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10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People





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Enough is enough! letting me First of all, thanks to Grahame for orthwest outn in e piec rial take over his edito campaign: new our t abou talk to th mon this Enough Is Enough! Action Against Homophobia! about how Every day we hear more and more le are peop trans and ual bisex gay, lesbian, who they suffering because of who they are and names the d hear have may You choose to love. tly - both recen er Caus ael Mich and ham Bayn Ian were gay. of whom were killed because they go to print we as Even er. long ing The list is grow Steven and we hear of the horrific treatment of sentenced Tiwonge in Malawi, who have been use of who beca ly simp ur labo hard to 14 years they love. ALL take But we can ALL do something, we can to inspire nt, eme mov a Action. We want to start ly fami your and ds frien your you, people like ary people to take action and show what ordin join the can do to fight homophobia. You can rg.,uk/ .lgf.o www at up ng signi by nt moveme and book Face on us enough, or you can follow n). datio Twitter (@lgfoun


th when we We were so touched only this mon y who olbo scho old heard from Joe, a 14 year ed to want and aign camp the t had heard abou make sure give a presentation at his school to that his schoolmates understood the harm of use beca ed rienc expe had rs othe he and school, and homophobia. It’s people like Joe at ophobia people like you who know that hom ate it toler ’t won we that and all, us hurts anymore. all of We cant say a big enough thanks to taken and up d signe dy you who have alrea thank the ially spec to like ld wou we but action, ellen McK Ian Sir fabulous Antony Cotton and our ng getti for and ort supp for their constant t start! I’d grea a t Wha V! GMT onto aign camp staff and also personally like to thank all the aign team camp the cially espe LGF, at volunteers Jo, Mark and Grahame! o Heroes “The time is now ”, as one of our Hom who? then us, Harvey Milk once said. “If not take ALL Let’s n?” whe then And if not now, ther. Enough toge bia opho Hom st again ON ACTI is Enough!

Emma Peate

Enough Is Enough Campaign Manager


AUGUST 7th see’s Liverpool host its first ever Pride event! The free festival will take place across the weekend beginning Saturday 7th August 2010, and promises to be something that the whole of Liverpool can be proud of. We’ve got full coverage on page 10. Further details can be obtained from the Liverpool Pride 2010 website at


An in-depth look at the issues affecting us over the next two months. This issue, focus on the Enough Is Enough campaign and how you can get involved. Plus Liverpool Pride, Manchester Pride and Gaydio!.


Kate Hardy and Paul Fairweather get on their soap boxes.


It’s been a busy couple of months, with loads of fundraising. Thank you Bears!


The most comprehensive guide to the LGBT north west.



Registered Charity No.1070904




10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People


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The LGF’s major new anti-homophobia campaign has launched, so here’s your four page pullout on how to get involved!


How are local authorities and agencies in your area celebrating LGBT life? Find out who is Flying The Flag!


George House Trust on positive men’s sexual health rights.


The sun is out (apparently), and so is the urge to drink until we fall over...


There’s some new workshops in town for gay men - find out how to bag a boyf!

22 WHAT’S OCCURRIN’? There’s a tonne of events for women coming up over the next 12 months. Grab your diary and start jotting!


The only LGBT magazine to feature a regular sports section,this issue we’re talking to those burly rugby blokes!

37 FIT!

The LGF’s condom boy Chris Manning joins the team as our new health and fitness columnist. The issue: the basics!

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“Your support means we can continue to spread the word that enough is enough, we won’t stand for homophobia in any form.”

Antony Cotton

obia moph st Ho again N IO gh ACT k/enou www.lg

LGF launches its biggest campaign yet, encouraging all of us to take ACTION against homophobia. Join Sir Ian McKellen, Coronation Street star Antony Cotton and the thousands who have already signed up to take action against homophobia.

People we know and love are being bruised, battered and even killed because of who they love.

unacceptable and needs to stop. The easiest way to get involved is to sign up to the campaign at

The time to take action against homophobia has never been more important than right now!

The more people come together to challenge homophobia, the more attitudes will change and who knows maybe this time next year the man who proclaimed “I hate Gays” might be swayed – now that would be progress!

Once you’ve signed up – as well as getting a very special thank you from a very inspirational person, we’ll keep you updated with news, events, ideas and the positive actions people have been taking.

Last year witnessed the horrifying homophobic attacks on Ian Baynham and James Parkes and a rise in homophobic hate crime, and as recently as last month the ITV documentary “Afraid to be Gay”, saw a young male gay couple victimized as they walked holding hands down the street in Wigan and one interviewee proudly proclaim on national TV “I hate gays.”

Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia aims keep these stories alive, campaign for justice, and highlight how homophobia can impact on all lives regardless of sexuality. It’s about encouraging people to have the confidence to use their rights and report hate crime. But most of all it’s about coming together to let people know homophobia is unacceptable and needs to stop.

We might have had legislative change, but unfortunately homophobia is still a daily reality for many lesbian, gay and bisexual people and their family and friends – on the street, at work, at school, and where we live. 06

TAKE ACTION! Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophopia is all about you! You, your family and friends taking positive action to show that homophobia is

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

Hopefully, it won’t be long before we are sharing and celebrating your actions. If you fly a rainbow flag in a public place take a picture of it, if you and a same sex partner or friend walk down the street holding hands film it, and if you’ve set up a gay / straight alliance or held an event to challenge homophobia write a news story about it. Send your pictures, films and stories to us at enough@ and we’ll do the rest. There’s all sorts of ways you can get involved in the campaign, over the summer we’re heading to Glastonbury, Bestival and all the major Prides to march against homophobia and spread the Enough is Enough word!




Manchester LGBT radio station hits the airwaves in June. The numbers you need? 84.4FM. Find out more on page 9.


We talk to 19 year old Kirsty Crinson who very publicly came out recently. Read about her inspiring story on page 13.




In the first few days of the campaign, thousands of you signed up and began taking action against homophobia. Here’s a few examples.

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Gary Caplehorn posted a YouTube video featuring the legendary “purple pup celebrity” Mr Cheeky, wh pet of o explains why it’s so imp ortant that we all “crush peoples, and make it sun the naughty ny again”. Who are we to argue? Check out the fab video on the Enough is ulous full Enough Facebook page!

If you fancy getting involved email: If you need persuading to sign up, who better than LGF patrons and the stars of the Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia video Sir Ian McKellen and Antony Cotton to have the last word.

14 year old Joe emailed to tell us he wanted to give a presentation about Enough Is Enough at his school assembly. We sent him off a pack of info and he wrote to tell us, “My head-of-year says she’ll let me do a series of assemblies from Years 7 - 10 in a few weeks time. I’ll see if I can get one of the assemblies filmed to send back to you.” Well done Joe, and let us know how it goes!

“Your support means we can continue to spread the word that enough is enough, we won’t stand for homophobia in any form.” Screen and Stage legend, Sir Ian McKellen “I’m proud to say Enough is Enough! because homophobia in any form or context is unacceptable and needs to stop. Sadly, it is still a daily reality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people and also their family and friends - on the streets, at school, at work and in the home”. Coronation Street actor, Antony Cotton Sign up to the campaign and take positive action against homophobia at

Wearing your Enough Is Enough t-shirt in public. Check out the gorgeous folks - including Eddie Izzard, the cast of Corrie, and even Lord Mandelson - proudly displaying their support for the campaign. If you want a t-shirt, email for details on how you can get one!

Check out the 4 page Enough Is Enough pull-out wall chart inside this issue for ideas on how YOU can get involved and take ACTION against homophobia.






FAITH! THE LIVERPOOL PRIDE INTERFAITH SERVICE Friday 6th August from 7pm. Quaker Meeting House, 22 School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BT After the service everyone attending will be invited to meet and share a vegetarian meal. For further details or to volunteer please contact Warren by emailing: liverpoolspectrum@yahoo. or call 07780 568754 and leave a message. For the full version of this interview please go to MANCHESTER GAY CHRISTIAN GROUP Friday 11th June, 8.30pm To help celebrate the 35th anniversary of this interdenominational and entirely non-judgmental social group why not go along to their next get together. Everyone is welcome to an informal and relaxed get together at Cross Street Chapel, Cross St, Manchester city centre.

Events around the region for LGB&T people of all faiths. There are a number of special events around the region this year to recognise and celebrate LGBT people of all faiths. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation has received funding from Faiths in Action to help bridge the gap between sexuality and faith and below are some of the events that LGF will support and a brief mention of a few LGBT faith groups around the region. LGF are also currently working on a directory and guidebook to LGBT faith groups. To find out more please e-mail: andrew.gilliver@ or call 0161 235 8001. THE RAINBOW CIRCUS Liverpool Pride’s LGBT Interfaith Event On August 6th, there is a special event taking place to help make sure Liverpool’s first official Pride event gets off to a good start. Warren Hartley, coordinator of the planning committee 08

for the interfaith input into Liverpool Pride told outnorthwest, “The aim of the event is to create a multi-sensory experience; a time of reflection and quiet, with music and readings from various traditions, themed around the colour and symbolism of the LGBT Freedom Flag: Red = Life. Orange = Healing. Yellow = Sun. Green = Nature. Blue = Art. Purple = Spirit. “As Liverpool’s history has been strongly shaped by the faith of its citizens, and the history of the LGBT community is marked by the influence of faith communities on society, it is enlightened and empowering of Liverpool Pride to support an LGBT interfaith event. We understand that many LGBT people are suspicious of, or hostile to faith groups because of the judgement and rejection they may have experienced or heard about. We believe from our own experiences that it is possible to have a healthy and integrated sexuality and spirituality, and we aim to showcase communities that welcome LGBT people by creating safe, positive and inclusive spaces to explore and experience faith.”

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

CELEBRATE 2010 IN MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL Wednesday June 23rd, 7.30pm A service of inclusion and celebration for LGBT people of all faiths. This second service (the first was in June 2008) in Manchester Cathedral is the result of the continuing partnership between the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, The Bishop of Manchester, The Right Reverend Nigel McCulloch and his Advisory Group on Sexuality. “We believe that this service will further our work together for the benefit of all in our communities to promote tolerance, understanding and break down the barriers which may still exist between us.” says Bishop Nigel .During the service there will be an opportunity for those who wish to light candles in prayer, in remembrance or in thanks giving. All are welcome to join in the celebration of Manchester’s rich LGBT heritage. Service open to all faiths. For more information e-mail: or call 0161 235 8001. LIBERTY CHURCH, BLACKPOOL Sunday Meeting 6.30pm (except first Sunday of each month). Weekly Wednesday Informal Bible Study/discussion group 7.15pm An LGBT church in the heart of Blackpool’s gay village that has been in existence for four years and is an integral part of the LGBT community. An inclusive church where all are welcome. North Shore Methodist, Dickson Road, Blackpool FY1 2AP.






LIVERPOOL LINK Hello there, and welcome to Access to Health. This issue of outnorthwest welcomes Liverpool LINk, who have very kindly taken the time to let us know about what they do and how you can get involved. There are LINks in every area, so don’t worry if you don’t live in Liverpool. .. there will be a LINk near you! Without further ado, over to Claire and Leila.

Friday 18th June will see the launch of Greater Manchester’s newest radio station, Gaydio. The station will broadcast on 88.4FM and online, making it the country’s first FM radio station for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. The station already has some impressive presenters lined up – afternoons will be fronted by Galaxy’s former breakfast host, Nicksy, and weekday evenings will see Terry Longden (Channel 4’s The Salon) and Rowetta (X Factor finalist and Happy Monday’s vocalist) reunited on Gaydio. Nicksy says “Having been on the air in this great city for 10 years, I am looking forward to being

part of a truly unique radio station. Manchester is without doubt the Gay Capital of the UK, and it will be a refreshing change being able to talk about things from the gay perspective.” Gaydio will broadcast a mixture of upbeat music and targetted speech programming 24 hours a day. Business Director Ian Wallace says “There has been a huge interest in Gaydio from both individuals and businesses across the city, and we can’t wait to start working with them on the launch of this exciting new station”. Check out Gaydio’s regular outnorthwest column from next issue. Listen online at or on 88.4FM


HAVE YOU GOT TALENT? Manchester Pride is looking for talent, with a prize of a performance slot on the Main Stage at this years event during the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Pride’s Got Talent is open to absolutely anyone who thinks they’ve got something to show the crowds at Manchester Pride. The contest is open to individuals and groups and your act can be anything from the sublime to the ridiculous. It’s hoped that auditions will take place in Churchills, Via and Queer over the coming weeks. Can’t make it along to Manchester Pride? No problem. Organisers are also organising an online version too, and are encouraging potential contestants to upload their videos to YouTube. Full details of how and where to upload will be given in

the next few days. There’s over £500 in iTunes vouchers up for grabs for the best videos in the categories of Funniest, Individual and Group. So, what’s stopping you? Keep an eye out for posters and flyers around the Village for details on when and where the auditions will be taking place. We’ll also be posting full details on our website at

“Every time you visit a dentist or GP, use a hospital or look into obtaining care services for a partner or elderly relative these services are affecting you. Have you ever wanted to speak up about a local health or social care service but not known how? It might have been to offer an opinion on how things could be improved, or talk about an experience – good or bad. Well, now you have the opportunity. Liverpool LINk (Local Involvement Network) is an independent network of local people and groups. It listens to what you have to say about health and social care services and tells the council and the NHS what it has discovered. They are then legally obliged to give the LINk any information it asks for and to respond to any recommendations the LINk makes, so that services can get better. Liverpool LINk’s work is currently focusing on issues including sexual health services, mental health services, the wellbeing of people with physical or sensory impairments and the wellbeing of older people. If you’ve got anything you’d like to say about these issues – and your experience of accessing services from an LGB or T perspective – we’d love to hear about it. We’d also like to know what issues you think we should prioritise next. Membership of Liverpool LINk is free and you can be as actively involved as suits you; from filling in an occasional questionnaire to being trained and authorised to conduct official fact-finding visits to health and care services or producing reports and recommendations on a huge range of issues. Equality and diversity is central to Liverpool LINk’s approach to its work and we’re proud of how diverse our membership is. We’ve elected members to act as ‘champions’ for LGB and Trans equality within the LINk (we also have champions for the other equality strands) and we want to hold service providers and commissioners to account on behalf of all local people.”




“This city knows how to throw a party, so I expect it to be the best Pride in the country!”


07 saturday

Paul O’Grady


Liverpool’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities celebrate their first Pride!

The LGB&T (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) Network of Liverpool, organisers of Liverpool Pride 2010 have announced the line-up for the city’s first ever official Pride celebrations. The free festival will take place across the weekend beginning Saturday 7th August 2010, and promises to be something that the whole of Liverpool can be proud of.“About bloody time!” says local hero and national treasure Paul O’Grady, “Liverpool has finally got its own Pride festival and I know this city knows how to throw a party so I fully expect it to be the best Pride in the country!” The festival will be held in an area encompassing the majority of Dale Street and Exchange flags, and will begin at 12 noon on Saturday 7th August 2010 with an unmissable march through the city, starting at St. George’s Plateau and culminating in a circus-themed extravaganza in the Dale Street area. A wide range of live entertainment will be on hand to wow festival-goers throughout the day,


including a fantastic selection of musical acts over three stages, street performers, and outrageous circus sideshows. Saturday’s official celebrations will close with a moving vigil and balloon release commemorating members of the LGBT community. However, there will be additional events on Sunday 8th August, including a number of art, culture and heritage events, as well as film, music and debates. Visitors that day can also look forward to Liverpool Pride 2010 Games, to be held at Wavertree Sports Centre – a fitting end to a festival that promises to be as exciting and diverse as the city in which it takes place. “Our first Pride festival will reinforce Liverpool’s reputation as one of the leading cultural destinations in Europe,” explains Tommy McIlravey of Liverpool Pride 2010, “We have been working closely with the city council and other organisations for a number of months to put together a Pride worthy of Liverpool’s reputation a Pride which will showcase the diverse nature of life that the city has always had.”

