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Annual Report January to December 2016


Dear Friends of Outside the Bowl // In 2007 we said yes to the Lord—yes to his calling on our lives to feed the hungry, to give the most vulnerable the best chance at a successful life by making sure they were physically feed. Once physical needs are met, the ability to focus and learn increases. Spiritual hunger can be addressed and the good news of Jesus, through words and deeds, is spread. Ever since, we’ve been saying yes to feeding the hungry … body and soul. This past year was a busy one for Outside the Bowl. We celebrated the grand opening of not just one but two Super Kitchens. Our newest kitchens in Jalisco, Mexico and George, South Africa are now serving hot, nutritious meals. And we’re already seeing how these Super Kitchens are equipping ministries to reach even more lives. Pastor Rick moved to Jalisco 13 years ago from Colorado and works with five churches and seven different outreach locations. His ministry sites serve 600 meals a week. Pastor Rick shares, “We expanded our ministry an extra 100 meals a week. Every church that we are working with is growing.” It is this pairing of need with the opportunity to provide hot meals that gets us excited. We know that millions of people every day suffer from hunger and malnutrition. While feeding programs exist to meet these needs, Outside the Bowl’s solution is unique. Our Super Kitchens allow us to cook meals while our ministry partners do what they do best. By cooking these meals at such a large scale, the savings are passed right back to these ministries. These partners report a 30-70 percent savings on their food costs. These saved funds are put toward feeding even more people or are reallocated for additional ministry programs. It really is a win all around and why we believe in what we’re doing. Upon opening doors, our hope is that each kitchen would be self-sustaining. The costs that ministry partners pay per meal—greatly discounted in comparison to anything else they have access to—should cover all expenses. As our international staff works hard to acquire ministry partners to reach the threshold of 2,000 meals, we have had to subsidize the costs of running these kitchens. All of our kitchens are growing closer to their goals, but until then funds for the construction of new kitchens have been diverted. Would you join us in praying for potential partners to come on board in the communities where kitchens already exist? New opportunities continue to present themselves for 2017. We’re currently in conversations with funders and in-country partners in Malawi, Guatemala, and Ensenada, Mexico. With your faithful support, we will be able to build all three of these Super Kitchens in the years ahead. Thank you for partnering with us and listening to the Lord’s calling to feed the least of these. Grateful for you,

Chris Brown Board Chair

Jae and Debra Evans Founder

3 countries

300 ministry partners

7,500 meals prepared daily

15,000,000 hot meals served since 2007

81% of donations are spent on projects

Vision // A world in which all children are physically and spiritually nourished.

Mission // In response to Jesus’ command to feed the hungry, Outside the Bowl is dedicated to eliminating physical and spiritual starvation in impoverished communities by building Super Kitchens, and working with established community partners to serve hot, nutritious meals to those who need them most. By providing cost-effective meals, Outside the Bowl equips and sustains ministries in-country thereby multiplying their outreach capabilities.

Physically and Spiritually Hungry // 795 million people around the world are not able to live to their full God-given potential because of hunger. One in nine people find themselves vulnerable to poverty and disease due to lack of nutritious food. Outside the Bowl is meeting the physical needs of the least of these. Hot meals are distributed to our partners including established churches, ministries, orphanages, hospitals, elder care facilities, schools, and other social service organizations. Outside the Bowl offers physical nourishment while our ministry partners focus on sharing the good news of Jesus. Together we are feeding the hungry … body and soul.

Outside the Bowl’s Solution // Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchens provide an innovative approach to supplying thousands of hot meals a day – up to 6,000 – to those suffering from hunger and malnutrition. These Super Kitchens are constructed from renovated shipping containers and can be packed and sent around the world. The containers are than used in the construction of the kitchens. Outside the Bowl is breaking the pattern of dependency and free handouts and is replacing it with sustainability. Because of economy of scale, Outside the Bowl is able to produce quality food at a much lower cost. These savings are passed on to ministry partners which allows them to either provide more meals or use those previously budgeted funds on other needs.


Jae and Debra Evans move to South Africa


Jae and Debra start a feeding program // Chris Brown visits South Africa


Paarl, SA kitchen built


Outside the Bowl becomes an official nonprofit

Two Super Kitchens in One Year // Outside the Bowl has built seven Super Kitchens and currently manages five of those (the other two have been handed over to local ministries). In 2016, two Super Kitchens were built, one in South Africa and one in Mexico.

Children from Monica’s preschool enjoying their bread from Outside the Bowl.

Pastor Miguel joins Outside the Bowl’s staff and board members at the grand opening celebration.

