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Resources Inside: • New! Church Logo Design • Church Launch Invitations • $1 Million Church Plant Giveaway!

It’s All About a Strong Start:

Get The Resources Your New Church Needs! Planting a new church or even a new location is tough. There is so much to think about and work through: Developing a ministry plan, securing financial backing, building a core team, finding a location etc… And then there is the big launch: Will anyone come? What will people think? Will anyone come back? How do you keep growing? That is where having a trusted partner, like Outreach, Inc. can help! Outreach was founded by a church planter and over the last 17 years we have helped thousands of churches to launch and grow their ministries and we can help you start strong too!

Why Outreach Inc. is the Right Choice to Help your Church Start Healthy & Grow Strong! • Outreach started from a church plant and we understand church planting and your needs • We can help you from beginning to end At Outreach, we do it all so that you can have synergy in your communication tools: Everything working together to make your church look professional and to ensure that your message is communicated in a clear, cohesive and coordinated manner.



Signage     &       Branding


• Everything is under one roof to ensure fast service and on-time delivery to you! No need to shop multiple websites, drive around town or even go to the post office! When you choose Outreach, your order is processed quickly and your tools arrive in a timely manner at your door! • Lowest Prices. We only serve churches and ministries so we strive to keep prices low to meet nonprofit budgets while providing high-quality products. You may pay less but your tools will look top-notch!

• Free Resources. At Outreach, we are committed to GIVING AWAY a million dollars in tools to new churches this year! We want you to succeed and to spread God’s love to your community. Visit to complete your application!

Professional Logo Design

Communicate your church's identity

Semi-Custom Logos: Affordable, Professional Logos for Your Church or Ministry! When budget requirements keep you from having a custom design, Semi-custom logos are a great alternative. Semi-custom logos are a fast and affordable way to get a new logo for your church or ministry. Choose from more than 30 professional semi-custom logo ideas and then let us customize it to fit your church! You can choose the color, change the font or swap one logo icon for another in the list!

Semi-custom logo

Every Semi-Custom Logo Includes: • High-quality logo at a fraction of the custom logo price • Custom changes including color and font • Two rounds of revisions Free! Additional rounds are only $75 each! • Files provided in Vector EPS, TIF, JPG and PNG



Semi-Custom Logo Fee: $395 Please allow 14 days

Learn more at

Custom Logo Design—The Premium Option Your church name and logo express what your church represents, from the teaching and music style to the community where you are located and the people who live there. A well-designed logo will help give your church better exposure and increased outreach effectiveness. Let Outreach help you get the best results with a custom logo design—our professional designers will work with you to create just the right look for your church!

Every Custom Logo from Outreach Includes: • Three design idea concepts to choose from • Four rounds of revisions FREE! Additional rounds are only $75 each! • Final files provided in multiple high-res formats PLUS we give you graphics for your social media pages and a PowerPoint slide. Custom Logo Design Fee: $795 Please allow 14 days


Powerful Websites

Get a custom-looking website without the $5000 custom price—Try it Free for 30 days! You know how valuable a good website and social media pages are to your church—what if creating an amazing looking site was easy AND inexpensive! You don’t have to blow your whole start-up budget on a good website! With Outreach Websites you get power, flexibility, amazing designs and free graphics for about half the price of your favorite grande-whatever!

monthly fee as low as



After the 30 day Trial, includes training, support, graphics, apps and more! • Over 1000 stunning pre-built graphics from Outreach! Now your websites, banners, bulletins and invitations can have a coordinated look! • A unique site that is fully customizable with an easy drag and drop site builder • Rock solid code that works with mobile devices and that you can’t break! • The power of over 20 apps and features including online giving, interactive calendars and event registration with optional payment processing, a sermon and video pages, social media and more! • Built-in email engine for newsletters and email blasts • Mobile-friendly HTML—no Flash! • Amazing Savings—the savings from online giving alone covers the monthly costs!

Customize Your Site in Thousands of Ways!

Quick Start Designs


Buttons & Banners

Textures & Backgrounds


Outreach 800.991.6011

Banners and Signage

Communicate your vision with style! Your church has a unique mission and vision, now your goal should be effectively sharing that with your community. We can help you define, develop and communicate this identity and make it recognizable with matching tools from bulletins to signs and banners—everything is customized to fit your church!

