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After all of these years I still remember two friends. One was my roommate at summer camp in upstate New York. I was at a camp for inner city kids, for about three to four weeks during school break. My roommate was named Mike we hit it off right away as best friends. Mike had arrived the day before me, so he had the pick of the beds in our room. The next morning after eating our breakfast Mike asked me if I wanted to meet his friend that he had made the day before. It was okay with me so off we went to the rear of the building that housed a very large kitchen, a piano room, a eating area for the kids, other bedrooms for the other kids, and other rooms which we weren’t told to not enter, it was an open-house for all of the kids, supervision didn't really exist our counselors which totaled about three. The counselors appeared to be several years older than me as I was 14 years old, and Mike was the same age. The oldest of the counselors was about 20 years old. And one thing I remember it was no curfew, as sometimes I would go to the piano parlor, and play Blue Moon, as the moon would glow through the large French patio doors, I had not had any piano lessons but for some reason I could play that tune. Anyway Mike took me to the rear of the building which I now know was an antebellum home, the word out was that a president had stayed there as the story went from George Washington to Abe Lincoln and their servants stayed in the little house behind the big house which the owner of the camp stayed. Which was an older lady and much older than my mother she had grey hair and was extremely bowlegged as she walked she would sway from side to side, but always with a smile on her face. Getting back to Mike and the new friend which I was somewhat hesitant about meeting I thought as a newcomer I didn’t need to meet anyone else, I felt I had to get familiar with my new friend Mike. But behold my friend

Mike wanted me to meet was a large dog, whose name was brownie he ran over to me immediately as if he knew me and started to lick my face. I had never had a dog lick my face before so it was a funny feeling. I, Mike and Brownie were together each and every day a bond that lasted that entire summer and we never saw each other again when I left, and that was 57 years ago. The camp was named Camp Stuyvesant! So if you know Mike please let him know that I miss him and I can still see his face as it has faded somewhat over time.


Camp Stuyvesant

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