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Once again another great issue published and out fans are grown at a rapid speed. We have some great stories for everyone, and many more to come.

It’s been another great month, and another great issue!

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Always Great Deals! Collision repair & Auto Painting

1901 Leroy Drive Suite D Northglenn, CO 80233

720.872.9480 3

What it is

Picture this: Saturday night, an invitation to accompany the reigning Mr. and Miss GALLA, to a predominantly Hispanic bar. The bar was the El Potrero, 320 South Birch Street. I admit I was apprehensive. I anticipated some minor problems, ie; Language, music and cultural differences. But, when you are invited by latin royalty how could I refuse. I was so very pleasantly surprised. My experience there was so much more than I expected. The atmosphere, as expected, was predominantly Hispanic. The music latin. But, I admit I was never more comfort-


By Wendell Swaithes able, and amased. Once inside the atmosphere made you feel welcome, regardless of cultural background. The room exploded with sound and lights. The dance floor was very large and so many couples were interpreting the music as it affected them. AND, I was pleased to discover the bar was open to all groups, with non-gay couples feeling just as welcome as I felt. The variety of music, though latin, satisfied the needs of all visiting. Latin traditional to current latin “techno”. Not once did I hear a break in the music, nor ever see the dance floor

clear. And, the energy level was almost overwhelming. The lighting, was an experience in itself. Dance balls illuminated by a variety of colors, lazer, and strobe lights, illuminating every inch of the room. Drinks served were reasonably priced, and the service exceptional. I was reminded that: Music is universal. Courtesy can be extended without concern for background, age, gender or sexual orientation. And, respect is not an extinct word found only in a dictionary. I extend my personal thanks, to Mr. and Miss GALLA, for their invitation, and to El Potrero for allowing me to enjoy myself. And, for letting me learn, again, that cultural differences only exist in a closed mind. And that is WHAT IT IS…

Have a HOT V-DAY

Eleven ways to spice up your Valentine’s Day If you are celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a significant other, put some thought into it ahead of time to make the day truly special. Your plans don’t need to be expensive or elaborate to impress your valentine; they just need to be genuinely from the heart. Here are some Valentine’s Day ideas for any budget! Rather than one big gesture, fill your valentines’ day with many little reminders of your love:

at the new casino hotel, or spice it up a little more try The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. No matter how you spend your valentine’s day, make sure that what you do is genuinely from the heart!

Written by Maria Ocasio your love Diva

•Have a single long stem rose delivered to them with a confession of your love. •Leave a note in the bathroom or on the fridge for him or her to find is always exciting. •Relive some of the highlights of your life together by recreating special moments by looking at old photos or videos. •Sneak home before your loved one and set the mood by lighting candles and spreading rose petals around the bed and so forth (Beware that red rose petals on white sheets do stain). •Make your bedroom your own clothing optional love nest. Turn up the heat and remove some clothing! That is a sure way to spice things up)!!

•Make your very own romantic dinner.

•Make your own naughty Valentine’s card. Be real creative and spicy. •Take a professional “Yours Eyes Only” photo for your loved one. (MGPhotography does some classy work), and that is sure to make his or her body temperature rise!! • Want to do 14 days of something special for your Valentine? Try getting 14 different charms that remind you of that special someone. Give them one each day or hide them around the house. On the fourteenth day, give them the charm bracelet and the final charm. •Have a big budget? Whisk your valentine off on a romantic getaway! Book a room downtown, or 5

Gary and Tim Celebrating 25 years together


more, years as they have been married. Gary is known in the community as Gary the Black Rose, and Tim is known as Amanda Rae Miles. I sat down with Gary and Tim as they celebrate there anniversary and asked them a few questions about their life and marriage. OTB-Dalen:“How did the two of you meet?” Tim: “We actually met through a mutual friend. I was dating a friend of Gary’s and Gary asked him for my number. We started hanging out, and I felt secure with Gary.” OTB-Dalen: “What is your favorite thing about each other?” Tim: “Well, we love to shop! and We have so much in common when we shop. Gary understands me, protects me, is always there for me, through good We would like to congratulate Gary and Tim as they celebrate their 25th anniversary this month. Gary and Tim consider the day they met as their anniversary date. They met on February 19, 1985. They also had a Holy Union Ceremony on June 10, 1989. In 2000, Tim legally changed his last name to Gary’s last name. As we all know, marriage takes a lot of work. When it is a same-sex marriage, we not only face the challenges of all married couples but we also have other concerns and challenges that we have to overcome. Gary and Tim have been part of the gay community for just as many, if not

and bad times, and, well, Gary can be very outspoken!Which is sometimes good but can also be bad.” Gary: “Tim is very loving and supportive. We take care of each other and my favorite thing is the love and compassion that we share.” OTB-Dalen: “Where did you guys grow up?” Tim: “I am a Colorado native, born and raised. I grew up in North Denver.” Gary: “I grew up in Pueblo and Commerce City.”

