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Christian Fundamentalist Massacre My views of Anders Behring Breivik, who is the Norway killer, for me and most, would say “oh” he was such a handsome young man at the age of 32, with studious abilities with all other attributes of an able body entrepreneur. Oh how many accolades will follow because of our disbelief in a person with such a demeanor of hope for his self, his family, and his religion? So dig deep inside your person to justify such actions as we are aware that we awaken each day that god has allowed to us to do so, to see the world once again. And within those days we experience, and undergo an internal conflict as why things happen in this world. But no matter the deep meditation we ensue, the answers will never be forthcoming and in an understandable process of returning to a normalcy that is scripted in our bibles with stories of those who had taken verses out of context and replace them with self-imposed thoughts that does not juxtapose to existence of a higher power that of love and honor for country and religion and that of being a normal human being. Our sympathetic views are always within our living soul and anything we see, hear, able to read sets us in a misunderstanding of “why” are the question and how does anyone perceive life as just a mediocre, middle-of-the-road existence, is life just a vision of someone's interior motives as doing an incredible feat for his or her religion, assuming they will be lifted up and place on the throne of god as if it was induced thought of his written word. It's a time in our life that attempts are being made to attempt to be the pedestrian just wanting to walk in a utopia state of mind without having to deal with commonplace affairs just wanting to be ordinary in our living arrangements. But day in and day out we are confronted with enthusiastic mentally ill individuals who are so deranged, as they become unhinge right before our eyes, and most of the relative have no indication of their unbalance and in the final analogy we are receiving the blunt of their anger. We can be so candid in our views not knowing what cord it will strike in a person.

It is the chastisement of some who are so right-wingers setting in motion moods and theories that comes from mankind's brain and not that to a godly individual. For over my 69 years on earth I have heard those who have placed a halo on their own heads without any anointment from god, as they look at other because of some inner turmoil and miss understanding. Are we making our own judgment on mankind or the so called human species of this earth? But as I can see if we don't come to some universal ground and not continuously being snowed under with our thoughts as we intervene in their life because they may have different beliefs so we will never reach common ground because of our steadfastness assuming we are always right. So why are we so unwrapped because this individuals had so much hate in his heart. Now we are appall at the act of one individual with so much hate in his heart that to the observer it has become so horrified and unexplainable to the normal person that we become entangled with inner feelings of extreme sickness. As his family will have to ponder the thoughts and reassess his previous days and did anyone know of his inner turbulence that built-up on that particular day as the harm will spread throughout families. Even if we are able to dissect his brain after death we wouldn't be able to find anything constructive to assess what he did, as if there is a certain portion to be exposing to the surgeon. But I can assume that his hate came from his teachings and manifest overtime to the level of extreme hate of mankind and knowing or caring for god's world and its inhabitants. I will never understand the mindset of the few who can cause such devastation to a group of people out to have fun as recreational leisure time and then madness ensues to change their entire day. Who will be able to dissect such trauma trying to understand his precepts of doing something against mankind and the morality of it?

To some he may have been a hero, to others a madman, but to the hero worshipers how can you see him as some type of warrior for the Christian fundamentalist, shame on you. Was he brainwashed into doing what he did, or was he spiritually unable to differentiate between good and evil. At what point did he make the conversion that would call self-destruction against humanity. I would gesture that he was brought up in a love riddled home with more opulence than most kids. So we can only speculate as to what steered him in the direction of wanting and needing to harm others. What was on his back burner, simmering in his pot of educational in religious terminology which was embedded in him so deeply? And out of the enormous abilities so greatly given to him would assume mental illness was the main factor to his outburst on mankind, and not his religious deity, of religious divinity. It appeared that it took twelve years for him to turnaround his beliefs in such devastating exhibition of hate and deficiency of loving others even if they may have been of a different religion but this wasn't the case. It wasn't a fanatical movement but movement of hate as someone against human beings as a whole. He didn't sneak around contemplating harm on a Muslim, or a Jewish individual just those created in the image of god the human species. So it's the scope of his hate that will mark the minds of so many especially his parents and those who taught him his religious doctrinarian beliefs as they are now wondering and trying to determine did we utilize the correct biblical scripture how did he misunderstand our concept and use it so incorrectly, and how will it affect our carrying on doing good things in the future. To me all of this will come to mind as the next few days digress toward a reason and someone's theory as this will be an all-out attempt to decipher his inner encrypted beliefs that of the reversal text of the bible. Will his former teachers of religious interpretations be reviewed as to make sure that this didn't happen again that imposed a theory in his head that led him astray in the direction he went.

So I have come to the conclusion that I will never be able to look at anyone who confess to be righteous and on the side of doing godly things, and those who are a nonbeliever living the life of an atheist which most of us will shy away from in most cases. So which category should we place individuals who are so different than ourselves should they be: atheist, agnostics, freethinker, doubter nonbeliever, believers, religious folks, those who are able to talk in tongues as we wonder just what they dream of at night, because I so truly believe in dreams as the truth of what's really in someone's mind it is the pragmatic forces inundating from within erasing that which is make believe to that which is fact as most will follow their dreams as if this was some godly entity and that we should follow its as an explicit, and unambiguous thought. As I'm not a processor of theory or that of psychoanalysis able to grab from a distant views of someone but only as a conscious person with subconscious thoughts, and that ability to have preconscious moods interjected deep inside one's head as a as an unconscious subliminal suggestion “I hope you understood my concept which is emanating deep in my mind as a in disarray as it moves from corner to corner of my cerebral cortex the brain�. So if I was to really study all of the mental stabilities to the instabilities of those who we considered as normal it would be a large conceptual understanding that it is no perfect human being on earth no matter the perfection we have inherited over creation of mankind as our existence is just a drop in the bucket of all creations. So one can conclude that we all have the trace to be opposite of what we all call as being normal even if we are so steadfast that we me or you are within the normal concept of being a stabilized individual and we are not. Because we have no control of the inner areas of our mind at least in the lobo cortex that controls stability and normal concepts of human endeavors, that of right and wrong. As we are aware of what is culminating in our minds at time, but we are able to control those feeling of instabilities.

So how many nights will mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, or cousins, looking into the sky sobbing from some action of a demented individual who was guided wrongly by self or by others. So all of his actions against humanity it will be a night when all the souls that was taken by him, will into his view as he as he will scream out who are you? We are the ones you killed don't you remember? What did we do to you to deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth as if we were dirty rugs washed upon the rock from a drifting barge of trash? And now you will be in the present of god one day as you will be asked who are you and why are you! What will you said to defend yourself, but first you will ask forgiveness on earth before god will judge you. For you were given freely the sense to make the proper judgment in life this was bestowed on us all but you were not in attendance and now you want to be forgiven bad deeds. So it a time when Christians were martyrs to their faith, ready to be the sacrificial lamb, we hear of stories of sacrifice which someone else was preparing someone to be sacrificed. As Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for our sins. But as far as I can determine there were no sacrificial reverence to human being quested for a mission to seek someone out to take the responsibility to sacrifice others lives as some sort of mandate from god. This was only something in someone's head that led them to sacrifice the lives of other and nothing else. Created by AVS Document Converter

Christian fundamentalist massacre  

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