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REPORTS Spring 2012 • Vol. 14, No. 1

Education for Life

Three small ministries in Africa change lives through education | 12

Latest News From: Brazil, Philippines, USA, and More...


News From OCI Ministries Around the World Bibles. Recently the school was granted rights to be the sole distributor of the English Ellen White Study Bible, as well.

Jungle Training

Wellspring of Water

Watching people suffer from waterborne diseases in Democratic Republic of Congo is painful for the team at Congo Frontline Missions. The rivers are often polluted and full of disease-causing bacteria. The ministry has drilled five wells so far. Once the people have access to clean water and improve their health, they show a greater interest in studying the Bible. The team currently needs an air impact hammer to help drill more efficiently through rock as they expand this aspect of their ministry. They are grateful for your prayers and support.

Bible Blessings

A few years ago, Oklahoma Academy acquired the rights to be sole distributors of the Spanish Ellen White Study Bible, which had been out of print for some time. Since then God has blessed through the sale of more than 20,000




Partnering with LIGHT, Amazon Lifesavers Ministry in Brazil conducted its first one-month medical missionary training course in January. The ministry was excited to have several of its own full-time volunteers participating in the course, as well as members of jungle communities. The ministry praises God for the nine people who were further trained for His work in the Amazon!

Vegetable Teachers

Advent Home Learning Center in Calhoun, Tennessee, has hundreds of new teachers. Tomatoes, broccoli, and lettuce are giving students practical, meaningful lessons in attention to detail, patience, and caregiving. The gardens and greenhouses are being developed into a viable industry to support the ministry and to assist students in their growth.

2012 OCI Leadership Retreat

In April, more than 150 people from 21 countries enjoyed a week of meetings at the annual OCI Leadership Retreat held in Cohutta Springs, Georgia. Attendees enjoyed mission reports from OCI ministries, as well as seminars on topics such as prayer, accountability, planning, and fundraising. The mission reports provided an exciting and inspiring glimpse into what is happening around the world. Many leaders expressed an urgent need for volunteers and workers. The OCI team is already looking forward to next year’s retreat, which will be held in June 2013 at Riverside Farm

Institute, an OCI member ministry in Zambia. If you are interested in attending, contact and look for updates on the OCI website.

New Look

This spring OCI launched a new website and logo. The site features new options for browsing ministries, needs, and other opportunities to get involved, besides making it easier to contact any OCI ministry. Explore the new site for yourself by visiting The goal of the new OCI logo is to convey OCI’s aim to connect and network with supporting ministries, while also seeking to share the light of the gospel in all corners of the globe.




Just One More Book by Mariana Gonzalez

canvassing in IJellico,Tennessee. Myof goal was to t was my first day

distribute at least eight books, but as the hours of daylight dwindled, I was one book short of my objective. I asked God to help me get the remaining book into the right person’s hands. After I finished praying, I walked to the next house, feeling completely dependent on Him. An elderly man answered the door. He listened patiently as I showed him the books but told me that he wasn’t interested in that kind of reading material; however, when he admitted that he liked history, I was impressed to show him The Great Controversy. He seemed interested, and we started talking about religion. He asked what my religious affiliation was, and I told him I was Seventh-day Adventist. He shared that he was Baptist, but he stopped attending church because he didn’t believe in the secret rapture. When I confidently told him that Jesus’ second coming would not be secret, he asked how I could prove it. 4



I tried to remember the Bible promises I had memorized for class. I prayed silently, asking God to help me remember the right verses. Revelation 1:7 (NKJV) came to mind: “Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen.” Amazed, the man bought The Great Controversy and told me that he wanted to be ready for Jesus’ second coming. I praise God for helping me to reach my goal that day and to share Jesus. As a student at Heritage Academy, witnessing to our community through canvassing is a big part of our ministry; not only is it a way to raise money toward tuition, but more importantly, it gives us the opportunity to share our faith. Mariana Gonzalez is a student at Heritage Academy in Tennessee. To learn more about this OCI member, visit

