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hauteonline PUT THIS ON Don’t be a man; be a gentleman. Put This On is a gentleman’s guide to dressing like a grown-up. Jesse Thorn and Adam Lisagor advise aspiring stylish gentlemen through their sharp senses of humor and witty comments. The site’s Gentlemen’s Association is a members-only organization where fashionconscious guys receive a handmade pocket square every other month to complement their classy wardrobe.


We all know most men — excuse me, gentlemen — dislike shopping with the extensive checkout lines and the scary dressing rooms, but Put This On has a nifty feature called “It’s On Sale” to help men shop until they drop without leaving their humble abode and without facing hefty pricetags. For example, a refined man has access to promo codes and coupons to places such as Land’s End, J.Crew and many more.


For the auctioneers in all of us, “eBay Roundup” is known for its obscure and rare pieces of fine clothing presented to gentlemen around the world. Looking for a Ralph Lauren gray pinstriped suit jacket for $40 is not hard at all with this spectacular feature. Get ready to place your bid, sirs.



MRS. LILIEN Mrs. Lilien is a fabulous blog for anyone looking for the latest trends. The woman behind it, Mrs. Lilien, writes almost daily about fashion and her adventures, and she even shares advice for those interested in revamping their interiors. The page is as stylish as the designer and “stylist extraordinista” herself. Mrs. Lilien fuses her flair for fashion with her quirky and fun writing style to create a truly engaging blog.


A section titled "Mrs. Necessities" is displayed on the home page. Mrs. Lilien compiles a picture collage of “needs” to go along with each month and often follows a theme. For example, the October collection is Halloween-based and provides funky options to liven up one’s wardrobe, make-up and home decor with a spooky twist.


Another fantastic element of Mrs. Lilien is the styling — short for styling house — section. This section features gorgeous photographs of interior design from poolside to tableside. She provides classy examples for anyone to use in their home.



STYLE SCRAPBOOK Style Scrapbook is an exceptional and inspiring fashion website that showcases original style content from all over the globe. The blog’s founder, Andy Torres, started the site five years ago when she moved from Mexico to Amsterdam. Her vision was to create an outlet where she could share her life, dreams and aspirations. Torres’ inspiration comes from her daily life, travels and personal taste.


The first thing that pops up on Style Scrapbook is “The Looks of the Day.” This is the focal point of the site and a new style is presented every day. Andy models all the fashion pieces throughout her blog and uses mainstream style magazines to put together more affordable outfits for her fans. Andy believes people want to see her clothes displayed on real people, not top fashion models. More importantly, people want items that are more within their means.   


Fans can also shop on Style Scrapbook and purchase items she features in her posts. Andy’s “New In” items consist of clothing, shoes and accessories. Andy’s mix of originality and innovation has allowed her to develop a loyal fan base that continues to grow.




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WINTER MINT‌ | It’s time to throw out the fashion rules that have dominated the style world for years and embrace soft, winter pastels. Pastel colors are having a major moment and one shade in particular stands above the rest: mint. Try a small dose of the flattering shade in a scarf or nail polish, or go full-blown monochromatic and pair mint jeans with a sweater in the same fresh hue. —BRIDGET MALLON

CATS | Cat ladies unite! These adorable, beautiful creatures are now pouncing onto tons of accessories and garments. Depending on my mood, I can be as sweet or as fierce as my inner feline spirit animal desires. Meee-ow! —BROOKE BUNCE


ELLEN DEGENERES | Well known for her gay rights and anti-bullying advocacy efforts on her show and in life, Ellen DeGeneres is an icon as well as an inspiration both for her actions and for her wardrobe. Whether she sports a fitted vest, rocks skinny jeans or completes her look with a pair of classic Converse or Keds, DeGeneres always looks smashing. Achieving her clean-cut look requires little more than tailored pieces, confidence, keen wit and killer dance moves. —JESSIE CADLE


SELF-TANNER | With these gloomy, gray winter months upon us, it's easy to forget the warmth and wonder of the summer. To shed a ray of sunlight on your skin this season, there is finally a safe option for a perfect summer tan. Ditch the tanning beds and give my favorite a try: St. Tropez self-tanner, which comes in a lotion, spray or mousse. Personal tip: the mousse provides the most even, natural color. After years of testing other tanners, St. Tropez is the first that earns five stars. St. Tropez is available at Sephora and St.Tropez.com. —MICHELLE KAPPELER

COLOUR RICHE | “50% less wax” sounds icky, I know. Alas, this is the selling point of the prettiest little lipstick on the planet. L’Oreal’s new Colour Riche Colour Caresse contains much less wax than your average lipstick, making the old stuff seem like crayons — such child’s play (insert hair flip). My go-to color is Blushing Sequin, but all 16 shades will tickle your smoocher. Snaps for this little golden tube of wonder. —NICOLE RANIERI


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bridget mallon Hi Threadies! The winter season is upon us and with it comes warm hats, cozy sweaters, plenty of hot cocoa and of course the holidays! We couldn’t be more excited for all the cold weather fun. This December issue marks the first time Thread has been able to celebrate the holidays with our readers. In honor of the winter festivities, we have holiday party outfits in our 6 Looks We Like and a DIY sparkly chandelier for your own fetes in “Lighten Up.” check out our “Nifty Gifting” gift guide if you're still looking for the perfect present for your family and friends. In addition to our inclusion of a little extra holiday cheer, we’re taking the magazine to another galaxy in our “Galaxy Quest” photo shoot that is totally out of this world, Special thanks to NASA for providing the background shots. And learn how to make your own outer space-inspired prints in our “Spaced Out” DIY. If galactic garb isn’t your thing, check out our “Into the Wild” shoot for some inspiration straight from nature. Or learn how to craft the perfect arm party in “Armed & Fabulous.” We’re debuting a new story in our Who What Wear section, where we take inspiration from a specific spot in Athens. This time we’re channeling the cool and relaxed vibe of Donkey Coffee. 12 | THREAD

We would like to extend a special thanks to the Templeton Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium, Student Senate, Donkey Coffee, the Industrial & Systems Engineering program, Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery, The Recycled Wardrobe and a-thread, for their help with this issue. Make sure to celebrate our new issue with us at our “Let them Eat Cake: Marie Antoinette Meets Thread Magazine” party — inspired by our Modern Majestics shoot — on December 5 at 9 p.m. at The J Bar. Keep Stylin’, Bridget Mallon


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Julia Baker, Morgan Borer, Audrey Bonfig, Kayla Carpenter, Courtney Dodson, Julia Eberle, Alexis Evans, Katie Flowers, Erin Golden, Tara Golenburke, Kaylyn Hlavaty, Nadia Kurtz, Korinne Lachey, Lo Martinez, Deven Middleton, Megan Neonakis, Jenna Nzeugy, Tiffany, Ogden, Olivia Ohlin, Jackie Petre, McKenzie Powell, Gina Rossi, Rachel Sayers, Michelle Sebastian, Ali Shultz, Sara Sloat, Camille Smith, Becca Taylor, Becky Wagner, Jade Walker, Bently Weisel


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rowns and blacks, it’s time to move over and make room for fall’s trendiest new color: Vivid, zinging orange. Traditional, bland colors are nowhere to be found in the Tracy Reese Fall 2012 ready-towear collection. Instead, vibrant oranges, turquoises and metallic purples grace this designer’s runway looks. The collection features futuristic sunglasses, wool hats and can’t-miss heels. Trucker hats made of felt crowned a number of the looks to add a playful vibe. Structured blazers, trench coats and menswear pants also make an appearance, adding professionalism. Metallic, whether displayed in a handbag, a high-waisted belt or an entire dress (worthy of an occasion like New Year’s Eve), is an essential in the collection. Her ensembles embody the idea of readyto-wear fashion. Her looks are perfect for the brave, color-obsessed girl, but anyone can work it around campus with a few essential pieces. A classic black blazer looks polished, especially when paired with black pumps. Keep the blazer loose and open in the front. Add an unexpected twist with a lightweight orange or brightlycolored sweater underneath. The blazer and sweater can also be paired with menswear pants for a casual yet pulled-together feel. Opt for a pair that flatters the figure. Other clothing staples that can be incorporated are large, chunky wool sweaters, silk tops and long trench coats. Combine with a simple metallic bag or a stack of shiny silver bangles to add interest. These items can all be integrated to create a flawless fall outfit that is Tracy Reese-approved.






lassy couture meets eclectic hippy in Dries Van Noten’s daring Fall 2012 men’s collection. The kooky, imaginative assortment is risky yet charming, described impeccably as “psychedelic elegance” by the Belgian designer himself. At first glance, Van Noten’s intensely obscure use of color and patterns may seem to be too extreme for the ordinary individual. However, upon closer inspection of the various combinations, a feeling of acceptance comes into play. The eye is intrigued by the fitted and simplistic cuts and different washes, which set off the brave designs. To achieve a more minimal look, simply couple a dark turtleneck with a large velvet blazer, gray belted trousers and tan loafers. It’s Dries Van Noten transformed into campus fashion at its finest. The fierce colors and patterns featured in this bizarrely pleasing collection are topped off by pristinely tailored cuts resembling a collision between the ’60s and late 1800s. Graphics of trippy woodland creatures peek underneath sharp blazers and dapper suit jackets. Basic, crisp whites, grays, blacks and tans are paired with quirky patterns of blues, pinks and greens printed on long jackets, sweaters and pants to add a jolt of color. Collared and turtleneck sweaters, knee-length jackets and belted pants are all key ingredients to this delightful mixture of calm, cool and eccentric. Multiple layers are created as well, with short and long sleeves crafting a look that’s hipster-mod. With primarily ordinary fabrics, Van Noten adds a touch of texture through classy velvet blazers, crocodile loafers and wool jackets. Converting this fashion into everyday attire is astonishingly easy. Add shock to a typical dressycasual wardrobe with a brightly colored pattern layered underneath a long jacket. Perhaps even dive head-first into the fashion pool with a decorative turtleneck sweater and tailored pants or galaxyprint slacks and a collared white sweater.






