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each and every challenge,” he explains. Bureaucracy is a commonly cited bugbear, particularly as the public sector “often does not have the same aims as the private sector.” That said 2013 has been a banner year for Paccon with the company gaining new clients both locally and internationally. In addition, the company has recently joined the international project logistics network GPLN and, after its first conference, established firm relationships with a number of companies that need like-minded agents in Southern Africa. Despite this sense of rapid expansion, the Paccon team is relatively small, comprising 15 employees. When asked about his compact workforce, Wallace had this to say: “A big question in our industry at the moment is the shortage of suitably qualified staff, especially in niche sectors such as ours. As a small company, we are not as affected by this problem. Fortunately most of our staff have been with us for a few years and so have grown into their roles as every day is a learning opportunity. From a training perspective we obviously have on-the-job practical learning and my managers and I can be found at our staff’s desks discussing the details of a shipment on a regular basis. All this is supported by formal learning through a variety of courses offered by industry service providers which staff attend on a rotational basis and are paid for by the company. This is not limited to junior staff - in fact, myself and two colleagues attended a heavylift course last year. Apart from the training side, we also try to create and maintain a working environment where everyone enjoys coming to work and feels that their contribution is an important part of our success.”





There are many challenges we face every day - such is the nature of our industry - but what sets a company apart is how they deal with each and every challenge”


He also noted that 2014 would likely herald some new hires and the possible opening of new offices. What is certain however is that 2014 will be a year of deserved celebration, with the 10th anniversary of the firm providing “a good excuse to host a party and invite as many of our clients and service providers as possible.” In the eyes of Wallace’s co-founder, Steve Gillespie, Paccon Logistics’ newly acquired independence from Australian investors marks a turningpoint in the business’s history: “With the consolidation of our shareholding now firmly South African, we are free to pursue our strategies for the benefit of current and future shareholders as well as our loyal staff and clients,” he concludes. To learn more visit



Paccon Logistics Business Brochure - Africa Outlook Issue 10