marks the 34th year of Aspen Gay Ski Week, continuing to be the premier GLBTQ winter travel event. From January 16th to the 23rd of 2011, Aspen Gay Ski Week will shred up the mountains in style! Hosting the big event will be Limelight Lodge, located in beautiful downtown Aspen, Colorado, across from Wagner Park. A chic, stylishly designed and furnished building, Limelight Lodge offers an outdoor pool and spa, continental breakfast, a wellequipped fitness room, roof-top terraces, as well as many other amenities. In addition to all the wonderful things it already offers, the lodge is also pet-


friendly and welcomes dogs to stay for a small cleaning fee. A hot tub party will also be hosted every night that week there. For more information on the Limelight Lodge, visit their website at: The theme of the 2011 Aspen Gay Ski Week is the Wild, Wild West. Where better to dress up as a sexy cowboy or cowgirl than a historic mining town? Besides skiing and boarding down the beautiful mountains of Colorado, many themed events are planned for the week, including bar nights, spa days, Broadway performances, a fashion and art night, bowling, a comedy night, as well as much, much more! There will also be a Downhill Costume Contest at the Base of the Gondola, on January 21st, with a grand prize worth $1000, as well as multiple Friendship Dinners planned during the week at various, posh restaurants in the area. For more information on the different events planned and registration information, visit: for more information. Along with all the fun and festivities of Aspen Gay Ski Week, it is also a great fundraising event for

the Roaring Fork Gay and Lesbian Community Fund (RFGLCF), with proceeds going to support various gay and lesbian Colorado charities. The RFGLCF’s mission is always to promote tolerance, understanding and diversity through education and community service and action. Last year, they supported kids in local schools through different training sessions and gay and straight alliances. This year, the goal of the RFGLCF is to create a network of, what they call “small-town heroes” through a program that will pair at-risk youth with mentors in the GLBTQ community. They are always looking for help, support and great ideas in order to make a difference. You can contact them at 970-948-7743 or bryan@ For more information about RFGLCF, visit their website at: http://www.rfglcf. com. There you go: now there’s one more thing to look forward to each year, and that will get us through yet another cold winter. Passes and tickets are now on sale, and can be purchased at: http://www.stayaspensnowmass.

com. Just follow the links on the “Local Events” tab on the left. For more information about Aspen Gay Ski Week and the events, visit: http://


Denver’s Premier Gay and Lesbian Bars Provided by OUTSIDE THE BOX


January Issue  

Find out a world of tattoo art, and maybe you never heard of Color Guard but find out an interesting story on it.

January Issue  

Find out a world of tattoo art, and maybe you never heard of Color Guard but find out an interesting story on it.