See more ideas at


Cast vision, set the mood & direct visitors with a suite of coordinated tools

Just because your church is new doesn’t mean it can’t look professional and polished. Don’t rely on the office supply store and a copier – let us help you get a cohesive look that includes your banners, signs, bulletins and invitation tools! We have over 12 suites of coordinated tools to give you some ideas—see them all online at


Coordinate All Your Church Communications!

Outdoor Banners


Outreach 800.991.6011

Bulletin Shells

Brochure Shells

Canvas Art Prints

Chalk DesignSuite Your church can have a new contemporary, coffee-house look with this suite of banners that look like Chalk designs on a blackboard. Every banner can be customized for your church—change the words, add your logo or add a picture!* These banners work in hallways, on stage, in classrooms or entryways—banner stands and other accessories are available to make displaying your banners easier! See more ideas for this design theme at www. See more Chalk Suite at Let us customize a design for you!

Directional/Ministry Designs

Chalk Children 15711

Chalk Information 15710

Chalk Welcome 15709

Inspirational Designs

Chalk Josh 1:9 15753

Chalk Phil 4:13 15751

Chalk PS 100:4 15750

Free customization includes adding your art-ready logo or simple word changes. A small $35 design fee is charged for more advanced chagnes including custom colors, changes to scripture verses or phrases. Call for details

Purpose Designs

Chalk Community 15714

Chalk Growth Chalk Worship People 15716 15715


Adornment DesignSuite An Outreach Best Seller! The Adornment suite is the #1 design with churches all over the country. This elegant design goes with any dĂŠcor and features rich jewel tones and a large selection of products including: Indoor and outdoor banners, bulletin shells and postcard invitations! See more ideas for this design theme at

Customize It! Add your logo, change the words, mix the colors in the suite or add icons like the coffee cup and "here for you" plaque shown above. Call us for details! Adornment Children Adornment Welcome 15422 Adornment Information 15419 Adornment Worship 15421 15420


Outreach 800.991.6011

Adornment Coffee 15430

A Banner for Every Location: Decorate and direct visitors!

Banners are a versatile way to provide a cohesive and welcoming look for your church, direct visitors, and promote special events such as a grand opening or launch of a new location. Choose the size, material, finishing and design that fits your location- even portable churches can find a banner to fit! Our photographic-quality banners feature fade resistant inks, durable materials and a variety of finishing options! • Choice of sizes– there are 5 standard sizes available to fit your needs. • Free customization • Fast turn-around time

2' x 5'9" Vinyl






• Choice of banner finishing techniques • Choice of vinyl, fabric or StickUp in the most popular sizes

2'7" x 6'7" Vinyl with RollUp Stand




Shown: Custom Logo 4' x 6'7" Rollup Banner and Stand.

4' x 6'7" Vinyl with Rollup Stand


3' x 5'

2' x 8'

















Shown: Custom You Belong Welcome Window Banner


Custom Bulletins

Printed just for your church! Once visitors come to your new church, what is the best way to invite them to get involved, help them make connections and return next week? A bulletin/announcement sheet is still a great “take home tool” that gives visitors the information they need! Skip the Goldenrod Copier Paper and choose a professional bulletin shell that matches your other graphics!


as low as

8¢ each






Let Outreach Create a Bulletin to Fit your Church

Customize Free!

Upload Free!


Choose one of our bulletin designs and change it to fit your church – add a Bible verse or vision statement or your logo.

Submit your own artwork and we can print it for you. Let us take the hassle out of getting your art printed, our stateof-the-art equipment and fast delivery makes it easy to have your bulletins printed and delivered to your door.

Let our professional graphic designers create a completely custom bulletin just for your church – for only a $75 design fee!

Outreach 800.991.6011

Connect people to your new church

with a stock Bulletin Shell It’s the one piece of paper every person receives! Make sure you give visitors an attractive bulletin that clearly communicates the mission and vision of your church! Choose from a large selection of bulletin shells that are ready for you to print on your copier or laser printer using our free online MS Word template!