President’s Perspective

Satisfied Yet Dying caused me to stop and Ire-evaluate many personalthatpriorities. It occurred in

About the Cover: Adventist literature reaches people of all ages around the world. Photo by: Janell Hullquist

recently heard a story

Australia during the 1860s. An expedition set off to navigate the interior, moving from Melbourne overland to the Gulf of Carpentaria. One of the many hardships the team faced was a lack of food. The Aborigines taught them to use a local plant called nardoo. The nardoo was made into porridge or a kind of bread. However, the explorers prepared it incorrectly. The nardoo leached vitamins from their weak bodies, slowly depriving them of important nutrients. The more they ate, the less they were able to absorb. They felt full, yet they were starving to death. This sounds frighteningly like the world we live in. There is so much to grab our attention and keep us occupied that we begin to starve spiritually. We think we Nardoo have friends because of a list of names on a Facebook page, but in reality we’re lonely. We think we’re continually connected, yet we are desperately isolated. We’re starving, yet we have a full and distracted feeling. William John Wills, surveyor for the expedition, wrote in his diary, “starvation on nardoo is by no means very unpleasant, but for the weakness one feels, and the utter inability to move one’s self, for as far as appetite is concerned, it gives the greatest satisfaction.” Jesus is the true bread of life. As we partake more fully of Him, we find our deepest spiritual hunger truly satisfied. I am grateful for the efforts of OCI ministries around the world, dedicated to bringing the Bread of Life to the starving multitudes.

Steven Grabiner President

REPORTS Spring 2012 • Vol. 14, No. 1

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Planting & Reaping

Interview by Hannah Kuntz

Meiring Pretorius and his wife, Juanita, have been serving at Riverside Farm Institute for 10 years. Originally from South Africa, the couple learned about self-supporting work while teaching at Sedaven Adventist High School in Heidelberg, South Africa. While there, they also discovered the Adventist health message, and after teaching for three years, they decided to leave the school to train as medical missionaries.


What brought you to Riverside Farm Institute?

What are some of the greatest needs in the community?

While working at Sedaven High School, my wife and I started taking student mission groups to Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was during one of these trips that a student introduced us to Riverside Farm Institute. Steven Grabiner, who was then director of Riverside, invited us to come and work there. After following God’s guidance, we knew He wanted us to serve Him in Zambia.

The greatest need, apart from poverty, malnutrition, and other healthcare issues, is the hunger for the gospel. Although Zambia is perceived as a Christian country, people want more spiritual food. Riverside meets the physical needs of the community through our health programs, lifestyle center, local clinic, and products that we sell; to meet the spiritual needs we use literature, books, and Bible workers. These pioneers are spread throughout Zambia in unentered areas, reaching souls where others cannot go with the everlasting gospel.



Face to Face What are a few of the challenges you’ve experienced over the years?

How is God working at Riverside? The story of our Bible workers and schools demonstrate how God is working in an extraordinary way through Riverside. In the past five years, our Bible workers have increased from 12 to 65. God has provided faithful donors to help establish and support these men and women in remote areas. An average of 4,000 people are baptized every year by the efforts of these humble workers, and thousands of others are reached through literature and Bible studies. Another blessing was the establishment of seven evangelism schools within Zambia, with the goal to train more local “fishermen.” More than 100 people are trained as soul winners every year in these schools. A third blessing came when God directed us to also establish outpost centers in neighboring countries. Currently evangelism schools are running in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Malawi, Burundi, Kenya, and the Republic of Mali.

One important lesson I learned is that God is the one resolving challenges and problems. He taught me to depend more and more on His wisdom and power. One of the greatest challenges we face is to find people who will be dedicated workers in God’s vineyard. We are often in need of skilled workers, but God qualifies the called as long as they are willing to be taught by Him for service. God provides the right people at the right time to work at Riverside. Far Left & Left: Sharing God’s love with He makes people of all ages is Meiring’s desire. everything Above: Riverside’s farm supports missions. beautiful in Below: Bible workers reach thousands through literature and Bible studies. His time.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at Riverside and why? Faith! Self-supporting work is built on complete trust in God. It is rewarding for me, because it keeps me closer to Him in prayer. I can see how my faith has grown in the past 10 years at Riverside.