ver since they burst onto the music scene a few years ago, the rap collective OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) has drawn all sorts of attention for everything from their controversial lyrics to their rebellious skater-boy lifestyle. One of the clear leaders of the pack is R&B artist Frank Ocean. Ocean recently became an industry darling with the release of his first studio album, "Channel Orange." He also turned heads when he revealed that one of his songs was about falling in love with a man, as R&B is traditionally a heterosexual dominated industry. As art often imitates life, Ocean’s style imitates his music. Musically, Ocean blends traditional R&B with unconventional melodies. Stylistically he blends traditional hip-hop apparel with a hipster twist. Ocean often combines crisp dress shirts with equally sharp denim and tosses on a pair of skateboard shoes. He usually stays away from the predictable oversized “bling” and baggy pants that can run rampant in hip-hip, preferring understated jewelry and jeans with a closer fit. His fashion can be as versatile as his music, but in the end he sticks to a winning combination: fashionable and functional, with a flair for the unexpected. Ocean’s look is simple to emulate. Guys need only put on a sharp button-down, add a nice pair of fitted jeans and slip on some fresh vans; the brighter the hues, the better. This look can work for anything from class to the skate park to a night uptown. Any Frank Ocean inspired outfit is sure to make a splash.




pon hearing Mindy Kaling’s name, it’s easy to automatically think of the chatterbox employee she played on “The Office.” But those who know her beyond the confines of her pink-obsessed Kelly Kapoor character and her own hit series, “The Mindy Project,” can attest that Kaling is first and foremost a humorous, intelligent woman with an intense love for sequins and shoes. Kaling said she only dresses for herself and wrote an essay on Glamour.com saying, “I love fashion, but I never, even as a chubby Indian kid, wanted to look like a fairy princess. I’d rather look cool and hot than elegant and beautiful.” Kaling has an affinity for chunky jewelry, excessively flashy heels, colorblocked outfits and reversed pleats with Peter Pan collars. All of these mismatched styles seem unconventional, but then again Kaling has said, “My ideal style of dressing is ’80s aerobics coach meets Maasai tribeswoman,” so fashion idiosyncrasy epitomizes her sense of style. The actress loves wearing shiny garments with sequins. She exudes confidence with a splash demureness. Kaling pairs sex appeal with modesty, and a layered, tedious style with a thrown-together look. Much like her personality, Kaling’s style is full of contradictions — and she wants it all. Take a cue from Kaling and don’t settle for one style. A Mindy staple for any style is accentuating curves, not hiding them. A waist-hugging, fitted skirt and short dresses are essential for replicating her style on any body type or size. A little fanfare in the jewelry or color department is sure to brighten the ensemble, and a good outlook is all one needs to dress like this superstar. Add zany leggings or dresses with attention-grabbing exposed zippers for an extra Kaling kick. An upbeat, exciting wardrobe will have you emulating the glowing charm and adorable kitsch of Mindy Kaling.



streetpeeps Video by MICHAEL MYTNICK


he streets of Athens are decked out in holiday decorations, and everyone is breaking out their winter wear. Check out some of the killer street style we've spotted around town.



blogger of the month




merican men and fashion haven’t had the most stable relationship through the years. Of course they’ve had their ups (Marlon Brando, Ryan Gosling, GQ), but it’s their downs (cargo shorts, Ed Hardy, Kid Rock) that have everyone really worried. I chose the title “Der Mann,” (“The Man,” in German) for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I was an exchange student in Germany last year and it was truly an eye-opening experience that broadened my view of men’s fashion. I was suddenly immersed in a culture where not just the women, but also the men (gasp!) shared an equal interest in how they looked. It was like I had died and gone to fashion heaven. Finally I was surrounded by guys who were confident in their looks and used style to their advantage — instead of hiding under rec shorts and catchphrase tees. After returning home from being a foreigner for a little while, I couldn’t stop wondering what it is about the majority of American guys who are so against caring about their appearance. When I started blogging


I decided to try and figure out if it’s that they truly are uninterested in the way they look (we are citizens of the fattest and laziest country here, folks) or is it that being fashionable + being masculine = incomputable? As a member of the male species I realize that guys are both: A. ridiculously stubborn to change and B. generally more interested in spending their time (watching sports) and money (buying beer) elsewhere. Which is why I give simple and generally easy tips about how to be more stylish. But I also play hardball. Guys who read my blog and rock fedoras or flip flops, I will belittle you — but know it comes from a loving place. I decided the ultimate goal of my blog would be to try to teach guys that being sartorially savvy doesn’t make them flamboyant, feminine or look like they’re trying too hard. Having a sense of self-awareness with fashion shows confidence, which radiates power, intelligence and sex appeal. It shows that looking good while still being masculine is achievable by every guy and once accomplished, you can do anything you want (or at least get a girl’s number more easliy).





$2 domestic bottles $3 Rumple Minze


$2.50 Miller Lite drafts with

bobcats stadium cup and $2 refills

Find us online for more specials @JBar_Athens facebook.com/jbar.athens 41 N Court St (740) 594-1000 28 | THREAD





implicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” These words were spoken by Coco Chanel in an era that was all about glamour. Running around all day with tons of things to do like the average college student, it may seem like sneakers are the best choice, but they lack the simple elegance Coco Chanel lived for. Instead of going for the easy way out, opt for a pair of loafers. They’re a quick slip-on, slip-off style that feature the same comfort found in those dirty, beat-up sneakers and the classic appearance of those cute pumps every girl loves. Loafers made their first appearance in the mid-1930s in Norway, and were originally intended as shoes to wear at home while lounging around. They were designed for people who wanted something a little more substantial than slippers for bopping around the house. As the 1950s came around, the popular shoe style landed in the United States. Men looking for both comfort and style adopted loafers as their casual shoe of choice. As the style made its way across the world, Italian designer Gucci put a metal strap in the front of the simple design, making it an immediate staple of the 1980s. Businessmen clad in suits stomped down the streets of New York City in these




flashier loafers, showing off their flair for footwear. Recently, the shoe has made a resurgence among not only men, but women as well. Many people have begun to realize how simple and classy this footwear favorite really is. For women, loafers are a cute, comfy alternative to the standard


ballet flat. They range from sweet and simple to patterned and zany to sophisticated and girlie. For men, this style can make a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt a statement outfit. No longer are loafers just your grandpa’s house shoe; they’re a fashionable, easy touch that can take any outfit from ho-hum to haute.




ompleting an outfit with a belt can make any ensemble look polished, playful and puttogether. But what’s more annoying than that awkward, too-long-tail hanging off the end of a belt? Why stick to the plain old style when that “tail” can be easily hidden, all while adding personal flair to this classic accessory? Here are a few cute and creative ways to style up a belt by taking advantage of that tail and making the look one-of-a-kind.







If you have a belt thin enough to double up through the belt loop, this look is easy to achieve and adds simple flare. Since this is one of the more simple knots, try using it with a patterned belt, such as a leopard or floral print. Paired with a sundress or an oversized denim shirt, this look is effortless and elegant.


Turning a belt into a bow is an easy way to play up your girlie side. Since this style requires more bending than looping, be sure to use a belt made out of a more flexible material. A neutral-colored leather looks best with the belt bow, especially when paired with a contrasting-colored top. Try moving the bow to either side of the waist for a quirky twist.

One of the simplest and cutest ways to knot a belt is with the classic knot. This knot is also best if there isn’t a long end piece to work with, or if the belt is a bit thicker. This style would work great with a studded or brightly-colored belt.


The butterfly knot is a bit more complex, but when it’s figured out, it makes a spunky statement piece. Since this knot is more complicated, it looks best with a solid-colored belt, rather than going overboard with a print or pattern. Try tucking the end tail underneath to create an endless-looking infinity knot.


The hidden knot is a hidden treasure in itself since it’s easy to change how noticeable the belt will be by playing with different widths. For an assured look, try a thicker belt that will be the centerpiece of the ensemble. For a subtler look, perhaps paired with a cardigan or a blazer, stick to a skinnier belt.




opticallyaligned By SOPHIA BORGHESE Photos by DEANNA SAKAL


yeliner: it’s beloved by all for making eyes look big, beautiful and bright. Too often though, we run out of tricks and quickly become bored with it. Why not try something new, fresh and daring? It is something most people already own, so take a chance and go out of the comfort zone with it. Eyeliner is a product that always makes a statement on runways and shakes up celebrities’ looks. It’s easy to get stuck with a simple wing or angle, but next time, change things up a bit with different shapes, colors and lines. Though it might seem a little more daring than usual, there are many different styles that are a snap to achieve with the proper materials and techniques.

PRODUCTS TO TRY: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil M.A.C. Fluidline M.A.C. 217 Brush



This can be done with a standard liquid eyeliner; it looks best when done with either a black, brown or deep gray liner. To start off, take the eyeliner and draw a line along the crease of the eyelid to add drama and definition. Then trace a wing along the top lash line to achieve a look that will give Taylor Swift a run for her money.




Eyeliner wasn’t made just for the sake of drawing a line on the eye. It can also be s feel like a richer eye shadow. Try using a fat pencil eyeliner such as Urban Decay 24/ Pencil. Apply by outlining a cat-eye shape around the eyes and smudging the makeu blender brush, like M.A.C. 217. Finish it off with a light coat of a matching eye shado and make it last. This is a great way to update the smoky eye by redefining the shap

If you can draw a straight line with your eyeliner you can draw a cool shape with it as well. Try a fun color such as forest green or cobalt blue. Look for liquid eyeliner that goes on like a marker such as M.A.C. Fluidline eyeliner. Start by drawing a thick wing on the upper lid and add a fun dot on the center of the lower lash line. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 41


hairnaturale By TIFFANY OGDEN Photos by KARA FRISINA


veryone has seen them: countless commercials of women caressing their flawlessly shiny hair. People spend as much as it takes to achieve the goal of beautiful hair, but never seem to match the portrayals on television. Hair care does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Look no further than the kitchen to find ordinary items for hair treatment. If looking to repair damaged hair, beer is composed of malt and hops, which contain proteins that repair damage from the sun, chemical processing and chlorine. Beer also contains sugars that increase shine of the hair by tightening hair cuticles.


