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Lisa Kudrow Takes a Ride with Dirty Girl

Baz Luhrmann Grasps at Great Gatsby

Rudin and Sorkin Tell Facebook Story

Star Wars: The Musical. Really.

What happens when the school slut grabs a closeted classmate and goes on a road trip of self-discovery? We’ll all find out when Dirty Girl hits theaters, boasting a notable pedigree. Producers include Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) and legendary lesbian indie queen Christine Vachon (I’m Not There), and co-stars include Lisa Kudrow, Camryn Manheim, and Best in Show‘s John Michael Higgins. Up-and-comer Ashley Rickard - Samantha on One Tree Hill - has the title role in this coming-of-age comedy. Romeo isn’t 100 percent sure about the sexual orientation of writer-director Abe Sylvia, but since he directed an earlier short film whose title includes an unprintable word for a specific sex act, the guy’s at least gay-adjacent. Look for Dirty Girl to tramp it up later this year.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal novel The Great Gatsby explores issues of wealth, ambition, and disappointment, so perhaps it’s fitting that visionary director Baz Luhrmann is eyeing the book for his next film. After all, his recent Australia required wealth to bring it to the screen; the director’s vision was certainly ambitious; and the box-office take was definitely disappointing. But seriously, given the gifts for romance and tragedy that Luhrmann - who, although married, once famously told a gay magazine, “Who says I’m straight?” - demonstrated in Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet, he should be a perfect fit for the material, which has already yielded multiple unmemorable screen adaptations. There’s no script yet, so there’s no telling when the notoriously picky Aussie’s Gatsby will reach theaters; just watch for the green light on the dock.

After his legendary feud with producer Harvey Weinstein over release dates for The Reader, you can’t blame gay movie mogul Scott Rudin for wanting to turn his back on petty sniping and backbiting, instead choosing to embrace the etiquette, charm, and goodwill of ... the Internet. Rudin will produce a film about the creation of Facebook for Sony Pictures, with Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, Charlie Wilson’s War) writing the screenplay. Sorkin has, in fact, gotten so into the process that he’s opened his own Facebook account - and an “Aaron Sorkin & the Facebook Movie” group - so he can get a first-hand feel for exactly what happens on the popular social networking site. (Romeo assumes a plucky assistant handles the snarkiest messages.) Sorkin’s frequent TV collaborator Thomas Schlamme is slated to direct; and when it opens in 2010 you can super-poke your online friends into seeing it.

There’s nothing gayer than a musical, heaven knows, even if it features a storm trooper kick line and Wookiees singing along to a John Williams score. And that’s apparently what we’re going to get when Star Wars: A Musical Journey premieres in London this year. Having apparently learned nothing from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special - which featured Bea Arthur as a sardonic singing cantina barmaid and Diahann Carroll as a holographic sex object - George Lucas has given his blessing to this new tuneful extravaganza. What will audiences get, besides the aforementioned white plastic chorus line and fuzzy warblers? A Musical Journey will feature clips from all six Star Wars liveaction features accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The best part is that every Star Wars nerd currently trashing this show online is also dying to get a ticket.

Romeo San Vicente is so light in the loafers, he goes shoe-shopping in the Cloud City of Bespin. He can be reached care of this publication or at

ARTS by Laura Kuenzli, owner, RIVET

RIVET presents Darkness into Light RIVET is pleased to announce its upcoming counter-culture photography show, Darkness into Light. The group exhibition will feature select pieces by a handful of renowned counterculture photographers. The exhibition will be on view in RIVET from February 7-28. Darkness into Light is focused on bringing the works of some of the most renowned counter-culture photographers to light in Columbus. Local photographer Chas Ray Krider and others join industrial surrealist Jeffery Scott, neo-symbolist John Santerineross, and pinhole camera creator/photographer Wayne Martin Belger for a one-of-a-kind exhibition. Mr. Belger has been gracious enough to offer RIVET a rare opportunity to exhibit his Yama camera and print installation as part of the exhibition. This outstanding piece of working sculpture is composed of two fully-functional dual-pinhole cameras joined together with, and sharing the confining space of, a jewel-encrusted 500-yearold Tibetan Lama (monk) skull. Combined, the pieces produce a 3-dimensional image of what the skull “sees.” JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

Mr. Belger designed and created Yama for two photo series, the first an interpretation of the incarnation of modern Tibetan deities, and the second a series in the Tibetan refugee cities of India, a homecoming captured through the eyes of a 500-year-old Tibetan. Exhibited only once in Los Angeles since its creation and the first Mr. Belger’s work to be on exhibit in Columbus, Yama alone makes Darkness into Light a must-see exhibition for any local resident and art lover. Due to the sensitive nature of Mr. Belger’s contribution, the Yama showpiece will only be on public display during the show opening and each Saturday until the show closes. RIVET will host an opening reception for Darkness into Light on Saturday, February 7, from 710p, and a closing reception Saturday February 28, also from 7-10p. RIVET’s normal business hours are Tues-Sat, 12p-7p, Sun, 12p-5p, and by appointment.

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