What are future goals and plans that you have for Riverside? The greatest desire I have is for there to be a bond of spiritual unity and growth among the staff and workers at Riverside. I would like to see, by God’s grace, true, harmonious development of every Riverside member in the line of true education and to establish each one in Christ. Meiring Pretorius is the director of Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. To find out more, visit




Touching Lives

Discarded Treasure by Danny Henson Jr.

my life turned Naround when I discovered a early 10 years ago

book in a garbage can. As God’s Word opened my eyes to His love for me, my goals in life began changing. One weekend I watched a video about a mission pilot, David Gates, and the extreme faith that led him to touch lives for Jesus. As I listened to his stories, a fire started to burn in my heart. I knelt and asked God to help me become a missionary pilot, too. I never imagined where God would lead me or how He would use me; I only knew that I was willing and that He was able. In 2008 my wife, Rovelyn, and I joined Dwayne and Wendy Harris in

the Philippines on the island of Palawan as support missionaries in their medical aviation ministry. Dwayne encouraged me to act in faith and train to become a pilot. Without any promised financial support, I enrolled in flight school. Recently my prayer was realized as I climbed into the captain’s seat of a Cessna 182 and set out for Mapun Island in the south Sulu Sea. I flew with three other missionaries to survey the needs of the people on this remote Muslim island. As I descended toward the small grass runway, I was overcome with a joy that only God can provide. I was about to make my first landing as a missionary pilot. As a result of that flight, a door has opened for the gospel to be shared with the islanders. With my unflattering past, my childhood friends would never have imagined me becoming a Christian, much less a missionary pilot on the other side of the world. Only by the grace and power of our almighty God can a man’s life be so radically changed, to go from digging in the garbage to flying in the clouds. Jesus touched my life, and today I am blessed to be touching others’ lives. Danny Henson Jr. is a pilot for Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services, a Gospel Ministries International ministry. To find out more about GMI, visit Top: Danny recently landed his first mission flight. Middle: The Henson family never expected to end up serving God in the Philippines. Bottom: Danny shares his faith with Muslim friends.




Touching Lives

Diving Into Missions by Raymond Vestereng

mission trip with TOCI.When I arrived at Amazon his was my first

Lifesavers Ministry, an OCI member in Brazil, I was impressed with the ministry’s beautiful landscape and its proximity to the river. I was also curious about whom I would be working with. At first the group was reserved, but as we worked together, we relaxed more. The days passed, and God really joined us as a group; we laughed and had a nice time together. When the trip was over and it was time to leave, it was sad to say goodbye. The seven people in our team were wonderful. On this trip our group painted the roof of an orphanage, painted a church, and also took a boat up the Rio Negro to do medical treatment in two small villages. In addition, we enjoyed the local culture and tropical scenery during our free time. We went to a park with wild crocodiles and a zoo, as well as swimming in the Rio Negro with pink dolphins. I recommend to everyone who wants to do something for God to join OCI on a similar trip. It was a real blessing and an amazing adventure.

Want to get involved? Find out more about participating in an OCI mission trip on our website:

Top: Raymond dove into service in Brazil. Middle: The OCI group painted this church. Bottom: Medical service was another way the mission group helped along the Amazon.

Raymond Vestereng participated in the 2011 OCI mission trip to Amazon Lifesavers Ministry in Brazil. To find out more about this ministry, visit www. OC I




the Vision


by Joel Stapleton

Through bold steps, Country Life Institute in Austria is growing, spreading the vision of hope and health.


t was a beautiful fall morning as

the team at Country Life Institute in Austria made its way over the mountain ridge, voices echoing off the stately peaks and smiling faces reflecting the bright, sunny sky overhead. A new school year was under way at the ministry’s medical missionary training school, TGM. The hikers reached the top of the ridge, looking out over a beautiful alpine valley ringed with stunning mountains. Taking in the scene, the team recalled the words of David: “I will lift up my eyes to the hills— From whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth” (Psalm 121:1-2).