8.5" x 11"— $6.99/pack of 100 Full color outside, blank white inside 8.5" x 14"— $11.99/pack of 100 Full color inside and out—with perforated tear off response card 11" x 17"— $13.99/pack of 100 Full color inside and out—with perforated tear out card

Streets God's Plan Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB16070 8.5" x 14" BB16070 11" x 17" BT16070

Modern Leaves Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15924 8.5" x 14" BB15924 11" x 17" BT15924

Streets Different Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB16071 8.5" x 14" BB16071 11" x 17" BT16071

Modern Dock Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15926 8.5" x 14" BB15926 11" x 17" BT15926

Chalk Worship Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15713 8.5" x 14" BB15713 11" x 17" BT15713

Streets Together Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB16072 8.5" x 14" BB16072 11" x 17" BT16072

Fresh Air Clouds Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15938 8.5" x 14" BB15938 11" x 17" BT15938

Words Welcome Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15719 8.5" x 14" BB15719 11" x 17" BT15719

Streets Friends Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB16073 8.5" x 14" BB16073 11" x 17" BT16073

New Church 15284 Size shown above: 8.5" x 11" HB15284


Custom Postcards & Mailing Services Invite more people to your new church or location! 73% of un-churched adults were never invited to church!* How will you grow your new church? A mailed postcard is still the most cost-effective way to invite people to attend! Spread the word about your new church by sending an oversized custom postcard to your community. The invitations that get noticed in the mail are large, eye-catching and easy to read – just like the customized 8.5” x 5.5” oversized postcards that Outreach has been specializing in for years! Choose from a variety of designs or let us custom print one for you. Call 800.991.6011 for pricing details.

All Custom Postcards Include: • Full-color Printing • Two Art Proofs • Your Map and Logo

PLUS—Full Service Options • Targeted Mailing List • Addressing and Paperwork • Post Office Delivery • 200 FREE handout postcards when you order 5000 or more full service postcards

Three Ways to Custom Print a Postcard Invitation: 9.15.13

ch unch laun RE REla Customize an Existing Design—Free Choose an Outreach design and add your own logo or text


Outreach 800.991.6011

Upload your own art

We’ll design it for you

Provide us your own artwork and we’ll prepare it for printing —FREE

You can have a professional Outreach Designer create a one-of-kind design just for your church. Only $75 design fee, includes two proofs. *According to a 2012 Barna Study.

One stop design, printing & mailing for your new church! Let Outreach do all the work

As the leader of a new church, you have a lot on your mind and a huge ‘to-do list’. That is where we can help! Outreach has helped thousands of churches launch successfully and our team is here to take some of the load off of you and your core team. • Professional Design – Sure you could have a local college kid design something for you but wouldn’t it be better to leave it to the professionals? There are over 600 postcard design ideas on but if you want something that is completely original, call us our professionals can use your ideas to make a postcard that is perfect for your church.

Examples of how we have helped other churches with their custom printing needs:

• Let us be your printer: Maybe you already have a designer, Outreach can also be your print shop – you can upload your design and we can print it, address it and take it to the post office for you!

Call us to start a custom postcard for your church! 800.991.6011


Save the Date Oversized Postcard Invitation Shown customized with church name and information.


Authentic Oversized Postcard Invitation Shown customized with a church name and QR Code.

Scan to see our website!


Ready for New Oversized Postcard Invitation Shown customized with a launch date.



Outreach 800.991.6011

Start Blue Oversized Postcard Invitation shown customized with launch date and church name and sample reverse side. Also available in outdoor banners.




Postmaster: Please

5550 tech Center

Dr. • Colorado Sprin

gs, CO 80919

Deliver 00/00-00/00

John Seeker 123 Any Street Any Town, USA



DV E N T U R E !


There is a special excitement tha t comes with star ting something new, get ting a chance to set new traditions, put you r own style on something. Tha t is what is hap pening at Church Nam e! We are a bra nd new church in your neighborhoo d that is full of hop e, energy and friendly people. And we want you to join in and help us make a difference in the community! Com e check us out this Sunday and star t your week with something new !

