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2008 VOLUME 13 NUMBER 29

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

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JAN 21 - JAN 27





by Adam Leddy Ohio Mayhem vs. Worthington Industries @ THURSDAY, JANUARY 22 Chiller North, 8144 Highfield Dr, Lewis Center, STRAIGHT OUT OF THE HEADLINES Frozen @ Van Fleet Theatre, Columbus Performing 740.549.0009: See the gay hockey team in action. Arts Center, 549 Franklin Ave, 614.256.1223, evo- 8:10p; free. Audiences will experience the aftermath of a vicious crime - the murder of a child - DADT? BS! in this Evolution Theatre production. Thu-Sat thru PFLAG Meeting @ First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W Weisheimer Rd, www.pflagcolumJan 24. 8p; $10-$12. PFLAG Columbus is fortunate to host Rupert “Twink” Starr, a WWII veteran, for a discussion I LOVE FULL FRONTAL. AND FULL REAR. on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 2p-4p; free. See page 6 for Sketch You Can Believe In @ MadLab Theatre, 105 N Grant Ave, 614.221.5418, more info. This year, Full Frontal Nudity takes a break from the LOTSA YUCKS usual Valentine’s Day show to bring you the answers to all those questions you wished you could Sunday Night Live @ Wall Street Nightclub, 144 N ask the president. No spin. No mercy. Thru Feb 14. Wall St, 614.464.2800, 8p; $6-$10. SNL Players’s “best of” show, featuring sketch comedy, live vocals, and a little bit of drag! 7p; $7. I DIDN’T KNOW THEY WORE THEM… Bloggers Unmasked @ The Wexner Center for the MONDAY, JANUARY 26 Arts, 1871 N High St, 614.292.3535, BLAZIN’ BUFFET Ever wanted to unmask a blogger? Here’s your Hot Food Happy Hour @ Blazers Pub, 1205 N High chance. Come together for this lively gathering of St, 614.299.1800, Free hot the Cbus blogosphere. 6p-7p; free. food buffet, $2 domestic beers. 5p-8p; no cover. FRIDAY, JANUARY 23 STUDIO 54, EAT YOUR HEART OUT Xanadu Dance Party @ Wall Street Nightclub, 144 N Wall St, 614.464.2800, Come out and see the transformation of Wall Street into our very own Xanadu. Performers throughout the night include the Ohio Roller Girls, Gavin Danger, Catt Dazzle & Co, and backspace. 9p; $5 gen admission, $3 VIP card or college ID. HAHA, HOHO, AND SO FORTH Laughing Wild @ Club Diversity, 863 S High St, 614.244.4050, The Little Big Theatre Co’s inaugural production is Christopher Durang’s comedy about shared experience & the absurdity of life. Fri-Sat thru Jan 24. 7p; $10.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 27 ES MUY BUENO Spanish Wine Tasting @ Barcelona, 263 E Whittier St, 614.443.3699, We will taste 10 Spanish wines, 5 white and 5 red, with Ken Harvey from Cutting Edge Wine Distributors. Call for reservations. 6p; $10. FINGER MY KEYS Tuesday Night Jams w/ James @ James Club 88, 55 W Long St, 614.223.1213, James tickles the keys til they moan. Come out to hear your favorites. 8:30p; no cover.

HOPS & GREASE FOR CHEAP Cheap Date Night @ Slammers, 202 E Long St, 614.221.8880, $4 domesSATURDAY, JANUARY 24 tic beers and 11” - pardon me, want to think about START YOUR PRIDE ENGINE those 11 inches for a moment - one-topping pizza Upside Down Columbus Pride 2009 @ BoMA, 583 for $12. Open 11a-12:30a. E Broad St, 614.233.3000, DJ Moxy, the Columbus Stompers, Capital Pride WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28 Band, Saving Jane, and more entertainers will rock THAT’S SO METRO the house. First 100 people get Pride ’09 dog tags. Columbus Metropolitan Club Lunch Forum @ The 2p-10p; $10-$12. Athletic Club of Columbus, 136 E Broad St, 614.464.3220, NO CHICKENHAWKS, PLEASE “What a Billion Muslims Really Think.” 12p-1:15p; Kaleidoscope Happy New Queer Dance @ $17-$35. Goodale Park Shelterhouse, 120 W Goodale Blvd, 614.294.5437, Dance for LGBT BRING YOUR BRAINS AND PIPES youth and allies 20 & under. No booze, tobacco, or Trivia & Karaoke @ Score Bar, 145 N 5th St, other drugs. 8p-11p; free. 614.849.0099, Anything Goes Trivia with Sam and fabulous prizes at 7p, WATCH THE FELLAS WORK IT followed by karaoke with KJ Mark and a chance to Mr. Franklin County All-Star @ Somewhere Else, win a trip to Ft Myers, FL. 7p; no cover. 1312 S High Street, 614.443.4300, Come out and shower the contest- FIX THAT NOT-SO-FRESH FEELING ants with cheers. Talents on display, prizes up for Freshtastic Tunes @ Liquid, 1100 N High St, grabs, and a fun night to be had by all. 10p; free. 614.298.3000, DJ Lime Twist is so fresh and so clean. $1 off drinks, $2 off TAKIN’ YOU WAY BACK small plates. 7p-9p; no cover. Grande Winter Ball @ The Ohio Statehouse Atrium, Broad & High, RSVP to 614.728.3726 or THURSDAY, JANUARY 29 Individuals of all ages GET HOUSE-SMART are invited to attend the Grande Winter Ball hosted How to Buy a Home in 2009 @ The Center on by Civil War re-enactors, Ohio Statehouse Battery High, 1160 N High St, Cindy A. Come dance or watch. Dress in attire of the Civil Dunigan and Deb Woodard, Realtors with Real LivWar period or come as you are. 7p-9p; free. ing HER, and Carolyn Frey, owner of Mortgage Lending Solutions, will offer information on how to SUNDAY, JANUARY 25 buy a home in today’s market. Call 614.361.8400 MAD ‘ABOOT’ HOCKEY, EH? to reserve your spot. 7p-9p; free.

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


The Reader Poll

COMMENTARY by Michael Daniels

Last week we asked:

Where would you like to travel to this winter?

City Council: What We Know, and What We Need to Learn dates were openly queer. We can be equally or more proud that when city council members whittled their lists down to their top 16 choices, four of those choices were openly queer candidates. That means that a full 25% of the finalists were GLBT and proud namely Marc Conte, Shawn Dingus, Karla Rothan, and Steven Farrell. And we can be proud that we have folks like those who are doing the right things. Rothan has been appointed to the Columbus Parks and Recreation board, Farrell has applied for city council before, and Dingus has run for judge. We have other community members, such as Russ Goodwin, who have run for office. We’re getting out there, and we have to continue to do so over and over and over and over. Dingus said it best after last week’s council meeting. “I do sincerely hope,” he said, “that one day members of the GLBT community will once again be included in the leadership of our local government …” I couldn’t agree more, and I’m confident that day will come. Sagely, Dingus continued, “… and I call on all of those in our community to work diligently to make that happen.” Amen, Shawn. I concur. The operative word in that call to arms being work. In 2009, my friends, brothers, and sisters, let’s get to work.

South Beach/Miami - 46.67% Palm Springs - 33.33% Mountain Village, CO (gay ski week) - 6.67% Tel Aviv - 6.67% Hocking Hills - 0% Other answers - 6.67% including answer: The Caribbean!


Do you attend drag pageants? Log on to: to take this week’s poll.

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22% Y!

“Council Rejects All White Male Applicants.” Any of them would be as good, and as misleading. Let me put down a few things for our community that will make me unpopular … an “Uncle Tom faggot,” if you will. Let me start with the most heretical. There is no gay seat on Columbus City Council. We are not owed a seat. Period. There is also no Latino seat, no Somali seat, no handicapped seat, no left-handed seat, no vegan seat, and so forth. We must accept this as fact and move on with our good works and strategy. We, as a community, are not good at either (a) understanding how politics in the city works or (b) being willing to work within that system. We don’t mentor young GLBT folks who may want to serve. We normally sit around kvetching and bitching and waiting for an opening, then kvetching and bitching some more if a gay person isn’t appointed to that opening. This is either quite naïve or quite disingenuous. We must become more involved with fundraising, get out the vote efforts, organizing, mentoring, and “carrying the water” to earn a position of respect within the body politic. Sheer numbers and loud cries of entitlement will not suffice. We, as a community, can be proud that we have six community members who would toss their names into the hat this time around - meaning that 9% of all candi-


Don’t let the headline of this commentary deceive you. This is not about dissension among the Democrats on the current council. This is not about the transparency or lack thereof of the appointment process. This is not about blood oaths and drawing lines. This is not about council members who were themselves appointed behind closed doors complaining about appointment discussions taking place behind closed doors. This is not about punishing those who disagree with you. This is not about hurtful, inappropriate, and inexcusable name-calling. No, siree. This is about something else, something perhaps more insidious, and certainly more harmful to the GLBT community, than anything mentioned above. This is about the headline in the Gay People’s Chronicle that read “Six Gays and Lesbians Passed Over for City Council.” That makes it sound like there were eight applicants for two seats, and the six queers were dismissed. It wasn’t like that, folks. Sixty-five Columbus residents threw their hats into the ring for two open seats, and the two folks who were chosen are not gay. This much is true. But it’s the spin of the GPC article, and the sentiment that it reflects among certain parts of the GLBT community, that deserve exposure and chastisement. Try these headlines: “Fiftythree Straight People Seen as Unfit to Serve” or “Latino Community Snubbed” or



JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


NOV 2 ’04

JAN 20 ’09
















$10,605,968,804,933 $3,176,338,850,697






JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



Columbus Police, Crime Stoppers Warn of Short North Robber The Columbus Police Robbery Squad is investigating several robberies in the Short North (High Street) area of Columbus that appear to be related. The robber is described as a male/white, 28-40, 5’8” - 5’9”, 160170lbs, brown hair, usually wearing a black hooded sweatshirt/coat, black jeans, and usually carrying a knife. In one report, a witness described seeing tattoos on the robber’s fingers, resembling rings. The robberies have occurred between the dates of 12.28 and 01.13, at various times. The robbery victims include an individual on Park Street on Dec 28, Mike’s Bar on Dec 30, Mary Catherine’s Antiques on Dec 31, a cab driver at Warren & Summit on Jan 7, Planet Smoothie on Jan 12, and Jeni’s Ice Cream on Jan 13. Any persons having information on these crimes are asked to call the Columbus Police Robbery Squad at 614.645.4665, or Crime Stoppers at 614.645.TIPS.

PFLAG Columbus Hosts Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Discussion DADT: How did it come about? How can it be repealed? PFLAG Columbus is fortunate to host Rupert “Twink” Starr, a WWII veteran, who, after graduation from Ohio University, enlisted as a 2nd Lt. the US Army’s 106 Infantry Division. He served with his unit in the Battle of the Bulge, where he was taken prisoner and remained a POW in Germany and Poland until freed by the Russians near in 1945. During this time, his mother only knew from a telegram she received from the War Department that her son was “missing in action.” Twink will show a moving 4-minute video about his experience. He will then discuss the history of DADT and the reasons it came about. He will present statements and factual data from surveys and quotes from prominent people and agencies interested in repealing the ban. Of course, there will be time for questions. The meeting takes place January 25 at 2p at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 93 W Weisheimer Rd. PFLAG Columbus meetings JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

are free and open to the public. PFLAG members are urged to stay after the presentation for a brief meeting to discuss PFLAG Columbus issues and election of officers for 2009.