OTB-Dalen: “What is the biggest strug7

each other. You also have to trust and respect each other.” OTB-Dalen “How did you both get into performing?” Tim: “Well I use to watch my drag mother and learned what doing drag and performing is all about. Gary told me to pick a hobby, so I decided to do drag and perform.” Gary: “I have been into entertaining since I was 13. I was actually in a band. I sang lead and backup. We sang oldies.” OTB-Dalen: “What titles do the both if you hold?” Tim: “I am Grand Duchess 17 of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire. I am Imperial Ambassador for Life to the Grand Tetons for the Imperial Court in Pocatello, Idaho, and I am the reigning Miss GALLA.”

gle you have as far as your relationship is concerned?” Tim: “I would have to say the biggest struggle was trust. During the separation we went through, I went out and partied and Gary didn’t. It took trust to get back into the relationship. Gary: “I would have to agree with Tim. I had to learn to trust again after our separation, which was the hardest challenge we have had.” OTB-Dalen: “What advice would you give to other same-sex couples about making a relationship last so long?” Tim: “Communication is the most important thing. You have to be able to talk about everything big or small and never go to bed mad at each other.” Gary: “Once again, I have to agree with Tim. Communication is the most important. If you go to bed mad at each other, then the next day you will still be mad and won’t talk to 8

Gary: “I am Grand Duke 17 of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire and Imperial Ambassador for Life to the Grand Tetons for the Imperial Court in Pocatello, Idaho.”

OTB-Dalen: “The gay community knows you as Gary the Black Rose and Amanda Rae Miles. How did you decide on your names?” Tim: “Another queen who was a good friend that is no longer with us was Amanda James with CGRA. I wanted to carry on her name. I use to mostly do country songs so Rae and Miles just sounded good with Amanda and it has a country ring to it.” Gary: “When I ran for Emperor of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire, Gary the Black Rose was my logo.” OTB-Dalen:“Tim, what made you as Amanda; decide to run for Miss GALLA?” Tim: “Well I have been part of the community for a long time now and I wanted to show the community that I can do the work. I want to unite the Latin community and I know GALLA has the same ambition just like other associations do.” OTB-Dalen: “What advice would you give other performers?”

Tim: “First you have to love what you do and know how to do it. You must possess the ambition to do it. Whether you are single or have a partner, remember, you are an individual.” Gary: “Make sure you look classy and incorporate glitz and glamour.” OTB-Dalen: “How long have you been entertaining and helping raise money for charities?” Tim: “I have been performing 24 years. My first show was when I performed with Gary.” Gary: “I have also been performing 24 years. I still remember running for Emperor and performing in the Springs at the Hide n Seek.” OTB-Dalen: “What is your biggest challenge as a performer?” Tim: “I would say for me that the biggest challenge is making sure I get the attention of the audience.” Gary: “For me, the biggest challenge is also 9

making sure I get the attention of the audience. I also would say, “If you have to change your attitude in your face, then you aren’t a real performer.” OTB-Dalen: “What are your plans for the future as far as entertaining and as a couple?” Tim: “We plan on getting a house eventually. We also would like to take a little time off from performing.”

Gary: “I definitely agree with Tim. We also plan on consistently giving back to the community.” OTB-Dalen: “What ideas can you give to other couples for Valentines Day dates?” Tim: “I think that having a dinner and surprising each other is always a great way to spend the day.” Gary: “I think no matter what you do, the most important thing is telling the other per10

son how you feel about them and building a foundation for the relationship.” OTB-Dalen: “What do you think makes a same-sex marriage different than any other marriage besides the obvious, of course?” Tim: “I think money is the biggest issue for any relationship. Now a days we have to work more hours for less pay.” Gary: “I think that one of the biggest differences is that we don’t have the same ben-

efits as heterosexual couples do, especially after that foundation is made. We constantly have to fight different amendments and we don’t have legal domestic partnerships.” OTB-Dalen: “How do you feel about same-sex partners raising children?” Tim: “I say go for it. Don’t push any sexuality on your child and hopefully he or she will grow up and love and support the parents that raised them.”

is a waste of all the time you put into the relationship.

