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Look kids, I can fly!


This issue’s Tour Guides: • michael s. brown • alisa caton • johnny diloretto • cheryl harrison • brent hawk • ryan kovalaske • erin mccalla • Tommy mcclure • chet ridenour • kay shabazz • josh Weiker

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Walk ThrouGh old hillard Frankie hejduk inTervieW columbus arTs FesT The deWdroppers

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04. Eat Local 06. Drink Local 08. Craft Local 10. Listen Local 12. Listen Local 14. Fashion Local 16. Talk with a Local: Frankie 18. Sport Local 20. Develop Local 22. Startup Local 24. Give Local 26. Network Local 27. Travel with a Local: Mexico 28. Walk with a Local: Hilliard 30. Columbus Occasions Map

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distributed by Outlook Media, Inc. quarterly throughout Ohio. Live Local! Columbus is a free publication HEADQUARTERS provided solely for the use of our readers. Outlook Media, Inc. 815 N High St, Bsmt Ste G Any person who willfully or knowingly obColumbus, OH 43215 tains or exerts unauthorized control over 614.268.8525phone more than 5 copies of any issue of Live 614.261.8200 fax Local! Columbus with the intent to vent other individuals from reading it shall be considered guilty of the crime of theft. SALES Alexis Perrone / Violators will be prosecuted. Chad Frye / The views expressed in Live Local! ColumLogan Fisher / bus are those of the individual authors Wolf Starr / and do not necessarily reflect the views, NATIONAL ADVERTISING policies, or personal, business, or profesRivendell Media - 212.242.6863 sional practices of Outlook Media, Inc. or its staff, ownership, or management. Live ADVERTISING DEADLINES Reservations by the 15th of the month prior to Local! Columbus does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of publication. Art in by the 20th. any interpretation, advice, opinion, or view presented. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Bob Vitale / Outlook Media, Inc. does not investigate or accept responsibility for claims made MANAGING EDITOR Erin McCalla / in any advertisement. Outlook Media, Inc. assumes no responsibility for claims arising in connection with products and servPHOTOGRAPHERS: ices advertised herein, nor for the content Andrew Williams (Hilliard, interview), of, or reply to, any advertisement. All maBeth Leventhal, Matt Reese terial is copyrighted ©2013 by Outlook Media, Inc. All rights reserved. WRITERS: Michael S. Brown, Alisa Caton, Johnny DiLoretto, Cheryl Harrison, Brent Hawk, Ryan Kovalaske, Aaron Leventhal, Erin McCalla, Tommy McClure, Chet Ridenour, Kay Shabazz, Josh Weiker CYBERSPACE www.livelocalcolumbus Live Local! Columbus is published and

Who’s Glad It’s Spring? Spring has finally sprung in Colum- and summer months that you bus, and the Live Local! writers are shouldn’t even miss OSU football. Well… shouldn’t miss it that much. excited to talk about it. There are a ton of Clippers games (and Dime-a-Dog Nights) at HuntSo excited, in fact, that almost every pre-edited story began with ington Park if you’re like me and references to the joy of finally ex- live for America’s pastime and the “Ring Your Bell” song. periencing warmer temperatures and surviving a long, arduous winAnd if you don’t get even a little bit ter. It was like “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles on an infinite excited about seeing a Columbus Crew game after reading Johnny loop. DiLoretto’s interview with Crew ambassador Frankie Hejduk on But I get it. Because while I love Page 16 or Brent Hawk’s article Columbus year-round, there is about Crew fan groups on Page 18, something about the city in the then I don’t even know what to say springtime that puts pep in your to you, except that Crew games are step and makes you want to get awesome. And they serve beer. outside and see what it has to offer. Oh, glorious beer – how I love to drink thee whilst sitting upon a Luckily, this issue of Live Local! Columbus is packed with ideas and patio on a warm summer’s day. events for you to do just that. (That’s how the sonnet goes, right?) I know that Cheryl HarriOn Page 30, writer, dance-party son agrees with me, because she promoter and man-about-town wrote about the best patio Josh Weiker has complied a monbrunches in the city on Page 6. ster list of his favorite festivals where you can drink a beer, grab a Last issue, Bob Vitale took a tour of bite (maybe from one of the food and wrote about Westerville, my trucks on Page 4?) and listen to hometown, to remind you that some stellar local music. Festivals there is some pretty cool stuff bealone could fill your summer calen- yond the High Street corridor. This dar and keep you busy until the quarter, Alisa Caton visited Hilliard Buckeyes start throwing the and guess what she found? More pigskin again. cool stuff! She even ran into my second cousin, Laura Buoni, who But wait, this town has so many owns The Not Just Shabby Shop, a sporting events during the spring store where you can purchase re-

furbished furniture. (Shout out to all the Hilliard Buonis – there are a ton of them!) I love a small world. So get out and enjoy this amazing sunshine while it lasts – you know that old adage about Ohio weather. Ride your bike down to the Scioto Mile and play in the fountains. Don’t have a bike? Read Mike Brown’s feature on Page 20 about how you can rent one from various racks that soon will be scattered Downtown. I first saw this when I was in Paris and it was a great way to see the city, get from point A to point B in a hurry, and to feel the breeze on your face. It will be especially nice to not have to try to find a parking space. Now if I were just better at riding a bike… practice makes perfect, I’m told. We hope to see you out and about; feel free to say, “hey,” and let us know about your favorite local spots. We’ll see you again when school is back in session. Erin McCalla Managing Editor

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TRUCK FrenzY What’s In A Name? Jim Paschovich of Pitabilities

customers. “This should help us overcome our biggest challenge, which is scheduling and keeping up with requests,” he said.

As part of the Food Fort cooperative, Jim Paschovich of Pitabiliby Brent Hawk ties has been at the forefront of the food truck movement here in Columbus. When Paschovich started Despite the competitive nature of Pitabilities in September 2011, he the food truck business, wanted to provide a healthy alter- Paschovich is an optimist. “The native to greasy processed food biggest reason I enjoy what I do is that had plagued the lunch crowd. seeing the smiles and offering the 100 percent money back guaranGrowing up in a Macedonian famtee to the customer.” ily, Paschovich knows the art of Mediterranean cuisine and how to Starting in May, Pitabilities will be deliver it to the hungry masses. among vendors at Columbus Com“What can’t you do with a pita?,” mons for Food Truck Thursdays. he said. “That is the essence of the Pitabilities name and the qual- Burgers for Buckeyes - Brian Thornton of OH! Burger ity product we deliver to our customers daily.” Started in May 2012, OH! Burger Made from scratch, each classic uses nothing but locally sourced pita features a palate of fresh iningredients. For those who wish gredients – lettuce, tomato, black to expand their food palate, OH! olives and feta cheese. Burger has both an extensive and creative menu that Thornton One of the most popular items on changes from time to time. A popthe menu for both vegetarians ular item he recommends is a (and non) is the falafel pita. When childhood classic with a delicious asked what sets his falafel apart twist — peanut butter, jelly and from competitors, Paschovich bacon (PBJ & B). stated, “Love goes into the falafel we make. No corners are cut, and “Our goal is to keep the consumer we don’t feature gimmick ingrediinterested and have fun with our ents that compromise taste.” menu concepts,” he said. Due to the overwhelming positive feedback, a second Pitabilities truck is in the works to expand Paschovich’s reach to additional

Primarily stationed around the University District, OH! Burger has been a big hit among OSU students looking for a healthy alter-

native outside the campus dining halls. In comparison to his corporate fast-food competition, Thornton grinds the meat fresh daily on the truck and uses salt as the burger’s only seasoning. Thornton emphasized: “There is no pink slime in my product like the other guys use.” For the vegetarian crowd, the veggie burgers are made in house. Thornton’s non-proprietary recipe of black bean, brown rice and quinoa makes for a burger that is a tasty, complete protein. Within the food truck industry, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into the day-to-day operations. Thornton’s day starts at 7a to grab ingredients for the day and begin food preparations. Around 10:30a, just before the lunch rush, Thornton strategically cooks the bacon so customers can smell the distinct aroma. To expand OH! Burger, Thornton urges customers and their friends to access the street food finder app on their smartphones. “This is the best way to let others know about what we do and where to find us, especially during the summer months.” Eats from the Far East - Miki Ashino of Tokyo Go-Go Outside Brothers Drake Meadery

on 5th Avenue, there’s a beautiful aroma coming from the food truck. As a veteran in the restaurant business, Miki Ashino started Tokyo Go-Go in December 2012 with the goal of bringing hearty Japanese cuisine to Ohio.

