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The Shark Princess By: Vivian, Paige, and Madison

Once upon a Saturday, around noonish, there was a yacht, a prince, a king, and a queen. They were all British (even the yacht!). One day the royal family (yes, I know what you are thinking, the yacht is royalty.... IN fact the yacht was named The Royal!) So on with the story. They were looking for a princess to marry ever since Princess Katniss fell for King Gale who is now Katniss’ husband! Oops! Sorry, wrong story! One day the Prince was playing football on the yacht, with his father while the servants set a batch of mouthwatering, tasty, and irresistible quadruple-fudge chocolate chip cookies. I know what you are thinking! I WANT THOSE COOKIES! The servants let Prince Peeta know the cookies were done. Little did they know there it

was a shark who was a princess! She wasn’t the nicest, or cleanest, or the prettiest, and she didn’t have the best dental hygiene but she was still princess… A shark princess!! The royal family wasn’t the brightest, but they were very well mannered, and don’t forget how tan they were. Any who, the servant set the plate of cookies on the side of the yacht when the shark princess just happened to appear just as the cookies arrived. Obviously, you can’t place a plate of well baked cookies right next to a shark and not expect them to eat the plate of cookies. (Well like we said the royal family wasn’t the brightest so the servant didn’t notice the shark either.) Just see for yourself what happened to the cookies.



Prince Peeta strolled over to the platter that supposedly had cookies on it with a football in the crook of his arm. When he reached the plate to prove to the servants the cookies were gone that’s when the Shark Princess popped out of the crashing ocean waves and into the air. Peeta was so startled by the shark that he dropped the football and it went plunging into the air and into the unforgiving sea. The shark, who strangely had a crown on her head, kept her head out of the water to see what the noise was above. Peeta noticed the princess and shrieked, “OH! MUMMY, SHARK!!!!” “A SHARK, WHERE?” cried the shark princess. “THERE’S A SHARK THAT CAN TALK!” called Peeta. “Calm down, calm down,” said the shark, “Now just tell me where is the shark is.” Prince Peeta replied, “YOU ARE THE SHARK!”

“I am?” the shark curiously said, “Oh look, I am!” the princess replied with a moment of realization. Then she said quite greedily, “Do you have any more cookies?” The Prince rudely screamed, “NO! You ate them all!” “I also ate one of your servants, SORRY!” The prince hesitates for a moment before realizing that the shark might not be so bad! Besides, the only flaw that the shark has, is that she devoured the cookies (Don’t worry, the servant won’t be missed too badly). The Princess told the Prince, “If you let me eat more cookies and stay in your boat for three days I will be off your shoulder.” (Literally but you’ll find out about that later). Prince Peeta nodded his head in approval, completely forgetting every bit of knowledge that this daddy had given him as a child. In fact he distinctly said, “Son never let a shark eat your cookies and stay on your yacht for three

days.. Just look how your mother turned out,” he said through his teeth in a hushed voice.

Three Days Later The Prince woke up on the third morning and he surprisingly felt something very heavy on his right shoulder on his way down to the main floor of the yacht to enjoy a bacon filled muffin. When Peeta reached the bottom stair his mother looked back at him and said, “Son, you seem to have a shark on your shoulder.” Wait for it to sink in… “THERE”S A SHARK ON YOUR SHOULDER!!” The Queen started to repeatedly beat Peeta’s right shoulder not the wrong shoulder the right shoulder. The King heard all commotion and galloped out to see what is wrong this time. He said in his ‘in-door’ voice, “Son I told you never to let a shark on your yacht for three days with cookies

around! Exactly like I said, just look at your mother! She’s eating your quadruple-fudge chocolate chip cookies!” The Queen stared at them with a full mouth and said, “What’s that supposed to mean!” “Oh nothing, sweet honey bunches! Just forget everything,” I said! The Queen just shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Ok, fine with me.” All of a sudden the shark princess turned into a drop dead gorgeous princess wearing shark skin clothing. Do you know how expensive shark skin clothing is? REALLY EXPENISIVE! The Princess gasped in relief and said “Thank you, you can’t imagine how many times you bite you tongue with those sharp teeth.” The Prince dropped his jaw in amazement on how magnificent the Princess looked. Without thinking the Prince dropped on one knee and asked the Princess, “Will you marry me please?!” Then in slow motion the king dived for the Prince screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

He was too slow especially since he was in slow motion, the Princess had already said “Yes!” They had a beautiful wedding on the yacht and there was an endless supply of quadruple fudge chocolate cookies for everyone. They grew up and had one child, a boy, you could say they lived happily ever after, but that’s a whole other story. THE END... (Or is it?)

The Shark Princess  

Fractured Fairy Tale