Your Church Phone

ww w.YourChurchWe

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Outreach, Inc. 80919

10,000 Custom Postcards




Plus 200 Free Postcard Handouts

New Day New Church Oversized Postcard Invitation Customized with church name and launch date. Also available in outdoor banners


*Postage not included--call for details.


Different Shoes Oversized Postcard Invitation —customize it to fit your church!

Visit (Church Name) This Weekend!


Launch Sunday SEPTEMBER 14


© /#000000

If you’ve never been to church, or if it’s been a while, you might be surprised when you visit Church Name. We are a new church in the neighborhood; our services are casual; our music is fresh and upbeat; our kids’ programs are exciting and we want to serve the community. Yet we still teach timeless truths that can help you every day! So wear your chucks & come see us this weekend - we’ll save you a seat.

Your Church Phone

Postmaster: Please Deliver 00/00-00/00 Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

5550 tech Center Dr. • Colorado Springs, CO 80919

John Seeker 123 Any Street Any Town, USA


Outreach, Inc. 80919

10,000 Custom Postcards




Plus 200 Free Postcard Handouts

A New Kind Oversized Postcard shown customized with church name and date. Also available in outdoor banners.


*Postage not included--call for details.


Outreach 800.991.6011

Multiple Sites Oversized postcard invitation shown customized with information on three service locations. Great for multi-site churches!


Theater Location Oversized postcard invitation shown customized with church name, date and "free popcorn" text, change this card to fit your needs—Great for churches meeting in a theater!

Check it Out This Week

like to invite you church experience !

Church in a mov ie theater near you ! Here you will find upbeat music, friendly people, amp le parking, programs especia lly for kids, comfortable seating and a message that is sure to insp ire you- we even have free refresh ments! We love our meeting plac e and know you will too. Give us a try this weekend, no tickets or 3D glas ses required!

G r and Op ening SUNDAY

September 14 •

Dr. • Colorado Sprin

gs, CO 80919

10 am

Free Popcorn & Coffee • Donuts • Fun for the Wh ole Family!

Postmaster: Please

5550 tech Center


Deliver 00/00-00/00

John Seeker 123 Any Street Any Town, USA


to a very special

Your Church Phon


Church Name wou ld

e ww w.YourChurchW Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage


Outreach, Inc. 80919



Grand Opening Wood 16087

Introducing 16086

Looking but Different 16081

Hundreds of design ideas online!

Visit to see over 800 postcard ideas that can be customized to fit your new church!


Launch Rocket 16085

New Church 15284

Launch Sunday 15894 *Postage not included—call for details.


Outreach 800.991.6011

DoorHangers & InviteCards Equip your member to be inviters!

Your core team members are one of your best assets, empower them to invite people to your new church with easy-to-use DoorHangers and personal business-card sized invitations. See more designs at!

DoorHangers The easiest neighborhood outreach tool! Each standard sized Doorhanger is 3.635” x 8.5” and comes 3-up on an 8.5” x 11” sheet you run through a copier or laser printer. They are micro-perforated for easy separation; choose from a stock design or you can have one custom designed or printed for your church. Stock DoorHangers $14.99/pack of 150 (List $15.99) Call for custom pricing.

Feel the Warmth 15492

Rediscover Church Coffee 14626

New Journey 15361

A Church for Families 15491

Go Deeper Time 15777

Belong 12528

Community 12527

New Church 15284


Invitation Cards Wallet-friendly personal invitations anyone can hand out! Equip your attenders with an effective way to invite friends and family to your church launch or new location with these small business card-sized invitations. InviteCards come 4-up on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper and are micro- perforated for easy separation after they are printed. Simply punch out the finished cards and fold in half. Or have them customprinted as a flat, business card sized invitation! $14.99/pack of 200 (List $25.99) Call for custom pricing.

New Journey 15361

A Church for Families 15491

New Church 15284

Go Deeper Time 15777

Like Church 15285

You're Invited Fall 15771

Feel the Warmth 15492


Outdoor Banners & Stands

Attract passing traffic & make your church instantly more friendly! Like a mini-billboard for your church, an outdoor banner is a great way to draw attention and let visitors know they’ve found your church location. Available in 5 sizes, these photo-quality banners are custom printed on durable vinyl with your information, logo and service times—starting at only $129 each! Add an A-frame banner stand (shown) and set up and tear down is easier! Call for details, 800-991-6011!

