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ixie sighed heavily as she watched the sheep frantically rush out of their pens. This wasn’t what she had had in mind when she signed up for her school’s mission trip. This spring Vixie joined 15 other students and a group of staff from DayStar Adventist Academy on a trip to a Navajo community in Arizona. While there, they participated in various outreach projects, as well as some traditional Navajo activities. When Vixie found out that the group was going to herd sheep at a Navajo farm, she tried to find an excuse not to go. However, she soon found herself chasing the animals with the rest of her classmates. At the farm they met Cheryl, a Navajo woman. In between showing the students how to control the sheep, she shared her conversion story. Even though Cheryl was attending church, she admitted that she didn’t like reading and found the Bible boring. However, she wanted to learn more about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as receive Bible studies. On the way back to where they were staying,Vixie thought about what she could do to witness to Cheryl. She had the idea to give her the Steps to Christ in Song DVD made by Fountainview Academy. Vixie suggested the idea to


Monthly Newsletter 6.12 | December 2012

her teacher, and the students gathered enough money to purchase the set. Cheryl’s eyes lit up when they delivered the gift and explained what it was.Vixie and her classmates pray that God used their gift to help bring Cheryl into a closer relationship with Him. Every year DayStar Adventist Academy in Utah plans two mission trips. For the past four years, the academy has done community outreach in Paige, Arizona. They have taught cooking classes, helped with health fairs, and worked on the construction of a community center. A group from DayStar will return to Arizona at the end of January 2013 to canvass and continue working on the center. The school appreciates your continued support and prayers as they seek to provide more space for students.

Your gift toward $400,000 will help DayStar Adventist Academy construct a new boys dorm, enabling the ministry to accept more male students.

Cheryl (below) was thrilled with the gift from students at DayStar.

Ensuring a Cure U

nbearable pain shot through Christel’s leg. As the redness and swelling increased, so did the discomfort. The pain became so severe that she could hardly stand, walk, or sit for any amount of time. In desperate need of a cure, Christel went to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed her with Erysipelas, a type of skin infection, and prescribed multiple antibiotics. However, her leg got worse instead of better. There was even talk of amputating it to stop the infection from spreading throughout Christel’s body. Two weeks later, Christel’s son recommended that she go to Bergpension Sonnmatt, an OCI associate ministry in Switzerland. After traveling to Sonnmatt from Germany, Christel settled in as a guest. She received various treatments, including hydrotherapy, a juice cleanse, and healing poultices and salves. The

team also encouraged her to drink more water, as well as to change her diet to a plant-based one and stop drinking coffee. The redness, pain, and swelling in Christel’s leg began to disappear, and soon she was feeling well enough to go home. When Christel returned to Germany, she felt much better; her symptoms had almost disappeared. She was thankful for the attentive care she received at Sonnmatt and grateful for the healing that had occurred, too. The small team at Sonnmatt continues to care for guests from all over Europe. Situated amidst breathtaking scenery, the ministry is a peaceful refuge for those seeking health and healing. Whether through cooking classes, stop-smoking seminars, or lifestyle programs, people find a renewed joy for life.

Bottom Left: Jenny Fischer, a team member at Sonnmatt, prepares herbal remedies for guests. Bottom Right: Guests are served healthy meals, often made with items from the ministry’s garden. Your gift toward $22,000 will help the ministry build a hydroroom to provide its guests with an additional treatment option.

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