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October 2010

From Manicurist to Colporteur by Dana Kozakova


n the summer of 2007, a colporteur visited me at my nail salon in the Czech Republic. I wanted to ask him to leave but changed my mind. We talked, and I bought Steps to Christ by Ellen White. When the colporteur discovered my interest in health food, he gave me a brochure about NEWSTART Health Weeks organized by Country Life Prague. Intrigued, my husband and I decided to participate in a NEWSTART program. After a week we felt results: we both lost weight and mentally felt more at peace. I discovered that Country Life runs a medical missionary school that organizes lifestyle courses near Prague, so I applied and was accepted. While taking the courses, I met more Christians, and I was changed. It was one of the most beautiful years of my life! As I learned about physical, mental, and spiritual health, I began drawing closer to God’s truths. I realized that my previous life was not headed in the right direction. During this time I fell in love with Jesus and decided to follow Him. I applied for another year at Country Life’s medical missionary school. I praise the Lord for

Left to Right: Dana puts her medical missionary training to use, pledges her life to Jesus through baptism, and shares her testimony. Left: Finding peace in God’s creation, Dana enjoys the Czech countryside.

sending people who, through His guidance, direct us. On February 19, 2010, I was baptized. My life gained meaning; today I know why I am here. In October I will begin working as a full-time colporteur. My prayer is that God will use me to speak to people in such a way that they will learn precious truths about our Savior. p

Help Country Life Prague continue to redirect lives. $15,000 will enable Country Life to purchase a van to transport students and staff.

Providence in Many Forms T he outlook for Oklahoma Academy was anything but encouraging. Last school year the academy’s enrollment was down, which presented various financial challenges. The staff wondered whether God wanted them to close the school or if He would provide. Someone suggested republishing the Ellen White Spanish Study Bible; however, the school lacked the necessary funds. The first encouragement came with a $25,000 donation, and then other donors stepped forward as well. God blessed tremendously and the academy was able to sell 10,000 copies. Another 12,000 are being printed, 7,000 of which are already sold. The funds allowed the academy to stay open and to continue impacting students, such as Stephanie Brown. Growing up, Stephanie always felt out of place. She didn’t have many friends and, in early childhood, dealt with the separation of her parents. By eighth grade, she wanted to attend a different school. Even though she had been attending her school for nine years, her classmates picked on her and made her feel unwelcome. Then a group of students from Oklahoma Academy came to her town with Messiah’s Mansion, a full-scale model of the Mosaic Sanctuary. Stephanie noticed that these kids were different; they were friendly and welcoming and spent time with her as they taught her the sanctuary message.


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difference Ministry Needs

Amazon Lifesavers, Brazil

Stephanie (far right) relishes time spent with school friends.

Leaving her home state of California, Stephanie enrolled in Oklahoma Academy for her freshman year. Now a senior, she is thankful for the impact the academy has had on her, including helping her make friends and, most importantly, learning to make God her best Friend. Oklahoma Academy is planning additional publishing projects and trusting that God will continue to bless their impact on students’ lives. p Your gift toward the goal of $25,000 will help Oklahoma Academy with their current publishing project, a series of children’s pop-up Bible books.

7 QUESTIONS< < >> It won’t take long. Take our survey to help us meet your changing needs. We appreciate your feedback.

Funds: $10,000 Help fund construction of a new building that will include a pharmacy, warehouse, and consultation room

Centro Misionero de Salud, Mexico

Funds: $4,000 Purchase two Spanish health expo sets

Cross to Crown International, USA

Funds: $6,000 Replace the power source so the radio station can broadcast again


Funds: $35/student Sponsor missionaries conducting health evangelism work in Africa

More giving opportunities at

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October 2010  

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