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Preaching to the Persecuted D ressed in vivid traditional clothing, the two Huichol Indian farmers came forward during the church service with a simple request. In their hands they brought bags of corn—the first of their harvest. Living high in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico, these Huichol Indians have maintained a relatively unchanged way of life, and tradition remains important. Christianity gradually entered the region, and in 1989, Mission Projects Inc. first brought Bible workers to the area. They currently sponsor Pastor Lucas Ortiz, who works alongside Pastor Dagoberto Cirilo in the village of San Miguel. Dagoberto is also a mission pilot. The pastors are seeking to reach the Huichol with the message of Christ’s love—not only through God’s word, but with the provision of medical care, seeds, and clean water.


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November 2010

Mission Projects Inc. shares the Good News with the Huichol Indians in Mexico. $5,000 will build a structure for training young Huichols in manual arts.

Those who accept Christ and reject ancient customs are reprimanded and threatened by village leaders. Their fellow townspeople no longer consider them true Huichols, and they are persecucted. This exlusion from their community brought the two Indians to Dagoberto during the service. No longer welcome to participate Top: Pastor Cirilo stands with Huichol women to whom he has ministered. Bottom: The Huichol kneel in a prayer of thanks for God’s blessings.

in the traditional festival to the corn god, the farmers wanted to show God their gratitude while retaining some traditions. Surrounded by fruit trees and a glittering canvas of Huichol garb, Dagoberto led a prayer of thanks to the true God. Mission Projects hopes to continue to impact the San Miguel community by providing practical training in manual arts. This connection will also nurture a bond between the villagers and the local Seventh-day Adventist church, opening doors for witnessing. p

Crying for an Answer by Ruth Sevison


t was a cold and stormy afternoon in January. I ran to the frozen shore of the Baltic Sea and screamed into the wind: “God! Why am I here? What do you want from me?” I had been a student missionary at School by the Sea in Poland for several months. This had been a particularly hard day of teaching. The students didn’t seem to care about anything. Wrapping my arms around myself in an effort to stay warm, I waited for God’s answer. I watched the waves tumble on the icecovered beach and heard the seagulls crying out in protest. Nature shouted,

but God was silent. I waited six months for my answer. As soon as I stepped back on American soil, God opened my eyes to what He had been trying to show me during my time in Poland. By going to Poland, God prepared me to better serve others, no matter where I am. Even though it took me months to fully understand God’s plan, I still felt His love and care during my eight months abroad. School by the Sea seeks to reach out to its students through foreign language courses that also draw them to God. p


can make the

difference Ministry Needs Cave Springs Home, USA

Funds: $6,000 Help purchase a new heating/AC unit for the kitchen area

Center of Health & Preventive Medicine, Moldova

Funds: $800 Make school repairs before the start of a medical training course in November

Clark’s Bakery at Stone Cave, USA Funds: $850 Purchase used double stack ovens for baking purposes

Above: Interacting with her students helped Ruth see God’s love. Right: Ruth (far right) enjoys nature with some of her pupils.

Your gift toward a goal of $40,000 will enable School by the Sea to build three additional classrooms.

Springs of Life Foundation, Poland

Funds: $1,100 Help acquire laptop for its publishing ministry

More giving opportunities at

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November 2010  

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