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

A COMMUNITY EVENT Liverpool Pride has a real community ethos and has already involved hundreds of people from Merseyside in the organisation and planning of the event. The organisers are looking to use local suppliers and have already involved leading local businesses across the entertainment spectrum and are determined to showcase local talent wherever possible. RAINBOW CIRCUS THEME In keeping with the unique sense of fun and energy that has long been a Liverpool trademark, the city’s LGBT community have chosen a Rainbow Circus theme for the festival. This will be reflected throughout the weekend’s events, sponsorship and the opening-march – which will end in a rainbow circus-themed extravaganza. Further details can be obtained from the Liverpool Pride 2010 website at





TELL US YOUR SECRETS! Manchester’s lesbian and gay Village is getting a new resident. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) are moving home this Autumn to 5 Richmond Street, right at the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village.

LGF’s tenth anniversary year, we should be moving to this new space right in the heart of Manchester’s Gay Village, in the very centre of the community are set up to serve.“

LGF Chief Executive Paul Martin said: “I am happy to announce that the LGF will be moving to new accommodation this Autumn. We have many exciting plans for the three floors at Richmond Street, and the new space means that we will be able to reach out to more service users, support more lesbian, gay and bisexual people and hold more LGB&T events and projects than ever before”.

The move to the centre of LGBT Manchester is an exciting development for LGF. David continues, “We hope that being parallel to Canal Street, will make our services even more accessible to the LGB&T community, and encourage people who may not have accessed our services before, to come in and explore what the organisation has to offer; from counselling, to groupwork, to sexual health services to volunteering.” We will keep you updated with more on the LGF move on and in the next edition of outnorthwest.

Chair of the Board of Trustees, David McGovern added: “It is fitting that in the

Job opportunities at

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation


The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is a vibrant charity with a wide portfolio of well-established services and a rapidly developing range of new initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. The LGF is committed to working with partners across all sectors in order to achieve more positive outcomes for LGB people. The LGF is reported by service users to be one of the first points of contact for them when they have been at crisis point in their lives. We campaign for a fair and equal society where all lesbian, gay and bisexual people can achieve their full potential, and our mission is: ‘Ending Homophobia, Empowering People.’

Volunteer Manager

Salary £26,218 - £30,657 Plus 10% pension. 37 hours per week.

We are looking for a dynamic and engaging individual to drive forward the volunteer programme of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation up to May 2015. Your responsibilities will include: • Developing our volunteer programme, building on our existing systems and implementing new strategies to recruit, train and support volunteers. • Utilising networks, events, new media and outreach to promote the LGF’s volunteer programme and ensuring that it is representative of the diverse community we serve. • Keeping up to date with and implementing best practice in volunteering. • Maintaining effective communication with volunteers and prospective volunteers. • Working across our staff team to co-ordinate our volunteer processes and ensuring that the LGF provides a positive volunteer experience. Kindly funded by the Big Lottery’s Reaching Communities Programme. Interview: Monday 28th June

Finance Director

Salary £38,413 - £43,234 Plus 10% pension. 37 hours per week.

The coming years will see both challenges and opportunities for the LGF • In these uncertain times we are looking to recruit a highly motivated and exceptional person to oversee this essential area of work. We are looking for an experienced senior manager with a proven track record of success. A natural leader, you will be capable of innovative thinking and possess the ability to inspire others. You will need to be able to draw upon your extensive practical management experience to negotiate, influence and persuade others in complex situations to achieve the LGF’s required outcomes. You will be a confident decision maker with high levels of integrity, enthusiasm and determination. An understanding of and a commitment to equality and valuing diversity, particularly with lesbian, gay and bisexual peoples communities is essential. Deadline: 5pm on Wednesday 16th June

Interview: Friday 25th June

For further information, and to download a recruitment pack, please visit our website: or email: or telephone: 0161 235 8035

Registered Charity No.1070904

Deadline: 5pm on Wednesday 16th June

10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People






Taking council with the community I recently went to Gothenburg in Sweden to speak to local politicians and community activists about the work that Manchester City Council has done on LGBT issues over the last 25 years. For me it was my first trip to Sweden and was fascinating as my impression had always been of a very liberal society where there were few issues relating to homophobia.

Change is inevitable They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. You know, taking meter readings, rummaging around in dumpsters around the back of Tescos, working out how to switch the bloody heating on in the new gaff, trying to be ultra friendly to your new neighbours just in case they think you are some foul mouthed, dirty hoodlum with a liking for loud drum n bass (I’m not, honest). Yes, I am finally moving from the motherland, Glossop, to the sisterland, Chorlton. Country to suburb in one fail swoop. Countryfile to The Good Life if you will. No longer will I spend my days sitting on the M67 in a traffic jam, gone are the days when my life is dictated by the train timetable. Now then, all this change malarkey that’s going on at the moment, (ie, change of government, moving house, change of shampoo), isn’t very good for me, I get a little disorientated. I even, for example, get a little weird when the seasons change, so all this moving about unsettles the Hardy quite a lot. This boxing up old relics of the past and moving it to a foreign environment though, it actually makes you realise how much people change, and, after unearthing an old scrap book full of angst ridden musings and Sylvia Plath quotes from my college years, I’m kinda glad of it. After packing all these unused, unread and unlistened pieces of my past into bags and boxes, I thought I could maybe open up a museum with them all in it, and invite potential partners for a guided tour in order to make them understand me a little better. There could be a Hardy gift shop and everything. I digress and my word count is near maxed. I’ll leave you with a little quote from Harold Wilson: ‘He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.’ Rest In Peace, Glossop.


Yet whilst on one level this is true and there has been national legislation on LGBT rights for many years, the downside of having a more integrated society is that there are very little specific services for LGBT people or recognition that were are not all the same and at times may need specific services Talking to local politicians in Gothenburg there was not a strong sense of the need to provide specific services for lesbians and gay men. The idea for example of the council providing services for young LGBT people seemed to be a new one for them. There also seemed to be a reluctance to allocate any specific monies to support LGBT initiatives. Yet listening to LGBT activists in the city it became clear that they wanted more specific support from their local politicians both in terms of resources and politically. For example Gothenburg City Council does not have specific policies relating to sexual orientation although there has been protection on these grounds at a national level for many years. Sweden is clearly a very tolerant society but there are still also undercurrents of homophobia. In Gothenburg in recent years there have been a number of homophobic hate crimes and, unlike in Britain, the police service in Sweden does very little liaison with the LGBT communities. I explained that the situation in Manchester and in England in general had only come about because of many

years of campaigning and lobbying and that in the 70s and 80s there was a high level of intolerance and discrimination against our communities which provided a real focus for activism. What impressed Swedish activists when they visited Manchester last year was the strength of the local LGBT communities both in terms of the resources and the number of volunteers that they had. They were also surprised at the number of openly lesbian and gay councillors in the city and the strong links there were between Council and the local LGBT communities. What they clearly did have in Sweden was a strong international perspective on LGBT rights and were involved in campaigning and supporting LGBT people across the world. This is something we could learn from in this country where I feel sometimes we are far too insular and unaware of the horrendous problems still facing LGBT people in many parts of the world. For example the recent decision by the Malawi government to sentence two gay men who had a ceremony celebrating their relationships to 14 years hard labour highlights the growth of anti gay feeling in certain parts of Africa. Fuelled by Christian fundamentalism it presents a growing danger to the lives and liberties of LGBT people in parts of Africa. We have a specific responsibility in this country to do all we can to ensure that the Church of England cannot be allowed to stand on the side lines and remain neutral or at the best offer mild words of condemnation. There has to be serious moral leadership shown in the face of such levels of cruelty and injustice. We also need to be working with LGBT activists in Europe, like those Sweden, putting pressure on any governments which continue to torture harass and imprison members of our communities.


ELECTION AT A GLANCE • The General Election resulted in the parliament since 1974.

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and bisexual • There are now more out lesbian, gay are now 21 there – MPs than in the last Parliament Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

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JOANNE DUNNING talks to 19 year old Kirsty Crinson about her very public ‘coming out’.

I first met outgoing nineteen year old Kirsty Crinson on International Women’s Day, she’d just taken up a mega-phone in Manchester’s Sackville Gardens and recited her poem about coming out - not only was she coming out to a whole bunch of strangers, she was also coming out to her Nan for the first time too. I caught up with Kirsty to talk about girls, boys and living your own life. Coming out to your Nan seemed pretty emotional? I’m out to my mum and I knew she was coming to hear the poem, but then she invited my Nan, who I’ve never directly come out to. It all got off to a bad start, because I’d cut my hair short and my Nan hated it. Then I read the poem, and Nan just burst into tears. It was a pretty big day for her really because she also met my girlfriend for the first time too. She’s come to realise being gay isn’t a bad thing. She appreciates I’m an individual.


We’re here if you need us! A quarter of calls to the LGF Helpline are about issues relating to coming out. If you need to talk, we’re here to listen. Call the LGF Helpline on 0845 3 30 30 30 (local call rate), 6pm-10pm (Staffed), 10pmWhen did you know you were a lesbian? 6pm (automated I came out when I was 15 but I knew way system) or email before then. I put off coming out for ages helpline@lgf. because already I got picked on for everything, I thought if people knew I was gay it would just be another stick to beat me with. I went out with lads, it might have made other people happy, but it wasn’t making me happy. When I eventually came out, I was so used to getting remarks I just shrugged them off. To be honest I got dragged out of the closet. I came out to someone I trusted and they totally betrayed me and spread it round the school. I didn’t have it easy, but I had it a lot easier than some. I’m chuffed that I’m out and can be myself.

Are your parents supportive of your sexuality? My dad found out when he saw me in Manchester with my girlfriend. He’s totally fine with it, but he was a bit upset that I didn’t confide in him. My mum actually thought that my brother was gay – he’s very metrosexual and moisturises, but he’s totally into girls. I asked her if she’d be bothered if me, Danny or my sister were gay. She said she wouldn’t mind, so I told her. Have you ever experienced any homophobia? There have been a lot of times at work where my sexuality has been the butt of the joke, it’s meant as banter, but it just gets tedious. In my current job I’ve had it pretty bad - people hacking into my facebook and posting offensive comments – I’ve reported it and it’s being handled really well. I’ve had abuse in the street, lads shouting “dyke” and being aggressive. I don’t take offence. I see it like they’re just trying to show off and half the time I think they’ll have an inkling themselves, there just trying to cover it up. What irritates you? Being patronised! I hate it when men go “but you’re only young” or “you haven’t found the right man.” Some blokes think it’s just a Katie Perry thing and don’t take the gay community seriously, but I’m like “I know my emotions. We’re a proper couple. We get married. We have kids.” Also I hate it when people accuse


“I didn’t have it easy, but I had it a lot easier than some. I’m chuffed that I’m out and can be myself.” me of fancying my female mates. It’s just embarrassing. I had a lot of that in school - girls not inviting me to sleepovers because I’m gay. To be honest I get on better with lads, when they ask me about girls I just say “I look at girls the same way you do - some you like, some you don’t, some you fancy, some you want to be mates with.” What’s the problem? People are naive and uneducated. It’s good that places like the LGF go into schools. Kids get education about drugs and pregnancy, so why don’t all kids get to know about gay issues? I didn’t know what gay meant for years. I thought I was the only one, a freak, a weirdo. People need to understand; it’s hard to come out if you don’t know what you are. It’s a lonely place hiding in the closet. What about the poetry? I’ve always liked writing and it’s definitely something I want to pursue. I’m going to do creative writing in College. I’ve always had a knack for making things rhyme; my mum said I should work for Hallmark. To read Kirsty’s poem visit

If you need advice on coming out, call the LGF Helpline on 0845 3 30 30 30 or visit







“It’s great to be adding some local acts to the line-up.” Jackie Crozier

So Christopher you have been a patron of Manchester Pride for two years. What do you love about the festival? What I love most about Manchester Pride is the fact that people from all walks of life come together to celebrate LGBT life and have fun. Also, the amount of money they raise each year for HIV and Aids victims is truly remarkable. I can honestly say that Manchester Pride is in a league of its own and I’m extremely proud to be a Patron. Will you be attending this year’s Pride event and if so what are you looking forward to most? I’m particularly looking forward to the Parade this year- I love to see all the fantastic costumes, and everyone makes such an effort. Also, seeing the rainbow flag flowing through the streets is truly breathtaking. You’ve been photographed for Manchester Pride’s new exhibition ‘Welcome To My World’. Can you give us a little taster about the exhibition and what it’s been like to be involved in? The idea of the exhibition is to break down negative attitudes and encourage the celebration of LGBT life through portraits of well-known celebrities. Each picture will state “my brother/mother/friend is gay” and the aim is to illustrate the normality of being gay or having someone close to you that is gay. It’s such a powerful campaign and I had an absolute ball doing it. Apart from being photographed for the exhibition, what else have you been up to? I’ve just finished doing the Dancing On Ice tour with Torvill and Dean, and I’m currently doing the Rocky Horror tour which finishes in June. I’m also filming the new series of Pyschoville and in the Autumn I have the Best of British Variety tour with the Krankies and Paul Daniels. Other projects include Widow Twankey in Wolverhampton this Christmas. Catch Biggins in ‘Welcome To My World’ displayed at Selfridges, Exchange Square, Manchester from 20th August onwards. 14


2730 The UK’s favourite Pride (official!) is only a few short weeks away, and first details of this year’s big acts have been revealed... Beverley Knight has been confirmed as a headline act for this year’s Manchester Pride festival, along with Belinda Carlise and Heaven 17 who will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. Other acts confirmed for the festival include local Mancunian’s May68, The Sticks and Sam Gray. Of course, it wouldn’t be Pride without Four Poofs & A Piano who will also be performing over The Big Weekend. Other acts will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

everything from arts, culture and theatre events to comedy, sport and debate. Of course, Manchester Pride also has a proud record of raising money for local LGB&T and HIV charities. Jackie Crozier tells outnorthwest, “Last year saw a record number of tickets sold, with Pride raising £135,000 for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) organisations and groups. I’m extremely proud of this figure and I hope we can raise as much money this year. I would encourage as many people as possible to come along and enjoy our fun filled weekend which supports LGBT groups and HIV charities.”

Jackie Crozier, festival director of Manchester Pride, said: “We’re extremely excited to be welcoming Beverley back for the second timeshe’s a fantastic performer who really gets the crowd’s going. It’s also great to be adding some local acts to the line-up.”

Early bird tickets for Manchester Pride’s fourday Big Weekend, which runs from Friday 27Monday 30 August, cost £12.50 plus booking fee and are available until 30 June. From 1 July tickets will cost £17.50 plus booking fee.

Organisers are also encouraging festival goers to check out Manchester Pride Fringe, which runs between 20 – 26 August. Pride Fringe showcases

So why not grab your tickets now? Check full details on how to pick yours up here:

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

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10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People

r the LGF

fo FUNdraising


! S G U H BIG Photo:



£20 D! RAISE Manchester has a reputation of delivering a world-class Bear event every May Bank Holiday weekend, and this year was no exception. For four days, the big and the hairy (and, of course, their admirers) descended on Manchester from all over the world for a weekend of partying, playing, clubbing, fun, and fundraising.

Thank You!

LGF always works very closely with Manbears (organisers of the event), and this year with their help, we pulled out the stops to produce more safer sex information than ever before - including for the first time ever a specially designed condom pack. Everyone at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation would like to offer HUGE thanks to Manbears for putting on such a fantastic event and raising over £2000 for us over the weekend. We can’t thank you enough, and we can’t wait to work with you guys again. Of course, huge thanks also to everyone who attended the weekend and were so generous.

