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The Princess and the Pea

By Tori and Sydney

Once upon a time there lived a Prince and one day the Prince told the King and Queen he wanted to find a Princess and live happily ever after. That afternoon the prince went out to find the Princess of his dreams. The Prince went to every place he knew of and suddenly found a beautiful girl roaming the streets. He went up to the girl who looked like a Princess and said, “Hello I’m Prince Charles and can I ask you a question”? “Why hello there of course you can.” “Well I am looking for a princess to marry and live happily ever after so... are you a princess?” “Well of course I am I’m the finest one of all and you are not to bad your self.”

“ Why Thank-you! Anyways would you like to come to my palace and stay with my family for a couple of days?” “Ohh I would love too!!!!” So on they walked to the Palace. When they got there the Prince introduced the Princess to the King and Queen. For some reason the Queen wasn’t wearing her glasses. The Prince asked the Queen, “Why aren’t you wearing your glasses mother?” “Well when I was vacuuming and your father was sweeping he swiped my glasses right into the vacuum.” “Why my, my, my, when do you get new glasses?” “Not until for another week.” said the Queen.

“Oh my Mrs. Queen! :( That must be fairly horrible!!! I feel terribly bad for you!” said the Princess. “Mother how horrible must that be for you!” So the Queen goes on and cooks dinner and they all ate supper. They took showers and went to bed. The Queen took the Prince outside and said to him “How do you know if the girl Charlie is a real Princess?” “Well I don’t. She looks like one though.” “Well I know a trick. I had to do it on your father. I will put a pea under twenty mattresses and she will not be able to sleep if she is a real princess.” So that night, the queen thought she put a pea under the mattresses but since she couldn’t see a thing, she really she put one of the palaces horses under the mattresses.

The horse was neighing all night but Charlie slept very, very well!! The next day she woke up and the queen asked her, “How’d you sleep?” “Fine thank-you.” So the queen said ,“You shall stay again.” So the prince and princess went out to go horse-back riding. After a few hours of riding they realized it was dark. So they went inside and found dinner sitting on the table. They ate dinner then the princess said “I must be going.” “No don’t go you should stay at least one more night!!” said the prince. “Oh okay.” said the princess. So the princess stayed and it was soon time for bed. “Good night Charles,” said the princess.

“Goodnight Charlie,” Said the prince so the princess fell asleep and the queen came in the night and put the world’s biggest bowling ball under the 20 mattress. It was rolling around all night but the princess didn’t make a peep. In the morning the Queen asked “How did you sleep my darling?” “Very well thank-you.” The Queen pulled aside Charles and said, “She can’t be a real princess because she’s able to sleep.” “Let’s give it one more night.” So the Prince and Princess went out to dinner late that night. When they got home the princess said , “Ohh my look at the time I better get going now.” “No no it’s WAY TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!! DON’T GO!!!”

“Why okay if you insist.” So the princess stayed and that night the queen put the prince’s little brother who was 6 years old under 25 feather mattresses. In the morning the prince and princess woke up and so did the boy. The boy went to the prince and said, “Bro, mom did not put a pea under the mattresses last night. She put me under there!!” So Charles said ,“Okay I will take care of it.” Later that night the prince told the queen that she had not put a pea under the mattresses. In fact she had put Gregory Jr. under the mattresses. “Oh my I’m so very sorry sweetie.” “Yah I’ll take care of it mom.” “Okay.” So the prince put a pea under the bed. In the morning the

Queen asked, “ How did you sleep my darling?” “ Not very well I felt a little lump under my bed.” “Ohh that’s to bad” said the Queen with a smile. So the prince proposed to the princess and she “Oh YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:’) So they got married that next day and lived happily ever afte

The PRincess and the Pea  
The PRincess and the Pea  

Fractured Fairy Tale