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Members of the Tigo sales force attend a training to empower them with product knowledge and customer engagement skills.

to go to the small towns and market the products and airtime on a street level. the workers were not alone, they were backed up by comprehensive training and knowledge based workshops, so that they could facilitate any customer enquiry about the products. this person to person approach has paid dividends, as subscribers have doubled in the small townships and villages. there are a few centralised hubs in the major cities and towns, who offer full product and service capabilities including handsets and a repair facility, but the majority of the sales and distribution is done on a face to face basis. “what we have found is that the sales people who go out to the townships and smaller street markets to showcase tigo’s services have been greeted very positively. a lot of these smaller rural locations would not have had access to our products if we had stuck to traditional central locations. This is what makes Tigo different. We understand the need for street level marketing,” remarks gutierrez.

new Ideas for new lives

tigo tanzania has taken CsR to a new level in recent months. the company has utilised their expansive network to create a pioneering platform that allows the mother’s of new born children to register their child’s birth

Tigo Corporate Responsibility Manager Woinde Shisael (C) in a group photo with mothers and their newborns during the launch of the Mobile Birth Registration project supported by Tigo.

using only a basic handset. the new system enables trained staff to visit rural locations with handsets to help the mothers to register their new-borns. this project has been done in coordination with the government, unicef and other entities. “this has been a massive project for tigo and one we are very proud of. By being able to give mothers in isolated locations the ability to register their child with the proper authorities, we have helped make them feel less secluded and a closer to the rest of the population,” explains gutierrez. For a company to succeed they must have a certain factor that differentiates them from their competitors, for tigo tanzania, that factor is customer understanding. By listening to customer feedback and quickly identifying areas for improvement or new innovation that could facilitate a need, tigo has quickly become one of the top operators in the region. “we believe that our customers know what they want from their operator and by listening carefully to this, we can tailor our products and a service to exactly what is wanted. this has kept us at the forefront of innovation. of course that is not our only reason for success; we also have a great team of highly motivated people who are very committed to the company,” concludes gutierrez.



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Africa Outlook Issue 19  

Essential reading for those who want to keep up to date with African business.

Africa Outlook Issue 19  

Essential reading for those who want to keep up to date with African business.