Then, as the team looked back from the vantage point of a ridge top in time, they praised God for all His blessings and looked forward with excitement and trust to the future. Country Life Institute had humble beginnings six years ago in a rented facility in Germany. Two years later God answered the prayers and patience of the small team by providing them with the opportunity to purchase a beautiful hotel in Carinthia, Austria, with enough space for the school and a lifestyle center. God’s timely providence resulted in a much lower purchase price, one of many “right on time” blessings that helped make this fledgling institution a reality.

Mission Snapshot

Far Left: Mountains provide a unique vantage point. Left: The lifestyle center provides tools for better living. Above: Country Life Institute was able to purchase a fully furnished hotel in the country. Below: Students, staff, and guests enjoy the outdoors.

One month before the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year, TGM was faced with the challenge of starting with only one teacher and a very small team. However, right before classes began, God provided two teachers. He also blessed the lifestyle sessions that started in the spring. No less important are the faithful team members who have kept the doors open through the difficult stages. This year TGM took a bold step, reducing the tuition and starting a work scholarship apprenticeship program. During the first half of the year, the students were in classes; however, they spent the second

part working in the lifestyle center, continuing their classes in between sessions. In March the ministry opened the lifestyle center for yearround sessions and is now looking to increase its staff. During the last few months of classes, gardening, outreach, health clubs, public meetings, seminars, and a mission trip, the team’s “I wonder what will happen” attitude has turned into a “It’s a wonder so much has happened!” At the end of last year, the ministry hosted a local church youth group. Some of the parents shared with the TGM students that the event reignited their children’s spiritual experience. The team at Country Life Institute is grateful for the chance to share and grow with others, as well as opportunities to keep the vision alive and their faith and hope strong. Joel Stapleton is a leader at TGM, a training center run by Country Life Institute-Austria. To learn more about the school, visit




Education for Life Compiled by Hannah Kuntz

People around the world thirst for knowledge—not just of ABCs, but more importantly, of God’s love for them. and striking wildlife, thundering Victoria Falls, towering SMt. Kilimanjaro; Africa abounds with beauty.Yet Earth’s second-largest continent un-beaten grasslands

has a history tainted by poverty and war. Through these shadows of struggle, OCI ministries seek to shine the light of the gospel through educational programs. Featured here are three small OCI ministries, yet these outposts are connecting with people and, more importantly, encouraging mental and spiritual growth.

Practical Education

Eden Valley Foster Care Mission: Tanzania

Janet Fournier founded Eden Valley Foster Care Mission in 2003, focusing on meeting the basic needs of people in rural Tanzania. She quickly saw the need for an industrial education program for the restless youth. Her solution included starting classes in carpentry and sewing. Eventually the village of Mago offered her Janet (left) has a burden for young people in Africa.




land, which has since been developed into a beautiful campus. The facility is also equipped to offer classes in mechanics, agriculture, and beekeeping as soon as staff is available. Last year 50 students attended the school, but there is room for growth, as the facilities can accommodate up to 64 in the dorms and many more day students. The local government, village leaders, and community are extremely happy for the opportunity that the Eden Valley Foster Care Mission is providing for their youth. Before the school was established, young people often left for the city; now there is an incentive for them to stay—a safe haven where these

Mission Snapshot 13- to 23-year-olds can learn practical skills and get to know their Savior. It has been a tool from the Lord to reach the youth and the village people alike.

Secondary Education

Fanantenana Training Center: Madagascar

Students are open to receiving the gospel message.

Fanantenana Training Center opened a secondary school in 2003 at the request of local authorities. Since then approximately 200 students have graduated; four of these former students are working as teachers in other rural areas of Madagascar. When the school opened, it was the first in the community. Many students come from poor families; some walk as far as nine miles round trip in all weather. Local traditions and witchcraft pose difficulties when witnessing to students’ parents. The ministry realizes the difficulty of changing an adult’s way of thinking, while by contrast, students are often open to new ideas and catching the vision of a loving Savior. After four consecutive years, many graduate with a greater knowledge of Bible truths, and each year about 15 students are baptized. It may take more than one generation, but the Fanantenana team is praying that their Christian institution can make a big difference in their region.