3rd Annual Ginger’s Birthday Mystery Box Benefit Promises Sassy Show and Thousands in Prizes

Naughty ladies Leena De La Valentine and Lustivious dela Virgione will emcee the debaucherous evening, and DJ Dodykehedron will end the night spinning dance music. All donations to the 3rd Annual Ginger’s Birthday Mystery Box are tax-deductible because proceeds from the show benefit BRAVO ( For over 10 years, BRAVO has been combating homophobia and domestic violence in Central Ohio’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgen-

der community. Don’t miss an amazing time! The 3rd Annual Ginger’s Birthday Mystery Box is January 31 at East Village (630 N High St). Doors open at 9p and the shows starts at 10p. $5 donation at the door. For more info, or

Special Crime Alert: Hate Crime in Westgate It may be cold outside but it’s hot inside Ginger’s Mystery Box! Come help Columbus burlesque sweetheart Miz Ginger Jones celebrate her birthday, and support a great organization in the process! The 3rd Annual Ginger’s Birthday Mystery Box on January 31 benefits the Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO). The scintillating evening will include thousands of dollars in prizes on top of a sexy and fun show featuring drag, burlesque, puppet theater, bellydancers, original hip-hop, performance art, an art show, and more. Ginger’s Mystery Box is an eclectic variety show showcasing local and regional performers and artists. As always, there will be mystery box prizes filled with treats and surprises from local business such as Wholly Craft!, Studio 35, Magnolia Thunderpussy, Studio Posh, Crazy Mullets, Betty’s/Surly Girl/Tip Top, Import House, Roebeks Smoothies, Waldo’s on High, and many more. Shadowbox Cabaret Theatre will be a cake walk with an array of yummy treats and delicious dessert by PattyCake Vegan Bakery. Plus, you could win one of the Super Raffles featuring thousands of dollars in prizes from Shadowbox Cabaret, Ohio Roller Girl Season passes, and tons of other great prizes. As usual, the lineup for the evening is jam-packed with fun, talent, and good times! Here’s peek at what the night has in store: belly dancers; performance art by Doctor Sustain; original hip-hop by the always smokin’ Unecc; burlesque from the Ooh-la-las, The Velvet Hearts and gorgeous gal Viva Valezz!; hottie drag kings from the Cleveland Kings and Royal Renegades as well as Mr. JJ Cox, Gavin Danger and the Steele Brothers; gorgeous queen Diamond Hunter and mystifying marvel Noka Davers; dance from Miss Behavin’ and Eric; and Cathleen Muller in the most intimate puppet theater you’ve ever seen.

Crime Stoppers is seeking the public’s help to apprehend two suspects in a vicious September beating of a gay couple in Westgate. In late September, John and Larry, one of many gay couples to have settled in Westgate over the past few years, were accosted by a group of men on South Harris Avenue. According to the couple, the men were sitting on a porch drinking beer. John was wearing a shirt with the number 4 on the back; one of the men called from the porch, “Number 4 is a fag.” The men then threw a beer can at the couple. In Larry’s words, “The next thing I knew, a guy had jumped on John’s back, whaling on him.” When Larry pulled the attacker off of John, the man struck Larry in the face. “I don’t know what he had in his hand,” Larry said, “but whatever he had left a big gash in my forehead.” Several men participated in the attack on the couple. John was beaten particularly severely. “They used a bat on his face and kicked him so hard they left prints on his shoulder,” Larry said. The men beat John for several minutes before they, in Larry’s words, “left him for dead.” After the attack the couple was able to phone the police. John required treatment at Mt. Carmel West Hospital. Two days after the initial attack, John and Larry were attacked again, this time a few blocks from their home. Several of the men involved in the second attack were also involved in the first. The suspects may also be responsible for, or may have information regarding, a recent incident at the home of the couple. On the morning of Tuesday, January 13, John and Larry awoke to fire officials pounding on their door. Their SUV had been set ablaze overnight. Only a charred, hollow frame remained. The Crime Stoppers alert was issued that morning. Gloria McCauley, executive director of BRAVO (Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization), called the attacks “clearly hate-motivated.” She stressed to the public the importance of reporting hate-motivated violence: “This was a

horrible attack, and we know that there are more victims out there who are not reporting acts or threats of violence against them. That makes it harder for the community to address this problem.” McCauley urged victims to report any hatemotivated violence to BRAVO, either through the website,, or by calling 614.294.STOP or 1.866.86.BRAVO. From the Crime Stoppers Alert: Suspect #1is described as: Male/White, late 30’s or early 40’s, 5’10”, 180lbs, with a long gray ponytail. Suspect #2: Male/White, early 20’s, 5’10”, 170-175lbs, with short brown hair. Crime Stoppers has posted a reward of up to $2,000 for any information received by February 22, leading to the indictment of the persons responsible for this crime. Anyone with information about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 645.TIPS.8477 or leave a tip via our website at You can also text a tip to “CRIMES” (274637), key word “CMH.” Crime Stoppers does not use Caller ID or record telephone conversations. A special coding system protects the identity of the caller. Central Ohio Crime Stoppers also takes calls from anyone with information about any felony. Information leading to the arrest and/or indictment of a felony suspect could qualify the caller for a reward as determined by the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Board of Directors. For more information on Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, visit our website at, or call tollfree at 1.877.645.TIPS (8477). Central Ohio Crime Stoppers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Reward money comes from private individuals, businesses, and foundations that see Central Ohio Crime Stoppers as an integral tool in the community’s fight against crime. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, Inc., at P.O. Box 16038, Columbus, OH 43216-6038.


JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


TRANSNATION by Jacob Anderson-Minshall

2009: A Sneak Peek at the Trans Year to Come In a world where stories like Thomas Beatie’s pregnancy can capture worldwide attention overnight, it’s difficult to foretell what the biggest transgender stories of 2009 will be. But here are a few of the stories - and trans folk - to watch this year. Activism/Politics Following our massive, community-wide sigh of relief after the 2008 presidential elections, some of us may think the hard work is over. But there’s still plenty to fight for nationally - like ENDA - and locally, as in Gainesville, Florida, where last year’s the city council authorized transgender individuals to use women’s bathrooms in the city’s businesses and public facilities. The ruling is at risk during March’s elections, when a ballot measure may amend the city charter to eliminate accommodations for transgender people. Interested in influencing policy decisions? Drop in on your federal representatives during the National Center for Transgender Equality’s 5th Annual Lobby Days in Washington, DC, April 26-28. Still in school? Join the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) for a new national day of action February 27. TransAction! is a day for education about and celebration of transgender and gender non-conforming people. To honor the date, GLSEN encourages students to organize a workshop, panel discussion, or similar forum about gender, gender identity and gender roles. Books If you’re like me, snow-bound days are perfect for reading, and 2009 brings new books to add to the pile. Trans publishing company Homofactus Press has two collections on the docket: first up in March is Visible: A Femmethology, edited by Jennifer Clare Burke. This two-volume anthology includes essays from over fifty contributors and explores what it means to be a queer femme. In October, the press plans to release Kicked Out, edited by Sassafras Lowrey. The anthology by current and former homeless LGBTQ youth forced out of their homes because of their sexuality or gender identity has a foreword by Matthew Shepard’s mother and has been endorsed by PFLAG. With over 40% of homeless youth in the United States identifying as LGBT, this is a huge issue for our community. Other nonfiction works include editor/film-

maker Morty Diamond’s collection on trans masculine dating, Gendered Hearts; meanwhile, trans activist Jamison Green co-edited Transgender Voices: Beyond Women and Men with Lori B. Girshick. Trans academic Richard Juang is releasing Transphobia: Critical Perspectives on Anti-Transgender Violence. Upcoming additions to the growing transgender care shelf include Social Work Practice with Transgender and Gender Variant Youth by Gerald P Mallon and Substance Use Disorders in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Clients (Foundations of Social Work Knowledge Series) by Sandra Anderson. In fiction, post-furry artist Egypt Urnash’s long-awaited Sci-Fi sexcapade graphic novel, Five Glasses of Absinthe, should be completed by the end of the year. In other literary news, filmmaker Elizabeth Stark recently started the blog Write Angles and will be offering a one-day workshop, “Success: Investing (In) Your Creative Resources,” via Skype on January 11, and an online book-revising course starting January 15. “In these financially troubling times,” Stark argues, “there’s only one sure investment that pays immediate dividends and has strong growth potential all at the same time: you.” Events If you’re a more active type, you’ve got a lot of trans events to pick from this year, starting with Boston’s First Event Transgender Conference. With over 600 people expected to attend, the January 18 event is one of the largest transgender conferences in the world. Last held in 2005, the Equality and Parity conference in Los Angeles promises statewide action for transgender HIV prevention and care January 26-28. The Transgender Education Association of Washington, DC, is collaborating with other groups in the Mid-Atlantic region to bring the International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) Annual Conference to Alexandria, VA, February 4-7. The Gender Identity Center of Colorado’s annual transgender conference, the Colorado Gold Rush, will be held in Denver, March 2629. Philadelphia’s Liberty Conference will be April 30 to May 2, and the 27th annual BeAll shopping and entertainment extravaganza for trans women will be held June 2-7 in Chicago. After the Pride season winds down, Atlanta’s 5-day (September 22-27) symposium, Southern Comfort Conference, is

followed by the weeklong Fantasia Fair held every October since 1975 in the LGBT resort town of Provincetown, Massachusetts. Music Tyra Banks’s favorite trans musician, Joshua Klipp, is co-producing a new LGBT music festival in San Francisco called SUPAQ. The Sexy Urban Phonic Artists festival will be held March 13-15. Speaking of music, this year will see the release of a number of trans albums, including gender-bending model Jeffrey Star’s first full-length album, Beauty Killer, and Modern Day Pinnochio’s debut Here I Am. San Francisco’s foxy trans-rocker Shawna Virago expects to release a highly-anticipated new album, while trans MC Katastrophe’s third album, The Worst Amazing, will only be printed on vinyl. Meanwhile, Byrce’s trans artist collective, Trans-Genre, is releasing its first compilation CD, Trans-Fusions, which represents a diverse array of genres and includes fifteen audio tracks from artists like Coyote Grace, Ryka Aoki De La Cruz, Sassafras Lowrey, Dylan Scholinski and Modern Day Pinnochio. Proceeds from the $10 sticker price will go back into promoting trans artists. Performances On the performance scene, the year starts out right with San Francisco’s dance wunderkind, the trans choreographer Sean Dorsey, presenting Uncovered: The Diary Project at the end of January. The new concert, commissioned by the Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation, the San Francisco Arts Commission, and the Queer Cultural Center, is based on the lifelong journals of trans pioneer and gay FTM Lou Sullivan (19511991). The concert explores the gaps between recorded history, collective memory and lived experience. In 2009, trans comedian Ian Harvie plans to continue his self-titled LGBTQ comedy/talk show, collaborate with Margaret Cho in theaters and clubs around the country, perform at music festivals as his new alter ego Travis Wayne, and appear on ABC’s Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, which will make him the first trans performer to join the string of A-List comedian guests on the show. But it’s his MANologues project that Harvie calls “most important.” He’s been interviewing butches and trans guys in order to create a non-comedic performance piece to premier at the LA Gay Lesbian Center in the spring of 2009. “I want to help create community between butches and trans guys, while educating

