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Striving To Improve: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages - Mirella Trimboli (Editor)

The Magenta Principles - Mike Hughes

Graphic Intelligence: Possibilities for Assessment & Instruction - Barrie Bennett

Teacher Reference



Dyslexia & Dyscalculia

Behaviour & Anger Management STOP THINK DO (12-15) Social Skills Training - Lindy Petersen

37 Autism & Social Skills

Dyslexia in Secondary School - Jenny Cogan & Mary Flecker



Teacher Reference

(with Phil Lewis)



Talkabout for Teenagers Developing Social and Communication Skills - Alex Kelly

11 Emotional Issues & SPHE Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenagers - Tina Rae



Activities to Help Young People Deal with Decisions & Choices - Stephanie George

Activities to Help Young People deal with Anger - Stephanie George



10 Activities to Help Young People deal with Bullying - Stephanie George

10 Activities to Help Young People deal with Stress and Anxiety - Stephanie George

Activities to Help Young People Build Character - Stephanie George


Activities for Mentoring Young People - Stephanie George

The Resiliency Skills Handbook - Steve Burns

11 The Mentoring Toolkit - Stephanie George

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The Magenta Principles

Price: €34.95

- Engagement, depth and Challenge in the Classroom The Magenta Principles is an umbrella phrase that refers to a philosophy and an approach to teaching based upon the premise that learning should be both exciting and engaging. More specifically, the phrase represents a pedagogy underpinned by an unshakeable belief that: • Learning is the consequence of thinking • Language is central to thinking • Learning is an active process T BES R E The book is illustrated with examples of SELL how the Magenta Principles have been used by teachers, both primary and secondary, with a particular emphasis on how Whitley Bay High School has used the principles to help develop classroom practice. © 2014 Author: Mike Hughes Ages: All

CODE: ETS-7880

Pages: 222

Magenta Principles Posters from: €5.95 - Engagement, depth and Challenge in the Classroom Reinforce The Magenta Principles in your school with these highly engaging Posters. Available in A2 and A3 sizes. Poster A: The Magenta Principles Poster B: What are Pupils Required to do to/with information? Poster C: Thinking Talking Doing © 2014 Author: Mike Hughes - Ages: All


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Poster A: Poster B: Poster C:


Size A2: Size A3:

€11.50 each (incl. Vat) € 5.95 each (incl. Vat)

Teaching Backwards Price: €17.95 - Outstanding Teaching Teaching Backwards is the follow-up to the bestselling Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners. It is based on the analysis of thousands of hours of primary and secondary lessons, part of Osiris Educational’s Outstanding Teaching Intervention programme over the last seven years. Teaching Backwards is packed with case studies from primary and secondary teachers, and it’s punctuated with reflective questions that invite teachers to slow down and do some thinking about how they currently teach, so that their teaching can have a more powerful impact on learners. Well-informed by research and with a clear action plan of what to do, and what not to do, Teaching Backwards is a guide to ensuring that learners make outstanding progress, lesson by lesson and year on year. Foreword by Professor John Hattie © 2014 Authors: Mark Burns & Andy Griffith Ages: All

CODE: CHP-0929

Pages: 308

Engaging Learners Price: €17.95 - Outstanding Teaching Based on five years of intensive research through Osiris Educational’s awardw i n n in g O u t s t an d i n g T e a c h i n g Intervention programme, this book is packed with proven advice and innovative tools developed in these successful outstanding lessons. Written in the same humorous, thought-provoking style with which they teach and train, the authors aim to challenge all who teach, from NQTs to seasoned professionals, to reflect on their day-to-day practice and set an agenda for sustainable teacher and leadership improvement. © 2012 Authors: Mark Burns & Andy Griffith Ages: All

CODE: CHP-0797

Pages: 208

School Improvement Series Price: €18.95 each This 5-book series is aimed at building an effective school environment that encourages professional development in teachers. It offers tools and advice in leadership and T BES R E L mentoring and how to L E S create a school that can Set Price: €85 a d a p t t o ch an g in g circumstances. The 5 handbooks are: A Climate of Mentoring; Reflective Practice; Managing Change; Building Culture; The Power of Coaching for School Improvement. Handbooks may be ordered separately (€18.95 each). Discounts for multiple copy orders apply - please enquire. Authors: Gary O’Mahony, Robin Matthews & Bruce Barnett

Leadership Price: €24.95 - Key Competencies for Whole-System Change Develop a creative, productive school culture. Based on their decades-long work in leadership, the authors offer seven core leadership competencies for systemic change in schools, districts, and state education systems. Discover targeted strategies to move past failed initiatives and overcome initiative overload, explore how to cultivate effective work practices and gain the know-how to create enjoyable, innovative learning environments. Discover why it’s a good time to be an educational leader; Examine how leaders outside of education share common practices that have brought success; Develop two-way partnerships with colleagues in order to cultivate a support network. © 2015 Authors: Lyle Kirtman & Michael Fullan

Ages: All

Ages: All

Code: HB-6452

Extent: 5 Handbooks

ISBN: 9781936763528


Pages: 152

Page 2

Working With Difficult & Resistant Staff

Price: €21.95

This text provides busy practitioners with practical strategies to counteract negative behaviours immediately. Readers will be able to proactively build consensus and monitor staff conditions to maximise the success of new initiatives. It includes helpful T BES R scenarios based on real-world experiences E SELL of principals and other school leaders. Readers will be able to identify the different kinds of resistant individuals: under-miners, contrarians, onthe-job retirees, resident experts and more - and to confront and manage each type of behaviour so that all staff can thrive in a focused, positive, collaborative environment. © 2011 Authors: John F. Eller & Sheila A. Eller Ages: All

ISBN: 9781742399737

Pages: 140

Reinventing Learning for the Always-on Generation

Pages: 272

The Teacher’s Toolkit

Price: €37.50 Whatever subject you teach, this comprehensive volume will help you to develop thinking skills in your students; promote citizenship and an understanding of democracy; fine-tune study skills and help students acquire the attitude and skills for true independence. Drawing on neuroscience, psychology and sociology The Teacher’s Toolkit provides an overview of recent thinking innovations in teaching and presents over fifty learning techniques for all subjects and age groups, with dozens of practical ideas for managing group work, tackling behavioural issues and promoting personal responsibility. It also presents tools for checking your teaching skills - from lesson planning to performance management. Packed with practical classroom strategies, this is a must for any library. © 2001 Author: Paul Ginnis Ages: All

Code: CH-3676

Pages: 184

Pages: 376

The Learning Powered School

Price: €29.95 - Pioneering 21st Century Education This book is rooted in the experience of schools and teachers who have seen the promise of Building Learning Power and have taken up the challenge of realigning their classroom practice, their professional development and engagement with parents, sometimes quite radically. Many examples of that trail-blazing experience are described in this book - some as cameos and vignettes, others as extended studies with in-depth discussion. The book also deals with the ideas of learning power, and the science and evidence behind them, which underpin classroom successes. © 2011 Authors: Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell & Bill Lucas

Ages: All

CODE: TLO-1954

Pages: 278

Building Learning Power

Price: €21.95 To prosper in the learning age, we must learn to embrace uncertainty with robust self-confidence and approach the future with curiosity and optimism. This book provides a clear direction for this exciting journey. It is about how teachers can help young people become better learners, in school and out. It is about creating a climate or a culture in the classroom-and in the school more widely-that systematically cultivates habits and attitudes that enable young people to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. Building Learning Power explains what this means and why it is a good idea, and introduces some of the small, do-able things that busy teachers can do to create such a climate. © 2002 Author: Guy Claxton

Ages: All

Tel: 045 409322

ISBN: 9781936763818

Price: €23.95

How Your Students Learn More When You Teach Less It’s more than six years since the bestselling Lazy Teacher’s Handbook was first published and Jim Smith’s Lazy Teaching philosophy has developed significantly in that time. This new revised edition details Jim’s latest thinking on how to be the best lazy, but outstanding, teacher you can be. Every chapter has been revised and some significantly expanded, particularly those on planning, conducting and reviewing lazy lessons. Others have been updated with Jim’s latest tried-and -tested techniques, which all shift the emphasis away from the teaching and onto the learning. © 2017 Author: Jim Smith Code: CH-5268


- Strategies and APPS that work Teachers and administrators must respond to the digital bombardment students face to ensure their success in the 21st century. Explore the differences in students’ neurological processing from previous generations, investigate the nine critical attributes of digital learners, and discover practical strategies for making learning relevant, engaging, and fun through digital activities. Benefits: Understand how the digital generation’s exposure to technology is rewiring their brains; Identify learning attributes unique to 21st century students; Recognise the strengths and weaknesses of different digital tools; Learn why the digital generation must be engaged and taught differently than previous generations. © 2015 Authors: Ian Jukes, Ryan L. Schaaf & Nicky Mohan Ages: N/A

Really Lazy Teacher’s Handbook

Ages: All

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CODE: TLO-1943


Pages: 120

Fax: 045 409959

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Positive Behaviours, Price: €20.00 Relationships and Emotions - The Heart of Leadership in a School Jacinta contends that managing interpersonal behaviours, relationships and emotions is an essential element of school leadership, not an optional extra. It impacts, not merely on the atmosphere of the school, but also on the quality of teaching and learning, the wellbeing of staff and students. With over 20 years’ experience as teacher, communicator and facilitator, she writes about positive work environment, the toxicity of conflict and bullying in the workplace and offers a guide to the accessible skills of communication, emotional and social intelligence, negotiation and facilitation, as well as the qualities of humour and humility that make for successful school leadership. NAPD Publication. © 2017 Author: Jacinta Kitt Ages: All


Pages: 180

Beyond Monet Price: €79.95 - The Artful Science of Instructional Integration This engaging book explores the ideas of instructional intelligence. This full-colour volume is the culmination of the authors’ experience teaching and learning in the classroom and through research. It focuses on integrating a variety of instructional skills and strategies based on the knowledge of how students learn. It provides numerous sample lessons by teachers at all grade levels. Covers: Multiple Intelligence; Mind Mapping; Lesson Design; Inductive Thinking; Cooperative Learning; Concept Attainment; Academic Controversy; Brain Research; Children at Risk; Critical Thinking; Learning Styles; Emotional Intelligence and more. © 2008 Authors: Barrie Bennett & Carol Rolheiser Ages: All

Page 3


ISBN: 9780969538837

Pages: 384

Towards a Better Future

Price: €20.00 - A Review of the Irish School System [NAPD & IPPN Publication] Towards a Better Future gives a comprehensive overview and analysis of Irish education, covering contemporary early childhood, primary and second level. The IPPN and NAPD considered that the time was ripe for a thorough study and invited a group of educational researchers to undertake this work. In the course of its research the group has consulted with various personnel, but has conducted its work independently of the IPPN and NAPD. What was sought was an objective, evidence-based appraisal of the recent past and current issues in Irish schooling, with a view to the review leading to a better future. © 2017 Authors: John Coolahan, Sheelagh Drudy, Pádraig Hogan, Áine Hyland & Séamus McGuinness Ages: All

Code: NAPD-IPPN-50505

Pages: 197

Graphic Intelligence Price: €99.95 - Playing with Possibilities This full-colour publication with student examples puts you in the forefront of differentiating instruction and more meaningfully manoeuvring in the world of multiple intelligences. Its purpose is to find better ways that are of interest to students with a focus on thinking and how that connects to how effectively students work with one another. More specifically, this book is about how we think inductively and deductively, why we need to reflect and organise our thoughts, why talk is essential and why all of what was just said is critical for inquiry. That is why we use graphic organisers - to invoke and encourage the process of organising our thinking - and from that, if necessary, to more effectively communicate with others. © 2011 Author: Barrie Bennett Ages: All

ISBN: 9780969538844

Pages: 424

Classroom Management Price: €49.95 - A Thinking and Caring Approach

The purpose of this resource book is to involve educators in critical inquiry, personal reflection, and supportive discussion about the concepts underlying cooperative strategies and effective classroom applications. Specifically, the book is designed to: Promote understanding of the elements basic to cooperative learning; Stimulate critical and creative thinking about effective classroom use; Raise and explore implementation issues and options; Encourage supportive interaction among educators experiencing and facilitating cooperative strategies. © 1991 Authors: Barrie Bennett, Carol Rolheiser & Laurie Stevahn

This book was written so that all educators in staff development positions will be able to extend their thinking and skills related to classroom management. Three beliefs of the authors guide the structure of this book: Firstly, they view the teacher as a critical thinker and lifelong learner; secondly, they combine the skills and knowledge of effective teachers and administrators with a digestible amount of theory; and thirdly, they are convinced that effective classroom management is embedded in what is known about classroom and school improvement and the process of educational change. This book focusses on increasing the reader’s understanding of how effective teachers prevent and respond to misbehaviour to create a learning environment that encourages student learning. © 1994 Authors: Barrie Bennett & Peter Smilanich

Ages: All

Ages: All

Cooperative Learning Price: €49.95 - Where Heart meets Mind

ISBN: 9780969538806

Pages: 354

ISBN: 9780969538813


Pages: 351

Page 4

Embedded Price: €29.95 Formative Assessment (2nd Edition) By integrating formative assessment practices into daily activities, educators can substantially increase the rate of student learning. The second edition of this bestselling resource presents new research, insights, and techniques teachers can immediately apply in their classrooms. T BES R Updated examples and templates are E SELL included to help teachers elicit evidence of learning, provide meaningful feedback, and empower students to take ownership of their education. * Understand that real transformational change results from teaching and learning, not ever-changing digital devices * Give students opportunities to exercise their voice, choice, and creativity using multimedia and digital tools * Implement practical novice-, operational-, and wow-level lessons and tips for using digital tools in classroom lessons * Help students keep themselves and their data safe online and make ethical decisions on the Internet. © 2017 Author: Dylan Wiliam PhD Ages: All

ISBN: 9781945349225

Pages: 240

Portfolios through the Year

Price: €26.95 Portfolios Through the Year contains a variety of unit projects to be completed throughout the year. The finished projects may be included as part of each student's total portfolio package. This book contains ideas for portfolio set up, different genres of writing, poetry units, elements of fiction, student evaluation/reflection sheets, minilessons and much more. Throughout each unit, students follow the process of brainstorming, writing a first draft, peer-conferencing for content, peer-editing for mechanical errors, followed by writing a second draft. The second drafts will then be submitted to the teacher for letter grades based on individual criteria and a rubric score. © 1997 Author: Carol French Cobb, M.A. Ages: 9-14+

ISBN: 9781864016826

Using Portfolios across the Curriculum

Pages: 112 Price: €21.95

This assessment resource for middle years educators shows how easily portfolios can be used in many different ways and in various subjects. Using Portfolios across the Curriculum also explains how portfolios can be used to link different subjects to one another. With a simple guide to implementing portfolio assessment across the curriculum, this title serves as a catalyst not only for improving instruction and assessment but also for improving your own teaching philosophy and goals. © 2004 Editors: Ann Lockledge & Judith Hayn Ages: 11-14+

Page 4


ISBN: 9781741013474

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 72

Balanced Assessment

Price: €27.95 - From Formative to Summative This practical guide to navigating the minefield of student assessment provides an overview of the critical role that assessments, both formative and summative, play in the classroom. Author Kay Burke explains how to use rubrics to assess critical skills and understanding. She shows how formative and summative assessments can complement one another to provide a comprehensive, easy to read analysis of each student’s current level of understanding. This guide shows teachers how to create checklists and rubrics and how to make the curriculum more engaging through authentic performance tasks, providing numerous examples and helpful hints. © 2010 Author: Kay Burke Ages: All

ISBN: 9781742396200

Formative Assessment and Standards-Based Grading

Pages: 176 Price: €29.95

Learn everything you need to know to implement an integrated system of assessment and grading that will enhance your teaching and your students’ learning. Dr. Robert J. Marzano details the specific benefits of formative assessment— assessment that is used during instruction rather than at the end of a course or unit. He explains how to design and interpret three different types of formative assessments, how to track student progress and how to assign meaningful grades, even if a school continues to use a traditional grading system. Detailed examples brings each concept to life and exercises help reinforce the content. © 2010 Author: Robert J. Marzano Ages: All

ISBN: 9781742394916

Pages: 184

Assessing Student Progress Price: €15.00 - Moving from Marks to Portfolios This kit-in-a-book provides a meaningful, serious professional development experience for a team or study group that wants to examine its marking and assessment practices in order to make improvements. Each activity is made up of three Rs: Read and react includes some basic information on a tool or technique; Action research includes a directions for implementing the activity that will provide practice or application of the tool or technique; Reflect includes some way to measure your success in using the activity. The resource can be used by an individual or group committed to focusing its professional development efforts on this age-old problem that clearly needs to be revisited and to initiate the use of portfolios. © 2004 Ages: All

Authors: Sandra Shurr & John Lounsbury ISBN: 9781741013467


Pages: 56

Fax: 045 409959

Page 5


Mind Maps for Kids: Study Skills Price: €19.95 - Rev Up for Revision The key to exam success is effective studying and Mind Map Genius Tony Buzan shows kids how with this fun and practical workbook, suitable for ages 7 to 14. Mind Mapping is a breakthrough system of notetaking and planning that will help kids retrieve information easily and help them to be successful in all subjects. Author: Tony Buzan

© 2004 Age: Secondary

Code: HP-7702

Pages: 122

Also Available (also €19.95 each): Mind Maps for Kids: An Introduction Mind Maps for Kids: Max Your Memory & Concentration

Learning Matters Price: €20.00 Each Assignments * Exams * Internal Assessment * Studying * Revision Learning Matters offers realistic solutions to common problems that students might encounter with studying, undertaking coursework, preparing for internal assessment and taking exams. Each unit includes practical advice and approaches on getting to grips with learning. It particularly focusses on what students need to do to prepare for and organise study over a long period of time (for internal assessment) and to work under time pressure. It includes questionnaires, charts, cartoons, self-contained library tasks, motivational tips, checklists, work samples, reading tasks and much more. The series contains comprehensive teacher notes. © 2012 Ages: Secondary Authors: Mike Coles, Chas White & Pip Brown Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

Mozart For Accelerated Learning - Double CD Set

Page 5 Price: €25.50

(incl. Vat)

Significant evidence has shown that certain types of music can help attain a state of relaxed alertness, known as the ‘alpha state’, which is beneficial to effective study. Whilst in the alpha state, a person is able to learn in a stress-free, high-energy environment and even more so when classical music of around 60 beats per minute is arranged and performed on a synthesiser. This set contains an arrangement of two hours of particularly effective Baroque music and Mozart’s most passive pieces specifically for the purpose of accelerating learning. © 2000 Arranged by: Roland Roberts Age: All

Code: CH-4002

Extent: 120 mins

Brain Friendly Revision

Price: €20.00 Each This three-book photocopiable series will support students who are preparing for internal or external tests or exams. The books are packed with strategies, tips, tools and positive learning techniques that will help students to become active, independent and successful learners. There are eight learning 'workshops' across the series books. Book A focuses on how the brain works and what intelligence is. Book B focuses on revision strategies, mind mapping and memory aids. Book C focuses on learning strategies, visualisation techniques, and specific strategies for test or exam preparation. It draws extensively from accelerated learning techniques, positive thinking approaches and Brain Gym strategies. Ages: Secondary © 2005 By: Sarah Burgess, Maggie Farrar, Lyn Reynolds & Manjit Shellis Set Price: €55

ISBN: 9781927172322 ISBN: 9781927172339

Pages: 72 Pages: 64

Book A: Book B: Book C:

ISBN: 9781869681692 ISBN: 9781869681708 ISBN: 9781869681715

Pages: 60 Pages: 60 Pages: 56

Setting Your Sights

Price: €20.00 Each This series will support guidance counsellors to encourage students to begin to focus on their end-of-school goals either in further study or employment. It provides practical approaches to learning to learn, positive thinking skills, goal set t in g, ex am p rep arat ion techniques and much more. The books are packed with tips, templates, activities and motivational stories to help students plan time and reflect on what they want and where they are going. Book A: Setting the Scene; Book B: Building the Framework; Book C: Developing Techniques. © 2006 Ages: Mid-Upr Sec Author: M. Gifford Set Price: €55

Book A: Book B: Book C:

ISBN: 9781869682392 ISBN: 9781869682408 ISBN: 9781869682415

Pages: 52 Pages: 56 Pages: 52

Exam Intelligence

Price: €25.00 - The Ultimate Student Kit for Improving Exam Performance People all learn differently and there is no ideal way to study. There are, however, some basic techniques that can save hours of study time. Patrick Sherratt has created a comprehensive resource of exam techniques and study skills. Teachers can use the resource as a kit of ideas and students will find many useful tips to develop their Exam Intelligence. The book is divided in to four sections: Preparation and Planning; How to Review; How to Retain and How to Recall. © 2006 Author: Patrick Sherratt Ages: 12+ ISBN: 9781869682361 Pages: 82 A5 Student Version - Available €9.95 each 10 Copies €89.95


Page 6

Page 6


DRA: Diagnostic Reading Analysis (2nd Edition)

© 2007

AGE RANGE: 7 to 16 The DRA is a modern oral reading test PRICING: designed specifically for less able readers from 7 to 16 years. The test is carefully structured, DRA Manual €66.50 with an initial listening comprehension DRA Reading Booklet (Forms A & B) €53.95 passage helping to confirm the starting DRA Pupil Record Book A (Pack of 10) - incl Vat €29.50 point for each pupil. The pupil then goes DRA Pupil Record Book B (Pack of 10) - incl Vat €29.50 on to read and answer questions on DRA Specimen Set €125.00 three graded passages - two fiction and DRA Starter Kit €169.50 one non-fiction - pitched at appropriate (Starter Kit includes Manual, Reading Booklet, Pack of 10 of Form A levels of difficulty. The purpose-written & Pack of 10 of Form B) reading texts utilise vocabulary content & contexts which pupils can readily engage; they are supported with full-colour illustrations throughout. Each assessment takes up to 15 minutes. Authors: Mary Crumpler & Colin McCarthy

Hodder Group Reading Tests 1-3 (2nd Edition) - HGRT-II The HGRT-II Tests assess pupils' reading comprehension at word, sentence and text levels. They are designed as widerange tests, and thus are especially useful in screening and monitoring mixed-ability groups where some pupils may be much more advanced, or much slower, than the average. The HGRT-II tests 1 to 3 all have parallel forms A and B, for use with the following age groups: Test 1 - ages 5:0 to 9:0 (Infants to 3rd Class); Test 2 - ages 7:0 to 12:0 (2nd to 6th Class); Test 3 - ages 9:5 to 16+ (5th Class - Secondary). Each test takes 30 minutes to administer to whole class or year groups: the parallel forms A and B can be used simultaneously to minimise copying, as well as to assess progress over time. At each level, the tests include questions which assess pupil's understanding of word meanings, culturally neutral sentence-completion questions, and higher-level 'cloze' tasks that require pupils to both comprehend and reflect upon the content and the context of continuous text. The tests have been standardised on over 13,000 UK pupils, giving dependable norms which express performance as standardised scores and reading ages. This revised edition establishes time limits and extended norms which make the HGRT-II tests 2 and 3 ideal for 'access arrangement' assessments at upper primary and secondary levels. The redesigned tests include carefully matched replacements for the original 'proverbs' items, while preserving the tests' quick and easy administration and scoring. This Manual is common to all three tests in the series. © 2007 Authors: Denis Vincent & Mary Crumpler

AGE RANGE: 5 to 16+

PRICING: TEACHER MATERIALS: HGRT MANUAL (Tests 1 - 3) HGRT Specimen Set (Tests 1 - 3)

€53.95 €62.95

(Set contains Manual & 1 of each form - specimen)

HGRT Starter Kit (Tests 1 - 3)


(Kit contains Manual & 10 of each of 6 Test Forms)


- incl Vat

Test 1 (Ages: 5 to 9): Test 1 (Ages: 5 to 9): Test 2 (Ages: 7 to 12): Test 2 (Ages: 7 to 12): Test 3 (Ages: 9.5 to 16+): Test 3 (Ages: 9.5 to 16+):

Form A Form B Form A Form B Form A Form B

€25.95 €25.95 €25.95 €25.95 €25.95 €25.95

HGRT-II SOFTWARE (Prices include VAT): Scorer/Profiler CD-Rom


MaLT - Mathematics Assessment for Learning and Teaching

AGE RANGE: 11:0 to 15:5 The complete mathematics assessment package, MaLT provides the essential data that schools need, plus powerful and efficient Assessment for Learning in line with 'world-class' practice. MaLT is a tried and tested approach to standardised mathematics assessment for ages 5-14 developed by the University of Manchester. UK standardised on over 12,500 pupils, MaLT can be used at any time during the school year - for screening, monitoring and tracking progress, as well as for individual diagnostic profiling. These will yield diagnostic information which will support individual and whole-class teaching.

