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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Welcome to Dimensions festival

5.Whats on

1.1Introduction 5.1 Arenas & Line up 1.2Basic essentials 5.2Boat Parties 1.3What to bring 5.3Merchandise

1.4What not to bring

1.5Festival Rules

2.Getting to and from Dimensions festival

6.Visiting Croatia

2.1By Car 6.1Money 2.2Train 6.2Telephones & Mobiles 2.3 Sunshine bus 6.3 General Information 2.4Buses 6.4Health

2.4Transfers to & from Dimensions festival


2.5 Taxis 6.6Embassies Public Buses 6.7Phrases 3.Arriving at Dimensions festival 6.8Tourist websites 3.1Campsite Registration 3.1.1Tent rental 3.1.2Campsite Rules

3.2Private accomodation box office

3.3Wristband Exchange 4.Onsite Facilities & Services 4.1Welfare

4.2First Aid

4.3Belongings & Storage


4.5Internet & Wifi

Dimensions Festival is FINALLY here! We’d like to welcome you to the first Dimensions Festival. The response across Europe has been inspiring and we’re thrilled that so many people regard our line up for this year as possibly the best festival line up of the summer. Focusing on the deep end of the electronic music spectrum, Dimensions festival features some of our favourite names in techno, electronica, house, deep dubstep and drum & bass. We’re delighted that you have decided to join us on our first year. The festival is held in the beautiful site of Fort Punta Christo, Pula. This stunning location is an abandoned fort built in the eighteen hundreds, a spectacular atmospheric venue located on a peninsular and surrounded by the crystal waters of the Adriatic. The beautiful beach, intimate boat parties and the dramatic fort itself providing a platform for the wide range of electronic artists we have brought together for what should be a magical weekend. Taking over the site from Thursday 6th of September right through until the late evening of Sunday the 9th, Dimensions Festival aims to be an intimate affair, with a limited capacity and relaxed atmosphere. So as our anticipation rises for what should be a wonderful week of sunshine, smiling faces and great music we’ve prepared a helpful document of information that should help you in planning your stay and travel here. Looking forward to meeting you all, we hope you are getting as excited as we are. Love & happiness from the Dimensions Team.

1.2 BASIC ESSENTIAL CHECKLIST Whilst we know you’re all hyped up to set off on your journey to Dimensions festival, we dont want you getting over- excited and forgetting the basic essentials! It may seem silly, and you’re probably all packed and ready to go, but just on the off chance you’ve forgotten something, heres a little checklist to make sure you don’t arrive to Pula cursing yourself for leaving something on the kitchen table...

Ticket/ Eticket

Bank card you booked with

Visa (if needed)***

Travel & Medical insurance**

Drivers licence (if needed)


Cash (Kuna)


***Visa’s - Foreign visitors do not normally require visas to enter Croatia. Citizens of the U.S., the U.K., EU countries, Australia and New Zealand DO NOT need visas.Also visa requirements have also been abolished for citizens of Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan for the period 1st April to 31st October 2012. Citizens from these countries do not need to obtain a visa to visit Croatia for a stay of up to 90 days. For other countries, please check the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website. ( ) If you do need one, please contact the Croatian Embassy in your country (also detailed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website) for more information on how to obtain a visa. **Travel insurance - The Croatian state requires every foreigner to have a valid health insurance or travel insurance that covers the costs that might occur during their stay in Croatia with regards to the repatriation costs due to health reasons, urgent medical assistance and/or urgent hospital treatment.You should take out comprehensive travel insurance. Check any exclusions, and that your policy covers you for all pre-existing conditions. We strongly recommend that every festival attendee has a travel insurance policy to cover medical emergency and personal possessions whilst in Croatia. We’ve teamed up with TAGIS to offer Outlook and Dimensions customers comprehensive travel insurance for as little as £14.48 for a 5-day cover. note this insurance is only available for customers travelling to Croatia from within Europe (excluding Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine and Montenegro)