Pictured above is the winner of the Mr Bear Bash competition, along with the other contenders. The competition took place at the Bears At The Birdcage event - one of the main fundraising events at Bear Bash. We’d also like to thank Showbears for their support, and extra special thanks go out to Jon Allwood from Manbears for all his support, and to Andrew Clarke for being such a star at organising photo shoots for us.

A BIT WET SLOPPY ONE goes out to our friends at Cruz 101 who raised a whopping great £464.26 over Easter Bank Holiday Weekend! Also a big hug goes out to our friends at Federation who raised a fantastic £167.93 Thank you! Via were also in on the fundraising fabulousness and collected on the door raising much needed funds for The Lesbian and Gay Foundation. Cheers guys! So was the hottest new club in town, Mancunia who were shaking their buckets (amongst other things!) Huge thanks! LAST BUT NOT LEAST... We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our runners who ran in the The Great Manchester Run! They took ACTION against Homophobia by hitting the ground running and completing the 10K Course. Collectively they raised over £1,500 in sponsorship! All money raised is going directly to the Enough is Enough - ACTION Against Homophobia campaign. WELL DONE GUYS!! To find out more and sign up to the Enough Is Enough campaign, visit NOW!





Images: Just a small sample of the many pictures you sent us showing your organisation Flying The Flag.

What did you do to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on 17th May 2010? What is Flying the Flag 2010? Flying the Flag is a campaign delivered by The Lesbian & Gay Foundation which was financially supported by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities. The campaign was developed to mark International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) on 17 May 2010 by encouraging public buildings and organizations to fly a rainbow flag to celebrate, show recognition of and support the contribution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals and communities across the county.

What types or organisation took part? A vast array of organisations participated in ‘Flying the Flag’ 2010, from Reddish Vale Technology College in Stockport, to a number of police and fire stations, almost all district town halls, Surestart Children’s Centres and many more. In addition, this year saw many voluntary and community sector organisations participating, including the Black Health Agency. 16

How many took part? The Lesbian & Gay Foundation distributed over 190 rainbow flags across Greater Manchester; with well over 200 flags flying across the county on the day. We also supported organisations who wanted to take part from outside of Greater Manchester, enabling organisations to fly the flag from Chester to Edinburgh.

Get ready for next year! We want to continue to encourage as many organisations as possible to fly the flag to mark IDAHO; so we’d like you to begin thinking about how your organisation could take part next year. If you don’t have a flag pole; why not invest in one? If you don’t own the building, what about a public display in reception. Get in touch with Darren Knight at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation for more information on supporting Flying the Flag in future. If you received a flag this year, make sure that it is stored for use next year and at other relevant times of the year, for instance if there is a local pride event.

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

“The Lesbian & Gay Foundation distributed over 190 rainbow flags across Greater Manchester. Over 200 flags flew across the county on the day.” What about those who couldn’t fly the flag? A number of organisations didn’t take part this year, for a number of different reasons; however if you are met with challenges around your organisation taking part, the Lesbian & Gay Foundation can provide you with example ‘Flag Flying Policies’ and examples of how others were able to manage internal barriers; such as creating a ‘virtual flag’.



hobia omop inst H N aga gh ACTIO k/enou


“I love where I live because...”


DO YOU LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE? What is ‘I love where I live?’ As part of Flying the Flag 2010, The Lesbian & Gay Foundation aimed to capture how individuals felt when they saw the rainbow flag flying locally to mark IDAHO. The aim was to encourage people to complete a postcard about why they loved where they live as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans individual and send it back to us and for us to collate this information and demonstrate to organisations the symbolism, the value and the positive influence that they were indeed supporting by ‘Flying the Flag’.


What will we do with the info? ‘I love where I live’ is about capturing positive responses and promoting them across Greater Manchester and beyond. We also recognise that some people may not love where they live as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans person, and it is as important that we capture that type of information too. We intend to use the information to further develop and strengthen ‘Flying the Flag’ in future years; using the evidence and information collected to encourage more organisations to participate, and using positive responses to influence organisations to do more to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans individuals.

“George Formby, Wigan Pier, Poole’s Pies, Northern Soul, Wigan Casino, Super League Rugby, Premiership Football, Kajagoogoo, The Verve, Sir Ian McKellen and now...the town hall flying a rainbow flag!” Peter, Wigan “When I walked into work this morning, I saw Piccadilly Train Station flying a rainbow flag. I love this city.” Grahame, Beswick “Manchester is leading the way when it comes to equality. The rich mixed culture of Manchester is a joy to behold. As a White, British, Heterosexual, Male - I am very proud to be a part of IDAHO day.” PC Tomlinson, British Transport Police “…the Council flew the flag on IDAHO which made me feel more confident, but I know there is still a long way to go.” Dennis, Salford

Do you want to tell us why, as a lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans individual you love where you live? Please either complete a postcard, or email with the title: ‘I love where I live’. Flying the Flag 2010 was delivered as part of The Lesbian & Gay Foundation’s ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign, encouraging individuals and organisations to ‘take action against homophobia’. For more information and to sign up, check out




“For our work to make a real difference to the lives of LGBT people in and around Lancashire, we need you to come and talk to us. Pop in and have a chat!”



Lancashire LGBT Centre group tell outnorthwest about their exciting new services, and how you can help shape them. The Lancashire LGBT Centre Group has recently formed out of the former Preston Group. This was due to a lot of similar issues that were being raised across Lancashire, not just in Preston. The main aim of the group is to fully involve the LGBT communities in Lancashire; build the capacity of the Group; secure funding and; build good working relationships with community, statutory and private sector partners in Lancashire. The Group is committed to achieving these objectives and will work hard to do so, building on the strong foundations that have been laid over the last few decades. We have developed a business plan which sets out clear objectives for the next three years, and


we hope by achieving these that this will encourage LGBT and LGBT-friendly community members and statutory, private, voluntary/community/faith sector partners to work with us. Our main objective is to work with existing and future partners and look at how we can work together to address the inequalities and issues facing LGBT communities in Lancashire, whilst still workingat a local level. The drop-in service is a new and exciting project that has been identified from the plan and a key role of this service will be to enable us to discuss with local communites what their needs are in Lancashire, as well as offering information and support and signposting where required. This regular feedback will be vital to our


Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

ongoing work. This drop in hopefully, will be the first of many across the county, as we are now starting to develop links with other local lgbt groups in the North, East and West area’s of the County. So please do come along if you need any help, support, or just to find out any general information about what’s going on across Lancashire. For our work to make a real difference to the lives and communities of LGBT people in and around Lancashire we need you to come and talk to us, so don’t be shy pop in and have a chat or log an inquiry on the links and number provided! The service is availableon the first Thursday of every month from 6.30pm – 8.30 pm, commencing 3rd June 2010 at Disability Equality North West, 103 Church Street, Preston, PR1 3BS.

For further information about this or any other LGBT Centre group activity, call Sean on 07966 373110



Embrace opens its doors to Sefton’s LGB&T commuinities.

Supporting young LGB&T people in Salford.

SEFTON EMBRACES IT’S HOUSING FOR LGB&T COMMUNITIES YOUNG LGBT’S The Supported Tenancies Service provide innovative housing related support for young lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people wanting to live and thrive in Salford.

Embrace was established in 2003, as a network representing the Sefton Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The network exists to ensure the LGBT community has a voice in local decisionmaking bodies. Membership of Embrace is open to all lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgendered people both living and working in Sefton and to agencies working with lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgendered people.

For further information on the work of Embrace, please contact Tony Griffin on 0151 928 2233 ext.103 or by email at


YOUR ARTICLE HERE! Every two months, outnorthwest reaches over 20,000 LGB&T readers across the North West of England. These pages exist for you to publicise your event or project, and the benefits could be huge.

So, If you have an exciting project or event lined up, or if you’re setting up a new LGB&T group, let us know and we’ll let our readers know! It’s absolutely free, so there’s no excuse. Please send your submissions to

This service aims to empower young people to live independent fulfilled lives in Salford. Supported Tenancies Service and Albert Kennedy Trust can: • Help you apply for benefits and grants. • Give you advice on budgeting, managing debts and maximising your income. • Offer support settling into your home. • Support you in accessing

medical and specialist services. • Provide support identified by you, through your support plan. We will accept referrals from clients who identify as LGBT directly or from friends, family members and other professionals, with the clients consent. For further information please contact: Neil Cochrane, Supported Tenancy Officer, Tel: 0161 607 1620, Mobile: 07766550264. Or you can email Supported Tenancies service at For further information on the Albert Kennedy Trust you can visit: or call the Manchester Office on 0161 228 3308

• Do you want to feel that you are doing something worthwhile? • Do you want to develop new skills that will give you confidence? • Do you want to have fun and meet new people? • Have you got time on your hands? TIME REQUIRED: A minimum of four hours during the day per month. ARE YOU: Enthusiastic, a people person, willing to use a computer, committed to the issues and needs of the LGBT community? WE CAN OFFER YOU: Training, the chance to develop new skills, the chance to meet new friends, and a welcoming environment The Lesbian & Gay Foundation is the first port of call for many lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people, their families and friends. To meet these needs the LGF is increasing the hours for some of our more direct services (including our valuable telephone service) 7 days a week - from 10am - 10pm For further details and an application pack please see our website or contact Nigel Maddock on 0161 235 8035, e-mail:


Registered Charity No.1070904


10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People


Words: Chris Morley

People over 50 with HIV are increasing in numbers and have different needs to younger people. Older people with HIV are now getting some real attention. There are around 900 (16%) in NW England and this will swell to around 3000, within 10 years. TOP EXPERTS

People over 50 with HIV are increasing in numbers and have different needs to younger people. Older people with HIV are now getting some real attention. There are around 900 (16%) in NW England and this will swell to around 3000, within 10 years. There is a big bulge in the age profile of people with HIV, with more people approaching their 50s. Gay and bi men make up the majority – around 60% of the over 50s with HIV in NW England. Over 400 people over 50 were asked about their support needs by THT and Age-UK. There are interesting early findings – just 1 in 10 people in this survey said they had had a bad experience telling people about their HIV, when the telling is not about having sex. That’s comforting and reassuring to know. George House Trust is part of the national efforts to meet the needs of older positive people better.


Apart from most being gay or bi men, many are long-term survivors who have had HIV for 12 years or longer, but there are a small number being newly diagnosed. 1 in 12 of all the people getting a HIV positive test are over 50, and half got infected after turning 50. The need to avoid transmission and infection does not stop at 50 – so in Manchester we, and LGF, are helping plan prevention for the over 50s. The biggest issue for over 50s with HIV in the survey is financial – many have serious poverty and pension worries. “Somehow ‘ financial difficulty’ does not begin to address the unending stress of permanent financial anxiety.”



So come and join us at our special 25th year fundraising event at the Midland Hotel on Saturday 17th July 7.30 - midnight. Tickets are priced at £20 and include a drink on arrival, canapes and entertainment. Tickets available for GHT office or via our website uk/25

“They’re all dead and I’m the only one left alive and I’ve got no pension.”

There were worries too about becoming unable to look after yourself in future, about depression and mental ill-health, and about whether the services you will need will be there when you need them. HIV stigma and social isolation are also worries for some. HIV doctors are seeing older people with HIV with the diseases and conditions commonly linked with older age, but sooner than usual. Treating both HIV and typical older age conditions is more complicated. We will need better cooperation between GPs, HIV doctors and the different specialists in older people’s healthcare. These specialists need to learn about HIV and to deal well with confidentiality.

exercise and better fitness, and there’s a need for counselling and emotional support – living into older age with a long-term condition can be draining. “HIV has severe emotional links, causing me sleeplessness, worry and the feeling of utter destruction.”

Top of people’s list of wants is for up to date information written for older people with HIV. Social care services for older people, and more opportunities to meet and support each other are also popular.

Self-esteem and rejection, linked to the youth-orientated gay scene, changes in physical appearance and sexual dysfunction are bothersome.“Who wants an old faggot like me?” was one Brighton man’s comment. People would prefer services for older people to be within existing HIV services, but that is unlikely to happen because it would put HIV specialists under even more strain – and HIV doctors are not experts in treating older people’s conditions either. Another survey found that 85% of Brighton older gay and bi men have at least one other health condition, and close to half the men have three other health problems. Two-thirds are taking treatments for other conditions and 4 out of 5 were seeing other medical specialists as well as their HIV doctors (such as specialists in skin, ear, nose and throat, heart and circulation, and for the stomach and digestion).

“If we had access to peer led support groups, we might not end up running the risk of falling into depression.” People are keen on opportunities for

A new 130 page booklet has just come out - Coming of Age - to help older people ‘age well’ with HIV. We reckon it’s good and it’s a free download at

“My healthcare needs seem to have become more complex yet my HIV clinic is becoming more perfunctory.”


To find out more about the services offered by George House Trust, contact our services team at or call us on 0161 274 4499.



Photo: Sarah Quinn




November 20th 2010 Crafternoon is back just in time for the perfect homemade Christmas gift! If the credit munch is biting you hard then knit your way out of it! Get going on your Xmas scarves, jumpers and I-pod ho-ho-holder, and make your own creative Crimbo cards! December 18 2010 Scratch it and give me a beat! Fancy yourself as the next superstar DJ? Then get yourself down to the Starting and Mixing DJ Workshop. Brush up your DJ skills for the Christmas party season, and join Manchester’s top DJ’s as they show you the tricks of the trade and get you prepared for the grand mix – off! January 15th 2011 Has Christmas wiped your energy and your bank balance? Ease into the New Year with an afternoon of Board Games. Whether you’re a Scrabble monster, a Trivial Pursuit champion or a lover of Connect Four, test your skills at your favourite games. Will you be the board game champion of champions?



The Women’s Programme at The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have got a year’s worth of exciting events planned for lesbian and bisexual women and their friends. Read on to find out more…

July 17th 2010 Bust out your bikes and take advantage of the sun as the bike experts show you how to fix a puncture, get your chain back on, and keep your BMX or Baby Jane in prime condition at the Bike Maintenance Workshop. (Location: Sackville Garden’s) August 21st 2010 Go green and get your hands dirty in Sackville Gardens at our Planting and Growing Workshop. Whether you’ve got a window box, a yard, a garden or a plant pot, get the lowdown on finding the perfect plants for you! August 23rd 2010 Next March, International Women’s Day is a whopping 100 years old, and to celebrate the LGF want to publish a book of postcards highlighting lesbian, bisexual and questioning women’s secrets. If These Walls Could Talk is part of Manchester Pride’s Fringe Festival – come along to find out more about the secrets project, design your postcard, chat and watch our 22

special screening of The Secret Diaries of Anne Lister.

If you identify as a lesbian or bisexual woman, or are maybe questioning your sexuality - we want to know your secrets for a new book about female experiences. You can remain completely anonymous, just post your secret too FREEPOST RLZG – SLUJRXKJ, The LGF, Princess House, 105-107 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6DD.

September 18th 2010 There’s another Film Night on offer this month as we snuggle down for autumn. Expect a lesbian / bisexual classic in a safe and welcoming atmosphere and popcorn a-plenty. October 16th 2010 Whether you’re a novice or a budding Fanny Craddock come on down to our Healthy Cooking Workshop. Experts will be on hand with loads of ideas for simple, hearty recipes to get your tastebuds tingling and to get you and your friends through the winter months.


Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

February 15th 2011 Calling all you budding Cindy Sherman’s and Annie Leibovitz’s out there…check out this month’s Photography Workshop. You’ll find out how to frame your shots, improve your composition and will be set a challenging photography assignment all in the space of three hours! March 5th 2011 Sugar & Spice - the LGF’s International Women’s Day event is back for a fifth year. This year we’re celebrating 100 years of IWD, and with the launch of our Secrets book – it’s gonna be bigger and better than ever! March 19th 2011 add your name to list of female comedy greats, as we find out the secrets of tickling the funny bone at the Comedy Workshop. Have a laugh, build confidence and surprise yourself at this great workshop. All events (apart from If These Walls Could Talk and Sugar & Spice) will take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 2pm5pm, at The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, Manchester or Sackville Gardens, Manchester. All workshops and events are free and demand for places is going to be high, so if you’re interested in attending one or more of the workshops, or want to find out more email

For further information about these events, keep an eye on, or email

N O I T C A TAKING HOBIA! P O M O H t s again


” . . . s u d n u o r a ll a d “There’s a hatre

The excitement (not to mention the panic) set in late last year when the Enough Is Enough campaign team received a letter from Sir Ian McKellen saying he would be “delighted” to help. Rewind slightly. Help with what? Well, to launch the Enough Is Enough campaign, we wanted to make sure we had a powerful campaign video to drive the message home. There was only one choice to voice-over the video - who else but Sir Ian? Work started immediately on the script

(none of us had ever written a script before), and after many revisions by the Team we nervously headed down to the Theatre Royal Haymarket in early March to meet Sir Ian. The recording was performed in SIr Ian’s dressing room (the same room Scissor Sisters recently recorded a voice over with Sir Ian for their new album, fact fans!) As you’d expect we got exactly what we hoped for and more, and he congratulated us on a “very good” script. Result. Next stop Hollywood! Well, not quite. Next stop Coronation Street! And not the one you’re thinking of. LGF Patron and huge supporter Antony Cotton agreed to star in our video, but we couldn’t find a suitable location (we wanted to do it on the famous cobbles, but they

were a bit busy filming). So... quite by chance we picked Coronation Street in Salford to film the video. It was a deserted morning, and Antony was the consumate pro, chatting to some local lads about the campaign and why it’s so important. Antony very kindly agreed that we could make him up to appear as if he’d been attacked. The results were more than worth it, and with over 3,000 views only a few days into the campaign, it appears you agree! We want everyone to share the campaign video with their friends and family, so make sure you visit the campaign website, and let’s get the word out that Enough Is Enough! See the video now at:

With HUGE thanks to The campaign video was shot by Jonathan Robinson at BellyFlop TV and we want to send a huge hug and thank you to Jonathan and his team for donating their time to this campaign, and filming and editing the video at no cost . BellyFlop were also responsible for the LGF’s Manchester Pride/Lily Allen video last year. Find out more at, and check out Jonathan Robinson’s fab YouTube channel too!


action? e k a t o t r ways p tips o o f t g r n u i o k r o Lo fo o . f g l . w Visit ww

Search for ‘En ough is and join the 1 ,000’s o

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Southamp George St ton. e v e n L murdered o p e z M in homoph obic attack ercado, 19, in Puerto R James Par ico. k e s , 2 victim of h omophob 2, ic gang att ack in Live Ian Baynh rpool a n , 62, died after homophob ic attack in London. Michael C a u s e r, murdered in homoph 18, obic attack in Merseys Oliver Hem ide. sley, 21, permanan tly paralys Eudy Sime ed after homophobic attack in London lane, raped and . murdered in a homop hobic attac Ronald Di k in South xon, 61, Africa. murdered in hom ophobic att ack in



Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

check out the latest vids on our YouTube ch annel .com/lgfonlin e

The aisre t

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s Enough! Act ion against Ho mophobia’ of activists on our facebook fan page.

Registered Charity No.1070904

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10 Ending Homophobia,

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Empowering People

10 2000-20 CELEBRATING TEN YEARS 04/05/2010


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Fundraising Booklet.i

Had a great idea? Need help putting it together? let us know .uk email:


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Photo: Paul Jones, Exposure




Do you often have questions about your life, including your sex life, but don’t know who to ask? The Lesbian and Gay Foundation is going to be running free monthly workshops which will aim to answer these questions. The workshops will also aim to improve your confidence, and make sure that you are getting the most out of your life, as well as looking at safer sex, to ensure that you are having the best sex with the least risk. The next two workshops are going to be run in conjunction with GMFA as part of the national CHAPS partnership groupwork programme.


2010 Saturday 19th June, 10am-5pm GETTING A BOYFRI END

Saturday 24th July, 2010 10am-5pm For more information or to book a place on these two courses please go to:

And there’s more to come... Following on from this there will be other workshops running every month for the rest of the year. The dates for these are as follows: 7th August 2010 18th September 2010 23rd October 2010 20th November 2010 11th December 2010

10am 10am 10am 10am 10am


3pm 3pm 3pm 3pm 3pm

Further information about the content of these workshops will be put onto the LGF’s website by the end of June. Please go to to keep yourself updated.


For further information about these events, keep an eye on





The first thing that most people would do if they woke up with the flu is call their doctor’s surgery and get an appointment to see the GP. But what if you woke up one morning unable to face the world because of depression? Text: Lucy Rolfe

Opening up about depression, anxiety or stress for the first time can be a frightening experience especially if you don’t understand your symptoms or the cause. Mental health problems can at times, be crippling, and left untreated can prevent people from doing everyday things from going to the shops to even getting out of bed in the morning. The fear for many people is that admitting that they aren’t coping is a sign of failure, when in fact; this is the first step towards getting better. With a number of national initiatives in place there’s never been a better time to get access to the right support and treatment for whatever you’re experiencing, and visiting your GP is a good place to start with getting help.

Where’s Your Head At and Know Your Mental Health are available now. You can also see them online at 28

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

You’re not alone! A 2007 survey by the Mental Health Foundation, found that an estimated 250,000 people visit their GP each day to seek help for an emotional or psychological problem, and with at least 1 in 4 of us experiencing mental ill health in our lifetime, this figure is not surprising.

So what’s stopping you? There is still a lot of stigma surrounding having a mental health problem, people often assume that this means the person is dangerous or weak, and understandably this has a hugely negative effect on people who need help. In a recent report, 87% of service users have said that stigma has had a negative impact on their lives, with proportions significantly higher for people who are gay, lesbian or bisexual so it’s not surprising that so many people still suffer in silence.

Help is at hand... Thankfully, with legislation and national campaigns such as ‘Time to Change’ which sets out to end discrimination surrounding mental health, it seems that more and more people are now opening up about their mental health issues and seeking the help they’re entitled to. In fact, 81% of people say that they would now visit their GP with an emotional or psychological problem, which goes to show that attitudes are gradually starting to shift.

Getting the most out of your Doctor’s appointment: + Write down what you have been experiencing before you go, including how you have been effected emotionally, psychologically and practically + Make a note of any questions or worries you have – it you’re nervous you might forget to ask + Take a supportive friend or family member along for support, this could help things feel a lot less daunting + Be as open and clear as you can – the more information you can give your GP the better + You do have the right to request a second opinion or see a different GP if you feel unsatisfied (if you have a complaint you can contact your local NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have a number of services available if you need help and support, or even just a friendly ear to listen. For more information about the counselling service or our support services please call 0161 235 8035 or email info@lgf. Keep an eye on for information about our new mental health drop-in service due to be launched Summer 2010.



The Carer’s Role:

Emily’s Story “I was worried that I didn’t count as a ‘real’ carer because I work full time and my partner doesn’t need a lot of handson care...” This month outnorthwest speaks to Emily Wright – who has a caring role, and has accessed Caring with Confidence sessions at LGF – about her experiences and what the Caring with Confidence programme is like. Text: Annie Emery Photo posed by model

Can you tell us a bit about you and your caring role? I’m Emily, I’m 30 and I’m a bisexual woman. I care for my partner who has epilepsy. His seizures used to be well controlled but they got worse about 3 years ago and he had to stop working. Since then, we’ve been working to find a balance between the effects of his seizures and the side-effects of his medications that we can live with. How did you find out about Caring with Confidence (CwC)? I saw a leaflet about CwC on the LGF stall at Manchester Pride but it took me a while to follow it up. I was worried I didn’t count as a ‘real’ carer because I work full time and my partner doesn’t need a lot of hands-on care. However, I wanted to learn to support him better and also get to know other carers. How would you describe the Caring with Confidence programme? Going to CwC showed me that there’s no such thing as a ‘real’ carer – people care for different people – friends, neighbours, partners and relatives. The level of caring that people do depends who they are


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caring for and why they need that care so different carers have different issues. But there are a lot of common issues such as money, balancing caring with looking after yourself and communicating. You can choose different sessions to suit your needs but I found I got something out of all the sessions, even ones which seemed less relevant to my situation. How are you finding the Caring with Confidence programme? The course suggests strategies for dealing with problems and can point you in the right direction for more specific help (such as working out what benefits you are entitled to). However, I found the best advice came from the discussions with other carers who were dealing with the same issues. I realised I had a lot of good strategies I used in other areas of my life that I could apply to being a carer. What have you found most useful/ valuable about the sessions? I think CwC would be useful for LGBT carers in any setting but having a course at the LGF was good because you didn’t have to ‘come


Photo: Paul Farncis

Photo posed by mo

Do you look after someone? FREE LOCAL SESSIONS. out’ (and potentially deal with homophobic reactions) while talking about personal things.

Are you an LGBT carer or care for someone who is LGBT?

What do you think are the issues facing LGBT carers? For LGBT carers (or carers for people who are LGBT), many of the issues are universal and affect you regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. However, you may have to deal with GPs and other medical professionals, social services or benefits advisors and they can have a lot of power which can cause problems if they are homophobic or transphobic. Some LGBT carers care for parents or relatives who do not accept their sexual orientation or gender which can lead to conflict and frustration.

Caring With Confidence will: Help you build your strengths as a carer.

If you were recommending Caring with Confidence to other carers, what would you say? I found the course useful and thought provoking. It can’t solve all your problems but it can help or point you towards people who can do more. Meeting other people who get it is really helpful and can make you feel less isolated and more confident.

Give you the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others in similar situations. Give you useful information, ideas and tips about looking after someone

BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY! Registered Charity No.1070904

To find out more about Caring With Confidence and to book your place contact Annie on 0161 235 8024 or drop an email to For details of sessions running at SHIVER contact Helen on 01253 311431 or email

Help you decide what you might like to change about your caring role. Provide travel and alternative care costs for those who need it.

10 Ending Homophobia,

Empowering People


For more information or to book a session contact Annie Emery 0161 235 8024




BE A part of the PICTURE Text: Sara Ashworth

Over the past 12 months The Lesbian & Gay Foundation in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire has been working hard to collect information d about lesbian, gay an ug bisexual people’s dr and alcohol use.

ry The project is funded by the Big Lotte on for mati infor ct colle will and Research Fund ensure to ngs findi the use to r orde five years in are iders prov ce servi ol alcoh that drug and people’s inclusive of lesbian, gay and bisexual needs. You may have seen one of our stalls


last year

Newcastle, as we visited Birmingham, London, events; Pride Cornwall, Leeds and Manchester hoping again t and this year we are out and abou to gather even more information.

We will be in Suffolk Pride on June , 20th, Nottingham Pride on 31st July k bac and 7th Brighton Pride on August le who the r in Manchester again ove August Bank Holiday weekend so come and see us. drink You don’t have to take drugs or even doing so by and alcohol to complete the survey get the ity mun you will be helping the LGB com y is surve each services they need and deserve, will dy nobo so also completely confidential and g chin laun also ever know who you are. We are ths mon few our first years report in the next for more so keep a look out in Out North West information and findings.

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Make sure your voice is heard at Pride events across the country this year!

y please If you would like to complete the surve act cont or visit more the Lesbian and Gay foundation for a survey to information, we can even send you esting inter complete in the post! We are also be a may you in visiting any community groups and g alon e part of so if you would like us to com tell you more drop us a line. ect, to For more information about the proj lved invo have a survey sent to you or to get and s please contact: Sara Ashworth, Drug r, Princess Alcohol Research Officer, 4th Floo House, Manchester M1 6DD





GROUP! Hurrah! It appears to be Summer again and this means lots more fun in the sun. It’s great to socialise now the weather is getting better and for a lot of us this means meeting up with friends for a drink or two. Barbeques in the garden, picnics in the park, a nice glass of wine in the Village, the delights of the beer garden and just a good old meet up at a friends house can all involve drinking alcohol or a recreational drug or two and more often than not, a few more than originally intended. If you feel that over the Winter months you have been hibernating, it can be easy to get caught up with being out every night over the Summer to make up for lost socialising time; and with all those Prides on the horizon, the opportunities are endless. However being in these situations can make it hard to realise that perhaps drugs or alcohol are a bigger part of your life than usual and being hung-over every day can seem like a way of life, especially if many of your friends fell the same. Being on a comedown or having a hang-over at work can make it difficult to get your work done, it can also make home life that little bit harder not to mention the amount of money you may be spending to have a few more nights out.



Reg. Charity No.1070904

That’s why The Lesbian & Gay Foundation have teamed up with ADS to provide a pilot drop-in project for people to come and have an informal chat or get some sound advice on drug and alcohol use. You may be interested in quitting smoking, want to know about the long term effect of your drinking habits, need some information on your current drug of choice or even get some help if you feel that your habits are all becoming a bit too much to cope with.

For information on MMCAT, visit

The drop-in service will start on the Talk To Frank website: Wednesday 16th June.

Visit for more info.

10 Ending Homophobia,

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The other day I was killing time online. Looking through a list of all the amazingly beautiful bears and cubs that Manchester has to offer, when suddenly it hit me. 90% of the men on there were sending all the wrong messages. And the photos by far didn’t match the text. Message 1: I am happily partnered and monogamous! This is one of my favorites, as a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Let’s face it, even us old married bears need a little bit of an ego boost every now and then. But what message is a monogamously partnered bear/cub sending when every picture he has on his profile is a) his cock b) his arse or c) a mix and match of him in multiple states of arousal. Worse yet, pictures of him and said partner going at it! My Translation: My partner is in a monogamous relationship, but I’m not... so we have to be discrete. Message 2: I am not looking for hook ups, I am looking for a longterm relationship. Oh, how sweet. I think deep down inside that’s what we’re all looking for right? Then tell me why there’s not one picture of your eyes? They’re all chest, abs, bum and cock shots! My Translation: I’m telling myself I want a relationship, but what I really want is a really good lay!



IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE Ask the Bear Sexpert anything! Send your thoughts, comments and questions to sexualhealth@lgf.

Message 3: I am a top! I’m a top, however every single picture on my profile is of my bum. Hmm, me thinks he doth protest too much! My Translation: I’m a bottom, but can top if I absolutly have to!

be willing to negotiate on. Remember, everyone’s idea of what is safe may be a bit different. Many guys who wouldn’t dream about being barebacked would be more then willing to bareback as long as they are the tops.

Message 4: I only play safe. This is always good to see, but beware; this could also be a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Make sure that anytime you arrange to meet up with someone online you are very clear about what your boundaries are in regards to safer sex. Don’t assume that just because they have on their profile “ safe sex only” that it’s not an issue they would

If you are chatting with a guy and feel comfortable enough to plan a meet, then you have every right to ask him about the kind of sex he is going to want to have, and the kind of sex that you expect to have. If you are clear from the start, then there wont be any surprises or any awkward moment once you get back to the bedroom. It’s important we realise, that when it comes to sex and dating, it

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Photo: Kevin Allsopp

Illustration: Mark H Evans




For even more practical advice about how to have a happy, healthy sex life, visit The Lesbian & Gay Foundation website today. Bookmark now!


“If you are chatting with a guy and feel comfortable enough to plan a meet, then you have every right to ask him about the kind of sex he is going to want to have, and the kind of sex that you expect to have.”

Never being boring... HIV


doesn’t always do exactly what it says on the tin.

