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The supernatural Today Sunday June 19, 2011 father’s day! All through the day I felt urgency within my mind that we as human being should be s grateful, that we are even here on earth. We have those who are believers and we have those who are unbelievers. So I contemplated within my own assessable the mind the meaning of our existence. We assume that because we are knowledgeable certain areas of life that we are inundated with some sort of physical ability to foresee and understand the future and the past. So I layout this question to myself what makes us as human being so adamant to the existence of the world and all it compose of. We are able to create things that are out of the ordinary but with restrictions. We can only move on earth in an organized force that of human endeavors and creations.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION So to me I would guess that what we see around us is only an instantaneous

And some would say that everything that came about wasn’t a supernatural event. creation. And we negate any other possibility of a higher power of creation. I have experience things in my life authenticate the reality of something much higher than our lowest of mankind ability to creation in the supernatural realm of a human being with flowing of hot blooded individuals. So I deliberate within myself to find common ground that would juxtapose this theory. I know that man is incapable of creating live on his own with a surrogate to produce life with a woman as a donor of the proper fluids to produce life as we know it to be. Suppose life never existence, than we would nothing never to be created on this earth.

Imagine nothing, so the existence of a higher being is a mindboggling process of any individuals mind is there has to be something that is supernatural that superimposed all we see, feel, smell, touch, taste. We still have those who are so well endowed with some inner knowledge of creation beyond anyone else. So if feel sorry for them as not being on the same pages with those millions and millions of other individuals we see creation differently. The supernatural is anything above or beyond what one holds to be natural or exists outside natural law and the observable universe. Supernatural themes are often associated with paranormal and occult ideas, suggesting the possibility of interaction with the supernatural by means of summoning or spell. In secular societies, religious miracles are typically perceived as supernatural claims, as are spells and curses, prediction and the afterlife.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION Characteristics for phenomena claimed as supernatural are anomaly, uniquely, and uncontrollability. So what we as that of a supernatural entity that of trees, human life, seas, rain, gravity, lower primates, birth, death, photosynthesis, air, the growth of food, the upper atmosphere that of the sun, the moon, storm that plays apart in the creation of matter and life, the movement of the planets, the creation of soil, the storms that are the landscapers of the forest, pruning tree after each storm removing dead lambs and removing diseases. It is unnatural to assume that all of this was created out of the blue without warning as a supernatural involvement. So we must recoil our surface interpretation of any supernatural process creating itself and without any divine intervention.

The Supernatural  

the scope of the mind and the assoication with god