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June 2010

he note arrived, crinkled and dirty after miles of trekking through the Nicaraguan jungle. Passed from hand to hand, it had finally reached its destination: the radio station at Cross to Crown International. Unfolding the paper, the director read the message from a listener across the border in Honduras: “Your station has completely changed my life. Thank you!” Each day, the CCI team prays that their station will lead people to Christ, and it is a joy to see how God answers these prayers. In the jungle along the Rio Coco in Nicaragua, radio is the most effective way to reach a large audience. Traveling is difficult and time-consuming, but FM waves are not limited by the often-impassible roadways. And the message is reaching gospel-hungry people throughout the region.

To ensure that people have the opportunity to hear the gospel, CCI staff make their way to many villages, giving away solar-powered radios tuned to 96.9 FM. Though these radios receive only the Christian station, they are in high demand. Many come to the station offering to work or trade food in exchange for one of the radios. Seeing the impact CCI’s station makes, a local Catholic priest asked if he could be involved. The team welcomed him and asked him to read Steps to Christ on the air. God is constantly working miracles for the station, using it to plant seeds and giving the team the resources to water those seeds— holding clinics, building churches, and helping people find better ways to live in this world, while preparing for the next. p

Top: The river provides a place to play and work and is the most reliable method of transportation. Center: One young mother proudly shows off the radio that connects her to the gospel. Bottom: CCI director Mike Halverson (left) operates the radio equipment.

Cross to Crown Int’l shares Jesus’ love over the airwaves in Nicaragua. $7,000 will enable CCI to purchase a 4-wheel-drive vehicle to traverse the jungle roads.

Where Jesus Walked by Abby Disney, Laurelwood Academy student


s a student at Laurelwood for the last two years, I have gone on two overseas mission trips. During my first year at Laurelwood, we went to Ukraine. One of the

highlights of the trip for me was visiting an orphanage. I was born in Russia, and my mother abandoned me when I was three days old. So I lived in an orphanage until I was adopted by an American family when I was eight.Visiting little kids in an orphanage for the first time since I left Russia moved me. It was great to help the kids out for a couple of hours and make them feel special by singing with them. My second trip was to Israel, where I helped renovate the Seventh-day Adventist Conference Center. It was amazing to see how much better the place looked after we worked on it, but the best part for me was walking where Jesus walked—I will never forget that. I think this is what Laurelwood is all about—following Jesus’ example of making a difference in other people’s lives and learning how to use our backgrounds and experiences to do so. p

Your gift to Laurelwood will help students like Abby experience mission work firsthand.

Abby hauls cement for the renovation project in Jerusalem.

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difference Ministry needs Center for Health and Preventive Medicine, Moldova

Funds: $6,000 Complete buildings to be used as housing for new staff families

DayStar Academy, USA Funds: Any gift will help keep tuition costs low

Mount Akagi Institute, Japan

Prayer: Blessings for the new staff who are reopening the medical missionary training school

The Heartgood Foundation, Norway

Funds: $2,000 Provide a scholarship for a student to gain medical missionary training at the European Bible School

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June 2010  

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