PUPIL BOOKLETS Packs of 10: €26.50 Each (incl. Vat) MaLT 12 MaLT 13 MaLT 14

TEACHER MATERIALS: Stage Three Manual (MaLT Tests 12 to 14) Stage Three Specimen Set (MaLT Tests 12 to 14) Stage Three Starter Kit (MaLT Tests 12 to 14)

€ 58.95 € 66.95 €130.00

(Specimen sets contain 1 of each form; Starter Kits contain 10 of each form)

(Age: 11.0 to 13.5) (Age: 12.0 to 14.5) (Age: 13.0 to 15.5)

Tel: 045 409322

MaLT SOFTWARE (Prices include VAT): 5-14 Scorer/Profiler Version 2 MaLT 5-14 Computer-adaptive Test CD-ROM - SINGLE-USER Version 3 [2-Year Licence]


€390.00 €465.00

Fax: 045 409959

Page 7

Page 7


WIAT-III UK-T (2018)

AGE RANGE: 4 to 25

T h e W e c h s l e r I n d i v i d u a l PRICING: Achievement Test - 3rd UK Edition for Teachers (WIAT-IIlUK- Complete Kit: Code: PA-7239 €410.00 NEW T) is a UK-normed battery of five Record Forms (25): Code: PA-7236 € 86.95 subtests to test key aspects of literacy. The WIAT-IIIUK-T is suitable for use in a variety of educational settings. Results obtained from the WIAT-IIIUK-T can assist in: Identifying academic strengths and weaknesses of a student; Informing decisions regarding eligibility for educational services; Providing evidence for applications for Access Arrangements and the Disabled Students’ Allowance; Designing instructional objectives and planning interventions. The Complete Kit includes Examiner's Manual, Stimulus Book and a pack of 25 record forms in a bag. Administration: Individual - 30 to 40 minutes © 2018 Author: David Wechsler

WRAT-5: Wide Range Achievement Test - 5th Edition


AGE RANGE: 5 to 85+

The widely respected recently updated WRAT-5 PRICING: accurately measures the basic academic skills of word reading, sentence comprehension, spelling, Complete Kit: Code: PA-4235 €455.00 and maths computation. This quick, simple, Record Forms: Price on Application (incl. Vat) psychometrically sound assessment of a student’s important fundamental academic skills serves as an excellent initial evaluation, re-evaluation, or progress measure for any student. Features & Benefits: Evaluates reading comprehension; Extension of norms; Parallel forms make retesting easy; Time-efficient; Flexible; Reliable.

The Complete Kit includes: Manual & Norms Book, Reading and Spelling Card Set, Sentence Comprehension Card Set, Green Sentence Comprehension Record Form (25), Blue Sentence Comprehension Record Form (25), Green Record Form/Response Booklet (25), Blue Record Form/Response Booklet (25) & black canvas bag. Administration: Individual or Group - Approximately 15-25 minutes for ages 5-7 and 35-45 minutes for ages 8 and up ©2017 Authors: Gary J Robertson & Gary S Wilkinson

WRIT: Wide Range Intelligence Test

AGE RANGE: 4 to 85

The WRIT provides a general measure of PRICING: intelligence with user-friendly materials that make it easy to learn to administer. The WRIT is a highly Complete Kit: Code: PA-7795 €305.00 reliable assessment of cognitive abilities that can be Record Forms: Price on Application (incl. Vat) used with individuals ages 4 to 85 years. Taking less than 30 minutes to administer, the WRIT assesses both verbal and nonverbal abilities, yielding a Verbal IQ and a Visual IQ, which generate a combined General IQ. Features: Fast and reliable; Covers an extended age range; Documents ability levels; Helps to identify exceptionalities; Easy to learn to administer; Colourful, attractive and engaging. The Complete Kit includes: Professional Manual, Examiner Forms (25), Stimulus Easel, Diamond Chips & black canvas bag. Authors: David Sheslow, Joseph Glutting & Wayne Adams Administration: Individual - 20 to 30 minutes ©2000

DST-S: Dyslexia Screening Test - Secondary

AGE RANGE: 11:6 to 16:5

The DST-S provides a profile of strengths and PRICING: weaknesses which can be used to guide the Secondary Kit (incl. Vat): Code: PA-1556 €299.00 development of in-school support for the Score Sheets (Pad of 50): Code: PA-1624 € 89.95 child. The DST-S is designed to identify those children who are still experiencing difficulties at secondary school and provides data which can be used in support of requesting extra time concessions in exams. The DST-S replaces the best-selling DST and reflects changes in theory and practice since this initial publication with additional subtests, validation studies and case histories and scoring software. The DST-S consists of the following subtests: Rapid Naming; Bead Threading; One Minute Reading; Postural Stability; Phonemic Segmentation; Two Minute Spelling; Backwards Digit Span; Nonsense Passage Reading; One Minute Reading; Verbal Fluency; Semantic Fluency; Spoonerisms (New); Non-verbal Reasoning (New). Administration of test is individual and takes approximately 30 minutes. The Complete Kits include: Examiner's Manual, Envelope 1 (containing 10-14 subtest cards and sample permission letter), Envelope 2 (containing score keys), Balance tester, Blindfold, beads, Cord, CD, Scoring software and 50 Score sheets in a carry case. Administration: Individual - 30 minutes. © 2004 Authors: Dr Angela Fawcett & Professor Rod Nicolson


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STOP THINK DO Price: €59.95 Social Skills Training Supplement for Middle Years of Schooling ages 12-15 STOP THINK DO is a social skills programme for use in schools with children and adolescents who have social, emotional or behavioural T BES R difficulties. It can also be taught to the E SELL general student population throughout schooling to develop personal and social competence which can help prevent such difficulties arising. Over the past decade, it has become a popular programme in primary and secondary schools nationally and internationally, backed by scientific research and broad-based applications. The purpose of this supplementary manual is to extend the program contained in previous comprehensive publications for primary school students to cater for students transitioning from primary to secondary school, roughly in the age range of 12 to15 years. This transition is difficult for many students especially those with special needs who are already cognitively, emotionally or socially challenged. Included with the book is a complimentary set of three Stop Think Do Posters: © 2004 Authors: Lindy Petersen with Phil Lewis Ages: All

ISBN: 9780646441481

Pages: 114

Bully Off!

Price: €20.00 Each - Building a Zero-Tolerance Attitude to School Bullying This two-book series provides a complete and comprehensive programme for combating bullying at school. The series comes with practical teacher information, student learning activities, strategies, templates and frameworks. Book A focuses on setting up practical systems and procedures for implementing a school -wide approach to combat bullying. It also provides information and resource material that can be used with teachers and the wider school community to set out issues and involve people in planning. Book B focuses on step-by-step teaching and learning activities that underpin the development and maintenance of a school culture that has a zero-tolerance to bullying. Activities can be incorporated into health or life skills teaching or worked through in a systematic way over one or two terms. This programme will help build a climate where co-operation, respect, trust and communication are fostered and bullying is not tolerated. © 2007 Ages: 8-14+ Author: Paula Galey Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869683641 ISBN: 9781869683658

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 64 Pages: 60

Crucial Skills

Page 8 Price: €47.50

- An Anger Management and Problem Solving Teaching Programme for High School Students (Book and CD)

This programme is aimed at students (aged 11 to 16) with challenging and angry behaviours leading to disaffection and disciplinary problems. The handbook includes teacher notes, lesson plans and photocopiable resources. The 10 lessons and follow up work empower students to: Reflect on behaviour and consequences; Recognise and understand feelings; Develop strategies to control angry outbursts; Respond to conflict without anger; Resolve relationship difficulties. The programme promotes self-belief in students that they can effect change in their behaviour and achieve a positive outcome to reduce the risk of exclusion. © 1999 Authors: Tina Rae & Penny Johnson Ages: Teens

Code: SG-2673

Pages: 98 + CD

To Behave or not to Behave!

Price: €25.00 This comprehensive resource book will provide educators with the skill sets and training required to work successfully with students displaying behavioural challenges. The resource is a strength-based, proactive approach intended to provide educators with an understanding of the ABCs of Classroom Discipline essential to working with students with severe emotional and behavioural challenges. Keeping students and staff safe begins with educators acquiring knowledge and understanding students’ behaviour as well as their own. The application and analysis of this knowledge can then be implemented to successfully create a safe classroom and a safe school. A broad range of lesson plans and visual supports are provided for the immediate application of the ABCs of Classroom Discipline into classrooms and schools. © 2011 Authors: Myka Breymann & Darci Fulton Ages: All

ISBN: 9781927172001

Achieving Positive Behaviour: A Practical Guide

Pages: 92 Price: €25.00

Dealing with behaviour problems, students with difficulties, developing policies, promoting positive strategies, resolving disputes - are core concerns for schools. The work of Patricia Dwyer at the Centre for Education Services (Marino Institute of Education) addresses all of those concerns in a most effective, resourceful and practical manner. This guide weaves together the key elements towards making a worthwhile response to Achieving Positive Behaviour - best practice across the country, the lessons of worldwide research and clear guidelines for action. © 2003 Author: Patricia Dwyer Ages: All

ISBN: 9781899162246


Pages: 110

Fax: 045 409959

Page 9


Anger Management Price: €53.50 Programme - Secondary (Volume 1)

Beyond Anger Management Price: €53.50 Secondary (Volume 2) - Session plans to Improve

Session plans using Strength-Based Solutions

This anger management programme draws on research about the development of emotional and social intelligence which indicates that a well-balanced and emotionally mature individual will be capable of greater academic achievement W since they are not psychologically involved E N with inner tensions and emotional turmoil. To achieve emotional maturity this programme teaches: Selfawareness - Self-management - Impulse Control - Active Listening - Empathy - Ability to Understand Non-verbal Cues - Stress Management - Conflict Resolution - Mediation Optimistic Outlook - Acceptance of other people. Central to the programme is how to deal with angry outbursts – known as ‘emotional hijacks’. Each session plan details the aim, resources required, method, time to allocate and is accompanied by reproducible student and teacher sheets. © 2011 Author: E. A. Morris

Communication and Assertiveness Skills

Anger management involves steadily increasing the level of maturity a young person has with regard to both managing their emotions and being skilful enough to negotiate and collaborate with others where both parties feel satisfied enough W with the outcome. This manual offers a E N structured programme to achieve this. Areas covered include: Personal Rights - Body Language Making Requests - Expressing Feelings in an Emotionally Literate way. The exercises allow practice in being assertive, including how to say “No!” confidently and an assertiveness questionnaire enables you to monitor progress. Each session plan details the aim, resources required, method, time to allocate and is accompanied by reproducible student and teacher sheets. © 2012 Author: E. A. Morris Ages: 11-18

Ages: 11-18

CODE: LH-7024

- Practical Strategies for Managing Classroom Behaviours

Contains practical and easy to implement strategies and ideas that can be mixed and matched according to individual student needs or classroom situations. It is divided into these sections: Behaviour-specific tips; Starting and finishing classes; Time issues; Working with individuals; Working with groups; Working with the whole class. It contains photocopiable student templates, certificates and a other support material that will help to embed and sustain the strategies. All the strategies in the book have been tried and tested in the classroom. Previously called: ‘Positive Behaviour Tips’.

Ages: 7-14

Author: Patricia Hodgson ISBN: 9781927172667

Social Behaviour and Self-Management

Pages: 60

Price: €28.50

The adolescent/adult version of the Incredible 5-Point Scale, this book also uses scales as a way of explaining social and emotional concepts to individuals who have difficulty understanding such information but have a relative strength in understanding systems. The 5-point scales can be used to increase communication between the person on the spectrum and their support person. It can increase selfmanagement skills and once learned, it can serve as an excelled self-advocacy tool. © 2012 Authors: Kari Dunn Buron & Mitzi Beth Curtis Ages: 11-18

Code: AAPC-5918

CODE: LH-7075

Pages: 84+CD

Pages: 76+CD

75 Positive Behaviour Activities Price: €20.00

© 2012

Page 9

Pages: 250

Helping Teenagers with Anger & Low Self-Esteem

Price: €43.95

This invaluable resource looks beyond angry behaviour and find ways to reach defensive teens. Features: Full of practical ways to connect with young people - Learn how to initiate and develop conversations Includes key parenting skills - Offers triedand-tested interventions - Understand what lies behind aggressive behaviour - Help teens address their feelings so they don't act inappropriately - Learn why youngsters move into antisocial behaviour - Worksheets developed with teens, address key feelings and issues - Use the worksheets to connect in a non-confrontational way - Outlines research and brain science about what makes young people offend. © 2012 Editor: Margot Sunderland Ages: Teen

CODE: HH-3130

Pages: 218 + CD

100 Ideas for Secondary Price: €17.95 Teachers: Managing Behaviour Whether you are an experienced secondary teacher or someone with little practical teaching experience, there are strategies in this book for you; from those that will help to resolve serious issues such as bullying and conflict in the classroom, to those that show that even the smallest changes - reducing tension in the classroom, employing the right kind of body language and using creative language to engage your students - can have a huge impact and dramatically improve behaviour. © 2013 Author: Johnnie Young Age: Secondary

Code: BL-9362


Pages: 120

Page 10

Page 10


Activities to Help Young People deal with ANGER

Price: €39.95

How to address issues relating to anger and conflict using a mentoring approach These activities have a particular focus on developing skills for managing anger, conflict and relating to others. They provide specific, structured tasks that can be used during one-to-one mentoring intervention W E and for group work. There are 20 conflict/ N anger management specific activities that cross the bridge between the pastoral and curriculum aspects of learning including: My Anger Triggers - Anger Matrix - Initial Self-Assessment - Ways of Coping - Stop Seeing Red - Target Setting & Action Planning and lots more. © 2014 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18+

ISBN: 9781909380493

Pages: 74 + CD

Activities to Help Young Price: €39.95 People deal with STRESS & ANXIETY The book offers a range of activities that include identification of stress, assessment, the impact of stress upon a young person, relaxation techniques and other ways that help learners to manage stress and anxiety. The content covers: What is Stress and Anxiety: Definitions - Recognising Stress W and Anxiety - What happens when I am E N stressed? - Why I need to do something about it - Managing Stress and Anxiety - Coping strategies and techniques - Moving Forwards with Coping. This book is intended for use by those working in a variety of settings including schools, youth clubs, community groups etc. © 2015 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18+

ISBN: 9781909380868

Pages: 80 + CD

Activities to Help Young People BUILD CHARACTER

Price: €39.95

Practical character-building activities for all professionals working with young people.

Now recognised as an essential area to work upon with young people, this book is all about recognising, building and nurturing character. The activities include: Character: What is it? - Building Character - The Study Skills Matrix - The Character and Friendship W NE Matrix - Personality Test - Personality Analysis - Which Character are You? - The Character Choice Card Game - Where is the Loyalty? - Honesty is the Best Policy - It’s a Matter of Trust - It’s Not Fair. The activities can be used in mentoring sessions, small group sessions, circle time, one-to-one sessions and SPHE lessons. © 2015 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18+

ISBN: 9781909380776

Pages: 80 + CD

All 6 ‘Activities’ Books: €215.00 - Save €24.70 Tel: 045 409322

Activities to Help Price: €39.95 Young People deal with BULLYING This book of 56 activities will help professionals to work through bullying issues with young people and address the underlying causes. The content covers: Impact of the Group; Belonging; Social Settings; Norms; Values; Peer Groups; Friendships; Power; Isolation; Responsibility; Restorative Work; Conciliation Work. The NEW activities cover the range of bullying behaviours that can be seen in educational settings including: Considering whether a student is exhibiting bullying behaviours - The role of the bystander, if any - Perception of bullying as a behaviour choice - Impact on others. Each activity is laid out with an objective, intended audience, instructions and how to end the activity and all have accompanying photocopiable activity sheets. © 2014 Authors: S. George, P. St Louis, J. Begum & J. Morrison Ages: 11-18+

ISBN: 9781909380523

Pages: 74 + CD

Activities to Help Young Price: €39.95 People deal with DECISIONS & CHOICES This is a book of practical activities supporting professionals who work with young people who wish to focus on making informed decisions and choices. There are 20 Choices and Decision-Making activities that cross the bridge between the pastoral and curriculum aspects of learning. The W activities can be used in PSHE lessons, circle E N time, one-to-one sessions, small groups and mentoring sessions and include: Self-assessment; Action planning; Choices at 14; Choices at 16; A scenario on peer pressure and friendships; Deciding what is appropriate use of a mobile phone; Who influences us; Friendship choices and qualities of a friend; The skills search; The qualities quest. © 2015 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18+

ISBN: 9781909380929

Pages: 80 + CD

Activities for MENTORING Young People


Activities to engage with young people to improve attendance, time management, study skills, positive thinking, conflict resolution and anger management. The activities in this book provide specific structured tasks that can be used during mentoring meetings and to support mentoring intervention. The activities will build rapport, provide evidence of progress through assessment and cover specific issues (see sub-heading above). This is an essential tool for mentors, inclusion teams W NE and SEN teams. © 2013 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18+ ISBN: 9781909380035 Pages: 82 + CD See also: The Mentoring Toolkit - Page 11


Fax: 045 409959

Page 11

The Mentoring Toolkit

Price: €49.95 - The Essential Guide for Mentors working in any Setting As one of the UK’s leading practitioners in mentoring, Stephanie George shares her vast experience in this practical resource book for learning mentors, intervention workers, behaviour mentors and pastoral support teams. Whether used within a school, pupil or student referral unit, exclusion/inclusion unit or any other NEW educational establishment the resources in this toolkit will ultimately help improve progress and attainment. It includes a step-by-step guide to the process of mentoring and covers identification of students, resources for intervention, monitoring, assessment and evaluation. All forms, pro-formas, letters, templates and model documents can be photocopied or printed from the accompanying CD. © 2016 Author: Stephanie George Ages: 11-18

ISBN: 9781909380950

Pages: 110 + CD

Building Resilience

Price: €30.00 Developing Skills to Positively Meet the Challenges of Life Offers a proactive, preventative approach within an educational paradigm that is based on the premise that resilience can be taught and that factors can be altered to facilitate resiliency among at-risk students. T BES R Fundamentally it serves to implement the E L SEL strategies needed to reduce risks and strengthen protective factors. It provides a unified set of practical learning opportunities that seek to help adolescents develop and enhance protective mechanisms and to offset risk factors. It provides background information, implementation guidelines and targeted student activities in relation to eleven core resiliency competencies. © 2015 Author: Paula Galey Ages: 10-14+

Page 11


ISBN: 9781927172506

Developing Emotional Literacy with Teenagers

Pages: 88 Price: €43.95

The Resiliency Skills Handbook

Price: €81.50 - How to develop lifelong skills in social and emotional resilience This mammoth collection of quick, engaging and effective resources brings together techniques adapted from NLP, LifeCoaching and Positive Psychology to provide an essential and flexible classroom resource for teachers working with students to promote the key skills of social W and emotional resilience. Comprehensive, NE accessible and tried-and-tested classroom lessons are provided and cross-referenced throughout for easy identification in all the following areas: Self Awareness; Managing My Feelings; Motivation; Empathy; Social Skills. The resource includes exercises, stories, games and puzzles. They are suitable for either one-off lessons, looking at specific issues, or can be delivered as a series of developmental sessions which can also be adapted for accreditation. © 2015 Author: Steve Burns Ages: 11-16+