Within the menu, Ashino highly recommends the karage (lightly battered chicken) or the classic gyoza (dumplings with pork or vegetable filling). Going forward, Ashino plans to attract customers through food specials and collaborate with Brothers Drake, where her husband is the general manager.

When Ashino moved to the United States at the age of 14, she also brought the same authentic taste that is enjoyed on the streets of Tokyo. Whether you want a bite to eat after a bottle of mead or Go! crave some quality late-night eats, Ashino tailors the menu Pitabilities: 6 14.216.6310; to the requests of Tokyo Gowww.pitabiliti es .com Go’s customers. OH! Burger: 61 4.270.4139; www.oh-burger “Everything in the truck is Tokyo Go-Go: 61 4.916.6476; made from scratch including Tokyo Go-Go Tr uc k on Faceboo the dumplings. The feedback k has been great among customers — including Japanese natives,” Ashino said.

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drink local • drink local • drink local • drink local • drink local • drink local • drink local


The booze: deNovo has several interesting cocktails, but one in particular tastes like a day spa to me, which is exactly the ambiance I want with brunch. It’s called The Winslet — vodka, muddled strawberries, lime juice and rose water — and it is a delight.

brunch. The Kir Royale, with Prosecco and crème de cassis, is a personal favorite, or you can’t go wrong with a classic French 75. Several martinis, rocks drinks and even four alcoholic coffee concoctions round out the menu.

The view: The Lindey’s patio is divine, with shady German Village trees and acThe view: If you’re lucky enough to cent greenery and a three-tiered fountain flowing freely in the center of the grab a table on the tiny patio, you’ll be treated to a prime view of sizeable space. There usually are even a few tiny birds hopping merrily about Columbus Commons. under the marble tables. Brunch at de Novo is available Saturdays and Sundays from 11a-3p. Brunch at Lindey’s is served Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11a. Milestone 229 The food: There are some really in- Cheryl Harrison is the editor of, a site dedicated ventive dishes on the menu, like to the latest news and the bacon and reviews about brewbrioche bread pud- eries, bars, spirits, ding “French toast” wine and events in and the biscuits and Columbus. You can follow her on Twitter gravy with roasted @CherylHarrison. pork belly and caramelized onions. The booze: Milestone’s brunch cocktail menu includes eight types of Bloody by Cheryl Marys, with variations Harrison (pomegranate liqueur, There are few things I would rather do in spirit (vodka, gin, sparkling wine, orduring the summer than daydrink on a whiskey, tequila) and ange liqueur, orange juice.) Or you can patio somewhere. And there’s no more mixers (clam juice, vegsocially acceptable way to daydrink than buy any bottle from the connected Spaetable mix, pimento olives, etc.) There gio wine store to enjoy with your meal under the guise of brunch. are also five types of mimosas and bellifor retail cost plus a nominal corkage fee. nis. Here are four of my favorite spots in Columbus for a booze-filled brunch on a The view: Right in the heart of The view: You get to watch the founbeautiful patio: Grandview Heights, there’s always peotains of the Scioto Mile and the many ple-watching action on Grandview Avadorable children who play in them any Spagio enue. given sunny afternoon. The food: Spagio’s brunch menu offers Brunch at Spagio is served Saturdays several savory choices like corned beef Brunch at Milestone 229 is served Sunfrom 11a-3p and Sundays from 10:30ahash or huevos rancheros, and the days from 10a-3p. sweet-leaning crowd will enjoy the blue- 3p. berry French toast or pillowy pancakes. Lindey’s deNovo Bistro & Bar The gruyère cheese, bacon and onion The food: Banana and cream cheese The food: deNovo has a lot of sandwiches quiche is a personal favorite. stuffed French toast served with fresh and salads available, but on the breakstrawberries and bacon. No further The booze: The signature cocktails at fast side of the aisle they also have a few menu item descriptions necessary. Spagio are nice and fruity, from the Ruby omelets, griddle sweets and my favorite: a creamy mushroom, shallot and goat Apple Fiz (cranberry juice, apple juice, The booze: Lindey’s has a ton of port, sparkling wine) to the Pama Royale cheese crepe. sparkling wine concoctions for a bubbly

Boozy Brunch Alfresco

Go! Spagio: 1295 Grandview Ave, 614.486.1114,; hours: Tue-Thu 11a-11p, Fri-Sat 11amidnight, Sun 10:30a-10:30p, Mon closed deNovo Bistro & Bar: 201 S High St, 614.222.8830,; hours: MonThu 9a-10p, Fri-Sat 9a-1a, Sun 9a-9p Milestone 229: 229 Civic Center Dr, 614.427.0276,; hours: Mon-Thu 11a-10p, Fri-Sat 11a11p, Sun 10a-9p Lindey’s: 169 E Beck St, 614.228.4343,; hours: Sun-Thu 11a-10p, Fri-Sat 11a-11p

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491 N Park St • Park Street District •

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A Hands-On Experience: 2013 Columbus Arts Festival It’s that time of year again. Summer is upon The Columbus Recreation and Parks Departus, and Columbus will come alive as everyment will have a spot to use recycled one takes to the streets for bottle caps to construct a mural of festivals and conflowers and plants. You can make certs – soaking in all glazed bisque pottery with Claythe city has to offer space and take home your own origin the warmth of the inal piece. The King Arts Complex season. This also will help people construct colorful, means the annual flying butterflies. Other hands on Columbus Arts Festival art will include painting with is back and taking over Firefly Play Café, drawing with a on t a the Downtown riverfront robot through COSI, designing C a s by Ali June 7-9. your own comic book with U Cre8 Comics and many more. The festival continues to be the No. 1 spot to meet local artists and get acquainted with If music is your choice of art, the festival their work. The weekend offers all types of will have art, though, with music, food and even an live enteropportunity to create some masterpieces of tainment your own. playing everyday. All weekend from 11a-5p, the Huntington The ColumLocal Arts Pavilion will host hands-on art bus-based activities for all ages of festival attendees. rock band, Organizations from all over Columbus will Watershed, provide different crafts, allowing people to will headnot just witness art, but have the full experi- line the fesence of creating it. tival, performing “We are always looking for fun and new Saturday at things to add,” said Jami Goldstein, a mem- 9p. This will be the band’s only show for ber of the Columbus Arts Festival staff. 2013. And the best part – it’s free. “Adults and kids will find a variety of things to do.” “We’re really excited,” said Goldstein. “Those

guys are great and they have a great follow- Washington Boulevard at the Rich Street ing here in ColumBridge, will host bus.” musicians as well as theater and There will be music dance performfrom every genre, ances. though. Some of the weekend highlights inWith all the art and clude: Fly Union, a hipentertainment, hop trio performing you’ll work up an Friday at 5:15p; jazz appetite. Some of singer Maggie Green Columbus’s food faon Friday at 6:30p; vorites will set up country’s The 3 C around the festival. Drifters playing SunTrucks and booths day at 2:45p; and a to look for include Schmidt’s of German Village, Mikey’s Late Night Slice, Sweet Carrot, Firdou’s Express of North Market, Jeni’s and more. reggae group, The Eating can be an art form of its own, so conPinstripes, sider it part of the experience. also on Sunday at “We really are focusing on all things art,” said Goldstein. 4p. The Word is Art stage, down the street on Civic Center Drive, will have poetry readings and story-telling for the literary types. Also, the Community stage, on the corner of

For more information on the Columbus Arts Festival, and to see a weekend lineup of entertainment, visit

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M C M F E a

J C J S w

P J P w

’Tis Festival Season It’s time to get up, get out and soak up as much of the city as you can before the freezing winter weather returns.

ning of the month just to forewarn the city of the absolute and utter obnoxiousness that is about to occur. June plays host to some of the biggest parties Which, in Columbus, could be Columbus sees each year. The any day now. Columbus Arts Festival, Park Street Festival, Pride and, of Make this the summer of explo- course, Comfest are all packed ration. Seek out some new spots into the weekends of June. in the city and maybe even take a road trip or two. How do you Kick off summer at Franklin choose where to go and what to Park Conservatory with the do? Let the festival calendar be Columbus Asian Festival. Each your guide. year, the festival celebrates the heritage and foods of 15 of the Local festivals offer a slew of Asian cultures that call Columsuper-fun-time opportunities. I bus home. This event is fun for mean, who wouldn’t want to the whole family with music, spend a day at the park? Add in art, tai chi and martial arts some variation of food carts and demonstrations. Dragon boat entertainment, and you’ve got races on the Scioto River. Teams yourself a festival. Art, music, of 22 people paddle 20-foot caribs, strawberries, balloons, noes with decorative dragon tomatoes and honey are just a heads on the front; the competifew of fests you can find in tion is friendly but fierce in Central Ohio this summer. these two-minute heats.

about 300,000 people to Columbus on June 21-22. No wonder – it is one hell of a party. And no, you don’t have to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender to go have fun; I assure you, as a straight dude that has gone to a number of Pride parties, everyone is welcome to join the celebration. As you’d imagine, discrimination is not a big theme at an equality festival.

by Josh Weiker

Hopefully, a few festivals will jump out and grab your interest.