When thinking about what type of beer to use for hair treatment, the cost does not affect the outcome; the cheap stuff works just fine. A traditional ale or lager is more effective than wheat beers because of the hops they contain. Carbonated beer is not ideal for hair care. So crack open that beer can or bottle and let it sit out for an hour or two, then hit the showers to shampoo before application. After rinsing out the shampoo, pour on the beer so that it covers the entirety of the hair from roots to tips. Let it soak, rinse it out and apply conditioner. Beer isn’t the only household item that makes for optimal hair care. Mayonnaise also functions as a conditioner for hair. Just lather it on the entire length of those locks. Wrap a plastic bag or shower cap over the hair in order to trap the heat inside and allow the pores to open. This will target the strands of hair and allow the treatment to work better. Depending on the damage level of the mane, leave treatment on for at least 20 minutes. If the hair has suffered more damage, feel free to increase the amount of time. Mayon44 | THREAD

naise provides proteins to hair to help soften and nourish it. Broken down, mayonnaise contains mostly oil and whipped eggs, so those simple ingredients are another alternative. Honey is a key ingredient in a multitude of hair recipes from conditioning treatments to hair masks. Combine one-fourth cup of honey with one-fourth cup of olive oil and apply to dry hair for 15-30 minutes for ultra nourishment. When looking for a recipe to treat those locks and moisturize the scalp, cut up a cucumber and an avocado into halves and blend with one-third cup of sour cream (this can be done in a blender or with a fork and good old-fashioned elbow grease). Apply to the scalp and hair and cover with a shower cap or plastic grocery bag for 30 minutes. When removing the cap, rinse hair with cold water for a refreshed, rejuvenated scalp. Hair care does not have to be expensive or complicated. Simple recipes and household ingredients are an easy way to save money and attain luscious locks.




embellishmentenvy By JENNA FINER Photos by EMMY BAKER



here is no denying that 2012 is the year of the stud. Spiked, triangular, strategically placed or randomly arranged, studs are incorporated in all elements of fashion. The tiny metal embellishments take many forms; placed on the backs of heels or covering cuffs and collars. Barriers have been broken among old fashion statements as well; the presence of studs no longer makes an outfit seem dark, intimidating or harsh, but instead stylish. Whether it’s on a prepster or a rocker, studs are the must-have this season. They have become the ultimate accessory and are aesthetically pleasing no matter what the canvas. Studs are an easy way to add a touch of glamour to a basic outfit; a blouse can be transformed from casual to dressy, or modest to modern. Gold accents, exposed zippers, sheer black fabric and skulls are perfect additions to studded ensembles and enhance the punk-rock glam that is dominating the fashion world. A variety of designers such as Miu Miu, Topshop, Jeffrey Campbell and Alexander McQueen have sprinkled studs on garments from their recent collections. McQueen is also seen


by many as the pioneer of studs for the line of studded skull clutches he created before his death. Similarly, countless celebrities have been seen touting the Burberry Knight studded leather bag this season. Purses are not the only style essentials to be updated with a smattering of studs. 3.1 Phillip Lim went all out with a stud-embellished leather jacket, that combined pretty ruffles and tough studs to make an ideal cover-up for cocktail dresses or jeans and a plain T-shirt. Browse the local Nordstrom or more expensive boutiques to find such upscale pieces, or check affordable chain stores like Forever 21 and H&M for more accessible takes on the trend. Afraid to try this edgy trend? Don’t worry, there are plenty of small ways to incorporate studs into your wardrobe without going full-on rock ‘n’ roll. Try starting out with studded jewelry like earrings or bracelets before moving onto more in-your-face uses of the embellishment like shirt collars, boots or jackets. Say goodbye to relying on the timeless red lips and striking sock buns to bring attention to an outfit. Studs are in style and here to stay, essentially becoming the new statement-making look for winter. Studs are a no sweat way to complement any outfit, and heads will be sure to turn when rocking a studded ensemble this season.






Subtle studs on the shoulders of a blouse are right on trend without being too aggressive.

Chunky pieces like this studded bracelet give off a "don't mess with me" vibe.

These boots are made for more than walkin'— studded platforms are sure to cause a stir.

Top yourself off with a perfectly studded bow.

Pocket detail studs excite without overwhelming. Accentuate your waist in a monochromatic dress with a leather studded belt. Photo s by K OUTHREADMAG.COM | 53 RISTE N OLD IGES




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marbleattraction By JENNIFER NZEOGU Photos by CAITLYN WITHERS


s seasons come and go, the arrival and dissipation of trends do too. However, a trend that has been on the scene since 2010 is marble nails. Marble nails were developed in Japan by professional nail technicians, but ever since they hit the U.S. people have been finding creative techniques and color schemes to make distinct patterns that vary from nail to nail. The thing that makes


women fall in love with marble nails is how inexpensive and easy they are, as well as the way their nails look by the end of the process. This trend was spotted at New York Fashion Week this fall. Designers such as Rachel Antonoff, Gretchen Jones, The Blonds and Calla all featured marble nails with their collections. These designers have amped up the marble nail look by swirling together metallic nail colors to give off an even bolder vibe.



WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Cup of water

3-5 different nail polish colors

Top coat

Nail polish Remover

Q-tips or toothpicks

STEPS: use Scotch Tape or lo1. Either tion to cover skin and prevent nail polish from drying anywhere but the surface of the nail. Be sure to leave the nail exposed. the brush of one nail pol2. Take ish at a time (in no particular order) and let a couple drops of nail polish fall in the center of the cup. After the first color is in the water, place all colors after it in the center in order to get a layering effect. Once this is completed, take the toothpick, drag it through the nail polish, and swirl it around a bit to give it a marble design. This step has to be done at a fast, neat pace to keep the nail polish from hardening. Also, beware of thick nail polishes. This process works best with 58 | THREAD

Lotion, Scotch tape or Vaseline

thin nail polish. Keep in mind that certain nail polish formulas will react differently when they come in contact with water; some may harden almost immediately depending on the formula, the water temperature and the density of the nail polish. for the fun part! Simply 3. Time dip each finger into the swirl design and the nail polish will adhere to each nail. the nail polish is dry, 4. When remove the tape or peel off the nail polish from skin (the lotion applied to fingers prior to dipping should make the nail polish easy to peel off.) steps one through four 5. Repeat for the other hand.




FINISHED! Now, go flaunt those fabulous new nails you have.






here is something mystifying about staring up into the night sky, observing the stars and feeling so minuscule yet so infinite. Soon, you imagine yourself floating through space, weaving between the galaxies, bouncing on the moon. Ultimately, most of us will never explore the depths of our vast universe. But thanks to inspiration from Christopher Kane’s Resort 2011 collection, now it’s possible to bring a little bit of outer space closer to earth by incorporating it into everyday apparel. The galaxy print trend is still going strong and has been worn by celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway. While high fashion runway designs are on the pricey side, it’s surprisingly easy to add some out-ofthis-world flair into the average closet by revamping some of those unworn items that have been left to gather dust.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: • Bleach • Water • Spray bottle • Sponge • Black, purple and/or blue fabric or acrylic paint • White fabric or acrylic paint • Piece of black clothing



Grab your spray bottle — with a mixture of bleach and a little bit of water (no exact measurement, just use your best judgment) — and spray the fabric. Keep spraying until you get the look you want. There’s no “right” way to do this, so just keep at it until you get a design you’re happy with. Once you’re satisfied with it, let the article of clothing sit for a few minutes and then it rinse really well with cold water. After that, hang it up to dry.


Use your white paint to create tiny white dots for the stars. Be generous with your stars. Let it dry for as long as the paint recommends. After that, wash the garment.


Lay out your article of clothing — I used a pair of black leggings, but feel free to use whatever catches your fancy — on a flat surface. Also, make sure you place something underneath your fabric (cardboard, sheet, etc.) or else you’ll end up bleaching and printing your entire floor or table.


Take your sponge and dip it in acrylic or fabric paint, using any colors you like (I recommend black, purple and blue). Then, blot around and in-between the bleach spots, creating a nebulous look. Again, this isn’t an exact science so if you think that it looks like a good nebula/ galaxy design, then chances are it’s a good nebula/galaxy design. Run with it; trust your instincts.



And there you go! Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a piece of galaxy-printed clothing. Wear it out and prepare to look so outof-this-world that you’ll have people believing your fashion sense is truly from a different galaxy.



lightenup By OLIVIA OHLIN Photos by LAUREN HOLLE



one mediumsized hula hoop Extension cord (optional)


Two spools of ribbon


300-count icicle lights


handeliers are commonly associated with an air of sheer magnificence and often spotted in fancy-schmancy banquet halls and fivestar restaurants. But who says they aren’t acceptable in the comfort of your own college house or dorm? With a fraction of the cost and in just a few short steps, you can illuminate a room with pure class.


Depending on what your hula hoop looks like, you may want to wrap it in ribbon. If it is a dark, distracting or contrasting color, wrap a ribbon in the same color as the light’s cord (white or green typically) around the hoop and secure with tape or super glue. Luckily, our hula hoop from Walmart was already sparkly silver with a touch of yellow, which worked perfectly. 66 | THREAD



Untangle the icicle lights from the package and wrap them around the hula hoop. Feel free to choose white, gold, multi-colored, LED, big, small or a combination of all types. We chose the plain Jane route of white-on-white for a sleek appearance.


Start on the plug side and wrap it accordingly to be secured around the hoop. If needed, tape the end of the cord around it. To win the war against the unruly icicle lights, grab a friend to help you hold the hula hoop up as you wrap the lights around. Make sure the icicle part of the light strands are hanging down properly to save trouble twisting them out later.


After twisting the lights all the way around the hula hoop, you’re most likely going to have extra slack. Crisscross the light strands across the hula hoop twice to make an “X” shape in the middle of the hoop. This adds interest and fills out the light fixture. Secure the other end of the light strand just as you did the beginning of the strand.



Cut eight lengths of ribbon measuring approximately three feet each. Eyeball equal distances around the hoop and tie the ribbons in tight double knots in between the light cords all around the hoop.


