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Juror B-37 said Zimmerman shouldn't have gotten out of that car. Also she said that out of the 6 jurors 1 was for murder and 2 were for manslaughter and 3 were for acquittal. This tells you that somewhere down the line of determining Zimmerman faith a compromise was reached or some sort of not standing their ground. Now this is a sure case of not standing YOUR GROUND but giving in to pressure. And for Pat Robertson he needs to shut his mouth up as he never has words of wisdom when tragedy has entered the news. Just because we have those who are adversely in line with their conservative motives saying the wrong thing when there are a great number of individuals feeling the stress and pain of tragedy when it has shown its ugly head among the masses, as we attempt to understand and to grasp just what had happen. So if I thought that solidarity would enter the picture all we get is those who are not showing serenity for the death of someone. But all we see and hear is advice glibness that of uncaring just to prove a mental thought as they stand straight as the crow flies and nothing will enter their hearts to change that thought. So if I pray each and every day to god for strength and for self and for the nation but I don’t have an inkling of feelings for an innocent young man what is my problem in this life created by god. These beliefs have derailed me for my entire life as I have prayed to god on numerous occasions to enter my heart and allow me to see and feel what these individuals feel to be so uncaring and adamant about their beliefs Amen. But my answer has not been sent from above so I would assume I have some sort of malfunction in my body, as it has to be a certain mindset to live that type of life that of not caring for those with pain and hurt. As some will say just move on, if it was your child could you just move on as if nothing had happen if so you must be one of those individual who never cry for

mankind at anytime in their life, so look in the mirror and see if you see a teardrop in the corner of your eyes maybe it’s their but we can’t see it. I know that I can’t modify the past but I can change the future. So as juror B-37 said that George and that boy is beyond my understanding she speaks as if she knew George Zimmerman on a first name level and Trayvon Martin was just another boy.

Juror b 37  

Juror B-37 assessment of the Trayvon Martin trial

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