1.3 WHAT TO BRING TO DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL Apart from the basic essentials on the previous page, there are vital items every festival goer needs. If you’re just starting to pack and have no idea of where to begin, heres an idea of what to bring to DImensions festival. AS LITTLE CLOTHES AS POSSIBLE- You’re going to a festival, not moving house. Bringing your entire wardrobe across Europe will be your biggest regret when your hauling your bag across the camp site. INSECT REPELLENT- Croatia has mosquitos. They bite. Don’t blame us, we don’t like them either. Just show them who’s boss and cover yourself in repellent. SUN CREAM- Don’t fancy being mistaken for a lobster for the entire festival? Thought not. Please lather yourself in sun cream so you can show off your tan when you get home. And for those prone to sun-burn (you know who you are), please bring some after-sun or aloe-vera. A JUMPER- no we’re not going mad. Of course its going to be gorgeous Croatian sunshine by day, it can get cold by night. You’ll thank us when you’re all snuggled up in your tent. CAMERA- To take pictures of the randomers you meet along the way. Obviously! AN OLD MOBILE PHONE- there is no need to bring the latest Iphone to the festival. Because more than likely you are going to lose it raving on a boat or dancing on your way to a port-a-loo. Bring an old brick of a phone your dad would be ashamed to be seen with (think Trigger Happy TV), that way when you drop it into a pint of beer, you can have a laugh about it rather than cry your eyes out. TOWELS- definitely needed for camping and a good idea if you’re staying in an apartment as well as they’re not always provided. ZIPLOCK BAGS- Dont fancy a shampoo explosion in your suitcase? No sir. Alienate your toiletries and be super prepared. TOILET PAPER- You may feel stupid bringing it, but when you REALLY need it, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you brought it. If CAMPING- torch, sleeping bag, travel pillow, tent, mat, towl etc. If you’ve bought some of these items from us please collect them from campsite registration upon arrival to the festival


GLASS- glass can break and cut hands. Cuts and scrapes don’t go well with a tan. PETS- Sorry, but bringing pets into Dimensions festival is strictly forbidden. Buddy and Whiskers will just have to miss out on the fun. STILLETTOS- Why would you even consider bringing them? AIR HORNS- They’re loud, unnecessary & annoying. PADLOCKS- Padlocks on tents indicate that you’ve left something valuable in there. Keep your expensive items in the storage boxes provided on site.

1.5 FESTIVAL RULES: Leave no trace – There are litter & recycling bins provided – PLEASE USE THEM. There is no excuse to leave litter everywhere. Don’t leave it for someone else to clear up, but take responsibility for your own rubbish so that this beautiful festival site stays beautiful and can be enjoyed by everyone else as well. Be courteous– Please be respectful and courteous to all those around you; staff and fellow festival-goers, visitors and Croatians. Stick to paths - Please do not wander off into the undergrowth and try to keep to paths as this region of Croatia has a number of scorpions, spiders and snakes that do bite. Areas signed off limits or out of bounds are not safe for public access No food or drink- Food and drink may not be brought inside the Festival site, including bottles of water, but there are several water pumps inside the site. No flip-flops or sandals in venues - Flip-flops/sandals are strictly not allowed at the Fort or Harbour. Only to be used for the Beach Arena and Campsite. You must be wearing trainers or some other form of sturdy shoe in order to be allowed entrance. This is for your own safety as the ground is not suitable for unprotected feet and we do not want hundreds of stubbed toes, bruised heels and sprained ankles. No professional recording - Unauthorised professional cameras and video/audio equipment are prohibited. Live video/audio recordings made without the permission of the artist/promoter are prohibited. No drugs or illegal substances– The Croatian authorities take a very strict stance on the use of drugs. We strongly advise that you do not bring drugs with you or try to buy drugs out here. There WILL be a strong police presence here at the festival, both uniformed and plain clothed. If you are caught with drugs or caught clearly under the influence of drugs you will be arrested and taken to the police station and, at the very least you, will spend the night in a cell and be given a hefty fine (minimum €300). Laughing Gas- Due to the change of laws in Croatia, Laughing Gas is now prohibited, therefore it will not be permitted on the festival site. No guns or knives– Or potentially dangerous objects. Lost property- Will all end up in our Information Point,located in the Customer Village. Please check in there before you leave the site. It is worth noting that all remaining lost property will be handed over to the Campsite on 15th September. We care! We have some of the best medics and welfare services you can find. We will be providing these services 24 hours a day. Please ensure that when you arrive on site you are aware of the welfare tent, which will be in the Customer Village. This way, will be able to deal with many issues on-site without spending a long time travelling to and waiting around at the local hospital


