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see myself leaving this place. I really couldn’t. I was like, “Wow, these people are really passionate.” About something that I’m passionate about. I always tell the story about how my house got toilet-papered by a bunch of kids the day after we won it. I opened the door to get my paper, and I see like eight kids running away – and they all toilet-papered my house in black and gold! JD: That is… awesome! FH: They left a thing on the garage that said “Congratulations, Frankie!” It’s like we’re family! Because, you know, that’s what I said after we won it, I said, “I feel like I’m part of a really big family in Columbus, and it’s not just my family – it’s the whole city. I feel like I’m a part of this city.” And I never really, truly felt that way before about anyplace. I felt like this place really loved me.

I’ve been all over the world and people were like, “Frankie, what’re you doing? You could be anywhere, you could’ve been back in San Diego, why did you come back to Columbus?” JD: You gotta be asking yourself that in the middle of winter. FH: Exactly, but to that I say, “You know what, I’ll go snowboarding. I don’t have surfing anymore, so I go snowboarding.” Actually, I’m connecting with a guy from San Diego, and it wasn’t until he moved to Cleveland that he learned how to surf. So I’m gonna go surf Lake Erie in about two to three weeks here. This guy’s been giving me daily surf reports. JD: Are you kidding? You can surf Lake Erie? FH: You can surf Lake Erie. You can YouTube it; there’s a big documentary on it. They have a full surf posse up there. Those guys

wake up every morning and check out the waves. JD: You’ve been here eight years now. When you first came to Columbus, what were your first impressions and how has the city changed almost a decade later? FH: Oh yeah, the whole city’s changed, to be honest. It really is an awesome place. I’m talking about this really passionately, from my heart; I truly believe it. I tell my buddies in San Diego and they’re like “What’re you talkin’ about, man?” They come out here, and they’re like “Whoa. Now I know what you’re talking about!” JD: That’s great. FH: My buddy who’s from San Diego - been a surfer his whole life - came out here and he was like, “Wow, dude. I can see myself retiring out here with my family.” He said, “I

don’t think I’ve ever met nicer people. It feels like I’ve lived here for 10 years already. And I’ve only been here a week.” And I said, “Thank you, bro, now you know what I’m talking about. Now you know why I’m not coming back to San Diego.” Johnny DiLoretto writes regularly for Live Local! Columbus. You can follow him on Twitter at @JohnnyDiLoretto.

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2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  
2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  

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