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“Our export expansion policy moving forward will, to quite a large extent, depend on the overall demand of our main products or brands in other African countries as well as finding the most suitable partners to cooperate with; that will not only understand but appreciate our vision and overall strategy in this regard,” Marketing Director, Peter explains. Eaton continues: “We will most certainly endeavour to continuously cater to the needs of our respective target markets whether it be local or






other African markets by developing new and innovative products as well as extending our existing product lines. In addition to this, we would of course like to further our model of continued sustainability and innovation over the following years.”

Beverage industry experience

With Halewood International South Africa’s vast array of industry experience, not to mention the support coming from its parent company, the business can readily or rather ultimately serve its target markets in the most efficient manner

possible. “In terms of general distribution, it is paramount to us that we have a strong local focus which is reinforced by our extensive distribution network covering the entire country. As such, we are wholly capable of almost guaranteeing that all our current products are readily available in the major city centres, smaller cities, as well as towns,” explains Eaton. The Company currently has a total of 14 distribution centres in South Africa to meet the demands of this vast footprint, and further to its physical distribution network, the business also boasts various support roles within this particular marketing function which therefore ensures a modern and streamlined supply chain.



Africa Outlook - Issue 45  
Africa Outlook - Issue 45