Happy 25th Anniversary Gary and Tim!!!! May you have many more years together!!!!

Gary: “I feel very lucky for them. More power to them if they can handle raising children, especially with the struggles we face and the busy lifestyles we tend to lead.” On a final note, Tim and Gary say to be good to each other by respecting, loving, and building a foundation with each other. They tell us that if for some reason the relationship doesn’t work out, there is always a way to be friends, otherwise, it

Your Local and Far Bars Provided by OUTSIDE THE BOX

El Potrero 320 S. Birch St.

Artium Bar & Grill 554 S. Broadway

Charlie’s Denver 900 E. Colfax

Hamburger Mary’s 700 E. 17th Ave

Barker Lounge 255 S. Broadway

Club M 700 E. 17th Ave

Her Bar 629 E. Colfax Ave

Mozart Lounge 1417 Krameria tHERe Coffee Bar & Lounge 1526 E. Colfax Ave Wrangler 1700 Logan

Bj’s 1380 S. Broadway

Compound 145 Broadway

JR’s 777 E. 17th Ave

Boyztown 117 Broadway

Da Hook Up 5190 Brighton Blvd.

Broadways 1027 Broadway

Decatur St. Grill 800 Decatur St.

Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret Club Q 3430 N. Academy Blvd. Mo’s 1037 Broadway

Colo Spr.


What’s New

MOZART LOUNGE is relatively new, opening February 2009. Not only new, but with a new approach to the lounge atmosphere.

Newly remodeled, prior to the grand opening, it is very comfortable and inviting. The lounge boasts of its atmosphere and appearance. Once inside you are impressed with the appearance of lounge chairs, cushioned love seats, padded chairs and barstools, and a grand piano. On the walls were posters of older musical film actors, photos of memories from film artists long since past, but still remembered. And a hand painted wall, a portrait of composer Mozart. The piano not just for decoration. The talents of Dan Dobbins can be enjoyed every Friday evening, at 8:15 pm, as he plays your favorite showtunes. Complimented by the talents of those guests who wish to sing along. Behind the bar a large fish tank. A variety of color swimming about with no clue as to what they are there for, but enjoying it all the same. The owners and manager are not afraid to try new things. Their motto: New Beginnings, Good Time. This is a neighborhood lounge and welcome all who care to enter and share a part of their evening. A “STRAY BAR” attitude, defining Stray Bar as Straight, Gay bar, not only accepting, but welcoming all who enter. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, and even me, made to feel welcome. AND, it is not “clickish.” Curture, age, sexual orientation, and gender seem to only add to the atmosphere. If the staff does not approach you, chances are a guest will, to make sure you are feeling welcome, and encourage you to add your being to their experience. Interaction is encouraged. Speaking of cocktails, the bar is prepared to satisfy your pallet with their full bar. Their select wines, and if you want something new to tease you, they have been known to 12

create a few new mixtures.

The staff goes out of their way to acknowledge every guest and to make sure each guest is comfortable. THEY CARE. The general staff attitude is “come in a see us.” I wish to thank Carol Brown, lounge manager, for inviting me to experience this lounge. Further thank the owners Patrick Bigil and Laurence Sermo for creating such a pleasant and comfortable environment. Again this is the MOZART LOUNGE, located at 1417 Krameria Street in Denver. Yes there is adequate parking, and yes you will enjoy your visit. Want to know more? Stop by and see them.

Written by Wendell Swaithes

SO LONG, FAREWELL, VIA CON DIOS… When I worked in a homeless shelter there was this kid who I’ll call Mark (not his real name). Mark was a nice guy, good looking, young, and an addict. He believed he was Teflon. That nothing was gonna stop the party. I grew to like Mark and extended every effort to help. He left rehab after a week because he didn’t want to operate in the confines that the facility set forth… I last saw him one night outside. We shared a smoke and I tried again to reach out…I could see by the look in his eyes that the light was on but nobody was home. I had a sad feeling as I watched him walk up the stairs...I pretty much knew that this was gonna be the last time I saw him. I was wrong. A couple of days later the shelter got a call from Denver Health. When I answered they asked if Mark --------- lived there. I replied yes he did in fact live here. The guy on the other end of the phone paused, then informed me that there had been “…a tragedy and asked if anyone could come down to the morgue?”.