folks who may not be familiar with this sect of gender dialogue,” Harvie explains. “Basically, my point is that no one feels a hundred percent okay about their bodies, even people outside the GLBTQ community. What we all choose to do about those feelings varies, but the feelings are similar.” Two-spirit performer Jennifer Lanier’s None of the Above debuts this spring at Portland’s Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center. The IFCC will also be home to Collective of Geniuses’ Queers Heart Geeks for Pride before they open their own gallery/performance/community workshop space. Transgender g-ddess Kate Bornstein will be keynoting conferences, facilitating her workshop “Your Gender: Now You See It, Now You Don’t” (examining intersections of the oppressive systems of gender, sexuality, race, class and age), and receiving an award from KESHET, Boston’s grassroots organization promoting inclusiveness of LGBT Jews. TV/Film With Dirty Sexy Money canceled you’ll have to turn to cable for trans content, like LOGO’s new competition reality series, RuPaul’s Drag Race. The series searching for America’s next superstar drag queen debuts in early 2009. Keep your fingers crossed that the Brad Pitt-produced, Ryan (Nip/Tuck) Murphy-created FX show about a male-to-female transformation, 4 oz, will finally make it on the fall schedule. Female to femme filmmaker Elizabeth Stark’s latest short, Little Mutinies, co-directed with her partner Angie Powers and starring Guinevere Turner, premiers on the 2009 film festival circuit. In the meantime, former fest favorite Girl Inside will be released on DVD through Women Make Movies. FTM porn star Buck Angel has received three 2009 adult video AVN award nominations: one as transsexual performer of the year, one for the film Even More Bang For Your Buck II, and one for that film’s FTM/FTM sex scene, which became the first such scene ever nominated for an AVN award. While he’s waiting to see if he’ll win, Angel is the subject of two new documentaries to be released in France and Spain, and he’ll model for the latest sculpture by British artist Marc Quinn - famous for carving a gold statue of Kate Moss. In 2009 trans author Jacob Anderson-Minshall will be writing the TransNation column, co-hosting the Gender Blender radio show on, co-authoring the memoir Queerly Beloved, and promoting Blind Faith, the latest Blind Eye mystery. For more info check out

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009




Susan Finefrock, Money Concepts

Susan Finefrock bought her first stock when she was sixteen years old. She soon became the money manager for her family and friends, advising them on wealth accumulation strategies and recommending investment options for retirement. She found that the level of client service given to the average person was “severely lacking,” so after spending time in other fields, Susan earned her securities licenses and opened an office. She’s been associated with Money Concepts since 2005. Susan is an independent, fully licensed financial adviser. She is truly independent, with no obligations to any specific financial institutions. That means that she can put her clients’ needs first. Her business plan? Exceptional client communication and education. “We’re on a journey together,” she says of her clients, “so the relationship is a lifelong process, not just an event.” Susan lives in Worthington with her partner of twelve years; their family includes a golden retriever and a cat. Susan was eager to speak with Outlook and give our readers some perspective on the current economic difficulties many Americans are enduring. Adam Leddy: What sort of calls have you been getting for the past year? Susan Finefrock: I’ve been in constant contact with my clients, explaining, educating, and reassuring them that a successful long-term strategy can, and will, withstand economic downturns. I have been checking in to let them know I am watching over their investments and working with others to make adjustments as needed. My current focus is repositioning clients to take advantage of the economic recovery.

The new calls I am receiving are from people who have lost or are losing money, especially in their retirement accounts. Most people who put money into their company 401k have no idea how to allocate the money. They look at the past quarters’ performance to see what funds performed the best and then move their money there. That is what the industry refers to as “chasing returns” and generally leads to a “buy high and sell low” result. This is the opposite of what you should be doing. The other investment mistake people make is to ask Uncle Joe or Aunt Louise or the person in the cubicle next to them. It is best to get professional advice on your allocations and review them regularly. AL: Why is a financial plan important in tough economic times? SF: I help clients put together a financial strategy to prepare for the tough times. The strategy determines the elements of a financial plan. Consider the plan a roadmap: sometimes we need to adjust for detours or changes of direction. Our systems allow us the flexibility to adjust for unforeseen changes. For example, one of the things I stress to my clients is having a “rainy day fund.” This fund is safe money set aside. It can range anywhere from 3 to 6 months worth of expenses depending on personal circumstances. Managing debt is another component of sticking to a financial plan in tough times. Adjustable mortgages, credit card debt, and car loans are all factored into a good financial plan. It isn’t just what you have; it is also what you owe. Finally, having a good credit score is going to be extremely important in the coming years. I

believe the days of easy credit are over. It is important to know your credit score, manage any discrepancies and monitor any changes. AL: What should a person in her 20s or 30s do now to be prepared for a comfortable retirement? How about someone who is on the cusp of retirement? SF: The most important thing for someone in his or her 20s or 30s is to develop a discipline for saving. Commit to set aside a percentage of your income to retirement. The best vehicle to do this is the 401k plan at work, because your contributions are made with pretax dollars and grow tax-deferred. Also, many employers make matching contributions. For those on the cusp of retirement, hopefully you have been adjusting (lowering) the risk in your portfolio over time. At this point, it is more about preservation then growth. If this downturn has severely impacted your retirement savings then you need to reassess your tolerance for risk, perhaps delay retirement a few years to rebuild, or cut back on spending. My advice would be to seek out a professional to review your situation and be prepared for some difficult choices. AL: What are some of the concerns, or perhaps advantages, that GLBT people have? SF: I can give you some general thoughts, but the subject is very complex. I will approach it purely from a financial planning perspective, leaving out the discussion of wills and trusts and tax consequences. Financial planning in the GLBT community has unique considerations. If you are in a committed relationship, the biggest concern is that

if something tragic where to occur your assets will transfer to your partner. The first consideration is making sure you have a Financial Power of Attorney, signed. This document dictates who will have the power over your financial matters should you be unable to make those decisions. Secondly, make sure you review the beneficiary on your retirement plan (401k, 403b, IRA). This money will pass directly to your beneficiary upon death. You can also set up your financial accounts (including banks) to transfer on death directly to the person you name. How to title real estate should be a consideration. A common approach is joint tenants with right of survivorship. In this case the survivor receives 100% ownership upon death. However, if you break up, untangling this can be messy. As always, if you have substantial assets you should seek the advice of an attorney. Combining assets is a lot easier than splitting them. We’ve only skimmed the surface on many of these topics. All life circumstances figure into the financial planning process. It is important to realize that your plan should be flexible and adapt to constant changes in your life. I am accepting new clients into my practice and would encourage your readers to call me at 614.841.9650 or email me at to schedule an appointment.

Gay-owned Business Needs Your Help to Recover from Grandview Fire by Adam Leddy Business Builders, Inc was among the more than a dozen businesses damaged by the January 17 Grandview Avenue fire. Co-Owner Jerry Rhodes now confronts a small business owner’s nightmare as he tries to recover from the disaster. Rhodes and his business lost everything, from computers and furniture to the most basic office supplies. “Insurance will cover a lot of what we lost, but it isn’t going to cover it tomorrow,” Rhodes said. “A lot of the things we lost we need today. We’re losing income tax business.” Rhodes needs supplies, including paper, pens, binders, three-hole punchers, stacking file trays, storage units, blank check stock, envelopes, staples and staplers, calendars,

and filing cabinets. Insurance will cover larger losses, but timeliness is an issue and these office supplies are essential for Business Builders to endure this unexpected crisis. Jerry and Outlook are asking that the community help Business Builders recover. “If you have friends or family who do their own taxes,” Jerry said, “maybe this is the year to do a good deed.” Business Builders has set up a temporary base of operations across the street from the former site of the business. The address is 1500 W 3rd St, Suite 126 (corner of 3rd and Grandview Ave). Jerry can be reached at 614.404.7332. JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



The Science of Thanksgiving The great philosopher Lily Tomlin once said, “Humanity invented language out of a deep need to complain.” It’s sad that the most intelligent and adaptable species on the planet is also, by and large, the most miserable. We seem to be wired in a way that makes unhappiness a kind of default position. Our complex forebrain evolved as a tool for anticipating and overcoming dangers, for protecting us from pain, and for solving problems: so dangers, pain and problems are what it most easily notices. What’s pleasant and harmonious tends to slip into the background. The fact that we set aside a special day every year for thanksgiving underlines the fact that gratitude is, for many of us, a special rather than a common experience. Can we do anything about this? According to the world’s spiritual traditions, we can. A tenet of traditional Buddhist psychology, for instance, is that we develop positive qualities such as compassion, sympathetic joy, equanimity, and gratitude, by inclining the mind in their direction through deliberately focusing on thoughts that express those values. This principle has also long been recognized in the culture of Alcoholics Anonymous, where it’s common for sponsors to teach newcomers to relieve some of the negativity and emotional pain of early recovery by deliberately cultivating an “attitude of JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

gratitude” through exercises such as making daily lists of the things for which they are grateful. Such practices counteract the tendency of the brain to focus on problems, pains and deficiencies by concentrating on the background abundance that is almost always there, if we’ll only look. Western psychology has historically dismissed practices like these as superficial, even naïve. But that’s been changing recently. A new movement in the field, Positive Psychology, focuses on health and wellbeing rather than on pathology, and it is producing solid research which lends support to the idea that consciously inclining the mind toward positive emotions does in fact do much to strengthen them. Two researchers in this new movement, Dr. Michael McCollough of Southern Methodist University and Dr. Robert Emmons of the University of California at Davis, are currently involved in a research project on “gratitude and thankfulness” to develop simple procedures for developing gratitude in daily life and assessing its effect on wellbeing. Their studies suggest that a daily, long-term commitment to focusing attention on the aspects of our lives for which we are grateful results in measurable and substantial improvements in our well-being. In one experimental comparison, for instance, those who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, re-

ported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week compared to those who recorded hassles or neutral life events. A related benefit was observed in personal goal attainment. Participants who kept gratitude lists were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals (academic, interpersonal and health-based) over a two-month period compared to subjects who didn’t keep the lists. Subjects who focused on gratitude received many other benefits as well. They experienced decreased stress in their lives. They reported increased levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, attentiveness, vitality and life satisfaction, and lower levels of depression and stress. Perhaps most importantly, those who felt grateful were more likely to help others and to feel loved themselves. It seems that gratitude encouraged a positive cycle of reciprocal kindness among people, because one act based on gratitude encouraged another. What I think all of this clearly means is that gratitude is, to some degree, a deliberate choice we make, a conscious stance toward life. It also means that it is a skill that can be taught and learned, practiced and strengthened. And what I find amazing is that we can derive all these robust benefits from a relatively small investment of time

and energy. “Gratitude practice” can be as simple as recognizing and acknowledging how much support and help we receive from others. It can mean writing a gratitude letter to someone we appreciate, or making a daily list of five things for which we’re thankful. In my experience with gay and lesbian clients, one resistance to doing these practices is that it reminds some too much of religion, to which many of us are understandably allergic. It’s important to emphasize that this work can be done as an entirely secular, psychological practice, whose purpose is to increase subjective well-being, and that it isn’t about piety or “being good.” It’s also important that gratitude practice never be done as a strategy for denying or belittling the real suffering in our lives. If we do it from a “stop feeling sorry for yourself” attitude, it only engenders inner resistance and resentment. For those who’d like to explore the work of McCullough and Emmons further, Emmons’s Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier offers an excellent summary of the research. It discusses some of the hard questions, such as how to be grateful in the face of life’s misfortunes, and whether gratitude practice leads to complacency. It also offers ten practical methods for cultivating the capacity for gratitude. Tom Moon is a psychotherapist in San Francisco. His website is



JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


FEATURE STORY photos by Chris Hayes wn! o t f o ut o t here. e n g i m s r ’ a Let t it’s w ue gets youe u b , e d s m si is

ld out ravel nto so It’s co k’s winter t ostly) and i e woods Outloo the cold (mhe sea, in th and, you out of hether by t n or in the s es with fun. W he mountai tertime blu over t at your win ns. can betravel optio these SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

just steps from the runway.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 22 LGBT Family Picnic 12p - 4p. TopeeKeegee Yugnee Park Pavillion #8, 3300 North Park Road, Hollywood, FL Winter Party Festival and South Florida Family Pride co-host this afternoon in the park for LGBT families and their friends, complete with food, activities and special surprises.