ISBN: 9781909380813

Bouncing Back & Coping with Change

Pages: 132 + CD Price: €37.50

- Building Emotional & Social Resilience in Young People Aged 9-14

This book contains practical evidence-based strategies to teach young people to bounce back and keep going in the face of adversity. Pressures from school, social media and relationships can seem overwhelming, especially for vulnerable young people. These strategies, drawn from evidencebased approaches such as mindfulness and CBT, will help to build their ability to bounce back when things go wrong. The 20 clearly presented sessions will help build self-esteem, empathy & assertiveness, develop stress management and problem-solving skills and a reflective approach for groups or individuals. © 2016 Author: Dr. Tina Rae Ages: 9-14

CODE: HH-3168

Pages: 204 + CD

Building Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self Awareness The pressures and concerns of teenagers are at the forefront of their emotional and mental health. This resource provides young men and women with guidance and tools to recognise the importance of social skills to aid their development. The sessions and practical activities allow students to address issues of identity, self-esteem, covering topics including relationships, drugs and problem-solving. The new edition also looks at: Gang cultures; Cyber bullying; Future pressures; Eating disorders. It also introduces therapeutic approaches to promote well-being, as well as offering accessible worksheets available to download online. © 2013 Author: Tina Rae

- Activities that Help to Develop Empathy This resource encourages students to think about events from other perspectives, look at people’s motivations and consider the consequences of actions. Each of the five themes covered (Self-Esteem, Bullying, Discrimination, Peer Pressure and Times Change) contains an engaging story told from three ‘Points of View’. Activities following the stories will encourage students to view the story from an all encompassing perspective, build critical thinking, examine reasons for actions, consider consequences and encourage resilience thinking and ‘social preparedness’. © 2009 Author: Naomi Roche

Ages: 13-19

Ages: 9-12+

Code: SG-4915

Extent: 176 Pages (+CD)

From Your Point of View

Price: €20.00

ISBN: 9781869685669


Pages: 64

Page 12

Just Being Me

Price: €20.00 Each Provides practical and accessible support materials for teachers in the key learning area of mental health and well-being. Book A focuses on skills, values and attitudes. It aims to help students understand: the value of individuals and their right to be as they are; respect for differences and awareness of stereotypes; the power of communication; the management of anger & stress and dealing with grief, loss and facing change with a positive and courageous spirit. Book B focuses on safety strategies arising from alcohol and other drugs, harassment and abuse, the stress and anger of others, risk-taking behaviours, as well as an exploration of social justice and what it requires of us all. © 2007 Ages: 10-14 Author: Sue Dawson Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869683887 ISBN: 9781869683894

Pages: 52 Pages: 52

Motivating Underachievers Price: €23.95 - 220 Strategies for Success This book presents a multitude of strategies that work with underachievers. Not all will work with all students; the intention is that the reader picks the ones that look as if they will be workable with an individual student in a given situation and tries them. The 220 strategies are numbered for easy reference and cover Building Self-Esteem; Improving study skills; Remediating academic weakness; Motivation (essential element of achievement); Working with the parents of underachievers; Flexibility and change within the school. © 2005 Author: Carolyn Coil Ages: All

Page 12


ISBN: 9781741016321

Also Available: Becoming an Achiever - A Student Guide:

Pages: 112


Price: €34.95 A Photocopiable Resource Pack aimed at Promoting Student Effectiveness This book is designed to promote student effectiveness and support students who have been experiencing difficulties at school, which may have led to their exclusion. It sets out to guide students on a T BES R journey in three distinct stages: A: E SELL Awareness raising of the factors and experiences, which may have contributed to their current situation; B: Understanding of their emotions and behaviour in a variety of settings; C: Skills training aimed at tackling areas of difficulty which have been identified in the two previous sections. Written by an experienced educational psychologist, the book contains over 60 different activities. © 1996 Author: Jenny Bates Ages: 10-14

ISBN: 9781855225480

Pages: 110

All That I Can Be!

Price: €20.00 Each This two-book series provides a range of information, tips, motivational stories, inspirational quotes and supporting student activities in the areas of goal setting, positive thinking, getting motivated, study techniques, learning to learn, and much more. Book A contains eight sections: Attitude and state; Motivate me; Principle-centred living (ethics); Magic effect of a positive attitude; Failure and disappointment; Aim for excellence; Heroes and role models; Participation, passion, practice and persistence. Book B contains four sections: Personal motivation techniques; Miracle of goal setting; Achieving balance in your life; 55 positive tips for life! © 2012 Ages: 15-17+ Author: Michael Gifford Set Price: €35


Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781927172209 ISBN: 9781927172216

Pages: 72 Pages: 68

Planning to Succeed

Price: €20.00 Each In their last years at school, students require support and direction to get them to begin thinking about the future and setting goals. This series helps students to think about who they are, what they want and how to get there. The books are packed with activities, ideas, templates, tips and motivational quotes and stories. Book A topics include: Who are you? What’s your attitude like? Are you balanced? Book B topics include: How do your parents fit in? Can you make a difference? What do you want out of life? What lies ahead? Sections can be photocopied to work through independently or in small groups. © 2006 Ages: 15-17+ Author: Michael Gifford Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869682682 ISBN: 9781869682699

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 52 Pages: 56

Strengths Gym

Price: €49.95

- Build and Exercise Your Strengths!

This manual and CD contains a three-level course enabling students to learn about their own and other’s personal strengths. It includes flexible, easy-to-use lesson plans and comprehensive student exercises exploring 24 universal strengths of character (e.g. selfcontrol, gratitude, honesty) across three levels. All lessons are designed to encourage intrinsic motivation and satisfaction for students. The CD includes printable student worksheets that contain Strengths Builder and Strengths Challenge exercises designed for classroom, paired and solitary work, for each of the 24 strengths across all three levels. © 2009 Authors: Carmel Proctor & Jenny Fox Eades Ages: 11-14

ISBN: 9780956228284


Pages: 96

Fax: 045 409959

Page 13

Page 13


Positive Behaviour and Price: €37.95 Self-Esteem in Secondary Schools - A Jenny Mosley Masterclass (Circle Time) This revised edition of world-renowned practitioner Jenny Mosley’s classic title reveals how to promote positive behaviour and self-esteem in secondary schools through the use of circle time. There are 25 tutorial session lesson plans each 20 minutes long which are particularly ideal for tutorial periods and SPHE sessions, but also for use during any subject lesson. These tutorials focus on the all-important areas of: Social Skills Empathy - Motivation - Managing Feelings - Anti-bullying. © 2002 Author: Jenny Mosley Ages: 12-15+

ISBN: 9781907370182

Pages: 101 + CD

Managing Anxiety at School

Price: €20.00 This book contains a series of 18 topics that can be used to support students in developing a repertoire of responses for managing feelings of anxiety and fear before they get out of control. Students will learn to understand what triggers their feelings of anxiety and also learn how to control these feelings so that they T BES R do not become overwhelming. They will E SELL learn to pay attention to the physiological and psychological processes they undergo when they experience anxiety and learn skills, including positive self-talk and slow breathing, to calm themselves down. The author initially trained and worked as a primary school teacher before becoming a clinical psychologist. © 2006 Author: Frances A. Carter Ph.D Ages: 8-12

ISBN: 9781869682613

Pages: 60

Quiet Times

Price: €20.00 - A Safety Valve for Student Stress Overloaded, stressed out students with special learning needs require proactive and targeted support to help them to develop the tools necessary to manage their stress levels. One such technique is taking small ‘time-outs’ or ‘quiet times’. This photocopiable resource book provides a broad range of self-contained and brief readings that can be used during these time-out periods, each linked to a particular topic that may be creating stress for the student. Each reading is followed by a small series of questions that encourage the student to think about the reading in the context of stress management ideas and techniques. © 2009 Author: Peter M. Clutterbuck Ages: 10-14+

ISBN: 9781869685775

Pages: 64

Managing Anxiety & Quiet Times €35.00 - Save €5.00 -

Supporting Teenagers Through Grief & Loss

Price: €37.50

- Practical Ideas & Creative Approaches

This book contains a wealth of helpful advice, worksheets and suggestions to support young people in their experience of loss in its many forms. Teenagers perceive and experience loss differently from younger children and need support and understanding at home and in school. This comprehensive resource: Explores how adolescents understand & respond to loss - Explains the needs of young people facing loss at different stages of grief Contains a toolkit of creative age-appropriate resources exploring feelings, behaviours, thoughts & memories - Gives clear guidance on what to say and how to respond to questions and behaviour - Is suitable for use in groups or with individuals. Invaluable for teachers and school assistants and can also be used by social services and health professionals, parents and carers. © 2013 Author: Anna Jacobs Ages: 11-16+

CODE: HH-3159

Pages: 228

The Little Book of BEREAVEMENT for Schools

Price: €13.95

The Little Book of Bereavement for Schools is written by best-selling author Ian Gilbert together with his three children. It is a very personal account of the way educational institutions tried and succeeded, tried and failed and sometimes didn’t try at all to help William, Olivia and Phoebe come to terms with the death of their mother. The warmth of reception of his initial fifteen-point ‘Handout’ led the family to expand their advice and suggestions and to the publication of this valuable hardback book. © 2010 Author: Ian Gilbert Ages: All

Code: CH-0464

Good Grief 2 (2nd Edition)

Pages: 96 Price: €43.95

- Exploring Feelings, Loss and Death with over Elevens and Adults: 2nd Edition - A Holistic Approach

With twenty educators contributing ideas piloted with children of different abilities and backgrounds in their care, Good Grief has been designed to explore and demystify the experience of loss in different contexts within the framework of the National Curriculum (UK). This 2nd edition has been updated and revised, to include a new chapter on the effects of disasters on children. Suitable for all professionals, carers and parents, the book is activity based. It facilitates the use of children's own experiences and encouraging improvisation and extension. Primarily designed for mixed ability secondary and adult education, it will also be invaluable for many other statutory, professional and community organisations. © 1995 Author: Barbara Ward and Associates Ages: 11-Adult

CODE: JK-2340


Pages: 156

Page 14


Moving on Up!

Price: €24.95 This book & CD address how to prepare primary school children for secondary school. It includes leaflets for pupils and parents on issues such as peer influence, coping with change and what change to expect. The activities are a combination of fun to do, such as ‘Getting to know new teachers’ and a quiz on ‘How organised you are’ but also delve into more emotional issues such as ‘the effects of peer pressure’. © 2009 Author: Molly Potter Ages: 11+

Code: BL-9137

Movin’ on Up

Pages: 48 + CD

Guide Book: Workbook:

Moving to Secondary School

Price: €34.95 Moving to Secondary School helps teachers to understand and ease pupil's anxieties and to focus on the positive. It tackles worries about organisational aspects of secondary school life, such as school size, timetables and workload and personal concerns about making friends, being bullied and getting on with teachers. It also considers how teaching differs between primary and secondary and looks at how special programmes can offer continuity in students' learning. Pupils who fail to settle are more likely to become alienated and disruptive and suffer the well-known academic 'dip'. The book is full of tried and tested projects and activities. © 2005 Authors: Lynda Measor & Mike Fleetham

Prices from: €6.50

Easing the Transition from Primary to Post-Primary

Ages: 11+

Page 14

These books have been produced by Blackrock Education Centre and have been written by parents for parents. They aim to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with parents who have children moving from primary to secondary school. They are designed to help a parent and their child to start discussions about their move to secondlevel education. © 2007-8 By: Blackrock Education Centre Code: BEC-0165 Code: BEC-0189

Pages: 84 Pages: 23

€14.95 € 6.50

Starting High School

Price: €20.00 This book provides a wealth of photocopiable ‘setting up’ and orientation activities that teachers can use with their new classes in the first few weeks of a new school year. Topics include: Where is everything?; Who’s who in my class?; Who’s who on the staff?; What are the rules?, Activities cover mapping, discussion, writing, designing and researching. Author: Sue Dawson

Ages: 11+

Code: OTB-2007

Pages: 176

Making the Move Price: €24.95 A Guide for Schools and Parents on the Transfer of Pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from Primary to Secondary School This book provides guidance for schools and parents on how to make the transfer from primary to secondary as easy as possible for children with ASDs. It advocates the need for scrupulous preparation of transfer arrangements because children with ASDs struggle to predict the outcome of any new situation. This book provides a wealth of effective strategies and resources that will encourage and inspire greater confidence for pupils with ASDs, parents and teachers. © 2009 Author: K.I. Al-Ghani and Lynda Kenward Ages: 11+

Code: JK-0934

Little Tin of Transition Worries

Pages: 96

Price: €45.95 (incl. Vat)

Peer buddy schemes are popular as a means of supporting new pupils. Benefits help not only the new pupils but also the supporters. Research into peer buddy systems indicates they protect against bullying, promote a caring school, provide positive role models and more. This photocopiable resource contains everything needed to implement, support and evaluate a peer support scheme. © 2010 Author: Charlie Smith

The experience of changing schools, either from primary to secondary or as a result of relocation, can trigger anxiety and stress for many pupils. NEW This set of cards provides an opportunity to identify, examine and tackle specific areas of concern to ensure that the experience can become as worry-free as possible. Each card outlines a cause for concern, for example: People won’t like me; The work will be too hard; I won’t be able to find the classroom; How do I make new friends? Pupils will then be able to consider their options and share their ideas, so helping them through this potentially difficult time. 70 worry cards 90 x 130 mm, 7 option cards, teachers’ notes which offer suggestions for use with large groups, small groups and individuals, storage tin. Ages: 10+ Created by: Eve Wilson

Ages: 11+

© 2015

© 2010 Ages: 11+

ISBN: 9781869681166

Pages: 48

B.E.S.T. Buddies Price: €44.95 B.E.S.T. - Bettering Everyone’s Secondary Education A Comprehensive Training Programme Introducing a Peer Buddy System to Support Students Starting Secondary

Code: SG-4299

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 48

Code: LHF-8083


Type: Cards

Fax: 045 409959

Page 15

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented


This popular title in the bestselling 100 Ideas series includes enrichment activities and teaching and management strategies for supporting the most able students in your school. It includes 50 practical strategies and 50 creative enrichment activities that can be implemented in the classroom or expanded into long-term projects. The activities cover a variety of topics and ability levels as well as different areas of the curriculum. They range from how to identify gifted and talented students, support their individual needs and how to interest and engage them, to training other teachers and reviewing your school's provision. It is an essential book for any secondary teacher looking to identify, develop and challenge the most gifted and talented students in their school. © 2014 Author: John Senior Age: Secondary

Code: BL-0634

Price: €20.00 - Extension Activities for Gifted Learners Creativity Box is a collection of fun, challenging activities designed to stimulate imagination and creativity in both hypothetical and more practical situations. Students of all ability levels will enjoy many of the activities included, and high achievers in particular will find plenty to extend them. With no “correct” answers to the activities, students have the opportunity to work with an emphasis on enjoyment, and at the same time develop their logical, creative, imaginative, artistic, musical and personal skills. Teachers will find numerous ways to use this versatile resource effectively. © 2009 Author: Michael Gifford ISBN: 9781869686161

Supporting Gifted & Price: €36.50 Talented Pupils in the Secondary School Using tried and tested ideas, this book takes a whole school approach to providing appropriate challenge and support for gifted and talented pupils in an inclusive setting. Packed with practical ideas for meeting the needs of gifted pupils and containing plenty of case studies that show what can be achieved, this book also provides advice on: Defining and Identifying giftedness and talent - Strategies for resolving underachievement by gifted and talented pupils - Dual exceptionality and removing barriers to attainment - support strategies for gifted and talented pupils - Different teaching and learning strategies, such as differentiation and enrichment - Devising a tailored curriculum to meet the needs of individual able pupils. © 2006 Author: Moira Thomson Ages: Secondary

Code: SG-1968

Pages: 136

Pages: 136

Creativity Box

Ages: 10-14

Page 15


Pages: 64

Teaching Gifted Kids in Today’s Classroom (3rd Ed.)

Price: €43.95

- Strategies and Techniques every Teacher can Use Fully revised and updated this is the definitive guide to meeting the learning needs of gifted students in the mixedabilities classroom, seamlessly and effectively with minimal preparation time. Included are proven, practical, classroom -tested strategies and step-by-step instructions on how to use them. Includes information on: Using technology for accelerated learning; Managing cluster grouping; Increasing curriculum rigour; Improving assessments; Boosting critical and creative thinking skills; Addressing gifted kids with special needs. © 2013 Authors: Susan Winebrenner, M.S., & Dina Brulles, Ph.D. Ages: All

Code: FS-2395

Pages: 256 + CD

Gifted Students Price: €19.95 in the School Context - An Introductory Guide for Educators

Teaching Complex Thinking Price: €26.95 - Analytical - Critical - Creative - Caring The purpose of this book is to explain the notion of complex thinking and to provide a range of structures and strategies that will evoke and encourage students to be better thinkers. Sample activities which will assist teachers in their own planning and programming have been included. These examples will provide ready made lesson ideas while other examples may provide stimulus for teachers as they work with their own content in their own learning context. The author Michael Pohl holds a Masters Degree in Gifted Education and runs workshops for classroom practitioners in the teaching of thinking within the field of gifted education. © 2001 Author: Michael Pohl

This book is designed to help you better understand the specific learning needs of students who demonstrate abilities well beyond those of their peers. It aims to provide important information for teachers and leaders with limited knowledge or experience with gifted students. It canvasses changing views about what it means to be gifted to better understand the rationale for classroom practices and explores a range of observable behaviours and characteristics of gifted individuals and ways teachers can come to an understanding of what giftedness means today. This will assist in the construction, application and articulation of school policy. © 2012 Author: Michael Pohl

Ages: 9-15

Ages: All

ISBN: 9781740253543

Pages: 78

ISBN: 9781743300152


Pages: 102

Page 16

In Full Bloom

Price: €24.95 - A Thinking Approach to Teaching Literature In Full Bloom gives teachers the tools to help students become thoughtful, strategic and independent readers. It outlines a literacy program based on Bloom’s six levels of cognitive thinking and contains interactive literacy tasks to capture students’ interest. Designed to engage even the reluctant reader, this flexible resource explores story structure through children’s literature and encourages students to use critical thinking skills when interacting with a wide range of texts. Features: Flexible – tasks can be used when the teacher chooses; Fun! (for students and teachers); Includes assessment suggestions and checklists to record activities students have completed. © 2003 Author: Tina McDougall Ages: 9-15

ISBN: 9781740255691

Pages: 100

Social Education Price: €24.95 - Infusing Thinking into the Middle Years This book is a valuable resource for teachers aiming to infuse thinking into the classroom. This book explains just what higher-order thinking is and provides examples of thinking-skills activities for secondary social education, as well as cross -curriculum units. Planning modules and frameworks include Bloom’s Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, Thinker’s Keys and Krathwohl’s model, enabling teachers to plan and write effective programs with a thinking-skills focus. © 2002 Author: Michael Pohl Ages: 12-15+

ISBN: 9781740256278

Pages: 98

CPS for Teens

Price: €26.95 Creative problem-solving (CPS) is a way of thinking and behaving. When taught in the classroom it becomes an instructional method for assisting children to become increasingly resourceful, self-sufficient and productive. Much like other thinking processes, creative problem-solving can be learned, experienced and applied. Creative problem-solving is appropriate across the curriculum and can be used in any subject area to enhance thinking skills. This book focuses on creative thinking, problem solving and cooperative learning. Spanning adolescent years, CPS for Teens provides a range of problem-solving activities based on real-life situations such as Boredom in School and Contention in the Canteen. The creative problem-solving process moves through three stages: Understanding the problem; Generating ideas; Planning for action; Each activity has teacher notes and student exercises. © 1990 Author: Patricia A. Elwell, Ph.D Ages: 13 - 16+

Page 16


ISBN: 9781862995581

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 84

Learning to Think Price: €26.95 Each Thinking to Learn & Still Learning to Think Thinking to Learn These two book provide a practical approach for teachers at all levels of schooling as they plan and implement learning activities with a thinking focus. They describe processes that can be used to infuse thinking into everyday learning through the application and explicit teaching of various models and T BES R strategies. These strategies will see E L SEL students engaging in a wide range of thinking tasks, whether they are working within defined subjects or on units that cut across traditional curriculum boundaries. While students are learning to think they are also thinking to learn. A great resource that incorporates Bloom's Taxonomy and the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Ages: 7-15 Author: Michael Pohl Set Price: €45 Learning to Think (2000) Still Learning (2006)

9781740250481 9781741700220

Infusing Thinking into the Middle Years

Pages: 98 Pages: 96 Price: €29.95

This publication aims to provide secondary school teachers with a valuable and timely resource as they seek to infuse thinking into content delivery and classroom activity. The book discusses and explains the importance of infusing higher order thinking and deals with sample activities and units of work in English, Maths and Science, Technology, Social education, the Arts and LOTE (Language other than English). With this valuable resource, teachers will be able to apply the models of Bloom's Taxonomy and the Infusion Matrix and study plans either directly or in their own planning and programming. © 2002 Author: Michael Pohl Ages: 12 - 15+

ISBN: 9781740256216

Pages: 188

Creative & Critical Thinking

Price: €17.95 This book is divided into four sections. Each part of Creative & Critical Thinking is introduced by a description of a particular thought process: Convergent Thinking, Divergent Thinking; Deductive thinking, Sequencing and Following Directions. The imaginative activities will challenge students, both individually and as a group, within the content areas of English, Maths, Science, Art and Social Studies. The activities in this book offer over 70 different exciting activities to enhance the curriculum and stimulate problem solving. © 2001 Author: Jane Pofahl Ages: 9 - 14+