Ensure you know how to get to Pula, print out maps and be sure to buy,borrow or steal a GPS.Dont forget to fill the tank! If there are a group of you going by car, make sure to divide up the driving shifts so one person isnt a complete zombie arriving to Dimensions festival. Do not leave valuables in sight in the car, and ensure you lock up before leaving your car to join everyone else. If you don’t have a full car, check the Dimensions festival Facebook page and the website ( There are always people looking for a lift to the festival. It’s a great way to help the environment and meet other like-minded souls!

Festival address & Information Camp Brioni (formerly Puntizela),Puntizela 155,Stinjan,52100,Pula,CROATIA Telephone- 0038552517490 Website- Vodnjan- Dimensions Festival. When leaving Vodnjan head south toward Pula, after 4km turn right at signposts for Fazana. After 2 km you will reach the exit for the Camp Brioni. Turn left here and drive another 1.5 km until you reach the entrance to the campsite. Pula - Dimensions Festival. At the Peliceti exit turn right in the direction of Pula, and continue driving (along the ring-road, you will pass three cross-roads with tracffic lights) approx. 4 km (to INA petrol station Veli Vrh). Then turn left and continue driving in the direction of Fažana. After 2 km you will reach the exit for Camp Brioni. Turn left, drive 1.5 km and you will come to the campsite entrance. Renting a car in Croatia is easy, but perhaps on the pricey side. Major car hire chains exist in Croatia, as do local companies. Most have offices in the larger Croatian towns and airports. Here are some helpful facts about renting a car in Croatia. Drivers must be 21 years of age with a full valid licence for a minimum of two years. To rent a car your current passport/ national identity card and a credit card must be presented. Basic insurance is included in the price of hire but it is advised to customers to purchase Collision Damage Waiver & Theft Protection insurance for the duration of hire. Any incidents must be reported to the Croatian police (112) or else the insurance is treated as void. If you need road assistance, the Croatian Auto Club Emergency Service will help you. Their telephone number is 987. Petrol is easily available, whether you require Regular, Premium or Unleaded. Diesel is also available Car Hire Agencies: /

2.2 BY TRAIN An eco-friendly way of travelling, sites like and provide a train route directly to Zagreb from across Europe. is the Croatian Railways site for those wanting to see the country and is a useful site for booking trains to Croatia and within Croatia. The Croatian Railways website does not offer an online booking facility, although you can purchase tickets online on the Rail Europe website, for tickets at least 7 days in advance of travel.

2.3 BY SUNSHINE BUS Departure from the UK- Tuesday 4th of September. Arrive at Dimensions festival the morning of Thursday the 6th. Manchester pick-up at 7pm, 4th September 2012. From: Coach bays, Store Street (next to Piccadilly Railway Station), M1 2WD - View here London pick up at midnight, 4th September 2012. From: 175 High Street, Epping, CM16 4BL - view here . We apologise, however, due to road closures and “games traffic only” routes throughout the Olympics and Paralympics we are not able to pick up from Wapping as originally planned - the new pick-up location is in EPPING - please make sure any friends who have also booked the sunshine buses are aware of this.

2.4 BY PUBLIC BUS If you havn’t booked an airport transfer and have time to travel around before or after the festival, heres a few bus websites to have a look at. Each cater to and from specific destinations, so depending on where you want to go, you should be covered by these; (provides various routes. Eg Split -Pula) ( Various domestic routes) (Operates a route between Zagreb & Zadar) ( Routes from Zagreb to Rijeka, Sibenik & Split)

Please be aware its not possible to book bus tickets online, only at bus stations. Nevertheless, try and buy your bus tickets for your intended journey (from the bus station) earlier than when you actually travel, the day before for example. This will save you time and hassle on the day, and you’ll know for sure that you’ve got a space on the bus you want to be on. As for luggage, you will be expected to pay around 6-7 Kuna on arrival and please hold on to your receipt you will be given.

