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04. Eat Local 06. Drink Local 08. Craft Local 10. Listen Local 12. Listen Local 14. Fashion Local 16. Talk with a Local: Frankie 18. Sport Local 20. Develop Local 22. Startup Local 24. Give Local 26. Network Local 27. Travel with a Local: Mexico 28. Walk with a Local: Hilliard 30. Columbus Occasions Map

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Who’s Glad It’s Spring? Spring has finally sprung in Colum- and summer months that you bus, and the Live Local! writers are shouldn’t even miss OSU football. Well… shouldn’t miss it that much. excited to talk about it. There are a ton of Clippers games (and Dime-a-Dog Nights) at HuntSo excited, in fact, that almost every pre-edited story began with ington Park if you’re like me and references to the joy of finally ex- live for America’s pastime and the “Ring Your Bell” song. periencing warmer temperatures and surviving a long, arduous winAnd if you don’t get even a little bit ter. It was like “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles on an infinite excited about seeing a Columbus Crew game after reading Johnny loop. DiLoretto’s interview with Crew ambassador Frankie Hejduk on But I get it. Because while I love Page 16 or Brent Hawk’s article Columbus year-round, there is about Crew fan groups on Page 18, something about the city in the then I don’t even know what to say springtime that puts pep in your to you, except that Crew games are step and makes you want to get awesome. And they serve beer. outside and see what it has to offer. Oh, glorious beer – how I love to drink thee whilst sitting upon a Luckily, this issue of Live Local! Columbus is packed with ideas and patio on a warm summer’s day. events for you to do just that. (That’s how the sonnet goes, right?) I know that Cheryl HarriOn Page 30, writer, dance-party son agrees with me, because she promoter and man-about-town wrote about the best patio Josh Weiker has complied a monbrunches in the city on Page 6. ster list of his favorite festivals where you can drink a beer, grab a Last issue, Bob Vitale took a tour of bite (maybe from one of the food and wrote about Westerville, my trucks on Page 4?) and listen to hometown, to remind you that some stellar local music. Festivals there is some pretty cool stuff bealone could fill your summer calen- yond the High Street corridor. This dar and keep you busy until the quarter, Alisa Caton visited Hilliard Buckeyes start throwing the and guess what she found? More pigskin again. cool stuff! She even ran into my second cousin, Laura Buoni, who But wait, this town has so many owns The Not Just Shabby Shop, a sporting events during the spring store where you can purchase re-

furbished furniture. (Shout out to all the Hilliard Buonis – there are a ton of them!) I love a small world. So get out and enjoy this amazing sunshine while it lasts – you know that old adage about Ohio weather. Ride your bike down to the Scioto Mile and play in the fountains. Don’t have a bike? Read Mike Brown’s feature on Page 20 about how you can rent one from various racks that soon will be scattered Downtown. I first saw this when I was in Paris and it was a great way to see the city, get from point A to point B in a hurry, and to feel the breeze on your face. It will be especially nice to not have to try to find a parking space. Now if I were just better at riding a bike… practice makes perfect, I’m told. We hope to see you out and about; feel free to say, “hey,” and let us know about your favorite local spots. We’ll see you again when school is back in session. Erin McCalla Managing Editor

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2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  
2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  

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