Personally, I’m looking forward to ComFest, the London Strawberry Festival, Greek Festival, the Lithopolis Honeyfest and Independent’s Day – which is expanding from a one-day festival to a full-on threeday extravaganza this year. Keep an eye out, too, for Then there’s ComFest. The last other giant summer events weekend of June in Columbus is, that aren’t quite festivals as always, reserved for Combut usually offer fantastic Fest, the craziest party/festival musical lineups. Last year of the year. I shouldn’t even offered great events like have to say anything about Com- the Peach District Classic Fest, but I will – in an updated and Woodlands Tavern’s version of my ComFest Survival Megacity Music Marathon. Guide (see: So this summer, ditch that boring book club and skim The rest of the year is full of down on your weekend awesome events like these. I landscaping (home imThe bulk of them take place in Speaking of fierce, are you don’t have enough space to go provement is so 2009). Get June and September, but there’s ready for the Columbus Pride into specifics about each one, out and support local crea steady stream well into fall. Festival? The annual celebration but browse through the calenativity, arts, music and of the LGBT community has de- dar on Pages 30 and 31. Most of business – and most imporJune is the unofficial month of veloped a regular habit of break- the festivals on the list are in tantly, just have fun! festivals. There should be a ing its own attendance records, Columbus, but we’ve included a giant horn sounded at the begin- and Pride is looking to bring few that require a little driving.

Go! 5 Months - 5 Fests May Columbus Asian Festival May 25-27 @ Franklin Park Conservatory, Olde Town East June Columbus Pride Festival June 21-22 @ Goodale Park Short North, Victorian Village July Jazz & Rib Fest July 19-21 North Bank Park, Arena District August All Ohio Balloon Fest Aug 15-18 @ Union County Airport, Marysville September Hot Times Community Music & Arts Festival Sept 6-8 @ Olde Towne East

J J F w

C J D l w

C J G w

B J J W b w

G J B u w


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listen local • listen local • listen local • listen local • listen local • listen local


The DeWDroppers

makes sense: The DewDroppers If you’re unfamiliar are heavywith the happy, party hearted, feelsounds of the Dewgood musicians Droppers, then try who just don’t to prepare yourself give a damn. They for an absolute are one of those whirlwind of wongreat bands that, derful music. right as you think Their furious mixyou’re getting used ture of swinging, to their sound, they soulful blues, Dr. by Josh W eiker John-esque New smack you in the Orleans-style mouth with fantastic ragtime and harmonious doo-wop funky salsa jazz vocals will pick you up and rhyth- grooves that will blow your mind. mically shake you around. It would be easy to take the incredIn other words, it will make you ible musicianship of each of the dance. members for granted, but I refuse to let you. So let me introduce you The DewDroppers’ music is unlike to the band: that of any local or mainstream Lonesome Joe (often leads vocals band. But before the music even starts, the first thing you’ll notice and strums rhythmic riffs on his about them is their fashion. Fancy gorgeous guitar): His voice is suspenders, bowties and polka-dot- smooth and his guitar parts are ted outfits make it hard to confuse subtle, but the melody is usually them with anyone else. provided by a combination of his contributions. Once they start playing, it all

Raggedy Dandy (perfectly trained, spontaneously elaborating drummer with great vocals): He uses his whole kit as a skilled weapon of sound, and he incorporates the craziest combinations of cymbal techniques that you don’t hear in most music.

inet and saxophone highlights): His optimistic woodwind sounds usually bounce around between sharing the melody with the vocals, keys and guitar or creating a marvelous counter-melody.

trying to make.

The DewDroppers currently have two albums available for your listening pleasure: No Good, and their latest release, Nothing.Darling.Honey.Baby. For now, check out their EPs, but make it a point to see them this summer, because nothing compares to their live shows.

Every Dewdroppers performance emits extreme levels of love. Their Mama Madison (show-woman ex- musical dexterity and creativity traordinaire kills the keys, backs it allow them to produce amazingly unique music under a veil of effortup with vocals and soul beyond Just remember to wear your dancone’s normal natural limits): Seri- less execution. It’s so good it’s aling shoes. ously, she destroys her keyboard. most difficult to take in just how incredibly all these sounds are hitThe notes come screaming out of ting you; it’s like a fourth the keys, and she will steal the stage (and your heart) by the end dimension of enjoyment that is yet to be scientifiof the show. cally classified. For inFive bands to check out stance, I dare you not to Bad Daddy (bass player and lose it during their songs backup vocals, a hidden gem this summer: “Coma” and “Control among the more front-and-center 1. The DewDroppers: members): He rocks a bass ukulele, Freak.” which provides outstanding bass 2. Sleep Fleet: For all the people who tones, and he’s especially claim they don’t make somely echoey on bigger sound 3. Way Yes: music like they used to, systems. 4. E.O.P.: well, they’re kind of right. 5. Total Navajo: Brenny Goodman (sets everything The DewDroppers make music that “they” were over the top with whimsical clar-


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fashion local • fashion local • fashion local • fashion local • fashion local 14

Is That Your Grandma’s Coat?

geous paisley silk scarf, which black and silver metal work that gave it a very chic, mesh-like, mod- was in excellent condition as well. We strolled through the women’s ern look. items and found little inspiration that day. However, Flower Child We went through a few racks of gets in new product all the time. garments until we came to a beautiful You never know when that amazing item may arrive and be drablack lace (lace is trending this year) matically marked down. blouse from BaAlthough Khola and I didn’t have nana Republic. Khola had to really enough time to visit one of her allWhen I was in my restrain from buy- time favorite thrift shops, Ohio early 20s living ing this piece, as it Thrift on Cleveland Avenue in off of a $23,000 was gorgeous, on North Linden, she told me about salary, thrift trend and inexpen- an Oscar de la Renta top she shops were my by Tommy McClure sive. Also, Michael found for $8 — normally $250. friend. Where else Kors was hiding Ohio Thrift has a huge selection of can you get a nice amongst all the H&M, which clothing and accessories, along suit for under $30 or a pair of seemed to be in abundance. It was with furniture and decorations. trendy shoes for under $20? Yeah, you have to really search for a women’s short-sleeve, one-butNow, if you’re like me, there are the great pieces, but that’s all part ton, skinny belted, collared, cotton-blend top — for $6.99. If you some days you just don’t feel like of the excitement. ask me, that is just plain sacrilege! dealing with the crowds or the We’re talking about Michael Kors traffic to go shopping. Then, you I asked Khola (pronounced coalhere! should check out www.24Sevenay) to take me to some of her This is Khola’s onvorite thrift shops in Columbus We worked our way to the acces- line consignment shop, which is and further my education about sories counter and both immedibasically a high-end thrift shop. thrift shopping. Being the thriftately spotted a gold women’s It’s an eBay-based, contemporary shop guru that she is, she has clothing and accessories consignfound some outstanding pieces at Skagen watch that was in good condition. Skagen is a moderate ment boutique. You can find new different stores. She admits you sometimes have to dig, but when brand known for slim watch faces or gently used pieces — brands and mesh-looking metal bands. such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, you find a $2,000 suit piece for Prada, Missoni and more — at up $30 or a $600 bag for $20, it’s so We then made our way to the to 80 percent off original retail. worth it. Short North to visit Flower Child, And 24Seven Couture is currently which is known for its fabulous accepting consignments. Our first stop was on S High Street at Volunteers of America, window displays and 1970s furniture. Khola bought a Tadashi Shoji A few pieces she has recently where Khola once found a Saks jacket and skirt there for $60 placed online: a Preen Moto jacket Fifth Avenue coat valued at (value was $300) a few months (new), originally $315 for $150; a $1,100. She got it, in mint condiback. Flower Child has many Louis Vuitton bandeau (new), origtion, for $6.99. rooms to venture through, which inally $160 for $130; a Chanel makes it a fun stop even if you’re Bubble Bag (new), originally As we entered the store, Khola was sure to point out how very or- not planning on buying anything. $2,695 for $1,500; and a Chanel We quickly made our way to the Mademoiselle bag (gently used), ganized the racks were, both by basement to find not only the vin- originally $2,000 for $800. Khola color and clothing quality. The tage Playboy magazines (now col- is constantly adding items to her first thing that caught my eye lector’s items) but also a pair of online shop, so be sure to check was a beautiful silk scarf, very men’s old-school blue and tan back on a regular basis. reminiscent of a Prada design. Around the corner from the scarf wing-tip shoes. They were in excelwere several handbags, and one in lent condition, just not in my size! “I’m digging, I’m digging, I’m searching right through that lugparticular stood out to both of us. Next to the shoe rack was a gorgage. One man’s trash, that’s anIt was a trendy clutch that had Inspired by Macklemore’s new hit single, “Thrift Shop,” I thought I’d not only educate but get educated about thrift-store shopping. And who better to spend the day thrifting with than the lovely Khola Waddy-Jones, owner of