Take each opposite pair of ribbon strands and tie them together. You’ll end up with a bunch of knots that, when held up, allow the chandelier to hang properly. To unite the four pairs of knots, cut another piece of ribbon and tie a bow from underneath the knots to hide their unattractive stubs and frays.




Hang your shimmering creation with a hanger or on a hook and voilà — you've got yourself some swanky illumination action. Keep in mind the possibility of purchasing an extension cord depending on where your outlets are located and where the fixture is displayed. To optimize enjoyment, turn off all the other lights in your dorm or apartment. All that's left to do is pour a glass of wine, snuggle up and watch a movie to celebrate and admire the new sophisticated ambiance you've created. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 69




WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Pattern for the elbow patches



Needle and thread Sweater


Sequined or sparkly fabric



very college student needs that perfect cardigan to throw on in the morning on his or her way to class. Whether it’s a classic boyfriend cardi or an oversized grandpa sweater, this item is one that every person should have in their wardrobe. The only problem is that cardigans can get boring. They almost always come in the same neutral colors: Black, gray, navy and camel. Instead


of wearing the same lackluster sweater week after week, brighten it up with sequined elbow patches. Yes, that’s right, sequins. These will definitely make a impression on a walk down Court Street. The only things needed are thread, a needle and a positive attitude to pull this look off. In the words of the pop duo Karmin, these sequin patches will be sure to add a “business in the front, party in the back” kind of flare to any outfit.


Print out the handy dandy elbow patch pattern that Martha Stewart, the queen of crafts, has graciously provided. Line them up with the sequined fabric and cut the actual elbow patches into a generous oval shape.



Next, line up the elbow patches about where your elbows would be in the sweater. It may be beneficial to have a friend to help you with this part. Also, make sure to try the sweater on and check the placement of the patches. Sewing the patches to the forearms part of the sweater would not start a new fashion trend.

When placed exactly right, take two to three pins and secure the patches into place.




Thread the needle and sew away. Make sure to sew close to the edge of the patch to ensure lasting quality. When finished, knot the end of the thread, remove the pins and be prepared for a night out on the town. Make sure to warn your friends though, because you’re bringing fashion all the way from New York City to little old Athens, Ohio.


who what we 76 | THREAD


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politicalstatements By DEVEN MIDDLETON Photos by EVAN LUBINGER



or more than 30 years, students have taken advantage of the forum provided by the Ohio University Student Senate to voice their campus concerns. At the top of the senate totem pole sits President Zach George, Vice President Amrit Saini and Treasurer Evan Ecos. Arguably taking more risks than years past, these three leaders are on a mission to leave their mark on the organization they’ve dedicated most of their college careers to. “Over the years student senate has been steeped in tradition. This year’s defining message is that we’re redefining tradition and setting our own,” said Ecos, a senior studying communications. “People forget that traditions change,” said George, a senior studying finance and accounting. “We’re shaking things up a little bit.” As the highest ranked three on the executive board, each one has a different set of duties. If one looks at the executives like leaders of a business, which Ecos said is crucial to remain successful, their respective jobs are clear. George is the CEO, the face of the company and the man in charge. Saini is the CEOO, the organizer who’s making sure the senates many tasks reach completion. Ecos is the CFO, ensuring the money coming in is being spent in a beneficial way for the students he represents. The three operate with a “work hard, play hard” attitude, and they take their appearance just as seriously as they do their jobs. “We try to project an image of leadership,” George said. “We meet with administration daily and if we come to the table with sweatpants and sneakers I don’t think that’s going to hold very well.” 80 | THREAD

“The biggest thing is we sit in these meetings with the president (of the university) and other professionals so we need to look the part,” Ecos said. “Senate has helped me look the part of a professional.” Just as they all have different responsibilities, the three express themselves in distinct ways. “If we’re talking about suiting I would be the Italian suit, Zach is the British suit, and Evan is the American suit,” said Saini, a senior studying classics and philosophy. Ecos, who described himself as the khakis guy, can usually be found pairing khakis with staples like a blue blazer and brown dress shoes, and when he needs a finishing touch he adds a bow tie. “I like to be able to have an air of importance and of authority, but at the same time I like to let the collar loose and connect on a personal level,” Ecos said. “As much as I am about business, I’m about building the personal relationship.” Outside of the boardroom, Saini is described as the trendiest of the group. Sporting red chinos and a camel jacket, he went through a style overhaul last year that has left him with more definitive pieces in his closet. When dressing formally, he has fun with bright statement ties in contrast to his white shirts and dark suits. His professional wear, though still bold, has calmed over his time in the senate. “I think I’ve gotten less flamboyant and more conservative in my professional style,” Saini said. “I have threepiece suits and I don’t wear those anymore, though I’m not afraid to bust out the three-piece suit if I have to.” George, who is never caught in gym shorts or sweatpants, feels comfortable in slacks and a tie whether in the senate office or out with friends. He described


who what wear

When people see me I’m going to be in Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or J.Crew. People expect me to dress and look a certain way. —ZACH GEORGE


his look as classic, citing Brooks Brothers as inspiration. He’s a Sperry fanatic and a watch lover, owning multiples of each as his go-to accessories. “When people see me I’m going to be in Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or J.Crew,” George said. “I think people expect me to dress and look a certain way.” Not only are the executives best friends and co-workers, they’re also roommates. “We’ve spent so much time together, we’ve sort of adopted certain styles from each other,” Saini said. “It just comes with being best friends living together. We rub off on each other.” George said he’s seen past executives struggle connecting on a personal level, but because of the close friendship the men share the current senate has reached a feeling of greater accomplishment. Ecos described that the same feeling, while also sharing the senate members have become more than just peers. “This is my family. They’re my friends. They’re the people I fight with, cry with and laugh with,” Ecos said. “These people are my bedrock, I can go to them when times are good and when times are bad.” Looking ahead to the future their next steps are filled with numerous possibilities, though they hint at one path leading them together. “Up until legitimately four months ago I wanted to go to law school, but I now have this idea for a website. I’ve been told you only have one good idea in your life, so I’m going to take a year off to work on it and try to get these guys on it and hopefully extend this to the next 50 years,” Saini said. “I mean, what else can you ask for than to work with your friends for the rest of your life?” 82 | THREAD

who what wear




If we’re talking about suiting I would be the Italian suit, Zach is the British suit, and Evan is the American suit. —AMRIT SAINI



calculatinglook By BENTLEY WEISEL Photos by ELI HILLER




hen a person arrives at a stoplight, they may sing along with the radio, respond to a text from a friend or simply wait for the light to turn green. If that person happens to be an Industrial & Systems Engineer (ISE), however, their waiting process is likely to be filled with different activities: clocking how long they are sitting idly, determining the best potential route to their destination or examining how the cars are formed in different lanes and how it can be made better, according to Ohio University senior Paul Barina, who is studying ISE. “An engineer will typically be more analytical and less emotional with decision making,” said Dale Masel, an OU ISE professor. “We decide what to do in a situation based on the information available.” ISE majors combine math, science and people skills to make systems more efficient. For example, the set-up of the line at Front Room in Baker Center was an ISE senior class project. They worked to make the line function better, Barina said. Industrial Engineers figure out how to decrease cost and increase output, according to Masel. “Being an ISE has shaped the way I move and think,” Barina said. “Needing to find the fastest way to class, timing how long it takes to wait in line at Chipotle or just needing to figure something out all seems to be a way of life for me now.” The primary differences in day-today activity between ISE majors and other students are their proclivity toward being time efficient, creating lists and maintaining rigid schedules. “It’s a natural thing for an ISE or any engineer to approach life with efOUTHREADMAG.COM | 89

ficiency,” Masel said. “We instinctively notice situations where things are not done as proficient as possible, even picking out our clothing for the day.” Masel has a propensity toward pockets in his clothing, but one pocket in particular is always found on his ensemble: a shirt pocket. “My style is practical, and I think that is true for most engineers,” Masel said. “I usually wear a button-down shirt, tucked in with khaki pants or jeans. And my shirt has to have a pocket so I have a place for my pens.” His engineer mindset and fashion collide the most through his selection of patterns, colors and footwear. “I like blue and green. I like stripes, vertical, not horizontal. I like squares but not plaid and they have to be uniform size,” Masel said, noticing his engineering side peeking out the more he explained his tendencies. “I only have two pairs of shoes: brown ones for work and Nikes for running.” Barina also reflects the ISE fashion in his wardrobe choices by combining professionalism with efficiency and frugality. “I tend to gravitate toward collared, button-down shirts with long sleeves and I pair them with darker khakis,” he said. “I enjoy buying designer-brand clothing at thrift stores … I see a direct correlation between my ISE mentality and my fashion here — obtaining the highest benefit with the lowest cost is a fundamental part of ISE.”


Though Masel and Barina abide by the principle of function over fashion, ISE senior Tina Kongkeo has found a way to stay true to her ISE roots while placing fashion over function through a preppy, logical style. “I like going to class everyday looking presentable and put together,” she said. “I feel ready for my day when I am dressed well.” Though dress is a priority for Kongkeo, her main aesthetic pride is found in the accessory she is never caught without: makeup. “I only use MAC makeup and I make sure I change my color palette with the seasons,” she said. “I wear more neutral and solid tones in my clothing, but always have one bright feature — usually my lips.” The combination of practicality and comfort defines Masel and Barina’s style, along with most engineers. Though Kongkeo’s fashion choices set her apart, her ISE training finds a way to be exposed. “I remember my uncle, a mechanical engineer, told me the biggest thing his engineering education gave him 20-plus years ago was how to think,” said Barina. “And boy, has that happened to me after four years of ISE training in the Russ College of Engineering.” Whether it’s behind the wheel or in front of the mirror, Industrial & Systems Engineers allow their mindsets and lifestyles to collide.