Winter Party Runway 7p - 8p. Lincoln Road @ Michigan Ave, Miami Beach Miami’s hottest models show off the latest in swimwear and other fashions at our popular outdoor fashion extravaganza.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Pridelines Youth Skate 6p - 8p. Gold Coast Roller Rink, 2604 South Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale Pridelines Youth Services presents an evening of roller skating for LGBTQ youth ages 13-20. The $8 fee includes admission, skate rental and round-trip transportation from Miami-Dade.

Winter Party Festival February 22 - March 2 Miami’s Fun in the Sun LGBT Destination Event Turns Sweet Sixteen The beaches, clubs, bars, shops, restaurants and museums of Miami will come alive at the sixteenth annual Winter Party Festival, February 25 through March 2. From family picnics to fashion shows, cocktail receptions, interfaith services, and pool parties to dancing on the beach, the festival delivers something for everyone. The week-long celebration produced by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force features parties at some of the most popular nightclubs in South Beach and Miami, as well as an expanding line-up of cultural events and programming for specific segments of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. This year’s dance events will feature a roster of the world’s best DJs, including Eddie Baez, Roland Belmares, DJ Bugie, Alyson Calagna, Ted Eiel, George Figares, Joe Gauthreaux, Warren Gluck, Brett Henrichsen, Wendy Hunt, Herbie James, Jason Jensen, Manny Lehman, Maximus 3000, DJ Miik, Tony Moran, Oren Nizri, Lydia Prim, Michael Tank, and Tracy Young spinning at the main event, the Beach Party on March 1. As well as a host of dance events, the festival program will include events specifically for LGBT families, youth and women as well as fashion and cultural activities. The climax of the festival is the famous Winter Party Beach Party, which attracts more than 6,000 attendees to North America’s largest outdoor dance celebration. During the week more than 10,000 people from across the country and around the globe are expected to attend at least one Winter Party Festival event. Prices range from $10 for a single event to $550 for a pass that allows entry to most of the approximately two dozen events. For information, tickets and a complete list of events, visit Since 1994 the festival and its sister event, the Miami Recognition Dinner, have raised more than $2 million for organizations serving the South Florida LGBT community. Two-thirds of the net proceeds from Winter Party Festival will be distributed to the Miami-Dade LGBT community through a granting program administered by the Dade Community Foundation, while the remaining one-third of the proceeds will benefit the Task Force. For more information and to buy tickets: JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25 Departure Lounge: The Winter Welcome Reception 7p - 9:30p. Doubletree Surfcomber, 1717 Collins Ave, Miami Beach Showtime Networks presents the official Winter Party Festival welcome party, a poolside reception with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and prizes. The city of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade’s leading LGBT organizations roll out the welcome mat for our visitors from around the world. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26 What It Would Feel Like To Be Free The Third Annual Interfaith Service of Winter Party Festival 7p - 9p. Trinity Cathedral, Parish Hall, 464 NE 16th Street, Miami Join LGBT-friendly congregations and spiritual groups from around South Florida as we gather for a powerful interfaith service and joyous musical celebration. Women’s Art Exhibit 7p - 10p. Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery, 750 NE 124th Street, Suite 2, Miami, Florida Guests enjoy a showcase of works by local artists at a reception featuring wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Kiehl’s Cares 8p - 10p. Kiehl’s Since 1851, 832 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Kiehl’s Since 1851 opens its doors with free cocktails and special offers on its hair and skincare products for Winter Party Festival guests. This event includes complimentary consultations, samples and chances to win complete skincare regimens appropriate for you. Women’s Cocktail Reception 8:30p - 11p. Townhouse, 150 20th Street, Miami Beach The women of Winter Party Festival are invited to mix, mingle and marvel at the view atop the Townhouse at this reception featuring sushi appetizers. Johnny Chisholm and JustCircuit Present Five-Ring Circuit 9p - 6a. Discotekka @ Area 51, 950 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami Winter Party Festival partners with circuit impresario Johnny Chisholm and the JustCircuit strongmen to present Five-Ring Circuit, a musical explosion featuring 11 DJ’s in 5 rooms. Don’t miss Manny Lehman, Eddie Baez, Joe Gauthreaux, Warren Gluck, Wendy Hunt, Lydia Prim and five more amazing DJs in this extravaganza. VIPs enjoy complimentary drinks from 9 to 2. Bruthaz Beach Bash 10p - 4a. Living Room Nightclub, 300 SW 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale The men behind Miami Beach Bruthaz, the annual summer gathering for same-gender-loving men and women, take their act on the road for a night of dancing to the music of Oren Nizri and Maximus 3000 at Fort Lauderdale’s newest hotspot. Free drinks from 10 to midnight.

Blast Off! 10p - 5a. Score, 727 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach DJ Brett Henrichsen joins Score’s resident favorite DJ Pride in the first of the Festival’s 11 magical dance events.

Pandora Events Present Industry 10p - 4a. Pearl Restaurant & Ultra Lounge, 1 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach The fourth installment of Pandora’s popular dance party for women moves to Nikki Beach’s Pearl Restaurant & Ultra Lounge, with a hopping dance floor and a breathtaking ocean view.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Halo’s Winter Party Happy Hour 6p - 7p. Halo, 1625 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach Halo hosts a special happy hour to get you ready for our outdoor fashion show,

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Under One Sun Pool Party 12p - 6p. Doubletree Surfcomber Hotel, 1717 Collins Ave, Miami Beach Join over 2500 swimsuit-clad hotties as

DJ Roland Belmares spins at one of our most popular events, the Under One Sun Pool Party at our fabulous host hotel. VIP Cocktail Reception 8:30p - 11p. Location TBA The créme de la créme hobnob over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in a beautiful setting. WHIP: A Leather Fantasy 10p - 3a. Jackhammer, 1951 NW 9th Ave (Powerline Rd), Fort Lauderdale Chicago’s DJ Ted Eiel spins at this dance event where leather and fetish gear are the preferred attire. Mercury Rising 10p - 6a. parkwestnightclub, 30 NE 11th Street, Miami DJ Alyson Calagna turns up the heat at this Saturday night dance event. SUNDAY, MARCH 1 Women’s Jazz Brunch 11a - 1:30p. Van Dyke Café, 846 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach Music, mimosas and more are on the menu for our 3rd Annual Women’s Jazz Brunch. Winter Party Beach Party 12p - 6p. 12th Street Beach, 12th Street and the Atlantic Ocean, Miami Beach Superstar DJ Tracy Young brings Winter Party Festival to its climax on the world’s most spectacular dance floor the sands of South Beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This is the one event you can’t miss! Orbit 8p- 5a. Cameo, 1445 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach South Beach’s most fabulous nightclub fills up with the bold and beautiful as DJs Tony Moran and Chus and Ceballos provide the musical backdrop for this always-packed Sunday night dance event. Our guests enjoy an open bar from 8p-10p, and a large outdoor lounge area will be available to cool off when the temperature gets red hot. MONDAY, MARCH 2 Red Eye 5a - 5p. Nocturnal, 50 NE 11th Street, Miami Not ready for the party to end? DJ Abel takes the die-hard dancers on one last musical journey. Touchdown: The Closing Party 7p - 3a. Halo, 1625 Michigan Ave, Miami Beach Halo hosts one last opportunity to share drinks with your Winter Party Festival friends, including a “Closing Party Special Martini”. Don’t miss your chance to say “good-bye” until next year.



JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week April 1-5 Palm Springs Gets Larger, Wilder and Sexier , There’s a reason Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week is known as the greatest lesbian women’s week on earth. It’s all about the GIRLS. On April 1-5, the Wyndham Palm Springs goes “All Girl Bar, All The Time” with the largest, wildest and sexiest line-up of events ever. “If it doesn’t say Girl Bar - it isn’t!” This is the unforgettable experience that inspired The L Word. This year, ALL Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week main events, including Girl Bar’s gigantic pool parties, are centrally located at the Wyndham (main host hotel) and the Hotel Zoso. Additional accommodations are at Courtyard by Marriott. There is ample parking available at the Wyndham. And free shuttles connect host hotels, all central to downtown Palm Springs. “Our 2009 line-up is incredible,” said co-producer Sandy Sachs. “Our Wyndham pool parties will be larger, wilder, and sexier - it’s what the women of the world have come to expect from Girl Bar. And we’re expanding the grand ballroom for our Saturday night event so our hotel is literally the center of girl universe.” Co-producer Dr. Robin Gans adds, “All passes are the same price as last year. New this year, we’re offering two different VIP packages, one at Hotel Zoso and one at the Wyndham and each feature its own style of VIP and Premier experience.” To purchase: SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

9pm. Live performance from Girlicious.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 Meet & Greet Cocktail Party at Wyndham Patio & Pool Deck starting at 8p. Hosted by comedienne Poppy Champlin.

SATURDAY, APRIL 4 Wet and Wild Pool Party at Wyndham Pool. The Cliks perform live.

THURSDAY, APRIL 2 Funny Girlz 4 at Hotel Zoso Ballroom at 8p. Poppy Champlin, Michele Balan and Julie Goldman (Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show) perform. Premiere Opening Night Dance Party at Hunter’s Bar at 8p.

Jungle Fever Main Event at Wyndham Grand Ballroom at 8p. Macy Gray performs live. SUNDAY, APRIL 5 Splash Dance Pool Party at Wyndham Pool. Live performances from Reyna Larson and Kat Deluna. Closing Party at Hunter’s Bar at 8pm.

FRIDAY, APRIL 3 TGIF Pool Party at Wyndham Pool. Live performance from Gretchen Bonaduce (ex-wife of Danny). Pure White Party at Hotel Zoso at

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

This isn’t just any vacation; it’s the unforgettable experience that inspired the international hit series The L Word. And no one does it better than Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week.

