BELLO mag #67 Fashion

Page 11

Kidz Can Design custom art: What’s cuter than baby footprints or a cute “I Love You Mommy” card? Getting them engraved on a gorgeous necklace, nameplate, keychain, or bracelet. You can send over any drawing or photo that you would like to have carved as a keepsake to KCD, and they will create it on any accessory item you want. Now your kids’ drawings and family pictures can remain close to you at all times! $50-300

Prima Donna monograms: Proudly wearing our names has never looked so chic! Since becoming a fashion trend, monogrammed accessories with initials or nameplates with hashtags have been seen on the necks of everyone. Best of all, with PD you won’t have to break the budget - or resist the urge - in order to adorn yourself with your entire family tree. $10

Moon & Lola zodiac constellations: Nothing beats getting close to the stars like wearing them around your neck or finger. Now you can tailor your accessories to showcase your favorite constellation - hello, Orion - or the one that corresponds to your zodiac sign. Choose a necklace and ring set in the color of your preference, which ranges from pink to tortoise, and let your star shine bright upon your life and path! $58-78

Harper Hallam antique roman coins: Let’s bring out the togas and grapes and indulge in the fabulous Roman and Grecian lifestyle with this vintage jewelry collection. Flaunt a statement ring or decorated necklaces that can be worn long, doubled or layered. Add a classic vibe to your everyday life with epic characters like Athena, Theodosia and Octavia, who are highlighted on the accessories from this luxury line. $169-400


February 2015 - BELLO