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The students and the teachers? This is a topic that may mirrored my past, as a kid at P.S 89 in Harlem NY, it were some students that were passed over when it was obvious that they weren't up to par in their educational aspirations, but I can remember some teachers paying more attention to those students who were basely doing pretty well in school. The others were allowed to maintain a level of unacceptability and nothing was done for them. To me I found that out when I moved out of my school zone in an attempt to better myself. And it was the collaboration between me meeting new friends who were being educated in the catholic schools, as a kid I could see the differences in their growth and educational level. As they were so advanced in various subjects and at the time I was struggling to lift myself out of the educational hole I was in. But even if they were some students on a lower level in educational flow chart they were able to excel somewhat overtime. What I saw in the catholic family group was a unit where the parents was motivating their kids in some way, promoting education, their future, the urgency to advance through reading, library studies etc.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION So in their particular case they were not placed in an arena of aiding their family monetarily, which can be a holdback in some kids educational future.

So now I look at today's youth, as there are numerous kids who feel they are above the educational level of most, this is only in their minds, because you are street smart doesn't make you higher on the educational level in today's life. I wonder if technological advancements have led them astray by stripping them of their given ability in the English language by way of eliminating certain alphabets from a written text. Which was driving me crazy, my nephew emailed me a short note which had me thinking I was reading a foreign language when I was reading English but in a short verbal text. I realize that when we are texting over the phone we will need to shorten our fonts because of time and cost. But I strongly feel this is an inappropriate use in the email format, or letter which I have seen on numerous occasions. And getting off of this subject, when was the last time you saw a kid reading a book that was required. You can bring up many titles to them and they don't know

anything about it. I wonder who's fault is that was it the teachers, or the parents. In my particular case our grandkids are doing pretty good in school, but I sometimes wonder at what level they are being motivated, I can still remember my teacher giving out assignments to read a certain book, and we were so upset at them but we followed their warning and completed the reports in a timely manner. So I can only be objective when it comes to my grandkids as to their responsibility when it comes to homework, and I can report that our grandkids are complying with the mandates of the educational system here in Virginia. But it's the unattended students who are not listening, or are not being observant in their comprehension and facts being given by those mostly in charge who maybe the relatives or parents. And this maybe the overall problem, they are mentoring from what they see on television musicians, movie stars, sport stars and I hate to imply that they aren't able to excel in these areas but it is the daydreaming mentality that takes over setting them in the wrong directions in life, so I wonder is this just me bring myself imposed arrogant, as a conceited faรงade, redirect the mind of others.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION So if the teachers are fudging scores just to reach a mandate of local governmental rules to satisfy those in the most responsibly level of the educational system that's just too bad and will result in the community and the student's downfall. The so called parents and grandparent complaints about anything if we are influential in working with our educational system leaving everything up to them to raise our kids and grandkids.

So if someone had told me that in 2008, after the presidential race and Barack Obama being elected as the president of the united state, that we wouldn't have an upsurge in our educational system especially in the African American community. And with all of the rallying and leaders mustering up support to show our kids that they have a chance to become something in the political arena, or even becoming president. Apparently this mindset hasn't taken place so far and some of the kids are allowing the music to manifest negative things in their life. We can talk and talk and still they are seeing things in as a vision of sugar plums dancing in their head, not setting a mandate for their future. If they what to do something constructive they must direct all of their energies

towards that direction, without the oversight of others but for self. all I'm seeing today is that more energy is being directed wrongly as a directional process which is a complete 360 degrees turnaround and confusion, I'm sure most kids do understand that mindset at least those in the early high school level, but once they have graduated and they still can't make up their minds as to what they want to do in the future, is somewhat stressing. Should we be the driving force behind them as some of the other races, have done and set goals for their kids or the kids are following them in their footsteps that of being a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or military ranks that of a officer, and not drilling in their mind the aspiration of being in various areas of music, and that of hip-hop, sports, as it is always mentioned as the proper halo of how much money is being made in those area of life , some have the ability but they will need to include education as a buffer or back fall if their career doesn't' get off the ground. so why would anyone want to worship any celebrity if they are evading their duty that of paying taxes, taking drugs, broadcasting stupidity over the media, just outright madness and our kids think this is a great metaphor of someone's great life. But some kids are so narrow-minded when it comes to others interjecting a fundamental precept of future and what can impede their future.