I see a direct correlation between my ISE mentality and my fashion — obtaining the highest benefit with the lowest cost is a fundamental part of ISE. —PAUL BARINA







umans vs. Zombies. To some it sounds like a post-apocalyptic horror movie — a cinematic world where man-eating sci-fi monsters run amok while humans scramble for their lives. In actuality, Humans vs. Zombies is a large-scale adult tag game that is about meeting people and bonding outdoors. According to the game’s website, Humans vs. Zombies — or as players call it, HvZ — “is a game of moderated tag played at schools, camps, neighborhoods, military bases and conventions across the world.” The game originated at Goucher College in Baltimore, Md. and since then it has spread to six continents, including countries such as Spain, Australia and Denmark. Humans vs. Zombies has made so much of a cultural impact that is has been covered by The New York Times and the Washington Post. Humans vs. Zombies is an easily recognizable game: hordes of humans armed with huge NERF guns and bright orange bandannas tied around their necks sprint through the crisp evening air. Zombies, sometimes clad in elaborate makeup and outrageous costumes, move with a more deliberate dark elegance, and are easily recognizable by the orange bandannas secured around their heads. In the game, all players begin as humans while one is chosen to be the “original zombie.” The original zombie then attempts to tag as many humans as possible to create inhuman spawn for his or her army of the living dead. The zombies win when all humans have been turned into zombies, and the humans win when they survive long enough to drive the

who what wear

zombies to starvation. The game is played beginning at dusk over the course of several days or weeks. But orange bandannas and face paint aside, there are certain clothing choices to keep in mind, according to “human” player John Melfi. “Wear loose pants … a coat, because it gets cold at night, and if you’re running from zombies, no big guns,” Melfi said. But dressing for HvZ is not just about being practical, it’s also about making a expression. According to Nat Simonetti, one of Ohio University’s HvZ leaders, some humans will dare to go out in anything from fullon army gear to nothing but booty shorts. It’s not exactly practical for those colder moments, but it's sure to turn some heads. There are some groups of both humans and zombies who wear the same thing so often that it becomes their signature look. “One of our teams like to dress up like zombie clowns; it’s ridiculous but also terrifying,” Simonetti said. “We also have teams who go out in complete zombie make-up every night.” There’s also a team of “Humans” simply called “Red Team” who are known for their signature head-to-toe red camouflage and impressive “killing” skills, in terms of strategy and efficient killing technique, he said. “We also tend to get a lot more themed and silly teams than other schools,” said Ben Weibel, another HvZ leader. “We’ve seen everything from a ‘Lion King’-themed team to a team who wore lederhosen during play.” And while OU has its own chapter of this ghoulish game, the game heads have decided to put their own spin on the game, modifying and changing the rules to make it OUTHREADMAG.COM | 95

a game that’s completely unique to OU. “We’ve made minor changes” said Wiebel, “such as making the game much more open (to community members) and bringing back the zombies more than they do at other schools.” Having the Athens community involved is a core part of the OU game. In contrast to other schools where only college students are allowed to play, OU lets in everyone from middle school and high school students to parents. “I think it really adds something to the game,” Simonetti said. “It’s a way for the community to get together and just have fun.” Athens High School sophomores


Quin Mitchell and Ethan Gates decided to get involved in HvZ this year for exactly that reason. Mitchell and Gate agree it’s something fun to do that they heard about from their friends. But fun and crazy costumes aside, Humans vs. Zombies is something more: It’s an experience. “You don’t get to do something like this anywhere else,” Simonetti said. “People think we’re just a bunch of nerds running around with NERF guns, but it’s more than that.” “People come to college to redefine themselves, but they still want to be kids and act silly and goofy. We provide an outlet for that,” Wiebel said.



You don’t get to do something like this anywhere else. People think we’re just a bunch of nerds running around with NERF guns, but it’s more than that. ­—NAT SIMONETTI



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Inspired by

hotcommodity By RACHEL SAYERS



ocated on a side street in uptown Athens lies a small, locally-owned treasure: Donkey Coffee. The cafe, with dim lights and an eclectic atmosphere, acts as both a harbor and launch point for the novel musings and creative passion of Ohio University students and Athens community members alike. “I was excited about the idea of the coffee shop,” said Chris Pyle, one-half of Donkey’s husband-wife team. “I like the idea of people in the community working through issues of the day (here).” Chris and his wife Angie started Donkey with a vision of bringing the

students and community together, and encouraged this connection through live music, open stages and poetry nights. The Donkey atmosphere certainly encourages coming together; there are people from all walks of life coming together over organic chai and mutual proclivity. The owners of Donkey, however, are not naive enough to believe that the name and program alone will draw the crowd needed to keep their shop thriving. They rely on all of the senses to keep their creative coterie stimulated, often permeating the air half a block deep with the smell of cinnamon and roasted coffee during their daily baking and brewing sessions. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 101

Inside the coffee house is better still; the delectable baking smell strengthens to the point of mouth watering, while the eyes adjust to focus on vibrant paintings, sable boards and an addendum of inspiring fashion choices. Taking a seat among the plush, moss-colored sofas and Polaroid-covered tables, the noise of intellectual musings and lesser-known folk music begins to saturate the air. All it takes is a nibble off the top of a warm, blueberry muffin and a sip from an artfully crafted, foam-capped latte to transport anyone to the intimate setting that has come to define Donkey Coffee. “I really enjoy the essence of what Donkey is,” said Jessica Mitchell, a sophomore studying philosophy at OU. “There’s an obvious student impact but at the same time, the community’s influence is illustrated right there on the wall of the back room … (Donkey Coffee) is a place where anyone can express themselves.” 102 | THREAD

This self-expression is evident inside the shop: between the purple walls there are vibrant murals depicting musical legends and multifarious collection of socialjustice memorabilia. The Donkey philosophy treasures originality and encourages its occupants to express themselves. “I always feel comfortable here,” explained Megan Sickle, an Athens resident. “It’s a place where people are rarely judged by what they wear.” As is only natural, the people who move through Donkey Coffee are inherently different in both taste and passions. During a single hour at Donkey Coffee, a person can witness various style choices, all of which mix together in a hodgepodge of creative deviation from mainstream style choices. It’s essentially a day-long runway through the front door of Donkey. Be that as it may, if there is one rule of style that Donkey owners Chris and Angie Pyle endorse, it would be the

THE ESSENCE OF Donkey is best achieved through the use of personality, character and most of all, a pinch of gumption. Comfortable boots, soft layers and a laid-back hairstyle bestow a demure young woman well aware of her natural charms. The textured tights, high-waisted shorts and half-buttoned shirt show she is unafraid of breaking the bounds of convention, but the truly defining element comes not from the clothes, but from the brazen attitude with which she makes the outfit all her own. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 103

practice of fair trade fashion. The couple goes out of their way to supply their customers with only fair trade, organic merchandise, a decision that goes far beyond selling delicious, fresh-ground coffee. “We’re selling something we believe in, something that changes lives,” Chris said of the reasoning behind their fair trade decision. Donkey’s influence, however, goes far beyond supporting the farmers who grow their coffee . The Sojourners Care Network recently credited the establishment as a “safe place” 104 | THREAD

for kids in trouble, meaning that employees are trained to connect a young person in distress with any of the helpful services they may need. Afflicted teens who traverse the streets to Donkey are met with good food, a haven for sleep and, if needed, a qualified ear to which they may unload their problems. In several ways, Donkey Coffee acts as a sort of shelter for young and old alike. It’s a company that accepts all people without judgment, urging customers to accept not only each other, but themselves as well.

I always feel comfortable here. It’s a place where people are rarely judged by what they wear. —MEGAN SICKLE OUTHREADMAG.COM | 105


Give the styles of historical royal leaders a new age twist with modern shapes that hearken back to the luxurious fashions of the Baroque era. Play princess in the rich textures of dark lace, sumptuous silk and lavish brocade all topped with opulent baubles that would make any prince cast a second glance.

106 | THREAD


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QUEST Out-of-this-world fashion starts with futuristic duds that are sure to captivate interplanetary audiences. Channel your inner extraterrestrial with shimmery metallics and galaxy-infused prints. Pair starry-eyed makeup with structured stones for a look fit for the Milky Way. Photos by ROB HARDIN


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INTO THE WILD The woods aren’t just for camping anymore. Take inspiration from the neutral palate and gorgeous textures of the winter wilderness by pairing faux furs with loose knits, all in shades found in nature. Get even more daring and throw some feathers or flowers into the mix. Photos by LEVI FINLEY


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ipicaeriam, quam, to inciisquam as magnatium qui aut eatus, sinulla ndendae. Et laccus as que que elis et, iundipsus, con reperitatur, ilit ut andemperum facestia vitem uta custo volo te dis verovite velessit veratiis sus, ad magnatem nos et remquis nobis enduciet qui ullatur, cus eat ped modit, suntur modisquas dolorro desequaspid molo dolorem velit as enim nus ut min remo quaepro riorro conest, quuntin coribus, exerum volore, aut idit quas ex est eatquis et ex et listiur, sitas minum nonsed quatur? Cus, que dernam, od milit facerferror saeribus maximus, optatur si utemposam verum nobit, nulpa doluptam consequia cus ipitectur? OUTHREADMAG.COM | 137

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140 | THREAD


142 | THREAD


144 | THREAD




ae velendernam, omnisci torumquos erro bea venis comnimus simus, odi odio con prem consed et enihili quiasi uta con ea andipit quas de vel idistis sitaquu ntiandestio elibus magnatqui officab ipid que velentiuntio blacculpa dunt vel earisti apel mint, qui abo. Ut derehendus. Ceatur, nihic tem ex et moluptatem 146 | THREAD

et as minis doluptas mod qui dem acernatio opta velit, quam quunt, omnis modi dolorest mo ea porerios et, comnim nossit optatur sum etur, ventis


volende dem qui re sanducimi, nest adipis et quia non et quia con pa volupta con rerrum etur? Nes adiscil incit evel erciet int etum eum aut et


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que od magniet rest ped utatet que is nes vellabo rerernat et ut dolorro blate nihitatur, sinti sed quae nietur as quibus, consequia pro blabore pligenda nam, conem es nonseque nim volut officia ndipiet, es conet que laborit, sa ium cum conseque nimagnam num qui blam doluptatur as ullumqu iatendant fugit estibust omnim ipsam quae ne nulparitatem


Harit qui quam rereicium autae. Harcipi tatiur alici con alis prate niminus nes ex estibus ex el ipidebi tin. XXXXXX XXXXXXX

ipicaeriam, quam, to inciisquam as magnatium qui aut eatus, sinulla ndendae. Et laccus as que que elis et, iundipsus, con reperitatur, ilit ut andemperum facestia vitem uta custo volo te dis verovite velessit veratiis sus, ad magnatem nos et remquis nobis enduciet qui ullatur, cus eat ped modit, suntur modisquas dolorro desequaspid molo dolorem velit as enim nus ut min remo quaepro riorro conest, quuntin coribus, exerum volore, aut idit quas ex est eatquis et ex et listiur, sitas minum nonsed quatur? Cus, que dernam, od milit facerferror saeribus maximus, optatur si utemposam verum nobit, nulpa doluptam consequia cus ipitectur? OUTHREADMAG.COM | 147

148 | THREAD

WIGGIN' IT A good disguise is hard to come by. Turn your back on humdrum tresses with the help of a colorful headpiece. Photos by MICHELLE KAPPELER


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160 | THREAD




Holiday Party Photos by MEGHAN SHAMBLEN


ith winter here and festive holiday parties abounding, it’s the perfect time to get glam and fete the season in style. Each holiday — Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year — has its own vibe, so take advantage and let your sense of fashion mesh with the most wonderful time of the year.