Coming up with an effective HIV campaign, to make people think about the kind of sexual risks they are taking, without adding to the stigma that already surrounds HIV, seems to be the Holy Grail of HIV prevention work these days.

And it’s not just online.... A good friend of mine once told me, you have to be the kind of person you want to attract. For the longest time I didn’t understand that statement, why in the world would I want someone just like me? I guess I was missing the point. How many of us have said, “I want to meet a guy who has his life together, someone with a good job, financially responsible, a guy who can be faithful, a man that is funny and balanced. What I don’t want is a scene queen, someone who spends every weekend in the bar (and most weekdays too) what I want is an emotional adult!”

If not, maybe it’s time to do something about it!

It is an increasingly difficult mine field to negotiate, and this might be the reaso n why there hasn’t been any major national HIV campaigns for many years. Last year we saw the Adolf Hitler AIDS campaign in Germ any, which focussed on heterosexual sex, and likened HIV/AIDS to mass murdering despots. Not the message you really want to be send ing out when people are at the receiving end of naive bigoted stigma at the best of times. Registered Charity No.1070904

But you have to ask yourself, are you that kind of person? If your life is a mess, you’re in debt up to your eyeballs because you live just a bit outside of your income level, you drink too much, smoke to much, and spend every weekend at the bar pulling one guy after another - are you the kind of guy you would want to date? Are you sending out the right message?

On the other hand, the softly, softly approach that organisations take when it comes to HIV is not having much of an impact on HIV rates amongst gay men. Occasionally the number has dipped slightly, but the number of gay men living with HIV is higher today than it has ever been. This could, of course, have to do with increased testing, and more people knowing their status, but it is a concern that the message that HIV is not a nice thing to have, is just not getting though. So what’s the answer? We can’t go back to shocking people, or presenting wors e case scenarios, as these have been show n time and time again to be ineffective. Maybe the thing to do is try and tackle the hedonistic ideal that seems to have been the gay lifestyle since time began. What is it that makes young gay men (especially) think that they are invincible? Why is it better to live fast and die young? Maybe what we really need to do is tackle the reasons why people have a fear of “being boring”.

LOOKING FOR ADVICE? 10 Ending Homophobia,

What’s on your mind? Ask the Bear Sexpert

To find out the dates and times of upcoming LGF sexual health clinics, visit

Empowering People


Whether you’re looking for relationship advice, you’re concerned about your sexual health, you want to know the opening times for Cruz 101, or you want to get involved with your community, give the LGF Helpline a call on 0845 3 30 30 30. Staffed from 6pm - 10pm every night!



NEWS Manchester Stingers seek new manager

Manchester Stingers are looking for a new coach / manager. The role will be on a voluntary basis and it will involve taking training on a Wednesday night from 6.45pm to 8.30pm at Trinity, Manchester. And also involves managing on a Sunday afternoon. The Stingers play in the Women’s North West Division One South and their home games are at Whalley Range, kick off at 2pm. You will manage around 25 women who are competing at the top of their league and who now need some new experience to take them onto that next level If you’re interested contact either Helena at or Nicola at

Pride comes to Rugby League

Touch Rugby League is to be included in this years Pride Games on June 12th, which will be held at Rochdale Mayfield ARLFC’s ground. The games have been in existence for ten years, and is now Europe’s largest LGBT multi-sports tournament with over 200 volunteers and participants from over 25 countries. Pride Games is a multi cultural and multi-ethnic. The Touch Rugby Competition will start in the morning with a taster session for those who want to find out a bit more about the game and then in the afternoon we are running a Touch Competition with teams from all over the UK and Europe taking part. The day is open to everyone not just the LGBT Community, so if you want to enter a team or as an individual please contact Paul on 07775 022797 or email paul.


outnorthwest’s LEWIS SHEPHARD catches up with the Manchester Village Spartan’s Gareth Longley about the teams most successful season ever, celebrating 10 years as a gay/bi (straight friendly) rugby team, and getting ready to compete in this month’s Bingham Cup (usually considered the Gay Rugby World Cup) in the USA.


How does it feel to be the only team from the UK at the Bingham cup? I think it’s a testament to the team and to be going so far shows we’re committed. It would be nice to have other British teams there, but hopefully we should be able to bring back some silverware this year. What would winning the Bingham cup mean to you and the other members of the team? It would be brilliant. I mean we go every two years when it’s on and I feel this year we have a stronger team so I can’t see a reason why we can’t win. Have you ever experienced homophobia? We did have a match this year where about two or three members of the opposite team were using derogatory terms towards us and saying things like ‘we can’t let these dirty fags beat us’. But in the end we beat them. To be fair most teams are fairly good so I’ve had a pretty easy ride in my time. Are there any straight members of your team, and what’s the dynamic like for them playing for a primarily gay/ bi team? We do have straight players on our team; we have about two or three, one of them is the brother of one of the gay players and his mate, who are both ex-marines. And another straight player we have didn’t even know he was playing for a gay team until about two weeks after he joined. To be fair the dynamics are pretty good for them as they are playing on a team with guys just wanting to play rugby, who just happen to be gay. Why do you think there is a lack of openly gay sports stars? I think most sports stars have a reputation for being manly and butch, and I think



their sponsorships rely on this. I think if gay sports stars were to be openly gay then they feel their sponsorships may suffer. With Gareth Thomas recently coming out, do you think this will make more sports men who are gay able to come out? I think it’s too early to tell really but I hope so. I mean for someone of his stature to come out might give people the inclination to stand up and be proud, and to encourage guys who are scared to join a rugby team and be an openly gay player. You’ve recently celebrated 10 years as a team; do you feel you’ve achieved a lot during this time? I think we have achieved a massive amount in the last 10 years, we were one

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of the first gay rugby teams in the world, and we’ve gone from just guys having fun to actually competing in a league, and it looks like we might get sponsored this year too. We’re proud off the pitch as well, as we’ve helped with charities such as the Terrance Higgins. What would you say to encourage new members to get involved? Just come down to training or a game whether you’ve played before or not there’s no pressure. The trainings good as it caters for experienced and non-experienced and it’s a great way to make friends.on a more regular basis. Go Spartans! Best of luck in this year’s Bingham Cup!

FITNESS You may recognise Chris as the LGF’s condom boy, but you might not know that he’s a fully qualified Personal Trainer. Chris is also a Physical Therapy Consultant, with his own UK based consultancy company ‘Inspire’, delivering gym induction workshops for the NHS, advising and encouraging well-being for nurses and their patients. Chris is based in Manchester, predominately working as a Personal Trainer at GL-14 Health Club, but his newest role is outnorthwest’s very own Fitness Expert!

ALCOHOL “Hello everyone. There are

two things I want to discuss in this issue... Alcohol and Health Cereal Bars. They’re without doubt the two areas of nutrition I get asked about the most. It comes as no surprise to my clients when I explain to them the negative effect alcohol has on the body. Everyone knows they need to curb their drinking habits if they have fitness goals to acheive, but those health cereal bars are a lot more sneaky because they pretend to be healthy! Have a little read below and see if I can tell you something you didn’t know...

Alcohol affects different people in different ways. You can be affected a lot more quickly if you ’ve got a smaller body frame, you haven’t eaten or you’re not used to dri nking. Women can be affected by alcohol more quickly than men as they are often smaller and their bodies contain less water. The Departm ent of Health has identified safe alcohol intakes as being 2-3 units per day for women and 3-4 units per day for me n. One unit is considered to be 10ml of pure alcohol. A unit of alcohol is equal to about half a pint of normal strengt h lager, cider or bitter, a pub measure (25 ml) of spirits or a 5ml pub measure of fortified wine (such as sherry or port). It is recommended that individuals have at least a few days each week where no alcohol is consumed at all. Also, it is strongly recommende d that units are not ‘stored up’ for a binge drinking

INTAKE session at the weekends . Binge drinking can affect your personal safety and put you at risk of serious hea lth problems. It is estimated that the bod y detoxifies alcohol at about the rate of 1 unit per hour. Larger amounts of alcohol in one session create a signific ant strain on the livers detoxifying system s.

A basic guide • 1 pint of ordinary stre ngth lager = 2 units • 1 pint of strong lager = 3 units • 1 pint of bitter = 2 uni ts • 1 pint of ordinary stre ngth cider = 2 units • 1 175ml glass of red or white wine = 2 units (approx) • 1 pub measure of spi rits = 1 unit • 1 alco-pop = 1.5 uni ts (approx) • 1 can of beer or lager 1.5 units

image Co So Hands

CEREAL BARS The increased pace of western life and the dem and for healthy food has convenient healthy sna created a unique marke cks. This was an opport t for unity that many food introducing a new foo manufacturers jumped d to the market in 199 at. By 7; the cereal bar. There has been a signific ant amount of money spe nt since that time to adv products as healthy. The ertise these main arguments focuse d on tend to be that the grain, are low in fat and y use whole use natural ingredients. Ho wever, once the ingredien understood it soon bec t list is omes apparent that the se food items may not be the marketing may indicat as positive as e. • They are very new to the food chain – only availab le en masse since 1997 • Whole grains can be ver y bland and tasteless – cereal bars often contain amounts of refined sug high ars, sugar alternatives and fruit concentrates. This ofte exceeds the 15g per 100 n g that the FSA set as the lev el • They will likely cause a for a high sugar food high insulin response – this is associated with fat • The grains used are hig storage h in mineral blocking phy tic acid • Starches, gums, preser vatives and emulsifiers are common additives • They may be fortified with synthetic vitamins Cereal bars are a rapidly expanding new market that has gripped the con ‘healthy’ option that so venient many are seeking. Only time will really show wh these highly refined car at bohydrate snack foods will do to our bodies.

Contact Chris direct for bookings and rates info at

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greater manchester


Free Safer Sex Packs available at most venues

MaNchEsTeR MaNchEsTeR

88 Listing Indicator

£ Portland Street

Major Street

Hart Street


42 44 41


Bloom Street







20 30 23


e Str un

to Ay



100 Bloom St,

Baa-Bar 27 Sackville Street, 0161 247 7997, glitter balls and a flashy dance floor, 3

Bar Below 34 Canal Street, 0161 236 5757, intimate and modern bar serving drinks and food. 4

Bar fifty7 Fourways House, 57 Hilton Street, 0161 236 5757 5

6 Bull’s Head Gay Friendly 84 London Rd, 0161 236 1724.

Churchills 37 Chorlton St, 0161 236 5529, karoke Tues and Thurs, 7

company bar Only 28 Richmond St, 0161 237 9329, 8

Coyotes 14 Chorlton Street, 0161 236 4007, pleasant two floor bar, 9

10 Crunch 10 Canal Street, 0161 236 0446, 11 Cruz 101 101 Princess St, 0161 950 0101, one of Manchester’s most popular nightclubs,

Eden 3 Brazil Street, 0161 237 9852, food served daily, 12

Venues Key


Mainly Men


Whitworth Street


The Bay Horse 35-37 Thomas St, 0161 661 1041, a traditional gay friendly pub,

14 Legends 4-6 Whitworth Street, 0161 236 5400,

Mancunia 8 Minshull St, 0161 835 1300, nightclub over three floors. 15

15 Manto 46 Canal Street, 0161 236 2667, bar over three floors,



46 25 14

Piccadilly Train Station


6 32 View 40 Canal St, 0161 236 9033

cluB Nights

24 The New Union 111 Princess St, 0161 228 1492

ALERT Fetish at Legends, 4th Friday of the month

25 The Outpost 4-6 Whitworth St, 0161 236 5400

BOLLOX Pop/Indie at Legends, 3rd Friday of the month

40 The Parlour Richmond St,

CLub lash Fetish at Legends, 2nd Friday of the month

Mint Lounge Gay Friendly 46-50 Oldham St, 0161 228 1495, trendy bar,

26 The Rembrandt 33 Sackville St, 0161 236 1311, traditional pub,

Eager Beaver at Manto Bar Lounge, Friday’s

Napoleons 35 Bloom St, 0161 236 8800, welcomes all LGB&T customers,

Thompsons Arms 23 Sackville Street, 0161 237 5919.


17 New York New York 94 Bloom St, 0161 236 6556, busy fun pub, popular with lesbians and gays of all ages.


Tribeca Gay Friendly 50 Sackville Street, 0161 236 8300, New York style lounge, 28


29 Vanilla 39-41 Richmond Street, 0161 657 8890,

19 Paddy’s Goose 29 Bloom St, 0161 236 1246, traditional pub.

30 Velvet 2 Canal St, 0161 236 9003, food served daily,

Overdraught Student 121 Princess Street, 0161 237 0811

20 Queer 4 Canal Street, 0161 228 1368,

Retro Bar 78 Sackville Street, 0161 274 4892, 21

Spirit Canal Street, 0161 237 9725, lively and modern three-floor bar, 22

23 Taurus 1 Canal St, 0161 236 4593,

Mainly Women

Mainly Trans


FEDERATION Mainly Men at The Ritz, every bank holiday gen-e-sis Women at Eden, lesbian club, 1st Sat of the month Homoelectric at Legends, 1st Friday every other month Man Bears present Hairy! Bear at Legends, 2nd Saturday of the month Morning Glory at Queer, after hours every Saturday Organic at Spirit, after hours every Sat.

31 Via 28-30 Canal St, 0161 236 6523,

POPTASTIC Pop/Indie at Alter Ego, 07974 248 247 Pretty in Pink 80’s club night RECREATION

Listings are continually being updated. Please email your listing to: Dance Floor

All information provided by venues. Please check before arrival


h kC



Canal Street

Registered Charity No.1070904

1 Alter Ego 105-107 Princess St, 0161 236 9266, home to Poptastic every Tuesday and Saturday night,


Sackville Gardens

13 Eagle 15 Bloom Street, new venue.




in Ch

London Road


Whitworth Street













tre nS

Canal Street

Chorlton Street


Brazil Street



Richmond Street




ri Ta


e Str



Sackville Street

Princess Street


37 t ee Str



Northern Quarter Hart Street


47 Richmond Street





Parking Cash Machine

r we Bre

Bloom Street


Major Street

Minshull Street


(Free City Centre Bus)

Chorlton Street Bus/Coach Station

27 Abingdon Street

33 1

Chorlton Street

Sackville Street

Princess Street


Train Station Metrolink Stop Metroshuttle Stop

Portland Street

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Serves Food

Cash Point

Outdoor Seating

Disabled Access

greater manchester Please note all listings information is provided by third parties. The LGF can accept no responsibility for the quality of the services/groups listed

commuNity & HEalth

Albert Kennedy Trust Princess House, 105-107 Princess St, 0161 228 3308, providing supported lodgings, mentoring, be-friending and information and advice to young LGBT people, 33

Kath Locke Centre 123 Moss Lane East, Hulme, 0161 455 0211, traditional & complimentary medicine. The City Centre Project 52 Oldham Street, 0161 228 3308 and 3309, project works with young people 16-25 yrs who’s primary disadvantage is homelessness. The Lesbian & Gay Foundation (LGF) Princess House, 105-107 Princess St, 0161 235 8035, for all your LGB information and services, 33

EatEriEs BRASSERIE Gay Friendly Albert Square, 0161 834 7633 CROMA Pizza and Pasta 1 Clarance St, 0161 237 9799, CROMA Pizza and Pasta 30 Longfield Centre, Prestwich, 0161 798 7666, 35 DRIP COFFEE Fourways House,

57 Hilton Street, 0161 235 5100, relaxed and friendly coffee bar.

Eighth Day Vegan 111 Oxford Road, 0161 273 1850 36 Genghis khans 16 Chorlton Street,

0161 228 1631,

St. Mary’s Centre New St. Mary’s Hospital, Hathersage Road, 0161 276 6515, sexual assault referral centre,

