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June 2009

Remembering Who’s in Charge W

hen he lost his job, Mark* felt like he was looking into a black hole. He had six children and a wife to provide for—with no income. He started desperately seeking work, but his hunt seemed futile, and his family’s food supply was dwindling. Then someone recommended that he go to Think on These Things Ministries (3TM) for help. With no other option, Mark gathered his family and took them to 3TM, where they met Shawn Wray, founder and director. Shawn gave them groceries, but more than that, he took the time to talk and pray with them. Before leaving, Mark told Shawn, “I can tell you’re doing this because you really care about us. I want to come to your church.” The next Sabbath, Shawn was able to welcome the whole family to his church. “We meet people’s immediate needs first, then pray for them and wait for the Spirit to move,” Shawn says. “When they ask, we’re able to share how Jesus has impacted us personally.” And Shawn has a lot to share. He started 3TM in 2005 when he felt called to work full-time toward meeting the needs of his community

in Atlanta. Since then he’s faced many challenges in his ministry. Currently the biggest hurdle 3TM faces is the economy. The needs have risen, and the donations have dropped. In 2005, Shawn and his team were feeding 120 people every week. Now that number has jumped to 1,000. He is even helping some of his former donors meet their own basic needs. Shawn is determined not to let financial stress and an increasingly busy schedule bring him down. “Sure, we’re on a shoestring budget, but I think that’s so I remember who’s in charge,” he says. “It’s not me; it’s God! Besides, the rewards are in heaven, and there is no greater feeling than being a giver.” p *name changed for privacy

Above: 3TM helps those who have lost their jobs keep their dignity. Inset: Shawn and his crew assist more than a hundred people a day.

3TM strives to give people not a handout, but a hand up, so that they can move forward. Your gift to 3TM will help them to continue providing for those in need.

Led to Stay A

fter serving in Spain for nine years, the Röhlig family wondered if it was time to return to their home in Germany. Their health food store had hit a financial lull, and the man they rented the space from was trying to sell it. Then they had to move from their home, where they had been able to run a bakery, to a small apartment. Every sign seemed to point them away from Spain. Still the family believed God was calling them to stay. Their ministry, Country Life Reformhaus, was touching the lives of the German-speaking

population, and their work in Spain was not finished. When things seemed impossible, their shop landlord, usually a difficult man to work with, contacted Frank Röhlig. He had decided not to sell the strip where their shop was, and he wanted to keep them as tenants. Knowing their financial struggles, he lowered their rent by 30 percent. Amazed, Frank told his family that God had worked a miracle. Now a year later, they still face financial challenges. But God continues to bless. He has provided them with a home large enough to re-open their bakery and hold church services for their small German congregation. Their shop is open, and they have just celebrated 10 years of ministry in Spain. p

$1,000 will repair the health food shop’s signs, which were damaged in a recent hurricane.

Update: News From Around the World Kibidula Farm Institute, Tanzania: Last year, Watson Kiwovele, the evangelism program director, organized a prison ministry. Since then, more than 100 inmates have been baptized. Prison directors appreciate having Adventists come to their facilities, because the Adventist message brings a marked change to the prisoners’ behavior.

Light Bearers Ministry, USA: Ty Gibson, co-director, recently traveled to Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia, one of the places to which LBM sends containers of literature. Ty brought two film producers to create a short documentary on the influence of literature in Africa, where these books have served as “silent preachers” to a multitude of people.


can make the

difference Ministry needs Center of Health & Preventive Medicine, Moldova

Funds: $100 Seeds for their developing agriculture program

Congo Frontline Missions, Democratic Republic of Congo Funds: $70 Sponsor a church planter for one month

Reaching Hearts for Kids, USA

Funds: $25,000 Provide running water for a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Riverside Farm Institute, Zambia Prayer: That it will be a successful year for their maize crop and milling department.

Wildwood Lifestyle Center & Hospital, USA Funds: $4,500 Remodel their hospital guest rooms

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June 2009  
June 2009  

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