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I got some news I didn’t like. I was pissed. But I didn’t let it show. After all, anger isn’t a nice, ladylike thing to show. I don’t get angry. So I reached in the cupboard for a box of cookies. Ahhh, that’s better, I thought. And then it happened again. I was pissed. But the box of cookies was all eaten up. What could I eat that had sugar in it? Mmmm, raisins don’t quite cut the bill. How about some cocoa with lots of sugar?

But if you suppress your anger, deny it, or use it to manipulate, resent, blame or “get back” at someone with it, then you suffer. You feel uncomfortable, you feel angst – you feel angry. Anger is something almost everyone has on some level, and it’s something that can cause disease if not worked with on a conscious level. If you’re

places where you judge others; I used to judge people for eating too much at a potluck, but when I looked at myself, I was always at the dessert table. How many more cookies were OK to eat without people noticing? Feel it in your body. Notice where anger sits in you – is it your chest, stomach, head or neck? Where do you feel it?    Take a deep breath and be kind with yourself for having it.

Unpleasant-feeling emotions like anger, shame, guilt, jealousy or envy are part of the human experience. When you deny them, you are denying yourself.

Ahhh, that’s better, I thought again. For years this went on. Anger = eating sugar. That’s how I dealt with it. Because anger isn’t something I have. My dad was angry sometimes, but not me, I thought.

This was all unconscious, of course. I had no idea I was doing it. I’m now awake to it and know how to work with it. Here’s the thing: Anger is not bad, it’s not wrong and it’s not evil. It just is. It’s part of being human. In saying that, I’m not saying to go get angry all the time and live from that place. Being angry all the time doesn’t bring you peace and joy.

in one of these two categories: suppressing anger and judging those that are angry as being “bad,” or letting it fly and being angry a lot of the time outwardly or through sarcasm, criticism, yelling or blaming, then here are some tips on how to work with it: Acknowledge this is part of being human. Recognize that you feel it. Say, “I’m angry right now.” Unpleasant-feeling emotions like anger, shame, guilt, jealousy or envy are part of the human experience. When you deny them, you are denying yourself. Carl Jung called this our shadow side. You can find your shadow in the

Let it move through your body. Yell out loud (by yourself), hit a pillow (more than once), shake your hands and arms (I love this one). Let it out. If you’re someone who gets angry at the drop of a hat, then look at the truth of what you’re angry about. Are you resisting what is – the situation that is “causing” the anger? Again, be kind with yourself for having anger. Over and over and over again.  As a transformational coach and spiritual mentor, Angela Maria Patnode inspires and awakens her clients to their own extraordinary wisdom and potential through one-on-one programs, meditation classes, specialty workshops and transformational retreats. This piece was adapted from one on her blog,


but it’s not uncivilized

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ToasT & RoasT aT –RR on DecembeR 18 Celebrate the start of another beautiful Montana winter with us. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer of your choice, delectable small bites from Executive Chef Scott, live music and more. No need to RSVP, doors open at 5:30pm and all are welcome. • 1.800.937.4132 Five miles south of Big Sky entrance on Hwy 191

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