Pure Tanning and Village Off License 37-39 Bloom St, 0161 236 1788 44 Gay owned cleaning service. 0753 329 2451/ 0161 298 0335,

The Lesbian Community Project 49-51 Sidney Street, 0161 273 7128,

45 ROB 17 China Lane, 0161 236 6222, for all your leather, rubber and twisted gear,

The Village Citizen Advice Bureau 25a Hankinson Way, Salford Precinct, 0161 834 2005,

UPPERCUTS BARBERS The Arndale Market, 07784 156 693

HOTELS & B&B's City Inn Manchester One Piccadilly Place, Auburn Street, 0161 242 1000, CLYDEMOUNT GUEST HOUSE 866 Hyde Rd, Debdale Park, 0161 231 1515, 46 INTERNATIONAL HOTEL Gay 34 London Rd, 54 bedrooms, 0161 236 1010

Velvet Hotel 2 Canal Street, 0161 236 9003, 30

SaUNaS 47 H2O Zone 36-38 Sackville Street, 0161 236 3876, seven day sauna for gay and bi men,

inferno 496a Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, 0161 860 6666, seven day sauna for gay and bi men, The Basement Complex 18 Tariff Street, 0161 236 8131, seven day sauna for gay and bi men, 48



Jarman Clinic Withington Hospital, 0161 217 4939 North Manchester GUM Delaunays Rd, Crumpsall, 0161 720 2681 North Manchester Hospital Same day HIV test clinic, 0161 720 2845 Rusholme Health Centre Walmer Street, 0161 225 6699


outreach Clinic @ the LGF and 4 other locations, Mondays, no appointment needed, 0161 235 8035,

friends of sackville gardens 0161 235 8012, Meets monthly to plan improvements, maintenance and new planting in Sackville Gardens,

Rapid HIV Testing @ the LGF Thursdays 4-6pm, no appointment needed, results in 20 mins, 0161 235 8035,

Gaydio c/o The LGF, Princess House, 105-107 Princess St, 00845 310 2712,

the hathersage centre 280 Upper Brook St, 0161 276 5200 / 5212

Gay in the uk Refugee Action, 23-37 Edge Street, 07824 473 479, LGBT social group for refugees & asylu seekers, 1st Tue of the month 6pm,

GROUPS 40+ GAY MENS GROUP 0845 3 30 30 30, support and social group meets every Thursday 7.30-9pm. ART CLASS 0845 3 30 30 30, arts based activity group meets every Friday 7-9pm. BiPhoria 07941 811124, bisexual support 18+,

gay MARRIED MENS GROUP A support group meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday 7.30-9pm at the LGF, 0845 3 30 30 30 Gay Naturist SWIM all ages, Icebreakers gay & bi men's support group meets 8pm every Wednesday at the LGF, 0845 3 30 30 30,


42nd St 20 Swan Street, 0161 832 0170, advice for young LGBs,

Lava Café Bar Castle Quay, 0161 833 2444,

Addaction 31 Robert St. 0161 214 0770, Prison resettlement for people with drug problems,

BLACK NORTH WEST 0845 3 30 30 30, for lesbian, gay and bisexual people of colour, meet at the LGF on the first Friday of the month from 7.30pm.

Alcohol and Drug Services 29a Ardwick Green North, 0161 272 8844

CAROUSEL 0845 3 30 30 30, social group for lesbian and bisexual women meets 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday 7.30-9pm.

KESHET Advocacy, education and support service for jewish LGB&Ts, 07528 700 926,

Barnardo’s Health Through Action The Progress Centre, Charlton Place, Ardwick Green, 0161 273 2901

Edward carpenter community of gay men fortnightly meetings for gay men support, trust and friendship - also longer breaks away,

Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester (LGYM) LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0790 0680725, young LGBT people, 14-25, Tues 7.30-10pm, Sat 3-7pm

jacksons Jackson’s Warehouse, 20 Tariff Street, 0161 228 2677,

LIVEBAIT Gay Friendly 22 Lloyd Street, 0161 817 4110, SAPPORO Teppanyaki 91-93 Liverpool Road, 0161 831 9888 38 Shang Hi Gay Friendly

61 Whitworth St, 0161 228 7868 That Café 1031 Stockport Road, 0161 432 4672,



Black Health Agency 464 Chester Rd, 0161 226 9145, AIDS Helpline: 0800 0967500,


Body Positive 39 Russell Road, Whalley Range, 0161 882 2200,

Shops & sERVICES Bannatynes Health Club Gay Friendly 36-38 Whitworth St, 0161 236 6864 Clone Zone 36-38 Sackville Street, 0161 236 1398, Dr Phil Tyson 0161 256 1890, Men’s Psychotherapist and relationship counselling. 41 Funky Crop Shop 37 Bloom Street,

0161 237 1032, village hair shop.

49 Gayter Hairdressing 57 Hilton Street, 0161 236 1128, hair salon,

Helen smith FUNERALS 07870 541668, funerals that are individual fitting and true,

Community Alcohol Team 0161 230 6382, Community Arts North West 46-50 Oldham St, 0161 234 2975 George House Trust 77 Ardwick Green North, 0161 274 4499, Lifeline 101-103 Oldham St, 0161 839 2054, Lifeshare 0161 953 4069, male sex workers advice,


Manchester Drug Service The Bridge, 104 Fairfield Street, 0161 273 4040

Olive Deli 36-38 Whitworth St, 0161 236 2360

Manchester Foyer 61 Booth St West, Hulme, 0161 276 1000, supported accomodation for 16-25’s,

NICE ‘N’ NAUGHTY 39 Bloom Street, 0161 228 0020 43

ProBalance Personal Training 0161 833 4777, gay friendly personal training gym in the City Centre,

Manchester Smoking Cessation 0161 205 5998 Pankhurst Centre 60-62 Nelson Street, Chorlton-on-Medlock, 0161 273 5673,

Inner Enigma 0845 838 1264, trans and intersex support and advice,

NorTh WeSt

NorTh weSt NorTh WeSt WEBSITEs a friendship site for singles and couples all over the world. a lesbian dating site.


Gay North West Camping & Caravanning Club Free club for LGBT people who enjoy camping and caravanning, Gay Outdoor Group - Ability Group Outdoor activities for people with all types of abilities/disabilities and their friends and family, LGBT Youth Northwest PO BOX 153, Manchester. M60 1LP, 0753 106 1777, Support & fun projects for LGBT Young people 14-25; support & training for practitioners working with young people,

Queer Youth Network, Trans Resource Empowerment Centre (TREC) 07513 880647, Trans activities and info, meets 2nd Sat at the LGF, trans youth support (north west) 07530 352079, Supporting Trans young people & those questionning their gender identity, aged under 25, through email, phone & up coming Trans Youth Events,

SHOPS & Services

D.C.H.A. Services Dean Cooper: 07534 509108, Help for and training around the needs of disabled people, Listings are continually being updated. Please email your listing to:


greater manchester GROUPS (CoNt.) lesbian asylum group LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for LB women who have gained or are attempting to gain asylum status. lesbian discussion group LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for LB women, meets 3rd Wed of the month, 7-8.30pm, to debate issues & share views lesbian mental health support group LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for 18+ LB women and M2F transwomen, meets every other friday. lesbian reading group (& lending library) LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for LB women, meets 3rd Wed of the month, to discuss or choose books from the library 6-7pm, Let’s Do Lunch 07813 083242, lesbian diners every other month, LIK:T 07813 981 338, run by and for young lesbian and bisexual women, 1st Monday of the month,

queer skinhead brotherhood Queer Youth Manchester 07092 031 086, Rainbow Families c/o LCP, 0161 273 7128, Right2Unite Zion Centre, Hulme, 0161 226 0170, LGB group meets every Tues. salford youth service lgbt youth group at The Base, 0161 778 0702, SM Dykes 49-51 Sidney Street, 07952 237 526, Sphere 07854 901330, contribute to a South Asian LBT theatre project, STEPPING STONES 0845 3 30 30 30, A support group for lesbian and bisexual women meets 2nd & 4th Tuesday 7.30-9pm. Triangle Club group for deaf LGBs,

lilac - lesbian cancer support LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for LB women who have experienced any form of cancer.

Transforum Ninian’s Church, Wilbraham Rd, Chorlton, 07500 741 955, TransGender discussion & mutual support group, meets 4th Sat of the month 4.30pm,

Manchester Christian Group 07743 476191

VADA Theatre Company PO Box 92,

Manchester Concord Social group, every Wed from 7pm at the Rembrandt, Canal St.

women’s domestic violence Refuge: 0161 861 8428, Helpline: 0161 636 7525, support and advice to women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Manchester gay skinheads Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus 07944 056047, manchester lesbian community project drop in LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for LB women, meets 2nd & 4th Thur of the month, 7-9pm, Manchester Parents Group 01565 733891 Mango Men’s dining club 07866 909677, 1st Thursday of the month, Metropolitan Community Church United Reformed Church, Wilbraham Rd, 0161 881 6050, LGB&T led christian church MMU LGBT MORF Manchester Lesbian & Gay Centre, 45-51 Sydney St, 0794 824 3289, soial & support for transguys 4th Monday of the month, open mic night Women Only LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, Women only & alcohol free, last Wed of the month, 7-10pm, £1 addmission. Out In The City call Sue 0161 205 3851, meets Thursdays. out to the theatre Jon: 01457 877 161, gay men’s social group, OutWrite 07931 915 620, LGBT writing group, owls (older wiser lesbians) LGBT Centre, 49-51 Sidney St, 0161 273 7128, for older or non-scene LB women to socialise & make friends, meets every Wed, 1-4pm,


Proud 2 b Parents 0161 226 0162, Moss Side Surestart Children’s Centre, 30 Selworthy Rd, for LGB&T parents and their children every 4th Saturday,

UMSU LGBT Society student group, for social events, campagins, drop-ins and support


Manchester Stingers WFC Womens football club for all abilities, MANCHESTER VIXENS LADIES FC 07921 838 733, LBT football clubs, emphasis on fun, manchester walking women Marlin Levenshulme Swimming Pool, Barlow Rd, trans swimming group, NETBALL 07939 477 026, women only group with weekly coaching, training every Monday, 8-10pm. NORTHERN ACES TENNIS GROUP 07929 917 361, tennis play in a social yet competitive environment, professional coaching, NORTHERN FLIGHT BADMINTON CLUB For experienced players, northern jump 07783 297965, volleyball group, Northern Wave swimming club 0161 872 1990, swimming for all, orca divers 125 Manchester Road, Chorlton, 0161 718 3118,


Loud & Proud LGBT Youth 07824 541211 or 07918 913937, Meets Wednesdays 5.30 - 8. For 13-19 yr olds,


aGENCIES & CLINICs Connexions 13-15 Broad St, 0161 253 7165, safe environment for young LGBTQ people to meet.

OPEN ATHLETICS 07709 000 436,

LGB&T police liaison officers North Bury - South Bury -

OUTDOOR LADS gay and bi-sexual lads into outdoor activities,

The Barlow Suite Clinic Fairfield Hospital, Rochdale Old Rd, 0161 778 2755

outdoor lads climbing club

Young Person’s Advisory Service (YPAS) Parsons Lane, 0161 761 2136, sexual health services for under 20’s.

Out on Sunday 07775 671691, walking group, Touch Rugby Call on Paul 07775 022797 Village Manchester FC gay men’s football club for every level, Village Spartans Rugby Training sessions on Wednesday evening from 7pm,


Bury Anti-homophobic bullying group 0161 253 5884

LGBT Reading Group Lounge Bar, Ramsbottom, 0161 253 6625, last Monday of the month 6.30-8.00, POG (Proud of Gayness) 0161 253 7733, Connexions, 13-15 Broad St, Bury, safe environment for young LGBTQ people to meet,

Absolutely DANCING Trinity High School every Weds 8pm-10pm latin and ballroom lessons for the LGB&T community.

WEEKENDERS lesbian and gay walking group based in the North of England,

BELUGA DIVERS Scuba Diving club for the LGBT community,

wheelies fc Manchester Leisure Sports Centre, Denmark Road, mixed womens football every Sunday from 11am to 1pm.

Timeless Funeral Services 265 - 267 Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, 0161 959 0108



Gay city strollers 0845 3 30 30 30, city centre walking group, Gay gordons manchester Scottish Country and Ceilidh Dancing and classes GAY OUTDOOR GROUP transpennine walking group, 07855 197607 Ghap badminton text 07946 191 482, MANCHESTER BADMINTON CLUB 07939 477026, Badminton club for the less experienced player. Manchester Front Runners 07813 336 445, running club catering for all abilities, meets every Thurs in the city centre, Manchester jessies Lesbian & bisexual women’s walking group, meets twice monthly MANCHESTER PRAIRIE DOGS 07960 351 882, line dance sessions, every Tues 7.30-9 beginners, 9-10.30 intermediate, Manchester SHARKS Miles Platting Pool, Varley Street, water polo club

pubs, clubs & bars

The Star 11 Bow St, 01204 361113

club NightS


ChOrlTon CROMA Pizza and Pasta 498-500 Wilbraham Road, 0161 881 1117,

Original TOUCH OF CLASS Womens Disco Tramways Hotel, 307 Blackburn Rd, 07709 185235, A monthly disco for lesbian and bisexual women,

The Lead Station 99 Beech Road, 0161 881 5559

Twisty tuesdays J2 & The Attic Square



Bolton Centre for Sexual Health Minerva Road, Farnworth, 01204 390771 HIV worker Emma Massey 01204 390772 MENTAL HEALTH independent support (MhIST) 30 Chorley New Road, 01204 527200,


Pad Gift Shop 105 Manchester Road, 0161 881 0088, inferno 496a Wilbraham Road, 0161 860 6666,


Club Fizz women only 2nd Friday of the month, check Facebook for details.



The Parallel 9A Churchgate, 01204 462444

Dog & Duck 25 St. Domingos Street, 07999 060646


THE ABBEY INN Mixed 77 West Street.

READING GROUP FOR LESBIAN AND GAY LITERATURE 01204 333173, 3rd Tues of the month 6.30pm,


The Phoenix Sexual Health Centre Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Rd, 0161 627 8753

Please note all listings information is provided by third parties. The LGF can accept no responsibility for the quality of the services/groups listed

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Lancashire SaUNaS



People Like Us (PLUS) LGBT Social support group, 2nd Wed of the month at The Arden Arms, 7.30pm,

Pennine Sauna 96 Rochdale Rd, Shaw, 01706 842 000


Out in stockport Stepping Hill, 0161 483 4784



bsure 0845 602 0894, Chlamydia screening for under 25’s,

Sexual Health Clinic Queen Victoria Centre, Thornton Rd, 01524 405 704

Sexual Health Clinic Blackburn Royal Infirmary, Bolton Road, 01254 687 304



PLUS Exercise Group (PEG) 07880 746 079, arranges monthly walks in the Stockport area

SHOUT 01254 300126, young sexual health team up to 25

THE LOLLIPOP LOUNGE Disraelis 1, 26 Church St, every Tuesday

Sexual Health PROMOTION UNIT 01706 517 613



PLUS Reading Group 07880 746079

THE BRIDGE SEXUAL HEALTH CLINIC Bailie Street, 0161 627 8753

The Base LGBt YOUTH GROUP Training and Development Centre, 0161 477 4096

Lifeline Project 68-70 Darwen St, 01254 677493, supporting young people up to the age of 25, with substance and alcohol misuse issues,

Bar Vegas 37 Bailey St, 01706 630 708


Crisis Intervention Team 01706 517 613


Proud Youth around rochdale 07531 061 777, LGBT young people from Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton 14-25


Brook Advisory 55 Regent Street, Eccles, 0161 707 9550 eccles gateway Church Street, 0161 212 5717, thurs 6-83.0pm, drop in. higher broughton health centre Bevendon Square, 0161 212 4500, Wed 6-8.30, Fri 9.30-11.30 drop in. irlam medical centre MacDonald Rd, 0161 212 4500, Wed. 6-8.30pm drop in. Goodman Sexual Health Clinic Oaklands Hospital, 0161 212 5717, Appt only: Mon 9-11.30am, 1-4.30pm, 6-9.30pm, Tue 9-11.30am, Wed 1-4.30pm, Thurs 9-11.30am & 1-4.30pm, Fri 9-11.30am. DROP IN: Tue 2-4.30pm & 6-8.30pm.


stockport lesbian & gay dance group Latin and Ballroom dance group, Thursdays 7-9pm.