2.5 AIRPORT TRANSFERS TO DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL : Please note – the flight arrival times in brackets below are based on the assumption that passengers need 60 minutes to pass through customs. If your flight arrives fractionally after this time (e.g 5mins) you could still book the transfer, but the festival takes no responsibility if you do not reach the coach in time and the coach leaves without you. Please click on the following link if you still need to book transfers. Trieste – Dimensions Festival Tues 4th September – Pick up at 15:40 (for flights arriving at or before 14:40) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 15:40 (for flights arriving at or before 14:40) Thur 6th September – Pick up at 15:40 (for flights arriving at or before 14:40)

Ljubljana - Dimensions Festival Tue 4th September – Pick up at 17:30 (for flights arriving at or before 16:30) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 17:30 (for flights arriving at or before 16:30) Thur 6th September – Pick up at 17:30 (for flights arriving at or before 16:30)

Zagreb - Dimensions Festival Tue 4th September – Pick up at 15:15 (for flights arriving at or before 14:15) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 15:15 (for flights arriving at or before 14:15) Thur 6th September – Pick up at 10:45 (for flights arriving at or before 09:45)

Venice Marco-Polo - Dimensions Festival Tue 4th September – Pick up at 12:50 (for flights arriving at or before 11:50) Tue 4th September – Pick up at 14:40 (for flights arriving at or before 13:40) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 12:50 (for flights arriving at or before 11:50) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 14:40 (for flights arriving at or before 13:40) Thur 6th September – Pick up at 14:40 (for flights arriving at or before 13:40)

Venice Treviso - Dimensions Festival Tue 4th September – Pick up at 11:00 (for flights arriving at or before 10:00) Wed 5th September – Pick up at 10:30 (for flights arriving at or before 9:30) Thur 6th September – Pick up at 10:50 (for flights arriving at or before 9:50)

2.5 Transfers away from Dimensions Festival: Please note – the flight departure times in brackets below are based on the assumption that passengers need 2 hours to check-in, pass through customs and reach the boarding gate in time for their flight . If your flight arrives fractionally earlier than this time (e.g 5mins) you could still book the transfer, but Dimensions takes absolutely no responsibility if you do not reach the flight in time. If you need to book transfers away from the festival please click on the following link Dimensions – Pula Mon 10th September – Pick up at 13:45 (for flights departing at 16:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 12:45 (for flights departing at 15:30 or later) Dimensions – Trieste Mon 10th September – Pick up at 14:30 (for flights departing at 20:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 09:00 (for flights departing at 15:00 or later) Dimensions – Ljubljana Mon 10th September – Pick up at 10:00 (for flights departing at 16:55 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 10:00 (for flights departing at 16:55 or later) Dimensions – Zagreb Mon 10th September – Pick up at 07:00 (for flights departing at 14:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 00:00 (for flights departing at 7:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 13:00 (for flights departing at 20:30 or later) Wed 12th September – Pick up at 00:00 (for flights departing at 7:30 or later) Dimensions – Venice Marco-Polo Mon 10th September – Pick up at 13:30 (for flights departing at 21:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 03:30 (for flights departing at 11:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 08:00 (for flights departing at 16:00 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 13:30 (for flights departing at 21:30 or later) Wed 12th September – Pick up at 03:30 (for flights departing at 11:30 or later) Dimensions – Venice Treviso Mon 10th September – Pick up at 01:30 (for flights departing at 09:30 or later) Mon 10th September – Pick up at 14:00 (for flights departing at 22:00 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 01:30 (for flights departing at 09:30 or later) Tue 11th September – Pick up at 14:00 (for flights departing at 22:00 or later) Wed 12th September – Pick up at 01:30 (for flights departing at 09:30 or later)