It's funny how some kids will negate advice that comes so freely, especially from those of family. They will jump to the occasion of an unknown individual shooting off with lip-service as if they have some monumental hidden knowledge to move them on in life. I know of individuals who has over the years who have attempted to persuade others on some scheme to elevate them and a return for their investment, and they have never excelled beyond that dream. So how many of the homeless who never excelled in life who can be extremely out forward relating to that questions that emanated in their life, but the dream goes on. Stories can be told in books, live television talk shows, media news of the collapse of some famous stars life, and still we have our kids not paying attention to the warnings. To me this is a complete breakdown on communication between parents and the educational system.

It so easy to say if I had a second chance to do my life all over again I would have done it differently. This is the excuse that most of us would convey to those we feel needed mentoring. But as I say it is a conversational overflow of vocalized wording that really doesn't cluster to the main topic of educational responsibilities. So we can converse over and over and until our youth experience the problems of life they will never get the full picture, but we do have those with insight and will grab that information and utilize it constructively. And that's great to know but it's the few who are malingering in and off-site of gathering up that information for their future. It would be great if it hasn't already been done, that some great author would collaborate with our educational system, and structure and implement an in-house program that would coordinate our youth in such a way as a program that would juxtapose that of English, and mathematical attribute and the educational process of life. But we wait until they have reached high school level and now we want to bombard them with our imposed future objectives when it should have started in the lower grades, and even when they were a toddler.


So the Atlanta educational problem that of teachers spent nights huddled in a back room, erasing wrong answers on students' test sheets and filling in the correct answers. And in other schools that were struggling students were seated next to higher-performing classmates so they could copy answers. Was it always the Administrators who pressured them to maintain high scores under the federal No Child Left Behind laws and the punishment of being fired would follow to those who reported anything less than the mandate required be the top administrators and fear, intimidation and retaliation would follow such unexpected results. The report names 178 teachers and principals, and 82 of those confessed to changing mark or giving answers to the undeserving.

Tens of thousands of children at the 44 schools, most in the city's poorest neighborhoods, were allowed to advance to higher grades, even though they didn't know basic concepts, and then one teacher told an investigator that the district was being run like a mob mentality.

I'm aware that the stakes were high but to fall below in the peons of the earth and society overlooked it as just another part of the educational system. So I cannot chastise them in my onslaught of verbal attribute but I feel they were pressured and this is what will happen when something like this is allowed to happen. So the summer school which would be interrupted in some case the vacation of the parents may lead them causing problems with the teach as I have heard of those who were so upset when the kids had to attend summer school, not looking at the situation as being beneficial for their kids. I can just imagine parents so upset at times because of the low grades of the offspring's in such a way that the teacher has to weight in between the lines do I want all of this static, from parent and the educational system? Or should they just find away to satisfy them, and just maybe no one will lose but the kids. So the stakes are high and if I want to keep my place of employment I'll just go with the flow.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION Actual calculations:

If someone has the nerve to say we don't have that many kids dropping out of school each year, these are my personal calculation on that subject.

There are 60 seconds in each minutes, so 60 x 60= 3600 second per minute now take this and x each hour x 24 hours per day = 86,000 second per day x 365 days per year = 2,073,600 seconds per year divided by 26 which is the amount of times a student drops out of school so my overall calculations are there are approximately a total of kids that are dropping out of school is “80,000� per year and we don't have a problem. Eventually we will be at the end of the list in our overall standing compared to other countries. So what will those kids who are left behind destination be, those who are roaming the streets in desperation and homelessness. But we continue to move in life as if nothing is going on. As the Mad-max syndrome raise its ugly head ready to carve out a future for the United States, as if we have those who are waiting for some great timeless magical human ability to collapse the entire system as that of a supernatural forces of some

great mind beyond man.


The students and the teachers  
The students and the teachers  

An overview of the relationship of the student and the teacher and who maybe on oppositing sides of the educational system.