George, South Africa //

Jalisco, Mexico //

In August Outside the Bowl opened its sixth Super Kitchen in George, South Africa.

Outside the Bowl’s seventh Super Kitchen started serving meals in Jalisco, Mexico this past June.

Hunger is a reality for 14 million South Africans. For children under the age of five, 22.2 percent are stunted from chronic malnutrition. With such overwhelming hunger statistics, we see our work as an essential first step toward healthy and thriving communities living in right relationship with God.

Mexico is a middle-income country yet wealth distribution leaves the poor extremely vulnerable. An estimated 300,000 people living in poverty are within reach of our centralized kitchen. At the time of the grand opening, Outside the Bowl was already serving 1,200 meals a week.

Outside the Bowl’s Super Kitchen in George is partnering with local ministries to source them with affordable hot meals to serve to the communities most vulnerable. Outside the Bowl’s program is making a big impact on crèches, the South African version of preschools, where young children are receiving the necessary nutrients to overcome malnutrition.

Pastor Luis Miguel is an engineer by training but a pastor at heart. When he met families making a living scavenging resources from the local dump, his vocation came into focus. Soon Pastor Miguel was investing in these children. As the Outside the Bowl kitchen opened, Pastor Miguel took a risk and placed an order for 250 meals. His wife was concerned that maybe only 30 children would show up.

Monica owns a preschool in George and says: “Getting our meals and bread from Outside the Bowl is a great addition to our school. We now have more time and help supporting our educational programs because our teachers are not stuck cooking for a few hours a day. We love the fresh, healthy, warm meals which arrive every day in time for lunch. I am very happy about the support the OTB kitchen provides.”


Port-au-Paix, HT kitchen built


Tijuana, MX kitchen built

He joyously shares, “The first time we had 300 children show up. They enjoy [the food] because this is home food, food with vitamins, food with everything they need.” An order was placed for 800 meals for the “big kids.” Pastor Miguel and his wife now serve meals seven days a week at their local community center.


Port-au-Prince, HT kitchen built // Mexicali, MX kitchen built


George, SA kitchen built // Jalisco, MX kitchen built

Consolidated Statement of 2016 Financials // Assets


Current Assets


Furniture & Equipment




Net Assets Last Year Assets Change in Assets Total Net Assets

Direct Public Support $530,019 Direct Public Grants $69,223

51% 7%

Special Events Income $435,616


*Interest Income: $237 // Total Income: $1,035,095 $259,252 ($9,973) $249,279

Expenses Total Projects $842,245 Development $173,603 Administration $29,219

*Prepared by Wesley J. Lindquist CPA, MBA, Precision Financial LLC

81% 17% 2%

Total Expenses: $1,045,067

"From my many interactions with the OTB team, I can say that theirs is truly a noble mission to physically and spiritually feed those in need, a mission born from kindness and compassion for hungry children. I support them not only because I believe in what they do, but also because their organization is wellrun, efficient, and unimposing, which only amplifies its effectiveness." Herns Pierre-Jerome // Director, Global Analyst Relations Qualcomm

2016 Kitchen Projects //

South Africa $237,175

Mexico $361,096

Haiti $243,974

Building the Next Super Kitchen // Outside the Bowl is actively pursuing opportunities to build kitchen in Malawi, Guatemala, and other parts of Haiti and Mexico. On average, we have raised enough money to build one kitchen per year but our team is ready to do more! It is because of God’s faithfulness and the generosity of our partners that we are able to bring hope through hot meals to those in need. Please consider continuing to support our mission by: • Praying monthly for Outside the Bowl’s projects and ministry partners around the world. • Sharing Outside the Bowl’s innovative model to your networks including church leadership, colleagues, and social organizations. • Starting a Campaign Against Hunger where your passion is put into action by gathering support from friends and family to fund the next Super Kitchen. • Investing in a Super Kitchen by making a donation of any amount.

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink … Matthew 25:35

• Becoming an Envoy of Hope by monthly supporting Outside the Bowl. To learn more, visit

Board of Directors // Chris Brown

Board Chair // North Coast Church

Janean Stripe

Lucia Wealth Services

Contact //

Charlie Bradshaw North Coast Church

Dianne Sivulka Our Edventures

Follow Us //

P.O. Box 6193 Oceanside, CA 92052 Phone // 760.494.0803 Email // info@ Web // *Cover Image: Bowls that are consistently filled with meals from Outside the Bowl’s George Super Kitchen are allowing preschoolers to grow up happy and healthy.

2016 Annual Report  

Outside the Bowl's annual report highlights the accomplishments achieved in 2016. We continue to see the Lord at work as we accomplish our...

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