Hanukkah DECEMBER 8—DECEMBER 16 Get ready for 8 nights of style in a fitted vest and silky blue tie perfect for lighting a menorah and sharing gifts.

162 | THREAD

Christmas DECEMBER 25 A little Christmas spirit goes a long way—leave the red velvet to old Mr. Claus—try pairing a festive scarf with a warm, snowy white sweater.


Kwanzaa DECEMBER 26—JANUARY 1 Celebrate the culture of Kwanzaa in a comfy, casual sweater and shoes as festive as the feast on the table.

164 | THREAD

Chinese New Year JANUARY 23 Ring in the Chinese New Year in a silky smooth kimono-inspired dress and chunky heels perfect for a night out on the town.


New Year's Eve DECEMBER 31 Grab your besties, throw on plenty of sequins and get ready to toast a new year. Throw some balloons and noise makers into the mix to get the party started.

New Year's Day JANUARY 1 The ball's already dropped, but that doesn't mean your outfit has to go downhill too. A slouchy, off-theshoulder top perks up dark boots and jeans.

166 | THREAD



Grey Ma 168 | THREAD

y atter


Graphics by GINA RANALLI



t’s a well-known fact that the way people dress affects both how others perceive them and how they in turn perceive themselves. When a girl walks down the street looking like she stepped straight out of the September issue, odds are she’s feeling foxy and pretty damn good about herself. In contrast, when that same girl heads out wearing old sweatpants and a ratty T-shirt, she’s probably not feeling her best and brightest. People alter what they wear in order to best fit their social environments and situations: business casual for an important job interview, bedazzled mini-dress for a Saturday night soiree. According to new findings from Adam and Galinsky in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, what people wear affects both their body and their brain. The effect can go so far as to put the wearer into a completely different psychological state. Subjects in this new study were given a test on selective attention that was based upon their ability to notice inconsistencies, such as when the word ‘red’ shows up in the color green. Assigned randomly, the first set of subjects participated wearing a white lab coat. The second set of subjects participated wearing regular street clothes.

170 | THREAD

The subjects wearing street clothes performed worse on the test, making about twice as many errors spotting the inconsistencies as compared to the set of subjects wearing lab coats. The results of this study tentatively indicate the symbolic meaning of a white lab coat takes on a life of its own. White lab coats are a universallyrecognized medical uniform, symbolizing responsibility, intelligence and attention to detail. The results of this study tie in with the field of embodied cognition, the idea that one thinks with the body and with the brain. The scientists in control of the study reported after that, the ability of the lab-coat wearing subjects to pay better attention was due to a phenomenon they’re calling enclothed cognition: the effects of clothing on one’s cognitive processes. When people put on certain articles of clothing, they take on certain roles. Halloween costumes are a perfect example of this phenomenon. Whether we realize it or not, the way we dress is a direct result of us trying to conform to social and fashion standards. Trend development stems from a myriad of different sources, the most common being designers, their accompanying runway shows, models,

CONFORMITY social information to guide behavior BLOGS MAGAZINES









celebrities and the magazines and blogs that feature all of the former. People use all of these as a form of collective informational social influence. Their influence leads individuals to conform because they see them as a source of information to guide their own behavior. When an ambiguous social situation arises (a situation where people simply don’t know or have enough information to make an accurate outfit choice), they rely on these indicators as guidance to the best course of action. Style mentors like Marc Jacobs, Sienna Miller and Vogue steer the fashion-minded masses in the direction of what’s "right" to wear. Before shopping for a killer addition to their wardrobe, people will base their selection on several different sources to determine which choice clicks for them. These include style evaluation of their social group, runway fashion, and celebrity influence, among others. After evaluating these sources, they’ll decide what style, color and make best fits their lifestyle.

172 | THREAD

Another reason people gravitate toward new trends is because they stimulate the brain’s grey matter. Grey matter, a major component of the central nervous system, is what routes new sensory and motor stimuli to the brain for informational processing. Grey matter is important because it allows people to process and assess whatever new things they encounter in their day-to-day lives. Trends are a brand-new stimulus that grey matter has to process. So when new trends hit the shelves, it’s not just closets and outfits that are affected, brains actually have to process these new styles in order to understand them. As George Bernard Shaw said, “A fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic.” But don’t worry, choosing to try out a new trend is still a personal choice, even if it is greatly influenced by outside factors and stimuli. Crazy trends may come and go each season, but as long as the celebrities people admire and the magazine people read cover to cover showcase them, people will continue to rock them until they go out of style.

HOW WE PICK OUR PERSONAL FASHION sources for fashion selection EVALUATE

runway fashion

[ [ evolution of social groups

celebrity influences



[ [ best clothing fit for lifestyle





174 | THREAD



very morning, once an outfit has been picked out and college students are about to leave for class, they’re all faced with the same dilemma: which shoes to wear. Heels are too formal, boots wouldn’t match and it’s definitely too cold for sandals. Rummaging through shoe collections, it’s very common to come across a classic pair of Chuck Taylors, the ones that have lasted forever, the ones that are worn and roadtested to the perfect comfort level. A classic pair of Chucks go with almost anything, and over the years they’ve become known as the ultimate casual sneaker. However, they didn’t start out that way. Chuck Taylors were originally made to be basketball shoes in the early days of the sport. The shoe that is now an urban street wear staple was once actually the equivalent of today’s Air Jordans. The first version of the All Star basketball shoe was produced in 1917. They only came in a natural brown finish with black trim, whereas now the kicks come in just about every color under the sun. The Converse Rubber Corporation produced the rubber used in the soles, and the shoes consisted of ankle-covering canvas or leather. The All Stars were the first basketball shoes mass-produced in North America. Sales of the sneakers boosted greatly when the company brought in the popular basketball player from the Akron Firestones named Chuck Taylor to endorse the shoes. Taylor saw their

176 | THREAD

potential for use on the court, and because he was so successful in helping to promote and redesign the shoe, Converse decided to add his signature to the classic All Star ankle patch. From there, the legacy of “Chucks” began. From there, the All Stars gained even greater notoriety. Chuck Taylor designed a pair of white canvas hi-tops for the 1936 Olympics, and they were the first All Stars to include the now-standard red and blue trim. During World War II, the All Stars even became the official sneaker of the United States Armed Forces. Taylor served in the Air Force during the war, and coached basketball teams to boost morale among the troops. In 1949, the black-and-white hitop was introduced in the U.S., and it became a staple of professional, college and high school basketball teams. The new design was much more noticeable because of the contrast between the black canvas and the snow-white rubber sole. Soon, a lower cut shoe, now known as the lo-top, was introduced as a more leisureoriented alternative to the hi-top. By 1957, Converse had an 80 percent share in the entire sneaker industry, a statistic that is unheard of today. Chuck Taylor, who had become known as the “Ambassador to Basketball,” was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1968, but unfortunately passed away one year later. With Taylor’s death began the downfall of Converse’s monopoly. New companies, particularly the Nike Corpora-


tion, began introducing new shoes in different colors with new technologies, such as pumps and air cells. Basketball teams began going to other companies for their teams’ shoes.

Today, the company is thriving once again, and is still very popular not only among rock 'n' roll bands, but also among famous rappers. With their popularity within the NBA waning, the shoes were adopted as everyday wear by loyal fans. They joined the ranks of counterculture during the 1970s, and were added to the daily uniforms of many musicians. One of the first and most notable bands to adopt Chucks as part of their onstage look were The Ramones. Never caught without their leather jackets, skinny jeans, bowl-cut hair and, of course, classic black hi-top All Stars, The Ramones spearheaded the punk rock movement during the late ’70s in New York City. Limited edition hi-tops inspired by the famous rockers were recently made to commemorate one of the brand’s first musical supporters. After gaining popularity as street wear, Chucks began to be made in a variety of colors, and were considered to be fashionable once again. Converse decided to mix it up even further with new prints, styles and unusual colors. In the 1980s, the hi178 | THREAD

tops became more popular among women, perhaps inspired by pop artists during that time. Chucks were often worn in bright colors and prints with colorful socks or legwarmers. In the 1990s, the popularity of Chucks was revived once again through the grunge music movement. Customers aimed to emulate the styles of famous bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Wallflowers and countless others. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was particularly loyal to the shoe brand; he was known for wearing his classic black lo-tops onstage. Another limited edition collection of the sneakers was made in Cobain’s honor after his death, and they sold out almost immediately. However, throughout the ’80s and ’90s, the company suffered financially. Ownership changed hands multiple times, and in 2001, Converse was forced to declare bankruptcy. The brand was too ingrained in American culture to simply abandon, so the next owners moved production from the United States to Asia in order to save the company. Today, the company is thriving once again, and is still very popular not only among rock 'n' roll bands, but also among famous rappers. The likes of Drake, Kid Cudi and Lil Wayne have been known to endorse the brand. Converse has used its popularity with musicians to its advantage, especially in its advertising. In the past few years, they’ve launched their “Three Artists, One

nverse co Chuck



l s ta r

Chuck Taylor’s signature was added to the classic All Star ankle patch


All Stars became the official sneaker of the U.S. Armed Forces

1957 By this time, Converse had an 80 percent share in the entire sneaker industry

1970s Converse gained popularity with musicians. One of the first bands to adopt them were The Ramones

1990s Popularity of Chucks was revived by the grunge music movement. Style icons included Nirvana, Pearl Jam and others


Converse is not only popular among rock 'n' roll bands, but also rappers. “Three Artists, One Song” campaign launched.