White Party Palm Springs April 10-13 (Easter Weekend) 20th Anniversary Celebration Theme: Legion of Superheroes Stellar squadron of DJs includes: Abel, Ana Paula, Brett Henrichsen, Casey Alva, ChiChi LaRue, Hector Fonseca, Joe Gauthreaux, Manny Lehman, Marco, Oscar Velasquez, The Perry Twins, Ralphi Rosario and Tony Moran. The world-famous White Party Palm Springs, the crown jewel of gay getaways, pulls out all the stops as the hottest boys in the world descend on the desert in celebration of its twentieth anniversary April 10-13. Now planned annually on the second week in April, White Party Palm Springs continues its twenty-year tradition, bringing the picturesque desert oasis alive with the mightiest men, music and muscle. Weekend passes are on sale now! White Party weekend passes and the VIP Express weekend passes are the most convenient and economical way to maxiSCHEDULE OF EVENTS

mize your White Party experience. Weekend passes include entry to the four main events. Express Weekend Passes include entry to all eight events, plus a variety of extras. For additional information or to purchase passes in advance online, visit or For more information, call 310.360.6100. This year, White Party features two exclusive host hotels to choose from. First, the magnificent Wyndham Palm Springs is the center of the action, offering spectacular scenic views from rooms surrounding the largest pool deck in the desert. For reservations, call 760.322.6000. Mention WP when making reservations to receive a special rate. Second, the luxurious and stylish Hotel Zoso has just been added as an additional host hotel for the 20th anniversary celebration. Hotel Zoso’s plush accommo-

continuing until 5a. Inside the Palm Springs Convention Center, heroes from all over the universe will conFRIDAY, APRIL 10 verge for the biggest and most anticipated event of Spring Break Pool Party - Make your heroic entrance the weekend! Headlining DJs Tony Moran (NYC), at the Wyndham Hotel Pool with DJ Casey Alva from Manny Lehman (LA) and Ana Paula (Brazil) deliver 12p-6p. the surge of musical excitement. Earth shaking Boxers or Briefs Underwear Party - Sexy boxers or sound, spectacular visuals and mind-altering effects tighty whities? The choice is yours at the event that will startle your senses. As the fury unfolds in the dares to let it all hang out. Strip down for the fun be- main room, DJ Chi Chi LaRue and her sexy gang of ginning at 9p at the Wyndham Hotel Ballroom. Join DJ exclusive Rascal stars will stir up trouble in the adjaOscar Velasquez (direct from Mexico City) for an cent Legion Lounge. evening of skin and sin at the official WP 20 Underwear Party, presented by Club Papi. Secure clothes Climax After the White Party - The celebration concheck available. tinues from 4a-10a, deep inside the cavernous Wyndham Grand Ballroom. DJ Hector Fonseca unleashes SATURDAY, APRIL 11 the vibes for a seductive nocturnal journey filled with Spring Break Pool Party at the Wyndham Pool from super-sized sound and mesmerizing lighting. 10a-6p. Dive head first into the most famous pool party in the world! As always, the most mind-melting SUNDAY, APRIL 12 assortment of hot-bodied men will be out there, Spring Break Pool Party at the Wyndham Pool from basking in the desert sun. Special guest DJs The 11a-3p. You’re on duty for the sexiest pool patrol ever, Perry Twins deliver a double dose of musical excitehosted by incredible Candis Cayne, star of ABC’s Dirty ment on the outdoor dance floor. Enjoy non-stop enSexy Money. Grab some rays, take a dip and groove to tertainment, including surprise live performances sounds of DJ Marco! Candis will bring the afternoon and more. to a boil as she hits the stage for a special live poolside performance that’s not to be missed. White Party 20 - Legion of Superheroes - Grab your cape and spring into action, beginning at 9p and

dations and fine amenities let you spend White Party Spring Break in style without being too far away from the action! For room reservations (non VIP packages), call 760.325.9675. In addition, a limited number of VIP luxury hotel packages are being offered. The ultimate combination of luxury and convenience, these exclusive packages include premiere room accommodations at Hotel Zoso; two Express weekend passes valid for entry to all White Party events; access to VIP areas at the Saturday White Party and the Sunday T-Dance, along with airport transportation, a commemorative DVD gift bag and more. Package rates are based on double occupancy. Only a limited number of VIP luxury hotel packages will be available. Visit now to get more information and book an incredible weekend experience.

Sunday T Dance - Under the Sea - From 3p-9p, Aqua Man oceanic adventures await you as the Sunday T Dance goes under the sea. Take a deep breath and head to White Party Park. DJs Joe Gauthreaux and Brett Henrichsen will sweep you away with a musical retrospective of classic T dance music spanning White Party’s twenty-year history. Ride the swell of excitement as hunky seamen flood the dance floor. As the sun sets, climb aboard the White Party Ferris Wheel and experience breathtaking views of desert scenery and the festivities below. Later on, watch the desert sky ignite in a synchronized spectacle of color and sound with the largest and most elaborate fireworks display in the twenty-year history of White Party. Sunday Closing Party - The weekend culminates with the spectacular Closing Party back at the Wyndham Hotel Grand Ballroom from 9p-6a. The incredible DJ duo known as Rosabel (Abel & Ralphi Rosario) will have you soaring to new heights with their infectious mix of soulful house, pulsing tribal beats and triumphant vocal anthems. Sponsors for White Party 20 include Aussie Bum, Atlantis, Club Papi, Wet, Naked Sword, PNN Radio, Masterbeat, LASC,, and IN Magazine.



JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



Sixth Annual Telluride Gay Ski Week, Saturday, Feb 21 - 28 Presented by the LOGO Network, T-09, the Sixth Annual Telluride Gay Ski Week will take place Saturday, Feb 21 through Saturday, Feb 28 in the Town of Mountain Village! Named “Top Gay Ski Week” in the country by, T09 offers a vacation experience that stands apart from other gay ski functions. Set in the beautiful backdrop of Telluride, Colorado, this spirited but unpretentious week offers a unique blend of top-rate skiing and entertaining events. From the Oscar Watching Party to the popular White Night Party, T-09 offers events and dinners that provide a chance to meet, mix and party with other ski week guests. There are also unlimited options for low-key gatherings around a warm fire in Mountain Village and Telluride’s cozy bars. They are working on plenty of “new” things this year, including: • The LOGO Lounge - come by and meet some new friends from the top gay network in the nation. LOGO has lots of special programming in store for guests just steps away from the slope in Mountain Village. • The T-Shack - conveniently located right outside the door at Goranno’s Restaurant on the mountain, the T-Shack will be open daily exclusively for T-09 guests. Grab a drink at the bar, bring it over to the shack and relax before you head back out to the slopes! • An all new White Night Party - It will be greater … and later then ever before! • The T-Pass - Pay one low price and enjoy access to a week’s worth of activities, exclusive parties and merchant discounts. Valued at more than $200, the T-Pass is only $85. All T-Passes and individual event tickets will be on sale at the Hospitality Tent starting Saturday, Feb 21, and throughout the week. Tickets may also be purchased online at 2009 Event Highlights Earlybird Welcome Reception (Saturday, Feb 21, 8p-midnight) Oscar Watch Party (Sun, Feb 22, 5p)

Nuclia Waste’s On-Mountain Ski Scavenger Hunt (Wed, Feb 25) Kind of a Drag...Race (Thu, Feb 26, 2p-3p)

Oscar After Party - (Sun, Feb 22, 9:30 White Night Party (Thu, Feb 26, 8pp to 12:30a) past midnight) Fly Naked Jewelry Trunk Show & Meet & Heat Dance Party (Fri, Feb Martini Mixer with Reichen 27, 8p-1a ) Lehmkuhl (Mon, Feb 23, 5:30p-7:30p) Telluride AIDS Benefit Gala Fashion Fly Naked with Reichen Party (Tue, Show & Auction (Sat, Feb 28, 7p) Feb 24, 8p-midnight)

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

GayWhistler’s WinterPRIDE Week February 1-8 The #1 Gay Ski Event in the World WinterPRIDE, February 1-8, is a celebration of diversity and inclusiveness at the resort of Whistler, Canada. This is one of the largest gay ski weeks in the world, offering culinary, health and wellness, and fantastic entertainment both on and off the slopes. Whistler is committed to creating safe and welcoming spaces for the LGBT community and their friends & family. This year’s theme is “Around the World in Eight Days.” Highlights for this season include the Mr. Gay World Competition, WinterPRIDE Events Calendar SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, VANCOUVER 9p - 2a. Avalanche Party. Vancouver Hotel: Sandman on Davie Street. Country theme: Taiwan. $15 SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 1, WHISTLER 3p - 6p. Aprés Party at the GLC. 6:30p - 7:30p. Fire & Ice Welcome Show. Fireworks, skiers and snowboarders jumping through the dazzling Ring of Fire. 7p - 10p. Welcome Reception. TELUS Whistler Conference Centre, Grand Foyer. Country theme: Canada. 10p - 2a. Welcome Party - Buffalo Bill’s. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 2, BLACKCOMB 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding - Blackcomb Mountain, Glacier Creek. Tour the massive mountains with guides. 9a - 11.30a. CMH Heli-skiing and the Powder Hound Challenge. 10a - 1p. ZipTrek EcoTours. $99/person 12p - 1p. Monday Power Yoga With Julia - The Whistler Core (next to TWCC). 1p - 3p. MASC Skincare 101. Penthouse, Le Chamois (4557 Blackcomb Way #602). $20/person. 3p - 6p. Aprés Party - Monk’s Grill. Recount the day’s events, share stories, listen to great music and sip cocktails. 6p - 10p. Dine Around. 21 Steps or Ric’s Grill. 7p - 8p. Inner Tube Party - Coca Cola Inner Tube Park on Blackcomb Mountain. 8p - 10p. Singles & Sex Food social mixer. Penthouse, Le Chamois. $70 + GST. 9p - 2a. Beach Party - Savage Beagle. Country theme: Caribbean.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, WHISTLER 9.30a - 12p. Outdoor Adventures Whistler - Snowmobile Fresh Tracks BC Tour. $179/person. 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding - Whistler Mountain, Lightboard. 9a - 11.30a. CMH Heli-skiing and the Powder Hound Challenge. 10a - 1p. Culinary Program - Penthouse, Le Chamois. Sauciest Sauce Session. $50 + GST. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Mix) Party - BearFoot Bistro. Country theme: Russia. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Women) Party - 21 Steps, the Attic. Country theme: France. 6p -10p. Dine Around: La Rua or Kypriaki Norte. 8p - 10p. Retro Bingo & Games Night. TELUS Whistler Conference Centre. $15. 9p - 2a. Rhinestone Cowboy & Cowgal Party - Buffalo Bill’s. Country theme: USA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, BLACKCOMB 10a - 1p. ZipTrek EcoTours. $119/person 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding - Whistler Mountain, Lightboard. 1:30p - 4p. Laughter Yoga: Making Happiness Happen. 1:30p - 4p. Outdoor Adventures Whistler - Winter Wonderland Snowshoe Tour. $89/person. 2p - 4p. Culinary Program - Penthouse, Le Chamois. Barefoot Wine Tasting. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Mix) Party - Ric’s Grill. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Women) Party - La Rua. Country theme: Spain. 6p - 10p. Dine Around: BearFoot Bistro or Seven Restaurant. Country theme: England. $180. 8p - 10p. Queerly Canadian Comedy Show. TELUS Whistler Conference Centre. $40. 9p - 2a. God & Goddess Costume Party

where 24 men from around the planet will descend on Whistler and compete for the coveted title of Mr. Gay World during WinterPRIDE. The “Never Roam Alone” Travelocity Ski Guides will help you get the most of your big mountain experience! The stellar lineup of fantastic DJs from around the world includes Rio De Janeiro’s DJ Ana Paula, London’s Wayne G, Cape Town’s DJ Adien, San Francisco’s Luke Johnstone and Montreal/Vancouver’s Rhythm Therapist DJ Mat Ste-Marie. . Garf’s. Country theme: Greece. $20. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, WHISTLER 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding - Whistler Mountain, Lightboard. 11a - 12p. Lunch with Mr. Gay World. Christine’s. 11a - 1p. “Sweets for your Sweetheart” class from Rogers Chocolates. 12.15p - 1p. Thursday Lunch Circuit with John. 12.30p - 2.30p. Sno-Limo Peak Adventure for the non-skier. $129. 1p - 3p. BMI Seminar at the Core. 2p - 4p. Culinary Program - Penthouse, Le Chamois. Barefoot Wine Tasting. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Mix) Party - TELUS Whistler Conference. $12. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Women) Party - The Mountain Club. Country theme: Austria. 6p - 10p. Dine Around: Bavaria House or Monk’s Grill. 7p - 9p. Women’s World Bobsled Competition. Whistler Sliding Centre 8p - 10p. United Colors of WinterPRIDE Fashion Show. TWCC. $40. 9p - 12a. Women’s PJ Party & Movie Night. 21 Step’s Attic. 10p-2a. Fashion Show After Party. MAXX Fish. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, BLACKCOMB 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding - Whistler Mountain, Lightboard. 10:30a -1:30p. Outdoor Adventure Whistler - Soo Valley Quest Dog Sled Adventure. $169. 1p - 3p. Climbing as a complete workout. 3p - 6p. Village T-Dance. Garf’s. Country theme: Argentina. $15. 3p - 6p. Village T-Dance (Women) Party. Savage Beagle. Country theme: India. 6p - 10p. Dine Around: Tandoori Grill or Apres Restaurant & Wine Bar.