ISBN: 9781740253079


Pages: 47

Fax: 045 409959

Page 17

Page 17


Bringing Critical Thinking Alive Price: €32.95

50 Cooperative Learning Activities

Price: €29.95

In this book you will find that critical thinking is not simply a question of children ‘doing something harder’, but a way of thinking that is distinct and discerning. You will be able to use the suggested activities and tasks to teach children the essential skills of working in collaborative groups and asking questions that position them in relation to the information they receive and communicate. This stimulating environment sparks children’s desire to share their ideas and to participate in critical literacy programs. You will investigate children’s fictional literature, explore inquiry and research and discover critical literacy book clubs. © 2010 Author: Elizabeth Simon

This book has been designed specifically to engage and motivate primary and secondary school students to think ‘Outside the Box’, to create new ideas and to have fun whilst learning. These activities have been based on the following underlying principles: (a) Children need to be involved in activities that are engaging, relevant and exciting; (b) Children should have the opportunity to choose various thinking tools to complete and to present the required tasks. These activities can be incorporated into the 48-grid matrix which integrates Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences. © 2006 Author: Ralph Pirozzo

Ages: 7-12+

Ages: 7-14

ISBN: 9781742392745

Thinking with Rich Concepts

Pages: 296

Price: €24.95

- Rich concepts for Philosophical Questioning in the Classroom Thinking Treasures for Philosophical Thinking in the classroom. Provocative topics that really make students use all the thinking tools and strategies at their command. Rich Concepts include Happiness, Choice, Ownership, Identity and ten more that lead students into thoughtful, guided discussion. Student warm-ups to start ideas flowing, then move through various exercises and respond to different statements to really grapple with each concept. Complete with practical teacher's notes, sample discussions and evaluation tools. © 2006 Author: Clinton Golding Ages: All

ISBN: 9781741017922

Developing a Thinking Classroom

Pages: 80

Price: €19.95

ISBN: 9781741017984

Pages: 116

Quizzles & More Quizzles

Price: €9.95 Each How can you have fun and exercise your brain at the same time? Solving puzzles – that’s how! Quizzles are designed to provide the stimulation required by the brain to think better. They challenge and extend the way you think, in a way that is both relaxing and enjoyable. While you work through the puzzles you are actually training your brain to work quicker and better. Each handbook contains over 200 pictorial puzzles (a.k.a. Dingbats) presented in a quiz format. The puzzles will challenge the mind and seriously stretch the thinking capabilities of your students and your colleagues! Ages: All Author: Michael Pohl Set Price: €17.50 Quizzles: More Quizzles:

ISBN: 9781864019841 ISBN: 9781741014303

Developing a Thinking Curriculum in Your School

Pages: 52 Pages: 48 Price: €19.95

- A Workbook for Professional Learning Teams Creating a culture of thinking is about more than just using a thinking tool or a graphic organiser with your class. To support students in learning to think, teachers must understand the theory of thinking themselves and be able to model it for their class. Developing a Thinking Classroom provides background information supported by activities for teachers – not students! – to work through. It focuses on changing teachers’ approaches and attitudes so they can change the culture in their classrooms. With the different ways of looking at teaching and learning presented in this book, you can create a culture change in your classroom. © 2005 Author: Clinton Golding

- A Handbook for Educators How can we make a thinking curriculum part of the culture of every classroom? With a greater understanding of brain function and the reality of an ever-changing world, teachers are looking towards a thinking-focused curriculum. Infusing thinking into content delivery, the use of the language of thinking and the explicit teaching of thinking are helping to make a thinking curriculum a constant feature of classroom practice. This handbook addresses the challenge of embedding this methodology both within and across a school. The author outlines a five-step process that will assist schools to implement a whole-school approach to deliver thinking into the curriculum. © 2007 Author: Michael Pohl

Ages: 7-15

Ages: 7-15

ISBN: 9781741014365

Pages: 56

ISBN: 9781741702941


Pages: 136

Page 18

Page 18


The Newell Literacy Programme (NLP)

Price: €240.00

Developed over 20 years by an experienced Irish teacher and facilitator, the NLP is a comprehensive multi-sensory, phonetic, sequential and success-orientated programme to help improve child and adult literacy skills in reading, writing and spelling. It can be used in primary schools with infants to sixth class but is also very suitable for secondary school and adult literacy to support pupils with reading difficulties. There are no graphics, childish or otherwise, in the programme allowing it to be used with all ages and across a wide range of abilities. It is sequential as the learner moves, step by step from simple well learned material to that which is more complex as the pupil masters the necessary language skills. It is linguistic as words and sentences carry meaning. The language is simple to suit pupils with a restricted code of language. It is systematic as materials are organised and taught in a way that is logical and fits the nature of our language. It is cumulative as each step of the way is based on those already learned. It is cognitive as pupils with poor memory skills can think their way through the language problems and understand the reasons about what they are learning. It can be used with individuals, small groups or whole class settings. Books are fully photocopiable and can be purchased separately at a cost of €35 each. The Full Programme consists of: NLP Books 1 to 7, Teacher DVD and a set of optional flash cards.

100% Irish

© 2004

Author: Anne Newell



Age Suitability: 5 to adult

ISBN: 9780954850401

Price: €119.50 (incl. Vat)

This powerful, games-based programme teaches students with a reading age of 10+, how to understand the differences between confusing pairs of words, particularly students who have literacy difficulties or dyslexic tendencies. The programme, which was developed with the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, will equip students with clever methods, mental strategies, essential skills, problem-solving techniques and an abundance of confidence to work out the differences between common, everyday, confusing words. This structured and integrated programme is extremely adaptable and flexible and is an ideal resource for use with students in senior primary, post primary, adult literacy, resource and learning support and indeed anyone who has spelling difficulties or dyslexic tendencies. For those learning English as an Additional Language (EAL) this programme is ideally suited to their needs. Through fun and games they learn, easily, how to disentangle these mysterious, complex duos. The Full Programme consists of: Teachers' Resource Book A, Teachers' Resource Book B, 16 full-colour specially designed educational A2 Visual Word Cards (Posters), 8 A3 Size Double-sided Game Boards (Bingo) with 16 different and engaging games & 100 Plastic Colour Counters.

100% Irish

© 2008

Author: Eilish O’Mahoney

The Word Wasp

Price: €31.95 The Word Wasp has been designed in order that ordinary people can give anyone with literacy problems, including those labelled dyslexic, the chance Pack of 6 to read and spell alongside their liter€175 ate peers. Anyone wanting to give their child a head start can also use this manual. It is a one-to-one manual that has been trialled extensively with both adults and children from the age of 8 to 54. It starts by introducing the basic sounds and then progresses slowly through the language adding the various elements from the basic sounds to the Latinised suffixes: from lock to loquacious. Those students who finish this text will have their spelling ages and as a consequence, their reading ages, advanced dramatically. © 2000 Authors: Harry Cowling & Marie Cowling Age: 8+

Code: WW-1438

Pages: 298

Also Available from Wasp Publications: Hornet Literacy Primer €19.95 - Reading Age: 5+

Tel: 045 409322

Age: 10 to adult

ISBN: 9780954850418

Toe by Toe: Price: €31.95 A Highly Structured Multi-Sensory Reading Manual for Teachers and Parents Over 25 years of fieldwork went into the development of the Toe by Toe (tiny steps) system and it is this research which makes the method so easy-to-use and can be used by Pack of 6 professionals and non-professionals €175 alike. The unique syllable division employed by Toe by Toe is very easy to use though it is not the syllable division generally used for the teaching of reading. Once the sound of a phoneme has been taught using the 'polynons' (nonsense words), these rules can then be applied to any multi-syllabic word and students find a whole new world of reading opening before their eyes. © 1993 Authors: Keda Cowling & Harry Cowling Age: 7+

Code: TBT-6403

Pages: 290

Also Available from Toe by Toe Publications: Stareway to Spelling (An Aid to Spelling) €19.95 Stride Ahead (Gateway to Comprehension) €19.95


Fax: 045 409959

Page 19

Page 19


Strive to Improve Series - Literacy

Price: €20.00 Each

For students aged 11 - 15 years who are underachieving at their year level The Striving to Improve Series targets students who, for whatever reason, are struggling to keep up with their peers. The photocopiable books are designed to prevent students from regressing any further at school. The tasks are based on a modified curriculum so that students can work at their own pace and without constant supervision from the teacher. There are eight books in the Striving to Improve Series - the four here on Literacy and four on Numeracy (See Page 25). © 2013 Pages: 53 Approx. Ages: 11-15+ Edited by: Lindsay Marsh (Literacy) & Mirella Trimboli (Numeracy) Writing Book 1: Writing Book 2: Viewing: Speaking & Listening:


ISBN: 9781863978545 ISBN: 9781863978552 ISBN: 9781863978576 ISBN: 9781863978569

Read and Succeed

Write and Connect

© 2012

back of each book. © 2013 Age:11-14+

Price: €20.00 Each Read and Succeed is a threebook series written specifically for lower secondary students who are not reading at their expected level of competency. It focuses on reteaching basic reading skills and concepts through high interest texts and activities which abandon time limits and break down tasks into manageable parts. As your students’ reading skills improve, their confidence and their overall feeling of success will also grow. Age:11-14+ Author: Margaret Warner

SET PRICES Literacy (Set of 4): €75.00 Numeracy (Set of 4): €75.00 Full Set (All 8 Books): €140.00

Price: €20.00 Each This three part series was written specifically for lower secondary students who are not writing at their expected level of competency. The books focus on re-teaching basic writing skills and concepts through high interest texts and activities which break down tasks into manageable parts. As your students’ writing skills improve, their confidence and their overall feeling of success will also grow. Answers are provided at the

Author: Margaret Warner

Set Price: €55 Set Price: €55

Book 1: Book 2: Book 3:

ISBN: 9781863978422 ISBN: 9781863978439 ISBN: 9781863978446

Pages: 64 Pages: 60 Pages: 64

Yes We Can Read

Price: €48.95 One-to-one reading scheme for learners from 8 to 80! Yes We Can Read is a phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning for learners of all ages. You, the coach, will be guided through the whole process - from teaching individual phonic sounds, to blending sounds, building words and sentences... and on to reading fluency. This is a fun and engaging way to learn, for anyone who has struggled to read. It builds confidence and self-esteem in both coach and learner. It is a fully guided programme with clear, concise instructions for the coach on the left hand pages and a thoughtful, systematic presentation of activities for the learner on the right hand pages. With its unique photo-alphabet, well-spaced text and easy-to-read font, this programme is ideal for learners with Dyslexia. © 2010 Authors: Libby Coleman & Nick Ainley Ages: All

Code: GH-1075

Pages: 244

Book 1: Book 2: Book 3:

ISBN: 9781863978835 ISBN: 9781863978842 ISBN: 9781863978859

Pages: 68 Pages: 68 Pages: 56

Reluctant Readers Series

Price: €25.00 Each This 2-book, high-interest series caters for students who have left the junior primary but are still struggling with reading. This resource aims to capture their interest with a range of vibrant, relevant reading work units. Each book is comprised of eight guided reading units presented in a variety of structures. Each unit has a detailed step-by-step lesson plan along with a learning intention, a text for the students to read (or for teacher to share) and a variety of follow up activities designed to improve literacy skills. Text types include: Recount; Newspaper Article; Recipe; Non-fiction; Poem; Comic and Diary. © 2009 Author: Annette Meyer Set Price: €45 Engaging: Supporting:

Ages: 7+ ISBN: 9781869686086 Ages: 7+ ISBN: 9781869686222


Pages: 72 Pages: 72

Page 20

Page 20


Applied Literacy - Writing Skills

Price: €20.00 Each

English 9781927172223 Pages: 84

Social Sciences 9781927172254 Pages: 79

Science 9781927172230 Pages: 56

Health and PE 9781927172247 Pages: 68

Design and Technology

© 2012

© 2012

© 2012

© 2012

© 2009

9781869686017 Pages: 60

Visual Arts 9781869686000 Pages: 60

© 2009

The Applied Literacy series has been designed to give students the skills they need to write essays, prepare speeches, create pamphlets and more. The models and activities provided will help students develop thinking skills within their subject, and then be able to present them in assessment tasks that require a high level of literacy. The series will help teachers to provide scaffolding, tasks and step by step instructions to those students struggling to understand the concepts and procedures in English. The tasks, both fiction and non-fiction, are all simplified and key words, phrases and structure have been provided. Task sheets may be used alongside real course assessment tasks so that students are given the opportunity to test out the steps on practical assignments. A written task, or one that requires written notes and planning such as a speech, provides the assessor or teacher with the ability to see the depth of a student’s understanding and processing within a particular topic. For some students, who may be used to a more traditional style of rote learning, using the step-by-step guides within this series will enhance their ability to develop ideas, make independent conclusions and learn skills in presenting ideas. Author: Jenny Dove Age Suitability: Secondary Order Code: UF-ALWS Set Price: €95

Make a Choice

Shape Shifter - Writing Poetry

Price: €20.00 Designed to examine the theme of ‘choices’ as an area of study. A number of set tasks and exercises are designed to improve student skills in critically analysing text, understanding connections between texts and recognising perspectives and influences amongst both readers and writers. It will increase their understanding of English theory and their ability to express this understanding in their own writings. Sections include: Understanding Choice; Challenging Choices; Personal Choices; Political Choices; Survival Choices. It is comprised of a wide range of English exercises that explore the features/purpose of the texts. © 2008 Authors: Fiona Hayward & Lea Venables

Price: €20.00 Provides teachers and students with a wealth of tips, techniques and strategies to support the writing of poetry. Based on actual work schemes, it shows students how they can craft their ideas and experiences into poems. In seven sections, contents include: Focusing (Getting ready to write); Getting Underway (Shaping a poem from real-life experiences); Writing Sources (Some things to help the writing flow, grow and glow); Redrafting (Techniques that help writing improve); Keeping it Simple (Writing like William Carlos Williams); Working with Rhyme (To rhyme or not to rhyme). © 2007 Authors: Alan Bunn & Glyn Strange

Ages: 14-17

Ages: 10-13+

ISBN: 9781869684983

Pages: 60

Alpha to Zulu

Price: €26.95 A to Z of Writing Ideas for the Middle Years This wonderful resource is a collection of engaging ideas to get students started on writing assignments, both poetry and prose. It is suitable for use with all students but gives particular attention to providing for the needs of adolescents and can be used as extension resources for gifted students. The ideas offer flexibility for both the student and the teacher to adapt and extend from the original concept. It includes explanations, questions to encourage thinking and ideas to provoke discussion and exploration. © 2004 Author: Amanda Swaney Ages: 10-14

ISBN: 9781741013993

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 70

ISBN: 9781869683351

Pages: 56

The Speaking Ideas Bank

Price: €20.00 Each Includes over 40 speaking activities designed to build skills and competence in oral language. Activities aim to support students’ ability to think creatively and critically by developing skills and competencies in the following verbal language areas: Improvised and Impromptu speech; Formal or Conventional Speech; Questioning; Reporting and Describing; Directing and Reasoning. Each activity contains an outline of the focus, preparation requirements, step-by-step instructions and extension ideas. © 2007 Ages: 10-14 Author: Peter Alford Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869683337 ISBN: 9781869683344


Pages: 60 Pages: 56

Fax: 045 409959

Page 21

Text Types

Price: €20.00 Each The Text Type Series is a four-book series which is designed to help students understand and appreciate the idea that texts differ from one another in terms of their purpose, structural features, language features and the medium in which they appear. The series introduces students to a range of text types and in this way enables them to become confident in identifying a text as a particular type and qualifies them to form expectations about its content, form and objectives. The series also functions to help students begin to write different types of texts confidently and incorporate the different features of each text type accurately. The solutions for all the activities are provided at the back of each book. This series is highly recommended for any teacher teaching English in upper primary or lower secondary school. Set Price: €75 © 2009 Ages: 10+ Author: June Keir Book 1 - Imaginative Narratives Book 2 - Imaginative Poetry Book 3 - Informative Texts Book 4 - Argumentative Texts

Catch them Thinking and Writing

Price: €49.95

This dynamic resource helps teachers implement an effective factual thinking and writing programme into primary, middle and secondary schools. It demonstrates seven different models of factual writing: Narratives, Procedures, Descriptions, Reports, Explanations, Persuasive arguments and Discussions or Arguments. For each model, there are descriptions and explanations, practice activities and step-by-step instructions to help facilitate that particular type of factual writing. It features draft writing frames that provide a guide to the structure and purpose for each writing model, rubrics for effectively assessing thinking and writing and ready-to-use blacklines. Provide a powerful link between thinking strategies and specific types of factual writing. © 1998 Author: David Whitehead Ages: 9-14+

Page 21


ISBN: 9781864018202

ISBN: 9781863977661 ISBN: 9781863977678 ISBN: 9781863977685 ISBN: 9781863977692

Pages: 52 Pages: 56 Pages: 60 Pages: 56

Awesome Auditory Activities

Price: €25.00 This book is composed of over twenty detailed, varied and easy-to-use exercises designed to improve auditory memory skills. Many students lack essential listening and memory skills – a real problem, as accurate listening is essential for effective communication. The activities in this book T BES R aim to increase these skills through tasks E SELL like sequencing, following verbal instructions, memorising lists, regrouping in thought, and more. Activities are set at one of three increasing difficulty levels and each includes a teacher’s page with helpful instructions and ideas, as well as a photocopiable student’s page. A chart is included that allows students to track their improving auditory skills. Many of the exercises can be linked simply into existing curricular study areas. © 2009 Author: Carol Duffy Ages: 10+

ISBN: 9781869685768

Pages: 76

Pages: 332

Everyday English Active Comprehension

Price: €20.00 - Hands-On Reading and Interpretation Activities Active Comprehension is a collection of comprehension activities that encourages a hands-on approach to engaging with texts. As the name implies, the activities get students doing; drawing, cutting, pasting, manipulating and physically organising their response to texts. Skills include predicting, summarising, evaluating, inferring, making connections, finding information, and much more. Ideal for visual and kinaesthetic learners, dyslexic students, ESOL students, reluctant readers and writers and students with special learning needs. Contains 64 photocopiable pages. Suitable for upper primary students. © 2009 Author: Sarah Nightingale Ages: 8-12+

ISBN: 9781869686185

Pages: 64


© 2007 Book A: Book B: Book C:

Price: €20.00 Each This progressive series provides practical activities in living language an d communication studies enabling students to explore communication in practical ways using everyday situations. Section 1 in each book introduces students to the cognitive and social skills required for purposeful and valuable communications. Section 2 provides activities that require students to reflect on everyday situations and then communicate ideas, feelings and information using skills covered in Section 1.Book A is suitable for reading ages 5-7; Book B reading ages 7-9; Book C reading ages 9-11+. Author: Peter Clutterbuck Set Price: €55

ISBN: 9781869683191 ISBN: 9781869683207 ISBN: 9781869683214


Pages: 56 Pages: 56 Pages: 56

Page 22


The Easy English Series for ESL and ESD Students

Page 22

Price: €20.00 Each

The series consists of eight beautifully laid out books, all of which have been carefully constructed to increase the proficiency of ESL (English as a Second Language) and ESD (English as a Second Dialect) students' use of English. English proficiency is necessary for these students' successful participation and achievement in school life and beyond. This series immerses students in a language programme which is accessible and relevant to their lives and experiences regardless of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Long-awaited, the books are a much needed professional teaching resource. © 2009 Pages: 52 Approx. Ages: All Author: Margaret Warner Set Price: €140 Book 1: Easy Words ISBN: 9781863977586 Book 5: Easy Grammar ISBN: 9781863977623 Book 2: Easy Read and Write

ISBN: 9781863977593

Book 6: Easy Text Types

ISBN: 9781863977630

Book 3: More Easy Read & Write

ISBN: 9781863977609

Book 7: More Easy Text Types

ISBN: 9781863977647

Book 4: Easy Punctuation

ISBN: 9781863977616

Book 8: Easy Editing & Proofreading

ISBN: 9781863977654

Speak Easy

Introducing English for Speakers of Other Languages

Price: €20.00 Engaging Spoken-Language Activities for New Learners of English This is a collection of activities that help to promote oral language in older learners who are very new to English. Students are taken through games, structured conversations and engaging language activities that they can practice with each other in school and at home. The activities are ordered from easiest to more difficult. The reading level has been deliberately kept simple, with most text being within the first 1000 words vocabulary level. Some material is deliberately repeated in different activities as it is generally considered that new information needs to be repeated at least seven times before it becomes known to EAL learners. © 2015 Author: Ruth Mitchell

Contains both oral and written activities that are designed to provide natural learning experiences for students to develop an ever expanding and rich vocabulary of English words. The structure of this book has been geared to provide the same learning processes used when acquiring a first language. Students are shown that the letters of the alphabet stand for the sounds of spoken language and that a spoken word can be broken up so the separate sounds of the word can be distinctly heard. In a simple, user-friendly way this book takes students from basic oral activities to basic sounds and words and from there on to more complex word understanding. © 2008 Author: Peter Clutterbuck

Ages: 9-15+

Ages: 7-15+

ISBN: 9780994113610

Reading Dialogues

Pages: 85

Price: €20.00 Each

Oral activities for new speakers of English

This two-book resource is designed to support the oral skills of students who are from non-English speaking backgrounds. Each book contains a series of dialogues or short plays which are intended to be read aloud in small groups and then discussed. The dialogues are tailored to different language levels in both books. Pre-reading activities prepare students for the vocabulary ahead. Post-reading activities check comprehension and practise the vocabulary in other language mediums. Templates are provided for selfevaluation and teacher evaluation. © 1998 Authors: Susan Battye & Helen McKesser Set Price: €35