TamEsIde pubs, clubs & bars

Out Youth LGBT Group East Lancs The Hub, Accrington & Rossendale College, 07895 794850, 14-19 yr olds, 6-8pm 1st & 3rd Tues.



BACKSTAGE BAR 135 St James St, 01282 414895

Queen Inn 37 Oldham Rd, Ashton-under-Lyne, gay friendly.

GABRIELS Graffiti Club, Bethesda Road, Burnley, every Saturday from 10pm-3am.

The Turnpike Gay Owned Lees Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, 0161 343 0220



Sexual Health Clinic Ashton Primary Care Centre, 193 Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, 0161 342 7100


Glossop LGBT group

Outloud Lisa Matthews: 0161 336 6615, Tameside youth service 11-19 youth group. Proud Tameside - LGBT Network 0161 339 4985,


bsure 0845 602 0894, Chlamydia screening for under 25’s, Sexual Health Clinic St. Peter’s Centre tel 01282 644300 Sexual Health Services for the Under 25’s


Red Triangle Café St. James St, 01282 832319



Quaker L&G Fellowship 16 Newfield Drive, Nelson, 01282 605724

swinton clinic 139 Partington Lane, 0161 212 5100, Mon 2-4.30pm, Tue 6-8.30pm, Fri 2-4.30pm drop in.

The Trafford Centre for Sexual Health Trafford Hospital, Moorside Rd, 0161 746 2621

WALKDEN gateway 2 Smith Street, 0161 212 5717, Mon 6-8.30pm, Tue 2-4.30pm drop in.


Rossendale LGBT Youth Group 07817 541242, LGBT youth from Rossendale, Accrington and Burnley,


HIV Support Group 0161 912 4611,

Salford LGBT Network 07947 909 339, for people who live, work or study in Salford, SALFORD YOUTH @ The Base, 0161 778 0702, for young LGBT people to meet, recieve advice, info and support.


ARDEN ARMS 23 Millgate, 0161 480 2185


GUM DEPARTMENT Stepping Hill Hospital, 0161 419 5370 Stockport Council HIV Social Care Team 0161 474 3636, HIV social care service for people with HIV and their carers.


Age Concern 56 Wellington Street, 0161 480 1211 Central Youth ADVICE AND INFO 0161 480 9600, Counselling and sexual healh services for young people up to 25. Stockport Centre for Health Promotion Regent House, Heaton Lane, 0161 426 5091

Relate 346 Chester Road, 0161 872 0303


No Attitude 0161 912 2453, LGB youth group.



miners lamp pub Gay Owned Ormskirk Rd, Pemberton. The Queens Arms New Town, gay nights every Friday.


Sexual Health Clinic Ormskirk General Hospital, Wigan Road, 01695 571043


edgehill university LGBT society search on facebook West Lancs LGBT Community Support Group 0844 357 8062, 143 Tarlswood, New Church Farm. Wn8 8NU, includes support for the Romanian community,


Project Oscar 0800 7835345, LGBT info & support,



Blowing Wild Club Grimshaw Street, open Thurs, Fri, Sat, 07752 512232 Oblivion 12-14 Grimshaw St, 01772 252876 The Hangout Hammonds Row (opposite Bus Station), 07985 327052, Saturdays 21.302.30 (weekday student nights coming soon),


Sexual Health Clinic Royal Preston Hospital, Sharoe Green Lane, 01772 522814


drugline lancashire 2 Union Court, 01772 825 684,


Preston HIV Support Team Helpline: 01772 468170, PO Box 515, Preston, PR1 8XP,

breakout LGBT community radio group, c.o Chorley FM,

Project Oscar 0800 7835345, LGBT info & support,

POUT! 0800 7831524, youth group and helpline, every Wed,




Project Oscar 0800 7835345, LGBT info & support,


Sexual Health Clinic Royal Albert Infirmary, Wigan Lane, 01942 822 277

DANCING DIVA For more information,



CENTRAL LANCASHIRE HIV ADVICE 01772 825 684, Helpline: 01772 253 840, Drugline Lancashire Ltd, 2 Union Court. Freinds of Dorothy Age Concern, Arkwright House, 01772 552 862, befreinding and support services lancashire county council lgbt network Lesbian Connection lesbian social group meeting monthly

Just Us Wigan - LGBT Drop in Centre 11 Newmarket Street, 0756 490 3489, Providing information, facilities and a place to meet for individuals and groups. Open 12.10 - 2pm Mon, Tue, Fri.

Gregson Café/Bar Gregson Community and Arts Centre, 33 Moorgate, 01524 849959, Sylvesters (Formally The Vine and Hops) 84 King Street, mixed cabaret bar

PRESTON LGBT CENTRE PLanning GROUP Debs Bradshaw 07936 712478, 1st Wed of the month at Disability Equality (NW), 103 Church St search facebook


THE DUKE OF LANCASTER 75 Church Street, 01524 842843,

PRESTON LGBT CENTRE Drop-in Sean 07966 373 110, 1st Thurs of the month, 6.30pm at Disability Equality (NW), 103 Church St search facebook


UCLAN LGBT Society Every Thurs at 8.30pm (female) or


New Start Trust Alderman Downward House, 0161 498 0615, drug advice and support

LanCaSHire PYRO (Proud Youth Are Out) 07717 301821,

LanCaSHire LanCaSHire

13-15 years,


B. J. McKENNA & CO 182A Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor, 0161 432 5757,


Royal Lancaster Infirmary Ashton Community Care Centre, 01524 387402

uclan lgbt employee network

Bar Ibiza 43 Darwen St, 01254 695379

O’Neill Patient Solicitors Chester House, 2 Chester Rd, Hazel Grove, 0161 483 8555,


C’est La Vie 11-15 Market St, 01254 691877

VIBE c/o Young Peoples Service, 07814 493750, LGBT youth group meets Thurs evenings.



Stagedoor 23 Mincing Lane, 01254 674761


oscar’s bar 25 Victoria St, 07543 900678, gay friendly/mixed,


Blackpool 8 31 48

13 21 27 63




Mount Street 4 49 3 56 38 2 5 16 32 33 17 Yates Street 59 6

High Street


20 18 47 Pleasant Street

Lord Street

Dickson Road

General Street




Anchorage 18 Withnell Road, 01253 341771 1

2 Ash Lea Hotel 76 Lord Street, 01253 628161, 3 Astor Hotel 83-85 Lord Street, 01253 290669 4

Athol 3 Mount St 01253 624918

5 Belvedere 77 Dickson Road, 01253 624733 6 BLENHEIM HOTEL 75 Lord Street, 01253 623204,


9 25 10



Banks Street 55 23 43 57

General Street

17 58 52

15 33 14 54 36 12

8 Brooklyn 7 Wilton Parade, 01253 627003 9

Camelot 80 Hornby Rd, 01253 620518



DERBY HOTEL, 2 Derby Rd, 01253 623708



Dixon 84 Dickson Rd, 01253 752379



Edward 27 Dickson Rd, 01253 624271


FOUR SEASONS 74 Lord St, 01253 622583

Gabrielle’s Women Only 77 Lord Street, 01253 295565 17

41 High Street

30 11

3 10 11 Queen Street

Guyz 16 Lord Street, 01253 622488

Milbourne St. Caunce St.


S. King St.

Loepold Gr.

Coronation St.

Train Station Tram Stop Parking


Chur ch St



88 Venue Indicator


Legends Hotel 45 Lord Street, 01253 620300 23


Lenbrook 69 Lord St, 01253 626737


Liberty's Hotel 01253 291155

26 Lonsdale Hotel 25 Cocker Street, 01253 621628 27

Lyndale Court Hotel 01253 354033


Lynmar 74 High St, 01253 290046


Mardi Gras 41 Lord St, 01253 751087

McHALL’S HOTEL 5-7 Lord Street, 01253 625661 30

31 Merecliff Hotel 24 Holmfield Road, 01253 356858

Cash Machine Blackpool Tower Pedestrianised

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Registered Charity No.1070904

et gS tre K in

Cookson Street

Topping Street

Abingdon Street


Chur ch St

88 Hotel Indicator



42 Rubens Hotel 39 Lord Street, 01253 622920 43 Sandylands 47 Banks St, 01253 294670 44 Seacroft Suites 27 Lord Street, 01253 628304 45 Stratford 72-74 Dickson Road, 01253 624020

47 SUSSEX HOTEL 14-16 Pleasant Street, 01253 627824

HOTEL NEVADA 23 Lord Street, 01253 290700,

46 Charles St.

41 PRIDE LODGE 12 High Street, 01253 314752,

62 Granby lodge 15-17 Lord St, 01253 627842,

HOTEL Bacchus 326 Queens Promenade, 01253 350387,

George St.

Pier View 16 Banks St, 01253 624555

46 Sunnyside 16 Charles Street, 01253 622983



Park House 81 Lord St, 01253 314571

Grampian House 4 Pleasant Street, 01253 291648, 18


Talbot Road 5



12 Cumforth Hotel 24 Springfield Rd, 01253 626133,





63 north grange hotel 238 Queens Promenade, 01253 351409,


Homecliffe Hotel 5-6 Wilton Parade, 01253 625147

34 20

37 Northern Star 9 Lord Street, 01253 628073


Heatherdale Lodge 2 Pleasant Street, 1253 626268


36 NORTHERN LIGHTS HOTEL 26 Springfield Road, 01253 317016

Christines 1 Lord St, 01253 312260



35 North Central Hoilday Flats 29 Lord Street, 01253 621831




34 New Hertford 18 Lord Street, 01253 621831



26 29 16

New Bond 72 Lord St, 01253 628123

39 PHOENIX 12 Cocker Street, 01253 299130,




CHaps 9 Cocker St, 01253 620541


North Pier

32 MOUNT PLEASANT 75 Dickson Road, 01253 620362,




Dickson Raod

Abingdon Stre


27 7

Brene Hotel 37 Lord St, 01253 621854


2 1







High Street


Lord Street



Cocker Street 60 24

Dickson Raod


61 bradbury HOTEL 25/27 Banks St, 01253 624972,


Listings are continually being updated. Please email your listing to:

THE Berkeley 6 Queens Promenade, 01253 351244 48 THE GYNWAY HOTEL 205 Dickson Rd, 01253 314747, 49 The Wilcot Hotel 80 Lord Street, 01253 621101 50 Thorncliffe 63 Dickson Road, 01253 622508 51 Trades Men Only 51 Lord Street, 01253 626401 52 VALENTINE HOTEL 35 Dickson Road, 01253 622775, 53 VIDELLA HOTEL 78-82 Dickson Road, 01253 621201 54 Village Hotel 14 Springfield Road, 01253 290840 55 warwick Holiday flats 39 Bank Street, 01253 623787 56 Westfield House 78 Lord Street, 01253 621992, 57 WILLOWFIELD GUESTHOUSE 51 Banks Street, 01253 623406, 58 Windsor House 47 Dickson Road, 0870 620 7000, 59

Woodleigh 11 Yates St, 01253 624997

Worcester House 22 Cocker Street, 01253 620007 60

Blackpool and cumbria ACQUA SAUNA CLUB 25-26 Springfield Road, 01253 294610, 23 Honeycombe Sauna 97-107 Egerton Road, 01253 752211

WET WET WET SAUNA 1-3 Charles Street, 01253 751 199, 24

CLINICS & aGENCIES Body Positive BLACKPOOL 23 South King Street, 01253 292803, 25

City Learning Centre Bathhurst St, 01253 478 309,

Pubs, Clubs & BaRs

Cruz Bar 23 Dickson Rd, 07946 528153

FG2 Mixed 5 Dickson Road, 01253 649153, 1

2 Funny Girls Gay Friendly 5 Dickson Rd, 01253 649154,

Connect 01253 751047, 26

27 Connexions 2-8 Market Street, 01253 754840,

HIV Nursing Team 150/158 Whitegate Health Centre, 01253 657171

KAOS Mixed 38-42 Queen St, 01253 318798,

NHS Drop In Centre 26 Talbot Road, 01253 655871

Mardi Gras Mixed 114 Talbot Road, 01253 296262

Sexual Health Clinic 150/158 Whitegate Health Centre, 01253 657171

Pepe’s Bar Mainly Men 94 Talbot Rd, 01253 626691,

SHIVER (Sexual Health HIV Education & Responses Drugline Lancashire Ltd) The Corner House, 102 Dickson Road, 01253 311 431




7 ROXY’S Gay Friendly 23 Queen Street, 01253 622573,

TABOO Mixed 69-71 Talbot Road, 01253 622573, 8

The Alabama Showboat Mixed 1 Cocker Sq, 01253 291155, 9



SOLICITOrS 31 Atkinson, Cave & Stuart 45 Springfield Road, 01253 293151


THE DUKE OF YORK Dickson Road, 01253 625218, traditional pub and live entertainment.

Daran Hairdressing Gay Owned 10 Edward St, 01253 441000


The Flamingo NIGHTCLUB Mixed 44 Queen St, 01253 649151,

Evolution Hair Studio Gay Owned 255 Dickson Road

The Flying Handbag Mixed 44 Queen Street, 01253 649155, 11

TimeOut Party Bar Mixed 68-70 Abingdon Street, 01253 628502 4

EatErIES AJ’s Bistro Gay Friendly 65 Topping Street, 01253 626111 12


Buddies Chippy 28 Dickson Street


THE GARDEN PLACE Gay Owned Cropper Road, 01253 699987

GROUPS 25/55 Icebreakers 07878 355 390, meets every last Tues of the month, 7pm.

fuel sandwich Bar 33 Adingdon Street, 01253 749813

55+ older men’s group 07878 355 390, meets every 2nd Mon of the month at 2pm and every Thurs 12.30pm.

18 SLICES SANDWICH HOUSE Gay Owned 10 King Street, 01253 751441

The Buttery 1 Cheapside, 01253 296667 19

20 Truffles Steak House Gay Friendly 51-53 Topping Street, 01253 294804 21 West Coast Rock Cafe Gay Friendly 5-7 Abingdon Street, 01253 751283

Anton’s Cafe-bar Gay Owned 9 Park Rd, Lytham St Annes FY8 1QX 01253 724721

SWOSS (Sex Workers Support Services) 01253 311 431/07811 192 517, drop in on a Monday 2.00-4.00pm at SHIVER. The Renaissance Transgender Support Group meetings twice monthly, renaissance_transgender_forum.htm Transinclusion group (M2F) 3rd Tues of the month 7pm, 07875 355 390

Blackpool LGBT Reading Group 01253 478 080, Blackpool Central Library, Queen Street, meetings every last Thursday of the month at 6.30pm. HIV/HEP C support group 07878 355 390, call for details. Lancashire Lad’s group (for trans f to m) 07833 738035, 07768 956640, 07875 355390, meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month at SHIVER, 7pm. lgbt forum 0787 355 390, council led community meeting every 2nd Tues 6.30pm. LGBT PACT 07878 355 390, police and community meetings 1st Thurs of the month.

pro active young gays and lesbians (paygal) Wendy Phizacklea, 01229 836 426, 07742 353 520, south lakes lgbt forum Wendy Phizacklea, 01229 836 426, 07742 353 520, 48-50 Suffolk Street, 13-24 LGBTQ youth meets weekly,

cArLisLe CliNICS

Cumberland Infirmary 01228 814 814


Connexions 28 Lowther Street, 01228 596272


Pride in north cumbria 07901 765453, Young people 14-25 meet twice weekly,


Sweat Sauna Club Atlas House, Nelson St.

