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The lottery (needs natural reader proof check) It was a Monday July 18th, 2011 I arrived at one of the numerous corner stores that I would frequent to purchase scratch tickets which totaled $5.00, this was a normal amount and practice or a regimental process that I did most of the time and my excuse was, this could allow me to accumulate more money for my future retirement, or some sort of supplement. What I didn't determine was the total amount of money I was spending over time, and could I ever succeed in accumulating anything as I have heard and seen others have done over the years. As I look at the front counter I saw numerous winning tickets being displayed above the counter.


As I thought about all of the many tickets I have purchased over the years in I wondered how many $1.00 bills I had thrown away hoping an wishing for let say a happy day as most folks are happy after winning with displays of smile forming from cheek to cheek and if I were to calculate it all up, the smile wouldn’t be on my face but in the pockets of someone I had never meant. So I wondered about all to the tickets that was purchased by the winner's individual that was hanging over the counter. Than the proprietor who was from India, and his helper, said something that broadsided me, after I asked about the many tickets that were hanging right in front of me. I asked them can they tell me what dance I would need to do to be a winner. The reply from the proprietor was that they had sold two $500.00 tickets that morning, and a $300.00 ticket the day before which was a Sunday, and the Friday they had sold a $1,000.00 ticket. I was in completely dumfounded, as remembered all the individuals that I had known who won various amount from $500.00, $1,500.00, $2,000.00, to

$20,000.00, and a neighbor who won $126,000.00 and a former gentleman who had just retired from a $85,000.00 position in the city who won $1,000,000.00 who I have just seen that previous Saturday and he was purchasing two scratch tickets in the amount of $20.00 each, which was way beyond my limit. He doesn't knew that I knew that he had won that much, I read it in the news papers, so he was unknowing unaware of me ever knowing that. I wanted to rub myself against t hem for some good luck, but I chicken out and moved on filling up my vehicle with gas. But to the India proprietor, who said maybe those folks who are winning needed it, and maybe you are already blessed so that maybe why you can win. But to my determination or if you want to say analogy they weren't what I would categorized them as the needy just folks spending their hard earn cash for purchase scratch tickets, in a hope that the big ship would come in for them. So now I will have to look closely at why I'm purchasing lottery tickets is just for myself or am I doing this for others? I can answer that question that every time I do purchase a lottery ticket or even a scratch tickets it is always that thought in the back of my mind seeing those who I would help as I know they need help and all that I would get isn't just for me and my family, but those who are in great need they would be on my list of contributions, not as charity but as waning to help other this had been my way of living and I don't believe I would change in anyway., and I know my wife would follow whatever I did. Because she would give the shirt of off of her back and my back also even if I was still in it.


The Lottery