other man’s come-up...” — Macklemore, “Thift Shop” Summer Swimwear Trends For the ladies: Vintage two-piece, high wasted suits are in. Mix this with floral and patterns. Mismatched bikinis, but make sure your patterns don’t look alike so the contrast is greater. Also, you can get a classic black bikini and find a printed top or bottom to add to the look. Digital prints (abstract prints that contain florals, animals, etc., in one- or two-piece swimsuits. Grecian-style twopieces will give you elegance on the beach or at the pool. For the gents: Shorts that fall three-quarters down the thigh and are tapered at the bottom are a big hit this season. Look for floral prints, chambray or solid colors with accents of color. Complete your beach look with a pair of aviator sunglasses (you can find them in almost any brand: Prada, Ray-Ban, Carreras, etc.). Aviators never go out of style.

Tommy McClure is the founder of CMH Fashion Week (@cmhfashionweek) and executive director of the Greater Columbus Film Commission (@filmcolumbus). You can follow Tommy himself on Twitter, too, at @tommytime.

Go! Volunteers of America: 1776 S High St, 614.443.6003,; hours: Mon-Sat 9a-9p, Sun noon-6p Flower Child: 989 N High St, 614.297-8006,; hours: TueThu noon-6p, Fri-Sat noon-7p; Sun noon-5p Ohio Thrift: 3551 Cleveland Ave, 614.263.7993,; hours: MonSat 9a-9p, Sun 11a-6p

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Frankie Hejduk Bleeds Black and Gold cause a guy open to a noontime beer is a good guy in my book. And judging by the reaction of the staff, Frankie is a favorite regular.

JD: It’s a great thing! Beer is great! FH: I love the beer, and it’s a local company. Been here 20, 25 years.

Johnny DiLoretto: Obviously, you come to Barley’s a lot. A place you like to hang out? o tt Frankie Hejduk: Yeah, re Lo Di by Johnny this is one of my locals, The former Columman. When I first moved to bus Crew champ and team captown, we were staying in the hotain known for his ferocious tels over here — and I’m a big mispeed retired in 2012, but he crobrew guy and I asked around hasn’t slowed down a bit. and they sent me in this direcBeing around him is like inhaling tion. And I’d go sit at the bar every night and have my beer good vibes – and, these days, and my food. When you first being around him is easy become to the team, you don’t cause he’s practically everyknow where to go. Luckily, they where. He is now the Crew’s sent me in this direction. I’ve brand ambassador, a connection met some incredible people here. between fans and the team. This whole staff here have become like my second family; I’m We met at Barley’s for a lunchhere that much! I don’t know if hour chat, and I was relieved to that’s a good thing or a bad see he ordered a beer, a Blood thing. (Laughs) Thirst Wheat to be exact, be-

JD: You’re all over the place these days. What’s going on? Where can we see you and what’re you trying to accomplish? FH: I just want to get the brand out. I’m the brand ambassador, you know. I’m trying to get the Crew brand out and about. Not only on the soccer field but in our communities — charity works, just getting all over Columbus, all over Ohio for that matter. I do this “Find Frankie Friday,” where you can win Crew tickets, where I’m driving all over the place. I’ve been to Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky and Cleveland doing these types of things where fans try to find me.

Frankie Hejduk is a force of nature; he is goodwill personified. When I met him at Barley’s in the Short North, he was all smiles, hugs and handshakes – every one of them genuine and heartfelt.

I’ll put it on Instagram or

Twitter — “Hey, I’m taking off! Come find me, I’m Downtown somewhere.” We do it every Friday. When Crew fans in Cleveland and Dayton and all these other areas were like, “Frankie you’re too far away, we can’t find you,” I started going out there. Like to the Great Lakes Brewery. I ended up there one day. Cool fun stuff that’s different. That keeps a buzz around the sport. That keeps the community involved. And it gives people a little cool thing to do and at the same time win some Crew tickets. Coughlin Automotive, they noticed I’d been everywhere. [They said,] “Hey man, we give away a car for the Crew every year. This year we want you to drive the car and we’ll give away Frankie’s car. JD: And it’s not just any car, right? This is a badass car.

FH: This is a badass car, dude. This is a Crew Camaro, super Crewed out. It’s got a super souped-up engine. I mean this thing goes fast. It’s everything I stand for. JD: You’re from San Diego, but you’re in Columbus now. It’s your home, right? FH: It’s my home, yeah. My wife’s from here. Two of my kids were born here. My 5-year-old, Coasten, my son. My 3-year-old, Cali, was also born here. And I have a 15-year-old, Nesta, who was born in Florida. But we’ve got roots here; my whole family has roots here. Columbus has been a big part of my life; some of my golden years were here. Especially with the Crew. Winning it in ’08 – I can’t even explain that feeling and how cool it was. To see a city just so proud of a team, we got so much love after we won it in ’08 that I couldn’t

see myself leaving really couldn’t. I w these people are re ate.” About someth passionate about.

I always tell the st my house got toile bunch of kids the d won it. I opened th my paper, and I se kids running away toilet-papered my h and gold!

JD: That is… awe FH: They left a thi garage that said “C tions, Frankie!” It’ family! Because, yo what I said after w said, “I feel like I’m ally big family in C it’s not just my fam whole city. I feel lik this city.” And I ne truly felt that way anyplace. I felt like ally loved me.

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see myself leaving this place. I really couldn’t. I was like, “Wow, these people are really passionate.” About something that I’m passionate about. I always tell the story about how my house got toilet-papered by a bunch of kids the day after we won it. I opened the door to get my paper, and I see like eight kids running away – and they all toilet-papered my house in black and gold! JD: That is… awesome! FH: They left a thing on the garage that said “Congratulations, Frankie!” It’s like we’re family! Because, you know, that’s what I said after we won it, I said, “I feel like I’m part of a really big family in Columbus, and it’s not just my family – it’s the whole city. I feel like I’m a part of this city.” And I never really, truly felt that way before about anyplace. I felt like this place really loved me.

I’ve been all over the world and people were like, “Frankie, what’re you doing? You could be anywhere, you could’ve been back in San Diego, why did you come back to Columbus?” JD: You gotta be asking yourself that in the middle of winter. FH: Exactly, but to that I say, “You know what, I’ll go snowboarding. I don’t have surfing anymore, so I go snowboarding.” Actually, I’m connecting with a guy from San Diego, and it wasn’t until he moved to Cleveland that he learned how to surf. So I’m gonna go surf Lake Erie in about two to three weeks here. This guy’s been giving me daily surf reports. JD: Are you kidding? You can surf Lake Erie? FH: You can surf Lake Erie. You can YouTube it; there’s a big documentary on it. They have a full surf posse up there. Those guys

wake up every morning and check out the waves. JD: You’ve been here eight years now. When you first came to Columbus, what were your first impressions and how has the city changed almost a decade later? FH: Oh yeah, the whole city’s changed, to be honest. It really is an awesome place. I’m talking about this really passionately, from my heart; I truly believe it. I tell my buddies in San Diego and they’re like “What’re you talkin’ about, man?” They come out here, and they’re like “Whoa. Now I know what you’re talking about!” JD: That’s great. FH: My buddy who’s from San Diego - been a surfer his whole life - came out here and he was like, “Wow, dude. I can see myself retiring out here with my family.” He said, “I

don’t think I’ve ever met nicer people. It feels like I’ve lived here for 10 years already. And I’ve only been here a week.” And I said, “Thank you, bro, now you know what I’m talking about. Now you know why I’m not coming back to San Diego.” Johnny DiLoretto writes regularly for Live Local! Columbus. You can follow him on Twitter at @JohnnyDiLoretto.

