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Investing in Supply

Parallel to the ongoing investments being made at store level, SPAR has secured significant spending to develop their supply chain capabilities, expanding them where possible. “The introduction of warehouse management software, RF scanning and a more streamlined process has contributed hugely to improved performance at the Lowveld warehouse. We also see major advances in transportation with the application of scheduling and routing software and telemetrics. This results in considerable advances in service level and reduction in running costs and CO2 emissions. The investment has allowed for significant growth in the volume delivered to SPAR stores. This was achieved by increasing the capacity of the existing distribution centres and constructing new perishable facilities.”

Lowveld Packaging (PTY) LTD Lowveld Packaging is the leading supplier of Food Packaging Material and a wide range of related products to Spar Lowveld. The success of our 21 years partnership with the Spar group lies in reliable service delivery, flexibility; value for money and strong relationships at store level.

The main reason behind the success we have seen can be put down to how powerful, wellknown and loved the brand is in Southern Africa”

Lowveld Packaging’s reach extends across Mpumalanga and Limpopo in South Africa as well as Mozambique and Swaziland. This makes us the ideal, full service partner in our Industry for Spar Lowveld and other players within the retail and hospitality industry. Tel +27 (13) 755 2788 Email

SPAR and SCJ join hands in WAR ON WASTE (WOW)!


CJ has shown true commitment towards SPAR shoppers and retailers! Due to their commitment and high involvement in the account, SCJ was nominated to support SPAR in their 2014 War on Waste project. The project was about implementing the correct range on shelf, in line with their (SCJ) optimal share of space. This assisted the retailer in identifying WOW factors such as overstocks, out of stocks, slow moving lines, over ranged categories, and also helped to reduce returns. The project was a great success and resulted in positive results giving shoppers a pleasant shopping experience through onshelf visibility and availability.


Profile for Outlook Publishing

Africa Outlook Issue 19  

Essential reading for those who want to keep up to date with African business.

Africa Outlook Issue 19  

Essential reading for those who want to keep up to date with African business.