7p - 12a. MountainTOP Party. Roundhouse Lodge. $99. 8p - 10p. Singles & Sex Food. Penthouse, Le Chamois. $70 + GST. 9p - 2a. Pampered Pussy Party. TWCC. $30. 9p - 2a. Celebrities on the Mountain presents Snowstorm. Garibaldi Lift Co. $30. 10p - 2a. Furrocious Party. TWCC, Fitzsimmons Den. $25. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, WHISTLER 10a - 2p. Never Roam Alone Ski Guiding. Whistler Mountain, Lightboard. 10a - 1p. ZipTrek EcoTours. $99/person. 11a - 1p. MASC Skincare 101. Penthouse, Le Chamois. $20. 11:30a - 1p. Outdoor Adventure Whistler - Trailblazer Snowmobile tour. $229/person. 2p - 4p. Culinary Program. BareFoot Wine Tasting 3p - 6p. Aprés (Mix) Party. TELUS Whistler Conference. Country theme: Switzerland. $12. 3p - 6p. Women’s Aprés Party. Kypriaki Norte. Country theme: Greece. 6p - 10p. Dine Around: The Mountain Club or 3 Below. 7p - 9p. Women’s World Bobsled Competition. Whistler Sliding Centre. 8p - 10p. Mr. Gay World Grand Finale. The Westin Resort & Spa, Emerald Ballroom. $20. 9p - 12a. WHOOSSH Martini Party. Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa. 9p - 2a. Shred Betties Bash. GLC. $30. 10p - 4a. Snowball. TWCC. $90. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, WHISTLER 3.30a - 7a. Chill. Ric’s Grill. 10a - 1p. Sunday Brunch. Ric’s Grill. 3p - 6p. Aprés (Mix) Party. Dublin Gate Irish Pub. Country theme: Ireland.




Hocking Hills Launches Nation’s First Visitor Vacation Video Service Flip Ultra Video Cameras Available for Borrowing at No Charge As more and more travelers flock to social media sites to research and share the results of their travel, Southeast Ohio’s Hocking Hills Tourism Association (HHTA) is launching a groundbreaking program to make that even easier - and cheaper - for visitors. Beginning February 1, the Hocking Hills Welcome Centers will offer digital Flip Ultra video cameras for borrowing at no cost to visitors. The Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center will simply require a drivers license and a major credit card number as a deposit. Cameras are available on a first-come, first-served basis to any visitor age 21 or older who is staying at a Hocking Hills Tourism Association member lodging property. (Must present printout of email or mailed confirmation.) Open seven days a week, the Welcome Center is ideally located at the intersection of US 33 and SR 664, just minutes from major Hocking Hills attractions, such as Old Man’s Cave, Conkle’s Hollow, Cedar Falls, Rock House and other favorite stops. Welcome Center Hours are 9a-5p, Mon-Thurs and Sat; 9a-7p on Fri; and 11a-5p Sun. Using the easy-to-use Flip Ultra camcorder, travelers are encouraged to shoot video of their Hocking Hills visit, then return the camera to the Welcome Center. Hocking Hills Tourism Association staff will load the video to a YouTube site and email travelers a link as soon as their video is loaded and ready to share with friends and family. “Hocking Hills is truly one of the nation’s most beautiful scenic destinations, so it’s just naturally a magnificent backdrop for video and photos,” said HHTA Executive Director Karen Raymore. “Whether they hiked to one of the many dazzling Hocking Hills waterfalls or flew through the air on the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour Zipline, the best way for visitors to relive that experience is through the video and images they capture. We’re making that more fun and easy for them, and we’re making it really simple for them to share their trip with others.” In addition to Flip Ultra camcorders that are free for borrowing, the Hocking Hills Welcome Center is staffed with knowledgeable volunteers who can help visitors plan their trip, identify and offer directions to the region’s most scenic spots and help with lodging and dining reservations. Volunteers are also available via phone at 1.800.HOCKING (1.800.462.5464) to help travelers plan their Hocking Hills trip in advance. Beyond loads of spectacular scenery, great hiking and a host of unforgettable outdoor adventures, the area offers unique shopping, a scenic zipline canopy tour, kayaking and canoeing, horseback riding, golf and many more memorable activities. With one of the nation’s most comprehensive green travel certification programs, the Hocking Hills also offers a wide variety of accommodations, from camping and cabins to hotels and country inns. A free visitor guide and complete lodging and attraction information is available at or by calling 1.800.HOCKING (1.800.462.5464).

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls Unveils 2009 Special Events The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls announced today a yearlong calendar of unforgettable special events, including interactive cooking classes, fabulous dinners, wine and beer tastings and more. Located in southeast Ohio’s dazzling Hocking Hills region, many of the 2009 events will take place in the new Gathering Place at the inn, a one-of-a-kind events facility with state-of-the-art green features. The 5,000-square-foot, fully handicapped accessible space accommodates up to 50 people. Reservations and additional information are available online at or 1.800.653.2557.

with parmesan and salsa fresco and pearl mozzarella and crostini. These simple yet elegant recipes are perfect for gettogethers with friends or family. This mid-week class is only $35/person and includes lunch. Holiday Wreath Making, Dec 1: Join Bobbi Gill and Kellie Hutchison, Inn gardeners and nature enthusiasts, to create a natural 20-24-inch wreath of fresh cut evergreens and dried botanicals. Guests may bring along a special accent to personalize his/her wreath. This fun class is from 10a-2p. Cost is $49, which includes lunch and all supplies. Cookie Baking, Dec 3, 9 and 11: Join Cookie Queen and Events breakfast cook, Joan Heitman, for the Inn’s most popular and Weekend CookInn Classes, Jan 23-24; March 27-28; Nov longest-running cooking class. This hands-on class has 13-14: Overnight guests will learn to prepare a delicious guests baking five different recipes that Innkeeper Ellen and feast. Participants will join Chef Anthony Schulz for dessert Joan have carefully selected. Lunch is provided and guests and wine on Friday night. On Saturday, guests will prepare will receive a box of cookies to take home, along with the fabthat night’s dinner. This hands-on experience is just $135/per- ulous recipes. Cost is $45. son and includes an Inn & Spa At Cedar Falls apron and Saturday night dinner. Each class is limited to eight people. Special Meals Seasonal Wine and Beer TasteInns, Feb 27; April 24; July Valentine’s Day Dinner, February 13-14: Always a sell-out, 18; Sept 11: Friends and guests will party the night away with couples enjoy a legendary romantic getaway at the Inn, inInn Owner Terry Lingo, Chef Anthony Schulz and a selected cluding an elegant dinner. wine/beer expert. Each TasteInn features a different beverage Easter and Mother’s Day Brunch, April 12 and May 10, style: French wines in February, Australian wines in April, 11:30a-1p: Celebrate these special holiday’s with friends, summer beer in July and wines from the Pacific Northwest in family - and mom, of course - at the Inn. September. Guests are encouraged to bring their questions Thanksgiving at the Inn, November 26: Friends and family and hearty appetites. TasteInns begin at 6p with appetizers will give thanks and eat a bountiful meal at the Inn this and your first pour. Cost is $75/person. Thanksgiving. Wine & Dine with Innkeepers Ellen & Terry, March 6 and New Year’s Eve Dinner, December 31: Let the Inn cook a Aug. 28: Join Innkeepers Terry and Ellen for drinks, dinner and feast for you and guests while ringing in the New Year. a personal look into the Inn’s history. Start in the tavern at A Hocking Hills Tourism Association Certified Green desti6:30p, for a drink before dinner. Then proceed to dinner and nation, The Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls is located ½ mile above enjoy a delicious five-course meal created by the Executive Hocking Hills’ scenic Cedar Falls. The region offers a variety of Chef. Ellen and Terry share stories of the Inn’s beginning while recreational opportunities including hiking, bird watching, caTerry showcases select wines from his private stock. This noeing and fishing, as well as exquisite photo opportunities. event is only $195/couple for dinner, wine, tax and gratuity. The Inn’s pampering spa offers a full compliment of spa servSeating is limited to four guests. ices, including couples massage, girlfriend getaways, bridal Seeing With the Awakened Heart: April 15-16; Oct. 28-29: parties and group events. Fine American cuisine is the speExperience the alchemy of professional photographer Jim cialty at the Inn’s dining room and meals are prepared with Crotty and poet/psychologist Stephen Emerick in this unique a the finest organic herbs, produce and ingredients. The Gathercreative workshop and retreat. Open to photographers and ing Place at The Inn at Cedar Falls caters to weddings, family writers at all levels, from those just getting started to seareunions, business retreats and organizational brainstorming soned and published professionals. sessions of up to 50 guests. Reservations and complete inforSummer Local Produce and Product CookInn Class, July 22, mation on the Inn, Spa and Gathering Place are available at 11a-2p: Chef Anthony Schulz teaches guests to make quick or 1.800.653.2557 and easy finger foods such as prosciutto-wrapped asparagus JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



Lisa Kudrow Takes a Ride with Dirty Girl

Baz Luhrmann Grasps at Great Gatsby

Rudin and Sorkin Tell Facebook Story

Star Wars: The Musical. Really.

What happens when the school slut grabs a closeted classmate and goes on a road trip of self-discovery? We’ll all find out when Dirty Girl hits theaters, boasting a notable pedigree. Producers include Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) and legendary lesbian indie queen Christine Vachon (I’m Not There), and co-stars include Lisa Kudrow, Camryn Manheim, and Best in Show‘s John Michael Higgins. Up-and-comer Ashley Rickard - Samantha on One Tree Hill - has the title role in this coming-of-age comedy. Romeo isn’t 100 percent sure about the sexual orientation of writer-director Abe Sylvia, but since he directed an earlier short film whose title includes an unprintable word for a specific sex act, the guy’s at least gay-adjacent. Look for Dirty Girl to tramp it up later this year.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s immortal novel The Great Gatsby explores issues of wealth, ambition, and disappointment, so perhaps it’s fitting that visionary director Baz Luhrmann is eyeing the book for his next film. After all, his recent Australia required wealth to bring it to the screen; the director’s vision was certainly ambitious; and the box-office take was definitely disappointing. But seriously, given the gifts for romance and tragedy that Luhrmann - who, although married, once famously told a gay magazine, “Who says I’m straight?” - demonstrated in Moulin Rouge! and Romeo + Juliet, he should be a perfect fit for the material, which has already yielded multiple unmemorable screen adaptations. There’s no script yet, so there’s no telling when the notoriously picky Aussie’s Gatsby will reach theaters; just watch for the green light on the dock.

