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July-August 2010

Drug Dealer Becomes Missionary J ohn* stood calmly before the judge and local police, feeling at peace. “I want to tell all the truth,” he said. John, a 34-year-old former drug dealer, had been called to testify on account of his friend’s alleged drug dealing. During the court process, John revealed that he had not just been involved in dealing, but also took drugs himself. Before the December 2009 court appearance, the police had advised John not to share this with the judge because it could lead to his imprisonment. However, John insisted on telling the judge everything. He also told the judge he had become a Christian (and no longer had any desire to be involved with drugs). He expressed his regret for involving others in the deadly addiction as well. The judge was impressed by John’s transformation and sent him home without charges.

John’s conversion was an answer to prayer. An entire church had been praying for him, and on August 29, 2009, he was baptized. The next day he began the nine-month medical missionary program at Country Life Institute in Austria. Training was a challenging growth experience for John and the entire group. Part of their education included conducting programs for the public, and by the time they had completed the training in May 2010, each student was prepared to organize an entire lifestyle program. Through God’s healing power, Country Life continues to change lives, even giving a former drug dealer the chance to become a medical missionary. The ministry continues in faith, eager to see how God will provide for their biggest need—a permanent lifestyle center.p

Top Right: Training takes place in this former hotel outside of Carinthia, Austria. Bottom Right: The students are always ready to praise God. Bottom Left: Country Life guests participate in an exercise session led by John.

*Name changed for privacy.

Country Life Institute in Austria actively prepares individuals for ministry in health evangelism. $600,000 will enable Country Life to build a permanent lifestyle center.

New Smiles Spark Service T

wo beautiful faces, each marred by one embarrassing blemish—a toothless smile. The faces belonged to sisters Rosilda, 24, and Rosinilda, 18, from Ariau, Brazil. When a mission boat from Luzeiro Amazônia stopped at their village in August 2009, the sisters received a health consultation and signed up for Rosilda (left) and Rosinilda (right) embrace Dr. Rilda, the Bible studies. dentist who gave them new smiles. “We had been praying for somebody to help us study The older of the two, Rosilda, hopes the Bible,” the sisters said. to volunteer on one of Luzeiro’s mission Rosilda and Rosinilda were baptized boats after she graduates from high in October, and both were eager to use school in November. their vocal talents in church. But their Luzeiro, also known as the Brazil appearance held them back. Luzeiro Adventist Medical Launch Program, arranged for a Seventh-day Adventist witnesses to many people groups along dentist to perform prosthetic work, the Amazon. Two families run the giving each sister a full set of teeth. program with the help of more than Now the young women lift their 200 full-time volunteers. The program voices in praise and worship as they operates four bases and three boats and is participate in various church activities. one of OCI’s newest members. p

Fast Fact Only 55 percent of Brazilian adolescents have all their teeth. – Ministry of Health Survey

Your gift will help Luzeiro continue to change lives, inside and out, through medical missionary work in the Amazon.

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can make the

difference Ministry needs Clark’s Bakery at Stonecave, USA

Funds: $20,000 Purchase bakery equipment, a delivery van and better-working A/C units

DayStar Adventist Academy, USA

Funds: $10,000 Finish girls’ dorm garage foundation and floor

Reaching Hearts for Kids, USA Funds: $20,000

Keep an orphanage in Indonesia from closing

The Hope of Survivors, USA

Funds: $7,800 Print educational booklet in Spanish and reprint in English

Think On These Things Ministries International, USA Funds: $5,000 Replenish food supply for distribution program


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July/August 2010  

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