Go! Barley’s: 467 N High St, 614.228.ALES,; hours: Mon-Thu 11amidnight, Fri-Sat 11a-2a, Sun noon-11p Columbus Crew: Coughlin Automotive: 255 Lafayette St, London; 888.427.0544,; hours: Mon-Thu 9a8p, Sat-Sun, 9a-5p, Sun closed

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When the Crew Go Marching In When you walk into Crew Stadium, for opponents. there’s an aura that exists beyond the smell of hot dogs and pints of On the road, Hudson Street Hooligans and other Crew supporters Budweiser. travel as part of the famed supporter trip The sound grows louder as you apknown as NorOnproach a sea of fans. They’re Tour. Hooligans decked out in black and gold. member and They’re dancing and singing NorOnTour cobefore the match even starts. ordinator A Crew goal sets off jubilation, Lisa Phillips confetti and yellow smoke said it takes bombs. t Hawk n about 80 e r B by hours to plan You have been officially initiated trips, “but all the work is worth into Nordecke, German for north it when the Crew players step onto corner. the pitch and look up to see us going crazy all 90 minutes of the Within Nordecke, there are supmatch.” porters from all walks of life who love soccer both here and globally. Whether you like to watch English This season, members also have Premier League matches on Satur- been watching away games at day mornings or are a newcomer Hendoc’s Pub in the University to the game, there are Columbus District. Crew supporter groups eager to welcome fans to the world’s most Hailing from Manchester in the popular sport. United Kingdom, Shaun Taylor is someone who lives and breathes Hudson Street Hooligans football as a passionate supporter Founded in 2006, Hudson Street of both the Crew and Manchester Hooligans is at the center of United. Nordecke and has evolved into one of the most vocal supporter groups “This is as close as it gets to the in Major League Soccer. With a European environment here in membership of 1,600, the group America,” he said. “Crew supportturns Nordecke and Crew Stadium ers are like an extended family into an intimidating environment and make Columbus a great place

for football to grow here in the States.” Crew Union A short walk from Crew Stadium stands 4th Street Bar & Grill, the official bar of Crew Union. When there’s a Crew away match, you can count on a raucous atmosphere here at home. “Crew Union is a great group for people from all demographics that like to watch soccer and be a part of the Columbus community,” said leader Kevin McCollough.

ond’ team,” she said. “There is never a moment that you won’t see a Crew supporter who will chant and learn the new guy’s name. You won’t see that anywhere else in the league.” La Turbina Amarilla With the pre-game carnitas and a can of Modelo Especial, follow the drums with the Spanish-speaking contingency of Crew supporters. ¡Bienvenidos a La Turbina Amarilla!

Started in 2007, the group has brought the spirit of Latin AmeriOutside the pitch, Crew Union has can fútbol from all parts of the Americas – North, Central and been actively involved with the nearby Linden community as part South – to Nordecke. Leader of a youth outreach program with Tomas Quintana said, “We turn the Crew Soccer Foundation. “The Nordecke into a party at home kids were thrilled when we opened matches to create a lively atmosphere that gets everyone dancing up the box of shin guards and socks. The beauty of soccer is that and singing. This is the same energy that gets the players pumped it gets the youth active in neighborhoods, both affluent and poor,” to bring home a victory when the final whistle sounds.” McCollough said. As a passionate fan who follows both the regular squad and the less experienced reserve team, Kristina Balevska knows how much Crew players and coaches appreciate the fans who come regardless of weather and gimmick promotions. “Fans in Nordecke don’t look at the reserves as a ‘sec-

Buckeye Brigade Around the OSU campus, the Buckeye Brigade has created quite the buzz for international football. Founding member Robbie Brickner has made strides to immerse OSU students and alumni into Crew soccer culture.

“This has been an awesome movement so far, from tabling on the Oval to having our own bar – Midway On High – to watch soccer and see the students swap the scarlet jerseys for the black and gold Brigade scarf.” For those unfamiliar with Crew rivalries, picking up a supporter scarf is advisable. So is leaving the Buckeyes jersey at home. The Chicago Fire, D.C. United and Toronto F.C. all feature red in their team kits. That’s not a color welcome in Nordecke.

Go! Columbus Crew: for schedules and ticket info, go to Hudson Street Hooligans: Crew Union: La Turbina Amarilla: Buckeye Brigade: 4th Street Bar & Patio: 1810 N 4th St, 614.291.1420,; hours: daily noon-2:30a Hendoc’s Pub: 2375 N Nigh St, 614.297.1217,; hours: Mon-Sat 7pm-2a, Sun 11a-2a Midway On High: 1728 N High St, 614.298.8817,; hours: daily 11a-2:30a

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Wheels on the Bike Go Round and Round Is it festival season yet? Seriously, festivals make winter worth surviving. Peel off the puffy coats and pull on your sandals, wake up to and hit the streets to see local bands, eat from trucks, check the art… some of it on bodies; thank you, crazy people.

A new to-do on the scene this summer will be Columbus Bike Share. After more than a year of planning and discussion, Alta Bicycle Share was chosen to build out a system.

by Michael S. Brown

And did I mention seeing all our funky friends who hid away all winter at Kobo and Carabar or, worse, in their homes writing blogs about pictures they took of food and beer? All winter, we’re fantasizing about sitting on a patio under a warm Ohio sun. Jesus (the guy who makes me tacos), thank you for ushering in a season of outdoor eating accented with beer, cilantro and limes. The Pizzuti Collection is opening with an amazing Cuban showing that should kick spring off nicely. New apartments are going up everywhere. ODOT is still not sure exactly what they will do about that whole 70/71 thing they started. And, they’re finally building something bold to block my view of that monstrous green eyesore, Columbus Commons.

Summer also means Share the Road will be back. If you don’t see the banners and ads, call my buddy, Marie Keister, who is working hard to remind road-ragers that ROADS ARE NOT JUST FOR CARS!

trails, lanes, racks and street markings as part of the Bicentennial Bikeways Plan. Since they started in 2008, the city has invested more than $14 million in bikeways projects. In 2012, that included 46 bike racks and bike shelters at eight new locaAccording to the city, the project will Sorry I had to shout, but it’s true. tions, 7.5 miles of new bike paths, 5 miles of install a network of new bike lanes and 140 sharrow pavement I know, I know. Roads do seem awfully markings on 6.5 miles of roadway. well-designed for cars, but they were actually created to move people and Columbus’s 2013 Capital Improvements products (and armies) via a variety of Budget keeps the wheels spinning, with a contraptions, starting with feet. From proposed $8.7 million for bikeway developthe mighty Roman Empire to today, it ment, including 107 sharrow pavement has been about the people, not the ma- markings, 49 bike boulevard pavement chine. It’s time to slow down and chill. markings and 1.7 miles of shared-use paths. Chipotle will still be open; quit rushing. Now go do something fun in the sun! See you Share the Road is all about cars exist- out at the festivals. ing with those fancy two-wheel maTo share, yell, gossip or otherwise engage, please conchines taking over urban tact Mike Brown at neighborhoods. Check out or follow @DestinationCbus on Twitter. Photo courtesy for more of Bike the Cbus. info.

300 bikes at 30 Downtown locations, enabling users to visit any station to borrow a bike, ride for any amount of time and return the bike at any of the 30 stations. The autoI kid, I kid! A few friends will not stop talking mated system will employ swipe cards and about “losing our park” to the new buildings offer yearly memberships, single-day uses going up on High Street. I swear, the park is and three-day passes, all of which can be still there, the flowers are beautiful, the purchased at stations or online. carousel is spinning, the stage is ready to rock. We are in a dense urban downtown. Simple enough. The first stations should be Walk a few more feet and you’ll find it. in place by June 1.

Biking is fun. Heck, I see packs of bearded, biking retirees rolling down Neil Avenue next to perfectly mustachioed hipsters, next to prep cooks in their sweet chef pants, next to those seriously intense bike commuters. Occasionally I even see kids on bikes. Imagine that, it’s so easy that kids do it. They are sharing the road — so can we. Make sure to mark your calendars to join Biking Mike Coleman for Bike to Work Week on June 17, from 7:30a to 9a. This year’s ride will start in the Hilltop and roll down that sweet hill, through the Franklinton Arts Territories over to City Hall. July 12 is the Mayor’s Twilight Ride starting at COSI, and Aug. 31 is Yay Bikes’ Bike the C-Bus event. City crews continue to add hundreds of new

Go! Kobo: 2590 N High St, 614.784.0477, Carabar: 115 Parsons Ave, 614.223.1010, The Pizzuti Collection: 632 N Park St, 614.280.4004,; hours to be announced Columbus Commons: 160 S High St,; open daily 7a-11p Columbus Bike Share: Share the Road: Bike to Work Week: Mayor’s Twilight Ride: Bike the C-Bus:

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Betting the Farm on Locally Grown Food Dave Ranallo was a successful consultant with companies like Ernst & Young and Trilogy Software during the first Internet boom. He worked with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, refining their Internet strategies.

Considered a community-supported agriculture food subscription program, Azoti helps farmers obtain new customers, forecast demand, automate food subscriptions and streamline administrative tasks.