I said I’d be there within the hour.

I copied pertinent documentation from our records and headed out. Upon arriving I was greeted by another Denver Health person and one of Denver’s finest. Seems that he was the one who found Mark… I went in and they pulled a body out of a small steel door on a tray. The body was covered in a white sheet. When they pulled the sheet back there was. “Yes, that’s Mark -------“. Whoever said “Die young and leave a pretty corpse” never worked in the Mortuary biz.

I asked what had happened.

The officer replied “We found him in an alley in LoDo. He was keeled over. There was a needle nearby where picked the deceased up…we’re running tests….” I looked at him and he looked back. He didn’t have to say anything. I knew…so did he.

Mark was on the quest for that wild high rocket ride one more time and no one was gonna talk him out of it. Seems every junkie/addict is in denial. After all, just who the hell am I, or anyone else for that matter, to tell ‘em what they can and can’t do? I’m nobody…just someone who’s seen this… a lot. The results are always the same & they will not listen because they already know on some subconscious level that they could die but they don’t wanna hear it from ‘sumguy’ who has never used. They refuse to accept or even acknowledge that their number just might be up this time. Don’t get me wrong, I still care, I sincerely do! I have come to the realization that as much as any one of us may want to help and have extended our very best efforts there are some whom you just cannot help and going past that will only make things worse between you and them. After you reach that point, you emotionally detach from the individual…and save yourself. Mark’s Mother came by the shelter two days later to pick up his things. What does one even say to her? You offer sympathy for the loss, listen if they want to talk. She shared that there would be a cremation after the Pathologist finished the autopsy… She said she’d call and let us know when it would take place. I helped her carry the black trash bags of Mark’s belongings to the car and watch her drive away. There some folks in our community that are running perilously close to the edge. They over indulge then make a choice. They put innocent others in jeopardy through their actions...with no regard whatsoever-at that point in time. We live in a world with billions of others. Our actions yeild consequences or rewards. If you make a stupid-ass decision, what can happen?”

“…do you feel lucky? Well do ya…punk?”

Written by A/Coqtail 13

Joy’s Corner A third Saint Valentine was martyred in Africa with other companions but nothing more is known about him. Via Flaminia was called Flaminian Gate of Rome or the Gate of Saint Valentine which is now a days known as Porta del Popolo or Gate of the People.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on February 14th, but not everyone knows why it is celebrated or where this holiday came from. Here’s a bit of information regarding this popular holiday. There used to be a feastday for Saint Valentine in the Catholic Church to honor saints named Valentine. The first known Saint Valentine was from Rome who was a priest. He was martyred about 269 A.D. and was buried on the Via Flaminia. His relics are at the Church of Saint Praxed and the Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland. The second Saint Valentine was a bishop of Interamna; now known as Terni and was killed during the persecution of Emperor Aurelian. He is also buried on Via Flaminia but in a different location than Valentine of Rome. His relics are at the Basilica of Saint Valentine in Terni. 14

There were no romantic elements present in the early medieval biographies of any of these martyrs. It was in the fourteenth century that Saint Valentine was linked to romance. In the 1969 revision of the Catholic calendar of saints, the feast day of Saint Valentine was removed. In the Golden Legend, before Valentine of Rome was executed, he had written the first valentine addressed to his jailor’s daughter whom he had befriended and healed. The note said “From your Valentine”. Popular customs associated with Saint Valentine’s Day had their origin probably during the middle ages in England and France, that on the 14th day of February, the birds began to pair. For this reason the day is considered special to lovers and a proper occasion for writing love letters and giving lover’s gifts. There are other traditions, such as in Norfolk, UK, a character named Jack Valentine knocks on the back door of houses leaving treats for children. In Wales, people celebrate St. Dwynwen’s Day, who is the patron saint of

