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April 2009

Sowing Seeds U

se it or lose it, the saying goes. For students at the Center of Health and Preventive Medicine in Moldova, using their training is a key part of the learning process. This year students split into two teams for mission trips to other villages in Moldova. One group traveled to Bashcalia, where they held a health expo, health lectures, cooking classes, and organized activities for the children. When students distributed flyers for the expo, people asked how they were able to provide it for free. Many of them came. Most of those who attended the expo returned for the health lectures— the local pastor counted more than 70 visitors at one of them. The cooking classes were also well attended. Among those learning new recipes were two women who decided to completely change their lifestyle as a result of their new-found knowledge. Too soon the time came for the students to return to their classes. But

they had planted seeds, and the local church is following up with an evangelistic campaign. Many of those whom the students met are attending the meetings, and the students pray that God will continue to draw the people of Bashcalia to Himself. p

Each year students at the Center of Health and Preventive Medicine see the results of putting their training into practice. $9,000 will enable the center to provide housing for new staff families

A New Dorm in Old Mud


can make the

difference Ministry needs For Your Heart, Latvia Funds: $625 Sponsor a student to attend their medical missionary school

Gospel Ministries International, USA


ayStar Academy’s female students have spent the school year enjoying their new dorm and trying not to get stuck in the mud just outside. The school plans to landscape the grounds, which will beautify the area and minimize dust and mud. p

$5,000 will cover the cost of landscaping the area around the girls’ dorm

Update: News From Around the World School by the Sea, Poland: After two years of teaching English in the the very conservative Catholic region of Kartuzy, the school is helping one woman prepare for baptism. She will be the first person in the town baptized into the Seventhday Adventist church. The team at the school is overjoyed and continues to find new ways to meet the temporal needs of those around them, so that they may lead them to

more eternal things. The school would especially like to thank all who donated to their work. The $800 it received paid for four months of rent on the school building. Clark’s Bakery at Stone Cave, USA: Though several tornadoes whipped through their area this month, uprooting trees, their ministry remained unscathed. They are praising God for His protection.

Funds: $10,000 Used concert grand piano for their new TV broadcasting studio

Miracle Meadows, USA

Funds: $3,000 Update the water system to meet the current needs Funds: $15,000 Provide equipment for their new videography program

The Hope of Survivors, USA

Funds: $12,000 Cover the expenses of conferences and exhibits

Uchee Pines, USA

Funds: 5,000 Students’ mission trip to Mexico to lead out in a one-month training course

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April 2009  

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