Book A: Ages: 10-13+ Book B: Ages: 10-13+

ISBN: 9781877220210 ISBN: 9781877220227

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 56 Pages: 48

ISBN: 9781869685072

Price: €20.00

Pages: 64

English, Performing & Price: €24.95 Visual Arts & LOTE - Infusing Thinking in to the Middle Years This book aims to provide secondary school teachers with a valuable and timely resource as they seek to infuse thinking into content delivery and classroom activity. It discusses and explains the importance of infusing higher order thinking and deals with sample activities and units of work for English, the Arts and LOTE (language other than English). Teachers will be able to apply the models of Bloom's Taxonomy and the Infusion Matrix and study plans either directly or in their own planning and programming. © 2002 Author: Michael Pohl Ages: 11-14+

ISBN: 9781740256209


Pages: 93

Fax: 045 409959

Page 23

Thinking Shakespeare Price: €20.00 Each - Using Higher Order Thinking Skills


The Thinking Shakespeare photocopiable series is a collection of learning activities that encourages understanding through a logical progression of thinking skills - from remembering who, what, and when, to knowing how and why. Using Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, students are presented with a sequence of exercises and activities which begin with events and characters and progressively become more demanding. Teachers can use ideas from the series to compliment their own programmes. © 2008-2009 Code: UFTS13 Extent: 13 Books - c. 60 pages per book Author: Jeff Lilly

Page 23


Set Price: €195

Age Suitability: Secondary

The 'Thinking Shakespeare' 13 books are: Romeo & Juliet [ISBN: 9781869685263] Macbeth [ISBN: 9781869685287] The Merchant of Venice [ISBN: 9781869685294] Hamlet [ISBN: 9781869685249] King Lear [ISBN: 9781869685270] Othello [ISBN: 9781869685256] Richard III [ISBN: 9781869685317] The Taming of the Shrew [ISBN: 9781869685300] A Midsummer Night's Dream [ISBN: 9781869685171] Julius Caesar [ISBN: 9781869686116] Much Ado About Nothing [ISBN: 9781869685782] Measure for Measure [ISBN: 9781869685713] The Tempest [ISBN: 9781869685706] Complete Set [Code: UFTS13]

Thinking Literature Price: €20.00 Each - Using Higher Order Thinking Skills Following the successful Thinking Shakespeare series, author Jeff Lilly brings the Bloom's Taxonomy approach to great works of literature. Designed to make literature accessible, this photocopiable series uses Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives as a basis for a range of progressively more demanding exercises supplemental to the study of the selected texts. Students begin by remembering details and end by developing and expressing their own ideas. Never far away is the intention to foster a sense of enjoyment in the work being studied. Code: UFTL04 Author: Jeff Lilly

Extent: 4 Books - c. 60 pages per book © 2009/10

Age Suitability: Secondary

The 'Thinking Literature' 4 books are: Of Mice and Men [ISBN: 9781869685911] The Catcher in the Rye [ISBN: 9781869686468] The Grapes of Wrath [ISBN: 9781869686123] The Pearl [ISBN: 9781927172919] Complete Set [Code: UFTL04] Set Price: €70

Getting to Know Shakespeare

Price: €20.00 This innovative, photocopiable resource takes a thematic approach, and introduces text from a broad range of Shakespeare's works in relation to each theme. Three themes are explored: the supernatural; crimes and criminals; Women in Shakespeare. Through this thematic approach and the many and varied activities that students are provided with, you can make the study of Shakespeare an engaging and interesting experience for your students. © 2012 Authors: Elody Rathgen & Pauline Scanlan Ages: Secondary

ISBN: 9781927172278

Pages: 56

The Finding Your Way Series Price: €20.00 Each (Set Price: €95.00) The extremely popular 'Finding Your Way' series provides students and teachers with activity-based resource books on a number of English topics. There are six books in total in the series. They are: Book A - Drama; Book B - Plays; Book C - Poetry; Book D - Writing; Book E - Speaking; Book F - Listening. The focus in all books is to provide practical, activity-based challenges that encourage problem solving, independent learning and co-operative work. Ages: 9-12+

Set Price: €95

Drama Susan Battye 9781869683399 Pages: 48 © 2007

Plays Susan Battye 9781869683412 Pages: 52 © 2007

Poetry Elody Rathgen 9781869681111 Pages: 48 © 2004

Writing Pauline Scanlan 9781869683443 Pages: 52 © 2007

Speaking Jennifer Loughton 9781869683436 Pages: 56 © 2007


Listening Jennifer Loughton 9781869683405 Pages: 56 © 2007

Page 24

Page 24


Finding Your Feet with Fiction & with Poetry

Price: €20.00 Each

This two-book series contains lots of bright ideas and worksheets to support middle to senior school students in their reading, understanding and enjoyment of poetry, novels and stories. The Fiction book is divided into 8 sections (R e a din g Sk il l s, Au t h o rs a n d Illustrators, Setting, Character, Plots and Events, Genre, Film Versions and Book Reviewing) each focusing on a feature of reading or fiction. The Poetry book contains loads of bright ideas and worksheets to support middle to senior school students in their reading, understanding and enjoyment of poems. It is divided into 5 sections (Poems, Rhythm, Rhyme, Figurative Language, and View Points), each focusing on a feature of poetry. All the sections in each book are prefaced by teacher notes and contain a wide range of purposeful, engaging and high interest reading-related activities for students. © 2009 Ages: 10-12+ Author: Rob Cottrell

Secondary Drama: A Creative Source Book

Price: €28.95

- Practical inspiration for teachers Providing inspiration for daily practice alongside a full range of tried and tested schemes of work, this exciting new book offers support to secondary teachers wanting to create original drama experiences to meet their own unique classroom needs. The book models a positive and reflective approach to classroom practice offering a thoughtful exploration of the craft and art of drama teaching covering key issues such as classroom management, student engagement, planning, progression and assessment. After considering the theory behind drama in education and the fundamentals of practice, the majority of the text is devoted to the annotated schemes of work. These cover a diverse range of topics such as homelessness, addiction, terrorism and civil rights and show how the ideas discussed can be put into practice. © 2014 Author: John Doona Ages: Secondary

Code: TF-1137

Pages: 204

Set Price: €35

Fiction: Poetry:

ISBN: 9781869685980 ISBN: 9781869685997

Pages: 64 Pages: 56

Classic Literature Guide Price: €31.95 for the Middle Years Classroom This popular resource contains Revised Blooms Taxonomy unit plans and teaching ideas for some of the world’s best loved children’s classics, such as Black Beauty, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Treasure Island. Features lots of suggested activities, worksheets and creative writing ideas, it will inspire teachers to confidently use classic literature to enrich their lessons. The book also includes sections on The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Three Musketeers & The Wind in the Willows. © 2009 Author: Tony Shaw Ages: 10-15

ISBN: 9781742392738

The Drama Ideas Bank

Price: €20.00 This easy-to-use photocopiable resource book provides teachers who are nonspecialists with an accessible introduction to using improvisation and mime with students. The hundreds of one-off ideas in this easy-to-use resource book will help students to develop confidence and basic T BES R E skills in drama and movement. Activities L L SE include: Building Dialogues; Quick Improvisations; Improvisations with Individuals, Pairs and Groups; Building Characters and Situations; Movement and Mime. The pages are designed to be photocopied onto card, laminated and cut into cards and strips so that they can be used again and again. This book is also a valuable resource for teachers who are running school drama clubs. © 2008 Author: Mary Brooks Ages: 10-14

ISBN: 9781869684877

Pages: 48

Pages: 92

Telling Tales

Visual Literacy through Picture Storybooks

Price: €21.95

This resource provides a storybook medium that is manageable for teachers and accessible to students of varied ability. The units within the book allow teachers to create a reading programme that is organised, flexible and, motivating. Using books selected for their popularity, literary value and links to key learning areas, these units foster the in-depth study of literature, encouraging higher-order thinking skills. © 2004 Author: Julianne Wilson Ages: 9-14+

ISBN: 9781741013559

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 64

Price: €25.00 Each The Telling Tales series focuses on traditional fables, myths and legends from around the world. This progressive series is packed with practical ideas which will develop drama literacy, provoke discussions related to human values and promote competency in students and teachers alike. The strategies and themes offered make the integration of drama into other Arts, English and Social Science curricula highly manageable. Activities from Book A include; Finn McCool & The Giants Causeway; Activities from Book B include The Ungrateful Tiger. © 2008 Ages: 10+ Author: Susan Battye Set Price: €45

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869685348 ISBN: 9781869685355


Pages: 75 Pages: 56

Fax: 045 409959

Page 25

Page 25


Strive to Improve Series - Numeracy

Price: €20.00 Each For students aged 11 - 15 years who are underachieving at their year level The Striving to Improve Series targets students who, for whatever reason, are struggling to keep up with their peers. The photocopiable books are designed to prevent students from regressing any further at school. The tasks are based on a modified curriculum so that students can work at their own pace and without constant supervision from the teacher. There are eight books in the Striving to Improve Series - the four here on Numeracy and four on Literacy (See Page 19). © 2013 Pages: 53 Approx. Ages: 11-15+ Edited by: Mirella Trimboli (Numeracy) & Lindsay Marsh (Literacy) Integers: Angles, Shapes and Mensuration: Fractions: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages:


Creative Maths Problems

Price: €20.00 Each This two-book series will give your students purposeful learning exercises that relate to real life mathematics. It provides both the student and the teacher with a range of exercises that demonstrate the every day usability of mathematics. Each Challenge contains: Real life application; Web page link for further information on the topic; Mathematical problem to solve; Detailed information on the problem for teachers. The series is packed full of creative thinking activities, with plenty of opportunities for children to solve problems in small groups or independently. © 2008 Ages: 9-11+ Author: Nicolla Hansen Set Price: €35

Book A:

ISBN: 9781869683252

Dúcheisteanna Mata

Pages: 60

Praghas: €20.00

Is féidir fótachóipeanna a dhéanamh den dá leabhar iontacha seo a fhorbróidh scileanna réitigh fadhbanna agus foghlaim chomhoibríoch daltaí sa tomhas, san uimhreas, sa chéimseata, san ailgéabar agus sa staitistic. Leabhar A, díríonn an leabhar seo ar réiteach comhoibríoch fadhbanna sa Tomhas agus sa Chéimseata. Leabhar B, díríonn an leabhar seo ar réiteach comhoibríoch fadhbanna san Uimhreas, san Ailgéabar agus sa Staitistic. Tá réimse straitéisí in Dúcheisteanna a chabhróidh le daltaí bheith níos éifeachtaí i ngrúpaí mar réiteoirí fadhbanna. Oibríonn na daltaí i ngrúpaí ceathrair le bheith in ann plé agus réiteach a dhéanamh ar a lán de na fadhbanna atá san áis. Chun na ceisteanna a fhreagairt is gá do dhaltaí tuiscint a bheith acu ar choincheapa matamaiticiúla agus teanga mhatamaiticiúil agus cabhraíonn na ceisteanna leo cur chuige cruthaitheach a fhorbairt agus a dtuiscintí á gcur i bhfeidhm acu ar ghnáthimeachtaí lae ina bhfuil an mhatamaitic in úsáid. Thart ar 50 leathanaigh i ngach leabhar. © 2016 Údar: Gabrielle O’Rourke agus COGG Leabhar A: Leabhar B:

Aois: 9-11+ Aois: 9-11+

ISBN: 9781863978507 ISBN: 9781863978538 ISBN: 9781863978514 ISBN: 9781863978521

SET PRICES Numeracy (Set of 4): €75.00 Literacy (Set of 4): €75.00 Full Set (All 8 Books): €140.00

What to do Price: €15.95 Each when you can’t….. (5-Book) Series (2nd Ed.) This series of maths books by internationally recognised author Steve Chinn has been written for use by parents, teachers or students. It contains clear explanations of how to build key mathematical skills. Each book builds on what the student does know to teaching what is not known. The series uses effective learning methods often involving multi-sensory ideas. Students are encouraged to use speaking, listening, writing and seeing to build knowledge of these core mathematical skills. The set contains one copy each of ‘What to do when you can't add and subtract’; ‘What to do when you can't do the times tables’; ‘What to do when you can't multiply and divide’; ‘What to do when you can't tell the time’; ‘What to do when you can't do fractions, decimals and percentages’. Steve Chinn offers fresh ideas to learners who struggle with maths from his experience as a teacher of dyslexic students. © 2009 Ages: All Author: Steve Chinn What to do when you can’t…... ..Add & Subtract: Code: EP-0946 ..Learn Times Tables: Code: EP-0953 ..Multiply & Divide: Code: EP-0960 ..Do Fractions, Decimals & Percentages: Code: EP-0977 ..Tell The Time: Code: EP-0984

Set Price: €70

Pages: 149 Pages: 125 Pages: 100 Pages: 106 Pages: 75

Also See Pages: Dyscalculia Section - Page 40 MaLT Assessment - Page 6

ISBN: 9781906926519 ISBN: 9781906926526


Page 26

Page 26


Maths Rescue Series

Price: €20.00 Each - Activities for all students, including those with Specific Learning Difficulties, working at UPPER primary levels Created for classroom teachers, the focus of this series is on the reinforcement of "the basics" in maths, as well as providing activities aimed at developing understanding of mathematics concepts. Students with Specific Learning Difficulties experience a range of problems with their academic learning. These problems include word recognition and comprehension; coping with pages that are too cluttered and with too many differing requirements; being required to sequence, recall and apply strategies in abstract situations; being required to process information while working to meet deadlines; and having trouble with personal organisation with their schoolwork. Whilst the books in this series are designed for students with learning difficulties, they can be used as a simple and straightforward introduction to concepts or a reinforcement of mathematical strategies for the whole class. The books follow a basic format, with each activity usually containing a choice of two worksheets to cater for a range of ability levels. Age: 10+ © 2015 Author: Sandy Tasker Book 1: Number: Written Calculations ISBN: 9781863975643 Pages: 60 Set Price: €55 Book 2: Measurement, Chance and Data ISBN: 9781863975650 Pages: 52 Book 3: Number: Applications ISBN: 9781863975667 Pages: 48

Everyday Maths

Price: €20.00 Each

- Mathematics problems set in a real world context.

The activities in these books are designed to present real life problems to provide children with situations in which everyday maths comprehension skills are required. The tasks provide a foundation for the development of problem solving skills and strategies - students are required to manipulate facts presented in order to solve the problem. Also included is a list of photocopiable brainteasers that explore the idea of lateral thinking. © 2015 Author: Jane Bourke Set Price: €35 Book 2: Book 3:

Ages: 9-12+ Ages: 10-13

ISBN: 9781863971683 ISBN: 9781863971690

Pages: 40 Pages: 44

Real Life Maths

Price: €20.00 Each Exploring Mathematical Concepts in Practical Everyday Situations This series is designed to present students with "real life" contexts that require an understanding of a range of mathematical processes. Reluctant maths students will benefit from this book as all activities are designed to provide direct meaning rather than just being presented as a set of sums and number problems. The problems are designed to consolidate comprehension skills as well as mathematical processes and problem solving strategies. © 2015 Author: David J. Cohen Ages: 10+ Set Price: €35

Book 1: Book 2:

Working on Number and Algebra

Price: €20.00

This is the third book in the ‘Number Strategies’ series. It provides a range of activities to help students develop their mental skills and abilities when calculating with directed numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages. The aim is to show students that mathematics is flexible and that there are many ways to approach the same calculation. There is also an emphasis on using equations to solve real life problems as well as focus on exposing students to the concept that algebra is used to simplify our understanding of the world. Each section is preceded by extensive teacher notes which outline how to teach a new strategy. This book can assist with teachers’ lesson development and also help spark creativity in the mathematics classroom. © 2011 Author: Mirella Trimboli Ages: 11-13

ISBN: 9781863978293

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 60

ISBN: 9781863975933 ISBN: 9781863975940

Pages: 36 Pages: 36

Maths Reinforcers

Price: €25.00 Each This popular series is designed for students who need extra learning support. The many activities will help to build skills and understanding and are presented in a flexible and easy-to-use format. The worksheets can be used as quick ‘warm-ups’, as targeted activities for particular students, to engage groups, for homework, or for pre- and posttesting of various competencies. Answers are provided. The skills covered in each book are as follows: Book A: Number Skills; Book B: Fractions, Decimals & Percentages; Book C: Ratio, Proportion, Mass, Time, Plane Shapes, Length, Area & Volume; Book D: Algebra, Statistics & Probability. © 2011 Ages: 9-14+ Author: Richard Free Set Price: €80

Book A: Book B: Book C: Book D:

ISBN: 9781869686574 ISBN: 9781869686581 ISBN: 9781869686598 ISBN: 9781869686604


Pages: 72 Pages: 84 Pages: 88 Pages: 76

Fax: 045 409959

Page 27

Using Open-Ended Price: €21.95 Maths Tasks: High School We need to ask better questions to get better thinking from our students and this book is geared towards helping us do just that. Covering two basic age levels, 12-13 year-olds & 14-15 year-olds, the book is designed to help educators looking for a variety of strategies use short, innovative tasks based around the four main learning theories – Creative and Critical Thinking, Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys. Incorporating a substantive set of task cards covering Structure, Number, Space and Measurement and Chance and Data, this book facilitates better thinking skills and comprehension in the secondary-school maths classroom. © 2008 Author: John Wilson Ages: 12-15+

ISBN: 9781741707076

Pages: 101

Stretch, Bend & Boggle Price: €24.95 A week by week maths program for developing logic and problem-solving skills Are you sick of students moaning about homework? With Stretch, Bend Boggle, students will do their homework for fun! This book is a bumper collection of logic and mathematical problems to develop thinking skills and encourage brainT stretching and lateral thinking. Set in a BES R E SELL handy week-by-week format, these challenging and fun activities can be used as homework, extensions or class work. Ideal to extend advanced upper primary and lower-secondary students or to help middle secondary students develop their problem-solving skills. Allow Stretch, Bend Boggle to engage your students. © 2004 Author: Brian Stokes Ages: 11-17

ISBN: 9781741012446

Pages: 158

Maths Start-Ups Price: €21.95 - Independent Maths Activity Cards The activities in Maths Start-Ups are designed to help students practice math skills while gaining knowledge of the world they live in. The activities relate to fun and interesting facts from real life and cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and geometry. The cards in each subject area are numbered. In general, the level of challenge rises as the numbers get larger making this an ideal differentiating tool. Also included in the book is a student activity log, the answer to each activity and suggestions for use by the teacher. © 2003 Author: Scott McMorrow Ages: 8-12+

Page 27


ISBN: 9781741010077

Pages: 88

Thinking Maths

Price: €20.00 Each This three-book photocopiable series is important in any mathematics curriculum to place an emphasis on THINKING. The worksheets are rich with stimulating examples, diagrams and other illustrations and include correct mathematics terminology. Worksheets may be set by teachers as homework sheets, one per week, so as not to interfere too much with a tight school homework programme. With the help of this activity based resource, students will discover the amazing relevance of mathematics in the world around them. Book A and B are designed for students of average mathematical ability while Book C is for above average students. Age: 13-14+ © 2012 Author: Tom Sidebotham Set Price: €55 Book A: Book B: Book C:

ISBN: 9781927172346 ISBN: 9781927172353 ISBN: 9781927172360

Thinking Allowed

Pages: 52 Pages: 48 Pages: 56 Price: €24.95

-Thinking Tools for the Mathematics Classroom

The focus of education today is on using open-ended tasks to assist students’ development as strategic thinkers who work well in teams and embrace individual diversity. But how does this work in practice? Thinking Allowed shows how thinking can become part of the mathematics curriculum. It gives practical suggestions for applying thinking tools to classroom organisation, teaching and assessment with information on tools and theories such as: Bloom’s Taxonomy; Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences; Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys; De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats and more. © 2003 Author: Suzanne Gunningham Ages: 10-14

ISBN: 9781740259644

Pages: 118

Go Figure

Price: €15.00 Each This series is packed with activities that involve students in problem-solving and exploration. They all involve a ‘puzzle’, mathematical mystery or story which students have to work through to a solution. Watch your students rise to challenges such as: Deciding where to place camera detectors in an art gallery (Geometry); Installing a TV transmitter so it reaches all towns in the region (Measurement; Calculation). Activities emphasise problemsolving and exploration and are excellent for early finishers; for homework and for group work. © 2000 Ages: 11-14+ Author: John Thompson Set Price: €25

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781877260162 ISBN: 9781877260179


Pages: 40 Pages: 40

Page 28

Maths Motivators

Price: €20.00 Each Time pressures often dissuade teachers from incorporating activities into senior mathematics classrooms that are studentcentred or simply different from the “tried and true”. This photocopiable twobook series provides some respite from traditional textbook exercises by offering inspired and engaging approaches for introducing, teaching, revising and assessing core concepts in senior mathematics. Included are independent exercises to establish fundamental skills, collaborative activities to promote classroom discussion and further understanding, and revision assignments that will serve to highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses. Book A focuses on Algebra and Coordinate Geometry. Book B focuses on Non-linear Graphs and Calculus. © 2012 Ages: 14+ Author: Nicolla Eagar Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781927172186 ISBN: 9781927172193

Pages: 68 Pages: 64

Introduction to Calculus

Price: €20.00 Each This three-book comprehensive series has been developed to meet the needs of students who are exploring concepts in calculus. The activities have a problem solving focus and are accompanied with worked examples and partially worked examples. Teacher pages set out ways of introducing each activity, teaching ideas and methods of reinforcement. Each task is related to a concept in calculus and, as students move through the task, concepts become progressively more complex. Students can be encouraged to work co-operatively on problems by discussing the concepts presented in the books. Book A: Introducing Differentiation; Book B: Further Differential Calculus; Book C: Geometrical Applications of Differential Calculus. Ages: 16+ © 2009 Author: Jayanthi Viswanathan Set Price: €55 Book A: Book B: Book C:

ISBN: 9781869684174 ISBN: 9781869684488 ISBN: 9781869685447

Pages: 60 Pages: 48 Pages: 52

Practical Probability

Price: €20.00 This photocopiable resource has been developed to help students who are just coming to grips with understanding chance. Activities within the book encourage problem solving and co-operative work and are prefaced by teacher guidelines. All activities contain a range of challenges at different levels and the final section can be used for enrichment work with more capable students. © 2007 Author: John Thompson Ages: 12-17

Page 28


ISBN: 9781869684709

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 84

About Algebra

© 2007

Price: €20.00 Each This 3-book accessible resource uses methods of teaching and learning that will generate not only tangible success, but also interest and enthusiasm for algebra and mathematics. There are three books in the series: Book A: Spatial Relationships and Number Patterns; Book B: Graphing; Book C: Equations and Expressions. Each section in the books comprises a teachers page, which includes a plan for organisation and suggestions for implementation and student activity pages that use st u den t - cen t r ed , p rob lem- sol v in g approaches to cater for a variety of learning styles and classroom applications. Ages: 10-14 Author: Viv McGowan Set Price: €55

Book A: Book B: Book C:

ISBN: 9781869684723 ISBN: 9781869684730 ISBN: 9781869684747

Pages: 48 Pages: 44 Pages: 60

About Geometry

Price: €20.00 Each This two book series will help students to develop their knowledge about shape, space, symmetry and transformations. All activities contain a range of challenges at different levels and come with review tests, answers and self-assessment pages. Book A looks at shape and space and contains activities on scale diagrams, perpendiculars, bisectors, angles and lines, isometric drawings, 3D shapes and much more. Book B looks at symmetry and transformations and contains activities on making tangrams, dissections, tessellations, turning triangles into polygons and much more. © 2008 Ages: 10-14 Author: John Thompson Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869684815 ISBN: 9781869684822

Pages: 56 Pages: 56

About Statistics

Price: €20.00 Each This two-book series explores key learning areas in statistics with a series of clearly explained and well laid-out activities. Each activity is designed to stimulate problem-solving skills and co-operative work. Activities focus on accessible realworld examples and students are encouraged to explore new ideas, both with discussion and written language to increase their understanding of the concepts presented. All activities are accompanied by review tests, selfassessment pages and answers. © 2008 Ages: 10-14 Author: John Thompson Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869684785 ISBN: 9781869684792


Pages: 48 Pages: 44

Fax: 045 409959

Page 29


That’s Disgusting!