CuMbrIa KenDal


cumbria police hate crime reporting line 0845 33 00 247

AmBlESidE hotEls & B&B's

Chapel House Kirkstone Road, 01539 433 143, Chestnut Villa Keswick Road, Grassmere 01539 435 218, gay run B&B,



Don Antonio 91 Redbank Rd, 01253 352440

Nite Bites Gay Friendly 50a Dickson Road, 01253 627976

Relaxation group 01253 311431 at SHIVER

34 Perfect Fit Alterations 42 Topping Street, 01253 290156

18/25 Icebreakers 07878 355 390, for gay & bi men, 1st Tues of the month, 7pm.


Ok2be 01253 754841, support service for young people up to 19 years of age,

Paul’s 5 General St, 01253 290928 unisex hairdresser.

Café Latté 30-32 Dickson St, 01253 752077

Mandarin Cantonese Restaurant Gay Friendly 27 Clifton Street, 01253 622687

Liberty Church North Shore Methodist, Dickson Rd, 07955 597771,

sexual health clinic Furness General Hospital, Dalton Lane, 01229 404 464



L GIRLS GROUP 07972 409551/07875 355 390, 18+ lesbian/bi women


SMILE SPA AT HELIO FITNESS Newton Drive, 01253 393909

Please note all listings information is provided by third parties. The LGF can accept no responsibility for the quality of the services/groups listed

Registered Charity No.1070904

SaUNas 22


Sexual Health Clinic Westmoorland General Hospital, Burton Rd, 01539 716 706

aGENCIES Connexions 124 Highgate, 01539 730045


Cumbria LesbIans Network 01539 741 285, 1st Saturday of the month, Cumbria Societies Brewery Arts Centre, c/o Switchboard 01524 847 437


outREACH Cumbria

wHiTeHaveN Groups

lgbt youth group 07727 297948, 13-25 lgbt youth meets every Tues

Connexions 237-241 Dalton Road, 01229 824052



Thorncliffe Lesbian Owned Prince's Rd, 01539 444 338,,

Cumbria Lesbians network (CLN) 01524 858 206, Freinds & Supporters of Furness LGBT Community c/o Multicultural Centre, 48 Cavendish St, LA14 1PZ, search facebook lgbtq darts team Wendy Phizacklea, 01229 836 426, 07742 353 520,



Workington Infirmary Infirmary Lane, 01900 68737


Steam packet inn 51 Stanley St, 01900 62186

Can’t Pick Up A Copy Don’t Miss An Issue

Your magazine for life - from only £14! Subscribe to the best regional LGBT magazine in the UK and guarantee a fresh copy delivered straight to your door every two months. Email or call 0161 235 8033 for more information.



Registered Charity No.1070904


LiVeRpOoL LiVeRpOoL Queer Quarter

Around FACT Tithebarn Street

Navy Bar 27-29 Stanley Street, 0151 231 1456 9

10 Poste House 11

23 Cumberland Street

puzzle 25 Stanley Street

13 Superstar Boudoir 22-24 Stanley St, 0151 236 6633 14 The Lisbon Mixed

35 Victoria Street, 0151 231 6831 15 The Masquerade Mixed

10 Cumberland St, 0151 236 7786,

Club Nights BROKEN BISCUITS Monthly at Jupiters Bar FEDERATION LIVERPOOL Monthly gay night, GIRLS GO DOWN Monthly lesbian night, Gen-e-sis Vinyl Vasement Bar, Lark Lane, Women’s night last Sunday of the month.

AIDS Helpline 0151 709 9000

Liverpool Women’s Book Group Meets last Tues of the month, Merseyside L&G Community Forum 07970 680483, Open Table St Brides Church, Catharine St, 07780 568 754, monthly eucharist for LGBT Christians & supporters, 3rd Sun of the month,

Sahir House PO Box 11, 0151 708 9080, provides services to HIV positive people, their families and freinds,

OUR STORY LIVERPOOL 0151 709 4988, LGBT History community project.

Sexual Health Clinic Royal Liverpool Hospital, Prescot St, 0151 706 2620

Parents & Carers Group 0870 9908996

17 The Armistead Project 1 Stanley St,

0870 9908996,

Shops 18 NEWS FROM NOWHERE Bookshop

96 Bold Sreet, 0151 708 7270, 19

nice 'n' naughty 85 Seel Street


nice 'n' naughty 16 Colquitt Street

Queer Notions 0151 227 9977, provides information and support at the Armistead Project QUEST LGBT CATHOLICS 07983 021 589, 2nd Saturday of month,

St Helen’s


Berry Street

Piccadilly Train Station SPIRIT LEVEL 0151 227 1893, Transgender support group. Storm LGBT Christians Level 2, 96 Bold Street, 0151 547 3562, meets 1st Sun of the month 3pm Young Gay Sefton 0151 330 5841

SpoRts Groups Gay Kick Boxing Armistead Centre, Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm, GAY OUTDOOR GROUP 07855 197607, MERSEY MARAUDERS part of the Gay Football Supporters Network practice weekly,

WEBSITES GAYLIVERPOOL.COM Website of Gay Liverpool, Liverpool Gay Quarter


Tea with Teela (TV/CD social) 0151 356 855, 7pm 3rd Monday of the month at Transpose, utopia (Ellesmere Port) Whitby Rd, Ellesmere Port, 0151 348 5628, LGB youth meets every Tues 6.30-9,

lth Sexual Hean Cli ic SoutHpOrT PUBS, CLUBS & BaRS

GRoups Being Out with Learning Difficulties (BOLD) c/o Armistead Centre, 0870 9908996, meets every other Monday. Gay Professional Dining Club 0151 2807842, 2nd Sat of month,

Listings are continually being updated. Please email your listing to:



Back Berry Stre


Bold Street

Modo Gay Friendly Concert Square


Bold Street

Liverpool Students Union LGBT Society 0151 231 4947

Roscoe Place

Culquitt Street

Roscoe Lane

16 THE MONRO Gastropub 92-94 Duke St, 0151 707 9933,

20 Culquitt Street

Wood Street

liverpool lgbt community network LCVS, 151 Dale St, 0151 227 5177.

TRAVEL INN METRO Vernon St, 0870 238 3325

Wood Street


Hope Pride Derwent House, Taggart Ave, Childwall, 0151 291365,

Puschka Gay Owned 16 Rodney St, 0151 708 8698

Heaven Victoria Street, 0151 236 4832 Jupiters 10 Hackins Hey, off Dale Street, 0151 227 5265

Gay Youth ‘r’ OUT (GYRO) 36 Bolton St, 0151 203 0824, LGB youth 16-25,

Liverpool Guild LGBT Society 160 Mount Pleasant, 0151 794 4165,

The Feathers 119-125 Mount Pleasant St, 0151 709 9655,



Victoria Street

OSQA’S Oldham Square, 0151 709 6611,



London Road

ESPRESSO PLUS COFFEE Bar & Bistro 173 Rose Lane, Mossley Hill, 0151 724 6161




Back Culquitt Stre

Seel Street

126 Bold Street, 0151 709 3735

Fleet Street

1 CAFE TABAC Gay Owned Mathew Street

Seel Street

6 G Bar Mixed Eberle Street, 0151 258 1230,


Parr Street

Garlands Mixed 8-10 Eberle Street, 0151 709 9586, 5



Victoria Street

Slater Street

Duke Street

4 DESTINATION LIVERPOOL Temple St, off Victoria St,

Duke Street

Curzon Club Mixed Temple Lane, 0151 236 5160, curzonliverpoo­­­­ 3


Sir Thomas Street

CAFE TABAC Gay Owned 126 Bold Street, 0151 709 3735 2




Cumberland Street

21 Bar Candy 8-10 Stanley Street, 0151 236 5160, curzonliverpoo­­­­



Stanley Street

Baby D Temple Street

Temple Street



PUBS, CLUBS & Bars 1 3345 Mixed 33-45 Parr St, 0151 708 6345,

Temple Lane

Princes Street


Train Station Parking Cash Machine Pedestrianised

North John Street

88 Listing Indicator


Davies Street


Concert Street


Suffolk Street

Dale Street

Dale Street

Sweeting Street

Cunliffe St. Hockenhall All.


Vernon Street


Eberle Street



Tempest Hey

Hackins Hey


Exchange Street East


Tithebarn Street

Support the work of the LGF. Donate online today at

The clinic offers a friendly service to meet all your sexual health needs and requirements. Times can be arranged to suit you. We are the first clinic in Merseyside offering rapid HIV testing. We welcome any person diagnosed with HIV, to manage your care and home visits can be arranged (out of area patients welcome). Email any questions and queries 01744 646 473

AXM Southport Coronation Walk, The Crown 20 Coronation Walk Velvet Gay Friendly Coronation Walk


Sexual Health Clinic Southport & Formby District General Hospital, 01704 513303


Sexual Health Clinic St Helens Hospital, Marshall Cross Rd, 01744 646 473, free & confidential sexual service, rapid HIV testing results in 30 mins.

cheshire yorkshire staffs and isle of man PUBS, CLUBS & BaRS


SPACE 01543 419002, LGBT Youth Group (16-21),

8 The Bridge 1-5 Bridge End, 0113 244 4734

Staffordshire Buddies PO Box 474, Stoke on Trent, 01782 201251

9 VIADUCT 11 Lower Briggate, 0113 245 4863




WORK Bridge Street, every Wednesday.

CHESTER lgbt BOOK GROUP 07818 021 947, 2nd Monday of the month at 7.30pm at the Bear & Billet pub, Lower Bridge Street,

Pink Flamingo The Venue, 11-19 Westfield St. See facebook for details.

Chester Icebreakers 01244 682574, Quaker House, Union Walk, Frodsham St.


Dinin’ Divas womens dining group

DEVONIAN HOTEL Gay Friendly 4 Sherwood Terrace, Douglas, 01624 674676,

DV8 @ The Picture House 46 Conway Street, Birkenhead, 0151 647 8883, Wed 8pm till late,

Mersey & Dee Women Social group,


Flex II Tolver St, 01744 758 439


Tallulah’s Late Lounge Rowson St/ Victoria Rd, New Brighton, 0774 7561587, Wed nights till late,


Sexual Health Clinic Arrowe Park Road, 0151 604 7339


Gay Wirral 0151 666 9890, Terrence Higgins Trust, 5 Bridge St, for all Wirral’s LGBT Community, contact for details,


Parking Cash Machine Pedestrianised


Heaton’s Court (front)




Sexual Health Clinic Macclesfield District General Hospital, Victoria Road, 01625 264116



OUTRITE groups 01270 653156, support and social groups,

Blayd’s Mews


1 7


TransWirral 90-92 Chester St, 07833 385126, for TS/Intersex,


Mission 8-13 Heaton’s Court, 08701 220114

WORK IT OUT Wirral Brook, 14 Whetstone Ln, Birkenhead, 0151 670 0177, group for 14-18 year olds,


Sexual Health Halton General Hospital, 01928 753217



The Canalside Bar & Restaurant 01928 580 669, 45-47 Canal Street.

ChESHire ChESHire





Sexual Health Clinic Leighton Hospital, Middlewich Rd, 01270 612255


BP Cheshire & North Wales PO Box 321, 01270 653 150 outrite 01270 653 156, social and support groups, counselling, condoms and lube by post,


men’s Group 01270 653 156,

WARringToN White Hart Sankey Street, 01925 241994

Sexual Health Clinic Lovely Lane, 01925 662476


1806 Group 11 Palmyra Square South, 01925 241994, initiative for sexual health. Gay Healthy Alliance Project PO Box 539, 01925 631101


Chester Uni Warrington Campus LGBT Society search facebook

PUBS, CLUBS & BaRS Bar 6T9 01244 313 608

Gay & Lesbian Youth Support Services (GLYSS) 07747 473 829, every Wed/Thurs 6.30-9.30pm and alternate Sat.

Liverpool Arms Northgate Street, 01244 314 807

FLUID (Freedon to Love Ur IDentity) 07747 473 829




Sexual Health Clinic Chester Hospital, Liverpool Road, 01244 363 091


LGBT Health Promotion 01244 650534 or 07747 631021, West Cheshire - help & support including LGBT health issues.


Inn on the Bridge Gay Owned & Run 1-5 Market St, 01422 844 229, 12/5/09 12:21:30


NELSONS WINE BAR Crown St, 01422 844 782



Old Red Lion Meadow Lane, 0113 242 6779 4

BACCHUS 7a Ramshill Road, lesbian and gay club, diverse crowd,

5 Queen’s Court/Loft 166 Lower Briggate, 0113 245 9449


RELIGION 174 Lower Briggate, 0113 246 9898,

OLGA 07929 465 044, Older Lesbian, Gay, Bixexual and Transgender Association


7 The New Penny 57-59 Call Lane, 0113 243 8055

WE’RE HERE IF YOU NEED US! Registered Charity No.1070904

WIRRAL TRANSISTER 07833 385126, for TV/CD.


HUGG Social group for gay & bi men, 18+,every Tuesday from 8pm.


1 Bar Fibre Lower Briggate, 08701 200888

Blayde’s Bar 3-7 Blayde’s Yard, 0113 244 5590




UTOPIA 01606 350 750, LGB youth group meets every Weds 6.45-9.15pm, Northwich Sauna Winnington Lane, 01606 784881,

The New Union 3 Union Bank Yard, New Street, 01484 535435

The Calls

Tea Time Special 0151 666 9890, Terrence Higgins Trust, 5 Bridge St, Fri 4.30-6.30pm, safe space for LGBT,

WIRRAL DIVAS 0151 666 9890, weekly lesbian and bisexual women’s group.




Leeds.indd 1

The Centre for Sexual Health Sunnybank Wing, Great George Street, appointments: 0113 392 6724/0113 392 6725, health advisors: 0113 392 6057






THE GREYHOUND Manchester Road, 01484 420 742

Heaton’s Court (back)


Cheshire Rainbow 01606 867 681, social & support group for LGBT members, thier families and friends in mid-Cheshire,



Parr St.

Freedom Trans Youth Foundation,

88 Listing Indicator



YorKSHire YorKSHire

Blayd’s Yard

Terrence Higgins Trust 5 Bridge Street, Birkenhead, 0151 666 9890, Sexual health info& LGBT affirmative counselling,

UTOPIA (chester) 01244 602812, LGB youth group meets every Weds 7.30-9pm,

7 Heaton’s Court, 0113 242 7730,

YorKSHire Eyres Av, 01132 798885,


Dolphin Sauna 129 Mount Road, New Brighton, 0151 630 1516,

unique tg support group N. Wales & West Cheshire meets 3rd Tues of the Month, 8pm,

SaUNaS 11 Basement Sauna

Guys & Dolls Showbar Gay Friendly Peverill Sq, Douglas,

Gascoigne St.


Sole Sisters Penny: 07917 533104 or Sandra: 07921 222101, womens walking group.

10 Nice ‘n’ naughty 164 Briggate, 0113 242 6967,


THE Club 14 Hillcrest St, 01782 201829

The Three Tuns 9 Bucknall New Road, 01782 769293


South Staffs MESMEN Project 01543 411413, PO Box 3919, Lichfield, Married Men’s group, TV/TS group and social groups.


outnorthwest issue 98  

Issue 98 of outnorthwest is available across the north west of England and beyond from Wednesday 2nd June.

outnorthwest issue 98  

Issue 98 of outnorthwest is available across the north west of England and beyond from Wednesday 2nd June.