After his legendary feud with producer Harvey Weinstein over release dates for The Reader, you can’t blame gay movie mogul Scott Rudin for wanting to turn his back on petty sniping and backbiting, instead choosing to embrace the etiquette, charm, and goodwill of ... the Internet. Rudin will produce a film about the creation of Facebook for Sony Pictures, with Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, Charlie Wilson’s War) writing the screenplay. Sorkin has, in fact, gotten so into the process that he’s opened his own Facebook account - and an “Aaron Sorkin & the Facebook Movie” group - so he can get a first-hand feel for exactly what happens on the popular social networking site. (Romeo assumes a plucky assistant handles the snarkiest messages.) Sorkin’s frequent TV collaborator Thomas Schlamme is slated to direct; and when it opens in 2010 you can super-poke your online friends into seeing it.

There’s nothing gayer than a musical, heaven knows, even if it features a storm trooper kick line and Wookiees singing along to a John Williams score. And that’s apparently what we’re going to get when Star Wars: A Musical Journey premieres in London this year. Having apparently learned nothing from the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special - which featured Bea Arthur as a sardonic singing cantina barmaid and Diahann Carroll as a holographic sex object - George Lucas has given his blessing to this new tuneful extravaganza. What will audiences get, besides the aforementioned white plastic chorus line and fuzzy warblers? A Musical Journey will feature clips from all six Star Wars liveaction features accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The best part is that every Star Wars nerd currently trashing this show online is also dying to get a ticket.

Romeo San Vicente is so light in the loafers, he goes shoe-shopping in the Cloud City of Bespin. He can be reached care of this publication or at

ARTS by Laura Kuenzli, owner, RIVET

RIVET presents Darkness into Light RIVET is pleased to announce its upcoming counter-culture photography show, Darkness into Light. The group exhibition will feature select pieces by a handful of renowned counterculture photographers. The exhibition will be on view in RIVET from February 7-28. Darkness into Light is focused on bringing the works of some of the most renowned counter-culture photographers to light in Columbus. Local photographer Chas Ray Krider and others join industrial surrealist Jeffery Scott, neo-symbolist John Santerineross, and pinhole camera creator/photographer Wayne Martin Belger for a one-of-a-kind exhibition. Mr. Belger has been gracious enough to offer RIVET a rare opportunity to exhibit his Yama camera and print installation as part of the exhibition. This outstanding piece of working sculpture is composed of two fully-functional dual-pinhole cameras joined together with, and sharing the confining space of, a jewel-encrusted 500-yearold Tibetan Lama (monk) skull. Combined, the pieces produce a 3-dimensional image of what the skull “sees.” JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

Mr. Belger designed and created Yama for two photo series, the first an interpretation of the incarnation of modern Tibetan deities, and the second a series in the Tibetan refugee cities of India, a homecoming captured through the eyes of a 500-year-old Tibetan. Exhibited only once in Los Angeles since its creation and the first Mr. Belger’s work to be on exhibit in Columbus, Yama alone makes Darkness into Light a must-see exhibition for any local resident and art lover. Due to the sensitive nature of Mr. Belger’s contribution, the Yama showpiece will only be on public display during the show opening and each Saturday until the show closes. RIVET will host an opening reception for Darkness into Light on Saturday, February 7, from 710p, and a closing reception Saturday February 28, also from 7-10p. RIVET’s normal business hours are Tues-Sat, 12p-7p, Sun, 12p-5p, and by appointment.



JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


INTERVIEW by Gregg Shapiro

Future Fun: An Interview With Inara George and Greg Kurstin of The Bird and The Bee It’s only January, but one of the most delightful albums of 2009 has already arrived. Rayguns Are Not Just the Future (Blue Note), the second full-length disc by The Bird and The Bee, picks up with the same vintage vibe that made the duo’s eponymous debut disc such a pleasure. Inara George and Greg Kurstin - The Bird and The Bee - have found a winning combination, with songs like the serious dance floor workout “Love Letter To Japan” and the less strenuous “Polite Dance Song,” and a full-on Camelot-years flashback in between. This is what the “Mad Men” would be listening to today. Gregg Shapiro: Inara, are you vying for the title of busiest woman in music? Inara George: [laughs] Yes, I am. GS: You do seem to be busy with a few different projects. IG: I have three at the moment. The Bird and The Bee and my solo stuff are essentially the main things. Then I have this record that I’m doing with friends called The Living Sisters. But that’s a smaller time commitment. GS: There was kind of a quiet period between the work you did with your former band (Lode) and then your solo disc, which was followed soon thereafter by the first The Bird and The Bee album. What were you doing during that time? IG: Just writing. I think I played music a long time, and then you start to think - what are you going to do? Is this what you really want to do? And then my solo record came out and I started working with Greg. I think you have little lulls - I wasn’t doing much, there wasn’t that much exciting stuff going on [laughs], but I was writing for my solo record. Those songs took longer to write because I had been writing with Bryony Atkinson, the other half of Merrick, and it’s hard when you’ve been writing with another person exclusively, to start writing by yourself. GS: I’m glad that you brought up collaboration. Greg, I recently interviewed Sia and she mentioned working with you on a project. Does the collaborative process you employ for The Bird and The Bee differ from your other collaborations? Greg Kurstin: With other collaborations, depending on what they are, I will go in there as sort of a producer and it’s their project and not mine. I’m trying to help them see their vision and JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

maybe put my own style into it too, but it’s still theirs. At the end of the day it’s really up to them what they want on the record. With The Bird and The Bee, it’s the two us, collaborating. It’s something we do for fun. We don’t put a lot of pressure on ourselves. I think we have fun and try to write songs we like. It feels a little different with The Bird and The Been than when I’m stepping in as a producer for someone else. GS: When working on a song, Inara, how do you decide what are Bird and The Bee songs and what are songs for other projects? IG: With The Bird and The Bee, we write everything together. I don’t ever come in with ideas. I just come in to Greg’s studio and we write and that’s what a Bird and The Bee song is. So that really is clear. But with The Living Sisters, I knew had to write a song for the project, and I was like, “Okay, I have to write this before I go in,” and I wrote it quickly. For me, my solo stuff is the most grueling, because it’s all about me and you get insecure. I think that as I get older, I much prefer to collaborate. It’s much more fun. GS: The new disc Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future is very much in keeping with the retro sound of previous The Bird and The Bee offerings. There are others working in a similar vein, including Duffy and Amy Winehouse and The Postmarks. What do you think that retro music mindset says about the current times? GK: We ran out of ideas [laughs]. Only kidding. It does say something very strongly. I’m always looking for music that is groundbreaking now. In new styles of music in the last 30 years, there have always been elements of old music. Even with hip-hop and sampling. It was sampling old things, using a collage approach. And with punk rock, I think people were saying that it was similar to what was being done in the ’60s with garage bands. The Stooges already did it. I think there are always retro elements and that it’s part of the process - gathering different things that have already happened in an unusual combination. Sometimes that creates something new. I don’t think it’s over yet [laughs]. GS: Has David Lee Roth, who is the subject of the song “Diamond Dave,” heard the song yet, and if so, what does he think about having a song written about him? IG: I don’t know. We gave him the song. I think he likes it.

GS: I think my favorite song on the disc is “Love Letter to Japan” which sounds to me like a long lost Tom Tom Club track. Would you consider Tom Tom Club to be an influence? IG: No, but I love it. GK: I love Tom Tom Club. I think they’re amazing. That’s great. I take that as a compliment. I don’t think it was a conscious effort to go for Tom Tom Club with that song, but Tom Tom Club is definitely in my psyche of things to draw from. GS: “Meteor” and “Love Letter to Japan” both have a dance energy to them. Are there dance remixes in the works? GK: I’m sure there will be. I don’t know if anyone has done one yet. We did one for “Fucking Boyfriend,” from the first record, and we’ll probably do it again. It’s kind of a tradition, I guess. GS: If there is a dance remix, Inara, are you prepared for the possibility of becoming a disco diva and being worshipped and adored by countless gay men? IG: That is what I’m here for. That’s what I’m

doing it for. Let’s not try to pretend … I was really bummed out, because last time we had the remix for “Fucking Boyfriend” and it was number on the Hot Dance Club Play chart, and I was like, “I’m on my way!” But it didn’t happen. GS: Are you aware of a following in the gay community? IG: I think there is a following in the community. It seems like we have a smattering of a lot of different audiences. And we like all audiences. And if I can turn some gay guys on to our music, them I’m really excited [laughs]. GS: Is there every any question about who is the bird and who is the bee? GK: People ask us that a lot. IG: [laughs] We like to leave it up to whoever is talking to us. It seems that I’ve fallen into the bird category. Like in the UK, if you’re a girl, you’re a bird. And Greg is more industrious than I am, so he’s the bee. But things could change, so be prepared for that.



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stairs bedrooms. Marble bathroom, AC, new furnace, double-paned windows, large kitchen w/all appliances, dishwasher, washer/dryer. Great starter house. $500/month. Josh Martin. 614.657.2366 or 614.446.0106. MERION VILLAGE AREA Cute 1-Bedroom apartment. 638 E Jenkins. 1 BR apartment with everything! Clean, new paint, ceiling fans, AC, washer/dryer unit, dishwasher, appliances. $350/month. Josh Martin. 614.657.2366 or 614.446.0106. OLDE TOWNE EAST 1096 & 1104 Bryden Rd, 1 BR apartments available, new kitchen, wd flrs, vaulted ceiling, $450/mo. More OTE rentals available. Call Beacon Property Mgmt. at 614.228.6700. REAL ESTATE CAPE COD Two-bedroom Cape Cod with updates galore. Priced at $89,500. One mile from Westgate Park with friendly neighbors. Call Cindy Dunigan at 614.361.8400. MLS ID 2843973

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009



SAVAGE LOVE by Dan Savage

Here’s your chance to deal with the problems of a couple of senior citizens: I am a woman in my late 60s, and my “boyfriend” is five years older. We were lovers long ago. He came looking for me a few years ago and we reunited. We live on opposite sides of the country, so we only see each other for a few weeks every year. For various reasons, that is unlikely to change. I love this man very much. Our sex life is great, and the rest is pretty good, too. All of the things I loved about him forty-some years ago still apply. He is kind, generous, smart, and funny. I have known for a couple of years that he was interested in BDSM. He sees himself as a sub. I found out when he accidentally (?) left something on my computer. But he claims that all he does is “chat” online with a number of doms. He has never asked me to roleplay with him, and I’m not sure I could do it. It doesn’t disgust me; it might be rather fun, but I think I might just get the giggles! Here is the dilemma: I recently found out that in fact he has seen a dom in person. At this point, he does not know that I know. I can live with his wanting that as part of his life and that he apparently doesn’t see me in that role. What does concern me is that he has not been truthful and open with me about this and that perhaps he has exposed himself (and thus me) to health risks. Assuming that you don’t tell me to dump him, can you give me any advice about how to broach this subject with him? At the very least, he needs to know that I require honesty in our relationship. Subless In Seattle Very few professional dominants have sex with their clients, SIS, which is what attracts some women to this particular field of sex work. Doing domination allows women to reap the financial rewards of sex work without running the usual risks, e.g., sexually transmitted infections and arrest. (Pay the “nice” lady to beat you off? Totally illegal. Pay the “mean” lady to beat you? Totally legal.) Doing professional domination does, however, require more of an investment up front - the gear is expensive, expertise takes time to acquire (fucking is easy, flogging is hard), and a sub paying $500 an hour is going to want to be dominated in a tricked-out dungeon, not a studio apartment with a futon on the floor. So what should you do, SIS? Seeing as you’re

