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connection to missions worldwide Monthly Newsletter 6.4 | April 2012

Language Lesson by John Shoemaker


It’s impossible to know what kind of impact that conversation had on those four students; however, I will have another opportunity to witness to them when I teach an English workshop at their school in May. School by the Sea is continuously working to create connections, not only with its students in Poland, but also with people all over Europe. Building relationships for Christ takes time, and while we may not see the fruit of our labor now, we hope and pray that by teaching students a foreign language, our connections will blossom into something that will last for eternity.

Students at School by the Sea have a chance to bond with their English teacher outside of the classroom.


never planned to serve as a missionary; however, after talking with a friend and earnestly praying for God to show me what to do, I felt Him calling me to go to Norway. While my heart was set on going to Norway, God had a different plan for me: teaching English at School by the Sea, an OCI ministry and foreign language school in Poland. In October, four middle-schoolaged students arrived from Norway to study English at School by the Sea for a week. When they arrived, they were not as excited about their first trip to Poland as I would have hoped. I didn’t know how I was supposed to teach English to Norwegian students in Poland who didn’t particularly care to be there, much less discuss anything spiritual with them. I prayed that God would show me what to do. During the course of the week, a fellow American missionary and I spent countless hours with the students. In addition to teaching them English, we also showed them several nearby Polish cities and taught them how to play American football. While I’ll always cherish those memories, the moment I’ll remember the most is when the students specifically asked me about my life as a Christian.

$100,000 will help School by the Sea add on to the school, making more room for classrooms and housing for volunteers.

creams pierced the muggy air. Mike’s gaze jerked upward as two helpless bodies careened off the top of the radio tower. When a group of volunteers arrived in February to construct a new tower, the situation suddenly turned dangerous. For the past four years, local Seventh-day Adventist churches in Nicaragua have worked together to broadcast the gospel from this tower; however, the radio station had been recently hit by lightening. Cross to Crown International, an OCI ministry in Nicaragua, offered to construct a new radio station. As funding became available, the building started taking shape. The 120-foot radio tower had to be taken apart one section at

The Cross to Crown team is grateful that God protected Mario (above) and his son after they fell more than 80 feet.

a time and reassembled in a new location. The task was carried out by volunteers, which included Mike Halverson, president of Cross to Crown, and Mario, a church member, and his 18-year-old son. The first four sections were lowered successfully, but without Mike’s knowledge, a worker began undoing cables on one side of the tower. As the cables were loosened, Mario and his son tumbled off the tower, falling about 80 feet. Mike ran to find a taxi to transport the injured men to the local hospital, praying that God would spare their lives. Before they reached the hospital, other local radio stations were broadcasting that both were dead. Despite this terrifying experience, the ministry is thankful that God brought glory out of what could have been a disaster; Mario suffered only a broken arm. His son had three broken ribs and a punctured lung. The team has decided to construct a new, safer broadcasting tower for the radio station.Your prayers and support are appreciated.

ministry needs

Falling From the Sky S

Eden’s Pathway LifeStyle Center, USA Funds: $10,500 Buy massage therapy equipment

Kibidula Farm Institute, Tanzania Funds: $90/month Sponsor a Bible worker

Mukuyu Outreach, Zambia

Funds: $13,000 Buy an agricultural tipping trailer

Springs of Health, Czech Republic

Funds: $13,000 Cover publishing expenses for magazine

The Hope of Survivors, USA

Funds: $2,000 Help the ministry attend a conference in Romania

$5,000 will help Cross to Crown International construct a new radio tower in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.

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