1917 The first version of the All Star basketball shoe was produced


nverse co al

l s ta r

Chuck Taylor designed a pair of white canvas hi-tops for the Olympics

1949 The black-andwhite hi-top was introduced in the U.S. and became a staple for basketball teams

1968 Chuck Taylor, “Ambassador to Basketball,” was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame


nverse co


l s ta r

The hi-tops became more popular among women. They were often worn in bright colors and prints

2001 Converse was forced to declare bankruptcy. The owners moved production from the U.S. to Asia to save the company which is thriving today. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 179

It’s easy to understand the Chucks’ survival because their populatiry makes sense: they’re comfortable, resilient and versatile. Song” campaign. They solicit three famous artists that represent the attitude and lifestyle of the brand to write a song together, which is then used in commercials. Past collaborations included “My Drive Thru” by Pharrell; “Do Ya Thing” by Gorillaz; most recently “Warrior” by Mark Foster of Foster the People; Julian Casablancas of The Strokes; Santigold; André 3000; James Murphy of LCD 180 | THREAD

Soundsystem; Kimbra and A-Trak. Although this famous shoe started with humble beginnings, it is still incredibly popular today. Almost 100 years after the first pair of Chucks were produced, they’re still a vital part of American culture and modern fashion. It’s easy to understand the Chucks’ survival because their popularity makes sense: they’re comfortable, resilient and versatile.


back of the closet allwrappedup pg. 204

182 | THREAD




t’s the most wonderful time of the year. The holidays are in full swing and joy and togetherness abound. So why all the stress? Figuring out what gifts to give loved ones can seem daunting and the questions of “What gifts am I going to give?” and “How will I afford it all?” seem ever-present. Have no fear, because with just a little bit of guidance, shopping for gifts can become a fun and stress-free activity. 184 | THREAD

back of the closet

BE CREATIVE AND SILLY Getting each best friend exactly what he or she wants for the holidays can be quite costly. But everyone loves a thoughtful, homemade gift, especially when it’s made with love. The DIY section of Pinterest has countless cheap and fun ideas. For example, buy each friend a plain white coffee mug, and then paint a different message or inside joke on each one. For guys, gag gifts are almost always well received. There are cheap T-shirt-making websites, so consider picking a silly phrase or joke to put on a plain tee.


$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$



When gift-buying season comes around, it is crucial to set a budget. When going out on separate shopping trips, it is easy to lose track of how much one spends. Giving gifts is meant to be generous and not to leave gift-givers stressed out about money. If your budget is a very large issue, it is not necessary to spend a ton of money on gifts. Most people will appreciate smaller gestures even if it is only a card with a thoughtful sentiment.


Gifts for one’s significant other are crucial, because it reminds him or her that their love and affection is appreciated. Being involved in a romantic relationship typically means spending a great deal of time together, so picking out the perfect gift should be easy. One method to determine exactly what he or she wants is to go shopping together before the holidays. Noticing what he or she is eyeing in the store can help determine the ideal present. In addition, picking something that is thoughtful and shows love and understanding will strengthen the relationship. Giving should be a relationship booster, not a deal-breaker.

186 | THREAD

DITCH THE CANDLES AND NECKTIES The only gifts that ever seem suitable for Mom are candles and lotion, and then there is Dad’s ever-growing supply of neckties. Most parents don’t want to see their kids go broke trying to buy them the most expensive gifts, and because college kids can’t spend a lot of time with their parents, a thoughtful gift or one that allows for time spent together is a great idea. For mothers, a spa day, even one planned at home, would allow one-on-one time and plenty of bonding. A good gift for dads would be going to a movie he has been dying to see and sharing plenty of popcorn and candy.

EXHAUSTION IS NOT INVITED Nobody wants their main holiday party accessory to be dark under-eye circles. While preparing for the holidays, decorating and cooking can push shopping further and further back toward the actual holiday. It is essential not to leave buying gifts until the last minute. The stores, the roads and even the customers hit a new level of crazy during this time. Waiting in traffic and lines and being shoved about are all unnecessary stress factors, not to mention that if stores run out of merchandise, another layer of frenzy can be added. To avoid this, make sure to shop early.





pg. 120 188 | THREAD

back of the closet




he elegant combination of gold, silver and studs can make one of the finest fashion statements today. The intricate and strategic placement of all these beautiful bracelets, styles and textures has taken the fashion world by storm. Have you received your invitation to the arm party? Many social media platforms in today’s society such as Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are the threshold and supporters of the coined term “arm party,” created by Man Repeller. Arm parties are also referred to as “arm candy” by many people, and hashtags featuring both terms abound these social media sites. At first glance, an arm party may just seem like a pile of bracelets; however, there is so much more to it. Some are big, some are small, some are shiny; watches even come into play. However, it is how you place them and how they complement each other as a whole that makes this trend much more than just a stack of bracelets. Although this may seem like a trend that has been around for years, this past year it has become more of an artistic statement. The art of the arm party is finding what bracelets work well together, and are complimentary, and finding a way to wear them in one nicely-made, well-rounded stack. An arm party can include any style of bracelet. There are no rules about which ones can be used; it’s all about how various pieces are paired together. One really distinctive statement piece can be the focal point of the party and then other simple bracelets can be added to compliment it. Literally, any style imaginable 190 | THREAD


could work in an arm party: bangles, friendship bracelets, thick bands, cuffs, watches, thin tennis bracelets — the list goes on and on. Also, don’t be too skeptical about the amount acceptable to wear at once; it’s an arm party. Test the limits and pile them on into the double digits. Inspiration for creating a personal arm party can be found on Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest; they have a ton of ideas and they’re all so beautiful. Just make sure to have at least one or two extra dramatic pieces in each stack, it is one of the key factors in creating an arm party and what makes them so fun to put together. Also, be sure the bracelets are piled on the lessdominant hand, so note-taking in class isn’t disturbed by this stylish, yet sometimes heavy and clunky accessory. However, the most important part of creating an arm party is to not worry about any so-called “fashion faux pas,” such as mixing metals or wearing white after Labor Day. Being creative is the whole point of throwing a personal arm party, so don’t let any silly rule get in the way. These stacks of gems and baubles don’t have to be matchy-matchy, so have fun and play around with some favorite pieces. The time is here, RSVP to the arm party and start creating a signature stack. It really does add to any outfit. And hey, maybe compliments and likes on Instagram will start rolling in to brighten the day. Who knew a stack of bracelets could do that?

192 | THREAD



pg. 132


prettyinpeplum By LO MARTINEZ Photos by MICHAEL BOU-NACKLIE

194 | THREAD



All right ladies, brace yourselves for the fullon return of peplums. Not every woman was blessed with sexy curves and a tiny waist, but this embellishment can give the illusion of both. By adding some oomph to the hips, it draws attention to a slimmed-down waist. Who can complain about that kind of garment perk? (Especially with the recent Thanksgiving feast and Christmas treats coming so soon) Peplums have come in and out of vogue dozens of times over the years, with the most recent and notable stints in the ’40s and ’80s. Now, for the fourth season in a row, the style has graced runways from New York to Milan on dresses, blazers, tops and more. The flowy style can be found on flirty day-wear pieces and seductive night-out numbers. It’s been paired with other popular trends, including crazy patterns, cutouts, asymmetrical pieces and textural fabrics. The great thing about this look is that it’s flattering on any body type. Each peplum piece is unique in where

196 | THREAD

it sits on the body — the trick is finding the best one for each shape. No, it’s not a “one peplum fits all” kind of thing. Thin? Wear a peplum that sits right at the waist to give the illusion of fuller hips. Top-heavy? Find a look where the peplum sits a little lower and elongates the torso. The trick is trying different variations until the perfect fit is found. Celebrities have taken note of the flattering trend and have been spotted getting their peplum on doing everything from latte runs to red carpet walks. Style superstar Emma Watson was seen rocking a peplum at the premiere of “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (look it up and share a collective “Oh my god, stunning”). Though her gown’s price is in the thousands-of-dollars range, peplums can also be done on a budget. The style has already hit shelves (and hangers) in Forever 21, H&M and Urban Outfitters. It’s not often a trimming can take center stage and give women such a sensual edge, but this style certainly can. Welcome back, peplum — we can’t wait to wear you.

back of the closet


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200 | THREAD


wardroberenewal By ERIN GOLDEN



he Recycled Wardrobe may have only opened on October 3, but the small, striking store already has character and prices unlike any other uptown store. Lindsey Brooks, the shop’s owner, has introduced a new clothing concept to Athens. Even though it just opened, the new shop doesn’t have that “just built” look. It’s homey, and has a style most girls would love to see in their own rooms. Bright green paint covers the walls, with vibrant pink trim outlining the door frames. The zebra print isn’t neglected either, and it gives the place a tasteful pattern pop. Martina VonBargen is the employee constantly behind the checkout desk and is a truly committed employee of Brooks’. Brooks also has a similar store located in Nelsonville, which VonBargen said has been very suc-

cessful in that area. So they decided to create a location on the main strip of Athens with a selection of clothes geared more toward college girls. The space may not be large but that doesn’t mean the selection suffers. Wedges line the walls and dresses and jackets hang from the racks; some items are bought and even more are donated. Accessories are bountiful too, with four large hooks supporting multiple bags each. The bags range from black and brown leather to cheetah print and smaller clutches. For ladies looking for sassy accessories, there is a glass case full of large, colorful and beautiful rings of all designs. The Recycled Wardrobe also sells their own original brand of headbands called the Scaredoo. As far as headbands go, not fitting correctly or staying in position seems to be OUTHREADMAG.COM | 201