2.5 Taxis

Below is the list of prices imposed by the taxi firm based in Pula. Please take note of the entry fee upon arrival to the festival site and always get into a MARKED Taxi hanging around the festival. Camp Brioni to Valbandon= 65 kn Camp Brioni to Stinjan= 65 kn Camp Brioni to Veli Vrh= 75 kn Camp Brioni to Fazana= 95 kn Camp Brioni to Pula centar= 95 kn ? Airport to Pula Centar= 115 kn Airport to camp Brioni= 125 kn Camp Brioni to Verudela= 145 kn Camp Brioni to the Airport= 135 kn Camp Brioni to village of Peroj=125 kn

2.6 Buses Lines & Prices

Bus stop: There is a bus stop right outside the Dimensions Festival Campsite (Camp Brioni).

Local Public Bus lines: LINE 5A Giardini(Pula)-Camp Brioni (06.00-21:30 hours) Every 30minutes 06.00 – 09.00/ Every 20/30minutes from 09.30- 21.30 LINE 62 Giardini(Pula)-Camp Brioni   (22.00-05.00 hours) Every 30- 60minutes LINE 63 Peroj-Camp Brioni Every 30minutes

Ticket Prices “Oyster cards” can be purchased from bus drivers & shops and kiosks dotted around Pula

Bus line :   5a 62 63

Ticket price when bought from the driver: 11 kn 11 kn 15 kn

Ticket price when “oyster cards” used: 7 kn 7 kn 11 kn

3. ARRIVING AT DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL 3.1 CAMPSITE REGISTRATION Campsite : Dimensions festival is held at Camp Brioni ( Festival address: Camping Brioni (formerly Puntizela), Puntizela 155, Stinjan, 52100,Pula, CROATIA The campsite map can be seen here:

Arrival dates: Camp Brioni is a campsite which is open all year round and is open to the public for holidays etc . You can therefore arrive whenever you want, however, you will need to check in with the Camp Brioni Reception and purchase camping facilities at their expense.

Dimensions Campsite Registration Tent opening hours: Saturday 25th August – Saturday 1st September; 10am – 10pm daily Please note that campsite registration closes at 10pm, if you plan on arriving after this time you will need to make other arrangements until it reopens at 10am. All travel options booked through Dimensions are scheduled to arrive within these opening hours. If due to unforeseen circumstances, Dimensions scheduled transfers or sunshine buses do not arrive until after 10pm we will keep the desk open for you.

3.1.1 TENT RENTAL/ PURCHASE Tents will be available to pick up at campsite registration once you produce your reference number and campsite wristband. If you havn’t purchased the camping necessities yet, you can book through the following link


Entrance Restrictions: To enter the Campsite you must have a Festival wristband and a Campsite wristband. No one without a campsite wristband will be permitted entry. This has been done to improve customer safety in the campsite. Passports - It is a Croatian policy that anyone staying in accommodation needs to hand over their passport, for safe keeping during their stay. Your passport will be taken on entry to the campsite. We know you’ll be shattered on your departure, so we’ve arranged for your passport to be collected at Green Gate by the transport station. No Glass - Food and drink is allowed but glass of any sort is strictly forbidden. No Fires - Open fires are strictly forbidden. Confisications- Please do not bring drugs, sharp objects, fireworks, knives, guns, missiles etc into the Campsite as they will be confiscated on entry. 1m distance for grill & cookers - Grills and cookers must be kept at an absolute minimum of 1m away from the neighbouring tent. No music from midnight until 7 a.m. It is forbidden to: use radio appliances, CD-players, TV, musical instruments during these times Respect your neighbours - People will be coming and going to and from the campsite at all hours, but please be courteous to your neighbours, don’t make excessive amounts of noise in the middle of the night and clean up after yourselves. Leave no trace - There are bins provided - USE THEM!! There is no excuse to leave litter lying around.

Checkout by 12 Midday - However hungover you are - please make sure you checkout of the Campsite by noon (12:00midday) or the Campsite will charge you for an extra day. You can go back to sleep once you’ve left the campsite! Look out for each other - please report anything suspicious to the Campsite Manager or Campsite Patrol team. We have employed these people to help you and look after your safety.