Price: €20.00

Science lessons that your kids won't forget Sweat, warts, hairballs, halitosis, vomit, earwax and blood. These are just some of the gruesome but important educational topics covered in That's Disgusting. Each topic is delivered in a clear and humorous way and is designed T BES R E to make students enjoy and remember L L SE science lessons for years to come. Full to the brim with foul facts, grotesque gossip and practical activities to get your students involved in science, this is a teacher resource that you shouldn't be without. © 2015 Author: Fiona Rayns Ages: 9-13

ISBN: 9781863977739

Pages: 60

Science Writing Skills

Price: €20.00 The Applied Literacy - Writing Skills series has been designed to give students the skills they need to write essays, prepare speeches, create pamphlets and more. The text types presented in this book can be applied to a broad range of science topics. While the topic words may require adjustment for each topic, the functional vocabulary, models and detailed structures can be used in all content areas. Various written formats are appropriate when assessing outcomes. The material in this book can be copied for students as each text type is presented with the necessary literacy functions to ensure student writing is detailed, on task and well structured. See Full Applied Literacy series on Page 20. © 2012 Author: Jenny Dove Ages: Secondary

ISBN: 9781927172230

Pages: 56

Independent Science Challenges

€24.95 Fascinating Sci ence Proj ects to Challenge and Extend Able Students Independent Science Challenges: are standalone, long-term, in-depth, open-ended science research projects designed to challenge and extend students. This is an excellent science resource that incorporates a high-level, thinking skills approach to over 40 interesting and sometimes controversial topics such as: Global warming Nuclear Power - Tsunamis - GM Food - Cloning - Weapons of Mass Destruction - Evolution - And Many More! The challenges are great learning experiences because they can be differentiated to suit your students using multiple intelligences and learning styles. The book is overflowing with curriculum-relevant, creative ideas that cover a balance of scientific disciplines and is user-friendly for both teachers and students. © 2006 Author: Charlotte Samiec Ages: 7-15

ISBN: 9781741016178

Forensic Science

Price: €20.00 Practical science activities designed to capture students’ imagination and promote analytical thinking This book contains a range of simple, fun, hands-on activities requiring simple science materials that are readily available in most homes and schools. Tasks cater for both group work and independent learners. Sections focus on examining lip prints, fingerprints, teeth prints, blood drops, DNA, handwriting, identikit pictures, lie detectors, mystery substances, shoe prints and much more. The book's humorous approach makes it a popular resource for any classroom. Where relevant, teachers' notes, extension ideas and useful websites have been included. © 2015 Author: Fiona Rayns

Ages: 10-13+

ISBN: 9781863976121

Pages: 60

Body Science Series

Price: €20.00 Each Children love to learn about the workings of their own body. Body Science delivers this learning through simple explanations and related activities that allow students to discover the complexities of the human body. Book 1 focuses on the working body covering topics such as body systems, sense organs, basic gen et ics an d th e grow t h an d d e v e lo p m en t o f h u m an s fr o m conception to old age. Book 2 focuses on dealing with diseases, the role of the immune system and brain structure and function. This series is intended for upper primary levels and beyond. Set Price: €35 © 2015 Ages: 10+ Author: Sally Young

Book 1: Book 2:

ISBN: 9781863977395 ISBN: 9781863977401

Pages: 56 Pages: 48

Balloon Science Price: €20.00 Innovative and Creative Science Activities With Balloons Balloon Science is an extremely valuable resource that uses balloons to simulate and describe important concepts in science. There is a huge range of different activities which cover real world contexts by exploring the science behind these concepts. Important science ideas that are covered by this resource are: Newton’s Third Law of Motion - Diffusion in Liquids and Gases - Investigation in Static Electricity - Waves of Sound - Static Fluid Pressure - Soap Bubbles - Pascal’s Principle - Heat and its Powers - Buoyancy and Archimedes’ Principle - Universe. To extend students each activity has very interesting and relevant further investigations which are related to the topic and are applied to real world situations. © 2008 Author: Ormiston Walker

Pages: 110 Ages: 10-14

Page 29

ISBN: 9781869685454


Pages: 59

Page 30


Historical Challenges

Price: €20.00 Each These two photocopiable resource books provide information and engaging activitybased challenges that will enable students to develop an understanding of a range of key historical topics, movements and events. Each topic is presented as a question. Book A contains 19 topics, including: Which people developed the first civilization? Why are the ancient Egyptians important? In what ways did the Romans leave their mark? What was the Renaissance? Why were there voyages of discovery? What was the Industrial Revolution? What was the War to end all Wars? Book B contains 9 topics and a revision test. Topics include: Who was Gandhi? Why did communism fall? Who is Mandela and what was his role in South Africa? What wars have there been since 1945? Key environmental issues 1945-2000. © 2009 Ages: 10-12+ Author: John Brundall Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869686239 ISBN: 9781869686246

Pages: 56 Pages: 47

Climate Change

Price: €20.00 Each - Cool Ideas for a Hot Planet This series provides comprehensive information, activities and scientific investigations covering all major issues associated with climate change and global warming. Global warming and its current and predicted future impacts on the planet, represents one of the greatest challenges facing mankind. Each book contains 23 activities covering a broad range of topics on global warming - Book A includes: Weather & Climate; The Atmosphere; In the Greenhouse and Oceans. Book B includes Carbon Cycle; Climate in Ages Past; Biological Effects of Climate Change; Geographical and Social Effects of Climate Change and "Emission Impossible". © 2009 Ages: 11-14+ Author: Veronica Armstrong Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

ISBN: 9781869685676 ISBN: 9781869685683

Acting Locally, Thinking Globally

Pages: 60 Pages: 52 Price: €20.00

The resources provides teachers with material about “saving the environment” in a practical way, suitable for the students to actually use. It provides specific things that students can do and changes they can make which require only a minimum amount of time and effort, but, set within a background of facts and ideas, can be very beneficial in to the environment and also to their education. In the school curriculum, these practical actions can be tied into subject areas such as the social sciences, science, maths, geography and environmental studies. © 2009 Author: John Brundall Ages: 9-14+

ISBN: 9781869686079

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 84

Integrating Thinking in Ancient & Medieval History

Page 30

Price: €31.95

Includes an overview of Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and a clear explanation of Bloom's Taxonomy of thinking skills with a range of high-interest History activities. These activities are fresh, original and of relevance to contemporary students. Areas studied include: Ancient China; Medieval History; General History; Ancient Africa; Religion; Ancient Rome; Ancient Civilisations; Archaeology; Society; Asia; Culture; Chronology; Study of History and Mesopotamia. © 2007 Authors: Imogene Forte & Sandra Schurr Ages: 9+

ISBN: 9781741018806

Pages: 122

My Multicultural Classroom

Price: €20.00 With the steady stream of immigrants, our classrooms can develop a microclimate of different cultures and beliefs. Misunderstandings of these different cultures can bring intolerance, isolation and communication breakdowns. This book is organised into lively and informal activity sessions that draw students’ attention to the many things that make us culturally different and the things that unite us. It will help students to develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity and help to promote and build a supportive and inclusive environment. © 2008 Author: Peter Clutterbuck Ages: 9-14

ISBN: 9781869684808

Pages: 60

Eco World Savers Series

Price: €20.00 Each The series aims to create awareness of contemporary issues so students will better understand the possible consequences and challenges that lie ahead for human society. By providing an extensive range of facts across a wide range of environmental topics, the crosscurricular series provides a broad knowledge base of global environmental issues, as well as supplying photocopiable student worksheet tasks in addition to hundreds of suggested learning activities in language, maths, science, social studies, research skills and more. Diverse, broad, and relevant, the Eco World Savers series is an ideal entry point to study of these increasingly important issues. 48 Pages per Book © 2011 Ages: 11+ Authors: Liz Foxwell, Les Roy, C. Moorcroft & M. Watson Set Price: €75

Recycling: Global Warming: Sustainable Development: World Energy Issues: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Eco World Savers Set (5 Books):


ISBN: 9781869686680 ISBN: 9781869686659 ISBN: 9781869686673 ISBN: 9781869686697 ISBN: 9781869686666 CODE: UF719 (€75)

Fax: 045 409959

Page 31

Physical Education Games Price: €20.00 for 10-18 Year Olds| (Book 3) This book has been designed with the aim of improving student fitness, using a wide range of fun team games and activities. It contains over 40 games that can be used with either a whole class or smaller groups. Also included are comprehensive sets of skill drills that develop ball handling techniques. The activities aim to: Promote team skills; Develop leadership skills; Increase heart rate; Develop muscle tone; Improve hand-eye and foot-eye coordination; Provide opportunities for social interaction; Reduce the risk of childhood obesity. All activities contain notes on equipment and space needed, time allocated, skills covered and instructions for the game. Where possible a diagram has been included. The book is a valuable resource for any teacher who wants to foster an interest in outdoor team challenges among students. © 2006 Authors: Tony & Tim Abbotts Age: 10-18

ISBN: 9781863976718

Life Fit Series

Price: €20.00 Each - Activities to foster an active lifestyle For 11-13 Year Olds (Book 3) This is Book 3 in a series aimed at promoting healthy patterns of activity that encourage children to take an active and responsible outlook on their well being. In a time when the number of overweight children is on the increase and health problems are becoming more prevalent, the introduction of regular, enjoyable and varied forms of exercise is of paramount importance. The use of this book will assist teachers in doing this through the utilisation of the following curriculum components that are contained in the book: Warm-ups/Stretches Aerobics; Fun Runs; Obstacle Courses; Parachute Games; Relays; Aerobics; Partner Activities; Vigorous Games; Circuits. © 2015 Authors: Paul Larkin and Tony Abbotts Age: 11-13

Price: €20.00 - A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Team Sports Designed to help teachers take successful team sports regardless of prior knowledge or skill level. There are 28 ready-to-use lesson plans that cover 9 major team sports: Soccer, Basketball, Badminton, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Netball, Hockey, Softball and Frisbee. There are also separate lesson plans on general large ball and small ball skills. Each lesson plan includes a comprehensive description of the lesson, including skills, drills and activities, explained in both written and diagram form, plus instructions on games that reinforce the skills learnt in the lesson. The level of detail provided makes the book ideal for the non-specialist, or for relieving teachers. © 2003 Author: Nick Batcheler

Pages: 52

Learning to Teach Physical Price: €38.95 Education in the Secondary School - A companion to School experience, 4th Edition This fourth edition has been revised and updated in light of the latest research evidence and practice in relation to teaching and learning, and changes in policy and practice within initial teacher education. Key topics covered include: Starting out as a teacher; Planning and evaluation for effect ive learn in g and t each in g; Communication in PE; Lesson organisation and management; Motivating pupils for learning in PE; Assessment for and of learning; Inclusive approaches to teaching PE; Learner-centred teaching and physical literacy; Teaching safely and safety in PE; Developing your own knowledge, skills and understanding. © 2015 By: Susan Capel & Margaret Whitehead Ages: Secondary

ISBN: 9781877260018

ISBN: 9781863973472

Pages: 64

The Essential PE Handbook

Ages: 9-13

Page 31


ISBN: TF-8599

Pages: 334

Pages: 48

Health and PE Writing Skills

Price: €20.00 Provides a complete learning module on fitness for PE students. The information and investigation activity sheets are based on up -to-date scientific concepts/methodology presented in an accessible and easy-tofollow way. Students work through structured activities as they investigate their own fitness levels and then design and complete a training programme that is relevant to their own sport or leisure pursuit. Contains sections on energy sources, fitness components, heart rate & fitness, measuring fitness and exercise & training. Previously titled: Think Fit Toolkit A & B © 2007 Author: Alan Walmsley

Price: €20.00 The activities presented in this book are designed for application within the various stages of Health & PE. Scaffolds and vocabulary lists are set out for easy photocopying and can be used as generic scaffolds or subject specific scaffolds. It is recommended when introducing content based writing, students are provided with vocabulary, scaffolds, and models demonstrating the outcome of their writing. These necessary writing tools are included for each text type presented in this book. Other books in this Applied Literacy - English Writing Skills series - see page 20. © 2012 Author: Alan Walmsley

Ages: 11-15

Ages: 11-15

Think Fit

ISBN: 9781869684136

Pages: 64

ISBN: 9781927172247


Pages: 68

Page 32

How To Reach & Teach Teenagers with ADHD

Price: €44.95

A step-by-step Guide to overcoming difficult behaviours at School and at Home

This comprehensive resource is packed with tested, up-to-date information and techniques to help teachers, counsellors and parents understand and manage adolescents with attention deficit disorder, including step-by-step procedures for behavioural intervention at school and home and reproducible handouts, checklists and recordkeeping forms. The ten chapters include Medical/Clinical Interventions, Family Issues for ADHD Teens, Educational Issues, Network of Support, and more. This book is one of the most practical and complete resources available for understanding the nature and treatment of attention deficit disorder and helping Adolescents with ADHD control difficult behaviours and overcome related social and academic problems. © 2000 Author: Grad L. Flick, Ph.D. Ages: Teen

Page 32


Code: WLY-2021

Pages: 428

Successfully Managing ADHD

Price: €34.95 - A Handbook for SENCOs and Teachers Behaviour issues in general, and ADHD in particular, is always a high priority in schools. Teachers are constantly searching for practical guidance on how to manage learners who find it difficult to concentrate and stay on task for any length of time, sometimes presenting challenging behaviour in the classroom and disrupting learning for other students. Fintan O’Regan provides a userfriendly resource for busy teachers, showing them how to offer practical and effective strategies and models of good practice to practitioners, and signposting further sources of information. A highly user-friendly resource. © 2014 Author: Fintan O’Regan

Strategies for Teaching Price: €29.95 Adolescents with ADHD - Effective Classroom Techniques Across the Content Areas Written by an expert in the field of ADHD, this important resource offers strategies to teach adolescents with ADHD across all core content areas: English Language Arts, Maths, Science, and Social Studies. These strategies have been classroom-tested and proven to engage students during content instruction so that they will gain a lasting understanding of the material taught. As students interact with the content - talk, write, draw, and create a variety of media in relation to the content - all students, including those with ADHD, will learn the basics necessary for post-secondary education and employment. © 2009 Author: Silvia L. DeRuvo Ages: 13+

Code: WL-4671

Helping Kids and Teens With ADHD in School

Pages: 176 Price: €24.95

- A Workbook for Classroom Support and Managing Transitions This fun and interactive workbook is aimed at actively engaging young people with ADHD and supporting them as they negotiate the pitfalls of growing-up and the transition to secondary or high school. Using tried-and-tested strategies and top tips, this fully-photocopiable workbook will T help adults to work collaboratively with BES R E SELL young people to learn, test strategies, set goals and develop comprehensive support plans around individual needs. © 2009 Authors: Joanne Steer & Kate Horstmann Ages: 11-13+

Code: JK-6630

Pages: 208

ADHD: What Can Teachers Do?

Providing 100 practical ideas to enhance and develop learning, this is a resourceful guide for anyone working to support pupils with ADHD. Each idea within has been successfully tried and tested in the classroom. Ideas range from preparing to teach the ADHD child to helping develop the child’s social skills and self esteem. It provides new ideas and information on how to develop a better understanding of ADHD. It is a book for using as a reference rather than reading from cover to cover. © 2008 Authors: Geoff Kewley & Pauline Latham

Price: €27.50 Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a ‘made-up’ term? Is it simply an excuse for bad behaviour? How do children with ADHD really experience school? This practical teacher’s guide dispels all the myths and gets down to the facts about ADHD. It explores the nitty-gritty of what you need to know in order to help the children in your class to cope with this complex condition. This fully revised second edition gives an overview of the disorder based on the broad internationally recognised approach to ADHD, which takes account of its biological as well as environmental elements. It includes: Real -life classroom scenarios and case studies of specific children; Practical management strategies for both teachers and parents; An exploration of prevailing attitudes to ADHD; Advice on initial diagnosis and ongoing assessment. © 2010 Author: Geoff Kewley

Ages: All

Ages: All

Ages: All

Code: TF-7708

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with ADHD

Code: BL-6607

Tel: 045 409322

Pages: 90 Price: €18.50

Pages: 168

Code: TF-2027


Pages: 106

Fax: 045 409959

Page 33


Social Skills Picture Book for High School and Beyond

Price: €47.50

Winner of an iParenting Media Award in the US, this picture book appeals to the visual strengths of students on the autism spectrum, with colour photos of students demonstrating various social skills in the correct (and sometimes incorrect) way. The skills depicted are meant to be read, role-played, corrected when necessary, role-played some more and, finally, to be practiced by the student in real -life social situations. “Thought bubbles” show what people are thinking during these interactions (not always what you hoped!). Practical, engaging, and down-to-earth, this is a valuable visual tool to help teens navigate the oftenmysterious rules of social conduct in everyday situations. © 2006 Author: Jed Baker, Ph.D. Ages: Secondary

Code: FH-6535

Pages: 177

Social Skills Training

Price: €56.50 In this comprehensive and user-friendly book, the author translates years of experience working with students with Asperger’s Syndrome and socialcommunication difficulties. Introductory chapters feature skills to target, instructional strategies, behaviour T management, and promoting generalisation. BES R E SELL But the essence of this must-have resource is the inclusive skill section: 70 skills that often cause difficulty for individuals with autism and socialcommunication problems. The presentation of each skill consists of a reproducible skill handout, as well as activity sheets listing ways teachers and parents can demonstrate, practice, and reinforce the skill in the classroom and at home. A concluding chapter on promoting peer acceptance offers sensitivity training programs for both students of various age groups and school staff, making this a complete social skills training package for students of all ages. © 2003 Author: Jed E. Baker, Ph.D Ages: All

Exploring Feelings

Price: €23.50 Each This two-book programme was designed as a treatment for an anxiety disorder or anger management problem in children with Asperger’s syndrome . The world renowned author has designed the programme so that it may be used by a qualified psychologist, teacher, speech pathologist, occupational therapist or a parent and does not necessitate having training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Each book contains 6 separate sessions. © 2002 Ages 8-Early Adolescence Author: Tony Attwood

Page 33

Code: AAPC-2208

Pages: 235

Survival Guide for Kids with Price: €18.95 Autism Spectrum Disorders (and their Parents!) Meant to be read with a parent, this book addresses questions (“What is ASD?” “Why me?”) and provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Body and brain basics highlight symptom management, exercise, diet, hygiene, relaxation, sleep, and toileting. Emphasis is placed on helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviours and get support from family and their helpers when needed. Includes stories from real kids, fact boxes, helpful checklists, and resources. Authors: Elizabeth Verdick & Elizabeth Reeve © 2012

Set Price: €45

Anger: Anxiety:

Code: FH-5218 Code: FH-5225

Pages: 79 Pages: 79

Social Skills Activities for Price: €33.95 Secondary Students with Special Needs (2nd. Ed.)

Ages: 8-13+

Code: FS-3852

Pages: 240

Life Skills Activities for Price: €33.95 Secondary Students with Special Needs (2nd. Ed.)

