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Spell Rite Right

Words In Sentences Eight pairs of words used in Unit 9 – SPELLING PROGRAMME altar alter

dam damn

dew due

ewe yew

flair flare

flue - ’flu flew

hoard horde

wail whale

1. A dam is a barrier. 2. A weir or waterfall in a river is a dam. 3. To damn someone is to condemn them or curse them. 4. A flare is a blaze. 5. A flare can be a signal. 6. A flair is a special talent or interest. 7. The bird flew away. 8. A flue is a pipe or a tube. 9. Influenza is usually called the ’flu. 10. The dew makes the grass wet in the morning. 11. He is due home on Tuesday. 12. A wail is a loud cry. 13. A whale lives in the sea. 14. A horde is a crowd. 15. To hoard things is to collect them and keep them. 16. A ewe is a lamb. 17. A yew tree is an evergreen tree. 18. Some people say ye, other people say you. 19. To alter something is to change it. 20. The altar is usually at the front of the church.


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Spell Write Right Programme: Book B