3.2 PRIVATE ACCOMODATION BOX OFFICE Upon arrival to the festival site you must come to the Accommodation Box Office which is located by the taxi and coach rank. Then, either the landlord will pick you up, the shuttle bus will bring you to your apartment or you can get a taxi. You will need your passport along with the TWO email confirmations of your deposit payment AS WELL AS the deposit payment from LeedsTickets. You can purchase an “Oyster card” to get to and from the festival site. Oyster cards are supplied in various kiosks & newsagents dotted around Pula and can be topped up in 5- 35 units

Private accommodation Box Office opening hours. The private accommodation box office is there for customers to check-in for their apartments & act as place for customers to return to for any issues they may have during their stay. 10am – 10pm from Tuesday 4th September until Friday 7th September If you will be arriving outside of these opening hours,you will have to make your own sleeping arrangements until reception opens again the following day. Should you arrive after the box office has closed, the following hostels are nearby; Hostel Amfora Located in Fazana Phone: 00385 (0)98 163 46 05 Hostel Pula Phone: 00385 52 391133 Pula Art Hostel Phone: 00385 (0)98 87 40 78

3.3 Wristband Exchange. Have your ticket & passport ready for the box office as we will ID you by checking your age against your passport (Please remember the festival will not admit anyone under the age of 18). Please note you MUST wear your wristband for the entierity of the festival, if you lose your wristband, Dimensions Festival will not replace it and you will need to purchase a new ticket to access the festival site Wristband Exchange Opening hours Tuesday & Wednesday September 4/5th 2012: 12pm – 10pm Thursday-Saturday September 6/7/8th 2012: 10am – 12am

4.ON-SITE FACILTIES AND SERVICES 4.1 WELFARE This year, Dimensions festival has teamed up with Nightlife Empowerment & Well-being Implementation Project (NEWIP). Holding a strong presense throughout the festival, they will be providing information on having a good time without potential harmful effects. They will hold an information-stand which will advertise health promotion & harm reduction. Friendly staff will have endless information on; health risks, recreational drug use and consumption, sexual education & hearing risks. Any personal issues or emotional support needed will also be assisted to. All of this will be spoken in different European languages including croatian. NEWIP will be aiming to provide participants with information and content related to alcohol/drug education in a new, compelling, attractive way. compelling, attractive way.

Opening hours: NEWIP info stand and chill out area at the camp site: 24rs throughout the festival until 6am, Sunday the 9th.

4.2 FIRST AID First Aid will be in three locations throughout the site; the fort, harbour & customer village. They will operate throughout the festival, dealing with all major & minor injuries. This is to ensure that people are kept safe, time is managed effectively and not wasted travelling to the nearest hospital.

4.3 BELONGINGS & VALUABLES AND STORAGE FACILITIES When you arrive at Dimension festival, take time to think about how you will keep your belongings safe once on site. Tents are, by their nature, not very secure. If you are spending a lot of time wandering around the festival then your tent will spend a lot of time alone. Don’t leave your valuables in your tent when it is unattended - in fact, limit the number of valuables you bring with you. If everythings left safe and secure at home, it can’t get lost or stolen on the campsite! Storage facilities will be available on-site. Full details of which will be posted up on on the customer information board, located in the Customer Village.

4.4 MONEY Dimensions festival bars & stalls all use a token system. You can exchange your Kuna at Token Points which are dotted around the festival site and then use your tokens to pay for drinks etc. Tokens will be available in denominations of 30 Kuna, 20 Kuna, 15 Kuna and 5 Kuna. Change handed back to customers will be limited to 5 Kuna only so we advise that the correct token denominations are used whenever possible. Two cash points will be operating within the campsite and will run throughout the festival. Unfortunately this wont be available to non-campers but there is a cash point within walking distance of the site in Stinjan Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks, exchange offices, post offices and at most tourist agencies, hotels and camping grounds. Banking hours are usually 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays banks are open until 1 p.m.

4.5 INTERNET & WI-FI Internet is available in two locations throughout the festival site; within the campsite and customer village.