See all Banner designs online

Start Blue 16084

Choose from these 5 sizes:

3' x 8'

4' x 8'

4' x 10'

4' x 12'

5' x 15'

Vinyl—$129 StickUp—$159






Outreach 800.991.6011

*Custom banners ship in 2 days from art approval by 12 pm MST. Please allow additional time for shipping.

A New Kind 16083

New Day New Church 16074

4' x 8' Banner & a-frame Stand*



*Second banner sold separately Chalk Welcome 15709

Grand opening Sunday at 10 am Launch 14335

Cracked Egg 13497

New Church 15284

Grand Opening People 14571

Check Us Out! Sundays at 10 am Adornment Welcome 15419

Logo Banner 12356

Coming Soon

Your Church Name Sept. 15 • 9 am

Coming Soon 11765

A Church for Families 15491


Customize your outdoor banner!

Pick the background you prefer and then add your logo, a "You're Invited" message or your own text! These Background Banners are flexible to meet your needs for the same price as our regular outdoor banners! Golden—Shown with custom words and logo

See all 19 Background Banner designs online

Shown with custom text

Golden background

Golden 15784

Red Concrete—Shown with custom text

Shown with church logo

Brick—Shown with church logo

Red Concrete background

Shown with custom text

Red Concrete 15677

Brick 15678

White Wood —Shown with church logo

Metal Plate—shown with custom text

Shown with custom text White Wood 15686


Outreach 800.991.6011

White Wood background

Shown with church logo Metal Plate 15684

Brick background

Metal Plate background

Flag Banners & Yard Signs Promote your church & events!

Draw attention to your location, promote a special series or event, or just to make your visitors feel welcomed, eyecatching signs and banners are an important tool to make your church more visible and attractive. Let Outreach create the perfect custom sign or banner for your church or let us print your design—just give us a call!

Shown: Custom Different Shoes Flag Banners

Flag Banner Outdoor Flag banners are is designed to have eye-catching motion in the smallest breeze, but the top quality bearings keep the sail facing the wind so your message will never be hidden by overflapping or wrapping. Flag banners are made of a durable outdoor fabric that won’t fade over time. Poles are aluminum and fiberglass for strength and flexibility. When assembled and staked in the ground, the Flag banner stands at an impressive 12.5+ feet tall—making it easy to see from the road. Fabric Flag banners are 8.5' tall and 2' wide. Pole and spike hardware sold separately! Stock Flag Banners (Single Sided) $49 each Custom Single-Sided Flag Banner $149* Custom Double-Sided Flag Banner $249*


Pole & Spike $119 (for use outdoors in dirt)


Not recommended for high-wind areas. For longest use, bring flag banners inside at night or during storms.

Shown: Adornment Welcome Stock Flag Banner

Yard Sign Each 18" x 24" custom Yard Sign is printed in full color on 4 Mil corrugated plastic and comes with a wire stand to embed in the ground. These eye-catching signs can be used around your church or in the yards of your members (check local zoning laws first). Minimum order 15 yard signs, choose from 1-sided or 2-sided signs.


Starting at only $13.30 per sign *There is a $35 design fee for full custom flag banners. Please allow 7-10 day turn-around time after proof approval for flag banner printing. Call for details.


PRSRT STD U.S. Postage

For a name or address changes please let us know at

5550 Tech Center Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80919


Outreach, Inc.


800.991.6011 OR VISIT


Customer Number

Source Code

Church Plants 2014

This year Outreach will be giving away $1 Million dollars worth of outreach tools to church planters in the United States. Don’t miss out on receiving your Free Church Plant Give Away Package*, a $345 value!

Three FREE months of an Outreach Website

A 2’7” x 6’7” Stock Rollup Banner & Stand ($149 Value)

500 Custom Flat Invitations ($49 value)

($147 Value)

Visit to See If Your Church Qualifies & to Complete Your Application! *All You Pay Is Shipping!

Churchplant mailer  
Churchplant mailer  

Launch Strong! Find all the resources you need to start your Church Plant here! How you start matters!