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New Friends Bring New Adventures Near and Far by Jennifer Webster | Photography by Katherine Clark


arilyn Monroe said, “Friendship is the ‘bestiest’ thing that comes to life.” Agreed! Best of all, seeds of new friendship can be sown and cultivated at any time of life. Laura Kay House, MA, is founder and owner of Silver Connections, a social connection group for seniors “55 and better,” as she expresses it. House has made it her vocation to help people create friendships in their “silver” years. Silver Connections members meet locally throughout the Triangle for events of all kinds—museum trips, cooking classes, concerts, sporting events, wine tastings, theater outings, picnics, festivals, casual dining and more. The group also provides ample opportunities for travel excursions from the mountains to the coast and beyond, all the while forging lifelong friendships. Monthly event calendars offer more than 10 opportunities to gather for a new adventure and cameraderie. Sitting down with House, she discusses the development of the group, the value of social interaction and how friendships make life that much more enjoyable.

30 | FEBRUARY 2016

Silver Connections, a social group for age 55+ in the Triangle, gathered for a cooking class, one of many monthly excursions available through the group. This class was hosted by Chef Wynton Mann, top center, at Wynton’s World Cooking School in Cary to make an array of appetizers to enjoy together afterward.

OutreachNC February 2016  

Love to Travel Issue: Budget to Luxury Travel Planning; Social Groups with Opportunities for Local, State, Nationwide & International Travel...

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