This practical resource for teachers offers an exciting collection of 200 ready-to-use worksheets to help adolescents build the social skills they need to interact effectively with others and learn how to apply these skills to various real-life settings, situations and problems. The book provides 20 complete teaching units focusing on basic social skills, such as being a good listener, "reading" other people and using common sense. Designed as a self-contained programme, the book outlines a flexible, ready-to-use approach (complete with reproducible activities) to help students learn and put in to practice appropriate ways to behave among others. © 2009 Author: Darlene Mannix

Ready-to-use lessons for teaching basic life skills to adolescents with special needs This book offers teachers and parents a unique collection of more than 200 worksheets to help adolescents with special needs build the life skills they need to achieve independence and succeed in everyday life. The book provides 22 complete teaching units focusing on basic life skills such as handling money, succeeding at school, using the Internet safely, getting and keeping a job, and much more. The book contains 90 reproducible worksheets for teaching students how to apply these life skills to real-life situations. Includes complete teaching units with reproducible worksheets and discussion questions that teach basic life skills. © 2010 Author: Darlene Mannix

Ages: 11-16+

Ages: 11-16+

Code: WLY-9368

Pages: 360

Code: WLY-9399


Pages: 544

Page 34


Writing & Developing Social Stories - 2nd Edition (2016)

Price: €46.50

- Practical Interventions in Autism This practical resource provides an introduction to the theory and practice of writing social stories. In addition, there are examples of successful stories to use as guides, as well as information and photocopiable resources for delivering training on the use of social stories. Based on detailed work carried out in homes, schools and pre-schools, this book offers practical support to anyone meeting the needs of a child or young adult with an autistic spectrum disorder, and with staff supporting adults with autism. This 2nd edition has been thoroughly revised and updated throughout. © 2016 Author: Caroline Smith Ages: 3-16

Code: SM-0186

Prices: €60.95 / €69.95 Time Timers are suitable for timing all schedules including lessons, break times, exams, oral-motor tasks etc. The Timers have no annoying ticking. Here's how: pull down the red disc and as time passes, the red disc goes away indicating the amount of time that has passed and the amount that remains - 60-minute maximum timing interval. The Time Timer is made of durable, robust, lightweight plastic, has safety rounded edges and a removable base that enables it to hang on a wall. There are two sizes available: Regular (approx. 17.5cm X 17.5cm) and Personal (approx. 7.5cm X 9cm). Each Timer is powered by one AA Battery (included). Code: PE-11491 Code: PE-11490

Picture This Pro CD

Price: €69.95 Price: €60.95

Price: €119.95 (incl. Vat) Picture This... Pro, with over 5,000 photos, contains a powerful formatting program which allows you to print any size card, a phonetic and word search engine, plus many other features. Any of add-on photo collection CDs can be used alone or combined with Picture This... Pro. It contains an easy-to-use program that allows you to format photos into various size flash cards with or without text. You can also create lotto boards with different coloured borders. In addition, you can easily add your own words or sentences so that the cards will be tailored to your student's needs. It contains over 5,000 high-resolution photos shot against a plain background. The photos are sorted into categories including: actions, animals, bathroom, bedroom, body, buildings, chores, clothing, colours, electronics, emotions, food, furniture, health, holidays, household, kitchen, music, nature, opposites, people, places, prepositions, rooms, school, sequences, shapes, sports, time, tools, toys, travel & vehicles. Ages: 3+ Code: PTPRO Type: Software

Tel: 045 409322

The New Social Story Book

Price: €41.50 Carol Gray’s world-famous Social Stories have helped thousands of children with ASD. This 15th Anniversary Edition of her best-selling book offers ready-to-use stories that parents and educators have depended on for years, and new sections added are: How to most effectively use and apply the stories; How to improve the lives of younger children; Social Stories for teens and adults with autism. Developed through years of experience, these strategically written stories explain social situations in ways children and adults with autism understand, while teaching social skills needed for them to be successful at home, school, work, and in the community. © 2015 Author: Carol Gray Ages: All

Code: FH-5166

Pages: 480 + CD

Pages: 120

Time Timers

Size: Regular Size: Personal

Page 34

Tasks Galore (Red): For the Real World

Price: €54.95

Prepare your older students, adolescen t s an d adu lt s for independence in the home, school, community or workplace. The Introduction Section describes a process for developing and teaching functional goals. Colourful photo pages present task ideas in: Domestic Skills; Vocational Skills; Independent Living Skills; Job Sites & School Transition Ideas. © 2004 Authors: L Eckenrode, P Fennell & K Hearsey Ages: All

Code: TG-6018

Pages: 63

Velcro: Price: €69.95 (2 X 25 Metre Rolls - Hook & Loop) (incl. Vat) In the construction of ‘Schedule B o a r d s ’ f or s t u d en t s w i t h communication disorders Velcro is a regularly used accessory. In this set you get one 25 metre roll of VELCRO SPECIAL Velcro Loop (soft) and one 25 metre roll of Velcro Hook (hard) - white, 20mm wide. Ages: All

Code: VEL-25W-H&L

Type: Velcro

Laminating Pouches:

Prices from: €29.95 (100 Pouches per Pack) (incl. Vat) Laminating pouches are very useful when constructing ‘Schedule Boards’ for students with communication disorders. These 250 g/m high quality pouches will add longevity to all your cards, flashcards, photos, certificates, etc. Laminating pouches can be used for many other functions in the school or classroom. NB: Thermal Laminating Machine required.

Size: A4 Size: A3

Code: OD-3385555 Code: OD-3385897

Price: €29.95 Price: €60.00

BUY 3 - GET A 4TH BOX FREE [Cheapest Box Free]


Fax: 045 409959

Page 35


The Communication Toolkit Price: €43.95 - Assessing & Developing Social Communication Skills in Children & Adolescents This book is packed with practical, userfriendly resources for use with young people who have social and com mu n ic at ion d iffi cu lt ies. Th e accessible worksheets cover subjects such as: Self-concept & self-esteem; Body language & facial expressions; T S E B ER Aw areness of self an d others; SELL Relationship skills; Conversational & listening skills; Feeling safe and staying in control. Contains guidance and notes for professionals as well as photocopiable worksheets. A varied and appealing resource that SLTs, teachers, psychologists and behaviour support workers will find invaluable. © 2009 Author: Belinda Medhurst

Asperger Syndrome

Price: €29.95

- A Practical Guide for Teachers (2nd Edition)

This revised edition is a clear and concise guide to effective classroom practice. It is designed for teachers and assistants supporting children with Asperger Syndrome (AS) in mainstream schools and other non-specialist settings. With examples of innovative strategies and approaches to facilitate progress in learning. This new edition seeks to inform professionals meeting a child with AS for the first time and equip them with effective educational and behavioural intervention strategies. ©2010 Authors: Val Cumine, Julia Leach and Gill Stevenson

100 Ideas for Supporting Price: €18.50 Pupils on the Autistic Spectrum This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with autistic children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Ideas range from developing pupils understanding and communication skills to ensuring they are comfortable within their learning environment. Chapters include: Enhancing Understanding - Enabling Communication - Developing Social Skills - Creating the Right Environment - Teaching Coping Strategies - Tackling the curriculum - Encouraging Flexibility - Summary of key points. © 2007 Author: Francine Brower Age: All

Code: TF-3711

Code: BL-4214

Pages: 128

Autism… Price: €41.95 What Does It Mean to Me? (2nd Edition) This photocopiable workbook is all about self-awareness and life lessons for kids with ASD. Each chapter in this popular book is divided in two parts: the first part the Workbook, is for the child to complete, by writing or highlighting "What is True for Me" in lists of simple statements. The second part "For Parents and Teachers" contains helpful tips/ information to guide the child through the exercises. The book provides insight into the child's mind, and makes him/ her more self aware, learning what autism means in relation to crucial areas of his/her life: friendships, fears, abilities, and much more. This edition has a new chapter on happiness. © 2014 Author: Catherine Faherty Ages: All

Ages: All

Page 35

Code: FH-74919

Pages: 350

Pages: 112

The Little Book of Autism

Teaching Children with Price: €24.95 Autism to Mind-Read - The WORKBOOK

Price: €13.50 This teacher’s guide will allow anyone who lives or works with children with challenging behaviour, behaviour problems, learning difficulties or on the autism spectrum to see the world as they do, and develop strategies for managing and understanding autism effectively. It peers through the ‘Autism Lens’, allowing us to understand autism effect change in terms of the way we deal with autism as a society and in education. It delivers evidence-based support and strategies that enable us to develop young people’s abilities to interact with the social world, removing much of the anxiety that often accompanies it. An essential read for anyone working with children, and young people on the autistic spectrum and it will also prove to be a useful parents’ guide to their child’s mental health and emotional well-being. © 2013 Author: Dr. Samantha Todd

This workbook expands upon the authors Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read: A Practical Guide to present the most effective approaches, strategies, and practical guidelines to help alleviate social and communication problems in individuals with ASD. It answers the need for more training of professionals in early interventions for children assessed with ASD. Written by a team of experts in the field, it covers issues such as how to interpret facial expressions; how to recognise feelings of anger, sadness, fear and happiness; how to perceive how feelings are affected by what happens and what is expected to happen; how to see things from another person’s perspective; and how to understand another person’s knowledge and beliefs. © 2015 Authors: Patricia Howlin, Simon Baron-Cohen & Julie Hadwin

Age: All

Ages: All

Code: CH-5089

Pages: 224

Practical Guide:

Code: WLY-3245 Also Available: Code: WLY-6233


Pages: 160 €43.95

Page 36


Social and Life Skills (Cards & CD)

Price: €34.95 (incl. Vat) Cards of games and activities that are not only fun but will also develop social and life skills at the same time These carefully selected games, in card and/or CD format, involve roleplay situations, discussion and working in groups. The skills and areas covered are many and varied, such as: Aspirations - Awareness of Others - Cooperation - Concentration - Creative Thinking Determination - Developing Trust - Differences of Opinion - Empathy - Giving Feedback - Goal-setting Honesty - Improving - Relationships - Listening. Set contains: 20 Cards and a CD - in a robust storage tin. © 2013 Creator: E.A. Morris Ages: 11-16

Code: LF-7008

Social Skills Price: €37.50 (incl. Vat) Board Games (Set of 6 Board Games) This enjoyable set models good social skills and behaviour. The six games are: Morals; Manners; Empathy; Friendship; Showing emotions; and Managing emotions. Each game supports the development of social and emotional skills. Contains 6 cardboard game boards (30x42cm), 20 counters and a dice. © 2009 Creator: Smart Kids Ages: 6-15

Code: SK-1341

Feelings & Emotions Cards

Price: €29.95 (incl. Vat) This set of 50 durable A5 colour cards have a photographic feelings or emotions image on one side and activities for enquiry in class, group/ talk-partner discussion or circle time on the other. Themes cover a diverse range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness. Ages: 6-15 © 2013 Code: SK-9156 50 Double-Sided Cards

Personal & Emotional Skills Price: €38.95 Board Games (Set of 6 Board Games) (incl. Vat) These six competitive and fun games develop children’s social awareness in a vibrant, enjoyable format teaching essentials for learning and life. Instructions are printed on the game boards so will never be lost. Games: Getting On; Good to be Me; Changes; Keeping Calm; Going for Goals and Say NO to Bullying. Contains 6 cardboard game boards (30x42cm), 20 counters and a dice. Ages: 6-15

© 2013

Tel: 045 409322

Code: SK-9170

Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School

Page 36

Price: €41.50 Each

- Lesson Plans, Activities and Blended Teaching Activities to Help Your Students Succeed

Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School provides teachers with: Lesson plans with activities that can be adapted for students of all ages; Reproducible skill pages; Techniques for "blending" the teaching of social skills into academic lessons in reading, writing, maths and social studies; Ideas for using bulletin board displays and individual student graphs to motivate and monitor behaviour; Strategies for increasing parent support. More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School has 35 new lesson plans with activities to help you teach valuable social skills to students! Use this workbook to introduce a range of social skills, from the basic (following instructions and listening to others) to the complex (advocating for oneself and setting long-term goals). An ideal companion to Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School, this workbook also features a CD with reproducible worksheets and skill posters (to hang in classrooms). © 2005/09 Ages: All Author: Hensley, Burke et al. Set Price: €79.50

Tools: More Tools:

Code: BTP-0228 Code: BTP-0044

Pages: 293 + CD Pages: 285 + CD

Teaching Social Skills to Youth (3rd Ed.)

€44.95 This updated and enhanced 3rd edition features the step-by-step component behaviours to 183 skills form the basic (following instructions and introducing yourself) to the complex (managing stress and resolving conflict). Opening chapters explain the individual and group teaching techniques that enable you to recognise when where or with whom to use a particular skill. It shows how to plan skill-based treatment interventions for youth with difficult problems such as substance abuse, aggression, running away, depression or ADD. Includes: * CD that helps search for social skills by title/category/problem behaviour * Index that cross references the 183 skills to the Six Pillars of Character: Respect - Responsibility - Trustworthiness Fairness - Caring - Citizenship. References to and information from the latest research findings. © 2016 Authors: Jeff Tierney, Erin Green & Tom Dowd Ages: 12+

Code: BTP-9070

Pages: 310 + CD

Asperger Syndrome Price: €12.50 - What Teachers Need to Know This second edition gives a summary of up-todate information on AS, describing the characteristics to look out for, and offering simple practical strategies for adapting to the educational needs of students with AS. It answers key questions such as 'Am I qualified to teach this AS child?' & 'How can I help him/her to learn?'. © 2011 Authors: Matt Winters & Clare Lawrence Ages: All

Code: JK-5203


Pages: 138

Fax: 045 409959

Page 37


Talkabout Series

Price: €49.95 Each The Talkabout series is an extremely successful, hierarchical approach to teaching social skills. Talkabout for Teenagers is ideal for all professionals working with teenagers with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. This practical resource provides ready-made material for running social and relationship skills groups with older children and young adults. Each module includes a teaching plan with worksheets and photocopiable resources and includes a short assessment to highlight the module that is most appropriate to teach and the skills within that module that are relevant. A short guide to running successful social skills groups, for example, the numbers for each group, group rules, developing group cohesion, how to set up a role play are also provided. TALKABOUT for Adults - Developing Self Awareness & Self Esteem is a practical resource to help therapists or support staff to develop selfawareness and self-esteem in adults. It has been particularly aimed at adults with an intellectual disability (learning disability) or older children with special needs. It has been adapted from the Talkabout for Children: Developing Self-awareness and Selfesteem book to be suitable for an older audience. The Talkabout Book (Red) is the second edition of the original solo title and this new edition incorporates all of the material that previously presented in the book Talkabout Activities. Ages: Teen-Adult Author: Alex Kelly Talkabout (2nd Edition): Code: SM-0154 Teenagers: Code: SM-6578 Adults: Code: SM-8993 Also available in the Talkabout Series: Talkabout Sex and Relationships (1) Talkabout DVD Talkabout Game Talkabout Assessment CD Talkabout Laminated Posters - Set of 16 Talkabout Cards: Group Cohesion Talkabout Cards: Self Awareness Talkabout Cards: Who am I? Talkabout Book (2nd Edition) Talkabout Relationships Talkabout for Children: Self/Self-Awareness Talkabout for Children: Social Skills Talkabout for Children: Friendship Skills

Pages: 240 Pages: 240 Pages: 216

€49.95 €47.95 (incl. Vat) €73.95 (incl. Vat) €32.50 (incl. Vat) €79.95 (incl. Vat) €39.95 (incl. Vat) €39.95 (incl. Vat) €41.50 (incl. Vat) €49.95 €49.95 €49.95 €49.95 €49.95

The 50 Best Games for Price: €12.50 Speech & Language Development This handy pocketbook is full of fun and easy-touse games and activities to help develop language skills in children. The tried-and-tested games and activities focus on: Listening skills; Sound production; Sentence formation; Understanding concepts and much more. © 2008 Author: Maria Monschein Ages: 5-16

Code: HH-1133

Pages: 64

Page 37

Social Skills Training for Price: €24.95 Adolescents with General Moderate LD This set of imaginative social skills development workshops for teachers is based on many years’ successful social skills work with children and adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and other moderate learning difficulties. Using a multi-sensory cognitive-behavioural approach, the sessions cover pre– and post-intervention evaluation schedules, interview and observation tools and specifications of materials that can be used and adapted by teachers. Educators, parents and carers of adolescents with Asperger Syndrome, general learning difficulties or other behavioural problems will welcome this book’s practical examples and useful tips on how to set up and run training sessions that help teenagers to increase their self-confidence and develop skills in social interaction, communication and conflict resolution. © 2003 Authors: Ursula Cornish & Fiona Ross Ages: Adolescent

Code: JK-0179

Pages: 210

101 Games for Social Skills

Price: €23.95 This invaluable Jenny Mosley book is packed with creative and dynamic games that will help children to develop positive relationships. There are 2 sections in the book. The first part includes games that teach: Looking; Listen in g; Sp eakin g; Th inkin g an d Concentration Skills. The second consolidates the 5 skill areas and provides opportunities for children to apply them in different social contexts. All activities have been tried, tested and thoroughly enjoyed! They are suitable for schools, youth groups, young adults groups, health departments and social services. © 2003 Author: Jenny Mosley & Helen Sonnet Ages: All

Code: LD-3702

Pages: 144

Other Titles Available in this Series: 101 Games for Self-Esteem: LD-3511 €23.95 101 Games for Better Behaviour: LD-4013 €23.95 101 Activities to Help….. …..Children get on Together: LD-4709 €23.95

Social Skills for Teens and Price: €17.50 Adults with Asperger Syndrome - A Practical Guide to Day-to-Day Life This resource provides practical strategies for helping teenagers and adults with Asperger Syndrome to navigate social skills, friendships and relationships at home and in the community. The chapters are structured around real-life scenarios and the challenges they present, followed by step-by-step solutions and suggestions. © 2008 Author: Nancy J. Patrick Ages: 13+

Code: JK-0876


Pages: 208

Page 38


Autistic Spectrum Disorders in the Secondary School

Price: €32.50

Page 38

Teaching Social Skills to Price: €36.50 Youth with Mental Health Disorders

When a young person with autistic spectrum disorders enters secondary school, there are lots of new factors to consider. This book looks at: Making good transitions from primary school How to provide helpful INSET for colleagues - Using a special interest as a tool for learning - Record-keeping, IEPs and sharing information across the school - Subject disapplication and formal examinations - Social strategies to employ in a large high school Useful tips for staff - what to do and what not to do - Work experience, careers and self-advocacy. The importance of working closely with parents is also covered, as is dealing with challenging behaviour. © 2006 Authors: Lynn Plimley & Maggie Bowen

Incorporating Social Skills Into Treatment Planning for 109 Disorders Here is a guide for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, teachers and other practitioners to incorporate the teaching of social skills as a component of treatment for children diagnosed with mental health disorders. Research and experience show that children and adolescents who struggle with emotional, behavioural and social problems do improve when they learn pro-social skills. Included is an introduction to the DSM-IV-TR and other mental health assessment and evaluation tools and guidance for how to individualise treatment plans while considering children's developmental, cultural, behavioural, emotional social, genetic and biological variables. © 2010 Authors: Jennifer Resetar, Volz, Tara Snyder & Michael Sterba

Age: Secondary

Age: Adolescent

Code: SG-2311

Pages: 96

Code: BTP-9010

Pages: 184

Social Skill Strategies (2nd Edition) - A Social-Emotional Curriculum for Adolescents

Price: €79.95 Social Skill Strategies is a comprehensive two-book social-emotional curriculum for use with pre-adolescent and adolescent students. Teach 57 social communication skills using the reproducible student pages, structured activities, home assignments, and role-playing. Book A contains 353 pages and teaches introductory and general interaction skills such as: Offering help - Giving an Apology - Asking for Help - Asking for Permission - Being Honest - Interrupting. Book B contains 403 and teaches the personal and peer relationship skills such as: Peer Pressure Making a Complaint - Making an Accusation - Feelings of Others - Dealing with Anger Accepting Criticism. These easy-to-use books contain convenient data collecting forms. Parents, or carers fill out the Social-Emotional Skills Rating Scale-Adult Form to provide information on 57 social-emotional skills. Students self-rate their own social-emotional skills on the Social-Emotional Skills Rating Scale-Student Form. Students may complete activities alone or in groups. Students will become social skills "pros" after learning the lessons in these insightful books! © 2015 Ages: 11-18 Code: TPX-3503 Authors: Nancy Gajewski, Polly Hirn, and Patty Mayo

AFLS: Assessment of Functional Living Skills

Set Price: €275.00 The AFLS has the ease, look, and familiarity of the ABLLS-R extended to necessary skills of independence in Home, School, and Community Settings. The set is comprised of The AFLS 60-page Guide and six assessment protocols that assess functional, practical, and essential skills of everyday life. Although each assessment protocol can be used as a stand-alone assessment, it is conceptualised that all protocols are different modules of an extended assessment that exists on a continuum spanning throughout a learner’s life in home, school, and community settings. Each module is different yet each is connected by unifying themes and T BES R overarching goals for maximizing a learner’s freedom, E SELL independence and opportunities. Bundle multiple modules and customise the perfect assessment for your setting and situation. The AFLS Bundle Set includes the AFLS Guide and the six protocols on: Basic Living Skills, Home Skills, Community Participation Skills, School Skills, Independent Living Skills and Vocational Skills. The protocols are sold separately but only if the buyer has already purchased and registered the AFLS Guide. © 2012 Ages: All Authors: James W. Partington, Ph.D., BCBA-D and Michael M. Mueller, Ph.D., BCBA-D AFLS Set: Code: BA-AFLS-ALL €275.00 Guide: Code: BA-AFLS-G €49.95 Protocols: €44.95 Each (restricted to AFLS Guide owners only) Basic Living Skills / Home Skills / Community Participation Skills / School Skills / Independent Living Skills / Vocational Skills

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Page 39

Identifying Special Needs:

Price: €37.50

- Checklists for Profiling Individual Differences - Second Edition This is the revised 2nd edition of the hugely popular 'Identifying Children with Special Needs'. Drawing from her experience as an educational psychologist and special education teacher, author Glynis Hannell offers guidelines to help teachers quickly recognise and categorise the specific T BES R characteristics of developmental disorders, E L L SE autism spectrum disorders, emotionalbehavioural disorders, specific learning disorders, sensory impairments and other forms of special need. This userfriendly manual will assist teachers in recognising special needs and identifying each student’s unique profile of positive attributes and difficulties. It will enable teachers and other educational professionals to ensure that all their students receive the support they need to succeed. © 2014 Author: Glynis Hannell Ages: All

Code: TF-20233

This easy-to-comprehend guide pares down the vast field of neuroscience and provides educators with the brain basics needed to create a classroom that enhances learning. This book: Provides neuroscience research on learning, attention, memory, emotions and stress; Offers low-prep, high-yield strategies for assessing student knowledge, interests and preferences; Shows how to create a brain-friendly environment that maximises student learning; Illustrates how simple changes in the presentation of information can engage students more quickly. © 2012 Authors: Gayle Gregory & Martha Kaufeldt ISBN: 9781742399263

Pages: 164

Differentiation and Price: €19.95 the Inclusive Classroom - with a Focus on Infusing High-Order Thinking This book seeks to clarify how teachers may create a positive learning environment for all by providing appropriate levels of challenge for all students. Terminology such as differentiation, inclusive practices, complex thinking tasks and classroom culture of thinking are discussed and clarified. A learning environment is described that provides for challenge; allows for differences; and is inclusive of the needs of students that vary in terms of their abilities, strengths, limitations, interests and preferred ways of learning. © 2012 Author: Michael Pohl Ages: All

ISBN: 9781743303481

What Principals need to Know Price: €18.95 about Differentiated Instruction

© 2012

Pages: 106

Principals are instrumental in the teacher's understanding of a differentiated classroom. This valuable resource gives administrators the knowledge needed to enable teachers to implement and sustain differentiation. Learn information and strategies to jumpstart, guide and coach teachers as they respond to the needs of diverse students, including those with special needs. Author: Gayle Gregory

Ages: All

ISBN: 9781743306932

Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Classroom

Pages: 218

Think Big Start Small Price: €23.95 - How to Differentiate Instruction in a Brain-Friendly Classroom

Ages: All

Page 39


© 2010 Ages: All

Pages: 92 Price: €29.95

This book (and CD) is a comprehensive, practical resource to successfully implement the concept of differentiation in your classroom. Following a brief overview of the components and a teacher selfassessment awareness checklist are chapters with lesson plans, forms and practical examples for administrators, teachers, students and parents. Author: Carolyn Coil ISBN: 9781742394718

Pages: 188

Inclusion Toolkit

Price: €20.00 Each This two-book toolkit provides practical wisdom and expertise to those teachers who have students with both physical and intellectual disabilities integrated into their classrooms. Book A (Planning) provides charts, templates and suggestions and Book B (Troubleshooting) provides practical guidelines and interventions for dealing with the kinds of issues that most commonly arise with inclusion. © 2007 Author: Jan Thorburn Set Price: €35

Book A: Book B:

Ages: All Ages: All

ISBN: 9781869684099 ISBN: 9781869684105

Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom

Pages: 52 Pages: 52

Price: €43.95

This updated edition explains how differentiated instruction can work in a wide range of settings to provide variety and challenge in how teachers teach and in how students learn. Individual chapters focus on evaluation in a differentiated classroom and how to manage both behaviour and work tasks. It describes ways to get to know students and recognise their strengths and limitations. Differentiated instruction lesson plans are provided as templates and forms. © 2012 Author: Diane Heacox, Ed.D. Ages: All

Code: FS-4163


Pages: 176 + CD

Page 40

Dyscalculia Assessment (2nd Ed.)

