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Raise the ceiling or let it fall Every day and every week, the news media radio, television, and the news papers have been sticking a knife in our sides as the blood is trickling down covering the fancy rug on our floors, and hope isn't in the distant with some aide to arrest the blood that's bleeding from our soul, stick a Band-Aid on it that will stop it for a moment. As efforts to avoid an unprecedented U.S. default entered crunch time, as President Obama faces growing tension with senior congressional Democrats, who are angry at the White House concessions to Republicans. And if President Obama wants to be reelected at least by my understandings of

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION backbone as they continue to set mandates as if they were still in control of the

the facts he will have to stand his ground, and show the Republicans that he has a country, and Bush was still in office. As I see it they are attempting to control the country without having a republican president in office, the nerve, audacity, the gumption can stirrup one's mind so many ways. The main obstacle remained the issue of tax increases that Obama's Democrats demand and Republicans would like to piss on underlined congressional associates counterparts who are hotly oppose, any increases for those above the $250,000.00 benchmark. So if I was so privilege to be in the $250,000.00 bracket I would gladly do my part and wouldn't battle the issue of raising my personal taxes if it would benefit

the nation. So will they cease from causing me gastro pains, as I have never experience this before and not even since I started to vote back in 1960 was their such deviation among the parties, oh don't get me wrong we did have issues but on a different mindset that of racial equality etc, but not this drumming beat being replayed over and over again, without any clear view through the fog or reaching common ground. I'm alarmed by the president wanting to make concessions on social spending cuts this will be stepping on numerous toes, that of social security Medicare. As I believe the president has no immediate tax increases because of the concession.

NON-ACTIVATED VERSION republicans will holdout until the final hours attempting the challenges and flexing their muscle, as the clock is ticking and ticking reaching out to August 2 , Is he being knuckled under in his attempts to be bipartisan? Don't do it the nd

deadline to raise the debt ceiling, and a 3-trillion spending cuts, and what I have heard leaving any tax reform for a later date, . I have been watching the Republican Party self destruct, initiating opposition to various top-line issues facing certain heated groups with concerns such as the Arizona border problems, the deportation of illegal Mexicans working in this country, the gay proposals the anti-homosexual homophobic reminisce from those running for the presidential republican primary, the denunciation of the Islamic group building a mosque, the Tea Party defacing photos of the president, the repeated overtones of the president doesn't know what he is doing in other words he is stupid, or we want our country back and if that's not enough we have pastors

like John Hegee and Pat Roberson mustering up support for the Republican Party no matter the hardship that is placed on the citizens of the united states. So why would the president be convinced in giving the publican party basically what they want is beyond me, and the numerous conservative radio station transmitting dislike for the way the democrats and the president as doing their jobs because their aren't kissing the buttocks of anyone at least for the moment. Sometimes I wonder about the few African Americans in the political Republican Party. So I'm veering from the topic somewhat to interject my feelings when it comes to a republican African American. It's great to have your beliefs but to some degree they must be able to see in between the lines and assess the entire situation, as being suspicious and knowing deep down that they are only doing this because of


someone's dominating bloodline of a parent who just happens to be African.

So the African American republican feel somewhat of a reflection of Uncle Tom as a derogatory So the republican of a reflection of Uncle Tomorasaablack person term for African a personAmerican of a low status groupfeel whosomewhat is overly sub-servient with authority, derogatory for a personmanner of a lowtostatus overly who behaves term in a subservient their group masta who “but isover the sub-servient years we willwith needauthority, to change or a black person who behaves in a subservient manner to their masta “but over the years we that description of those who are sub-servient individuals? At the time of the novel's initial will need toinchange that description those who individuals? At theshows time of publication 1851, Uncle Tom was aof reflection of are the sub-servient existing stereotypes of minstrel the novel's initial publication in 1851,story Uncle Tom was athe reflection existing Harriet beecher Stowe's melodramatic humanized sufferingofofthe slavery forstereotypes White of minstrel shows Harriet beecher Stowe's melodramatic story humanized the suffering of to audiences by portraying Tom as a Christ-like figure who is ultimately making sacrifice beaten slavery White audiences by Tom portraying as a Christ-like figure who is women ultimately death by afor cruel master because refusesTom to betray the whereabouts of two who escape making sacrifice beaten to death by a cruel master because Tom refuses to betray the from slavery. So I would given them the benefit of the doubt maybe they are trying to make a whereabouts two Iwomen escape from slavery. I would them the benefit of the change for the of good, will trywho myself to believe that. SoSo I retract mygiven initial description of an doubt maybe theyinare trying on to make change for theseat good, I will try to today's believe political that. So African American holding to anyacongressional as being the myself token of I retract initial of an to African in holding on certain to any congressional seatjust arena, butmy it may justdescription be their beliefs, certainAmerican wrongs being done by parties, and they as being token of today's political arena, it may just ground be theirwhen beliefs, tosee certain wrongs happen to the be among those of the right. But it isbut about giving you our party being done by certain parties, and they just happen to be among those of the right. But it is continually blocking every more to help the country come out of an area of devastation and about giving ground you see our party continually blocking every more to help the disaster evolving from when it. country come out of an area of devastation and disaster evolving from it.

Raise the ceiling of let it fall  

the views of the repubican and the democratic party

Raise the ceiling of let it fall  

the views of the repubican and the democratic party