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June/July 2008

All His Money Was Gone


atrick was eager for an adventure. He arrived at the Heartgood Foundation in Norway, not knowing much about the European Bible School he was about to attend. The year began well. He was learning how to make and give Bible studies, going door-to-door with religious surveys, and meeting fellow students from around the world. Then, adventure slapped him in the face. The sponsorship he’d arranged for fell through, and he had only enough of his own money to stay for the first three months. Sadly, he told the principal that he would have to go home when the other students left for the mission trip. The principal told him to pray about it. He had seen Patrick’s deepening interest in God’s work and believed the young man needed to stay through the year. Patrick prayed, telling God that he was going to leave. “Stop me, God,” he prayed, “if I should stay.” God stopped him, providing a sponsor just in time. Instead of flying home to the States, Patrick traveled to Bulgaria to hold an evangelistic series. All day he studied, and each evening he preached. It was a pivotal experience for him. From there

p Patrick (right) learned he went to Honduras for the mission the most by teaching trip, and that solidified his desire to keep others, especially while working for God. preaching in Bulgaria. These and other opportunities to practice what he was learning made EBS stand apart from other schools he The European had attended. He learned a lot in the Bible School classroom, but he found he learned the most from holding Bible studies, working equips young on the farm, and giving massages. people to be Patrick is going back to finish his missionaries formal education, but his heart will wherever God remain with self-supporting ministry. leads them. As soon as he receives his physical therapy degree, he hopes to use it and $2,000 will provide a his agriculture skills to meet the needs of scholarship to help a self-supporting ministries wherever God student attend EBS leads him. p

Hope of Health, Hope of Life P eople giving massages, measuring body fat, handing out fruits, and blowing into tubes. If you look around and see all of this and more, you could safely assume you’re at a health expo. And if you look closely, you’ll probably see the Health Education Resources logo on most of the banners. HER provides tools and instructions that make it possible for anyone to hold a health expo. And the church in Brazil is making the most of these resources. Martin Neumann moved from Austria to Brazil, loaded with HER health panels in Portuguese. He has gotten churches across the country involved, and pastors and members alike are seeing results. Often volunteers at an expo will meet more than a thousand people in just three days. One time, when that happened, a couple thanked one of the volunteers. They had lived in the town more than 30 years and had never seen such a good program. They and many others wanted to know what church was organizing it. Another lady had just lost her mother. A church member was able to share the hope of the resurrection and to pray with her. The churches holding expos follow up with health seminars and Bible studies, building relationships with people and introducing them to the Source of eternal life and health. p


can make the

difference Ministry needs Advent Home Learning Center, USA Thank you: Over 100 volunteers came to help build new staff houses

Centro Misionero de Salud, Mexico

Funds: $50,000 Bilingual elementary school renovation

Gospel Ministries International, USA

Prayer: Papers and needed workers for a new medical evangelistic launch in Brazil Funds: $30,000 Land for a helicopter base in the Philippines

Peru Projects, Peru

Funds: $5,000 A reliable car for ministering in the local area

$6,000 will support a Health Expo assistant coordinator in Brazil for one year

Reaching Hearts for Kids, USA

Funds: $5,000 Blankets, sheets, beds, and shelves for orphans in Ethiopia

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June/July 2008  

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