Price: €49.95 The Dyscalculia Assessment is a tool for investigating pupils' numeracy abilities. It is designed to inform a personalised teaching programme for individuals or small groups of pupils who have difficulties with numbers. The bestselling first edition was the winner of the ERA Best Special Educational T BES R Needs Resource 2011. This fully revised E SELL and updated second edition features a brand new design, making the step-by-step assessment even easier to navigate and use, whether by SENCOs or those with no specific special needs training, the suggested script for each stage of the investigation that runs alongside the photocopiable assessment sheets, make this book an extremely user-friendly, accessible teaching and learning resource. © 2013 Authors: Jane Emerson & Patricia Babtie Age: All

Code: BL-3716

Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics

Pages: 208 Price: €36.50

- A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition This is an essential resource for educators who help dyslexic and dyscalculic children with their understanding of mathematics. Written in an accessible style with helpful illustrations, this practical book reveals helpful ways in which to tackle both simple and complex concepts with students of all ages. It encourages flexible methods and gives teachers the confidence to discuss alternative solutions with their pupils and help them achieve success. It is an ideal handbook for parent-teacher programmes and is suitable for in-service training. Previously titled: Maths for the Dyslexic. © 2012 Author: Anne Henderson Age: All

Code: TF-3111

Pages: 160

Dyscalculia Toolkit (3rd Edition)

Price: €44.95 - Supporting Learning Difficulties in Maths With over 200 activities and 40 games this book is designed to support learners who have difficulty with maths and numbers. Provides a clear explanation of dyscalculia, and presents the resources in a straightforward fashion. New to this edition: Additional activities, games and printable resources; Table indicating which difficulties are supported by which activities; Material that caters for a wider range of abilities and ages. This book and accompanying CD meet the needs of specialist and non-specialist teachers who are working with learners with difficulties in maths in mainstream settings. It is equally useful as a resource for parents wanting to support their child's learning. © 2017 Author: Ronit Bird Age: 7 - 14

Page 40


Code: SG-7426 Pages: 224 (includes Companion Website)


Price: €36.50 Action Plans for Successful Learning in Mathematics (2nd. Ed.) This book gives a comprehensive overview of dyscalculia, providing a wealth of information and useful guidance for any practitioner. With a wide range of appropriate and proven intervention strategies it guides readers through the cognitive processes that underpin success in mathematics and gives fascinating insights into why individual students struggle with maths. Readers are taken step-by-step through a maths curriculum and each section includes examples which illustrate why particular maths difficulties occur and practical ‘action plans’ helping teachers optimise children’s progress in mathematics. © 2012 Author: Glynis Hannell Age: All

Pages: 136

Dyslexia 3rd Edition:

Price: €29.95

This third edition of Gavin Reid's popular book for non-specialist teachers has been thoroughly revised throughout and supplemented with additional material to reinforce the link between theory and practice. Dyslexia is a comprehensive overview of the field, providing more than just a quick fix to immediate difficulties by introducing the evidence base for why particular approaches may be effective. Author: Gavin Reid © 2011

Code: BL-5855

Pages: 256

Alpha to Omega Pack

Price: €59.95 Alpha to Omega is a successful, internationallyused phonics-based course which has been completely revised (6th Edition) and updated by Dyslexia Action - The pack contains a Teacher’s Book and a Student's Book. Dyslexia Action are using these books as core texts on their teacher training courses so you can be confident that it can be used to develop literacy skills of students with dyslexia. NB: Student Books available separately @ €22.95 Each. © 2006 Authors: Beve Hornsby, Frula Shear & Julie Pool Age: 10+

Code: PRS-5929

Extent: 2 Handbooks

Dyslexia Pocketbook (2nd Edition)

Price: €12.50 This pocketbook is a practical guide to helping dyslexic students overcome their learning barriers and unlock their potential. It provides an outline of what dyslexia is; ways to recognise 'at risk' signs; information about learning profiles of dyslexic students; suggested solutions; how to improve the performance of dyslexic students and pointers to further resources. © 2014 Author: Julie Bennett Age: All

Tel: 045 409322

Code: TF-6013

Code: PB-0647


Pages: 128

Fax: 045 409959

Page 41

Page 41


Dyslexia in Secondary Schools

Price: €44.95 A Practical Book for Teachers, Parents and Students This book explains why dyslexic students frequently underachieve and demonstrates that adjustments in teaching and learning methods can make all the difference, provided that underlying problems are identified. It will enable teachers to identify children with specific learning problems and know better how to help them with their school work. Examples are based on the curriculum and used to show how to advise students on essay-writing, note taking, memorising vocabulary and reading to remember. Parents and specialist teachers will find that the book helps them translate educational psychologists' theory into practical action. The students themselves will be encouraged to look carefully at how they learn and use their strengths to try out alternative strategies. This book contains diagrams, mind maps and worksheets as well as many ideas for teachers. © 2004 Authors: Jenny Cogan & Mary Flecker Age: Secondary

Code: WL-6272

Pages: 360

The Little Book of Dyslexia

Price: €13.95 A hardback handbook full of practical ideas that can be used by students with dyslexia and by teachers teaching children with dyslexia. It progresses through the various challenges that are faced at different age ranges, starting with the youngest, including some of the early signs that may be seen with dyslexia, moving up through primary and secondary school and finally onto university and being a student teacher. © 2013 Author: Joe Beech Age: All

Code: CH-0102

Pages: 128

AcceleRead AcceleWrite CD-Rom with cards

Price: €89.95 (incl. Vat) - Teaching guide on how to use speech technology to improve literacy skills. Provides full instructions on how to use almost any computer to improve reading and writing skills. This is achieved through structured phonics exercises. This detailed electronic manual explains how reading and writing can be improved dramatically using computer text-tospeech software plus a clear explanation of the theory behind the approach. The comprehensive package also includes perforated, colour-coded flash cards, photocopiable record sheets, along with blank flash cards for you to print off with your own sentences. Requires a computer that has a sound card and a talking word processor or text-to-speech program. The following are suitable: Clicker; Textease; Texthelp Read & Write; Penfriend; Write:Outloud Solo.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Supporting Students with Dyslexia


Do you need ready-to-use, fun and engaging ideas for supporting students with dyslexia in your classroom? Then look no further! Designed for busy secondary school teachers, this book is packed with tried-andtested activities to integrate into your lesson plans that you can use straight away. There are ideas specific to secondary subject areas, including English, Maths and PE, plus lots of practical advice on key areas of personal development, from self-esteem and staying motivated to effective study skills. This is the perfect companion for teachers and SENCOs who want to ensure that those children with dyslexia in their care are fully supported to help fulfil their potential. © 2016 Authors: Gavin Reid & Shannon Green Age: Secondary

Code: BL-1790

Pages: 134

Removing Dyslexia as Price: €29.95 a Barrier to Achievement (3rd Ed.) The 3rd edition of this best-selling toolkit is full of practical guidance, empowering ideas and challenging assertions about inclusion. It presents many strategies for meeting diverse learning needs and methods for overcoming barriers to learning. The author discusses how to boost the learning of dyslexic and other SEN pupils. He tackles the tricky subjects of School Improvement through boosting the confidence of SEN learners and developing robust dyslexia-friendly practices in busy and diverse schools. His practical ideas for inclusion can be adopted by all teachers, no specialist knowledge is required. © 2012 Author: Neil MacKay Age: All

Code: SEN-2102

Pages: 222

Ace Spelling Dictionary

Price: €16.50 (4th Edition - 2011) (Pack of 5: €80.00) It is clear that pupils with spelling difficulties often experience problems with the whole curriculum and lose confidence with writing. This unique book breaks through these problems. Using the 2-page index spread, pupils need only think how a word sounds to find out how to spell it. By simply identifying the first vowel sound, the speller is sent instantly to the page where the problem word is found. The easy-to-use reference system will tempt them to use more interesting words in their writing, enabling them to produce work that they can be proud of. © 2012 Author: David Moseley Age: All

Code: LD-5058

Pages: 328

NB: This is not a software programme. It is an e-Book & cards.

Creators: Vivienne Clifford & Martin Miles Age: All

Code: IAN-0679

Extent: CD & Cards



Page 42

The Adolescent with Price: €19.95 Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD)

© 2003

Leading expert Amanda Kirby addresses the main difficulties encountered by adolescents with DCD, including building relationships and coping with secondary school. She provides practical ideas on how individuals can tackle these difficulties, making this book an essential resource for adolescents with DCD, as well as parents, teachers and health professionals. Author: Amanda Kirby

Age: Adolescent

Code: JK-0178

Pages: 156

Dyspraxia: Price: €34.95 A Guide for Teachers & Parents The aim of this text is to promote an understanding of dyspraxia and movement development among professionals who work with children, and also to offer a text which is accessible to parents. It presents a cognitive processing model of dyspraxia from a developmental perspective, and addresses issues of social development in addition to the more observable motor planning difficulties which are associated with dyspraxia. The difficulties which may face the dyspraxic child at home and at school are described with strategies for managing their difficulties. © 1997 Authors: Kate Ripley, Bob Daines & Jenny Barrett Age: All

Code: TF-6444

Pages: 112

100 Ideas for Supporting Price: €18.95 Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD

© 2007 Age: All

Page 42


This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with dyspraxic and DCD children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Lists cover the entire school age range and range from developing fine and gross motor skills to preparing children for their next transition either to the next stage of schooling or for their future careers. Authors: Amanda Kirby & Lynne Peters Code: BL-4405

Pages: 128

How to Increase the Potential Price: €16.95 of Students with DCD (Dyspraxia) in Secondary School This book will provide readers with an insight into how DCD can affect secondary school students and provide some practical strategies to help each young person to reach their potential. It is also intended to help parents/carers of young people with DCD to understand the potential help available to their child as they transition into secondary education. This book is intended to inspire teachers and health care professionals to: Understand the unique needs of young people with DCD - Understand why young people with DCD have difficulties in perceptual and motor planning - Appreciate the impact of DCD on learning - Consider the added influence of peer-pressure and puberty on DCD - Provide practical strategies to help - Consider post-16 & vocational training. © 2013 Author: Lois Addy Age: Secondary

Code: LD-3553

Pages: 64

Supporting Children with Price: €34.95 Dyspraxia and Motor Co-ordination Difficulties (2nd Edition) This completely revised and updated edition supports teachers in making good provision for children and young people with a range of co-ordination difficulties. Offering practical tips and strategies, it features timesaving checklists, templates and photocopiable resources to support professional development. The wideranging and accessible chapters explore topics including: Identification of different types of motor co -ordination difficulties - Implications for classroom practice Understanding core skill development - Assessment practices. Written by practitioners, for practitioners, it also contains a wealth of tried and tested strategies and provides clear best-practice guidance for developing outstanding provision in inclusive settings. © 2014 Authors: Hull Learning Services Age: All

Code: TF-5508

Pages: 156

Speed Up!

Price: €18.95 - Movement Exercises to aid Concentration, Coordination, Confidence & Control The activities in this well-established and highly -regarded book can assist with a wide range of conditions, including diagnoses of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or ADHD. It provides a series of thoroughly tested and purposeful exercises that tackle fundamental developmental problems behind learning difficulties. © 2008 Authors: Mary Nash-Wortham & Jean Hunt

Price: €24.95 - A Kinaesthetic Programme to Develop Fluent Handwriting In eight weekly sessions, Speed Up! provides a multi-sensory course of help for any child aged 8 to 13+ whose handwriting is illegible, slow or lacking in fluency. This highly effective approach has been specifically designed for older children struggling with handwriting. Speed Up! gets to the root of writing difficulties by developing kinaesthetic awareness through multi-sensory activity and exercise. © 2004 Author: Lois Addy

Age: All

Age: 8-13+

Take Time

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50 Best Games for Speech & Language Dev. 50 Cooperative Learning Activities 75 Positive Behaviour Activities 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Gifted and Talented Managing Behaviour Supporting Students with Dyslexia 100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils... on the Autism Spectrum with ADHD with Dyspraxia and DCD 101 Games for Social Skills About Algebra About Geometry About Statistics AcceleRead AcceleWrite Ace Spelling Dictionary Achieving Positive Behaviour Acting Locally, Thinking Globally Active Comprehension Activities for Mentoring Young People Activities to Help Young People... build Character deal with Anger deal with Bullying deal with Decisions & Choices deal with Stress & Anxiety ADHD: What can Teachers do? Adolescent with DCD AFLS: Assessment of Functional Living Skills All That I Can Be! Alpha to Omega Alpha to Zulu Anger Management Programme (Vol 1) Applied Literacy - Writing Skills Asperger Syndrome: What Teachers need to know Asperger Syndrome: A Practical Guide Assessing Student Progress Autism…. What does it meant to me? Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Secondary Awesome Auditory Activities B.E.S.T. Buddies Balanced Assessment Balloon Science Becoming an Achiever Beyond Anger Management (Vol 2) Beyond Monet Body Science Bouncing Back & Coping with Change Brain Friendly Revision Bringing Critical Thinking Alive Building Culture Building Learning Power Building Resilience Bully Off! Catch them Thinking and Writing Catcher in the Rye Classic Literature Guide Classroom Management Climate Change Climate of Mentoring Communication Toolkit Cooperative Learning Creative & Critical Thinking Creative Maths Problems Creative Problem Solving for Teens (CPS) Creativity Box Crucial Skills Developing a Thinking Classroom Developing a Thinking Curriculum in your School Developing Emotional Literacy for Teenagers Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Class Differentiation and the Inclusive Classroom DRA: Diagnostic Reading Analysis Drama Ideas Bank DST-S: Dyslexia Screening Test - Secondary Dúcheisteanna Mata Dyscalculia Assessment Dyscalculia Toolkit Dyscalculia: Action Plans Dyslexia in Secondary Schools Dyslexia Pocketbook Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Mathematics Dyslexia 3rd Edition Dyspraxia: A Guide for Teachers & Parents Easy English Series Eco World Savers

Page 43

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Embedded Formative Assessment 4 Engaging Learners (Outstanding Lessons) 1 Engaging Reluctant Readers 19 English, Performing & Visual Arts & LOTE 22 Essential PE Handbook 31 Everyday English 21 Everyday Maths 26 Exam Intelligence 5 Exploring Feelings 33 Feelings & Emotions Cards 36 Finding Your Feet with Fiction 24 Finding Your Feet with Poetry 24 Finding Your Way with…. English Series 23 Forensic Science 29 Formative Assessment 4 Fractions, Decimals and Percentages 25 From Your Point of View 11 Getting to Know Shakespeare 23 Gifted Students in the School Context 15 Go Figure! 27 Good Grief 2 13 Graphic Intelligence 2 Health and PE Writing Skills 31 Helping Kids and Teens with ADHD in School 32 Helping Teenagers with Anger/Low Self-Esteem 9 Historical Challenges 30 Hodder Group Reading Tests [HGRT-II] 6 Hornet Literacy Primer 18 How to Increase the Potential of Students with DCD 42 How To Reach & Teach Teenagers with ADHD 32 Identifying Special Needs 39 In Full Bloom 16 Inclusion Toolkit 39 Independent Science Challenges 29 Infusing Thinking into the Middle Years 16 Integrating Thinking in Ancient/Medieval History 30 Introducing ESOL 22 Introduction to Calculus 28 Just Being Me 12 Laminating Pouches 34 Leadership 1 Learning Matters 5 Learning Powered School 2 Learning to Teach PE in the Secondary School 31 Learning to Think Thinking to Learn 16 Life Fit - Activities to Foster an Active Lifestyle 31 Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students 33 Little Book of Bereavement for Schools 13 Little Book of Autism 35 Little Book of Dyslexia 41 Little Tin of Transition Worries 14 Macbeth 23 Magenta Principles, The 1 Make a Choice 20 Making the Move 14 MaLT: Mathematics Assessment for Learning and Teaching 6 Managing Anxiety at School 13 Managing Change 1 Maths Motivators 28 Maths Reinforcers 26 Maths Rescue 26 Maths Start-Ups 27 Mentoring Toolkit 11 Merchant of Venice 23 Mind Maps for Kids 5 Motivating Underachievers 12 Moving on Up! / Movin’ on Up 14 Moving to Secondary School 14 Mozart for Accelerated Learning 5 My Multicultural Classroom 30 New Social Storybook 34 Newell Literacy Programme 18 Of Mice and Men 23 Othello 23 Personal & Emotional Skills Boardgames 36 Physical Education Games 31 Picture This Pro Software 34 Planning to Succeed 12 Portfolios through the Year 4 Positive Behaviour and Self-Esteem in Secondary Schools 13 Positive Behaviours, Relationships & Emotions 3 Power of Coaching 1 Practical Probability 28 Quiet Times 13 Quizzles & More Quizzles 17 Read and Succeed 19 Reading Dialogues 22



Real Life Maths Really Lazy Teacher's Handbook Recycling Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Reflective Practice Reinventing Learning for Always on Generation Reluctant Readers Series Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement Resilience Skills Handbook Retracking Romeo & Juliet School Improvement Series Science Writing Skills Secondary Drama Setting Your Sights Shape Shifter Social and Life Skills (Cards & CD Set) Social Behavior and Self-Management Social Education - Infusing Thinking Social Skill Strategies Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students Social Skills Boardgames Social Skills for Teens / Adults with Aspergers Social Skills Picture Book for High School Social Skills Training (Jed Baker) Social Skills Training for Adolescents with MLD Speak Easy Speaking & Listening Speaking Ideas Bank Speed Up! Spell Write Right Programme Stareway to Spelling Starting High School Still Learning to Think Thinking to Learn Stop Think Do! Social Skills Training Strategies for Teaching Adolescents with ADHD Strengths Gym Stretch Bend Boggle Stride Ahead Striving to Improve - Literacy Striving to Improve - Numeracy Successful Teaching in the Differentiated Class Successfully Managing ADHD Supporting Children with Dyspraxia Supporting Gifted & Talented Pupils in Secondary Supporting Reluctant Readers Supporting Teenagers through Grief & Loss Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Take Time Talkabout Tasks Galore for the Real World Teacher’s Toolkit Teaching Backwards (Outstanding Lessons) Teaching Children with Autism to Mind-Read Teaching Complex Thinking Teaching Gifted Kids in Today's Classroom Teaching Social Skills to Youth (3rd Ed.) Teaching Social Skills to Youth with MHD Telling Tales Text Types That’s Disgusting! Think Big, Start Small Think Fit Thinking Allowed Thinking Literature Thinking Maths Thinking Shakespeare Thinking with Rich Concepts Time Timer To Behave or Not to Behave Toe by Toe Tools for Teaching Social Skills & More Tools Towards a Better Future Using Open-Ended Maths Tasks - High School Using Portfolios across the Curriculum Velcro Visual Literacy through Picture Storybooks

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