The program also eliminates implementation hassles for HR departments. ParticipatThen in June 2011, with z ing organizations choose $30,000 in seed money — by Kay Shabaz subscription options that including $10,000 from his work best for their employees, and in dad — he walked away from corporate life altogether. His mission: to bring the turn Azoti facilitates the marketing and ordering process with promotional mafarm closer to home. terials and an employer-branded website. Then, once a week, parking lots He hung up his sport coat and founded and lobbies transform into onsite farma company called Azoti. The name ers markets where subscribers pick up means nitrogen in Italian, and much like nitrogen is a key element for photo- meat, produce, milk and other artisanal products. synthesis and plant growth, Azoti is a resource for taking local farmers from “We believe that farmers, and not just sustaining to thriving. large government-subsidized ones, are going to be the next millionaires, and Its Employer Connect program is an we are positioning ourselves to be at employee benefit where companies partner with local food producers to de- the apex of that growth,” Ranallo said. liver nutritious food to the workplace. Support for his idea grew in October

2011 when Azoti was one of five startups chosen to receive a $20,000 grant from TechColumbus. The company was selected from a pool of 162 applicants as part of the second voyage of the 1492 TechAccleration program. Within a short period, Azoti sold 306 subscriptions during a pilot program with OSU’s Wexner Medical Center. Now, after plowing along, Azoti has the ears — and mouths, for that matter — of a growing number of Central Ohio companies and their employees. State Auto, Safelite, Grange Insurance, Ologie, M/I Homes and Battelle are among those that have bought into the Employer Connect program. In 2012, Azoti earned high marks from subscribers and farmers despite the worst drought in 50 years. Overall, 90 percent of subscribers gave the program favorable ratings, 97 percent claimed that the food was higher quality than what was available in grocery stores, and 82 percent said they made fewer shopping trips.

His advice to other entrepreneurs is to develop empathetic listening skills and to have a “live-your-life-backward” perspective. That’s where you envision the end result and work backward, so you can properly gauge risk. Ultimately, he believes that if you can do these two things you’ll have a greater level of confidence required for success. What’s coming up next for Azoti? Ranallo and his staff are working on a local food home-delivery model that will launch this spring, broadening the company’s reach in Central Ohio. In every issue, Live Local! Columbus invites one of the area’s business-incubator programs to share a success story. Kay Shabazz is the event planning and member support manager for TechColumbus, a public—private program that supports Central Ohio tech startups. For more information about Azoti, visit For more information about TechColumbus, visit Photos courtesy Azoti facebook page.

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Get Out and Help Somebody can attend a monthly happy The spring escape is a perfect opportunity to get out and give hour to meet other members. Each happy hour back to the community. I’ve got serves as a donafour great tion drive for a seorganizalected nonprofit tions that that’s in need of mawill help conterials. While donanect you to tions are fulfilling volencouraged, they’re unteer oppornot required. tunities with a variety of nonprofits serving Columbus Gives e Central Ohio: Back is free to parsk la va Ko by Ryan ticipate in and reColumbus Gives quires no commitments. Back Signing up for the email newsletter will deliver volunIf you’re looking to volunteer to meet new people and have teer opportunities directly to your inbox, allowing you to sefun, you should definitely sign lect the opportunities that inup for Columbus Gives Back’s terest you and fit into your emails. schedule. CGB offers weekly volunteer Check out current opportuniopportunities with a range of ties and sign up for the email nonprofits such as LifeCare newsletter at columbusgivesAlliance, Habitat for ity-MidOhio, Mid-Ohio Foodbank and more. After each volunteer event, the group usu- CYP Club Volunteer opportunities are ally goes out for food and/or just one part of the multidrinks to celebrate its accomfaceted Columbus Young Proplishments and get to know fessionals Club. This each other better. networking group offers opportunities throughout the year, If you’re nervous about diving ranging from volunteer projinto a volunteer project, you

ects at nonprofits to donation drives to fundraisers. The club definitely gives you plenty of opportunities to volunteer, along with chances to network with other professionals and explore career development. If you haven’t attended a CYP Club event or are interested in learning about volunteering in general, check out the group’s bi-annual Volunteer Information Fair. Nonprofits from all over Columbus set up information tables, allowing you to discover new nonprofits or meet some of your favorites to learn about volunteer opportunities. It’s a great way to become familiar with the opportunities available in Columbus while also getting to network. Check out the club’s next Volunteer Information Fair or sign up at Hands On Central Ohio You can find the most comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities through Hands On Central Ohio. Its database allows you to search by keywords, distance, tasks, service

recipients and so much more. You can also review profiles of nonprofits to learn more about the thousands of organizations serving the community in Columbus and Franklin County. If your schedule allows limited opportunities to volunteer, check out a cool feature on the website: The Project Calendar. It shows you every available volunteer opportunity posted on a given day and sorted by time. It’s a great way to see everything on those free days when you’re more interested in giving back to the community regardless of the cause. The Project Calendar and Hands On Central Ohio’s full database of nonprofits are at Besa The new kid on the block, Besa, lets you research, donate and volunteer with nonprofits throughout Columbus and Central Ohio. If you’ve used Yelp, you’ll feel right at home using Besa. Nonprofit profiles allow you to review financials, focus areas,

descriptions, reviews and available volunteer events. Creating an account with Besa will allow you to sign up for organized volunteer events with a variety of the charities in its system. After volunteering, you’ll be able to leave a review of your experience and the charity you assisted, which will help guide other users. You can also track your reviews and volunteer experiences through your profile. You can create your own profile and research local nonprofits at There are limitless ways to give back to your community and plenty of methods to find the best volunteer opportunity for you. These are just a few websites available to help you volunteer. Check them out and let me know what you think, and feel free to share your favorite ways to find volunteer opportunities. Ryan Kovalaske works for Community Shares of Mid Ohio, a coalition of local nonprofits. Follow him on Twitter at @rkovo715.

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Cooks Creek Golf Club FREE Round of Golf Foursome for the price of 3! Rated one of Ohio’s Top 10 public courses. —Golf Digest

18 holes with cart

Monday -- Thursday, Thursday, anytime anytime Monday Friday -- Sunday, Sunday, after after 2pm 2pm Friday

Banquet Facility, Snack Bar & Pro Shop

16405 U.S. Rte. 23 • Ashville, Ohio



Live Local! Columbus • Expires August 31, 2013

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by Ch e

t Ride


Market Meetups My girlfriend and I have made a habit of visiting the local markets on Saturday mornings and have come to greatly value the sense of community that these regular gatherings offer. For neighbors and patrons, the market is your connection to the community through local business owners and operators. You’re likely to interact directly with your baker, florist, farmer and butcher, who often personally harvested or made the products very recently, if not that same morning.

Pearl Market kicks off May 14 for another season of biweekly meetups. Manager Adam Schroeder sees it as a “great gathering place to take a stroll during the workday, where you’re likely to see co-workers, friends and perhaps a chance encounter with one of our elected officials.”

Veteran patrons know to get their sweet corn from Champ (a former Buckeyes football player for Woody Hayes) at Henson Farms, which has been with the market since its inception. New this year, look for gourmet ice popsicles from J-Pops, The benefits on all sides of the as they look to expand on a suctable here create a true win-wincessful run with Celebrate Local at win for the consumer, the business Easton. These treats, created to and the community. Consumers raise money for post-earthquake will see seasonal, fresh and more and -tsunami relief for Japan, will nutritious foods, along with many leave your taste buds even more handcrafted local products. By sell- satisfied knowing the good cause ing directly to the customer, busibehind them. nesses are retaining a higher profit margin and getting to build relaMoonlight Market, a new market tionships that keep people coming Downtown, takes place the second back. Neighborhoods become Saturday of each month. This projstronger as local residents create ect comes to the Gay Street Disgreater ties, and by spending local, trict thanks to a who’s-who of 90 percent of that money stays Downtown organizations, including within the community. the Capital Crossroads SID, the Downtown Residents OK, so you’re sold. Where are the Association and Cement Markettop spots around town? ing. If you live or work Downtown, you’ll be stoked to know that the Jacob Taylor of CivitasNow, which

has helped spearhead the drive, envisions a nighttime bazaar with a New Orleans-type buzz in the air. The market will look to dazzle with exciting lighting and projection displays while filling the streets with live music and beats. Look for Josh Harden of Ghetto Vintage to post-up with his refurbished, 1960s Airstream trailerload of fashion accessories and throwback tees. And if you’re a night owl, stick around for a special midnight tea time at ZenCha Tea Salon, which looks to be a unique opportunity to connect with other passionate market supporters. After a successful first season at 400 W Rich St, the Winter Market will continue on the second and fourth Saturdays through May before opening weekly in June. With more studios coming online and a bar in the works, you’ll want to see first-hand just how this project evolves as Chris Sherman, Kris Howell, Jen Gable and team continue to forge their way forward. While you’re there, try a sample of handmade granola from Fare City Feed’s owner/operator Diana Wang, learn about and taste the fruits of nearby Franklinton Gardens, or grab your favorite repurposed liquor bottle from Carlos