5.WHATS ON AT DIMENSIONS FESTIVAL 5.1 ARENAS & LINE UP Dimensions Festival Stage Opening Times: Opening times Fort: 20:00 - 06:00 hrs Beach Arena: 12:00 - 22:00 hrs







5.2 BOAT PARTIES Boarding- Please be aware that you need to be at The Dockside 30minutes before the displayed boarding time. Please have your confirmation email ready as well as the bank card you booked with. If you are unable to bring the card you booked with on your journey, please note that you will need a photocopy of the card details, written authorization from the card holder that you had permission to book a boat party ticket on their card and identification. Boats will not wait for anyone so please make sure you are there on time, otherwise you will miss out and will not receive a refund(bad times). Dimensions Festival accepts no responsibilty for late persons arriving at the Dock. You may not bring alcohol on the boat. Alcohol will be sold on the boat in exchange for Kuna and festival tokens( no euros or any other currency will be accepted ) As there are no cash machines on board, please ensure you have enough to last you the entire trip. There are toilets on board but be prepared for queues. Please make sure you use the facilities before you set sail. No diving: Strictly no jumping off/diving off the boats. If you do, the boat will not stop and you risk personal harm. If you jump off the boat you will have your wristband taken off you and you wont be able to re enter the festival site for the rest of your stay. When disembarking the boat, PLEASE be careful. You may feel a little tipsy so accept the help offered by the stewards.

5.2 Merchandise Location: Dimensions Festival 2012 merchandise will be available in two loctations; the Beach & The Fort arena, both prior to the festival and throughout. Merchandise available: hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, girls vests, and tunics as well as the Dimensions Programmes and lanyards (with set times). Opening times Beach: The Fort Tuesday 4th - Thursday 6th Thurs 6th - Sat 8th 12:00 – 22:00hrs 20:00 - 06:00

6. VISITING CROATIA- ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. 6.1 MONEY Pre ordering money One way to save money is to pre-order your foreign currency online and pick up at the airport before you depart. Try Travelex for the best rates and no commission.

Wiring Money Having money wired from home is not convient or cheap, and should be considered as a last resort. Its also possible to have monet wired directly from your bank in your home country to a bank Croatia, however this is less reliable as it involves two separate institutions. If this is something you would opt for, your home bank will need the address of the bank you want to pick up your cash from and address and telephone of the Zagreb head office, which will act as a middle man. Money wiring normally takes two working days to arrive and costs about £25 per transaction. Some money wiring companies are Thomas Cook ( / 01733/318 922-British contact number), Travelers Express MoneyGram. ( ) and Western Union (

6.2 PAYPHONES & TELEPHONES Payphones Payphones are dotted all around Pula. You’ll need a phone card to use the payphones, which are available at any post office, tobacco shops and newspaper kiosks. They are sold in units, which are available in 25(15kn), 50 (30kn), 100 (50kn) and 300 (100kn). 3minutes on the phone in Croatia will proabably cost about 12kn to UK and Europe and around 15kn to Austrailia and the USA. The country access code for calling Croatia is +385. Mobile Phones The three main mobile phone networks in Croatia are T-Mobile, VIP and Tele2. If bringing your handset from home, you will find it will hook up automatically to one of these. If you think you’ll be using your mobile phone a reasonable amount to either make phone calls within Croatia, or text and call home, you should consider purchasing a pre-paid SIM card. The three mobile network operators all have details of these on their websites and you can buy SIMs at some newsagents within Pula. On that note, phone chargers will be available on-site, located in the customer village & campsite. Make sure you call your home mobile phone operator before travelling, to make sure that roaming is enabled. At the same time, you’ll probably want to switch off data roaming if you have a smartphone, so you don’t rack up crazy data charges!

6.3 General Information • • • • •

Electricity is 220V, 50Hz. Croatia uses the standard European 2 round point plugs. The weights and measures system is metric. Croatia is 1 hour ahead of BST, the same time zone as the majority of Western Europe. The dialing code for Croatia is +385.

