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Trust worthy and weel experienced Production services

Out of frame is a well defined and one of the famous Hollywood and TV serving company with the experience of more than 20 years in servicing Holly And TV industry with Production Rentals, Gripping equipment, as well as information gear. We have promoted production services as we love the work that involves entertaining others. As we know that watching movie is one of the popular entertaining task, it was our aim to be a part of Holly Wood productions and we have proven in applying services since from last 20 years we love our work as it involves services that make someone entertain and fell happy. We have served the film making professionals like Producer, director, assistant production coordinator as well as film production coordinator, writer and, in fact, everybody involved in the production process by the services of production rentals, gripping equipment's and communication gear. We are experienced in offering the above mentioned service as we are in service since from 1992 and have earned all the important experience that is required in making of quality productions. Out Of Frame has a well maintained record in servicing many customers with the production equipment's services and there positive feedback has helped us a lot in offering more reliable and efficient services. We believe in services that are quality proven and have well trained professionals who have all the knowledge as well as practice in helping the above mentioned industry. We are meant to help the needy film making professionals as Producer, director, writer, Film production coordinator, as well as Assistant production coordinator with full efforts and energy.

There are many helping hands working behind the doors so that production to be made is quality full and well defined. What we believe is to do the work what we can we never give priorities to earnings only as we believe in providing the quality services whatever the production is whether it is highly budgeted or low budgeted we give the same attention, consideration as well as service. The rental service of products we offer at the reliable costs let us give you a quick overview about the product we deal with Air-Conditioning, chairs, compressors, coolers, dollies and hand trucks, effects, fans, generators, hand tools, heaters, Reflectors and mirrors, Parallel sets, Backings and Overheads, makeup, tables, traffic control, lights, truck equipment's, walkies and headsets, Grip stands, Ladders, grip frames, Flags and scrims at reasonable rates that a man can easily effort.

Trust worthy and weel experienced production services  

Out of Frame is one of well known, most experience and highly accepted Hollywood and TV Production equipment services provider, Meet your pr...