Arango at Candle with a Cause. Looking to go big then go home? Worthington Farmers Market organizer Jaime Moore has built this gathering to more than 70 businesses. If you get a chance, meet Val Jorgensen from Jorgensen Farms, who has to be one of the sweetest women you’ll ever meet and just as likely to invite you up to the farm for a tour. Ask the folks at Shagbark Seed & Mill for the story behind their operation. Don’t forget that the North Market is open every day and will be bringing back its popular Saturday Farmers Market and Sunday Artisan/Crafts Market this season. The Clintonville Farmers Market runs on N High St on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Think of the markets like this: They’re your own neighborhood’s special, one-day pop-up grocery store where you’re meeting with the folks who handcrafted, handpicked or handmade your product. You can’t get any more closely connected than that. Chet Ridenour is the administrator for the Short North Civic Association. Follow him on Twitter at @ChetRidenour.

Go! Pearl Market: Downtown alleys between High & 3rd/Broad & Gay streets, 614. 645.5061,; hours: May-October, Tue and Fri 10:30a-2p J-Pops: Celebrate Local: 3952 Townsfair Way (Easton Town Center), 614.471.OHIO,; hours: MonThu 10a-9p, Fri-Sat 10a-10p, Sun noon-6p Moonlight Market: Gay Street between 3rd and High,; hours: second Saturday of each month, 6p-11p Ghetto Vintage: Winter Market: 400 W Rich St,; hours: June-fall, Sat 11a-2p Fare City Feed: Franklinton Gardens: 614.233.1887, Candle with a Cause: 566 W Rich St, 614.654.1CWC, Worthington Farmers Market: High Street between Rt. 161 and South Street, 614.285.5341,; hours: May-October, Sat 9a-noon Shagbark Seed & Mill: North Market: 59 Spruce St, 614.463.9664,; hours: Mon 9a-5p, Tue-Fri 9a-7p, Sat 8a5p, Sun noon-5p; farmers markets are Saturdays 8a-3p, and Artisan Sundays are noon-5p

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Vacationing Along the Mexican Riviera ing tours. The hotel has three restaurants — all under the direction of celebrated, 25-year-old executive chef, Antonio Martinez, who is noted for fusing regional dishes with international specialties.

Dining seaside is one of Vallarta’s special pleasures

by Aaron Leventhal Most Central Ohioans head to Fort Lauderdale, Key West or the Caribbean for their annual winter holiday. Here’s a new option: Fly a few hours farther south to tropical Puerto Vallarta, along the Central Pacific coastline known as the Mexican Riviera. You’re assured of warm sunny days, deep blue skies, worldclass beaches, excellent dining and friendly locals. Puerto Vallarta has a laid back, beach town ambiance, spectacular natural beauty and a cosmopolitan cultural scene, yet retains a surprising amount of the character of the small fishing village it once was. It is situated along the clear, blue waters of the Bay of Banderas and surrounded by a lush, emerald green jungle at the edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Vallarta, as the locals call it, was discovered by the rich and adventurous when, in 1963, John Huston chose it as the location to film Tennessee Williams’s Night of the Iguana. The sensationalized romance of the film’s co-stars, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, brought the paparazzi in droves and Vallarta was never the same again.

It wasn’t long until luxury hotels, resorts and shopping centers sprung up everywhere.

WHAT TO DO: There are myriad activities to keep visitors engaged for weeks — even months. In the hotel lobby, representatives from North American Travel book expertly organized and staffed experiences. We chose three l ha nt ve by Aaron Le during our venthal Le n vi Er th Photos by Be stay.

Fortunately, the Old Town area, which includes El Centro (the city center) and the adjacent Zona Romantica (Romantic Zone), has been preserved and enchants visitors with the colonial charm of its red-tile roofs, white facades, crooked cobblestone streets, small shops and lush tropical gardens. WHERE TO STAY: My wife, Beth, and I stayed at the Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa, an adults-only, gayfriendly, 83-room boutique inn located downtown along a golden, sandy beach. The 4½-star resort is tucked away from the bustling street life, yet only a short walk from the iconic malecon. Its bright, spacious guest rooms all have private, ocean-view balconies.

For eight days, we relaxed in this tranquil setting, enjoying a friendly and helpful staff, three bars, two swimming pools, fully equipped gym, complimentary morning yoga on the beach (Beth loved this), a fabulous spa and an in-house travel agency that expertly assists with organiz-

To orient ourselves, we took a City Tour of the major landmarks, including Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral; Old Town dining, shopping and entertainment; the Botanical Garden; and beaches north and south of town. Then we signed on for an allday snorkel cruise, which included a coastline boat ride; snorkeling at Los Arcos, the famous underwater national park; and lunch at a secluded beach. Sail With the Whales took us on a luxury sailboat staffed by knowledgeable marine naturalists and a hospitable crew. They pointed out humpbacks, giant manta rays and sea turtles in the clear waters. Other popular activities include kayaking, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, sea lion encounters, jungle zip-lining and off-road drives in 4x4 vehicles through remote villages and outback. Every Wednesday evening through the winter, downtown galleries hold the Centro Historico Art Walk (similar to our Short North Gallery Hop),

which features the works of some of Mexico’s finest artists and crafts people. Throughout downtown and the Zona Romantica, there The Bay of Banderas, is lined are hundreds with iconic sculptures of small speCarvello. cialty shops and jewelry stores. Dozens of nightclubs, bars and IF YOU GO: Forget about a rental restaurants feature live entertaincar; downtown is compact and easy ment and music, many rocking until to explore on foot. And taxis are 2:30a. plentiful and reasonable. Pack light; the dress is ultra casual. WHERE TO DINE: Vallarta has atGo! tracted acclaimed international chefs who have opened a diverse asPuerto Vallarta Tourism Board: sortment of restaurants, cafes and or bistros. We especially enjoyed meals 888.384.6822 at our hotel restaurants: La Corona, Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa: with creative, international fusion dishes; and Morales for fine, conNorth American Travel: temporary Mexican cuisine. Other favorites include: Sail with the Whales: chef Thierry Blouet’s Cafe gaso-whales.htm Des Artistes, noted for gourmet Cafe Des Artistes: French cuisine and dining in an open-air tropical arboretum. La Langosta Feliz: La Langosta Feliz (the Happy LobLa Palapa: ster), a family-owned and -operated restaurant renowned for large plat- The Vista Grill: Barcelona Tapas: ters filled with lobster, sea bass, shrimp and crayfish and its lively mariachi bands. La Palapa, on the popular Los Muertos beach, specializing in Mexican fare and seafood.

The Puerto Vallarta Experience March 8-16

The Vista Grill, high on a hillside and noted for its spectacular views of the sea and city below and elegant al fresco dining on specialties such as red snapper, slow-cooked salmon in chili sauce, shrimp potstickers and braised boneless shortribs.

Organized and led by travel writer Aaron Leventhal

Barcelona Tapas, serving Spanish specialties from chef-owner William

Columbus-based travel writer Aaron Leventhal is also a small-group tour director. He has organized a nineday resort vacation at the Villa Premiere Hotel & Spa, March 8-16, 2014. For more information, go to or call Aaron at 614.506.9666.