202 | THREAD

back of the closet

the biggest deal breaker. Scaredoos feature a patterned top and an elastic bottom, in addition to a velvet lining on the inside to help keep the headband in place. The Recycled Wardrobe isn’t just a girl’s heaven; there’s plenty for the fellas as well. Stationed front and center is a rack of clothes just for the gents. Not only are there fashionable donated items, but Ohio University student Jerome Matthews will soon be adding his own flare to the boutique. He calls his brand S&S Clothing, which stands for the phrase “Slow and steady; never finish last.” Matthews is highly invested in making his clothing line something personal and innovative. “I wear a lot of preppy clothes already and I’m tired of everyone wearing the same things as me. I wanted to start something different,” he said. “It’s about what I believe, and I believe in S&S Clothing.” Wondering just what Matthews’ addition to the Recycled Wardrobe will be? Some different types of polo shirts are on order now and he’s interested in working on some of his own sweaters in the near future. Different types of ball caps are on their way as well. Though Matthews is going to be making significant additions to the new shop, guys can currently find everything from button-downs, plaids, winter jackets, T-shirts and brandname clothing. With the addition of Matthews’ personal clothing line, Recycled Wardrobe will be bringing new pieces to their already well-stocked shelves. The Recycled Wardrobe is a great spot to find trendy items for the best prices — something always on the mind of college students. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 203

204 | THREAD

allwrappedup Photos by AUDREY KELLY

Bundle up in coats and trenches that are sure to keep the Athens chill at bay. The goal is to stay warm, but who says you can't look haute, too? Pair classically-cut jackets with less traditional add-ons: think infinity scarves and floral appliquĂŠ headwraps. Don't shy away from off-beat fabrics...did someone say houndstooth? Top off leather bombers, tweed peacoats and flannel-lined parkas with cozy knits and structured boots for a winter walk at dusk.


206 | THREAD


208 | THREAD

Your winter wear doesn't have to be drab; vintageinspired plaid adds intrigue to an ordinary windbreaker.


210 | THREAD

Peacoats are a no-fail way to bundle up in style. Experiment with a variety of fabrics, colors and buttons. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 211

212 | THREAD

A full-bodied cowl in an earthy tone keeps the chilly breeze away and looks adorable against a patterned jacket.


Snuggle up and get cozy, even in the great outdoors. These coordinating winter warmers are a match made in heaven. 214 | THREAD



allwrappedup Video by MICHAEL MYTNICK

pg. 204 216 | THREAD

knitwit By COLLEEN KRATOFIL Illustrations by EMILY GARDNER


veryone has those horrifying holiday pictures, dressed in a froufrou red and green disaster with matching candy cane striped pantyhose all wrapped up with a big red, glittery bow. Why parents thought kids should look like a human present, no one will ever never know — really, what kid likes to be uncomfortable, itchy, irritable and confined all day?

Kids aren’t the only ones subjected to less than appealing festive getups, though, adults have their own variety of holiday garb: the ugly holiday sweater. These winter atrocities exist in mothers’ closets, dusty attics and even the back of thrift stores: sweaters with sponge painted teddy bears, Santa Claus hats topped with actual cotton balls, snowmen-themed sweater sets complete with a matching tur-


tleneck, patch work motifs featuring a collection of holiday favorites like, reindeer, snowflakes and gingerbread houses. And wait, there’s more! As if the front isn’t enough, the beads, buttons, felt, enlarged stitching, and smiley cartoons continue on the back. So what is this “holiday sweater” all about anyway? In the ’80s and ’90s people actually saw these as good outfit choices. But maybe the more important question is, "why are people still obsessed with them today?" No one will ever know what went through peoples’ minds when they started hoarding these things, but it’s obviously something that has endured. The fascination with outfits covered with winter themes is still very prevalent. Today, people young and old are throwing ugly-sweater themed parties during the holiday season like never before. The website Ugly Christmas SweaterParty.com has made quite a business out of the craze. When the three founders were attending University of Indiana in the early 2000s they noticed an increase in the number of these parties and immediately took advantage of the craze. They sell reasonably-priced sweatshirts and have become quite the sweater party connoisseurs. They even turned their business into a book deal with Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book: The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Ugly On. The book is filled with tips including how to judge an “ugliest sweater” contest and even features a slew of awesomely horrible shirts they’ve found over the years. Taking a look at what the ugly sweater means in today’s fashion world is a whole different story. Holiday-

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Marc Jacobs

Stella McCartney

3.1 Philip Lim

Paul and Joe Sister

themed designer pullovers have now turned into a winter staple for any fashion-forward dresser. Just browse net-a-porter.com and take a look at how many Bill Cosby themed knits on the site. Marc Jacobs pairs highly unflattering colors with embellished fur in his striped sweaters, Stella McCartney has the whole Cosby-esque Argyle thing going on, 3.1 Phillip Lim showcased actual reindeer heads on his collection last winter, and a whole slew of high fashion designers like Preen, Paul and Joe Sister, Sonia Rykiel and Moschino Cheap and Chic have showcased the trend. What differentiates these sweaters from their ’90s counterparts is the sophisticated styling. Leave behind the mom jeans, high wasted corduroy pants and color-coordinated turtlenecks for today’s take on the trend. Boldly-colored pencil skirts, black leather leggings and destroyed denim are simple ways to elevate the slouchy knit into a stylish ensemble. Ugly sweaters have had quite the journey throughout the last few decades. From being a staple in suburban moms’ wardrobes, to becoming a street style maven’s quirky must-have, holiday apparel has really made a modern comeback. It even means college kids can find the silver lining in the horribly itchy days they endured during childhood holidays. If it weren’t for their popularity back in the day, these fantastic parties where the uglier the look, the funnier it is, wouldn’t exist. These popular celebrations are centered around making fun of the garb’s ugliness, but the high-fashion take on them shows that maybe the funny thing is, they’re just plain awesome.


conscientiousshopping By JULIA BAKER



hile shopping can sometimes be a selfish deed, the online store a-thread has found a way to give back while still satisfying a woman’s fashion needs. A-thread is a California-based clothing company that partners with charities to share its profits. When a customer shops at a-thread, 5 percent of the purchase goes to one of the four charities with which the company is affiliated. And, not only does the shopper get to browse through lots of trendy clothes and accessories, but also gets to choose the charity that receives the 5 percent of the purchase. The company calls this the “shop and effect” method. Although based in California, athread makes this benevolent way of shopping accessible to anyone. At 220 | THREAD

a-thread.com, frugal shoppers can discover anything from the perfect little black dress to bright denim pants. The store also has an accessory line stocked with scarfs, jewelry and every bag one could dream of. With the average, active woman in mind, a-thread aims to create pieces that are timeless and can smoothly transition into every season. A pair of trend-inspired siblings with 10 years of retail and business knowledge founded a-thread and this knowledge is evident through every piece of clothing they sell. But why just look good when you can look good and make a difference? A-thread stresses the idea that every little bit counts. And with charities like Los Angeles Animal Services, Thirst Relief International, Children

in good fashion

of the Night and Kiva, even a small donation could do big things. Los Angeles Animal Services is a charity that was started back in 1947. It aims at helping and protecting animals while making sure each one has a suitable home. Thirst Relief is an organization that gives 100 percent of donations to water projects around the world. On its website, thirstrelief.org, one can find and fund projects. The site also offers merchandise to purchase for the charity. The third charity partner with a-thread is Children of the Night. This organization offers online schooling and hotlines to child prostitutes across the United States. Children of the Night also provides young victims with a shelter, which is completely free. The last organization a-thread customers are helping is Kiva, an organization that allows donors to give out loans to borrowers who are hoping to alleviate their poverty. If the philanthropy is not enough to inspire a girl to fill up her shopping cart, the shipping system will. For returns and exchanges shipping is completely free. Shipping also doesn’t cost a penny on any purchase over $75, so buying more means saving more, too. The more spent also means the greater the amount sent to a needy child or injured animal. This gives shopaholics a great excuse to feed their addiction in a positive way. To keep up with all the latest athread news and fashion, the team set up a blog accessible from its web page. Here, shoppers and trendseekers can see how the charitable company inspires others to get involved with a fashion twist. With the “shop and effect” motto in mind, a-thread encourages fashion explorers to look good while doing social good too. OUTHREADMAG.COM | 221

fashionskulls Rant


Skulls have made the transition from being a Halloween-only accessory to an everyday style symbol. Fashion magazines all around the country proclaim them as the new fashion trend. The only question I have regarding this trend is: Why? Skulls have been around forever, with their main purpose being, of course, protecting our brains from outside forces. Other common skull sightings include pirate flags and Halloween trinkets -- but not until now are they being considered a fashion trend. The reason for this is obvious: outside of art and fashion, skulls symbolize death and danger. If a person wears a skull-embellished shirt, does he or she want to say, “I am dangerous and deadly?” Seeing this symbol pop up in the sartorial world makes one ask, "Why are we artificially increasing the amount of skulls we have to see?" The answer for all of this might be a matter of attention. Evolution has decided that large eyes are sexually and visually appealing to us. A human skull with its large eye sockets is able to draw our attention easily toward it — even though the skull is dead. If you are really desperate for attention, go with the skull. If you are not a dangerous, war-seeking person, go without it.

In the fashion world of today, there is somewhat of an anything-goes attitude, and using skulls as a fashion statement definitely fits that look. While the morbid motif has mostly been associated with holidays such as Day of the Dead and gothic-glam personas, skulls are one of the most noted trends of 2012. As with any trend though, this is not its first time on the scene. Luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen featured skulls in 2009 — need I say more? While most of us are not part of the fashion elite, this trend is still accessible for every fashion-forward guy or gal. Skulls are hitting the shelves in all forms, which is great for those who prefer a small dose of the spooky style. Trying earrings or a bracelet still allows your inner badass to be quietly heard. For the more daring, the juxtaposition of skulls on a sheer, airy blouse is intriguing and creates the perfect mixture of girlie and grunge. The bottom line: Take a walk on the wild side sometime soon and you’ll probably end up feeling bad to the bone.


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