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Starting your career in film making? If you know all about script, dialogues, actors, camera angles, continuity etc, then it’s time for you to learn about behind the shot equipments like rigs, grip equipments, scaffolds, walkies, air conditioners, chairs, vacuum cleaners, dollies, hand trucks, fans, generators etc. Each instrument has its own significance. You can concentrate on your script and creative part more intensely when you know you got best behind the scene equipments. Out of Frame exactly provides that. Let us share brief information of every item with you. Work Lights: They are used in low light conditions, or in a place far away from city and urban area, where there’s no source of electricity. At such places, these work light ease working conditions for the makers and actors. Canopy tents and Sun shelters: In extremely hot conditions, tents and shelters provide shade from sun to your whole crew. Traffic control cones and barriers: Shooting an action scene on the road and want to control the traffic? Choosing traffic cones and barriers will increase the safety. Grip stands and frames: Grip stands are used to support lights, reflectors and mirrors, so that you don’t have to hold them in your hand every time you are shooting. Grip equipment: They include, apple box pan cakes (quarter, full and half), bead board holder, netting, baby nail on plate with pin, sand bags etc. Walkies: Good way to communicate with whole crew and keep track of what’s happening around. Scaffolding: Scaffold structures are used to support the basic structure of the set. It also gives a safe platform to the workers working on high locations. Non Powered coolers: They are must in places where there’s no source to control the temperature. Tables and chairs: Chairs for the comfort of the director, producer, actors etc. Tables solve their basic purpose of placing things on them. Mirrors and wardrobe Racks: Actors have to look perfect in every shot. They need to dress up exactly as the character they are playing in the movie. Separate mirrors and wardrobes for actors and actress is a must have item. On-site power generators: That’s your answer when you are in a no-power-source shooting location. Effects: Fog, mist, smoke consoles and diffusers are used to add a touch of special effects to the shot on-set.

Importance of grip equipment  

‘Outof Frame’, because our title suggests, this site offers behind the frame services to film makers. Grip equipments, rigs, generation rent...

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