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November 2011

Fishers of Friends M

amosa was eager to learn more; while listening to a health presentation at Madison House, she found herself asking questions. These health seminars were presented by medical missionary students at Madison, an OCI member ministry in Lindley, South Africa. As part of their training, they participated in community outreach, which enabled them to share what they learned with the public. After the presentation ended, Mamosa approached Kevin and Mawethu, two of the students, to ask about the Bible verses they had presented. In addition to the verses, they offered to give her Bible studies. She accepted the offer. The students began studying with Mamosa and her mother. The family told them that Bible workers from other denominations had tried to study with them before, but that they were the first they’d allowed to enter their home. Kevin was impressed at how the health connection had helped form a bond with Mamosa and her family, giving the students a platform to share Christ’s love. Two evangelistic campaigns were also held in Lindley earlier this year, which have helped to create an interest in spiritual topics among community

members, with 20 people deciding to begin observing the Sabbath. Combined with the student outreach, these forms of friendship evangelism are impacting many in Lindley. In October, 16 students graduated from Madison. Five of the graduates are now working in Malawi presenting a one-month course, and others are traveling to Botswana to teach. The team at Madison is enthusiastic to see how its courses are impacting students’ lives, as well as those in the community. The next training course begins in April 2012, and the ministry hopes you will continue to support them with your prayers. p

Above: Excited graduates from Madison’s medical missionary training program are ready to go wherever God sends them.

Madison House has experienced success through its training programs and lifestyle center. $1,000 will help cover expenses to maintain the ministry between training sessions.


Bible Blessing S

erghei Costash, director of the medical missionary school at the Center of Health & Preventive Medicine in Moldova, and his wife, Anastasya, recently spent two months in Ethiopia working with LIGHT. Twenty-two students took part in the program, and the couple was impressed by their desire to learn about God. During the second week of training, Serghei noticed that one of the students was sick. He told Serghei that he hadn’t eaten for a week. However, he didn’t want to return home because the spiritual food he was receiving was more important. Serghei taught the elders of a local church, and he plans to return in February to continue the training. Many church members do not have a Bible of their own. God provided for those receiving the training, but more Bibles are needed for the church in Ethiopia. p

can make the

difference Ministry Needs Eastward Missionary College, Australia

Funds: $20,000 Finish constructing a staff house

Serghei and Anastasya (far left) spent two months working in Ethiopia. To learn more about their ministry in Moldova, visit the OCI website.

Update: News From Around the World Center for Health & Prevention, Bulgaria: While much progress has been made on the ministry’s new lifestyle center, the team in Bulgaria continues to work diligently to finish its construction. A sum of $20,000 is still needed to complete the building, specifically to finish the flooring. The ministry asks for your prayers and support, and staff members look forward to when they will be able to offer lifestyle programs.

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Fondacioni Almise, Albania: This new OCI member is working to meet the educational and health needs of its community in Vlora, Albania. During the past two decades, it is estimated that diabetes in Albania has risen 600 percent. Other lifestyle illnesses are also on the rise. The ministry has conducted cooking seminars, taught simple home remedies, and prayed with the sick. There is an increasingly positive response toward health outreach, and the staff at Almise is looking for more ways to expand their role as medical missionaries in the community, including the translation and publication of appropriate material.

Eden’s Pathway LifeStyle Center, USA Funds: $20,000 Remodel the campus, including guest rooms

Fanantenana Training Center, Madagascar

Funds: $500 Purchase a computer for the secondary school

Heritage Academy, USA Funds: $50,000 Build a grass runway and a hanger for the aviation program

Eden Blossoms, Nepal

Funds: $15,000 Launch the ministry’s base in Nepal

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November 2011  

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