BELLO mag #65

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The main goal is for enthusiasts and amateurs to feel they’re playing like the pros, because the course is worthy of a champion from the Masters.

So, Where Do We Begin...? TPC placed a bet on a region considered to be a high risk, but it all seems to be working out, as the integrity between leisure and sport is unique compared to other world class golf resorts, and fascinating to a traveler in every single way. The property is the ideal paradise for the golf lover who wants to enjoy his or her time with family or catching up with friends while still playing a game or two. Anyone would agree that it sounds very appealing to spend the day lounging by the pool, running around the beach making sand castles, or getting a well-deserved massage at the spa. At Karibana, you can experience it all: spend hours golfing from the moment the sun rises over the mountains until it fades under the sea, relax in the spa with a time off at the sauna or an aromatherapy massage, or maybe feel the warm sand and dip your toes in the water while enjoying typical dishes like coconut rice, beef with sauce, fried plantains and avocado salad...all while sipping on their refreshing - and delicious signature coconut lemonade. Having the opportunity to spend a day on the beach and golf at night is one of the most unforgettable experiences. The glowing field overlooking the moon over the sea and the freshness of the breeze will entice you and charm your senses. What is most amazing about the location is that Cartagena is not only a culturally-infused spot, but a goto for those seeking to dance the night


away. There, you must head out to the city to live like a true Colombian does: fully and loudly. The bold colors of the balconies are reminiscent of colonial times, the smell of fresh tropical fruits makes your mouth water, the rhythmic music sets off your impulse to dance on the streets...and let’s not forget about how the grandiosity of the walls, still standing four centuries after they were erected, inspire the utmost awe. The stones, cannonballs and stunning views carry a magnetism that will stay in your memory and leave you no choice but to fall in love with the city.

Do Good, Feel Good! Despite being one of the most wellknown cities in Latin America, and that fact that it is a true hot spot for travel-related spending, Cartagena still struggles to offer its citizens opportunities for progress and financial stability. However, the creation of the five-star Conrad Hotel, adjacent to TPC Cartagena, and the launch of the Karibana Championship, a Web. com tour beginning March 2015 with a purse of 700k, will help boost luxury tourism and bring more revenue to the city. TPC has shown a commitment to

continuing support for the community with integrated initiatives that will allow the company to continuously give back and positively impact the nearby towns. Creating employment is one of the priorities in a city that, in spite of the ongoing tourism, still has a high rate of low socio-economic livelihood and poverty. Some of the ongoing social projects include offering schooling for lowincome families, allocating a portion of the revenues from the tournaments to invest in the community, providing employment resources for citizens, and donating to nearby hospitals and children centers. In addition, players constantly commit their time to visit hospitals and schools and donate their time to the community by volunteering during special events. What better way to support Colombia than by giving back to those who need it the most?

Golf Olympics? Yes, Please! Since the announcement that golf will be returning to the Olympics after a single showing in 1904, the importance of the sport to society has risen has become clear to players and golf fanatics. Rio de Janeiro will be the host in 2016, bringing a hugely positive impact to Latin America on levels of economic investment and cultural recognition. Given that the global event will bring a new demographic and wave of visitors to South America, Cartagena will be able to benefit from this attention, and attract both domestic and international business and leisure travelers with its challenging and stunning TPC course. This is an event that will change not only the perception of South America as a worthy host of world events, but of golf as a respected sport. Now, let’s just hope the next golf Olympics are held at TPC Cartagena at Karibana! December 2014 - BELLO