Friendship Education Mukuyu Outreach: Zambia

When the women of the village closest to Mukuyu Outreach asked Melissa Myburgh for help, she took up the challenge. They desperately wanted to learn one thing: how to make clothes. In June 2010 Melissa started the Nanyanga Ladies Club. Melissa begins every class with prayer and a Bible story. Many of the women have never heard about the classic Bible characters and are fascinated, especially by stories showing God’s love for them. While ladies take turns working on the two sewing machines, the others knit, crochet, and make crafts such as baskets and pottery. When the items are sold, the women pay tithe and give a small part to the ministry’s orphan program; a part of the profits goes to the artisan, and the rest helps buy more materials. Recently, Melissa began teaching English. Sometimes the group also discusses practical topics like personal Seeing her ladies take pride in their hygiene and work gives Melissa (right) great joy. birth control. Melissa’s method of friendship education has had a profound impact. The club’s members are taking pride in what they produce, optimistic about being able to better support their families. To learn more about each of these ministries, visit




Food for Thought

Learning From Nature by Alexa Hernandez

no Nbetter lesson bookwethanhavenature. ext to the Bible,

will.Yet greater beings formed in His image fail to honor Him by obeying the When I was a little girl, my family and precepts He has graciously given us. I lived next door to my grandparents. Even the beautiful babbling brook My grandfather was a tall man who teaches a lesson; if there were no stones loved bird watching. He had bird in it, which can be compared to trials, feeders outside most of the windows it would have no song to sing. As around his house. another example, each When the world evening the moon rises, One thing he enjoyed more than bird watching presses in around reflecting the sun’s light, was taking me on nature me, I flee to the as we should allow the walks; he would show solitude and light of the Son of God me different birds and to reflect through us. majesty of nature teach me their names, When the world to recharge. characteristics, and presses in around me, I individual songs. He flee to the solitude and would also do the same majesty of nature to with the trees and flowers. Though my recharge. There is a simplicity, beauty, grandfather is no longer alive, I cherish and purity in nature that lead the soul these memories. In spending this time toward God. The next time you are with me, he instilled in my heart a love outside, glean from the vast treasures and appreciation for creation and all of the Lord has created and the wise God’s creatures. spiritual truths nature silently teaches, As I have grown older, I’ve learned and come away refreshed. much from nature. God’s creation obeys Alexa Hernandez serves at DayStar His laws; even the birds discern the Adventist Academy. For more changing seasons. They never deny God information about DayStar, visit or refuse to heed any intimation of His




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If you have a desire to serve God, prayerfully consider one of the following ways to get involved.



Service Openings Advent Home Learning Center, USA Assistant Director Administrative Assistant Farm Supervisor/Gardener IT Technology Manager Teachers Vegan Cook

Black Hills Health & Education Center, USA 
 Housekeeper Physician or Physician Assistant

DayStar Adventist Academy, USA Accountant Music Teacher

Fountainview Academy, Canada Boys’ & Girls’ Assistant Deans

Laurelbrook School & Sanitarium, USA Boys’ Dean Landscape Supervisor Nursing Home Administrator

Peru Projects, Peru Media Specialist

Riverside Farm Institute, Zambia
 Lifestyle Center Manager

The Hope of Survivors, USA Development Director Website Developer/Programmer

Vida Internacional, Honduras Agriculturalist Accountant Bible Worker Construction Manager Mechanic Teachers

Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital, USA Country Store Assistant Manager Elementary School Teacher

Oklahoma Academy, USA Boys’ & Girls’ Deans Cafeteria Manager Country Store Manager Maintenance Massage Director/Instructor Registrar

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OCI Reports Spring 2012  

Enjoy the latest OCI ministry news from around the world! This issue features mission reports from Brazil, Philippines, USA, and more.