Welsh lovers. The common practice to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give flowers, chocolate and other gifts to sweethearts or spouses or boy/girl friends. Paper valentines were very popular in England in the early 1800s. The cards were hand-made until the practice became commercialized and valentine cards are produced in mass nowadays. Hand-made Valentine’s Day cards are still popular today with couples. Here’s a cute design

idea for a Valentine: To make a hand-made card, you need either a white piece of paper or a red piece of paper. You fold the paper once in the middle then fold it again to form a card. On the front of the card, you can either draw or decorate the card with different materials like lace or other very attractive fabric such as silk, velvet, taffeta or any other textured material. A suggestion is to cut a red, felt fabric in the shape of a heart and glue it on the center of the card. Then glue white lace around the heart. Then, cover the

joint of the heart and lace with a narrow ribbon. To finish the front of the card, use glitter and sequins to make the design prettier. Inside the card, paste different colored letters cut from magazines to form the greeting for your intended person to receive the card. Another romantic way to give a valentine gift is to make a pillow which the beloved can use to dream about you. For the pillow, use red velvet fabric and with the same design as the card, sew the materials together.

A third romantic way is to give a heart shaped bag that can be handmade as well. You will need two pieces of pink cardboard, ribbon in your choice of color, and several different shades of pink paper. Cut the two pieces of pink cardboard into a heart shape. Then, punch holes along the edges, then, using a ribbon, “sew” the two pieces of pink cardboard together. Use another ribbon for a handle. Put one end in one of the holes punched; then tie a knot to hold it in place. Do the same, evenly, on the other side. Then, make paper roses of different shades of pink to put inside the bag. Enjoy your Valentine’s day…making things from the heart is a great way to show your LOVE!!

Written by Joy herself


vage/ a S n e l a D Bio on Justice My name is Dalen Savage. I am also known as Justice when performing. I am a Colorado native, born in Aurora December 6, 1977, but grew up on the plains. I moved into Denver approximately 10 years ago. I live in Commerce City now, with my loving and supportive husband, of 5 years, Mitchell. When I was younger I enjoyed acting, singing and dancing. About 10 years ago I was gaining notoriety, within the Denver gay community, I enjoyed the friendship of a “Drag Queen”, who performed often. For fun she dressed me, in drag, and I accompanied her to many of her performances. Eventually I did start performing, but as a male, not in drag. In the summer of 2009, and with the support of my husband, I again embraced the idea of performing again. New friends, who were performing in the Denver area, encouraged, and assisted me, in my interests in performing again, and in drag. The time seemed right. It looked like fun, my husband was supportive, and I wanted to get involved in the community again. Performing, and raising money for worthwhile charitable organizations, seemed the ideal way to proceed. It is such a blast. For me, being a performer is an art in itself. The transformation, into my female counterpart, is fulfilling. But, it does involve commitment. The costumes, makeup and hair require a great deal of time. Then there is the music and rehearsal. But, once it comes together, and I am on stage, I feel so comfortable. The recognition and sense of accomplishment seems to complete me. I am hopeful that I can, in my own way, bring our community closer together. I hope to educate, the community, about what we are and what we are doing. Encourage them to support, if not participate, in the drag environment. I intend to pursue my goals, by gaining acceptance and recognition, with established organizations. I intend to seek the title of “Miss Majestic Hearts” in the near future. And, with hard work, and with continued support, I may embrace involvement with the Imperial Court. Involvement, education, support, and the fun of performing is what motivates me. I am Dalen, and I am Justice. 16

Ask Justice Drag, What It’s All About

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great new year! My name is Justice. I am a drag performer. Drag is the art of a man transforming into a woman as an illusion. In drag, many of us perform to help raise money in our community and some simply do it just for fun and do not perform. Either way, it takes a lot of time, practice, money, and sacrifice to do drag. I know many of you, our readers, have questions about the drag world. My goal is to help you understand what it is all about and educate you on this wonderful art form. I am now going to answer some questions from our wonderful readers.

Emma G. Humphrey, NE:

Q: How did you get started in drag?

A: Everyone has a different story on how they got started in drag. As for me, I was asked to come to a drag show by a dear friend, who I didn’t know was a drag performer at the time. I went to my friend’s show and I had a blast. When I was younger I was an actor and dancer. Dancing was my favorite thing to do and I loved to entertain an audience. As I was watching my friend’s show, I thought to myself, “wow I want to give this a try”. I already knew how to perform as a male entertainer and I missed being up on a stage in front of an audience. I thought it would be a new and fun experience, and I have the passion to entertain, so why not help raise money for the community at the same time. So for me, that’s how I got started.