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Puerto Vallarta Has Sol


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walk with a local • walk with a local • walk with a local• walk with a local• walk with a local


Packrat Comics

Hip, Historic

Old Hilliard

Cindy’s Handmade Originals Blue Moon Earthly Treasures

Destination Hilliard. “He wanted to create on the walls. Gabby Johnson, an esthetician at Bella, gave me the grand tour and a park where you could come meditate and said being located on Main Street has been remember the victims.” great for business. Walking just a couple more blocks north is “It’s nice because there is a lot of commit- Old Hilliard’s newest residences, Madison ment in Hilliard, they like to support local on Main apartments. The high-end apartbusiness,” Johnson said. “People who live ments opened last year, and the city just in Hilliard like to stay in Hilliard.” confirmed plans to build 180 more units in the area. Hilliard is looking to bring “It’s an old house, and we Johnson even decided to live in the neigh- younger people to the neighborhood. “We That ice cream shop is now gone, and new stores and renovated and gutted the borhood. “I fell in love with the area and want to become a lifelong community,” restaurants take up the house and put an addition the community,” she said. “On the weeksaid Clark. by Alisa Cato n on,” said Buroff. “This loca- end, there are so many people out and street. Old Hilliard is still just as charming, years tion has made it a lot nicer around. In the summer on Sunday nights, There are certainly enough pubs and bars later. for brides to come in, too.” you can sit outside and hear the music at in the area to entertain a younger crowd. the Gazebo.” Within walking distance, Otie’s Tavern A majority of the businesses on Main reBuroff said a majority of her business is and Grill has been in Old Hilliard for more side in renovated houses, preserving the weddings, and her shop draws customers The Gazebo on Norwich Street, just off of than 40 years and is still serving up its fafrom all over Columbus. With three high Main, has a free summer concert series traditional look of the town. About five mous fried bologna sandwich. Across the schools in the area (and I can speak from put on by the Hilliard Arts Council. Across street is Sports on Tap, a popular hangout years ago, the city overhauled the experience), prom season is quite a hectic the street is the First Responders Park streetscape of Old Hilliard by expanding for locals. Hilliard football parents made time in the shop as well. the sidewalks and adding street arches. Memorial, a tribute to all the firefighters, Thursday happy hour popular at the “Tap,” police and volunteers who responded to and it has become a weekly tradition yearJust a couple houses down is Bella Capelli the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The round. “The streetscape has definitely helped,” said Christine Buroff, owner of Hilliard Salone & Day Spa, a relatively new addipark features metal from the Twin Towers Floral Design, which has been in the com- tion to Old Hilliard. Walking in, it’s easy to and the names of those first to the scene. For the rowdier crowd, Sharpie’s Saloon munity for 15 years. “It’s helped the over- forget a century-old home is at its core, hosts live bands on the weekends and a all image of Hilliard.” having been completely renovated with “The mayor had a passion for 9/11 and weekly karaoke night. On Saturday mornhardwood floors and deep, neutral tones the patriotism,” said Christy Clark from ings, Abner’s restaurant is typically I remember the first time my parents took The floral shop has become a staple on Main Street — and so has its resident cat, me to Old Hilliard to ride the Lola, who can be seen sitting Heritage Bike Trail, which amongst seasonal winruns 6 miles up to Plain dow scenes. Six years City. We stopped at a small ice ago Hilliard Floral moved cream shop on Main Street, down the street because and even as a little kid I was it outgrew the previous loattracted by the historical cation. look of Old Hilliard.

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Otie’s Tavern and Grill

go to the Short North to get things like packed for breakfast, a perfect fix if you’d been at Sharpie’s the night before. this.” The only thing downtown Hilliard had been missing was retail shopping, and within the last year The Shoppes at Lattimer Square has tried to change that. A few new shops have opened recently for those seeking original treasures. The Not Just Shabby Shop refurbishes furniture by painting and stenciling art. Owner Laura Buoni’s store is filled with brightly colored dressers and coffee tables. She also sells refurbishing supplies and teaches her craft. “People will bring in a small piece of furniture and we have a three- to four-hour workshop on how to refurbish the furniture,” Buoni said.

Blue Moon Earthly Treasures and Sweet Salvage Shoppe, also in the square, both sell untouched, vintage finds. Conveniently located next to each other, they’re perfect for those always searching for antique pieces. “We have four stores that are all similar, but all have their own niche,” said Trish Holt, co-owner of Blue Moon with her husband Dennis. In between all the antique shops is Packrat Comics, which has been in Hilliard for 20 years. It has grown into a second space next door for tabletop games, and the basement of both spaces has its own movie theater and a room for talks by artists and writers. Packrat has weekly game nights for tabletop and card games, making it a community spot for those in love with comics.

Next-door is Cindy’s Handmade Originals. Owner Cindy Wynia makes each piece of jewelry, card, skin-care product, candle and knit item herself. “I had it in When asked what Packrat Comics is my mind that Old Hilliard would be a good spot for this and needed something known for, though, Colegrove simply replies, “Being awesome.” like this,” she said. “You don’t have to

Hilliard Floral Design: 4120 Main St, 614.777.7795,; hours: Mon-Fri 9a-5p, Sat varies, Sun closed Bella Capelli Salone & Day Spa: 4098 Main St, 614.771.6774,; hours: Mon 9a-6p, Tue-Sat 9a-9p Sun closed Otie’s Tavern and Grill: 5344 Center St, 614.876.1548; hours: MonTue 11a-midnight, Wed 11a-1a, Thu-Sat 11a-2:30a, Sun noon-10p Sports on Tap: 4030 Main St, 614.921.9559; hours: Mon-Sat 11a2:30a, Sun noon-midnight Sharpie’s Saloon: 3879 Lattimer St, 614.850.8590; hours: Mon-Sun 11:30a-2:30a Abner’s: 4051 Main St, 614.876.2649,; hours: Mon-Thu 7a-10p, Fri-Sat 7a-11p, Sun 7a-9p The Not Just Shabby Shop: 3880 Lattimer St, 614.507.3434; hours: Tue and Thu 11a-4p, Fri-Sat 11a6p Cindy’s Handmade Originals: 3872 Lattimer St, 614.771.2778; hours: Tue-Sat noon-7p Blue Moon Earthly Treasures: 3858 Lattimer St, 614.519.3018; hours: Tues and Thu-Sat noon-7p, Sun-Mon and Wed closed Sweet Salvage Shoppe: 3856 Lattimer St, 614.374.3626; Thu-Sat 11a-6p, Sun 1p-4p, Mon-Wed closed Packrat Comics: 3864 Lattimer St, 614.527.8450,; hours: Mon-Tue, Thu, Sat 11a-7p, Wed 11a-8p, Fri 11a7p, Sun noon-5p

For more information about all the businesses in Hilliard, visit

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Canal Winchester Blues & Ribfest Aug2-3 DowntownCanalWinchester


Peach District Summer Recess August3 PeachDistrict (nearHighlandSt and5thAve)

Dublin Irish Festival Aug2-4 CoffmanPark,Dublin


Festival Latino Aug10-11 GenoaPark,Franklinton

PulpFest 2013 July25-28 HyattRegency,ArenaDistrict

Pickerington Violet Festival July24-27 VictoryPark,Pickerington Lazy Daze of Summer Festival July27 GrandviewHeightsPublicLibrary,Grandview


All Good Music Festival & Campout July18-21 LegendValley,Thornville(45 minuteseastofColumbus)

Jazz & Rib Fest July19-21 NorthBankPark,Arena District


All Ohio Balloon Fest Aug15-18 UnionCountyAirport, Marysville(40minutes northwestofColumbus)


Granville Art Affair & Wine Festival June7-8 BrynDuMansion,Granville


Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival Aug17-18 HuberPark,Reynoldsburg

Columbus Arts Festival June7-9 SciotoMile,Downtown





Columbus Asian Festival May25-27 FranklinParkConservatory,OldeTownEast

- -

columbus occasions map • columbus occasions map • columbus occasions map



Park Street Festival 2013 June7-8 ParkStreet, ArenaDistrict

S G P 6 w s

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Banana Split Festival June 7-8 J.W. Denver Williams Memorial Park, Wilmington Picnic With the Pops Opener: Chaka Kahn July 14, 8p Columbus Commons


15th Annual Heritage Concert Series Thursdays; 6p-9p in July & August King Arts Complex, King Lincoln



North Market Food & Ohio Wine Festival July 12-14 North Market



30th Annual Doo Dah Parade July 4 Buttles Avenue, Short North

(40 minutes west of Columbus)

Westerville Music and Arts Festival July 13-14 Heritage Park, Westerville

ComFest Community Festival June 28-30 Goodale Park, Short North

Columbus Pride Festival June 21-22 Downtown, Short North, Victorian Village

Solebrate! Food & Music Festival June 21-23 Franklin County Fairgrounds, Hilliard



London Strawberry Festival June 20-22 Downtown London

Red, White and Boom July 3 Downtown

Goodale Park Music Series Sundays July 14-Aug 25; 12:30p-2p Goodale Park



Juneteenth Ohio Festival June 14-16 Franklin Park, Olde Towne East




Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival June 14-16 Creekside Park, Gahanna



Worthington Art Festival June 15-16 Worthington Village Green arts-festivals



-- -

(1 hour southwest of Columbus)

Shakespeare in the Park: Twelfth Night June 27-July 28 Schiller Park


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2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  
2013-05-15 Live Local Columbus  

volume 2 • issue 2 Tour Guides: • Michael S. Brown• Alisa Caton• Johnny DiLoretto• Cheryl Harrison• Brent Hawk• Ryan Kovalaske• Erin McCal...