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SUBJECT: DISRUPTION A collection of poems By Julianne Davis


A collection of poems By Julianne Davis



1. To throw into confusion or disorder: 2. To interrupt or impede the progress, movement, or procedure of: 3. To break or burst; rupture:


dis·rupt·ed, dis·rupt·ing, dis·rupts

Monochrome Rainbows A truck drove me to heaven “Could you show me how to love?” I asked Then the coldness came the bees stopped flying the most beautiful angels wept black tears that filled the sky with monochrome rainbows When the sun returned it had no fragrance “Feel the hurt” she said “its there, just feel it”

Subject Disruption

Help my crushing soul sleep while all the rainbows around me burn Silent are the birds in every meadow

Freedom from want

If nobody whispers If nobody touch if nobody hear Trail led honey you have'nt got me

Dream of things that never were

Im not a painter I am a dreamer you will be visually rich and the red army in your body will not defeat us will not defeat us Nothing is so dark oh so dark as where you'll go So tread with your eyes closed Im dropping rocks Trapezee! Ssshh ! I always stumble upon you first

Come into my arms I promise I will keep you warm Porcelean wrap you in dreams whisper feather I will help you fit, fit, fit even though I don't One salt tear crying Hello yellow emerald my heart is broken but I won't go crazy before you

The sickness is in the body Rub ash Dry brittle Carve me out his little body very delicately saucer eyes and baby heart silver threads all woven around him and little jagged nails Wrap him in warm paper a spell we will weave and sculptor his nerves and dance over and over Drip his body in honey and milk

all his dreams wash over me I cant grow a new heart My sleep is so short I love you please see me through My sleep is so short I love you please see me through I show you bubbles you like? We shall go follow the marsh and whilst we are so happy in this country not a single green leaf is left upon the trees

All the clouds have frozen and fall down onto us in little white pieces Down in the pool there lays a child who has dreamed away his life he has dreamed away his life he weeps for he has a dead sister he has a dead sister

Hailstones have danced on the ground and snowflakes have fallen all around him

Purple rashes Rake over the dead! No sound silent! Rustle the emptiness! Shake! Shake! The river has no ending The boatwoman will take his little body all frozen and the coldness is bitter and it never thaws here his heart was torn ripped out by the bitter winds his soul was taken and fed to the hungry so sad, so sad

Subject:: Disruption  

a collection of poems