Q: Would you consider drag an art, and if so, why?

A: Drag is most definitely an art form, just like another other kind of performer. You have to learn how to put your makeup on and make it look good. You also have to shop for clothes and shoes, figuring out what fits your style as an individual. On top of that, you have to get wigs that fit your style and then have them styled the way you want them. If you are a performer, you also have to find music you

want to perform to and then you have to learn the words to the songs you are going to perform. Then, you have to coordinate your clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, and music together. After that, you have to practice in order to make your performance great and come out the way you want it to. You continue to learn new ways of doing your makeup and hair. You also have to consistently buy or make new clothes in order to keep your performances new and entertaining. An audience looks forward to seeing new things; they don’t want to see the same performances over and over again.

Q: What advice would you offer to those just starting in drag?

Q: How would a big person find a dress big enough to fit them?

A: You first must understand that it will take time and work to get yourself to where you want to be. You need to find someone with experience doing drag to teach you. The makeup required in order to make you look fabulous has to be done in a certain way. You also have to use the right kind of makeup. Many real women are beautiful. However, they can not do makeup correctly to make a man look like a woman. Men have a different facial structure and we also have to worry about that stupid facial hair. I would also recommend observing others who do drag. Drag is an expensive hobby, so be prepared to spend money. I would also recommend searching your heart first and truly make sure that drag is something you want to do. You are going to have to sacrifice a lot of time and money in order to be great in drag. Finally, have fun, treat others with respect, and be professional when doing drag shows. Continue to learn, and to be a great drag performer, do not change who you are on the inside when you are in drag.

A: There are many bigger-sized men that do drag. As a petite person, I have never personally run into this problem. However, I do know that many of the men that do drag make their own clothes or have someone make them for them. Also, remember there are also bigger sized women. You can also find clothes in thrift stores or in the plus size department of many clothing stores. You really just have to go out to different stores and look around.

Q: How did you come up with your drag name?

A: I actually always wanted to have a daughter and name her Justice. I fell in love with the name after I saw the movie, Poetic Justice. I guess I just like the way it sounded. As for me, I choose not to have a last name but many men in drag do. This really depends on the person. Many men who do drag will introduce new men to drag, teach them, and take them on as their drag daughter and in return the are the drag mother. Then, the new person will take their drag mother’s name as their last name.

Q: How do you prepare for your performances?

A: I start by figuring out what songs I want to perform. I usually do this at least a week before my show. Then, I listen to the song and learn the words. I then decide my outfit and hair. From there, I listen to the music and practice my performance. The day before my show, I get all the stuff I need to take to my shows ready to go. The day of my show, I make sure I have everything I need, then I get into drag and off to my show I go.

Jonathan D. Columbus, Ohio:

Q: Do you fix your hair or go to a salon?

A: First I buy my wigs at a beauty or specialist store. I then have them styled by someone who knows how to style wigs. Not all wigs are real hair. Many of them are made out of a different material and have to be styled in a certain way so the wigs aren’t ruined. Q: Where do you find women’s shoes big enough to fit? A: Once again, as a petite person, I don’t run into this problem. However, many of the men that do drag do have bigger feet. It can be harder to find shoes that fit but your best bet is going to actual shoe stores. If they do not have your size, usually they can special order them. You could also consider borrowing shoes from another man doing drag that has the same size feet. Thank you both for sending me your questions. If you have questions or concerns of your own, please write me. I would love to hear from you. Please submit your questions or concerns to justice. Hope to hear from you soon! 17

Call For Entries Thanks to all those who had contributed to Outside the Box’s first issue! Now, we are currently looking for more entries for our coming month’s issues. If you are an artist in the GLBT community, or are an artist whose work comments on the GLBT community, or have a story to share about you or a friend or family member being part of the GLBT community, we want to hear from you! To enter, complete, detach and send in the following form with your stories and, or samples of artwork to:

6694 Highway 2 Lot 71 Commerce City, CO 80022 Or e-mail us at or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Name: ____________________________ Date:__________________________ Phone number: _________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ City: ______________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _____________ Type of entry: Photography Painting Writing Video Sculpture Crafts Live Performance Other ____________________________ Please tell us why you would like to be featured in Outside the Box magazine: _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 18


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