not married to this man, and seeing as you only get together a few weeks a year, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll stop seeing pro doms even if you extract that promise from him. So why not be the hero, SIS? Give him permission to do what he’s going to do anyway, and you’ll become the focus of his gratitude and not his guilt. Broach the subject by telling him that you know he’s been seeing a professional dominant and that’s fine. Tell him that he can go on seeing a pro dom with your blessing - so long as there’s no sexual contact and so long as he’s honest with you about it. If he can do the sub thing with a professional without sneaking around and the sex-and-intimacy-and-companionship thing with you without being dishonest, then everybody wins - him, you, and a hard-working professional dominant with her own bills to pay. Impress upon him that all of this is conditional on his being honest with you - about everything - and that these domination sessions, which you recognize are sexually arousing, don’t include any actual sex. What do you do when you meet the human equivalent of heroin? I’ve been messing around with a dominant guy for about a year now. It is by far the most unhealthy “relationship” I’ve ever been in. First, I have no desire to be with this guy in any way besides fucking around with him. I do not respect him or like him. Our fucking around consists of me giving him head and him slapping me around. Pathetic, huh? I’ve tried to quit seeing him many times. I changed my phone number, but he just started showing up at my house. When I started dating someone, he refused to quit seeing me. Prior to the relationship, I let him use my house keys one night. He made copies of them without my knowing, and while I was in a relationship, he came to my house one day and pretty much forced me to give him head. I was terrified after that. I changed my locks. I told him that if he ever came over again I would call the cops. Still, despite my having a boyfriend and me ignoring him for months, he still called, e-mailed, and stopped by. Since then, my boyfriend and I broke up, and his stalking has escalated. The few people who know the details about our “relationship” have begged me to get a restraining order. The problem? What he does (the dominating, not the stalking) still turns me on. Even after the “attack,” even during my rela-

tionship, when I masturbate, I think of him. I’m scared of him and turned on by him. I would go to a psychiatrist, but I’m very embarrassed by this. I’m a very normal person, healthy in many ways. So what gives? He’s a very attractive guy and he can get many girls - why won’t he leave me alone? Why can’t I stop myself from seeing him? I’m a female in my mid 20s. Completely normal, except for this dark secret. Anonymous It’s fun to have a dark secret - lots of “completely normal” people do. But you can have your dark secrets, A, and all the kinky sex you like, with someone else. There are other guys out there who can do for you exactly what this guy does for you now - and it can be a guy you like, a guy you respect, a guy who respects you enough not to take advantage of your submissive streak. You have to put a stop to this. Move, change those locks again, get that restraining order, and stop seeing this guy once and for all. He may be hot, what he does to you may be hot, but the stalker stuff - to say nothing of the rapist stuff - is shit frosting on an otherwise hot piece of cake. Stop swallowing it before you get seriously hurt. And you know what, A? You can go right on masturbating about your experiences with this guy without interpreting that as evidence that you’re somehow obligated to continue servicing him. Lots of people have fond memories of sexual experiences with sociopaths, and masturbate to (or is it about?) those memories, but only an idiot keeps fucking around with a sociopath. And this guy won’t loom quite so largely in your erotic imagination, A, once you’ve found someone else to do this stuff with. Is “saddleback” a sex act? If not, can you define it as one? Or if it is, can you popularize it? I’m wondering because each time I hear about Rick Warren, I can’t get past the name of his church. Jeffy Lube Stephen Colbert joked that “saddleback” was a sex act on his show, but he didn’t define it. So I guess we’ll have to. Suggested definitions for saddlebacking can be sent to Download the Savage Lovecast (my weekly podcast) every Tuesday at

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009


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Upside Down Pride: Music, Dancing and … Tarot? It’s never too early to get in the Pride spirit. BoMA hosts Upside Down Pride 2009 from 2p to close on January 24. Proceeds benefit Stonewall Columbus, and the first 100 in the door get Pride dog tags for entrance to the festival. You may as well find out now what your future will look like. Will I have a boyfriend in time for Pride? Will I lose those 15 pounds? When will I be famous, or failing that, rich? Many Outlook readers know Debé Wenig, a local lesbian jazz diva, but you won’t find her on stage this time. She’s trading her feather boa for a magnifying glass and will be offering palmistry

readings along with her divination partner, Cynthia Hartline, who specializes in tarot. These ladies have been reading for decades and are two of the best in the business. Debé says she can’t wait to get her hands on yours. “We’ll be upstairs in the booth area,” she says, “so ‘come up and us, sometime.’” After you learn your fate, you can enjoy the star power. Entertainers include Saving Jane, Eric Himan, Regina Sayles, Kate McQueen, DJ Moxy, Donna Mogavero, Columbus Stompers, Capital Pride Band, Spin Columbus, Tracy Temple, Lexi Ravyn, Smile and Nod Band, and the Royal Renegades.


JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009




THE LAST WORD by Chris Crain

The End of the Bush Era Let’s all wave goodbye to a president who squandered his promise to be a uniter and not a divider, especially on gay issues. Asked how his presidency will be remembered, George W. Bush famously said, “You never know what your history is going to be like until long after you’re gone.” We can chuckle all we want at Bush-isms like that one, but we needn’t wait “until long after we’re gone” to know that on issues important to gay and lesbian Americans, history will judge Bush unkindly. The Texas governor and son of an ex-president campaigned as a “compassionate conservative,” but the contested election of 2000 made it almost impossible for Bush 43 to deliver on his promise to be “a uniter, not a divider.” He would squander his second chance to unite the country, after the horrific attacks of September 11. The Iraq War again divided the country and Bush’s reelection prospects were looking grim, but the landmark gay marriage ruling in Massachusetts presented him the perfect political opportunity to follow the cynical divide and conquer “strategery” of his political “brain,” Karl Rove. In the January 2004 State of the Union address, a speech itself mandated by the Constitution, Bush signaled his support for amending the nation’s founding document to ban gay marriage. In one of many cruel ironies from the Bush years, W. used the “G word” for the first time as

president during that 2004 campaign, while reassuring a voter that he would do everything within his power to save “traditional marriage.” Sadly, the wedge politics worked even if the federal amendment never came close to passing. Across the nation, Republican politicians responded to the president’s call by proposing state constitutional amendments to ban gay marriage. The resulting ballot measures brought conservatives to the polls in November, tipping battleground states like Ohio for Bush and ensuring a second term. Even in the waning months of his presidency last year, Bush reached out to remind gay Americans that we were second-class citizens. His White House staff threatened to veto the most basic gay rights legislation: a hate crime bill and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. There were some indications that ENDA amendments agreed to in the House, stripping gender identity protections and strengthening exceptions for faith-based employers, might have resulted in the president actually signing the legislation. Perhaps for that reason, as well as the divisive fight over transgender protections, the Democratic-controlled Senate never took up ENDA, and President Bush was never forced to decide whether to sign or veto. The stormy Bush legacy on gay issues has a few silver linings. Some controversial executive orders ping-pong between presidents of different parties, signed by one only to be repealed by the

next. Bush left in place a Clinton-era order that protected federal workers against anti-gay discrimination. But Bush did little when one of his own appointees watered down the protections until they were effectively meaningless. Bush was the first GOP president to send openly gay nominees to the Senate for confirmation. During the Clinton years, appointees like Roberta Actenberg and James Hormel faced stiff resistance from Republicans like Jesse Helms based solely on their sexual orientation. Although Bush made precious few out gay appointments, his willingness to do so at all marked an end to the Helms era even before Helms himself passed away. Another Bush highlight was his massive commitment to the fight against AIDS outside the US, especially in Africa. Without taking anything away from that effort, it was hard not to see it as a signal that the president was more sympathetic to the heterosexual population affected by AIDS in Africa than the largely homosexual population here at home. On the domestic AIDS front, Bush reverted to the Reagan-Bush policy of malign neglect, setting policy with almost total disregard for the health of gay and bisexual Americans, who remained at the greatest risk of contracting HIV. HIV prevention policy under Bush emphasized abstinence until marriage, ignoring the cruel irony that this same administration was actively working to prevent gays from marrying. Did he really

expect gay men to abstain from sex our entire lives? It wasn’t just in AIDS policy that W. treated us not just as second class citizens of this country, but worse even than foreigners. In yet another irony, this additional slap in the face came from a regulation that may actually mark the first time the US government recognized same-sex relationships, and in immigration of all areas. Foreigners who come to America on work visas are permitted to bring their unmarried partners with them, and the Bush administration decided that regulation includes same-sex partners as well. The motivation was not gay rights but competitiveness, since US employers would otherwise lose out on talented young Europeans who are marrying later or entering into civil unions. As positive as this recognition was, it only highlighted how gay and lesbian Americans now have even less right than non-Americans to sponsor foreign same-sex partners to live in the United States. It will take months, if not years, for the incoming administration and Congress to undo the harm done in eight years by George W. Bush, not to mention his Democratic predecessor. For that reason alone, January 20 can’t come soon enough. Chris Crain is former editor of the Washington Blade and five other gay publications and now edits He can be reached via his blog at

HOROSCOPES by Jack Fertig

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18): What’s the most important part of sex? Each person has different answers at different times, and you need to rethink it. Meditative exercises like yoga or tai chi will help you to focus mind, body, and erotic priorities.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): You’re unusually distracted by concerns about the future. Take advantage of that to think ahead a little more than usual. Accepting a mental challenge from your boss will help you to focus more productively on those concerns.

LEO (July 23 - August 22): Some workrelated outfit - mechanic’s coveralls? three-piece suit? waitress’ uniform? will make you look even sexier, as if you need the help. Getting into arguments just for the fun of it can build your sex appeal or settle something important probably not both.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21): Your best intentions and your mouth are conspiring to get you into trouble. If you can channel that “helpfulness” into some nominally impersonal artistic work, it could be brilliant. Otherwise, it may just be seen as unwanted criticism.

PISCES (February 19 - March 19): Play with new looks, the wilder, the better. Your partner (or shopping companion) may be very critical, but use the feedback for perfecting your new image. Your instincts point accurately to your partner’s hidden discontent. Friends can help negotiate those problems.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): You could sleep your way to the top, but everyone will know how you worked your way up by working it down. Sublimating your sexual energy into hard work will move you ahead with a lot more respect.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22): Your partner seems to be on another planet. Try playing with that. A part of you loves the magic and mystery, baffling though it can be. Relationships are about healing and working together, not competition or logic.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 20): Your new ideas appear to shake up the authorities, but with some work and professionalism you can get your innovations accepted. Focus on issues of value and community to help get your ideas across.

ARIES (March 20 - April 19): If some brilliant new inspiration isn’t helping you see your way forward, an art show or movie you normally wouldn’t attend could kick start your imagination. If you’re feeling really bogged down, go to your boss or other experts for help.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Being too careful of what you say is like playing “whack-a-mole” inside your head. The more you worry, the more something will pop out. Just be discreet and sensible. If your partner or friends let something slip, simply grin and bear it.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22): Nightmares and paranoia can be channeled into artistry. Try working with your anxieties creatively. Digging into your family and cultural background will help you to understand, express, and liberate yourself from those demons.

CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19): Work on articulating the big ideas you’ve been struggling with. Let a friend play devil’s advocate, as some friendly arguments can help you sharpen your notions and practice stating them more effectively.

Jack Fertig, a professional astrologer since 1977, is a founding member of the Association for Astrological Networking. He can be reached for consultations at 415.864.8302,, and by e-mail at

JAN 21 - JAN 27 2009

01.21.09 Outlook Weekly - Winter Travel Issue  

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01.21.09 Outlook Weekly - Winter Travel Issue  

This Week in Outlook• FEATURE - Winter Party, White Party, Gay Ski Week & Hocking Hills• OUT BUSINESS NEWS - Spotlight on Susan Finefrock, M...