6.5 Health No inoculations are required to travel to Croatia. It is safe to drink tap water on the main land but double check when on the islands. Most common health problems within tourists are sunstroke , sunburn & dehydration so it is strongly advised to have a bottle of water and suncream on you at all times. Flip flops are a big no-no when in the festival arenas so to avoid feet injuries we would encourage festival-goers to wear trainers.

6.6 Crime / Women Travellers/ Gay & Lesbian Travellers The crime rate in Croatia is low by European standards. Tourists’ main defence against petty theft is to exercise common sense and to avoid flaunting luxury items. Dimensions festival encourages every festival attendee takes out travel insurance and always carry a copy of crucial information-bearing pages of your passport - this will help you immensely when consulating your new travel documents in the event of your passport being stolen. Women do not face any particular travel difficulties in Croatia. They are treated with courtesy and respect in both big cities and small towns. Even though homosexuality is legal in Croatia, some travellers have experienced issues. However in Zagreb you’ll find openly gay clubs. Public displays of affection between same sex couples may be met with hostility, especially outside major cities. For more info check out

6.7 Embassies & Consultates Zagreb is the main diplomatic base and a number of countries have embassy representatives in Split. Most embassies and consulates are open Mon - Fri 8/9am - 4/5pm, and close for an hour at lunchtime. Lost Passports: In an emergency an Emergency Passport (EP) valid for one journey back to the UK can be issued in Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik, and an Emergency Travel Document (ETD), which can be a two-way document, can only be issued in Zagreb. Applications for ETDs made in Split and Dubrovnik will be sent to Zagreb for issuing so bear in mind that there will be time delays and extra cost (courier) if not applying in Zagreb. If you lose your passport at the festival, please make your way to the Customer Information Point, which will be located in the Customer Village, and a helpful volunteer will assist you in getting the relevent documentation/ information. Also be sure to enquire in lost propetry to see if it has been handed in. What the Embassy can do: • Issue an Emergency Travel Document/ • Provide information about transferring funds from the UK; • Provide a list of local lawyers; • Do all they properly can to contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been detained; • In an emergency, contact your family and friends with your permission What the Embassy CANNOT do: • Get you out of prison or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings; • Give you legal advice; • Investigate a crime; • Get you better treatment in hospital or prison than is given to local people; A list of embassies and their contact details can be found at the following address :

6.8 CROATIAN VOCAB General Hi! dravo! Good morning! Dobro jutro! Good evening! Dobra večer! Have a nice day! Ugodan ostatak dana! How are you? Kako si? I’m fine, thank you! And you? Dobro sam, hvala! A ti? Good bye! Doviđenja! For the charmers... You look beautiful! (to a woman) Can I have your email? Croatia is a beautiful country

Lijepo izgledaš! Možeš li mi dati svoj e-mail? Hrvatska je lijepa zemlja

Getting around Sorry! (or: I beg your pardon!) Oprosti! Can you repeat please? Molim te možeš li ponoviti? Can you speak slowly? Možeš li govoriti sporije? Can you write it down? Možeš li to napisati? No problem! Nema problema! I’m lost Izgubio sam se How can I get to (this place, this city)? Kako bih došao do (tog mjesta, tog grada)? Airport Zračna luka Bus station Autobusna postaja Train station Kolodvor Taxi Taksi Do you accept credit cards? Primate li kreditne kartice? I’d like to rent a car Želio bih unajmiti automobil Question words.. Numbers What? Što? Zero nula Six šest Where?Gdje? One jedan Seven sedam Who? Tko? Two dva Eight osam How? Kako? Three tri Nine devet When? Kada? ` Four četiri Ten deset Why? Zašto? Five pet

6.9 TOURIST WEBSITES The Croatian National Tourist Board ( is a good source of information. Regional tourist offices supervise tourist development: Dubrovnik-Neretva County ( ) Istria County ( ) Krapina-Zagorje County ( ) Osijek-Baranja County ( ) Primorje-Gorski Kotar (Kvarner) County - ( ) Sibenik-Knin County ( ) Split-Dalmatia County ( ) Zadar County ( ) Zagreb County ( ) Commercial travel agencies: eg. Atlas Travel Agency ( ) & Generalturist


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